155-Year-Old Eel Named “Ale” Dead


Ale, the eel lived peacefully in a well in a small Swedish village, minding his own business for a century and a half.

He lived through the rise of the Third Reich, the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the Korean war, Viet Nam, the Gulf War, and every other human conflict on the globe until his death recently.


Hell, I had a good life in that well.

Photo, h/t: Huffington Post

Unfortunately for Ale, while humans didn’t interfere with his life in the deep, dark well, he will be subjected to an autopsy at the Stockholm Freshwater Laboratory, after weeks in a deep freeze. Researchers will be dissecting Ale in hopes of finding out what accounts for his longevity.

It’s unusual for an eel to live so long. Most eels live only 10 – 15 years, according to research articles. A few have lived to 60. But Ale is unique in living to be 155. A female also surpassed the norm, living to be 88. She would have lived longer, but her male pond mate was a real cod.


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