Victoria’s Secret Launches “Cruel” Ad Campaign


Victoria’s Secret is immersed in controversy again. The mega marketer of women’s lingerie has launched an ad campaign in the UK that has sparked a petition to cease and desist its negative body image subliminal messaging.

By using only models with one look and body type–tall and slender with flowing long hair and complexions that differ by only a couple of degrees darker than pale Caucasian–VS is snubbing all other women.

But, you say, their models represent what woman aspire to be–they are ‘role’ models. Hahaha. No. They aren’t. They are cookie cutter pretty faces, all the same size, who walk the same walk on the catwalk, and whose images photoshop quickly.

The ads are exCLUsive, not inCLUsive, which is a no-no in our culture of championing diversity of shape and color. Get a “-clu” Victoria, and reach out by making more of your bra-and-panty Angels representative of your target demographic, millennial consumers of various color, proportion and hair styles. It just makes good business sense.

At least one marketing expert and a best-selling author agree with me on this. Watch the video from WPIX, New York:

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying Victoria’s Secret should promote the unhealthy couch potato image. Just more variety; you know, the spice of life. Throw a couple of petite brunettes into the mix. At least then I’d browse.

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