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Lois Lerner Tries to Break Into Neighbor’s House When Confronted


I know what you all are thinking: “Where the heck has infamous “I know nothing – my hard drives went missing,” Lois Lerner been?

You remember Lois Lerner, disgraced IRS employee? Well it seems she not only pleads the fifth after delivering a rant but now she’s annoying her neighbors too.

Our guy Jason Mattera, author of the fantastic new book; “Crapitalism” caught up with her recently and wanted to know the $64,000 question: “You don’t feel bad about you using the government as a weapon to crush political dissent?”

What happens next is both hysterical and demented. You gotta watch:

This is the woman who claims she’s done nothing wrong, yet she tries to actually barge into a neighbor’s home to avoid questions?

A perfect proxy of how much she really cares about a person’s privacy. Jason’s words – and very well put.

Get “Crapitalism” here – brand new, kick-ass and Rodney Lee approved.


by Rodney Lee Conover

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Remember: They have all your old private phone calls, texts and emails, too – all stored and ready to roll out when needed. Think I’m paranoid? Five years ago I would have though so too.

How long before there’s a 1-800 number to call when you’ve spoken to a “racist” or an “anti-government” or “Tea Party” sympathizer on the phone you want to report?

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