The Koch Brothers Are Tired Of Harry Reid’s Childish Antics


Billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch fired back at Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid on Friday in a rare public rebuke after the Democrat used the Senate floor to accuse them of trying to “buy the country.”

Reid’s comments came during a debate with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell Thursday  after the Republican blasted new rules proposed by the IRS that would crack down on the political activities of tax-exempt organizations, many of which are conservative and were targeted by the agency for heightened scrutiny.

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“Senator Reid falsely accused the Kochs of trying to ‘buy the country’ because they have exercised their First Amendment rights of free speech and free association,” said Philip Ellender, president and chief operating officer at Koch Companies Public Sector, according to Politico.

“Sen. Reid’s divisive remarks were not only disrespectful and beneath the office he holds, they were indicative of what lengths he and his Democratic allies will go to eliminate and silence their political opposition.”

McConnell contends the rules are an attempt by the administration to silence conservative groups, many of whom have said the regulations would infringe on their rights of free speech.

Ellender praised McConnell for his “great courage” in taking on Democrats over the issue, Politico reports.

“Charles Koch and David Koch will continue to exercise their First Amendment rights to advocate for their fundamental beliefs in individual liberty, limited government, and promotion of policies that help people improve their lives,” Ellender said.

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  • Firey Hooks

    If our decision making is to be free of external interference, boundaries must be set to establish limits inside which the agents and dictates of the state cannot meddle.

  • Joe Kosior

    We need to refer to the 2014 elections as “the year we finally take out the trash”. Its been sitting around a long time stinking up the place. I know most of us have gotten used to the stench but let’s try to remember a time when the air was cleaner and we were proud to live here. We can get that back in spite of the current administration.

  • ken charboneau

    they all need be hung the are diseased all of them

  • belladonnacotton

    I would rather have charles and David Kotch Buying and Investing in America than Herry Reid selling America the way he is now. Please Destroy Herry Reid Mr Charles and David Kotch.

  • Kent2012

    this clown, the so called senator reidy, is beneath the office he holds…America will be better off when he and the likes of his queen nance pe$lutsi are earth worm food….

  • Michael Santarella

    Him And Brain Dead Betty Nancy Pilosi

  • Bob Dooley

    There’s no way Obama got enough votes to win the last election. Democrats are communists who have rigged the electronic voting equipment. There won’t be any more America soon unless we deal with that NOW!

  • marineh2ominer

    The KOCH brothers are men of honor , and integrity , and morality . Try applying those characteristics to George Soros and any of his ” friends ” or the “foundations ” they supports financially .

  • JustTheFactsMa’am

    Ooh, the Koch Brothers cried because someone said something mean about them? Tell them to quit buying politicians – and our entire country – and no one will say a thing.

  • Nanci Alley

    Sounds like the ObamaCare fiasco, where this organization is exempt, then another one is exempt, & on & on & on but the American taxpayers is the ones that is paying for everything! Why should WE pay for anything for anyone but ourselves? I was never handed anything, yes I got food stamps when I was a single mom again with 5 children, & their dad would pay child support. But I pull myself up & went off of the government payroll 27 years ago! If I can do it then so can everyone else!

  • Max Cardoza

    Harry is a megla-maniac, he needs to go.

  • Brian Klotsch Sr

    Notes all you retards still believing in left and right *smh*

    • Patriot

      No, it’s not right vs left. It’s right vs WRONG. If you can’t see that then YOU’re the retard.

      • Guest

        That is what I said, nimrod

      • Brian Klotsch Sr

        You are the retard if you think any of them give a rats a$$ about you!

  • mrsgunnut10

    Just looking and listening to Harry A_ s Reid and by his attitude , on National TV, should prove to all American Citizens, that Reid has gone into the Old Folks Senile Mode and should be put out to pasture. Maybe, in the long run, Reid has done a few things that is good for his State and our Country – BUT NOT LATELY. Same thing goes for Clinton (both of them), Peeeelosi, Schumer, Durbin, O’Biden, Obamass, and dozens of other Politicians. Thank you for your time. TSgt., USAF Retired.

