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Some worrying developments are taking place at the Super Volcano located beneath Yellowstone National Park; the kind of developments that were seen shortly before other volcanoes erupted.  Not only was there a sudden rise in the elevation of the ground, and development of new cracks, but a gas called Helium-4, a very rare type of Helium, has begun coming out of the surface.  It is the presence of this gas that has scientists quite concerned.  If the Yellowstone Super Volcano were to erupt, it would be 2,000 times bigger than the eruption of Mount St. Helens in the 1980’s.  Everything within 500 miles would be dead or destroyed within minutes, 2/3rds of the entire United States would be covered in volcanic ash and the climate of the entire planet would cool within a month.  On top of that, just this past week, the largest earthquake in the US took place just a few miles from Yellowstone proving hot magma is on the move.  Here’s what has scientists concerned:

Since late summer 2013, the Yellowstone GPS network has tracked a small ” ground deformation episode” in north-central Yellowstone National Park.

During the past five months, the NRWY GPS station has recorded about 3.5 cm (1.4 in) of uplift (the ground is rising) and about 1 cm (0.4 in) of southeastward ground movement, relative to a stable reference station north of the Park.

Measurements from other GPS stations in northern Yellowstone show smaller displacements, forming a circular pattern of deformation (circular — as in the round mouth of a volcano) consistent with a minor pressurization (building-up underground), about 6 to 10 km (4-6 miles) deep, near Norris Junction.

What has scientists very concerned is that Yellowstone has suddenly begun emitting massive amounts of Helium-4.  Helium-4 seems to be the predictor of activity, as proved with other volcanos.

For instance, as the volcanic island of El Hierro, the smallest of Spain’s Canary Islands, rumbled and groaned over the course of seven months in 2011 and 2012, gases silently percolated up through the island’s soil and groundwater.

Eventually, a spectacular plume appeared off the southern coast of the island, a sign that El Hierro volcano, an underwater volcano just offshore, had finally erupted.

[link to www.livescience.com]

The team’s analyses show that, as the El Hierro volcano began to stir, the crust fractured and helium, mostly from the mantle, flowed to the surface. As the actual eruption began, gas flow at the surface increased dramatically, and gas pressure beneath the island dropped. Then as seismic activity at El Hierro picked up again, the crust fractured and deformed extensively, and helium-4 became a larger component of the total helium released on the island. 

Looking at the past ratios of helium at Yellowstone 1978:

Helium isotope ratios (³He/4He) in Lassen Park and Yellowstone Park volcanic gases show large ³He enrichments relative to atmospheric and crustal helium indicating the presence of a dominant mantle-helium component

[link to onlinelibrary.wiley.com]

Study released today on Yellowstone helium:

[link to www.nature.com]

la-sci-sn-yellowstone-helium-degassing-2014021-001The scientists who revealed today’s information report the quantity of helium-4 in Yellowstone’s gas emissions is hundreds to thousands of times greater than it should be — a sign that the crust is releasing its ancient stores of the rare isotope, the researchers said.”However, much of the helium emitted from this region is actually radiogenic helium-4 produced within the crust by decay of uranium and thorium. Today’s report shows by combining gas emission rates with chemistry and isotopic analyses, that crustal helium-4 emission rates from Yellowstone exceed (by orders of magnitude) any conceivable rate of generation within the crust.”  This means the Helium -4 is coming from very far beneath the ground, a clear signal that something big is happening that hasn’t happened in Yellowstone in our lifetime.


In areas where there is little groundwater or movement in Earth’s crust, helium-4 can remain trapped and build up over time. This is especially true at Yellowstone, where inactive rocks, or what geologists call “craton,” have been estimated to be 2.5 billion years old. (The park is located primarily in Wyoming.)   Things began to change roughly 2 million years ago, however, when hot magma intruded on the crustal system from below and triggered several enormous volcanic eruptions, the most recent about 640,000 years ago.

For scientists, there are important implications to the recent developments at Yellowstone. Helium and other noble gases are used to estimate groundwater residence times—for example, scientists assume that the more helium-4 present in water, the longer that water has been sitting in the rocks surrounding it.

