RINOs Endangered? One can only hope…


Inspired by an announcement on Fark.com and their lovely subscribers who commented.

On Friday August 22nd, from 7pm to 10pm, the Buffalo Zoo zoo keepers will be holding their annual Bowling For RhinosRINOs fundraiser at Transit Lanes in Williamsville.

RINOSAll of the proceeds go to help conservation organizations to help protect rhinos RINOs and other endangered species.

But most importantly there will be bowling. The event has the entire alley for the night. 50 plus lanes. Plenty of room for everybody RINO.

The cost is $30 for bowlers, $20 for non-bowlers. Bowlers get shoe rental and 3 games of bowling. Everyone gets a pizza and [left]wing buffet. There is a bar on site.

Come out and make an ass of yourself and see if you can get lowest score!

To me, Buffalo seems so remote and isolated from the rest of the country–the perfect place for a gathering of RINOs.

Zookeeper event. That sounds about right!

It’ll take a hell of a big ball to knock ten RINOs down. But that’s okay because real GOP members have real balls.

I imagine a RINO would get mighty pissed getting struck with a bowling ball. They’re rather irritable as it is  – without any sporting equipment being flung at them.

They’re on the wrong side of the party, dadgummit!

Now, “Bowling for winos” would be much easier, and more fun. No. On second thought, bowling for RINOs sounds like a lot of fun! Go for RINO turkeys, everyone!


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