Fact: They Are After Your Guns and Here is the Proof


obama guns fascistHow many laws have to be passed before you believe they are after your guns? President Obama and the left have an aggressive gun control agenda – and it’s hiding plain sight.

Yet even in respected circles there are many who believe we only need to enact new legislation further restricting gun and ammunition ownership and our problems with crime and mental health will go away.

The anti-Second Amendment crowd and the mainstream media cheerleaders who act as gun control first-responders to mass murder by sociopaths have convinced far too many that criminals will stop acting criminally if only more and more laws can be enacted.

So you think gun control advocates are not trying to take away your right to keep and bear arms? That ultimately their goal isn’t to do away with the Second Amendment and disarm the citizens of the United States one way or another?

Are you one of these folks who say they support gun ownership, but only want “reasonable” gun laws restricting “military style” weapons and “gun-free” zones will protect students from school shootings like the tragedy that occurred at the Sandy Hook?

Do you feel sympathetic toward the President when he says a failure to enact tougher gun-control laws is his greatest disappointment in more than five years as president?

Then I have one more question: What are you, new?

Do you have any idea the vast amount of gun control laws and restrictions that have been put upon law-abiding gun owners in this country? It would shock the most learned of Second Amendment advocates to ingest the sheer volume of anti-gun legislation passed and proposed. It clearly exposes an obsessive and war-like drive to disarm the nation’s citizenry of firearms.

Yet our President plays possom, saying in a recent interview; “Right now, it’s not even possible to get the mildest restrictions through Congress and we should be ashamed.”

Listed below are 8 of the Federal bans, regulations and restrictions sought by liberal lawmakers, courtesy Chuck Cunningham, Director of State and Local Affairs – National Rifle Association:

1. In 2013, Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) proposed an “assault weapon” and “large” ammunition magazine ban that would have banned all detachable-magazine semi-automatic rifles and shotguns.

NRA-ILA fact sheet: S. 150: The Biggest Proposed Gun Ban in American History.

2. This year, Feinstein asked President Obama to order the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to tighten restrictions on the importation of semi-automatic firearms and their parts.

Grassroots Alert article: Feinstein Wants Obama to Pull a Clinton on Firearm Importation.

3. Last year, legislation was introduced to impose “universal” background checks, which would have amounted to registering all firearm sales and paved the way for registering all firearms possessed.

NRA-ILA fact sheet: Private Sales Restrictions and Gun Registration.

4. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has attempted to ban the importation of certain shotguns.

Grassroots Alert article: NRA Files Comments Opposing Shotgun Importation Ban

Grassroots Alert article: BATFE Modifies Shotgun Import Ban Study, Still Gets it Wrong

5. BATFE also considered whether to restrict solid hunting bullets as “armor piercing ammunition.”
Grassroots Alert article: BATFE Taking Comments on Sporting Purposes Exemption to Armor-Piercing Ammunition Law.

6. This year, BATFE restricted 5.45x39mm 7N6 as “armor piercing ammunition.”

Grassroots Alert article: BATFE Publicly Confirms Administration’s Ammunition Import Ban.

7. This year, BATFE has proposed to excessively expand the categories of persons prohibited under federal law from acquiring or possessing firearms on mental health grounds.

Grassroots Alert article: NRA Opposes Administration’s Plan to Broaden Reach of Mental Health-Related Gun Bans.

8. Last year, the Obama Administration signed the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty. Washington Times.com. NRA opposed the treaty.

It’s not a steady drip or the dreaded slippery slope – this is a constant onslaught of legislation and public relations toward gun confiscation. The resources are mounting and if you think I’m kidding about the obsessive nature of the promoters, here’s what Mike Bloomberg the billionaire ex-mayor in an interview with The New York Times had to say about his gun-control efforts.

“I have earned my place in heaven.” —

Bloomberg himself has armed guards of course, as do leftist members of Congress and leftist entertainers, but he may actually believe he’s curried favor with Saint Peter by blowing $50 million on politicians who support gun control. Do you think someone who says they’ve bought a backstage pass into heaven can be reasoned with?

Barack Obama’s platitudes and Bloomberg’s Sainthood aside, here’s a list of Laws affecting legal gun ownership passed in 2013:


Magazine Capacity

House Bill 1224 bans the sale, transfer or possession of a magazine capable of holding more than fifteen rounds of ammunition and any magazine larger than fifteen rounds that is manufactured in Colorado on or after the effective date must include a serial number and date of assembly. HB 1224 was signed into law by Governor John Hickenlooper on March 20.


Gun Tax

House Bill 1228 imposes an undetermined fee (gun tax) for undergoing a background check through the Colorado Bureau of Investigation InstaCheck system. HB 1228 was signed into law by Governor John Hickenlooper on March 20.


Universal Background Check

House Bill 1229 imposes “universal background check.” HB 1229 was signed into law by Governor John Hickenlooper on March 20.

(For above bills)



Ban of online firearm training for concealed carry permit holders

Senate Bill 195 bans all-online firearm training for concealed carry permits.

SB 195 was signed into law by Governor John Hickenlooper on May 24.



Magazine Capacity

Senate Bill 1094 expands Connecticut’s current ban on some semi-automatic rifles to include .22 caliber rifles with one or more certain cosmetic features. SB 1094 was signed into law by Governor Daniel Malloy on June 18.



Omnibus Bill

Senate Bill 1160, omnibus anti-gun legislation, was signed into law by Governor Dannel Malloy on April 4.




Background Checks

House Bill 35 which imposes “universal” background checks was signed into law by Governor Jack Markell on May 8.



Lost or Stolen

Senate Bill 16 imposes lost and stolen reporting requirements. SB 16 was signed into law by Governor Jack Markell on June 12.




NICS Background Check

Senate Bill 69 requires fingerprinting and processing through NICS in addition to the already existing registration requirement on all firearms brought into the state. SB 69 was signed into law by Governor Neil Abercrombie on July 9.




Firearm Safety Act

Senate Bill 281 bans the transport, sale, purchase, transfer or possession of commonly owned semi-automatic centerfire rifles that have a detachable magazine and two additional characteristic restricts magazine capacity to no more than ten rounds and requires a state permit-to-purchase, rent or otherwise be in possession of a handgun. SB 281 was signed into law by Governor Martin O’Malley on May 16.



New York

Firearm Safety Act


Ban of Commonly Owned Semiautomatic Firearms/Magazine Capacity/Firearms Registration/Ammunition Restrictions/Mental Health Senate Bill 2230 bans commonly owned semi-automatic firearms and magazines, firearm registration and restrictions on ammunition purchases and requires mental health practitioners to report if someone is a threat to himself or others (without requiring an adjudication) and such person must surrender their gun. SB 2230 was signed into law by Governor Andrew Cuomo on January 15.



House Bill 43 requires organizations like the NRA who engage in political speech to immediately disclose the names of virtually all of its donors, including those who pay membership dues. HB 43 was signed into law by Governor Gary Herbert on April 1.