But the study of helium at Yellowstone shows that some of these assumptions—specifically helium-4 produced by the steady decay of elements found only within the rocks and sediments of the local aquifer — aren’t quite right. Helium can suddenly come into a system from unexpected places—a pocket of ancient rock, for instance, or a  magma source — so the dates in past calculations, particularly those from aquifers in volcanic regions or near earthquake faults, might be way off because of that extra helium.  Scientists, though, are used to dealing with new data that changes long-held theories; that’s the nature of science, after all.

One of the earthquakes in the US this week, at just M3.6, occurred close to Yellowstone crater, on 11 February. The area, which overlies a hotspot (where hot magma from the mantle rises to the surface) is characterized by frequent earth tremors, which often occur in clusters (or ‘swarms’) such as those of 2004, 2009 and 2010.  This one, however, was not merely a “tremor” it was a small quake.

Tectonically speaking, Yellowstone lies to the east of most of the major earthquake zones which characterize western North America and the earthquake swarms around Yellowstone are related to movements of the magma which lies beneath.

Residents of the Yellowstone area, however, probably wish researchers would just hurry up and figure out whether or not the supervolcano that’s simmering below them and last erupted 640,000 years ago is going to blow again anytime soon.

[link to www.latimes.com]

The take aways from the above story can be found at PreppersWorldUSA.


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  • Brien

    “This is especially true at Yellowstone, where inactive rocks, or what geologists call “craton,” have been estimated to be 2.5 billion years old. ”

    Whoa there pardner!

    The world is only 6000 years old!!!

  • jklhjklhl

    lmao, you people are f**king stupid. way to use a non political article to prove to those of us with an I.Q. that you really are just as stupid as everyone thinks you are. but hey, if yellowstone does blow, you can just blame it on the black guy like you do everything else.

  • Porphyry

    Circular deformation has occurred in past years. The He-4 criterion is a new one for me. What I’ve seen previously reported as the crucial factor is “melt,” or liquid-form magma; word was there didn’t seem to enough to worry about. Also note that earthquakes are common in that area, & smaller eruptions may take place over future millennia long before the next super-eruption, if there *is* one.

  • Karen Janssen
  • Dale

    Good! They charge too much to get into the park, anyway.

  • madmayo

    But we know it’s all Obama’s fault!

  • Well, that would solve the Global Warming problem nicely, wouldn’t it?

  • savanna

    Hi…I think that yellowstone will possibly hit soon, because of helium 4 that scientists didn’t figure on happening. ..it will be devastating. ..pray for everyone. ..

    • “Soon” doesn’t mean the same thing in geological terms that it does to you and me. “Soon” geologically means “anytime in the next 100,000 years”. Geologically speaking, the Himalayas are a “recent development” that happened only 70 million years ago.

  • Jeffrey V Jacobsen

    The Divided States Mafia will let us have cannabis taxed and regulated right before the volcano blows. That way it will be impossible to grow anything outside. The ultimate,” you want it?PSYCHE!!!” prank.

  • Folwart

    Have any of you ever been to Uranus? Exactly. Nobody knows anything.

  • Julia Cartmel Jester

    Yellow Stone is pissed! Man is taking all the Buffalo and the wolves from it.The Spirits will come forward and man will pay! Man is raping all the beauty and care nothing for it.Leave the animals and the lands alone if you don’t want to pay dearly!

  • Let’s not forget that “soon” in geologic terms could be “anything in the next 3000 years”

  • checkman69

    “On top of that, just this past week, the largest earthquake in the US
    took place just a few miles from Yellowstone proving hot magma is on the
    move. Here’s what has scientists concerned:”
    Where in the world do you get your drugs and stop taking them.
    First of all this is obviously a delusion on your part or an outright lie for your own purposes.
    Second there were 3 quakes listed by USGS on 2/11/14 and none in this area.
    Go back to your cell and increase the padding and the foil on your head.
    Have a nice day.

  • LoveYourDNA

    Like extraterrestrials… the government doesn’t really want to the truth to get out. I get it too. So many ignorants out there that can’t handle such news.

