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Earl Sweatshirt Takes On Taylor Swift: She’s Racist


Rapper Earl Sweatshirt dismisses Taylor Swift as racist based on her new video “Shake It Off.” He is touching on the popular dribble of “white privilege-hidden racism”. He must be high.

First, here’s Taylor Swift’s latest music video for her single, “Shake It Off.”

Earl Sweatshirt tweeted this:

and this:

This is the first Taylor Swift video I’ve ever watched. It looks to me like some really talented, beautiful young people of about 50 shades of flesh having a blast dancing and singing about shaking off negativism. It may even be self defense by Taylor over her varied and highly publicized fickle behavior and break-ups. But, what do I know, I fell off the turnip truck yesterday.

Maybe if I play it backward, the wickedness of racism will show itself.

THBby T.M. Burroughs

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