What no one wants to think about is what may happen if President Obama does with his gun control agenda what he’s doing with immigration policy: Selectively enforcing immigration law, ignoring the Separation of Powers, writing and re-writing legislation and issuing Executive Orders when Congress won’t act.

The mid-term elections are not exactly looking rosy for Barack Obama and if the pundits and polls are correct (aren’t they always?); the Senate and House will have a healthy bunch of Republicans running Congress. The President may only have until then to get the above proposals through and what if Congress won’t act, as he says so often? Will his pen and phone get to work on gun confiscation?

Here’s a hint: “Citizenship means standing up for the lives that gun violence steals from us each day. I have seen the courage of parents, students, pastors, and police officers all over this country who say ‘we are not afraid,’ and I intend to keep trying, with or without Congress, to help stop more tragedies from visiting innocent Americans in our movie theaters, shopping malls, or schools.”
— Barack Obama

Will the President pursue the last option left to a “disappointed” tyrant? Is it possible that Barack Obama would actually use Executive power to fulfill his obvious disdain for the Second Amendment?

Ponder that as tens of thousands of children from Central and Latin America, escorted by who knows who are being allowed to cross our southern border illegally. It’s criminal on every level – especially the willful neglect of the President’s Constitutional responsibility regarding the nation’s border.

Gun control is now a big-time priority for President Obama and the radical liberals who control cities, Governorships and state legislatures around the nation. There’s plenty of legislation coming down the pike here in 2014 – anyone doubting the left’s real anti-gun agenda needs to carry copies of the following around with them, share them and be constantly reminded of what’s really going on here:

California (8/31/14)

Senate Bill 53 would require the purchasers of ammunition to register with the state Department of Justice prior to purchasing any ammunition.



Senate Bill 199 bans the sale/transfer of used and antique BB devices and imitation firearms that are not colored as specified.



Senate Bill 808 imposes restrictions and fees on the ability to make, or even assemble, a personal firearm, along with requiring serialization and registration of that personal firearm and requires all firearms made and assembled prior to enactment to have serial numbers and be registered.



Assembly Bill 1014 would allow any person to seek a “gun violence restraining order” against another person.



Assembly Bill 1609 would impose unnecessary limitations on the transfer of firearms by law-abiding citizens, requiring that all transfers be completed through a CA gun dealer, regardless of the circumstances.



Assembly Bill 1964 would remove existing exemptions for all single-shot pistols, other than those with a break top or bolt action, from California’s roster of “not safe” handguns.



Assembly Bill 2305 would expand CA law by imposing criminal liability if an individual unknowingly carries a firearm on or about his or her person.



Assembly Bill 2310 would reenact provisions authorizing a city prosecutor or city attorney in specified counties to file an action for unlawful detainer to abate a nuisance caused by an illegal conduct involving firearms or ammunition.



Delaware (6/30/14)

Undetectable Firearms



Illinois (1/13/15)

Senate Bill 1002 bans the possession, purchase, manufacture, sale or delivery of all ammunition magazines that can hold more than ten rounds of ammunition or that can be converted to hold more than ten rounds of ammunition.



Senate Bill 1342 (House Amendment 2) creates and imposes mandatory minimum felony penalties for individuals who carry or possess a firearm on any public street, alley or public lands.



Senate Bill 3659, the public safety act, seeks to ban the possession, delivery, sale and purchase of many semi-automatic firearms and accessories.



House Bill 815 imposes restrictions on magazine capacity and shooting ranges.

restrictions.aspx?s=House+Bill+815&st=&ps=House Bill 1263 bans many commonly owned firearms.



House Bill 2265 imposes mandatory minimum felony penalties ranging from three to ten years in prison for those who carry a firearm without a Concealed Carry License (CCL) or possess a firearm without a Firearm Owners Identification (FOID) card.


House Bill 3646 provides that any owner of an establishment that serves alcohol on its premises who maintains a retail liquor license and allows for the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages on its premises as an on premise consumption retailer, (deletes if more than 50% of the establishment’s gross receipts within the prior 3 months is from the sale of alcohol) who knowingly fails to prohibit concealed firearms on its premises or who knowingly makes a false statement or record to avoid the prohibition of concealed firearms on its premises shall be guilty of a business offense with a fine up to $5,000.


House Bill 3669 provides that a licensee who knowingly carries a firearm on or into a building, real property, or parking area under the control of a public or private pre-school, elementary or secondary school, college, or university is guilty of a Class 4 felony for a first offense and a Class 3 felony for a second or subsequent offense.


House Bill 3714 imposes a two percent surcharge (tax) on firearm ammunition.


House Bill 4517 provides that a concealed carry licensee shall not knowingly carry a firearm on or into any building, real property and parking area under the control of a restaurant.


House Bill 4574 provides that the Department of State Police shall suspend for five years the FOID card of a person who has been convicted of a third violation of the provision of the Criminal Code of 2012 that makes it an offense for a person who possesses or acquires a firearm and thereafter loses the firearm, or if the firearm is stolen from the person, to fail to report the loss or theft to the local law enforcement agency within 72 hours after obtaining knowledge of the loss or theft.


House Bill 4715 provides that every person must register each firearm he or she owns or possesses.



House Bill 4754 creates the offense of unlawful use of a three-dimensional printer to create a firearm.


House Bill 4779 provides that a person shall not carry a concealed firearm onto private real property of any type without prior permission from the property owner. It also provides that a real property owner shall indicate permission to carry concealed firearms onto the property by clearly and conspicuously posting a sign at the entrance of a building, premises, or real property under his or her control, except this posting is not required if the property is a private residence.


House Bill 5490, mandatory lost and stolen reporting legislation.



Ongoing Litigation into 2014 Concerning SB281 signed by Governor O’Mally on May 16, 2013



Massachusetts (1/6/15)

Senate Bill 1126 establishes a Firearms Violence Prevention Trust Fund.


House Bill 47 bans any magazine capable of holding more than ten rounds, establishes a seven round magazine limit, limits the purchase one firearm a month and mandates a background check and a fee (gun tax) for the private transfer of firearms including family and friends.


House Bill 3250, microstamping legislation.


House Bill 3253 increasing the tax on the sale of firearms and ammunition.


House Bill 4121 would give police chiefs discretion in licensing owners for shotguns and rifles, ban the private sale of firearms without a licensed gun dealer and require gun owners to provide a list of all firearms they currently own to the state with each renewal of their license, among many other things. Additionally, it would grant authority to the state Attorney General to remove certain firearms from the approved “firearms roster.”



Michigan (12/31/14)

House Bill 4774 an act that would regulate and license the selling, purchasing, possession and carrying of certain firearms.



New Jersey (1/12/15)

Assembly Bill 2006 / Senate Bill 993


Magazine and Gun Ban Legislation




Senate Bill 684 revises the definition of destructive device to include certain weapons of 50 Caliber or greater.


Senate Bill 1137 prohibits sale and possession of undetectable firearms manufactured using 3D printing technology.


