Jeff Gordon’s Test Drive Part 2



Remember when Jeff Gordon went on that crazy test drive and a lot of people said it was fake? Well the guy that was the biggest denier gets punk’d by his good friend, Pepsi Max, and Jeff Gordon…

I actually feel kind of bad for the guy, he must have been scared to death. See for yourself…


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Joe For America
  • James Maxwell

    I can’t wait till they prank the next loudmouth who say it wasn’t real. I hope they had a clean pair
    of underwear for him after that one I bet he needed it for sure. But I really don’t blame him for
    saying it was fake since so much is done by camera work and splicing. But you never know
    when it might happen to your and you will be on camera next.

  • Darlene Cunningham

    Thanks for posting. I had wondered it the original was fake.

  • CapNCraigAgain

    Jeff rocks! Pepsi still sucks, though.

  • borg

    It is a good thing that these test drives have not resulted in crashes.

    • CapNCraigAgain

      So, you haven’t noticed that they were all performed on controlled courses without other traffic? Go back to your bassinet and grab your baby blanket.

    • James Maxwell

      Professional driver on a controlled course under controlled circumstances. There is always
      the possibility of a crash but the vehicles are prepped and check before anyone gets in them
      and they have a professional driver at the wheel not an amateur. But even under the most
      controlled circumstance that is always a possibility.

  • James Birchfield

    That’s great!!! The asshat screams like a little girl… he doesn’t claim that THIS one is fake!