Feminist: Tampons Should be Free of Charge


First it was Sandra Fluke who argued that the rest of us should pay for her contraception and a lot of folks thought that haircut was birth control enough – but now a British feminist is making the case for taxpayer-subsidized tampons.

tampon2Our pal Jennifer Kabbany over at “The College Fix” has the story and lays out the underlying motive behind this contemporary feminist push for free stuff and why – in her words – it’s a “slippery slope”:

To feminists, Uncle Sam is actually Big Daddy. You should have seen this coming a mile away, folks. Women’s equality =’s taxpayer-funded tampons.


Well, why not? It’s not a stretch to go from government-subsidized birth control to government-subsidized tampons, is it?


Writing in the UK’s Guardian, Jessica Valenti argues: In the United States, access to tampons and pads for low-income women is a real problem, too: food stamps don’t cover feminine hygiene products, so some women resort to selling their food stamps in order to pay for “luxuries” like tampons.


I could live without the menstrual bragging – though mine is particularly impressive – and ceremonial parties, but seriously: Why aren’t tampons free?

For the answer to that question and much more, read the whole article at “The College Fix” here:

Jennifer Kabbany is Editor of The College Fix run by veteran journalists for the benefit of beginning journalists, identifying and supporting college students who seek to improve campus journalism, explore careers in the media, and commit themselves to the principles of a free society.


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