BREAKING: Iraq down; Maliki in armed standoff in Baghdad


090407-A-0903M-011.jpgWhat if they gave a coup and nobody from 24-hour cable news came?  We were finding out a couple of hours ago.  There’s been hardly any coverage of this developing crisis on the news channels.  (I haven’t seen any, but Jazz Shaw at Hot Air has a short clip from CNN.  Link below.)  Information is up at the websites, but news-channel updates via social media are sparse.

Here’s what we know right now.  The new president of Iraq, Fouad Masoum, a Kurd, who was chosen on 24 July, refused on Sunday, 10 August, to name Nouri al-Maliki to a third term as prime minister.  For what it’s worth, neither man has the absolute letter of the law behind his position. Maliki got more seats than anyone else in the most recent election, as he has in the last two.  But technically, he doesn’t have the plurality needed, or the majority coalition, to have the right to form a government.  What President Masoum has done is decline to continue affirming Maliki, as had been done previously, in spite of his not meeting the full criteria for forming a government.

Regional observers seem confident that it’s a standoff with force involved.

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