Road-Rage Kill: Mom Went Back for Revenge


You think I’m nuts? I just might be but I can assure you that it is far crazier to suggest that the way to avoid becoming a victim of road rage is to avoid doing anything to antagonize a person that is driving like an idiot [money quote starts at about the 2:50 mark in this CNN video].

As sad as it is that a mother was shot in front of her children (and ultimately died), I am hard-pressed to muster a great deal of sympathy given that she gathered up her gun-wielding son to go BACK out onto the streets hunting down someone for no better reason than needing to get some sort of justice or revenge for an event that had ended earlier with nothing more serious than a heated exchange of words.

Is it just me, or is anyone else wondering if this story could just has easily have been about a crazed mother gunning down an enraged driver (enraged by something her daughter did that set the whole thing off) in cold blood? Would the story running across the inter-tubes have been about road rage or about gun control?

RoadRage-Life-RageEither way, it seems to me that the bigger story at hand could just as easily be about how people are raising their children, and whether they are teaching them patience and understanding and humility and respect… or if they are just teaching them that whoever yells the loudest or gets the most in someone’s face or has the biggest gun will always win.

It seems to me that as our discipine-less culture has evolved, and as we have watched state and federal efforts expand into legislating everything from bullying to bigotry to hate, perhaps the taxpayer dollar could be better spent focusing on how people are raising their children since these things are taught at home.

Let’s be honest with each other for just a moment; what lessons would this mother have taught these children had she actually found that driver? Once the media frenzy has passed, what lessons do you think this mother’s death will teach her children? If the mother had been more interested in worrying about the answers to those questions before she got in the car with her son, I’m quite sure this story wouldn’t even have made the news. Instead we have a death, a manhunt, and two children whose lives will be lived out in a self-perpetuating state of victimhood.

Today’s kids are becoming angrier, more aggressive and more hostile… and less likely than ever to solve their problems in peaceful and productive ways.

Yes, this is just one man’s opinion… but the irony is not lost on me that our leaders of today-many of whom were hippies & peaceniks back in the day-have nothing more to show for their time running the country these past several generations than a whole new culture that has run amok with spoiled and entitled brats with very little respect for others, a lot of expectation from others… and very very few from themselves.

If it’s too late to expect the Government to fix this mess they helped make, maybe we could revisit that whole spanking thing; at least we had that kids that knew a thing or two about respect.

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G.M. Curtiss is recently retired and currently residing in the great North East. Having grown up in the era before a former Vice President invented the Internet, he busies himself now with trying to figure out how that infernal creation actually works in real life.

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