Yo Barack, Even these two dogs have a strategy…


President Obama has been getting slammed for not having a strategy for dealing with ISIS.

Pay attention here Floppy Ears, you might learn something…

Now granted, a tire at the bottom of the pool is probably not as much of a threat as, say, terrorists that are beheading American journalist and thousands of Christians, but at least these two dogs are capable of solving a problem.

America was told about how smart you are and how that Harvard education was going to make the world like us more and the seas would begin receding and blah, blah, blah.  That’s what you sound like now to most Americans. Oh, and that suit… WTH were you thinking?

Maybe you could consult with Bo and come up with some sort of strategy, he’s about the only friend you have left… on second thought, I haven’t seen Bo in a while! Barack, you didn’t get hungry, did you?


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