Republicans VS Democrats: If You Can’t Beat ‘Em – Join ‘Em..


The Republicans love ObamaCare, enabling and funding it through 2016. And why not – it’s the greatest thing since Democrats had Watergate to pound Republicans with.

Boehner, Cantor, Ryan, McConnell and Co., puff out their chests with their cries for repeal and the dozens of phony House “Repeal ObamaCare” bills, knowing Harry Reid will never take it up for debate – much less a vote in the Senate.

They’re safe knowing even if Republicans take the Senate in 2014 – Obama is still President and will veto any effort to repeal his signature legislation.

 Article One gives the House the authority and the duty to defund the ACA – but… hey look – cows!

Forget that Americans continue to suffer and die – that’s right, die – the Republicans are exempt from ObamaCare and boy, do they want it – for very different reasons than Democrats have always wanted socialized medicine – but believe me – Republicans want it!

Immigration reform – aka: Amnesty? Same thing:

Democrats want the future votes, Republicans want suppressed wages. I don’t care what passes – if Louie Gohmert gets his border security, Marco Rubio gets his English proficiency requirement or there are 100 provisions to overcome any and all claims that it’s hidden Amnesty – it’s Amnesty. Why?

President Obama will not enforce any of it, this we know. Republicans will do nothing when Obama acts unilaterally in violation of the Separation of Powers. This we know.

Anything that passes is Amnesty.

PELOSI little changes by little changesFederal spending? Just a short 8 years ago, do you know which Party was the most profligate spenders of Federal dollars, the biggest deficit growers, the largest debt makers in the history of the Republic?

I’ll give you a hint: Add two more letters to “Republic” and you’ll know it was the Republican Party of 2000-2006 when they had majorities in the House, the Senate and George W. Bush was President.

hary-reidThey didn’t eliminate the Department of Education, Energy, the EPA, IRS, DHS, or any other agency of our ever-expanding, ever-bloated centralized government. They didn’t pass a FAIR tax or a FLAT tax or reform entitlements – hell, they created new ones!

It was only Pelosi, Reid and Obama who bailed them out of being the worst stewards of the country of all time..


War! Huh! Good God, Lord – what is it good for?

What’s my point? Republicans and Democrats love big government, ObamaCare, bailouts, spending, TARP, the Department of Education, War, Amnesty.. and each other. Now they want your vote in 2014.

Just put us back into power, they say – the Senate, a bigger majority in The House, the White House in 2016 and they’ll get this thing straightened out!!

I have a question for all of you: Where is the evidence that if Republicans get back in power, they’ll start doing the right thing?

adelsonOh, things will be different this time? Really? Here’s some feel good news for you delusional Republicans: Jeb Bush will get top billing when he, Chris Christie, and other potential 2016 presidential candidates are hosted by Sheldon Adelson for an exclusive Republican gathering next week in Las Vegas at billionaire casino mogul’s airport hangar.

Yes, that would be pro-Amnesty Jeb Bush who just announced his undying support of Common Core (I think he’s also in good with the Bush family), and Chris Christie who supports.. I don’t know what he supports, honestly.


Are you Bush-out yet?

I don’t know about Adelson, Jeb or Chris, but the Republican establishment currently enabling Democrats despise conservatives and the Tea Party – this we know from their own words.

They raise money from labor unions, the Chamber of Commerce, big, pro-Amnesty Corporations and Super-PAC’s who say flat-out their mission is to destroy conservative and Tea Party candidates and any Republican candidates who dare run against squishy, Obama enablers.

These are the same Karl Rove types who praise Ronald Reagan as the greatest Republican ever.

Don’t be fooled: They despised Reagan too. They hated him and even though you put them back in the House majority in 2010 – they hate you too. Rove was on the wrong side of the Reagan Revolution, he was wrong in 2008, 2010, 2012 and he’s wrong now. Yet, he’s on Fox News every four seconds? What happened to my Party – the GOP?

.. I don’t know, but at some point they just said, “if you can’t beat ’em – join ’em.”

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  • Bundle Up

    Even though the concepts of cultural evolution and biological evolution share some similarities, there are critical differences between them.

  • this is such a crock! gop tried defunding obamacare! dems shut down the govt.!! what good did that do except piss off the people?????

  • Jake Lassiter

    I hope Harry Reid gets hit by a car while he’s sniffing little girls bicycle seats. Or is it little boys?

  • WhiteFalcon

    They can spend all the money they want to, but in the end it is the votes that count. I read just a day or so ago, some of you will remember reading it, where a conservative write in candidate beat both Republican and Commieonazi, aka democrat, candidates badly in a race for the state Senate. He was out spent hugely, but he cleaned their clocks in the election. It is the votes that elect candidates. Don’t let all the lies they tell about each other sway your opinions. Just go and vote for the most conservative one on the ballot.

  • 1baronrichsnot1

    Dems, repubs, all the same! They are buds, pals in the distruction of rights, freedoms, have become a single unit in their ops to rule the country in big gov’t chaos, ineptness, malfeasance! They back each other, have each others backs in the scam of which is better, vote, you get the same ones in the house, bad mouthing constitutionalist, grass roots orgs, polls of the people, and folks who want their country run by the consititution, laws of the land, border laws inforced, bill of rights enforced, amendments reinforced. How can we do it? At the voting booth as soon as it is straightened out by finding out how many illegals, criminals, and just plain voter fraudsters are voting illegally! We have to get rid of the facscist companies, crony’s, lobbyists, and their corrupting money! Get rid of the illegal buying of votes with our money! Get some voter ID requirements, rid ourselves of bankers, military contractors, healthcare, and small business harrassment, IRS, HSA, EPA, mandatory this and that, etc and restore staqtes rights and power! We have to have a congress in both houses with big boy panties! Who can enforce the leadership they are supposed to have! Fascism abounds and teems in this society as of late, last 50 years, or longer! There is where the reform needs to be!

  • For 160 years now our political system has been held hostage by this duo-political oligarchy….time to end the 2 party reign of terror:

  • Rapier Half-Witt

    I’ve been saying for several elections now that the Republican party is simply the right hand door into the Democratic party. There is functionally NO DIFFERENCE between the two parties. SCREW the platform; LOOK at what the party is doing for (insert your favorite deity here) sake!

    If you want candidates that you can actually vote for and not simply to have someone that you are voting against, then vote FOR the Libertarian candidates.

    Or you can just keep getting butt raped by the Republicans. It’s your choice.