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Liberal Idiot caught on Tape

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This is a perfect example of the tolerant left. They will yell, cuss and whine. If that doesn’t get them what they want, they’ll just do it louder.

She is also the perfect example of the trolls I get here at Joe For America. These are the kind of people we deal with to bring you the news.

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  • ColoradoNavyMan

    What a WACKO Left wing NUT JOB! I would rev the engine and keep it running just to piss her off more. Tell her to move if she does not like it, and drive her little coffin of a car some place else.

  • cjstarr36

    I would have put my wife and children in the truck, got in, rolled down my window so she would think I wanted to hear what she had to say, then Revved up the engine so I could not hear her until she left…..

  • lynne

    She thought her rant was going to change anything?????????

  • Kathleen Smythe

    This woman is the perfect example of what is wrong with our country. She is completely rude, profane, demanding her own way, confrontational, argumentative and 100% WRONG. And doing it in front of children. I hope she’s not a mother. This will go viral and everyone in the world can see this repugnant woman. Maybe she’ll think again before she confronts strangers with her self-absorbed demeanor.

  • David Atherton

    That’s when you drive around the parking lot, bringing your exhaust right up to her window, set your programmer to the highest level, and fill her little Prius with black soot.

  • Dede Smith Dennis

    I would have rolled my windows up and turned up the music and rushed the motor the entire time she was around just to irritate her. What is she gonna do about it? And if she touched my vehicle I would call the police on her immediatly.

  • Badenuff

    It’s diesel! It emits less crap than the liberal complaining about it.

  • ….

    “We have no tolerance for comments containing violence, racism, vulgarity, profanity, all caps, or discourteous behavior.” really because that’s what a lot of these comments are. Especuially the ones that call for hammering women (AKA bitches) to death. Nice policy but no follow up. You must work for the government.

  • USPatriotUno

    Just another liberal that thinks she has control over other people. Dumb sh*t’s like her are the problem we face here in America. The propaganda machine has worked so well to dumb down the population. I have to say when I visit other countries I am amazed at how nice people are as well as level headed. a lot of Americans are just too far gone to even converse with.

  • techmasterone

    We owned a Prius – a niece piece of technology that was almost as irritating as this woman was. Then the battery pack died – probably ended up in a landfill because of the way the dealer handled old parts. And I too have spent hours with my kids asleep in the truck with the air on. The pollution level from today’s vehicles is measured in minuscule numbers compared to 25 years ago. This lady should have learned common courtesy and politeness from her parents and at school, but we aren’t allowed to teach those things today.

  • Rumpelstiltskin

    I truly understand why some people get whacked and found dead for no apparent reason when law enforcement arrives. Hammer to her skull and drive off who definitely of been my option. Think of it as extermination of an alien race.

  • Ron

    If this lady is so allergic to truck exhaust, then why is she parking in a non-parking-spot and going out of her way to be in the general vicinity of said emissions?


    If this lady is still alive right now, do the planet a favor and lock her the eff up.

  • soldierfromthesky

    Easy, I would have stepped on the gas and layed on the horn every time she opened her big ass burger eating mouth

  • GUStheHUN

    My old lady would have KNOCKED that dumb bitch OUT!!!!

  • bayman61

    What about all the carbon that goes into the air to produce all that food that she guzzles down?

  • James Hanes

    Is that a PRIUS in the background? Of course it is!

  • Rogue Misfit

    I would have told that bitch off good…she would have been speechless when I got through with her.

  • Steve Brandon

    Good God…don’t you dare get in front of her at the all you can eat buffet!!!

  • Lynna

    Omg, she is insane. Definitely too much liberal koolaid

  • Adam Crosby

    I’m so tired of the hatred going on in our country. If I could somehow separate myself from all labels and parties, I would in a heartbeat. Everyone needs to stop focusing on the small differences that each one of has in our belief system and focus on the one and only unifying concept in human history: LOVE for your fellow human being. I can say that I’m not a fan of Obama just for the sole reason that he is causing so much separation in our country. It’s making us weak! I love this country, and I’m so tired of seeing it deteriorate. I’ve only been on this earth a short 25 years and even I can see that something is wrong. Terribly wrong. Please, if anyone happens to read this, make it your life’s goal to spread happiness and tolerance. Change only can happen through each individual. I’m fully aware of the scandals and corruption within our federal system, but you know what? The only thing I can do is love my fellow Americans and keep pushing forward. Our voices will eventually be stamped out if we do not stop the separation and hatred now.

  • DebEast

    Does she NOT own a mirror? Because….

  • samantha

    Just never know who you’re going to run into… now, let’s be tolerant of everyone…

  • Frank

    PMS syndrome gone wild.

  • Gloria B. Jenkins

    I can’t imagine why he even engaged this woman. I would’ve shut the door and turned up the radio.

  • Kevin Underwood

    Libtards protected by the laws that they hate lol. Perfect example of someone that should have their abortion back dated lol

  • Blake

    I would have just sat down and reved the engine while looking her in the eye

  • Shawn DeVore

    I guess respect is truly a one way street now days. we have to be respectful while they curse us..yep, makes perfect sense. smh

  • Chris

    “As a matter of fact, I do have the right. Have you ever read the ninth amendment?”

    “Oh, and I would appreciate it if you would come down off of your ivory tower just long enough to realize the hypocrisy of cussing in front of my kids while asking me to be courteous. Unless it’s an apology for disrespecting me and my children in such a manner, nothing you say from this point forward will have any effect or illicit any response from me.”

  • mcd1948

    All this coming from a woman who obviously hasn’t pushed herself away from the kitchen table lately. So, she clearly is to irresponsible to manage HER OWN health yet wants to wail and howl at others about the environment.

  • Rachel L Rondina

    Form someone who does not want to breathe a lot of exhaust, she sure spends a lot of time next to the truck. You would think she woukd have enough sense to move. I hope she see’s this video so she can she her fat pig face making a fool of herself. What an oinker!

  • diane blackington

    What a frigging bimbo she is. Take a hike lady.

  • James Rowe

    Liberal bs, from a woman in a Prius. Go figure. It’s her opinion and she’d like to have it her way. GTH lady.

  • Radknight

    Total moron. You can tell she’s a novice though. She has the annoying and loud bit down but doesn’t dance around to other emotional and illogical topics quick enough and needs to polish up on the other ‘Rules for Radicals’. With a little practice she might just end up in the Senate and then who knows where….

  • Searcher5

    I think even the Prius was embarrassed to be in the same parking lot with her.

  • Searcher5

    Watch your kids, she looks like she has already eaten Hansel and Gretel.

