Seniors Prevented From Getting HealthCare Under ObamaCare: The Details


PELOSI skin stretchNancy Pelosi said Americans would find out all about ObamaCare if Congress would only pass the bill. Now we’re finding that some seniors will not be allowed to spend as much as they choose to on their health care – even if they’re willing to pony up for it.

Turns out that with ObamaCare, even if you qualify for health care you just might not get any..

A new report by the Robert Powell Center for Medical Ethics at National Right to Life titled “The Affordable Care Act and Health Care Access in the United States,” analyzes four fundamental policy areas of Obamacare.

It finds several ways that the federal health care law “will drastically limit access to life-saving medical treatment under the law.”

“These four areas include: the ‘excess benefit’ tax coming into effect in 2018, the current exclusion of adequate health insurance plans from the exchanges, present limits on senior citizens’ ability to use their own money for health insurance, and federal limits on the care doctors give their patients to be implemented as soon as 2016.”

Carol Tobias, president of National Right to Life, said that “for pro-life Americans concerned about the impact on innocent life – both born and unborn – the policies of Obamacare couldn’t be worse.”

“Americans are just as concerned with the law’s impact on our ability to access life-saving medical treatment for ourselves, our family members, and our loved ones as with Obamacare’s funding of abortions. Obamacare is bad medicine for America,” she said.

Pelosi famously said Congress should pass the law so Americans could find out what was in it, and its unpleasant surprises have been shocking citizens ever since.

The study finds, for example, that the “Independent Payment Advisory Board,” which starting next January is supposed to make “recommendations to slow the growth in national health expenditures,” will set “quality and efficiency” standards for hospitals and demand that doctors meet government minimums in order to contract with any qualified health insurance plan.

“Essentially, doctors, hospitals, and other health care providers can be told by Washington just what diagnostic tests and medical care are considered to meet ‘quality and efficiency’ standards. These standards will be enforced not just for health care paid for by federally funded programs like Medicare, but also for health care paid for by private citizens and by the health insurance they or their employers purchase,” the study explains.

“These standards are specifically designed to limit the funds that Americans may choose to spend on health care so that they cannot keep up with the rate of medical inflation. Treatment that a doctor and patient deem needed or advisable to save the patient’s life or preserve or improve the patient’s health, but which runs afoul of the imposed standards, can be denied, even if the patient is willing and able to pay for it,” the study warns.

The study says that means that Washington “bureaucrats” will set a national standard for care “that is designed to limit what private citizens are allowed to spend to save their own lives.”

PELOSI and BOI wouldn’t worry too much about Nancy Pelosi though – she’s exempt from ObamaCare – as is the rest of the gang in Congress, the Senate, The White House, their friends in the Unions, their staff, their families… But you’re stuck with it.

What is the cure for boiling blood? I think there’s going to be a run on it soon. This ObamaCare is a lie and has been from the beginning. Period.

“If it looks like a “death panel” and smells like a “death panel” it’s a DEATH PANEL..”
— Ruler4You

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rodneyleeconoverRodney Lee Conover is running for Congress in California’s 8th District. And not just because he’ll be exempt from ObamaCare…

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  • Leftbehind

    Why don’t we Scrap ObozodoesnotCare and throw his ass outa Office .

  • Charles Mitchell

    It’s Geriatric Darwinism!

  • putupjob

    Is thing going to be made clear to the American electorate?
    All those who eventually are killed by this are entitled to know about it.

  • Hugh Jass

    Since prices serve as communications beacons, central government attempts to set prices distort the signals upon which prosperity depends.

  • Bill_S

    But remember, folks, Harry Reid and Joe Biden both told us that anyone saying they had problems was lying.

    • Jay Star

      All I can tell them is please come tell me that to my face! I will prove to them that they are the liars!

  • JenniferP

    People would not believe me when I told them…..maybe now they will see. I hope its not too late.

  • CQQL33

    This is one way to thin out the population. The best part is you will be getting rid of the people that remember what it was like growing up and living in a free country and were not raised on the teachings of a common core (dumb down education.

  • 1commonjoe

    Pelosi, Reid and Obama should All get the “Obamacare Senior Citizen Special”.

  • bobby

    The biggist lie is right before your eyes, expain to me why seniors are affected by the ACA, they have medicare which is a program by itself. It is true that some of the funding for the ACA will come from Medicare by getting rid of the waste and fraud. An example of that is the 300 million Rick Scott, the Governor of Florida, scam from Medicare when he was CEO of a Hospital chain. The company he worked for paid a token fine, Scott resigned, testify before a sub committee,took the fifth 75 times, outspent his opponent in the 2010 Governor race 2 to1 with some of that illegal money. Rick Scott is a good example of what the Republican Party is all about, the other states affected by bad govenors are NJ, WI, MI, OH, all on their way out, Rick Scott won the contest, voted the worst Governor of all 50, approval rating 29%.