Assembly Bill 253 disqualifies persons named on federal Terrorist Watchlist from obtaining firearms identification card or permit to purchase handgun.


Assembly Bill 672 establishes a ballistics identifier program for certain firearms.


Assembly Bill 673 requires firearms to be unloaded and securely locked or stored in within the home.


Assembly Bill 674 requires seizure of firearms when mental health professional determines patient poses threat of harm to self or others.


Assembly Bill 851 requires firearms endorsement on driver’s license or non-driver identification card.


Assembly Bill 2028 / Senate Bill 154 revises statutes concerning firearms purchaser identification cards and handgun purchase permits; makes handgun purchase permit valid for four years.


Assembly Bill 2777 amends state statutes with to allow for reasonable deviations with transporting firearms. We suggested a one-word amendment that would make the bill a pro-
gun bill and an improvement over current law, but as written, the bill is actually worse that current law.



Assembly Concurrent Resolution 92 urges the President and Congress to enact stronger firearms laws.


New York (1/7/15)


Senate Bill 68A / Assembly Bill 2023 requires semi-automatic pistols manufactured or sold a gun dealer in New York to be capable of microstamping ammunition.


Senate Bill 572A prohibits purchasing more than one firearm during any thirty-day period.


Senate Bill 575 imposes “universal background checks” for the sale of firearms.


Senate Bill 2028 bans the sale, use and possession of .50 caliber or larger firearms.


Assembly Bill 3186A requires the reporting of lost or stolen firearms to local police authorities within 72 hours.


Assembly Bill 3221 requires the “safe storage” of firearms.


Assembly Bill 3244-A would require all current semi-automatic pistols in production and all newly designed semi-automatic pistols delivered to any licensed firearms dealer in New York to mechanically stamp an alpha-numeric or geometric code that would imprint the make, model or serial number onto the cartridge case when the gun in discharged. Assembly Bill 3908A requires owners of firearms to obtain liability insurance.



Assembly Bill 3941-A – “Children’s Weapon Accident Prevention Act” seeks to force its way into gun owners’ homes by criminally penalizing those who store their weapons in a way other than what this bill deems appropriate.



Assembly Bill 5012 imposes a ten-day waiting period for all firearm purchases.


Ohio (12/31/14)

Senate Bill 18 prohibits a person from knowingly acquiring, possessing, carrying or using an “assault weapon” and to require the state Attorney General to prepare for the establishment of a firearm and ammunition transactions database.


House Bill 31 establishes the crime of criminally negligent storage of a firearm.


Pennsylvania (11/30/14)


Senate Bill 191 imposes a one-gun-a-month restriction.



Senate Bill 435 bans “assault weapons” and “high capacity” ammunition magazines over ten rounds.


House Bill 239 requires all firearms to be registered with the Pennsylvania State Police.



House Bill 335 provides for licenses and for sale or transfer of firearms by adding that the application for a license to carry a firearm shall affirm that the applicant has never received mental health treatment on an inpatient or outpatient basis. A seller shall similarly ask if the purchaser has ever received mental health treatment on an inpatient or outpatient basis.


House Bill 517 prohibits the possession, use, control, sale, transfer or manufacture of an “assault weapon.”


House Bill 518 prohibits individuals from using force for the protection of property, an individual or one’s own well-being, if the person is either able to retreat or instructed by peace officers or public safety dispatchers not to pursue the suspect.



Rhode Island (6/23)

Senate Bill 2318 / House Bill 7838 imposes a ten percent “supplemental tax” on firearms and ammunition.



Senate Bill 2632 would impose burdensome restrictions on semi-automatic “assault weapons” and limit magazine capacity to ten rounds.



House Bill 5990 / Senate Bill 859 imposes restrictions on the manufacture, transfer and possession of certain semi-automatic “assault weapons” and ban magazines containing more than ten rounds.



House Bill 5993 / Senate Bill 865 abolishes all “shall issue” carry permits and grant the Attorney General sole issuing authority.



House Bill 6160 removes the town clerk and sergeant from the list of licensing officers for concealed carry permits.



House Bill 7310 prohibits persons convicted of domestic violence misdemeanors from owning firearms.



House Bill 7583 bans the manufacture, sale, possession and transfer of semi-automatic “assault weapons.”



House Bill 7584 bans semi-automatic “assault weapons” and magazines exceeding ten rounds.



House Bill 7585 creates a ten-round magazine limit and prohibit the possession of magazines exceeding ten rounds, making it punishable as a felony.



House Bill 7587 changes the local law enforcement issued permits from “shall” issue to “may” issue, meaning local officials could virtually end concealed carry in the state.



House Bill 7838 requires the use of non-toxic ammunition for hunting whenever such ammunition is available. (lead ammo bill)


Still think this is about keeping anti-tank bazookas out of the hands of the public? Think again.

They’re after your guns, and all your rights. After all – isn’t the 2nd Amendment what stands between you and everything in the Bill of Rights? America without the 2nd Amendment is closer to the truth than you think – piece by piece our Right to Bear Arms is being dismantled and you are asleep at the wheel.

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  • donl

    No second amendment, No freedom. No guns, No freedom. No second amendment, No Constitution. Wake up America.

  • White Light

    LOL… Barry/Barack Huessin is releasing Taliban Terrorists who hate us and flooding this country will illegals. And they want us defenseless while they are all surrounded by armed security 24/7. Even these lying thug power hungry elitists in the WH know they are safer with protection. They also know that when seconds count the police are only minutes behind. A vote for a Democrat is voting away our civil rights and freedom. This is just a way for them to suck more tax dollars out of hard working people.

  • John Gallion

    This is absolute madness. We should be using these fire arms RIGHT NOW in escorting every politician who has ever sponsored and/or signed any of these bills out of our public buildings and out of their positions (this goes for sheriffs too!) That is why our Founders gave us this right; not to go hunting! When are we, as a people, going to start using that right?!?!

  • Braven Eworld

    Citizens and Patriots: Always keep in mind that the light of liberty is each of us: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0094KY878

  • JJM123

    I would be concerned making a large amount of my population felons. No telling what steps against me they might take in the aftermath.

  • Lorraine E

    Guns don’t kill people – they are an inanimate piece of metal. People kill people. This administration is hell bent on disarming innocent law abiding people instead of keeping violent criminals in jail. When a person decides to commit murder they know that the “gun” will be blamed and not them. They know that they will be glorified by the evil corporate press and that their attorney will blame everyone and everything except them for the murders which they have committed. There is no incentive for a person not to commit murder because they know that they will be coddled by the broken justice system and released to murder again for even the most insignificant legal excuse.
    Also we have a government which is releasing thousands of violent criminals into our society so that they can become “useful idiots” who are guaranteed to commit crimes with illegally obtained guns. Our government is working to assure that more gun crimes will be committed! They know that criminals do not obey the laws, not even gun laws. They steal guns, trade guns, don’t register guns, and have no respect for ANY laws, not even laws pertaining to guns. That’s why they are called criminals.
    The objective is to disarm and control law abiding tax paying citizens and rob them of their right to protect themselves. The government isn’t concerned about the safety of innocent people and their desire is solely to disarm them and totally control them. God help us!