    • mcd1948

      Great post. It made me laugh out loud. Good one. Have a great day.

  • FoodPolice

    You know… in some municipalities… You can be arrested for using profanity in front of children…

  • FoodPolice

    Actually what she needed was punched upside the head.

  • Couch Cat

    I would have just flipped off the fat, ignorant, self loathing, waste of skin and driven off. This stupid beeotch is going to shoot her mouth off at the wrong person eventually and get knocked on her twinkie eating a$$.

  • Hodor


  • lancelot

    Lets see, she isnt even in a parking spot… SHE can move her happy butt on!


    That wasn’t a liberal… that is what you call the new “Patriot”… she needs to be in Washington with the rest of them. *snicker*

  • Nick

    I wouldn’t necessarily call her a “Liberal” idiot. I’d just call her an idiot. Personally I consider myself to be fairly liberal, however this is just someone being a pain for no good reason whatsoever. Just another self-righteous fool that you can find on either side of the political line. Keep driving your diesel truck and enjoy it sir.

  • John William Thompson

    Should have called the cops, you got it on video. She should have been arrested for the way she was threatening.

  • Bryan

    I have a performance module I can set to make enough black smoke to choke out that bitch and her Prius.

  • Fran La Cascia

    all she had to do was get in HER car and drive to another part of the lot. She had the nerve to tell the owner’s wife to back away when she invaded their space-oh boy

  • Rachel Spencer

    That ignorant woman would have gotten punched right in the throat if that were me. She made my blood boil just watching her. Seriously, why is it any of her business to walk up to a family that was minding their own business and criticize them for what they drive? This has nothing to do with liberals and conservatives, it has to do with respect which clearly this lady has none for anyone. (Including herself, or otherwise she wouldn’t have made herself look like a total fool.) And then on top of that, she is swearing in front of their children. Totally disrespectful, and not just a simple “damn” or “hell””, but yelling complete obscenities.
    Also, does that mean that she is going to yell at everyone who drives school buses that put off so much exhaust that you can’t breathe when you’re behind one? You know, the buses that probably take HER children to and from school? Oh, and along with every plane, truck, 18-wheeler, etc. Sorry we can’t all drive a Prius, bitch.

    • FoodPolice

      You know… in some municipalities… You can be arrested for using profanity in front of children..

  • Patriot of Freedom

    WOW ! She’s irate about breathing in their fumes, but will not leave. Then appears to leave, but comes back again to breath in more fumes lol. She’s so stupid, she would drown with a life vest on. She demands respect, but continues to lash out with foul and offensive language in their toddlers face! I would have called the police for what she may do. She was not only angry about “fumes”, but MAD! Mad people are unpredictable. I wouldn’t worry about her having a weapon though, after all she is a liberal lol.

  • Harry

    I would’ve revved her up. Pedal to the metal.

  • Michael Lutz

    God bless you for your restraint. I would have been in jail for hitting her in her fat stupid face!

  • Sheena Watson

    wow!! can not believe there are people out there like this!

  • Johnny Blackwelder

    Had this been me she came up to it would have ended up differently.

  • John Benjamin Morton

    I think its funny that she is complaining about the exhaust saying its bad for her health, but look at the size of that woman. She doesn’t have any room to talk about health. Why don’t you lay off the cheese burgers and soda, whale. Than maybe come talk to the family about “health”.

  • Eddie W

    Apparently she doesnt know anything about diesel emmisions. Not many do, a diesel actually puts out less bad than most cars 10 years old. Its just crazy how she just runs up cussing and complaining to them. That was a newer truck anyway it has a fluid that puts even less carbon monoxaid than the old ones.. jeez

  • Ncrdbl1

    Wish he woudl have allowed his wife to kick her ass.

  • Robert Bennett

    Kill it with fire

  • AOSean

    Just another day among the ‘tolerant’ fascists.

  • Dcreighton

    She is obviously having a bad day ,they usually go to a fast food restaurant to chew on some unexspecting employee to vent their unhappiness ! Liberals are such unhappy people!

  • jimmyv65

    i would have revved teh engine get some of the good ole diesel smoke blowing her way

  • Venus

    O-bama voter, for sure. Maybe she needs to stop talking pollution and refrain from grazing, cuz that fat butt takes up a whole lotta space and inhales/exhales a whole lotta hot air. IDIOT.

  • Julio Colon

    I wish she would have done that to me I would have rolled coal on her face

  • Jamie Williams

    thats not a liberal thing. thats a fat crazy bitch thing. im stunned she has children. what kind of maniac would put his dick in that thing. youre a better man than me because i would have moved closer to her car

  • Douglas Moore

    I don’t think I could have restrained myself.

  • Dave Varner

    They walk among us, idiots that is!!!!!!!!

  • rickconner

    What a boopid stitch.

  • jimmyrourke

    wow,what a strange person

  • Herman Vogel

    WOW, the OWNER of the parking lot drives a Prius. amazing. Oh wait,…LMAO

  • ServosT

    She is pretty attractive for a leftist woman.

  • Doug Bristow

    I have said for a long time now that liberals are mentally ill. This is living proof. If being stupid and obnoxious was a crime she would be serving a life sentence.

  • tcdesalvo

    Had a guy talk in front of my daughter like that when she was about 8 years old. Stumbled off my property after waking up.

    • ….

      Your a nice person. You’ll find more of your kind in prison.

      • tcdesalvo

        Still stalking? Hmmmmm. You must be bored. I get it, no hockey to watch and you are too young to buy your own beer…

  • cs84

    Liberty idiot is right. Her noise pollution was worse than that sweet truck. How about the visual pollution having to look at that ugly mug of hers.

  • Jeff

    You should know better than park in a Prius sanctuary. LOL

  • Amanda Cox

    Seriously, she had to cuss in front of that small child? Totally inappropriate. Why couldn’t she just drive off if the truck was bothering her so much?

  • Andrew Tucker

    The bitch is putting out more pollution than the truck is.

  • Timothy Isabell

    Duct tape her big azz mouth to your exhaust pipe and floor it for a few minutes, then see how she reacts ! LOL

  • william davis

    She better quit eating those double cheese /bacon burgers and fries. Maybe her foul mouth is because of excess gas.

  • Mike Garuto

    That’s the result of inbreeding. Never argue with a fool, they have a way of dragging you down to their level.

  • injustice_avenger

    LIBTard Dumbo_dope in action !

  • Mary Gausman Wicklund

    I’m laughing so hard at this discussion. Typical, typical. Good grief, this is about a video clip showing a complete idiot, rude crazy self absorbed nutcase, and libs, in typical fashion, change the subject and blame Bush. Then the right wingers buy into it.

