Congresswoman Says Blacks Should Stop Their Complaining


Meet Martha Fudge: WOW – This Congresswoman really talks down to her black constituents, telling them to “contain your complaining” – can you imagine an elected official, telling the people she works for to “contain” themselves?

The Black Caucus is sorry excuse for a bunch of liberal go-along to get-alongs in Congress who brag they “fight for food stamps” as proof they do great things for their black voting base. 1. Jobs? No. 2. Education? No. 3. A vibrant economy with rising wages? No and no.

This woman should be thrown out on her ass. Now.

Hat Tip Rebel Pundit

But don’t worry – we’ll keep those crumbs coming, like food stamps and welfare and just keep voting for us. I’m so sick of this. The Black Caucus even backs the militarization of local police. How did that work out in Ferguson? Hmm?


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