  • Chained

    All we need is massive defiance. Defy, do not comply!

  • Gary Corbier

    All democrats, commie loving control grabbing democrats, with their clown leader calling the shots. Any gun owner who votes democratic is a traitor to his friends and country.

  • Protect_OUR_Constitution



    My Appeal to Responsible, Thinking, and Law Abiding Citizens Everywhere;

    Can we agree, intentional, irresponsible, criminal MISUSE of our 2nd Amendment Right needs to be curtailed?
    You know, those mentally incapable of safely handling a firearm & violent criminals.

    IF so, can we THEN agree, intentional, irresponsible MISUSE of our 1st Amendment Right needs to be curtailed also?
    (Why not, it’s JUST LYING ANTI AMERICAN GUN GRABBER Rights, NOT ours)
    You know, those mentally incapable of research, independent thought, & critical thinking. Those intentionally spreading easily disproved lies, w/NO THOUGHT WHATSOEVER to the effects of their vile deeds. (Don’t worry, WE’LL decide, NOT them)

    I ask YOU, responsible, thinking, and law abiding Citizens, will you join me in declaring,

    DO IT NOW!

    I’m sure (maybe) they’re (probably) not all (too) bad, so we should ONLY limit their words per day to 7, dress them so as not to appear “assault” like, measure their mouths & confiscate any over a size WE don’t like(perhaps sew closed to a more common sense size), register & track them, don’t let them in public, and keep a lock on their mouths when not in a use WE approve of (HA! We won’t approve of ANY use in a year or 3). Probably we should tax them too, & funnel their cash into
    organizations supporting OUR ban against THEM.

    Let’s do it for the children, responsible, thinking, and law abiding Citizens,

    so the children won’t be mentally or socially harmed by gun grabbers shooting off their unregistered FULLY automatic mouths, firing half truths & lies into our children’s & other innocent victims’ brains, ever again.

    If we can’t get enough support, because thoughtful Americans notoriously love their Rights & Freedoms, we’ll just find the stupidest, stinkiest, most brain dead, violent, degenerate, drooling,
    gun grabber lemmings, & use them as “poster boys” against the otherwise mentally sound gun grabbers. 25 of these, out of SEVERAL MILLION should be easy enough to find and exploit.
    It’s worked well for them so far,hasn’t it?


    How would YOU like it if we took YOURS?

  • Protect_OUR_Constitution

    I’ve had a lot of luck on anti gun sites using these simple questions. They avoid & divert, but don’t let them off the hook. Feel free to use them in any way you see fit, in your defense of our Rights.

    Who or what, is DIRECTLY responsible for the deaths, and pain of murder victims and their families?
    a) Violent criminals?
    b) Inanimate objects?
    c) Law abiding Citizens.
    d) SSRI drugs?

    Answer THIS, and the solution is CLEAR.

    Are you afraid to answer because, once answered, ALL gun grabber arguments & rhetoric tumble?

    Are you afraid to answer because, once answered, the TRUE PURPOSE of gun grabbing is EXPOSED for thinking Citizens to see?

    That’s OK, I know they’re “difficult” questions for you misled gun grabbers to answer.

    I ask you to please research ALL OPPOSING sides of this debate, so that YOU can make an intelligent INFORMED decision on your own, instead of “parroting” what the anti American puppeteers have consistently LIED you into believing; “Blame inanimate firearms for bad things, instead of blaming the bad guys for DOING bad things.”

    goebbels, lenin, stalin, (all heros of soros) all basically said,

    “tell a lie enough, it becomes the truth.”

    They were right. THAT is exactly what’s happened here, in our Country.

  • Arizona Don

    It appears politicians do not understand what an assault weapon is. When I was in the military it was any weapon capable of full automatic operation. I understand it was later modified to include those weapons capable of either auto or semi-auto operation simply by flipping a switch or lever. In any case however, being operational in “full automatic” mode is required in every case. A semi-automatic “is not considered” an assault weapon regardless of magazine capacity.

    Fully automatic weapons have been “restricted” (not outlawed) in the US for decades. Whether that restriction is constitutional or not was never determined by proper authorities. However, it is believed in many circles to be unconstitutional, and is interpreted as an infringement on the second amendment “rights.” The second amendment denotes a RIGHT not a privilege. It is further my understanding rights cannot be taken away by government while privileges can.

    No where within the constitution does it refer to the second amendment as being intended for hunting game animals only. Furthermore, within the Federalist papers as well as letters written by Thomas Jefferson at the time the reason for the second amendment, which is pointed out, is to prevent a tyrannical government takeover (the founders had just fought a bloody war for eight long years against a tyrannical government under king George). Which should explain the second amendment completely. To this date it has worked in spite of unconstitutional restrictions placed upon it disregarding the actual second amendment wording prohibiting infringement. If it, the second amendment, is ever precluded by government interferences it will totally destroy the whole of the constitution. Forever!

  • grassroot

    This is the first thing Socialistic, Marxist totalitarian dictators do. Disarm the

  • Protect_OUR_Constitution

    “If someone has a gun and is trying to kill you, it would be reasonable to shoot back with your own gun.” Dalai Lama (Seattle Times, 05-15-2001).

  • Protect_OUR_Constitution


    Commit any crime w/a firearm w/no injuries- 10 years MIN-NO parole/early release
    Commit a violent crime w/a firearm-20 years MIN-NO parole/early release
    Commit a violent crime w/a firearm resulting in harm-30years MIN-NO parole/early release
    Commit a violent crime w/a firearm resulting in death-40years MIN-NO parole/early release
    Commit a violent crime w/a firearm resulting in MULTIPLE deaths-
    PUBLIC EXECUTION within 30 DAYS AFTER ANY/ALL LEGAL APPEALS have been exhausted/or LIFE w/NO chance of release.
    2nd time Commit any violent crime w/a firearm resulting in death/harm-

    PUBLIC EXECUTION within 30 DAYS AFTER ANY/ALL LEGAL APPEALS have been exhausted.

    Violent criminals being punished for their INDIVIDUAL ACTIONS.
    Heck, we could even SAFELY sell firearms thru the mail again.
    The original author IS A GENIUS!!!

    Then we could DUMP the OVER 20,000 gun laws currently on the books.
    We would have no further disagreements on THIS subject, we could finally move onto the OTHER anti American actions, NDAA, 100 mile Constitution free zone on our borders, Bhengazi,Fast & Furious, etc.
    Or, maybe THAT’S THE POINT!

    • Arizona Don

      I am aware of your intent however, allow me if you would to point out a weakness to your proposal. When you say “within 30 DAYS AFTER ANY/ALL LEGAL APPEALS have been exhausted” someone who is anti death penalty will get laws passed (even if by executive order, if you see what I mean) to allow for either unlimited appeals or a fifty year limit, or more, on appeals and negate your intent. That is how we got to the unreasonable number of appeals we have today that streaches out a death penality to over 20 and in some cases over 30 years. However, I totally agree with your intent here.