  • Sam Sewell

    I want to ID this woman.

  • Mike Peterson

    My head hurts from hearing her, I guess people from the country like me have a little more class. and big trucks and cars.

  • hockey20

    Just like a Liberal ….to think she OWNS the world and can make her own rules…. I wish she would take her UGLY self back to her car and go park in a “real” parking space and please keep her mouth shut….she’s talking about pollution…Her Breath smells worst then the diesel gasoline smells….She is really Polluting the air…
    Take Yourself to your car, roll up your windows and STOP breathing….

  • NewMexicoGlo

    Wonder if that loud mouthed cow has any concept of how her food (which it looks like she certainly doesn’t do without much of!) gets to the grocery store, or how much pollution was created in the making of her dumb electric car… Pathetic

  • Crystal Meyer

    Ok they have a Posting Policy for such things, but have no problem posting Videos with them… NICE. But in any case. The parents handled themselves absolutely perfect. Maybe, dont think I would be able to tolerate her any where near my child running her mouth like she did.

  • LT Rocky

    To gain respect you must first earn it.

  • Ellie-lou Tough

    And people like this reproduce? Her ranting is baseless……just get in your car and go home.

    • rick

      That’s a scary thought…. eewwwww!!!!


    CAN WE SAY Hormones ??

  • LieutenantSword

    The first word of foul language that came out of that horse’s mouth would have been met by my wife’s fist. She approached in a threatening manner, raised voice, carrying a pen, which could have been used as a weapon. This doesn’t happen in Texas. That woman, and I use that term very loosely, would have been shot.

  • 146denny

    I’m glad I wasn’t there. I’d still be in jail.

  • Alane Hight Lovic

    I love how “Papa Bear” had to call off “Mama Bear” who naturally was going to protect her family. For this “Mama” I commend you.

  • Jeane Thompson

    1) In Colorado, this truck driver would be fined for violating the ‘puffer’ law, as would anyone who has parked a vehicle and keeps the engine running. How many other states have a similar law?
    2) The daughter is in the bed of the truck – out in the open air – when ‘dad’ is claiming he has to keep the truck running because she has allergies. The truck’s exhaust will continue to contribute to the daughter’s discomfort from her allergies.
    3) There is no indication that the woman doing the yelling is a liberal, a conservative, or neither.
    4) Maybe the yelling woman has allergies as well. Or, mental health issues. Still can’t tell from that if she is a conservative or a liberal.
    5) Is this video the first interaction between these people? Maybe she already tried calm and polite and they ignored her? It does seem that these people may know each other.
    6) There are too many unknowns for anyone to label any of the people in this video as liberal or conservative.

  • Blake Barron

    She needs to get laid then everything will be just fine!

    • edro3111

      I looked at her again Blake. That ain’t gonna happen! LOL!!

  • Aprilyn43

    I only hope she finds out that her “rant” in on YouTube, and that she realizes how stupid she looks.

  • Aprilyn43

    I would hace directed all my family back into the truck, rolled up the windows, turned up the music and gunned the motor. I also, would have started taking her picture, and “if” possible, taken a picture of her car tag! What a intolerant loud mouthed idiot.

  • Carol Ford

    Wow, if she cares so much about breathing, than this is definitely not the way to keep doing it.
    People like this will one day step in a hole that has a deep bottom and they just will not be able to get out because all will refuse to lower a rope. Sad. Gods Speed to the people in the truck.

  • Larry Kendrick

    Go eat another whole watermelon, bitch!

  • Brent

    Common sense is not learnable, it is intrinsic to some and totally lacking in others. In general, the liberal mindset is lacking in common sense and is frightfully irrational as seen in their perpetual, sycophantic fawning over slavish, Politically Correct ideas. But the booby prize go to the crap-spewing mouth that is demanding respect. A piece of well-deserved duct-tape over that windtunnel maw would have been delightful.

  • USMC 64-68

    This is a perfect example of a democrat, a voter for Dear Leader, an unAmerican slob, a Marxist progressive, a useful idiot, a POS.

  • Herman Peaquist

    I think you folks may have come to an erroneous conclusion. I’m convinced that the woman was simply auditioning for the remake of “Throw Mama From the Train.”

  • cardnut

    I’m speechless! But, this could be a bogus video — could anyone be so hopelessly ignorant and obnoxious for real?

    • Jarrad Williams

      I’ve encountered people like this pudding of a woman. The video is probably not bogus.

    • Aprilyn43

      Sure, I would say we’ve all met someone like her, may be 100%, but “like” her is the “key” word.

  • Malory Diane

    Mind you I think the liberal is nuts as well, but seriously this is all trash to me. Another thing I want to point out is what was said before the filming… She didn’t come out of no where… come on! I’m sorry, but if she did and she is really just nutty then who knows what she will do. Why would you egg it on with kids there! Are YOUTUBE likes really that important? This world is full of crazies, I would have moved away from her… problem solved! Grow up

    • Aprilyn43

      I would have had all my family get in the care, rolled the windows up, turned th music on high and gunned the motor; all the while I was taking many, many, photo’s of her and possibly of her car tag.
      What you do with these people is ignor them and when they explode sue them and have them arrested.

  • Malory Diane

    Liberal or Conservative… doesn’t matter, ALL the adults in this video are trash. Who sit’s and argues in front of a 1-2 year old like that? Yes, the lady should have mind her own business, but the mother of the kid chatting on the phone saying “this fat disgusting lady” and getting in a strangers face asking for a fight while her kids watch is mindless. What if that lady was a quack and really did beat her ass while her kids witnessed the whole thing, would it have of been worth it? Poor kids and the dad… Do not get me started on his pansy ass! “Cheryl… ugh Cheryl” God forbid that lady would have killed his lovely Cheryl while he hides in the car taping it… just stupid. The guy proved a point alright by taping this there are stupid Liberals and conservatives… Now he should take a parenting class!

    • Aprilyn43

      Sorry, don’t agree with you. I woman was trying to provoke a physical confrontation, the wife at least made it woman to woman.
      Me .. I’d of had everyone get in the car, rolled the windows up, turned the music up lous, closed the doors to the car and gunned the motor. All the while I would have been taking multiple pictures and calling the police say there was a strange crazy lady screeming out side my door and I’m afraid for my children’s lives.

