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Petition to Designate Muslim Brotherhood a Terrorist Group Rejected by White House


The White House has ignored an online petition by “We the People” wherein they make a plea for the Obama administration to designate the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist group, and, therefore, an enemy of Americans.

Additionally, Egyptians are outraged over a perceived American admission of guilt in supporting the Muslim Brotherhood, with one of the country’s most prominent newspapers claiming a “closely-held relationship between the Muslim Brotherhood, Turkey, ISIS, and the U.S. Congress” is conspiring to tear Egypt apart.

Egypt is only one of a number of countries that have designated the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist group. The U.S. government is in denial . . . and in bed with the Brotherhood.

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Baron Von Kowenhoven

Baron was just a shy kid with a dream, growing up in the 40's with a knack for story-telling. After a brief career in film, Von Kowenhoven went to Europe in search of fringe-scientific discoveries and returned in the 90's to unleash them on the entertainment and political landscape of America.

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