Now they’re gathering data on your kids and giving it to third parties


The Gestapo is alive and well in New York State. The progressives who run New York State are collecting comprehensive – there’s that word again – data on every child in New York State schools, starting at age five.

Working with the city, state education officials are already uploading private information about students — their names, addresses, test scores, learning disabilities, attendance and disciplinary records — into a $100 million database called inBloom.

You got it. Everything. You can also bet they’re going to expand the database once it’s in place.

The New York State Department of Education put this in place and didn’t bother to notify parents. There’s, of course, nothing to worry about because they’re only going to share the information with text book publishers and others who have your children’s best interest at heart. Certainly other agencies of the government would never be allowed access to the information.

Oh yeah, it includes the parent’s data as well.

None of that data is secure. None of the information about your family is secure. Your kids – and possibly your – medical records are secure.

Privacy? Forget about it.

We’ll say it again, putting your kids in public school is child abuse. We also think that the term “public school” needs to be forever changed to “government school” because with the advent of Common Core – ObamaCore – and now this monstrosity, the government is taking control of your kids and your family.

We think there may be grounds for a 4th Amendment action here, the government is appropriating private information, including information protected by HIPPA and providing it to third parties without permission and without a warrant.

Let’s hope the parents in New York sue the life out of the Department of Education, soon to be renamed Department of ReEducation, we’re pretty sure.


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  • One Thirsty Bear

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  • Dianne Molander

    It’s common core, which was part of the education bill that passed in 2009, under stealth cover. States are now realizing the true implications and many are finding ways to subvert it.

  • Bar0Ranch

    This makes the thought of an EMP attack almost welcome. It would be just awful if the government lost all that data!

  • DJ

    This is Common Core. You did not read the small print.

    • Michael Becker

      No it’s not. It’s in addition to Common Core.

  • CapNCraigAgain

    This should be titled, “While you were sleeping…”. Its been going on for a very long time.


    They have been doing this throughout the country for quite some time now. It’s nothing new. That is why school registration forms request their social security number. Do not ever, ever give anyone your or your child’s social security number. They do not have the legal right to request it. This is how they can track you. If you have your child’s best interests at heart, homeschool them.

  • 1baronrichsnot1

    Yep! It’s commie/marxism all the way now! Home school them, the only way our kids will be safe from gov’t indoc. Then it is contagious from their friends and peers! It’s the cloward/pivens marxist school of learning, “nothing”. Success is all in the beholder, I behold a corrupt state of stateism! It is now plain for all to see!