  • Lisa Neal Behrens

    this is not a liberal vs conservative thing for me.

    as a human being you dont go up to people and start swearing and
    pointing your finger. that is ridiculous, this fat bitch is popping out
    of her too tight outdated sweater and has the nerve to degrade this man
    and his family as not having a decent intelligent job.

    someone stormed up to me and my family like that, swearing and in our
    space, it would have been 20 seconds before the ass beating of your life

    even if you side with her, she is taking a chance, you dont know who’s
    going to cock you upside the head with the crowbar they keep in the back
    of their truck.

    this woman would have gotten an ass whooping, you dont act in a
    threatening manner to my family. and i know you people like your prius,
    but the reality is, they use a lot of electrical power, which also
    leaves a carbon footprint.

    but she is earth eco conscientious as she is wearing her dead grandmas clothes and glasses. so she does recycle.

    whats the point in saving the planet if you’re going to be a jack ass?

  • Ratso

    Brainless….and loose some weight.

  • Scott Imyourrealdad Nagelberg

    Off her meds?

  • CptXavier

    Wow, you really gotta prove your point by cussing in front of the couple’s kids???? You don’t like it, get in your toy car and go some where else. Simple fix to the problem.

  • Thill

    He should have stepped on the gas pedal when she walked to the back of the truck.

  • Rebecca Air

    Here’s the best part this idiot is comparing and cursing about exhaust fumes and yet had a cigarette In her hand what about second hand smoke and the pollution she is causing I just died at the hypocrisy

  • Shelli Barnes

    OH MY GAWD. I just want to plant a double tap on that fugly mug of hers, right between the eyes.

  • dan

    Poor lady has lost it. The best thing is to look away and ignore her.

  • dolphin8790

    Well this lady has no business yelling and lecturing and swearing at them. She saids they have no respect when in fact she has no respect for them. It is none of her business what vehicle they drive and not her right to come up and lecture them, This is a question of decency and respect for your fellow human being and she has none.

  • Carolyn Smith

    I think we can all see who the idiot is here and it isn’t the people in the truck!. Why do liberals think they have the right to tell everyone else how to live and how to act and the rest of us should stay quiet and submissive? They are gonna have a rude awakening someday.

  • Stephanie Fox

    I had the same thing happen to me. Some crazy lady on a bicycle flips me the bird and then starts yelling at me, why do you need such a big car. And that I am the problem with America. I am came from a communist country and I moved to the USA to get away from people and the government telling me what I can and can not do. So I have the right to buy any car I want, If you don’t like it let me buy you a ticket to Cuba or China.

  • Jan_in_NH

    Psssst Hey Libs look over here I drive a JEEP… a gas guzzling, super cool JEEPY.

  • John Ruggles

    She’s the result of drinking the Kool-Aid.

  • Lee Whiteman

    why do you think shes a liberal

    • Dian Pitts

      She is mentally ill

      • Lee Whiteman

        and that makes her a liberal

  • Kristin Salazar

    WOW just wow wonder how she feels now that she is all over the internet :)

  • Peter Bayone

    someone needs a smack, 3 guesses who it is

  • Michael Shull

    Does not really matter what her warped political views or uneducated opinions are. We need to stick with the facts. From a legal standpoint, this is considered assault because she approached in an aggressive, threatening manner. The police should of been called immediately as soon as she approached the vehicle and started cursing in front of the children. Generally, the police will try to diffuse the situation first to avoid the lengthy paperwork, and it’s really a ‘victimless’ crime except there were minors present. Stand your ground and press charges!!! She may not go to jail but she can definitely be slapped hard with a civil law-suit. Generally people like this have big filthy mouths, as you can clearly see in the video….. until they need to cough up 10 grand. That usually makes them behave after that. Trust me, I have paid off a credit card and a car this way.

  • Jim Adams

    I would have put the peddle on my cummins turbo diesel to the floor, As long as you run your mouth, I run my turbo..

  • Ken Bennight

    Fools,they are everywhere…

  • brylersdad

    I would have yelled at the top of my lungs right in her face until she ran away and then dropped to my knees and thanked God for giving me the ability to control my anger.

  • Brian Donnell

    You’re a bigger man than because it would’ve taken EVERYTHING I had to keep from shoving her head thru that p o s nerdmobile she was driving. God bless those big ol trucks !


    stupid @$$ liberal scum bag

  • Kevin

    even funnier is that her prius costs 10 times as much to recycle than his diesel truck because of the batteries in it…..they cost more to make and are way less environmentally friendly, not only that, i bet his diesel truck gets better mileage than that prius plus you can run your diesel on veggie oil with a real quick conversion. typical dumbass liberals. i woulda put it in neutral and floored it and smoked the hell out of the parking lot

  • Sandra Herbert Rohr

    Lots of swearing, show her culture!

  • William Fuzi

    She needed to be blasted in the face the very second she swore in front of the children. In some states there are laws that have not been removed from the books, about swearing in front of children.

  • Steampunk Sweetheart

    Please, someone show that cow (no offense to actual bovines intended) the Top Gear clip where Jeremy explains the extraordinarily filthy and inefficient process involved in mining the lithium used to make her car battery and how incredibly wasteful the whole process is.

  • Paul Clayton

    This Lady is Lucky she did not come across me acting like a 3 year old.. I have a way to be polite, but Stern. If that does not work the first couple of times, then all hell will break loose.. I do not do Left Stupid.

  • Cynthia Brultz Zimmerman

    I think we are jumping to conclusions that she is a liberal, we don’t know for sure. She is just a very ugly person who has no right to cuss and swear in front of someone else’s children. Or ANY children for that matter. And if the people were bothering her so much why didn’t she just move her car to another spot. The earth isn’t big enough for both of them? Apparently not. I’m just tired of associating political attributes to every person because of their actions. I know some rude conservatives, and true, the environmental aspect of this altercation kind of gives it away. But still, why do we need to go there? Let’s just talk about being CIVIL to each other and not talk about political affiliations.

  • Vickie Burr Pippin

    She was looking to get hit so she could sue…..typical liberal stunt, Thank Goodness they
    were smarter than her.

  • Annette Burns

    I hope Cheryl was on the phone with the Police and had that waste of humanity ticketed. That language of hers does not belong around those little kids. That’s the criminal aspect of this in my opinion.

  • Vince

    I would have just stepped on the gas and revved the engine to shut her up. Rev it louder and louder until she died of apoplexy.

  • Killer Social Media

    Guarantee that is a cross-dressing man.

  • Robert Higgins

    step away from the supersize fries…

  • Harvey Melton

    never mind sharp objects someone should ban spoons from this woman who thinks she owns a public parking lot, look at her size I think her brain is overwhelmed by fat cells, where do these people get off in taking it on themselves to be social sheriffs? what freaks, it would very hard for me not to smack the bs out of her.