  • Brenda Nonamaker

    I don’t understand why they can not drill releasing the pressure!…..It is just like anything that is building up pressure take care of the problem before it turns into something really bad for everyone!

  • peckhamh

    How could this have happened 640,000 years ago when earth has only been around 4,540 years??? Please stop trying to scare people….

  • Ammy Pearson

    It could happen tomorrow, or it could happen 100,000 years from now. No one knows.

  • cassandratoday

    In Joe’s own words: “My Dad always taught me: Don’t speak about things you
    know nothing about, it’s a good way to look like a fool”.

    Joe, you need to stop talking about helium isotopes.

  • bill0167

    IF you can or want to believe the government?

    Yellowstone Volcano Observatory – A Brief FAQ About Recent News Reports – February 28, 2014


    from YELLOWSTONE VOLCANO OBSERVATORY INFORMATION STATEMENT, Tuesday, February 18, 2014 9:31 AM MST (Tuesday, February 18, 2014 16:31 UTC)

  • bill0167

    IF you can or want to believe the government? Yellowstone Volcano Observatory – A Brief FAQ About Recent News Reports – February 28, 2014

  • Classical Carol

    About 57 years ago there was an earthquake at Yellowstone that made part of a mountain come down on a campground full of people and created Hebgen Lake. I was living in Idaho at the time about 100 miles away and it woke me up it was so strong. Just visiting Yellowstone and studying the size of the cauldron that Yellowstone Park is on makes a person realize just how huge a volcanic eruption would be if it did blow.

  • alpambuena

    maybe obummer will go to Yellowstone and bow before the entire Yellowstone park, and apologize.

  • Texas Belle

    Who thought Mt St Helens would erupt? I don’t recall how many died but it was a massive explosion of nature. Would fluorescent light bulbs have made a difference? Or maybe toilets that have just 1.6 gallons of water per flush? The ECO crazies think mankind can control nature, what a crock!!

  • “..Everything within 500 miles would be dead or destroyed within minutes, 2/3rds of the entire United States would be covered in volcanic ash and the climate of the entire planet would cool within a month…”

    Like to see Big Al, Long-Jaw John and the rest of the “GLOBAL WARMING” crew explain away that one…..Does the Volcano EFFECT Climate Change? Or does Climate Change AFFECT the Volcano? They did get one thing CORRECT…..it WILL be a WEAPON OF MASS Destruction.

    How CLOSE or HOW FAR AWAY from GOD are you?

    “And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment (KRISIS Judgment, GOD’s Condemnation):” [Hebrews 9:27]

    “And thinkest thou this, O man, that judgest them which do such things, and doest the same, that thou shalt escape the judgment of God? Or despisest thou the riches of his goodness and forbearance and longsuffering; not knowing that the goodness of God leadeth thee to repentance?

    But after thy hardness and impenitent heart treasurest up unto thyself wrath against the day of wrath and revelation of the righteous judgment of God; Who will render to every man according to his deeds: To them who by patient continuance in well doing seek for glory and honour and immortality, eternal life: But unto them that are contentious, and do not obey the truth, but obey unrighteousness, indignation and wrath, Tribulation and anguish, upon every soul of man that doeth evil, of the Jew first, and also of the Gentile; But glory, honour, and peace, to every man that worketh good, to the Jew first, and also to the Gentile:
    For there is no respect of persons with God. [Romans 2:3-11]

    How CLOSE or HOW FAR AWAY from GOD are you? A: ONE BREATH……

    Are you a BETTIN’ Man, a BETTIN’ Woman? How’s your “LUCK”?????? What are you going to do when your “LUCK” runs out? Where are you going to turn?

    Semper Vigilo, Fortis, Paratus et Fidelis

  • porterv

    Providence has frequently used volcanoes to punish populations. Sodom comes to mind. Pompei has to have been the most evil place on the planet when it was buried by Vesuvius. The US has been asking for it: indoctinating children into sexual perversion in the schools and scouts, violence in the streets, 60 million babies murdered and counting. Earlier today, I read a writer who refered to America as an ever widening sewer. I just hope that if Yellowstone blows, that it manages to take out Washington, D.C. (What rises to the top in a sewer isn’t cream.)

