Suing Over Hot Coffee, Again


What’s wrong with the world today? Suing over hot coffee! (Unfortunately there are a lot of other things wrong in the world) But think about it for a second. Because of the “sue happy” world we live in warning labels have to be put on everything.

Here are some examples, by time you are done reading them you are going to say “Joe, these are BS. Nobody can be that stupid”. Well, yes they can be that stupid but it’s also protection for the business.


1) Do not Iron while your shirt is on your body

2) Do not hold the wrong end of a chainsaw

3) After using rectally do not use orally

4) Hairdryer “do not use while sleeping”

5) Never reach into moving machinery

6) Scrubbing Bubbles scrub brush “Do not use for personal hygiene”

7) Do not attempt to remove blade while lawn mower is running

8) Fruit by the foot “remove cellophane before eating”

9) Liquid Plumber ” do not reuse bottle to store beverages”

10) Believe it or not Coffee is Hot!!

Twenty years have gone by since someone sued McDonalds for hot coffee spilling in their lap and here we are yet again someone is suing McDonalds for spilling Hot coffee in their lap.

LA Times:

A woman has filed suit against McDonald’s Corp., saying she was burned by hot coffee that spilled on her at one of the fast-food chain’s Los Angeles restaurants.

The scumbag, meaning her lawyer says:

“The lid for the hot coffee was negligently, carelessly and improperly placed on the coffee cup … resulting in the lid coming off the top of the coffee at the window, causing the hot coffee to spill onto the plaintiff,” Carr said in the lawsuit.

I don’t know about you, but when someone hands me a drink, especially a HOT drink, I always check the top… people are not perfect.

Listen, I’m not worried about McDonalds losing money, they are a pretty big company and can absorb this fairly easily. My problem is too many people are looking for that quick buck and won’t take responsibility for their own STUPID actions.


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  • darkcyder

    How do you become rich?
    – Sue somebody for something stupid you did.
    – Invent something stupid like a pet rock that everybody buys.
    – Inherit from a rich relative
    – buy a lottery card- everybody else does bu you win it all.
    – pull the handle on the lucky stars at the casino and win the jackpot.
    – invest in the next microsoft
    – steal
    Of these, the only one requiring you actually do any wok is the last has happened to American ingenuity and hard work?

  • Kaiser

    I respond on EMS calls and have seen people ” slip and fall” only to sue the company. I spoke with the manager and he told me it’s cheaper to write them a check for $5,000 than go to court. So that’s what they do. They just tell them they will cut them a check,right now, if they walk out and not sue. Most say “OK”, take the money and walk out with no problems.
    Welcome to today’s society.

  • Kevin

    Sadly true, somehow it is ironic that the ad directly beneath the article just now was this: ”
    Personal Injury Attorneyspersonalinjuryplace.comGet Help w/ Your Injury Suit Today. Free Case Review- Learn Your Rights”
    Gotta love it!

  • Harold

    As long as we have lawyers there are always going to be some of them that are ambulance chasers , or like a lot of them they are just plain greedy. The will say anything to win a case. After all they get a very big percentage from these law suits. Money is everything to them and anything goes. Did you ever remember, What does is mean?

  • junkmailbin

    public schooled people + attorneys = lawsuits

  • Montesquieu

    I bear an indefatigable lance as I charge ahead with the steeds of liberty:

  • pandainc

    How’s this? Offer her a free cup of ice coffee and a cup full of ice cubes. No, on 2nd thot, then the lawsuit would be for chapped hands. What’s a mother to do …

  • Common Sensation

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    Please Joe, fix this. Right is right and
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    We need to change Washington, but not through hypocrisy and
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    Right or Left, Extremism is Extremism.

    God bless.

  • TooTall

    Allow me to enlighten you about the original suit for too hot coffee at McDonalds. The only reason the lady was able to sue, is that McDonalds had already been cited for keeping it too hot, and they never changed it. In the end, after all was said and done, the lady didn’t even get her medical bills covered. She got very little, actually. That’s the facts, jack.

  • Victoria

    They are allowing the stupid people to live and procreate and THAT is the biggest problem. Let them die off and the world will be a better place.

  • chamuiel

    The people doing these things are obama supporters and yes, they can be that stupid..

  • ligersaurus

    Probably needs the extra cash to pay for her new affordable healthcare premiums.
    How’s that for twisted irony? Fakes an injury, sues, and uses the award to pay for medical care.

  • Pam Dunn

    The dumb “female dog” PROBABLY squeezed the cup when she took hold of it causing the lid to pop off. Stupid IS as Stupid does and this one shouldn’t be allowed out with out a guardian.

  • Worship Dancer

    i have the perfect solution to these stupid people.

  • MontieR

    Years ago we did not have these idiot warnings. We let nature take it’s course and she reduced the stupid population as should be. Then came along the liberals trying to protect STUPID and for four generations we have prevented STUPID from culling the idiots from society. Now we are inundated with lunacy.