  • Harvey Melton

    this insensitive woman is so stupid these types are the ones that end up getting shot.

  • suzyshopper

    Also when she asked him what kind of job he had, I would have said too her,where do u work, in a restaurant or fast food joint??

  • suzyshopper

    That was totally stupid, if she was having such a problem with his exhaust, why didn’t she just get in the doggone car and leave?What an idiot!!!

  • billb

    u can alway tell a liberal u jsut cant tell one very much — u can tell how cold it is out side when a liberal has his hands in his own pockets –best way to insult a liberal is to laugh at them they cant stand to be made fun off and laughed at — get mad and cuss them out and they consider they have won the discussion

  • Sandy

    She must be filled with a lot of pain to vent like that.

  • Tracey Moore

    I tell idiots like this that they are encroaching on my personal space, that I am feeling threatened and ready to defend myself which I am more than capable of doing as I am a right wing, concealed gun carrying nut job and it is my right. I mean advising them of MY rights isn’t a threat and sounds better than saying this country girl is about to open a can of whoop ass up on your disrespectful hide.

  • Frank W Brown

    She’s Just Another One Of Them… Idiots that is!

    A Country Founded by Geniuses but Run by Idiots!

    If you can get arrested for hunting or fishing without a license, but 
not for
    entering and remaining in the country illegally — you might 
live in a
    nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If you have to get your parents’ permission to go on a field trip or 
    take an aspirin in school, but not to get an abortion — you might 
    in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If you MUST show your identification to board an airplane, cash a 
    buy liquor, or check out a library book and rent a video, but not 
    vote for who runs the government — you might live in a nation that 
    founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If the government
    wants to prevent stable, law-abiding citizens from 
owning gun magazines
    that hold more than ten rounds, but gives twenty 
F-16 fighter jets to
    the crazy new leaders in Egypt — you might live in a 
nation that was
    founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If, in the nation’s largest city, you can buy two 16-ounce sodas, but 
not one 24-ounce
    soda, because 24-ounces of a sugary drink might make 
you fat — you
    might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is 
run by

    If an 80-year-old woman or a three-year-old girl who
    is confined to a 
wheelchair can be strip-searched by the TSA at the
    airport, but a woman 
in a burka or a hijab is only subject to having
    her neck and head 
searched — you might live in a nation that was
    founded by geniuses but 
is run by idiots.

    If your government believes that the best way to eradicate trillions 
of dollars
    of debt is to spend trillions more — you might live in a 
nation that
    was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If a seven-year-old boy can be thrown out of school for saying his 
    is “cute,” but hosting a sexual exploration or diversity class 
in grade
    school is perfectly acceptable — you might live in a nation 
that was
    founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If hard work and success are met with higher taxes and more 
government regulation and
    intrusion, while not working is rewarded with 
Food Stamps, WIC checks,
    Medicaid benefits, subsidized housing, and free 
cell phones — you might
    live in a nation that was founded by geniuses 
but is run by idiots.

    If the government’s plan for getting people back to work is to 
    incentives for not working, by granting 99 weeks of unemployment
checks, without any requirement to prove that gainful employment was
diligently sought, but couldn’t be found — you might live in a nation
that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If you payyour mortgage faithfully, denying yourself the newest 
big-screen TV,
    while your neighbor buys iPhones, time shares, a 
wall-sized do-it-all
    plasma screen TV and new cars, and the government 
forgives his debt
    when he defaults on his mortgage — you might live in a
nation that was
    founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If being stripped of your Constitutional right to defend yourself 
makes you more “safe”
    according to the government — you might live in a 
nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If the media panders to your openly socialist leader while the IRS targets groups with
    dissenting views— you might live in a nation that was founded by
    geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If your government ‘cracks down’ on legal gun sales to law abiding citizens while secretly
    supplying illegal guns to Mexican drug cartels— you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If your local government (Chicago) outlawed gun ownership for ‘the safety
    of its citizens’ and now boasts the worst murder rate in the country —
    you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by

    What a country!

    How about we give God a reason to continue blessing America?

    This was borrowed from another blog, please spread it far and wide! Add your own and have fun!

  • Jarrod

    Cusses at you, then demands respect. Typical liberal twit.
    What a cunning stunt.

  • Rwinglolly

    She’s worried about pollution??!! And her health??? What about all that FAT around her middle??!!! She SHOULD be worried about that!

  • Nyno

    Can we say MORON!!!!!!

  • Bruce Keyes

    A stool sample of a person..

  • croft337

    I would have shut my door and gassed it as hard as i could …sending her fat ass gagging and coughing back to her rice burner.

  • lyndabrown

    Let’s get to the heart of this. A crazy woman came up to this law abiding family and cussed, screamed and otherwise showed her ignorance! The family should have immediately called 911 and had the police arrest her or cart her off to a mental institution. She’s just lucky they didn’t. Instead her ignorance will live on in infamy via social networks! Poetic justice.

  • Samala Aguilar

    Totally not a typical liberal. We aren’t ignorant or rude. We are civil, open minded, and care about other people. This lady is clearly self centered and insolent.

    • Karen

      Sadly, I have seen my liberal friends treat anyone with a different opinion abominably, under the self-justification that they (my liberal friends) CARE about the children, care about women, care about our lungs, care about pollution, care about animals….and therefore OUGHT to set straight and call names of anyone with a different opinion who, in their minds, DOESN’T care about anyone else.

  • Donna Fleming

    She voted for Obama.

  • generaK

    then move you fat bitch

  • bob

    here’s the bottom line I’m not a materials that it takes to make a Prius I could build 2 semi tractor trailers my diesel truck is cleaner than her prev us it still burns gasolinemy diesel truck has blue tech technology the Prius has a battery that they had to strip mine the earth for and ship it all the way around the world wasting our planet resources big time

  • rondo

    dude i feel so sorry for you and your family that ya’ll had to deal with someone like that. Dude i think it is wrong to judge people when you don’t even know them and its people like her that cause all the commotion when she doesnt even know you or your family.

  • Jim

    THE AMOUNT of rare earth material, that was needed to make that battery for her hybrid car, probably took 20x as much effort to produce than does a NORMAL car. AND it took HOW much CARBON to ship that battery to the plant where the car was assembled, then took HOW much more to put it on a ship, send here to America?
    ALL in all, if crazy-eco-sensitive-rude-dumbass lady adds up, her ‘eco’ friendly car is actually MANY times worse for the environment.
    THE CARBON released by cars/autos is no where NEAR what VOLCANOS put out. Besides PLANTS USE carbon.