  • Bill Dorminy

    A simple google search discredits this entire piece. http://www.postbulletin.com/news/local/answer-man-report-about-yellowstone-eruption-is-shaky/article_2341b5cf-36a1-5452-a42a-8b1cf459af57.html The misinformation coming from so called “legitimate” news agencies is bad enough. Joe needs to go back to plumbing and stop this ridiculous rumor news crap.

  • Joanne M. McGinniss
  • Michael Price

    When (not if) it does blow, no one will be making funny comments about it. No one will be worrying about Oblammycare or the Deficit, they will be worrying about where there next meal will be coming from. Not just people in the US but people Worldwide. If it is a “major” eruption up to 2 billion people could die as a result. I have been telling people for over 20 years that this is one of the biggest threats to humans but I get the rolling eyes and the chuckles as I walk away. It will defiantly solve the unemployment and over population problems.

  • Rob Erta

    Collectivists assert that society is an artificial creation of the legislator’s genius and that society’s interests are more important than those of the individuals who comprise it.

  • templepearson

    Wouldn’t the ash mostly drift to the east, sparing areas to the west of the volcano?

  • templepearson

    I wonder if the ash would mostly drift to the east, sparing the areas west of the eruption. Any predictive models out there to answer this? Thanks.

    • I just looked at some historical maps and while you’re basically correct, the ash fall pattern indicates that the worst of the pattern goes to the SE of the area, but, This eruption when it happens will be powerful enough to overcome the prevailing winds causing the possibility of ashfall in all directions. Folks along the US/Canada border and north will be spared the worst of the heavier ashclouds, as will folks along the US/Mexico border. Northern Washington State may be spared as well, but, the vital agricultural areas for the USA will be destroyed. In that respect, it’s irrelevant when this happens timing wise. Millions of head of livestock will die. Crops? Forget it..

      But, the LONG TERM effects will be global. While the heavier ask particles will fall, the super fine particles will hang in the atmosphere for months, if not years. And the volcanic gases that will be unleashed would be off the scale.

      When Mt. Pinatubo erupted in the 1990s, that cooled planetary temps by a degree or two, if memory serves and created awesome sunrises/sunsets as the superfine ash particles traveled across the globe.

      http://www.cuttingedge.org/Yellowstone_SuperVolcano.jpg is the best map I could find for ya.

  • David

    I followed the links in the story to the LA Times, where they said this: “[Researchers] also calculate that this “sudden” release of gas began roughly 2 million years ago, with the advent of volcanic activity there.

    “That might seem like a really, really long time to people, but in the geologic time scale, the volcanism is a recent phenomenon,” said study coauthor Bill Evans, a research chemist at the USGS office in Menlo Park, Calif.

    They went on to say “This really isn’t a volcano story,” said lead study author Jacob Lowenstern, a research geologist and scientist-in-charge of the Yellowstone Volcano Observatory, “but it reveals how the Earth’s crust behaves on a long time frame.”

    Nor can I find any reference to his claim that “just this past week, the largest earthquake in the US took place just a few miles from Yellowstone…”

  • bob deschenes

    Can’t we just dump something like 20 tons of gas x in the holes and calm this thing down?

  • MortarMan107

    End Time Bible prophesy speaks of a “great black pit” opening and “hell and death” issuing from it. Fits right in here doesn’t it? The Caldera beneath Yellowstone has been showing signs of waking up for years now.

    Climate Change as advocated by the Globalist/Communist Left is all about political control. It has nothing to do with anything beyond that. There is Prophesy referring to extreme weather events though and attention should be paid to that, not the endless, boring maundering of Al Gore.

    >snark< No doubt the Liberals will rush forth and scream for new government controls based on the chance that Yellowstone will finally erupt again and kill a million fools too stupid to get out of the way. They'll claim it's a "health issue" and covered by ObamaCare.

    • Jim

      you truly are a damnable fool, arent you?