      This is an excellent example of what is happening in our congress right now.

      I have heard (I guess no one seems to know for sure) there is somewhere between 10,000 and 50,000 anti gun laws on the books when all state laws, local laws and federal laws are considered. None of them have to date curtailed a mass shooting when the shooter (murderer) is determined to commit the crime.

      The goal of the anti-gun idiots is in the final analysis confiscation. Therefore, finding a gun control law that worked within the constitution (which I happen to think is both impossible and unconstitutional) is not what they seek. None of these laws passed were ever meant to work opening up the prospect for the passage of more laws and finally reaching the goal of confiscation. They know they cannot get the second amendment repealed so they have to reach their goal by edict.

      One thing they have not considered however, twice in our history a war has been started when a government attempted to confiscate the citizens guns. Anyone who thinks that will not or could not happen again has underestimated the American citizen. It both can and will. That is fact!

      • Protect_OUR_Constitution

        What you say is true.

        I hope Citizens reading these posts will pick & choose, modify to their own liking, & use these postings to bring the war to the anti American, anti Constitutionalists’ , & progressives’ own sites, on their home turf, to wake up the sheeple on them, or at least to make them reconsider their brainwashing. I think a spark is enough.

        Interesting link;

  • antiliberalcryptonite

    Civil war appears to be on the horizon. We don’t want it, but we see it coming.

    • Arizona Don

      I think it may depend on what happens in November but you very well may be right. No one wants a war especially those of us who have seen one up close and personal. But it may be coming and much sooner then most realize right now. It has always been said liberty not worth fighting for is not worth having. Furthermore, it must be guarded 24/7/365. Once lost it is near impossible to retrieve. The reason for that should be clear. Those not willing to fight to keep it are not willing to fight to get it back!

  • joe

    This whole thing has NOTHING TO DO WITH STOPPING CRIME!! it has to do with taking away the right to defend ourselves against the GOVERNMENT a right guaranteed to us under the laws of this country. These criminals know that as long as we have the ability to fight back they will NEVER get us under the control they want us under. That monkey in the Whitehouse knows what will happen if he goes too far, he knows the people of this country will only be pushed so far. He has seen the demonstrations in other countries and what has resulted from them and those people were UNARMED. Imagine the same scenario over here except the citizens of this country are armed his days as president or dictator or what ever he thinks he is in that small mind of his will be over. It is not only that damn liar it is ALL politicians both sides NONE OF THEM CAN BE TRUSTED the only solution is to get rid of all of them. Remove every damn incumbent from office and keep doing so until they finally get the picture that we have had it. The corruption and lies and theft of taxpayer dollars has gone way too far the incompetence and criminal activity in the government is way out of control. The worst part is the outright arrogance that this chimp in charge has, he thinks he is superior to everyone and can do what he wants. I got news obammy you are not even superior to a pile of steaming dog excrement you treasonous lying fraud.

  • John R Pyles

    it is past time, we need to sue our government and stop the heinous disregard for we the people, those elected to uphold our Constitution and Americas strengths have committed atrocities against her peoples starting with perjury from there oaths too stand for we the people not against. allowing criminals to enter hell helping them to enter our country (using taxpayer dollars) to do so, murdering 4 Americans (Benghazi) to releasing 5 enemy combatants destroying our second amendment, The NSA, IRS and all the other abc organizations our elected criminals can come up with to take what is ours, they need too be stopped and that’s my rant for the week.

  • Hotnike

    They can try to pass all laws they want. The constitution is the only ‘law’ I will follow,

  • freebirds

    Bloomberg can’t buy his way to heaven. “Not by works less any man should boast” he is on the highway to hell tho with his liberal beliefs. One can’t be walking with God and holding Obama’s hand and any other leftest for that matter. They go together like oil and water.

  • bob vey


    • grassroot

      Take back the Senate this fall.

  • Forcercn

    What amazes me is how quick liberals back away from gun control issues when election time comes around. Gov. John Hickenlooper met with sheriffs to say he is sorry about signing uninforcable gun laws – yet we still have them. in other news Udall attack ad singles out abortion laws against his opponent Gardner and will probably get alot of votes from women – becouse we all know they only think with consultation from their ovaries.

  • mogul264

    Those who object to ‘military-appearing’ arms being carried by civilians should re-read their history books! Our Founding Forefathers wisely included the 2nd Amendment in the Bill of Rights to ENSURE we were able to ‘keep and bear arms’! In the Revolutionary War to rid ourselves from the control of King George and England, the citizen had access to equal or BETTER arms than the British soldiers!

    Citizens’ guns were painstakingly crafted to be the best available in those days, as a reliable and accurate rifle could spell the difference between life and death on the farm; raiding Indians (who may have had provocation!), wild bear, wolves, thieves, all were a constant threat!

    British muskets were hastily made, unreliable, and notoriously inaccurate! As well, the British soldiers had a habit of helping themselves to livestock and larders unguarded, while chasing Revolutionaries, leading to the farmers becoming ‘Minute Men’, now an American icon!

    So the citizen had ‘state-of-the-art’ armament, equal to or better than the Brits! Contrast this to today: our military has multiple-burst firing rifles, called ‘assault rifles’ by some, deemed a war-making weapon, and restricted to our armed forces. The AR-15, although resembling a military gun, fires ONCE per trigger pull, ONLY! NOT an ASSAULT rifle, appearances to the contrary! Myself, I think they are ugly, uncomfortable to use, if utilitarian, and would prefer a nicer looking weapon!

  • John Wirts

    Oh YEA! Maybe we should DEMAND ALL POLITICIANS and MEDIA BE HELD TO THE SAME LAWS THEY ENCOURAGE AND PASS! Piers Morgan has signs and ARMED GUARDS at his residence, Dianne Feinstein has a concealed carry permit in Washington DC, and California, plus she hires Armed Guards. If I cannot have concealed carry, and or armed guards, she should not be allowed to have them either!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • John Wirts

    I am a Cold War veteran of 43 years service, My active duty after boot camp and mos training was Germany for 30 months. The Germans had strict gun control as did the Dutch. The Norwegians, Swiss, and British at that time did not. Crime rates in Germany and Holland, were very high.. In Norway , and Switzerland crime was low as all male citizens were subject to universal service and were kept in the reserves, they were sent home with their “personal military firearm” each year they were sent targets and ammunition, and a range pass to got a supervised range to re-familiarize with their weapon and re-qualify with that weapon. Criminals were nor welcome or safe, so they searched for safer places to commit crimes. Great Briton had loose gun laws and their Bobbies(police) were armed with truncheons(Batons) , but then Great Briton, Canada, and Australia outlawed private ownership of any firearm. Next they confiscated all privately owned firearms, and destroyed them, including priceless antique firearms, which are irreplaceable! Now the Bobbies formerly armed with truncheons, are armed with sub-machine guns, crime is up 400%, and now they are trying t pass a law that all knives must have a round tip, no pointed tips. The British are now asking what’s next a ban on rocks? In the U.S. Florida was talking about repealing their gun control laws when my wife and I went to
    Florida to take a Caribbean cruise, the news media was in a frenzy, the wild west would be reborn in Florida, gun fights in the streets, and rampant crime because of easily available guns! They were suspiciously quiet after the law was enacted and all crime, not just shootings dropped dramatically! How many of our gun laws are enforced? At Sandy Hook alone 42 gun Laws were broken! Many law breakers are stopped by the mere presence of an armed law abiding citizen. But the Lame Stream Media only reports killings and woundings, never a law abiding citizen stopping a massacre.