    • ligersaurus

      When we were growing up, we seniors didn’t have seat belts, bike helmets, child car seats, elbow and knee pads for rollerskating, and the multitude of warnings on everything from power tools to heating devices, food, toys, electrical equipment, and appliances, but we’ve managed to survive to a ripe old age anyway. The reason is common sense, which seems to be not so common these days.

  • erica

    what we need in this country is a looser pays system in the courts and this way it will cut down on the frivolous law suits that are filed every year….

  • RhettButler1

    One they left out………….. Please breathe out after breathing in. I feel that some of this was meant to cleanse the gene pool. Know what I mean?

  • vet

    I would like to see where all these labels are being forced onto people by what state in particular. Is it kalifonica? I can understand why they need it.

  • James Maxwell

    I was curious as to where this happened the i saw the answer, Mexiphoney, again with the idiots in
    LaLa land. I wonder if she was a Criminal Illegal alien or what? Based upon the amount of hot
    drinks that are sold in America today it is amazing that we don’t have these type of lawsuits brought .
    You can look for an increasing number to be filed in Colorado , especially in Denver with all the new
    shops that have opened giving people the munchies.


    It’s not McDona;d’s fault…it’s Global Warming.

    • Dave the Retired Marine MSgt

      Well then, taking that a step further, it’s Al Gore’s fault.

  • Bill

    In the old west days if you were stupid you didnt live long — I think its way past time to start thinning the herd — we should start at the white house level ( politicians) then lawyers ect. Right on down the line !!!!

    • violater1

      yeahmen! or yahmen or yeaman!

  • colsooonscoorner

    Stupid is right.Laughed at some of above disclaimers. Maybe people should take a test before purchasing anything. DUMB

    • violater1

      Forrest says “Stupid is as stupid does”! Says volumes!

  • Sam Stephens

    Pour the whole pot of coffee on her and include the really dumb lawyer.

  • Lobo VNVMC

    The Judge that gets this case aught to throw the case out as frivolous. The first one should have been thrown out.

  • woofpacker75

    There is NO purpose in forcing manufacturers and retailers to tell folks “don’t be stupid”.

    But there is HUGE benefit for all of us in killing every nickel of “punitive damages” for greedy lawyers through Tort Reform. Just another item in the Great FedGov Restructuring of 2017.

  • Laddyboy

    ‘wecare_doyou’ I Wholeheartedly agree. We cannot Legislate common sense into idiots.

    • violater1

      Stupidity is incurable for which I know of only one fix and at present it is illegal!

  • Terry

    I have an ideal, McD’s should ask the customers if they can handle HOT beverages, if they say yes, make them sign a waiver to promise that they won’t sue if they spill it on themselves. LOL!!!

    • buzzman1

      Better yet they have to sign a disclaimer saying that they will not sue McDonalds if they are to stupid to check the lid of the coffee cup.

      • Don’t Even Try It!

        Always check the lid (even on cold drinks) yourself. Nothing like a wet crouch to completely ruin your day ;-(

  • gunny55

    Tort Reform.

  • ladyruth54
    • violater1

      I viewed this and find it so absurd to the point of hilariousness! This pimp should take up prison comedy to entertain fellow inmates! Then well I will not go there but there prison methods of retribution! He needs and deserves!

  • mimabo72

    so if someone leaves the lug nuts loose on your car and you get injured? then what?

    • Dave the Retired Marine MSgt

      So then, if you’re at the zoo and decide to jump in the lions cage and you are eaten, is it the lions fault, your fault, or Gods fault because he didn’t send the memo to the lions about mankind having dominion over the animals?
      Check the lug nuts yourself, just to be sure. Everybody makes mistakes once in a while. If, one of those mistakes can mean you losing your life, it makes sense for you to take the time to be sure.

      • Worship Dancer

        i disagree if i am paying someone to put tires on my vehicle, rotate the tires, or ANYTHING to do with my vehicle they better DAMNED WELL BE SURE THOSE LUG NUTS ARE ON PROPERLY BEFORE THEY GIVE ME BACK MY VEHICLE. i should NOT have to pay them $75.00 per hour in labor just to have to go behind them and double check their work.

        • Don’t Even Try It!

          That is why at most good service stations and tire stores (even including Wal-Mart), a SECOND technition checks the torque of each lug nut after it is torqued to the required specification by the FIRST technition!

          • Worship Dancer

            ah but should they FAIL to do so DAVE thinks i should have to get down there and check it myself.

        • Dave the Retired Marine MSgt

          Fine, I’m just into doing my own quality control.

      • mimabo72

        There is a difference between a conscious choice to do something stupid and one who makes a choice not to be careful when doing their job correctly.

  • linreis

    these suits should never be allowed to go to court….the bloodsucking lawyers are the bane of society…BTW, I check BOTH hot and cold drinks’ lids…those people who work the window really do not deserve $15.00 an hour when they don’t care enough to make sure the lids are right…

    • Dave the Retired Marine MSgt

      They don’t deserve $15.00? Hell, most of them don’t deserve $1.00.