      • MortarMan107

        And YOU are the typical Liberal Coward to make such a remark from the safety of your keyboard a thousand miles away. Now run along little boy. Adults are talking here.

  • garysvent

    Yogi Bear and Boo-boo will speak with very funny voices after they inhale all that helium.

    In other news, Wyoming has disappeared, and President Pipsqueak’s response is to declare martial law for the remainder of the century, confiscate everything, and move it and his family and the White House to Hawaii.

  • Amused

    I do not know if this article is right or not.

    I do know that Helium-4, 2He4, is the only stable form of helium. Saying that it is rare, should not inspire anyone that has ever taken a high school chemistry or physics class.

    To be fair to the author, chemistry, physics and math are not subjects normally studied by journalism or gender studies majors.

  • WhiteFalcon

    Send Al Gore and Ovomit up there to measure all the “greenhouse gas” that will come out when it goes off.

  • grassroot

    Well we could try to plug the vents with some of these freedom destructors.

  • Gord

    Dang, glad I moved to South Texas.

    • William556

      Won’t matter much. If Yellowstone goes, the US is in for a really rough time, the whole world if it is as big as it could get.

      • Gord

        Jet streams move East to West, living 1,500 miles to the south it won’t cloud our skies too much.

  • cowboybobmt

    while this is certainly a possibility…the science is not that definitive, as is the case with most all earth science…it’s all a big educated guess in reality.

    What the environmental whackos may try to use this for i fear is a push to close the park and start trying to evacuate people in surrounding areas with no way to know for sure…or no end date. The nutjobs have been angling for years how to completely close off many wilderness areas and parks (of course allowing their elite corps of bird and squirrel watchers access). There was a group a few years ago i vaguely recall that was trying to get Yosemite(?) closed for a generation or two (i don’t recall the exact timetable) to allow it to “heal”. I would not put it past them to be lurking on this one.

    FWIW, my home is within the so called blow-zone…and i’m not going anywhere…nor is anyone going to make me go anywhere. If it blows…i go.

  • junkmailbin

    hopefully, there will be a world wide ecofacist gathering there at the time of the big event

  • Byron Rogers

    They are referring to helium-3, not helium-4. The latter is the predominant natural isotope, appearing at an approximate 1,000,000:1 ratio to He-3… except around potential volcanic activity, where the ration is lower, i.e. He-3 appearance is higher. Recent readings in Yellowstone have the He-3 readings at ~16 times higher than atmospheric ratio, thus indicating that there is potential volcanic activity.

    • gregzimmerman007

      Thanks for clearing that up, Byron. I feel enlightened. Almost as enlightened as a balloon full of Helium-4.

      • Pissed Off American

        Will helium-4 make you talk as funny as regular helium or is it 4 times funnier?

    • Ignore Greg’s condescension. I enjoyed your informative comment.

    • Paul Smith

      I was wondering about that. He4 is not the rare isotope. When elements like Uranium decay, one of the decay products is an Alpha particle, a He4 nucleus. He3 is produced by the sun in larger quantities. For instance, He3 is not as rare on the surface of the moon as it’s under almost constant bombardment by the solar wind. The He3 in the mantle is “primordial” from when the earth formed. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Helium-3#Terrestrial_abundance

  • nolzers

    you have misunderstood the lowenstern et al paper; it states quite clearly that the helium-4 is generated in the crust, NOT “very far beneath the ground”.

    • gregzimmerman007

      So, which is normal, dammit. The three “3” or the four “4”? Quit confusing me.

  • mrb

    Gore and obama to the rescue

    • gregzimmerman007

      I think Obama will shut down the rest of the clean coal-burning power plants, put everyone on wind energy and Gore will state that everyone will need to stop buying P.C.’s because of their power useage and stop using what computers they all have as well. Gore jets to Miami to meet Obama for another vacation to celebrate their $500 billion dollar new “fund-raising” program to end all climate-haters from the world. Or as Gore calls it, the final CO2-ending solution.

  • dave

    I recommend that they change the DNC convention to Yellowstone National park , so they can drum beat the global warming money maker for funds.

