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Right to Bear Arms… Not At Panera Bread


Personally, I have enjoyed eating at Panera. Being a soup and sandwich kind of guy it was a great fit. Italian combo and potato soup.

Now, I will never eat there again.

Following the lead of chains like Chipotle and Target, Panera Bread Co. recently released a statement discouraging its law-abiding patrons from bringing firearms into its locations.

“Within our company,” the announcement stated, “we strive to create Panera Warmth. This warmth means bakery-cafes where customers and associates feel comfortable and welcome.”

That welcome, however, apparently does not extend to gun owners.

The statement continues by requesting “that guns not be brought into this environment unless carried by an authorized law enforcement officer.”

While the chain pays lip service to respecting the constitutionally protected right to bear arms, it “asks our customers to help preserve the environment we are working to create for our guests and associates.”

A CNBC poll this week indicates that critics of the move constitute a clear majority. With nearly 46,000 votes recorded as of Friday afternoon, a full 86 percent of respondents concluded that the policy shift changes their opinion of the brand “for the worse.” Only nine percent say it makes them like the chain more.


I honestly don’t understand why businesses want to get in the way of my right to bear arms.

Law abiding American citizens that choose to carry a gun are not looking to use it, they are making a choice to not be a victim.

Personally, I want every law abiding, sane American to own a gun, I’ll feel safer!


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