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Today’s Viral Olympic Video: Update

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Update:  As one of our readers points out, we’ve been fooled. The original description below seems to be wrong.  SusanneKY points out that the original video is from last year with the youtube description:

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Every night of the All State Choir conference at about 11pm, everyone comes out to the balconies of the 18 story Hyatt hotel to sing the National Anthem :)

From the youtube description:

So, I’m in Kentucky for work and today when we got back, 1000 high school students had checked into our hotel. They had been making quite the ruckus tonight, but then did this to celebrate the start of the Olympics. Not the best video, (cause my fear kept me pretty far from the edge) but that’s 18 levels of them singing! Amazing!

Goad luck to our athletes and GO USA!

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  • twinglocks


  • johnanaguski

    Makes me proud to be a US Navy veteran and a citizen of this Great US of A.

  • Fay Butler


  • JenniferP

    Wow! Tears of joy

  • Sight2behold

    awe struck

  • Paul Macleod

    wow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Patrick Henry

    What a way to piss of the libtard anti USA left.

  • change12

    WOW. AMAZING ! that sure puts the SUper bowl Coca Cola crap I mean song to shame !

  • SusanneKY

    Actually, this was last year, in Kentucky. Here is the full video:

  • SusanneKY

    Actually, this is the Kentucky All State Choir singing the National Anthem at the Hyatt Louisville in 2013. Every night of the All State Choir conference at about 11pm, everyone came out to the balconies of the 18 story Hyatt hotel to sing the National Anthem.

    • SusanneKY

      You can find the full video on YouTube. I tried to post the link but was not able to.

    • RottDawg

      Thanks, I updated the story…

    • Jennifer

      I’m hoping my child makes All State when she gets into high school so she can participate in this and I can witness it first hand. We were at the Galt House instead…I’m so glad that this has been posted.

  • Robert Ralph

    Absolutely Wonderful!

  • Nyno

    Doesn’t get any better than this!!!!!!

  • PersimmonKnob

    We tend to do things right here in our Commonwealth despite the governor and his cronies in the legisature.

  • Jason Ballek

    And sung in English….they should be ashamed of themselves.( please note the sarcasm)

  • cliftonbritt

    Love those kids.

  • leslymill

    Some great tenors and sopranos.

  • Mark Trice

    That was totally inspiring and up lifting ….

  • Jennifer

    I was in the hotel next door to this one and missed out on hearing this live. I’m not going to miss it the next time though.
    What a beautiful rendition of this nation’s anthem. This is the way it should always be sung, in my humble opinion.

  • Bambucha


    My eyes just sweat heavily…

  • Driver_S

    No matter where it was or when……..My hat is off to all that participated. God Bless them and God Bless America! May the tradition continue and spread to others that are involved in organized functions.

  • Kai

    That’s how it should be done. So everyone boycott Coca-Cola for their defamation of the song and trying to push multi-culturalism on us.

  • georgewooley

    I’ve never heard it sound more like a sacred hymn than this.