History Teacher Suspended For Teaching History


Want to learn how to be a better person?

Want to learn how to handle different situations?

Want to learn how to make the world a better place?

Read History.

Unfortunately, the powers that be, know this too. That is why they either hide it or pervert it.

Alan Barron was placed on paid leave nearly two weeks ago after an eighth-grade history class at Monroe Middle School was shown a video of how white entertainers once used black face paint to imitate blacks, according to The Monroe News

The teacher in question was explaining that “back in the day” white men would smear their faces with black polish to portray a black man. Obviously we (in this day) think that is pretty silly. Why didn’t they just hire a black actor?

This is a great lesson for kids to learn. How ignorance, can hurt an entire race and country. Children need to understand what true racism is, compared to what Al Sharpton always cries about.

The parents think that Mr. Barron is a great teacher. One parent said:

Adrienne Aaron, whose daughter is in Barron’s class, said he simply was teaching history and that racial segregation is a subject that should be discussed with students.

“It had nothing to do with racism. History is history,” Aaron told the newspaper. “We need to educate our kids to see how far we’ve come in America. How is that racism?

“It’s so sad this has happened to him. He’s one of the best teachers we’ve had.”

It is very important that we preserve our “true” history.

Those who do not remember the past are DOOMED to repeat it…


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  • Duq Tape

    To those of the liberty school, the liberty of a free country implies a state of affairs where centralized power, control, and coercion are minimized.

  • Jackie Clack

    they don’t want good teachers

  • Jimmy Cooper

    Give him an inch, why the next thing you know he would be telling children that it was the Republicans that insured their rights after the civil war! Just imagine if facts like that got out there????

  • MortarMan107

    Well, there you have it. Common – should read “COMMUNIST” – Core in action. If the Hard Line Communist/Socialist/Progressive/Democrat Left didn’t have LIES and their bullying they’d have nothing.

    Joseph Stalin once said “Give Me Control Of The Schools And Within One Generation They’ll Know Nothing But Communism”.

    That is Common Core in action and the people ramming it down America’s throat KNOW that. Just how many Hard Core Communists are there in positions of power in this country? Is America so ignorant of what’s happening that they’ll trustingly walk blindfolded into cages being erected by their friends, neighbors and relatives?

    I have sad news for you Communists out there who are wrapping the youth of America in chains of government control, your system has NEVER worked. It cannot work now. It never will work. Try LEARNING that from the pages of the history you don’t teach any more.

  • Michael

    Must be a LIBERTARD in charge of the school! Or should I say a LIBERTURD???

  • Jay Star

    This country is so far down the tubes, it will never recover! Way to go “Me generation”! I for one am so glad I was taught the REAL history in school and not some PC bullcrap!

  • buzzman1

    I was attending the ZULU parade during Mari Gras in New Orleans one year and two young black men got very upset about the white float riders being in Black Face. I had to educate them on how poor blacks started their own Krewe (circa 1916) and since they could not afford the fancy masks the rich white guys could they used burned cork to rub on their faces – black face! A few years later they decided to allow poor whites into the Krewe and they maintained the tradition of blackface. The young men were astounded by the small bit of history I showed them, The left of today don’t wnt people to know things have changed.

    • daisykmt

      Kudos to you, buzzman1, for being informed & sharing the knowledge. The 2 young men left with an enlightened frame of mind instead of a hate-filled mind.

  • porterv

    Get rid of public schools and this problem (and many others) goes away.

  • Ralph

    History is just that; His-Story. This form of entertainment did in fact exist and to not teach it is unfortunate. You can’t white-wash history.

  • GomeznSA

    So I guess this means that (with)holder was right about us not wanting to have that hard discussion about race. Well, that is he and his want to totally control that discussion and if you don’t do it his way you will lose. True history needs to taught, with all of the good, he bad and the ugly parts. We as a nation and particularly kids can’t make informed decisions if we/they don’t know the facts. If they only want to allow the ‘facts’ that they want, they need to ‘man up’ and just admit that they are simply indoctrinating vice educating.