    • grassroot

      The insanity of Liberals, dumbed down by the schools being run by
      Socialist run governments.

      Nikita Kruschev was correct when he warned us back in the sixties,

      ” We will not conquer you by force of arms but by your children being
      educated in your ” Socialist” schools.” And we now see the result of this

  • Derekf900

    If voting the communists out doesn’t work then there will be war.

  • Jack Combs

    Everyone in Texas carries. And criminals know this

    • ProjectThor

      Got to love Castle Law….

  • dogmop53

    I agree

  • william g munson


    • grassroot

      They’d ahve to be vored out and by who? Are there enough informed
      voters out there? Rather doubt it.

  • TexasWelcome

    The question is not “do we have enemies”. The question is when our enemies outlaw the Constitution or tweak it to death and declare sovereign citizens who believe down into their morrow that the Constitution is not to be tweaked, will you become the outlaw our enemies say we? Will you save your best gun and really really cache the rest for your family, should you be taken, to carry on? The disease in Washington has infected many states and municipalities across the nation. They have declared war on anyone who will not bend to their will as obedient slaves. These folks are sinister, smart, dedicated and have plotted for over a hundred years to the rules of radicals. They are NOT idiots or morons, they are Satan’s minions and they are persistent and up to the task. I ask the rhetorical question… what’s your game plan when they come for your guns, your food, your children to a separate FEMA camps from you or your wife if the minions catch you or her (or them). How long should or will we wear our smiley mask before we take it off then go to plan a, b, and c. The beasts of Washington have declared war on us. They just haven’t rolled down your street with Iraqi tanks and helicopters yet. They haven’t totally made out money worthless yet, but they are getting there. Will you present yourself for food ration books to buy food or gas… that is coming too. Are you preparing for this. Quit complaining, draw up your family plans, catch-up and get to work.

  • COU_46

    All I can say is come and get em….There will be one hell of a gunfight here in the south.

    • Jarhead6541

      Won’t happen that way, it’ll be a slow death for gun owners.

      First, government controlled healthcare [instant access to med records].
      Second, disarm all mental health patients [even outpatient]
      Third, disarm all who take medications.
      Fourth, disarm all vets.
      All the while pushing more & more gun control.
      The few left will be disarmed quietly, one by one.

      Standing at your doorway armed to the teeth won’t help.
      By then it will be too late.
      Make no mistake, every gun control law will lead to confiscation.
      We must stop this now.

  • Chris Robinette

    They can pass what they want. I will not register and I will not surrender my wepons willingly.

  • akoby

    Most peope have their heads in the ground like ostriches. There is a daily assault on our right to bear arms. The left will not be happy until we are disarmed. That way we cannot fight this tyranny that is slowly taking away out freedoms. And thanks to the dumbing down of our society and a mass campaign to hate America, we are voting away our freedoms.

  • Lorraine E

    After more executive orders become law the second amendment will no longer exist. After we have all been disarmed we will all become defenseless slaves of this administration and most of us will be murdered. It is shameful that we no longer even have a government with three viable separate branches and only have a have a few politicians who are trying to protect us. History has many examples of what governments have done to their defenseless citizens and it is becoming increasingly obvious that we are next.

    • rivahmitch

      They can only disarm you if you let them. Those who are unwilling to kill and die for their rights, freedoms and property will surely and deservedly lose them. It’s better to die on your feet than to live on your knees. Semper Fi!

      • William Fejka

        Roger that rivahmitch, All I want when they drag my body away is to be found amid a large pile of empty brass.
        Semper Fi ( USMC 68 -71 ) molon Labe & Para Bellum

  • Dodie1990

    Join a pro 2nd amendment group. Less than 10% of gun owners do, The only way to fight the well organized and well financed anti 2nd amendment people is to organize and fight back. If we refuse to organize and fight back we will surely lose.

  • Sasquatch

    Shall not be infringed, is pretty clear.

  • larrygrant876

    Communism 101: Disarm the enemy. Enemy= anti-communists. Make no mistake we are watching a communist takeover of America and not a damn thing is being done about it.

  • reggiec

    Some blatant examples from the past. They were more overt back then but their ultimate goal of banning private ownership of firearms has not changed!


    Here is a direct quote from Sarah Brady of Handgun Control:

    “We must get rid of all the guns.”

    – Sarah Brady, on the Phil Donahue
    Show, September 1994

    Here are a few more:

    1. “Banning guns is an idea
    whose time has come.”

    – Sen. Joseph Biden, Associated
    Press, November 18, 1993

    2. “Banning guns addresses a
    fundamental right of all Americans to feel safe.”

    –Sen. Dianne Feinstein, Associated
    Press, November 18, 1993

    3. “We’re going to hammer guns
    on the anvil of relentless legislative strategy! We’re going to beat guns into

    – Sen. Charles Schumer, NBC Nightly
    News, November 30, 1993

    4. “I honestly think, and I am
    not an expert on the amendments, I don’t care if you want to hunt, I don’t care
    if you think it’s your right. I say, ‘Sorry!’ It is 1999; we have had enough as
    a nation… Only the police and military should have guns, it’s
    ridiculous! I know it’s in the
    Constitution, but you know what, ENOUGH! I would like to say, and I know it
    will sound extreme, but that no one can have a gun in the U.S., if you are not
    allowed to own a gun, and if you do own a gun I think you should go to prison!

    Rosie O’Donnell

    Dear Rosie is a prime example of the mentality of the left.
    They do not care if something is a right that is guaranteed by the
    Constitution. If it does not fit their ideology The Constitution can be

    5. “The most effective means
    of fighting crime in the United States is to outlaw the possession of any type
    of firearm by the civilian populace.”

    – Janet Reno, Past Attorney General
    of the United States, addressing a 1991 B’nai B’rith gathering in Ft.

    • cowgirl20

      They are all nutcases! I’ll bet they would never give up their ARMED body guards…..they think they are the only ones that count.

    • Northpaw

      “Philosophy of the Gun Grabbers”

      “All political power comes from the barrel of a gun. The Communist Party must command all the guns, that way, no guns can ever be used to command the party.” – Mao Tse Tung

      “History teaches that all conquerors who have allowed their subject races to carry arms have prepared their downfall by doing so.” – Adolf Hitler”

      It is so simple, even a liberal can misunderstand it.

