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Assault, F Bombs and Street Walking. Hooray Feminism!


Physically assaulting a conservative woman? That’s hilarious. Asking a beautiful woman “How you doin’ today?” That’s harassment. Little girls dropping the F bomb? That’s just persuasive. Really? Seems more like a week in review of feminist nonsense.

On an October 22nd CNN broadcast, Carol Costello gleefully introduced an audiotape of Bristol Palin recounting an assault she suffered with, “Possibly the best minute and a half of audio we’ve ever come across… Sit back and enjoy.” Enjoy a woman reliving abuse? Only if you’re sick sadist. Or a liberal.

The feminist movement is usually quite vocal about abuse against women, even when there’s no actual abuse. (See next example below). So when Costello took pleasure in the recounting of the assault, one would expect a vehement outcry from the likes of Gloria Steinem or the National Organization for Women. But instead what one gets is relentless silence. Here’s a thought, replace Bristol Palin with Chelsea Clinton or Sandra Fluke. Oh the fireworks that would fly! And rightly so. However, in the land of the left, apparently, a smack down on a conservative woman is comedy gold.

Next on the nonsense list is the non-profit organization Hollaback! (If you’re going to make up a word, it’s best to sell it with an exclamation point at the end.) Their video of actress Shoshana Roberts walking through the streets of New York is introduced with the headline “You won’t believe how many times this woman gets harassed in ten hours.” It really is staggering the amount of times she’s harassed with “What’s up beautiful?” “Smile” “Have a nice evening.” She’ll probably undergo years of therapy to address the tremendous damage done by the incessant attacks of affable greetings.

And the winner of the truly despicable, exploitive propaganda trophy goes to… (Doesn’t that name make you feel all warm and tingly?) The organization created a video of little girls dressed as princesses spouting statistics about gender income inequality and rape. The inaccuracies and blatant lies were not surprising, but what was alarming was the torrent of F words coming out of the mouths of little girls.

I have stopped asking why feminists behave in this manner because it will never be reasonably answered. There is no logic behind the current feminist movement. When faced with videos and ‘arguments’ from feminists, I am reminded of a line in the film As Good as it Gets. Jack Nicholson plays an author, and at one point is asked, “How do you write women so well?” He responds, “I think of a man. And I take away reason and accountability.” There it is in a nutshell – the feminist movement. It is ironic that a movement claiming that they are no different from men is based on a characterization often attributed to women – irrational emotion.

Reason is a foreign language to them. Hollaback’s mission is to stem harassment. Fine. Great. Noble. How does a video that illustrates annoyance further their mission? The commentary on their site says, “Although the degree to which Shoshana gets harassed is shocking – the reality is that the harassment that people of color and LGBTQ individuals face is oftentimes more severe and more likely to escalate into violence.” Then address that! Characterizing “Smile” and “How you doin’ today?” as harassment does not encourage me to take action. It encourages me to laugh at the absurdity. An effective message would be telling women that to lessen their chances of being a victim of actual harassment or abuse they should walk as often as possible in the company of a man. Absent that, walk in the company of a Glock .40.

The little princesses’ profanity laced diatribes are also emotion laced screeches. Do feminists really believe over-the-top filth enhances their arguments? When was the last time you saw a debate team drive home their points with four letter words? Or a prosecutor close with “Ladies and gentleman of the f’n jury. The f’n DNA evidence proves beyond a reasonable f’n doubt that the defendant is f’d up.” Foul language does not demonstrate strength. It does not enhance debate, nor does it clarify a point (not that the video made any legitimate points). This in-your-face shrieking approach is not reasonable; it is emotional, and it makes women sound like mad, raging, emotionally driven nutcases. It is no wonder the group used children for their video. The reasoning and critical thinking portions of children’s brains are not fully developed, and they are often driven by selfish emotion. See the parallel?

Because feminists’ arguments often lack reason, they are fraught with contradictions. They claim women are not different than men, yet they assert their biological difference when wanting someone else to pay for their birth control. They want physical standards lowered for women to be eligible to fill combat roles in the Marines. Note: women Marines are not pushing for this; it is the feminist activist group Service Women’s Action Network.

Because feminists lack accountability, they demand legislation to guarantee their level of earnings. Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg addresses the complaint by encouraging women to be better negotiators. If a woman wants higher pay, she should explain why she deserves it. If she wants a promotion, she should express interest and do what it takes to move toward it. That is what men do. If women are the same as men, then they ought to be held to the same standard. Outrage and boo-hooing does not support the proposition that they want to be equal. It more accurately illustrates that they want to be special.

In feminists’ attempts to prove that women are the same as men, they, in fact, epitomize the stereotypical shrill, nagging, unreasonable woman. Their arguments are not rooted in facts, but rather from a geyser of emotion. If they really believe what they say about the sameness of genders, then they would be wise to stop crying and instead, man up. Or at the very least, take a cue from a line in a Miranda Lambert song, “Run and hide your crazy and start acting like a lady.”





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