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UPDATE: Ferguson Cop Shot After Confronting Burglar; Suspect at Large


UPDATE: The police officer from Ferguson who was shot on Saturday night was in a confrontation with a suspected burglar when he was wounded. The shooter is on the run, having disappeared into a nearby wooded area, eluding arrest.

The officer was chasing the suspect outside the Ferguson Community Center on Saturday night when the assailant turned and shot him in the arm.

Reminder: Police officer Darren Wilson was also confronting a suspected burglar – Michael Brown – when he was attacked. The result was the officer receiving severe injuries and the death of Michael Brown.


A crowd of about 100 people gathered near the scene of the night’s first shooting, with a group breaking off to protest at Ferguson police headquarters, according to Kareem Jackson, 27, a musician who goes by the stage name Tef Poe and is a member of the activist group HandsUp United.
“People are peaceful as a duck, just literally standing on the side of the street watching,” he said in a phone interview from the site where protesters had gathered.
On Thursday, Ferguson police chief Tom Jackson issued a video apology to Brown’s parents following weeks of heavy criticism and calls for his ouster.
The apology was not well-received among some and led to reported protests hours after it was issued.
Many in Ferguson, a mostly black community of 21,000, have called for Jackson to be fired for what they saw as a heavy-handed response in the aftermath of the killing.

Several hours later, an off-duty St. Louis City police officer was shot at and suffered a minor arm injury from broken glass while driving on a nearby freeway in a personal car, police said.

It was not immediately clear if the two shootings were related.


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