  • gregzimmerman007

    1. Tell Obama and Al Gore to fire up their jets!!
    2. Everyone, let’s all go out and buy Hummers!!
    3. What does this have to do with fracking and earthquakes in Oklahoma anyhow?!

  • Nate Wright

    pressure isnt what causes this .. pressure and eruption are an end result, these valcanoes or caused by the sun and moon and any other planet in our solor system mostly the sunall that magma is magnectic and its pulled to the surface and right now we are about to have all of them go off and big quakes all over the world… this is because a whole solar system is getting closer to fly right through our solar system and it will cause a caticlyism the likes we have never seen, and the gov knows and arent going to tell you cause they want you all to die

    • gregzimmerman007

      why does my government always want all us to die and not live? maybe they are covering up, but I don’t think it’s because they want us all to die. they just don’t want to panic all us at once. it’s like with that alien thing…

    • Jerry Koszut

      Sure Nate, now be a good boy and take your meds.

      • Nate Wright

        i will jerry just as soon as you quit blowing me …just stating the facts think what you want ..your all dead soon anyway..

        • Jerry Koszut

          That’s “you are,” Nate. And is your shift key broken?


      Child, the closest star is four and six tenths of light years away. The closest known Exoplanet is even farther. If there was a fasting STAR coming for us, we’d either see it shine, or, if it was a brown dwarf, we could detect it by its gravitational pull, because it would throw everything in the Oort Cloud out of orbit.

  • CaptTurbo

    Yellowstone blowing could be as destructive to the US as putting a communist Kenyan Muslim in the White House.

    • gregzimmerman007

      NOoooo. It’s not THAT bad.

      • CapNCraigAgain

        At least the eruption would settle their fears of Man Made Global Warming / Climate Change. On the other side, what will they do to litigate Natural Global Cooling? Nuclear war?

        • gregzimmerman007

          Put Eric Holder in charge; he’ll figure something out.

        • Poor_Richard

          Al Gore is pulling for a Super Eruption or is that erection. Put the government in charge of all magma and in a couple of years there won’t be any. Problem solved.

    • Commiefornia

      Obama will just blame it on Bush…

    • Mike Romero

      No, it can’t be that bad. I would say not even close to being as bad.

    • DMCRN

      Not JUST the U.S.! It would destroy the entire world! It would cause another ice-age, and NO food would grow due to no sun….

  • navyjax2

    USGS confirms a M3.5 quake on 2-11-14, and M2.7 quake before that on 2-2-14. Several M1.8 or less this week. He-4 would be referring to its isotope, or mass number (neutrons + protons), and actually “4/2 He” is actually the normal, standard Helium (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Helium-4 ), so I don’t get the “rareness” of that, except maybe the amount that is there, but we’d need to see where it’s really abnormal compared to Yellowstone’s normal (which is usually high compared to other locales, anyway). Since the earthquake magnitude is going down, seems the energy got released, I’d say.

    • gerry

      because that same helium-4 was measured just before mount saint Helens blow up, this is why their concerned you cant take risk’s with yellow stone because its a super volcano.

      • gregzimmerman007

        now everybody wishes they were a prepper.

        • Bill1966

          The only way to PREP for something like this would be to have a spacecraft ready to take you and yours to another world. If this baby blows life as we know it ends. You would need some type of completely enclosed ecosystem in order to survive, as the fallout will last far longer then a few months as portrayed by blowmewood.

          • silverstreak

            You are right.
            From what I’ve heard it would be more like a decade.
            Little to no food could be grown anywhere in the world for about 6 years because of the cooling effect and the ash is sterile.
            The ash is mostly glass so breathing is out of the question.
            Even if we wear mask,we couldn’t put mask on livestock and wildlife.
            No air travel and ground transportation would be difficult at best.

    • gregzimmerman007

      Are u saying it’s safe to go back to view the spouting water?