  • Joey Seay

    You should asked her if she knew which indigenous slave labor mined the lithium that powers her Prius?

  • Steven Mayro


  • DannyE

    Liberal tolerance is an oxymoron.

  • jas

    Her Prius gets its energy from coal-powered plants and she’s worried about a highly efficient and very low emissions vehicle that you could barely hear running?

    And it’s fatsos like her that are nudging us closer and closer to the sun. Global Orbit Alteration Due to Massive Weight Gain (GOADMWG) is real people. We’re all going to FRY!!!!

  • Hymie Suks

    Typical liberal control freak. I am sure she only approached those people because they were white and looked non-threatening. Somebody will stuff a knuckle sammich in her fugly mug one day and after she gets her jaw wired shut she might think twice before running her big self-righteous mouth.

  • mlaperle

    Just read your Posting Policy. Does that mean I can’t say that the obnoxious liberal in this video is butt-ugly?

  • Knight Mare

    There was nothing in this video that states what her political affiliation is!! Typical of CONServatives to put blame on another group without evidence. This woman looks like southern white trash. It obvious she’s republican. FYI…I’m not a liberal either. Want to clarify that before some conservative nut jobs accuses me of it! I also love my Ford Super Duty diesel truck. I would just ignore that type of southern redneck trash! They think they know what’s best which is a joke.

    • Hymie Suks

      NOTHING? Hello typical liberal ostrich girly man who enjoys getting reamed by a butchy woman. Thanks for proving that you letists are nothing but mouths disconnected to brains.

      • Guest

        Let me explain once again to you poor uneducated southern trash. I am a REPUBLICAN not a CONSERVATIVE. It’s obvious you cannot comprehend what you see or hear. Please don’t speak unless you know what you are talking about. You sound like a freaking idiot!

      • Knight Mare

        You’re an idiot. You did not read my post nor did you watch the video. All you saw was the word liberal in the title and supported it. You are probably the typical lazy Republican scum who supports anything even without knowing what it is. The liberals say oxygen is good for you. I bet you and all the retarded conservatives will start wearing plastic bags over your heads to get away from oxygen.

  • alex

    Conservatives do not have a monopoly on idiocy. Congratulations. But,this video starts, obviously halfway through the argument and no one knows what happens before the camera started rolling. Obviously the people filming probably did something rude to make this woman that angry. Frankly, this is the dumbest video I have ever seen. I’m a fairly liberal person, and I have seen far more ignorant, moronic liberals than this lady. This whole thread is pitiful; I can’t believe people waste their time watching this, including me. The right wing wackos on this page really have nothing better to do, like reading guns and shooting bibles? Oh wait… I think I mixed that up…

  • Pamela Malone Baldwin

    She reminds me of the idiot Obama telephone lady that was yelling about her free Obama telephone. Liberals never cease to amaze me with the comments they make about issues they are so uniformed about.

  • Dori Maschke

    I’m a Liberal, but I have MORE respect than this woman (NOT lady) does. I USUALLY get this from people who THINK they are so much better than I am, and tell ME that Liberals are low lives. Well we, just like everyone are people too, I tell them and walk away. I do NOT get in ANYONE’S face unless they get in mine. Other wise I leave them be, I only smile and maybe say “hi” and go on my way.

    • MH

      Well said. Label the woman rude and an idiot, but liberal has nothing to do with her awful personality.

    • Dori Maschke

      OOOOOOPS there SHOULD be a “are” by just like everyone else, sorry about that, very difficult to type with a torn thumb nail. hah ~ hah

    • Pamela Malone Baldwin

      Thank you for your comment as we know most do not show this type of behavior. She was really in the face of the other women which is a real threat to any in that situation. Republican or Democrat,
      respect shows knowledge. When making a ordeal because others don’t live like you think is the correct way shows a person has no clue how to behave and should not make statements to those you don’t know.

  • Jennifer

    Maybe it’s just me … but I think if that gal had an orgasm every morning, she might not be such a raging bitch =}

    • Hymie Suks

      From the looks of her. She lives with 15 cats and rarely bathes. If she is going to have an “O” I’m thinking a battery powered device will have to be involved.

      • Jennifer

        I don’t think it matters how .. (yeah it does I’m just lying) but I do think women who get to ‘fly’ on a daily basis are generally happier people. Someone wrap this gal up a BOB PDQ and in a hurry! LOL

        • Hymie Suks


  • Alyson MacLeod

    She did a very good job at describing herself! Big lack of boundaries, disrespect for you and your children and a whole lot of ignorance is very in your face. She is quite vulgar and expects everyone to bow to her. I feel bad for her husband and children :(

    • Jarrad Williams

      That’s assuming some man was desperate enough for any kind of wife and that she was healthy enough to squeeze out a litter of something she had to care for.

  • Jamie Jennett

    Forgive my possible ignorance, but what was the deal exactly? She was complaining about the fact that the family drives a truck? And they chose to pull into a public parking lot and leave their truck running? Who exactly was this woman that she felt entitled to harass them like this? I believe I would have contacted the police to resolve the ridiculous issue in a manner befitting her behavior…

    • Hymie Suks

      I would have gone over and taken a leak in her open car window and said, ” if it’s yellow, let it mellow.”

  • 1791patriot

    just goes to show ” liberalism is a mental disorder “

    • MH

      that has nothing to do with the fact she has an awful personality and is rude.

  • Lee Linebarger

    Hypocrisy at it’s best.

  • Nova Houghton Hodges

    What a B!!!! she isn’t even in a parking space. It looks like she was driving by and stopped to yell at them.

  • rural_americans

    The face of the contemporary democrat party.

  • countywatchdog

    Welcome to the double standards of the liberal world. I want you to be respectful but I am going to curse and call you names. Typical.

    • MH

      All I have seen on this website is insults and name calling for anyone who has different opinion. The woman is rude, overbearing, and has terrible hair. At best she is the far left side of crazy.

  • riceski

    What a moron – get a haircut and oh yeah some class.

  • Bill_Fan

    Typical libtard.

  • dilligaf421

    It’s time to start putting bullets in the heads of these ignorant liberals and end this farce once and for all.

  • Rita Facetti Creech

    this gal needs deep therapy on how to live and let live,,,the world is not hers alone….

  • sreynolds


  • Glenna Gould Wheatley

    Never engage these morons. Best to ignore and pretend they aren’t there. Cause really. Wouldn’t the world be a better place if they weren’t?