  • Carl Carlson

    The 2014 Elections is going to be the starting point. Lets see who is eliminated and who survives. Then we can proceed on reshaping our country or run to convert our money to precious metals for bartering when the monetary system collapses.

  • Virgil Ferguson

    If they were trying to buy the country, that is better than Reid’s and the rest of the commies stealing it

  • cdansreau

    the IRS has been granting tax exempt status to liberal support groups for years. they can avoid the McCain-feingold campaign reform laws by doing this. have a non profit run political ads for liberal candidates. Now that the right is playing catch up they are trying to close this avenue for them.

  • haloperidal

    I am tired of all of his crap along with the rest of the people in this corrupt and comtemptable regime.

  • Cynthia Ogden Chappell

    I’m sorry, so how is this different from George Soros…………………It’s not.. It always seems to being the pot calling the kettle black when it comes to democratic agenda.

  • Roger Sedell

    dude, when you put Mitch McConnells picture up leading into the article i thought for a minute he had done something again.

  • Horspadi King

    Reid and company get real pissy when it appears our side is doing what they have been doing for 30 years. the difference is our side have more morals and standards than the commies, so it drives them crazy when our side has some money bags to help our side. They always accuse their opposition of the stuff they are expert at.

  • Grizzly907

    The treasonous left uses the Koch brothers as a boogeyman when they need to fire up their useful idiots.


    Did the “tards forget about George Soros?

  • bayman61

    The democrats buy the country when they give out gifts to those on welfare. They bought their votes when they started welfare. They buy their votes by keeping welfare going and giving them a 30 percent increase in their benefits. What did they give those who WORK? They took their Emergency Unemployment Extension. They only gave Social Security recipients a 1. something percent increase in their benefits. Welfare-30 per cent? Social Security 1 per cent? Are they buying votes? Yes, they sure as hell are.

    • irish7_1sg

      The Obama pay raises in the 1% range were the LOWEST I HAD IN 30 YEARS IN THE ARMY. You’re right, the Democrats always find ways to take care of the LISTLESS PARASITES WHO SPEND THEIR WHOLE LIFE ON GOVERNMENT ASSISTANCE. I am NOT opposed to social programs to help needy, poor families. However, I think ALL entitlements should have limits. WELFARE should be a temporary “Hand Up”, not a permanent “Hand Out”.

      • AirFrank

        I’m against social programs. Please explain where in the Constitution the government gets the authority to take money I’ve earned and give it to anyone under the excuse of social justice?

        Oh, and thank you for your service. You’ve earned your benefits and then some.

        • irish7_1sg

          You are right, AirFrank. Redistribution of wealth or assets in NOT in the Constitution. Our Founding Fathers did not envision such a concept in that people of those times had MUCH GREATER values, pride and overall drive. Who would have ever thought that we would breed generations of families that would only take and never contribute.

        • Tom Dorman

          Air Frank it doesn’t say it but God says to help our bothers in need and as irish7 stated people have times that they might need help and we need to give a hand up for a short term But never a hand out to the lazy people who sleep all day and drug and whore all night making more babies for us to support

    • Cynthia Ogden Chappell

      It’s is unfortunately true. We need to eliminate the Democrats.

    • lbc

      Anyone on welfare, especially illegal aliens, given amnesty or not, for more than reasonable length of time and not seriously looking for employment should not be allowed to vote. But what’s a reasonable length of time?

      • Tom Dorman

        if you take government hand outs walfare from the day you accept the first dollars until you stop your no longer part of the giving so why do you deserve a vote

      • Robert A. Clemons

        72 hours sounds about right to me.

  • Thill

    If that’s what the Koch brothers are doing then what’s the foreign born George Soros doing Reid doesn’t seem to mind taking his money.

    • Kent2012

      surely you do not expect a ho to give up the “sugar daddy”…..

  • Fay Butler

    Now, if Harry Reid had said that about George Soros…

    • Maureen Bahr

      Good one!!

  • kkh

    We are all tired of Harry Reid, Obama, Biden, Pelosi and Hillary Clinton!

    • glad2bgonenative


    • NPlethell1984

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    • Aaron Waters

      Don’t forget Valerie Jarret the puppet master