      • navyjax2

        Was saying it seems whatever caused the quakes seems to be dying down. If they’re saying the Helium is high, well you have to compare that to Yellowstone’s normal level, because it is always higher there because of the older rock and decaying matter that was there, than other places. Its norm could be like Mt. St. Helens’ levels, for all we know, without context to tell us different.

      • silverstreak

        Sure… why not go and see it?
        If that baby goes the ones that are killed initially will be the lucky ones.
        There’s nothing like a front row seat to the show. lol

    • William Nall

      Navyjax2 you are confusing earthquakes from a fault line and the earthquakes that occurs around a volcano. A volcanic earthquake is caused by magma moving into a magma chamber. Volcanic earthquakes can vary up and down based upon how fast the magma is moving, and is not an indicator of whether the pressure is rising or falling. Fault line earthquakes that are diminishing in intensity does indicate that the pressure on he fault is lessening.

      • navyjax2

        Actually, yes, fault line quakes do work like that, as I was suggesting, and according to http://commons.wvc.edu/rdawes/G101OCL/Basics/earthquakes.html#volcano in their section on earthquakes and volcanoes, it also works that way with volcanoes and quakes: “Seismologists are still researching the interactions between movement of magma in the crust, and related slippage along faults that may be caused by the pressure and movement of the magma.”, which tells me it’s the pressure that causes the magma movement, which drives the earthquakes. Run that backwards, and if earthquakes are diminishing, that means less movement from magma, which means there’s less pressure causing magma to flow. To me, that says there’s less risk, not more.

        • William Nall

          Your talking about volcanoes that are situated along plate boundaries such as Mt. Saint Helens, Mt Rainier and Mt Lassen. The Yellowstone super volcano is not associated with any crustal plate. It is sitting over a hot spot in the middle of the North American Plate, so the usual indicators don’t work. In super volcanoes such as Yellowstone, the normal indicator of magma movement is tremors such as what has been going on for several years. But earthquakes could be a sign that the 5-6 mile thick roof on the magma chamber may be starting to fracture. The tilting and uplifting in the area may bear this out. But since volcanologists have no practical experience with super volcanoes. It’s hard to foretell the possibility of an eruption at Yellowstone.

    • DMCRN

      There are literally hundreds of earthquakes in Yellowstone everyday! And this has been going on for years….

  • Vintage Gibson

    Joe, you really need to check your sources for credibility. Posting stuff that is akin to hoax theories is diminishing your credibility on the things that matter.

    • gregzimmerman007

      Remember, Joe is not a scientist. He is presenting info as best as he knows it. It is up to u to conclude whatever u want from that info. If u are unsure then do your own research to learn more about it. It’s not Joe’s job to give u all the information, just (hopefully the breaking) information.

      • David in MA

        maybe he got the info from susan rice

  • mdenis46

    Can’t have erupted 640,000 years ago. Doesn’t everyone know that the earth is only 6000 years old?

    • navyjax2

      Please, like all Christians believe that quack nonsense, that you can date the earth through geneology? Jeez, give it a rest.

    • I am not going to say you are wrong, because l do know it falls into the plan of God.. No one knows for sure.. Even God says man is wrong on the age of his creation, but non- Christians do believe in the weirdest things and can only come up with Theory ..

      There is a river that can turn a teddy bear into stone… but do they want people to know this..

      • gregzimmerman007

        You’re a cute one.

      • If that river exists, that means it has been marked and we can go see it.

        Please, enlighten us on that river.

        • There is a link there…. click on that to see if it is working for you…

        • bill0167
          • Thank you for citing your sources. Wikipedia is not reliable, so I can see why it wouldn’t cover the “stone river”, but now that we have a name, we can learn!


          • bill0167

            Click on my name and you will see a couple more cites that failed to be posted.

      • FAAQ2

        You really need to loosen the tinfoil on your head – it’s getting too tight and cutting off the blood supply to your brain – if you have one !

        • Thank you, l look cute in my tin-foil hat… as for brains.. l am learning new things every day… and as for you, l left a link on my comment, go tell them it is crazy….

      • Darlene Cunningham

        That was a neat link. Thanks.