  • crisco2013

    just staged…. c-mon, joe, u can do better than that…

  • PFFV

    Brain dead liberals are everywhere, they surround us! Where did these non-thinking idiots come from? Its amazing what liberal public schools, liberal universities, liberal Hollywood, liberal national media and everything on TV (liberal) can do these days! Produce liberals! They are just emotionally driven drones drunk on a socialist utopian ideology that can never exist. Liberalism is a mental disorder, it’s very true ;)

  • Billy J Ward

    Meet Mrs Slimball in person, should have knocked her on her ASS

  • kkodey

    She is just another of the millions of cases of ADD in this country….The gov’t is failing to take care of the mentally ill in this country, so these dysfunctionals are in every neighborhood in every town….She is just an unhappy woman who has an issue with everybody she sees….

  • Mark Wandrey

    Go back and drive your polluting prius, you skanky whore.

  • WORSEKarma

    Tell you what, you fat, Communist whorecunt… How about you send your diet to those poor brown babies you seem to love so much…

  • Gordon04

    Can you give us the park or area so we too, can drive our gas guzzling pickup and Harleys up there, and hopefully run into her too..

  • M. McMahon


  • Lewis Crawford

    I would have gone to jail for breaking her fat face!!

  • Susan Harrell

    She is lucky that she encountered two tolerant adults here. Had it been me, and she was swearing in front of my children, she would have been picking herself up off the ground.

  • Southern Xposure

    Another member of the “party of civility” states her case (to a minor who can now repeat swear words).

  • andre

    I wonder if that woman knows or understands that if she approached someone in Florida like that, she might get herself shot. I definitely would feel that she is attacking me or my person and wants to create trouble walking up to me like that cussing and swearing.

  • Ladylisa60

    No she isn’t the typical liberal. We have our nut jobs but so does the right. The nut jobs of all sides should be put in the same room so they can argue themselves out. So don’t post crap here that makes you look just as bad. People like her should be ignored no matter what party they belong to.

  • Biscuitom

    Big fat liberal welfare mamma is upset that family in truck is trying to let their baby nap. Why on Gods green earth is she sitting alone in her car on the far side of a parking lot in the middle of the afternoon? Oh yea, nothing else to do.

  • Sam Felts

    should have let cheryl deck her teach her some manners

  • dougtroy3

    She would have a flattened face if she tried that with us. I wouldn’t have stopped my wife!

  • disqus_gMuU2R7rO8

    Rev the engine and make it too loud to hear her stupid crap and make more exhaust for her stupid self to breathe- maybe she will choke on it!! Self righteous stupid woman!

  • Madge Morse

    Why did’t you call the cops?

  • Kathy Rick Draper

    So let me understand these people are just sitting in their car and this ‘woman’ comes up cussing telling then how inconsiderate they are. She stands by their vehicle the whole time complaining about the exhaust. They are just minding their own business but they are the inconsiderate one that are selfish??

  • Steve DiRenno

    Lady lost me when she complained about the size of the vehicle, having diesel fumes blowing in my face would annoy me too, however, with that said, the polarization and outright wickedness (not to mention the small mindedness) of many of the comments here does not surprize me, their game plan is working very fine, the tragic comedy that is our lives.

  • Dan

    This Libtard is probably having a bad hair day. Because her welfare check is late and her EBT card has ran out of money for the month.

  • Jane Dellinger Hoyle

    I think I would’ve just got back in the truck, rolled up all the windows, and blasted the radio so we couldn’t hear her.

  • favsis5bros

    Notice that she never said what SHE does for a living. Anyone want to venture a guess?

  • James Cox

    I would have revved my motor up more to smoke her out.

  • Lynne

    and,,,she most definitely is a government worker. No one that ignorant would complain about “gas guzzlers” Government workers are embarrassed to be driving anything but a beanie car.

  • Bill Parr

    Big mouth fat ass should have been knocked on her big fat ass.

  • Lynne

    Please quit eating so that you don’t run up our health care costs. Your lack of responsibility with your overweight body is hurting my eyes. I notice that you are driving a Pious (Prius, I know lol). If that is a hybrid,,,,does the coal fueled electricity used to make your batteries give you pause? What a hoot! So sad!

  • canucksam

    I wonder if that was a free cellphone in her hand – one that we the taxpayers paid for and still pay for on our own phone bill every month. Check out the Fed charge on your bill – it’s anywhere from $4 to $12.

  • Luis Cabrera

    I would slap that bitch in the face ,in a new york minute

  • Kim

    Remember in the old days when we punched people in the nose? Am I the only one who misses those days?

  • Aharon Nitkin

    There are stupid liberals and intelligent liberals. There are stupid conservatives and intelligent conservatives. Its inaccurate to say that every liberal is like this woman

    • Karen

      And yet, sadly, I know so many liberals just like her, with that sense of entitlement to tell everyone else how to live. I see it on their facebook pages day in and day out.

      • Aharon Nitkin

        It is important to note that sometimes how we live our lives effects other people. Pollution from vehicles effects the air we breath. If I live next door to you, and Im blasting loud music at 1am, would you ask me to turn it down, or just let me live how I want to? Granting, she did a great way of showing the wrong way to tell someone this, but lets not throw out the baby with the bathwater

  • babrown65

    She should have held her breath didn’t she know that cow farts are destroying the ozone?

  • Mark Watson

    Should had rev the motor more, And Blwe her out.. Ha ha

  • Huffer

    A conservative would just move their vehicle to another spot in the parking lot and call it a day!
    This woman leaves me speechless!

  • Andy Novath

    Bet that big ass gives off more fumes then the SUV

  • William Soost

    This fat broad has got nerve. She should be or concerned with all of the donuts and french fries and burgers and candy and other garbage she is ingesting. She didn’ get that fat belly and big ass from being concerned about her health. Typical hypocrite liberal!

  • Dribbles and Grits

    I’ve been more liberal with my opinions lately, though I consider myself unaffiliated, and I would have ran her over with the truck, just for the irony. The fumes are so much better from UNDER the vehicle. I swear it. Look.

  • truthseeker53

    Sure hope she didn’t reproduce.

  • Herman Nelson

    God! what a retarded bitch. I guess nobody wanted to put a paper bag over her head and bang her last night.

  • Ed

    And They Vote

  • SMH

    This lady is a Tea Party Supporter….I am wondering what about her makes everyone think she is a Liberal?


      She is NO Tea Party supporter–You ignorant FOOL!–She cares so much about the gas burning from the car–What about the gas emmittinhg from her FAT MOUTH???

      • SMH

        She is indeed a Tea Party Supporter– and thanks for showing everyone your ignorance by name calling. Stuck in the 3rd grade huh? I feel bad for you.