    • Graywolf12

      How about the real bad like Brown, Cuomo, Patterson, Hicckenpooper, and all of them in New England?

    • obamathemarxist

      Keep drinking the Kool-Aid Bobby boi, there is going to be rationing on care for the elderly, wait times are going to increase, it was 730 billion they stole from Medicare, money that is paid for by the Medicare tax, the result will be Medicare going broke even faster than projected.

    • sandraleesmith46

      Do you not realize that medicare has been gutted to pay for Obamacare, and that it’s already being melded into the same system as is the VA; by subtle steps yes, but melded none the less? The object is single payer fully state run like in the UK and Canada, where it’s already failed or failing.

    • beenthere

      I have not keep up on what the states are doing. could you show me some links on this information so I may pass it on to others that are unaware.

    • Jay Star

      Evidently you are not a senior, so I wont go in to it other than say the ACA effects Medicare benefits and premiums, believe it!

      • bobby

        Actually I am a senior, 70 years old, however, I spent 40 years as a Congressional Aide so I am not on Medicare but I do have Government healtcare and pension. My only point here is that I know for the forty years I spent in DC we fought every minute to keep Medicare and Social Security out of the hands of Republicans, put them in total charge and see how long it will take for all of your entitlements to disappear. The need for healhcare reform started over a hundred years ago with Teddy Roosevelt and every President since, Democrat and Republicans, propose some sort of reform, Obama got it done, all Americans should have access to healthcare, we should not be using the ER as our healthcare plan, that plan is one of the reasons why healthcare cost are out of control, by the way the ER plan was Romney proposal. Have a great day and may God Bless.

  • MortarMan107

    We screamed this at the Useful Idiots, dead dam fools and captive voter bloc FIVE Years ago but were rewarded with charges of RACISM, BIGOTRY and HATER. Now here it is.

    What do we hear now?

    Dead silence.

    Gee, what a surprise.

    What’s the matter, Lefties? Lyin’ King got your tongue?

  • cvxxx

    I can’t trust sources that have an agenda of increasing unfunded birth so welfare is the option. Somehow that is not the kind of unslanted view a conservative needs.

  • franko35758

    how in hell can any AMERICAN sit back on his ass and let congress /senate and Obama get away with numerous LIES to the AMERICAN people, is beyond me.
    why in hell hasn’t the GOP openly asked for his and the leading democrats resignation.
    I understand it takes the senate to impeach, but dammit at least start demanding his IMPEACHMENT
    OR RESIGNATION. nancy and harry should go with him.
    never in my life would I expect this in AMERICA.!!
    TO ALL THOSE WHO SERVED , THIS IS A slap in your face., and to those that paid the ultimate
    this is absolutely a DISGRACE!!
    OLD SARGE,’NAM VET,’68,’70

    • sandraleesmith46

      What you’re missing is that there is only 1 party in DC, and that party is NWO; there are not Rs or Ds at all. Those are just the grand Guignol they put on to keep the “peons” ignorant of what they’re doing behind the scenes; the bread and circuses. Yes they are all traitors and deserving of impeachment, arrest and trial on criminal charges; but there isn’t anyone inside the beltway going to do so and those outside aren’t organized sufficiently to do so.

      • Jay Star

        At last! Someone else that sees it too! Everytime Obama and clan come up with more laws against the people, notice how quiet the congress is about it! We certainly as taxpayers are NOT getting our moneys worth from our Representatives ! Now I think more people fear the government than they do the terrorists!

        • sandraleesmith46

          Considering that a significant portion of our government is now either run or influenced BY the terrorists, it’s kind of the same thing…

  • injustice_avenger

    B. Hussein OBOZO, taking care of his own, stealing from seniors, veterans and the Working White Right and giving to N-Word-ers.

  • guy r west

    dont know about you but i guess that they beleave their selfs above the law and us . too dang good for both. but think we should bee greatifull BULL SHI……. they should bee forced to live under the same laws as every one eles

    • Herman Vogel

      Having ALL of congress to sign up should have been a necessity Before it would be passed

      • 1commonjoe

        Not to late we the people just need to insist.

    • colsooonscoorner

      Not with this administration. They are royalty, we are peons. Only good to do their bidding, When we’re not able to we re just supposed to roll over and die. Ya know just get outta the way.

      • Graywolf12

        One of this regime said we need to reduce the world population from 6-7 billion to 1-1.5 billion. Now we see one of the plans to do that. I wonder what the 2 trillion rounds of hollow point bullets were to be used for?

        • colsooonscoorner

          Sure looks that way doesn’t it. Maybe that’s why the libs are so pro gay. No population holdin’ or increasing there. Gad!