    • gerry

      you clearly don’t know much about volcanos, just because it last erupt 640,000 years ago doesn’t mean it wont now, yellow stone is monitored 24/7 365 days a year. They have a base that monitors activity on site like a watch tower that has the equipment to monitor for any signs of tremors or ground shift, they rely on small eruption to realise pressure that keep the volcano from blowing, they haven’t have any small eruption in the past year mean that pressure is building up which is a bad thing. helium-4 was detected a few days right before mount saint Helens blow, this is why their worried because there are over 6000 – 7000 people in 500 miles that would die in mintues if that blow, plus the rest of the world would be screwed.

      • gregzimmerman007

        Can’t we just have Moochelle sit her butt down on it to hold everything down?

        • cowgirl20

          Hahaha, good one.

        • USACITIZEN97

          They have so much dead weight

        • TeaParty Patriot

          gregzimmerman: Thats BOOTY! not butt, the revisoinists in the coruptocrat administration are trying to make having a fat ass sound attractive. Moochelle could have Oprah sit in her lap and the combined weight would force the whole 3.4 cm raise back into place.

          • Aaron Litke

            Having a fat ass is attractive…

        • Poor_Richard

          Yeah, but the bulge would just show up in China.

          • Traveller62

            Make that NORTH KOREA. Watch ‘fat boy’ cringe at that one! What’s he gonna do? Wave a few sabres, and threaten war again.

      • Jeff the Man

        There would be a lot more than 6000-7000 people die. A 500 mile radius is 1000 miles across of destruction. Salt Lake City is less than 500 miles from Yellowstone. There are a lot more people than 6000-7000 people in that city alone. Millions will die if this erupts.

      • Jerry Koszut

        Gerry, there hasn’t been a small eruption at Yellowstone in recorded history!

        • astrojohn

          and “recorded history” is what, 250 years??? your statement is specious.

          • Eric E Hulette

            The natives didn’t record any history?

          • Richard

            Ahhh but the ground does. The same way they detected all this man made warming thingiee….

          • Robo

            Detecting it while leaving out things like the mideviel warm period and mini ice age so their numbers would be what they wanted them to.

          • Jerry Koszut

            Specious? You moron! Do a little research into volcanic activity or better yet get a degree in geology.

          • DMCRN

            Geology records (records in stone!) Show that Yellowstone has erupted 3 times, averaging once every 300,000 years. We are WAY overdue….

      • astrojohn

        You meant 6-7MILLION right? That’s probably way too small considering the after effects of a major eruption.

    • mdenis46

      Does no one understand sarcasm, or should I have posted at the end, “END OF SARCASM”? And the comment about “Moochelle” is totally out of line, but typical of some people. I’d sooner plug the volcano with conservative Republicans or fundamentalist Christians!

      • gregzimmerman007

        I’d just as soon plug it with mdenis46.

        • Jerry Koszut

          I’d help, Greg :-)

          • curmudgeon

            At least liberals would finally be useful for something other than serving as bad examples.

      • I found the Michelle joke to be hilarious.

        We’re not discounting the seriousness of losing innocent lives here.

    • FAAQ2

      And so 100 million year old fossils are what – created in Hollywood ?

  • hudent

    is Global Warming causing al this people ,Professor Al Gore says so..

  • Charles Mitchell

    “I don’t know where I’m agonna go when the volcano blow!”…Jimmy Buffett

    • gregzimmerman007

      He’s still looking for his lost shaker of salt.

      • SandyIam

        But some ppl claim that there’s a woman to blame…

    • Jan Marie

      I think if one waited until this blew you wouldn’t need to worry about going any where!!

  • KHSoldier&Writer

    The earth world cool….that would fix global warming! !!

    • Vickie Burr Pippin

      Na… Al Bore would still blame it on global warming.

      • Rattlerjake

        Too bad we can’t throw all of these libturds into a volcano. Hey maybe we could hang their entitlement checks at the rim.

        • DMCRN

          I love it! A human (?) sacrifice to the volcano!

          • Rattlerjake

            Think of all the carbon we could sequester and CO2 and methane producers we could eliminate. Let’s do al gore and obutthead first.