  • iBaconi

    Socrates pointed out the danger of democracy being mediocrity. Add to that the stupidity fostered by statism and the list becomes magnificently relevant…

  • Herman Vogel

    What McDonalds should is put her picture and name on every Restaurant drive through window and tell customers that they no longer sell there coffee out of the window and that the customers have to come inside and put their own lids on because of this woman.

  • Joan Lax Hamilton

    Yes, well if all judges who made bad decisions were disbarred, we would have no judges. Well maybe one, Judge Judy. There is only one of her as far as I know though.

    • CajunPatriot

      Get her husband out of retirement. Get Judge Wapnor, Judge Napolitano, and a couple others as circuit riders.

    • Don’t Even Try It!

      She is fair and blunt and she controls her court.

  • GordonFla

    Just to clarify the original McDonald’s case, “Stella” Liebeck sought to settle with McDonald’s for $20,000 to cover her actual and anticipated expenses. This included 3 degree burns, several surgeries and so on.
    After hearing all the evidence, including McDonald’s defense, the jury found that mcD’s were negligent. Not just negligent but punitively for additional millions of dollars.
    The media was all about “frivolous” with nothing about corporate responsibility or the numerous previous complaints of scolding coffee.
    Today a lot of companies now require you to wave your rights to a jury trial of your piers, and go to arbitration who will decide if there are damages and if so the value.
    FWIW, the corporations pay the arbitrators for their service. How many times a corporation will use the arbitrator I guess is “performance based”!

    • jmw_123

      Yes, in that case she actually was severely burned and required multiple surgeries costing several thousand dollars. I think she should have received compensation for that. Millions? No and they did pare that down later I believe.

    • purplepinto

      Thank you, GordonFla. I am personal friends with Stella’s family, including her grandson that was driving that fateful day. Knowing the true and full story, not the sensational 1/2 truths and twisting done by the media, it is an entirely different scenario. Stella was a neat little lady, and never was out to get rich, nor did she.

    • buzzman1

      I made a comment about the “hot” coffee once at a McDonalds drive through and when I took a drink of the coffee it was cold. They had put ice cubes in it. Had to laugh cause I did it to myself.

      • CajunPatriot

        A friend riding with me some years ago in a cross country trip received his coffee and he felt it was too hot. He carefully removed the top and received an instant facial. He put the top back on and gave it back telling the server at the drive-thru window it was just too hot. About 3 minutes later he received his cup returned filled with ice and coffee. He said it was like going to Starbucks. ha.

    • chamuiel

      Better watch those piers, you can fall off into the water.

      Oh! you mean peers.

    • Bob G

      3rd degree burns from a cup of hot coffee? Required several surgeries. What? Do you think we’re all Obama voters and Benghazi was because of a movie? I’ve been burned chump. With 120 degree C hot resin. That’s 248 degrees F. My skin came off, yes, but I didn’t require surgery and the problem was cured with some Silverdine. Now if water boils at 212 degrees F and the coffee wasn’t actually boiling when idiot spilled it on herself then how in the hell did I walk away and the idiot had a near death experience? And the idiot was wearing pants. Mine was on raw skin.

      • jmw_123

        Before you accuse someone of being a liar, make sure they are lying. Read the legal findings here and next time do a bit of checking before you open your mouth.

        • Bob G

          No! You do some checking before opening your big mouth! Look up third degree burn and read about it. And don’t believe everything you read on the internet. For God’s sake, use some common sense. The woman could not possibly have suffered 3rd degree burns and required surgery. And I didn’t call you a liar. You’re just uninformed, like Obama voters.

  • Chris Horn

    1 surefire way to start thinning out the herd of todays ignorant followers is to Remove Warning Labels and let the Stupid ones go. Just like poverty in foriegn countries You have a choice do something about it OR Quit Bitching and asking for a handout. Only YOU are RESPONSIBLE for YOU as I am not and should not be Responsible to save Your A@$ everytime you screw up. GROW UP…

    • Steven Newman

      I’m with you Chris. The problem with America today is stupidity. I’m not saying there should be capital punishment for stupidity, but why don’t we just take the safety labels off of everything and let the problem solve itself?

    • smknnjoe

      You words out of my mouth. All these warning labels are dumbing down society by not allowing nature to run it’s course by culling the herd. As I say on an all to frequent basis…..”Stupid people should not breed”.

    • throwedoff

      I’m a firm believer in natural selection!

      • Worship Dancer

        only way to keep them from polluting the gene pool

    • Worship Dancer


  • wecare_doyou

    The judges that rule for the plaintiffs in these rediculous law suits should be removed and disbarred!

    • Karen

      It should never even get to court in my opinion. It should be thrown out! It’s a waste of taxpayers’ money, but then why should that surprise me. That’s the norm now. Anyway, if this person is that stupid, then too bad!

      • Kevin

        Most of them don’t the sludge suckers sue knowing that the odds are they will get a pretty sweet offer to settle out of court whether there is any liability there or not. I have seen this personally at a past job, where the insurance company conceded we had no fault, but settled as it was cheaper than going to court.

    • Mo Hammed

      While I appreciate the sentiment, please learn how to spell ‘ridiculous’ so you aren’t.