    • daisykmt

      Well said, GomeznSA.

  • jeremy

    yeah this is sad. history is one of the most important things we can learn. but the leftist Marxists don’t want people learning the real history of the USA. they should be teaching the history of Christ too!

  • Allen Runyon

    We can’t have a teacher, who’s trying to teach the children something. He’s trying to do something good and they fire him. TYPICAL!!!!

  • Daniel F. Melton

    The teaching of history is contrary to the precepts of the department of eddykashun. The mandate is socialist indoctrination.

    • grassroot

      And Nikita Krushchev was right, when he warned us back in the sixties, ” We will not
      conquer you by force of arms, but by your children being indoctrinated in
      your Socialist run schools.” Notice our schools are government controlled.

      • Daniel F. Melton

        Thus we must force a change to the curriculum, along with the administrative staff and bureaucrats that have allowed this atrocity to continue. Eliminating the federal department of eddykashun will also be necessary.

  • william g munson

    The anti-american are trying to get all the teachers out of school that TEACHING TRUTH, IT HAS NOT PART IN THE DEM-LYING-CRATS IN SCHOOLS OR GOVERNMENTS ANY PLACE THAT WOULD REVEAL THE LIES

  • Rut

    If you’re a minority and don’t like a particular part of history, just cry racism and they will rewrite it for you.

  • WesTexan

    First, I assume this is American history. So, how does one teach American history without teaching American history?

  • daisykmt

    Monroe Middle School should be bombarded with phone calls and emails protesting this teacher’s punishment. True, it was paid leave, but that’s still a reprimand & is a slam on his record. Any teacher worth his/her salt would much rather be a work than home drawing a check. This teacher was simply doing what he was hired to do: TEACH HISTORY. Apparently, it’s not politically correct to do that any more!

    • GomeznSA

      One thing – well actually two: specifically WHO enacted the suspension and specifically WHY did they do so. Those two things will go a long way in determining what happened and also who stands to gain from it.

      • daisykmt

        The administration (superintendent) would bring it before the school board, who would then meet most likely in executive session. Supt.’s require protocol in going through the chain of command. This is the local board’s call. (The teacher’s recourse in challenging their decision would be to appeal to the state board of education.) It could be different in the state where this school is located. I don’t remember where it said MMSchool is—or if it even told.

  • joshuasweet

    gosh imagine if he taught them about the democrats the Civil war, the KKK and segregation, and racial quotas?

    • angrymike

      Imagine if he taught that the KKK was an arm of the Democratic party, they probably would have fired him and blackballed him through out the state…….

      • joshuasweet

        how about is the democratic party even today

  • Stevon f. Nutt

    The Teacher was teaching true history and we can’t have any of that now can we!

    • Myrtle

      What is sought by today’s leaders are the lies that can made to look like the truth, and this taught, because the enemy is in the drivers seat. He controls everything and it is necessary to control the schools so that the children will not be taught, to be able to discern the truth. This is the last thing that the enemy wants. When we wonder, how he can have his fingers into every pie, we need to remember the KING OF EVIL has millions of well trained advisers, ready with every trick needed to change the country and make it what he wants it to be, a country of imbeciles who he can easily control. If he can get us to the point that we cannot think for ourselves, he can to turn us against JESUS CHRIST, WHICH IS THE TRUTH of all matters.The enemy is seeking to destroy the TRUTH. He is afraid of the fact, that the TRUTH will set us free.

  • That guy

    Whitey can’t walk down the street without being called racist these days.

  • They also leave out that because of slavery and blackface entertainment, we would not have had the popular folk instrument the banjo.


    These people stopping this from being taught are not educated enough to stay in their positions. Most of them should be fired, but thanks to “feelings” and unions, we can’t get rid of them.