  • Herman Nelson

    First off- the author is perpetuating the sandy hook shootings that never happened. All parents and teachers were DHS paid crisis actors, the retard that did the “shooting” died the day before it happened, why were there Chicago fire department trucks on scene.

    As to the laws- go ahead and pass them. Eventually the hornets nest will be stirred up enough that those that passed the laws and patted themselves on the backs for doing a great job will be horrified when their homes are burned to the ground, politicians and family members of politicians disappear and LE are stretched to limit on providing protective services to those that created the problem in the first place. Everybody is having fun until someone gets their eye poked out.

    • Skyhawk95

      “… the sandy hook shootings that never happened.”

      The gullibility of conspiracy nuts just never ceases to amaze me.

      • Northpaw

        Invincible ignorance results when the emotional need for deception outweighs reason.

        • Skyhawk95

          And every conspiracy nut lacks the ability to reason.
          Occam’s Razor still applies to most events.

          • ProjectThor

            Most… most isn’t all and the theory of probability is known to those behind the scenes. Of course the vegitative majority of the population is going to believe whatever is hand fed to them by the MSM… it’s simple, easy to understand, and requires little effort on their part. Too bad some of us aren’t just educated but wide awake, to boot.

          • Skyhawk95

            Right, everyone else is suckered, yet you and other conspiracy loons (just a fraction of the population) know the truth about the everything.

            Your “…educated but wide awake” is also hilarious. You have some basement dweller pull the wool over your eyes and claim to see more clearly.

          • ProjectThor

            Lol… you’ve already pretty much told us you’re a shill… why make yourself look even worse? You even use the standard namecalling tactic… get a new script.

          • Skyhawk95

            Your paranoia is quite amusing.
            Thank goodness we have gods such as you watching over our welfare, LMAO.

          • ProjectThor

            Still waiting on that logic, buckaroo… everytime you open your piehole, you loose credibility…

          • Skyhawk95

            Where is the evidence Sandy Hook or the Boston Marathon bombing were conducted by Government agents? You make unsupportable claims and then announce you are informed because some loon made the same claim. A theory which cannot be supported by facts is by definition null. A statement which bends observations 180 or presents allegations not in evidence is patently false.

      • Patriot_765

        Well if snopes says so… it must be true.
        dig a bit… Who funds snopes? Is there an agenda there?
        na, maybe we should just ask Opra.

        • Skyhawk95

          You’re funny. Delusional, but funny.

      • ProjectThor

        Snopes? LMAO! Might as well ask Mother Jones or give George Soros a call. I’ve read the “article”, if you could call it that, on Snopes and it’s the same smoke blown by the rest of the media. No checkable “proof”, just the same old BS with a lot of unanswered questions. Before you go screaming “Think about the parents!”, i really don’t care about them any more than they care about me…there are many unanswered questions about them as well, so their feelings are of no concern to me. I’m not asking for photos of dead kids, I want to see the video of this 98lbs mentally challenged child walking up to the front door and shooting it out…brand new security system should’ve been able to catch that. There are too many inconsistences with the story line for me to believe them off the cuff. Having worked for the government, i’m pretty sure i know what they are capable of…just look to the 4k innocent civilians killed by Obaba’s drone strikes.

        Speaking of funny, you probably believe the crap about Boston too… you’ve been suckered or you are a bought and paid for shill.

        • Skyhawk95

          There are no unanswered questions except irrational queries you and your ilks paranoid minds spin out of whole cloth. As for working for the government, I have 30 yrs with the DoD and know whenever something happens you screwballs have to jump on whatever fantastical theory is offered. I also know not a single one of these events could be government sanctioned without it leaking out to the Press. Reason is not in your mental quiver.

          Like I said before, you conspiracy nuts are so gullible.
          Also the “paid-for shill” is your answer which you scream whenever someone applies logic.

          So I guess Elvis isn’t dead, we never walked on the moon (which is actually an alien spaceship), HAARP was responsible for the 2011 Japanese tsunami, and the Illuminati run the World.

          • ProjectThor

            You really shouldn’t have admitted to being a Purple Suit. It makes you part of the program, therefore anything you have to say is suspect. The food still suck at Quantico?

          • Skyhawk95

            Really, so 12 yrs active-duty USAF followed by another decade as a Surface Warfare Officer then nearly a decade as a R&D Engineer with the Naval Surface Warfare Center is suppose to leave me more ignorant of the functions of the Government? All that did was support the reality that our Government cannot pull off even the simplest operation without everything leaking out.

            Oh and now you’re a PSYOPS guru. Every claim your kind make is based upon misinterpretation to twist the facts in order to support your illogical theories. Then you serve the whole mess with a sprinkling of ambiguity to support whatever innocuous scheme you have concocted.

            Keep piling it up, god of the paranoid. It make you feel more safe to think the Government did it than to realize there are deranged psychos living everywhere. After all, the Government would never come after you or your family, right.

      • Herman Nelson

        Like the gullibility of useful idiots never surprises me. Keep drinking the koolaid.

        • Skyhawk95

          Kid, I haven’t drank Kool-Aide since 1976 (I was even working the flightline when we went on alert for the incident which spawned that term). However, it appears you got the brand with all the fruity flavors.

          You come up with a way to disprove what is in Snopes with respect to Sandy Hook then I will respect your opinion. Until then you are just another conspiracy nut.

          • Herman Nelson

            I think you have, grandpa. As to Snopes, simply follow the money. Of course it doesn’t help credibility when the husband/wife team that run it are card carrying communists. I’m surprised being a DoD employee and former air force (LOL) that you defend such a disinformation site, riddle me that. Until then, you’re just another troll wandering through the sites helping your handlers.

          • Skyhawk95

            So you can’t challenge the Snopes site on Sandy Hook thus become another “follow the money” alarmist ~ okay boy tell me from where is the cash coming? If you find a sponsor other than on-site advertising let me know.

            Additionally, if you discover the Mikkelson’s are anything but Independents (actually Barbara is a Canadian citizen) then put it out there and maybe you can scoop FactCheck and every other media outlet.

            Otherwise, you continue to be another fruity-punch Kool-Aide guzzling conspiracy nut.

            P.S. Why are you laughing at the Air Force? I guess USAF deaths in every conflict since they were established in ’47 are hilarious to you. I hold two Combat Action Ribbons from the US Navy, while I venture you have never had any experience in a hot theater of operation.

          • Herman Nelson

            No, I’m laughing that the USAF is the girly military, the navy comes in at a close second. But I do hold Vietnam POWs in high regard (except the asshat admiral’s son).

            PS- I never had to go to a hot theater because I was out before it came up, grandpa. Besides, I can trace my family linage back to fighting in the American Revolution, both sides of the Civil War (civil war II anytime soon..?), and every war and conflict since. Now.. What were you saying about some “combat ribbons”? Do I need to put on my flak vest and helmet when you start dropping war stories? Still wanting that dick measuring contest?

            PPS- You’re still a troll just the same, please wander back to your bridge.

