BLACK LEADERS in ST. LOUIS Endorse GOP Candidate: Has the Worm Turned?


In an attempt to punish the Democratic Party, Black leaders in St. Louis call for support of White GOP candidate Rick Stream in their passionate press release. Watch their loud and clear response to Democrats who “disrespect them.”

If Republicans can get just 20% of the black vote nation-wide, Democrats will never win another election. Dems have never done anything for blacks other than give them an inferiority complex, as Charles Barkley once said.

Be nice if other cities, decimated by liberal governing and policy, would see this video and realize it’s not about skin color – it’s about your children working, raising a family with both parents and being happy.

That’s what conservatives ultimately want. Dems want blacks to be poor and vote for them. So far it’s worked, but maybe things are changing?


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