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Journalist Ryan Schuessler Ashamed of Colleagues’ Coverage of Ferguson Frenzy


Ryan Schuessler has still got it.

A journalist used to be a source of unbiased reporting of facts. Not anymore. Reporting has gradually become slanted in the most egregious manner, raising the question, “Whom can we trust?” One journalist, Ryan Schuessler, is so ashamed of his colleagues in the Ferguson, MO Michael Brown / Darren Wilson incident that he has washed his hands of the story, leaving the scene in the hands of unscrupulous reporters.

See video report below. h/t:, St. Louis

A photojournalist who has been covering the protests in Ferguson said he no longer wants to cover the story because he said he is appalled by the behavior of other media.
Ryan Schuessler is a freelance photojournalist who has worked for a variety of outlets. He said he is covering Ferguson for Al-Jazeera. He said he came Monday morning because the news outlet called him because stores were looted the previous night.
“I feel like I’m another part of this large media circus that has consumed [these]three blocks,” said Schuessler.
On his blog, Schuessler said he would not be returning to Ferguson for a variety of reasons.
“Another major TV network [rented]out a gated parking lot for their one camera, not letting people in. Safely reporting the news on the other side of the tall fence,” Schuessler said on his blog.
He also recounted another incident.
“One reporter who, last night, said he came to Ferguson as a ‘networking opportunity.’ He later lased me to take a picture of him with Anderson Cooper,” he said on his blog.



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