          • Skyhawk95

            So what you are saying is you are just a pussy who likes to talk big.
            Yeah, seen you sunshine Patriots my whole career who think they are better than the fighting forces. Next you will tell me the USMC who I was attached too during Desert Storm and OIF/OEF were a bunch of girlie men as well.

            As for a 2nd Civil War, if it broke out you would be digging your way to China as soon as the first pop-gun went off. Take your fantasies and peddle them somewhere else.

    • DeeBar

      I’ve heard that but where is the proof ?

    • TexRancher

      Law enforcement is already overwhelmed by the numbers of ILLEGAL INVADERS who currently occupy this country. Should the horror of AMNESTY ever get passed, they will be out in force knowing that they no longer have to fear deportation (as if they do now under Kenya Boy) and we will be fighting them in the streets to protect ourselves.
      The crooked politicians who sold us out should be held PERSONALLY responsible for any and all crimes committed by AMNESTIED FOREIGN NATIONALS!

  • gypsy314

    Liberals socialist will have short live this issues but when they start going to jail for fraud and lies to the American people liberal democrats will pay piper and media.

  • cedarcreekman

    This is what you get when you live with Idiot’s, Morons and Democraps! Move to a state that would tell the Governors, politicians or these left winged loon states to go to hell. Not many Sheriffs would ever enforce these stupid laws. Wyoming has open carry and how many cars and trucks go to the schools to pick up their kids, armed to the teeth and not one problem. OBOZO and the clown parade, need to all go to hell!!

    • patriot2

      are you trying to get more idiots like bloomberg,schumer & feinstein to come here & screw it up like their own states?we better get to the state lines & start checking them out,we don’t want their kind here.

      • Lance troupe

        Send them to Russia!

        • COU_46

          Send Obama to one of the Arab Nations, they just love homosexuals over there…

          • patriot2

            yep,they would be integrated with the rest of the goat herd.

          • Chubby Freen

            Integrated. Yeah…

          • patriot2

            well,they could be related!

        • patriot2

          I think Putin has more sense than obama,he wouldn’t let them in.

          • Irish1025

            EEEWWWW that’s a DISGUSTING THOUGHT!

          • patriot2

            and disturbing too.

          • STMA

            Thank God I already ate.

          • patriot2

            I already did,now I have to eat again!!

          • Chubby Freen

            Here’s a little Moochelle trivia for you to digest…

      • Irish1025

        AMEN TO THAT!!! Their “kind” can stay out of my state of Virginia too!! Thank GOD we have open carry laws in my state!

        • patriot2

          yep,they can move to europe & it wouldn’t bother me,middle east would be better.

          • John Wirts

            NO! We should take all the Gestapo politicians, put them on a plane and fly out over the Atlantic Ocean, 1/2 way to Europe open the cargo ramp and dump them out. The only potential problem I see is that the sharks instead of eating them, might extend professional courtesy to a different species of shark and help them back to shore.

    • DeeBar

      You are so wrong !!! Very few Sheriffs have not taken government grants . Most are million dollar + grants and even my small town , about 6000 folks received over half a million . That’s when you’re owned ! Find out if your Sheriff has taken money from the Feds . That will tell you where they’re at .
      I have a CCP but carry open which is legal in my state which is very blue . It won’t be long until this goes away , I’m sure .
      I can remember when living in Mexifornia walking down the streets when I was 11 or 12 toting my shotgun to my favorite hunting spots and never even given a look . Do it now and the SWAT teams would be on ya like white on rice .

      • cedarcreekman

        Not where I live, you see men and women hunters with the rifles over their shoulders walking the highways and county roads mostly during hunting season. The schools are closed for the opening day of Elk season. The Supreme Court has ruled, what ever that is worth to the Clown, the Sheriffs are the most powerful law enforcer, even above OBOZO. Our Sheriffs have already said we know where you live and we know you know how to shoot. They have our backs and we have theirs!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • patriot2

          I still haven’t figured out where you’re at,saratoga used to close for Elk season,we used to find them all hunting.don’t know about lately though.

          • cedarcreekman

            Star Valley/Jackson

          • patriot2

            now I don’t know who’s in worse shape,you’re surrounded by ca immigrants & high taxes & I’m in chey close to them in co.but like you say,we’re pretty gun safe here.

          • cedarcreekman

            Don’t tell anybody but our taxes are dirt cheap! No state income taxes, 5% sales tax and NO TAX on our groceries. No car inspections, which is just a stupid taxes on the public. They quit, we just shove them off the road. Plenty of places to shoot, over 40% public lands, fire away at your pleasure. Hopefully we can put up a fence to keep all the Californicators out of our state. We hate to see their plates and we don’t need or want their damn money!!

          • patriot2

            we have lots of big game too.there are a lot of places that have an Elk drawing & only one license per life.

          • cedarcreekman

            General license but we do have special draw areas and if drawn that is where you have to hunt. If drawn you can try again next year for the same area. Moose, Big Horn Ram draw a five year wait to try again. No draw, you receive one preference point each year. Antelope no preference point just keep trying. Mt. Goat life time draw.

          • patriot2

            I wasn’t able to go last year & haven’t went after elk for a few years but there are a lot of antelope around here.got tired of putting in for moose in the 70’s & not drawing.we’re starting to see more moose & bighorns down here in the snowies.

        • DeeBar

          That’s good news . The best thing you can do is bolster their appreciation for the second amendment , let them know either directly or through the letters to the editor .
          Our Sheriff is a jerk ten times over but most of the deputies are behind us . The Sheriff didn’t even take his oath until three and a half years after being elected and that is because we found out through the court house because of another issue . We also found out that 11 other elected , commissioners included never took their oaths either .
          For now the reasons for this are purely speculative .

    • Chained

      Do not worry they all have a hot seat with their name on it

    • daves

      Joe, I read this entire article and I didn’t find any proof that anyone is after my guns. The headline is misleading.

  • Paul W

    A law abiding citizen stops a crime.


    We need to spread this kind of news because we know the liberal press won’t.

    • cowgirl20

      If you go to the website: guns save lives, you will see all kinds of stories about people that are alive today because either they or someone near had a gun and stopped the criminal. I wish that website could get a tv show and tell the world how guns save lives.

  • Paul W

    Every school is a “Gun Free Zone”. Have the people who committed atrocities in schools stayed away from schools? Criminals will always find a way to get guns and other lethal weapons to commit their crimes. Criminals also don’t give a damn about laws prohibiting guns. The evidence is obvious. To the criminals, “Gun Free Zones” only mean that there is no on there to stop them. “Gun Free Zones” are like a Free Shooting Zone for criminals.
    Also, there have been many instances were a law abiding citizen carrying a gun STOPPED atrocities or at least reduced the number of people killed.
    If Obama has his way, no law abiding citizens anywhere will be able to stop a crime and/or killing.
    Also, thanks for the list of states aggressively pursuing laws to prevent law abiding citizens from acquiring the means to defend themselves. That is a list of states that I would never consider living.