        • GOLDCLAW

          You are the typical libtard SMH—Living in the zoo must have given you Lymes Disease!!—lol–All democRATS like you are mentally ill!

          • SMH

            I wonder if you are intelligent enough to recognize the hypocrisy in your statements? My guess is you are not. Perhaps you should spend time thinking about the gas emanating from your fat mouth? (I assume you meant emanating in your first post…I wasn’t sure since you apparently spell it “emmittingh”…you could have meant emitting I suppose. Either way, next time use a dictionary if you need help) :)

          • GOLDCLAW

            Go back to your cage In the zoo SMH. It’s Time for your rabies shot–hahaha

          • SMH

            Oooohhh. You really got me there.

          • Herman Nelson

            Step up to the plate, wipe the man pudding off your face and try again. All I’m hearing is a retread that keeps repeating the same old BS over and over again. Lenin’s useful idiots did the same thing, sounds like you’re attempting to repeat history. You know those idiots? When they were no longer useful, off to the gulags they went. You might want to keep that in mind Mr. “know it all”. After your knee pads are worn out and your sphincter stretched wide enough to drive a ’52 buick in, and they have gained their objectives, you’ll be on the outside looking in. Just another democrat has-been man ho.

        • minowe

          MUCH more likely the guy in the truck was a TEA Party guy. Did you notice how polite he was? If he had been a Liberal, that lady would have been on the ground after her first sentence.

        • Karen

          SMH, you’ve been told exactly why everyone would think she’s a liberal: because she’s parroting liberal talking points word for word. Now please tell us what on God’s green earth would make ANYONE think a tea party supporter would be driving a Prius, flipping out about diesel, nearly assaulting someone for driving a truck, and swear at a family with children right there. These are all issues and behaviors I’ve seen from liberals repeatedly, never from a tea party supporter. So if you have evidence, give it, instead of just tossing out unsubstantiated claims.

    • Herman Nelson

      Couldn’t have been tea party supporter. It she was, she wouldn’t have come over and whined and cursed about the noise and the exhaust. She would’ve put her car in gear and moved to another part of the parking lot or left.

      No, that would be a great example of a goron democrat. Typical in your face, I hold the moral high ground BS they throw out. I’m surprised the rodent didn’t call her lawyer and personal psychologist or the press to let them know she felt her “rights” were violated.

    • Cadel

      Please, only a liberal idiot would complain about a gas guzzler while driving a prius. BTW – no tea party person would be caught dead in a prius.

  • Bob Blanchette

    Probably part of the 47% living off the government, most likely getting a SSI/SSDI check from the taxpayers. The person driving the truck probably works for a living and has 1/4 of their check taken away to pay for the woman’s SSI/SSDI…


      She looks like an obalmer voter!

  • steve

    Her political affiliation is here nor there. We need to let people believe whatever they desire. However this is an example of a person who is not respectful or tolerate of others. And who insists someone else accommodate her request when she can even respects someone not wanting her to Cuss in front of there children. She is a complete nut job. I give you and you wife a lot of credit for keeping your cool and being good examples for you children.

  • OlFeller

    Simple answer this situation, while one parent engages the woman in “conversation” the other call the local Police Department and calmly inform them that this woman is using foul language in from of your children and will not leave you alone. Also tell the dispatcher the woman by her actions “could possibly” be a danger to herself or others. When the Officers arrive answer their questions calmly and then, KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT! The woman in question will keep running her mouth and Officers are always attracted to the person with the loudest mouth, with luck she will get in the Officers face or attempt to push one of the Officers! Problem solved.

  • Sara Eastman

    I love how she cusses them out with kids present. At first I thought she was holding a cigarette lol. They handled that much better then I would have….she’s in their face screaming at them and calling them names about how disrespectful they are and yet she expects them not to want to clock her fat ass into next week? Unbelievable.

  • Scotty Bowers

    Yes by the size of that woman I can tell that she is VERY health conscious :P

  • Roxanne

    What a typical liberal demoRAT. She is the one who is being the nasty one. Yelling and cursing in front of small children. She doesnt have a brain I guess the Kool Aid she has been drinking ate her brain. She is really a fat piece of crap and if she had of came up to me I would have told her to mind her own business and get the hell out of my space. My truck is legal so just keep your fat mouth shut!!!!!!

  • Jesusgirl04

    It never ceases to amaze me that people like this feel completely justified accosting a total stranger like this and thinks it’s ok to treat and talk to someone they don’t know like this. Smh

  • Casey

    It’s hilarious to me that you’re all bashing “liberals” but first of all, the woman never said that she was liberal. Because she made comments about someone’s ‘gas guzzling truck’ you just jumped to conclusions. You were also force fed the fact that she was “liberal” by the title of the video. Lots of people have opinions that are conservative when they’re mostly liberal, and liberal when they’re mostly conservative. Not everything is black and white and fits into neat little boxes for you to hate, I’m sorry to break it to you.

    You just want to eat that up so badly that you’ll believe anything to spout your hate. Then you go on to say how liberals are all hateful…which is hilariously ironic because a good portion of the comments here are calling this woman pretty awful names (most of them have to do with her weight) You all are also using anecdotal evidence to “back up” why you think “MOST liberals are like this!!11″ If you don’t know what ‘anecdotal evidence’ means, look it up and you’ll see how you’re all using it to pretend you have any basis for that kind of comment.

    It’s so funny when people actually buy into the “liberal VS conservative” crap that they’re spoon fed. Really, use your heads and think for *yourself* for a minute. Liberals/conservatives use this kind of absolute garbage to rile up the bases and you guys are falling for it beautifully. But you probably don’t mind, because you all seem to love bashing liberals…and then saying *they’re* the hateful ones.


    The fat lard ass liberal pig in black is typical –Makes me gag to even look at the COW!!

  • flour

    Typical conservative:

    Lari -> flour

    “I have a backhoe at my disposal, I can make that hole big enough for your ignorant liberal ass as well.”

    • flour

      When you don’t like what someone say- you intimidate and threaten. This is why you aren’t the party of science or dental hygiene

      • GOLDCLAW

        The same applies to libtards!!–That’s why you are the party of socialist,anarchist,left wing MOONBATS,communists and just plain ignorant misfits!

        • Holland

          Goldclaw, by the way you speak I’d avoid calling anyone else ignorant. It’s just kind of funny.

          • GOLDCLAW

            I’m speaking the truth Holland–Is that too much for you to handle lamebrain??–You are the TYPICAL MOONBAT LIBTARD!!

  • Thom71GT

    I wish you would have had some old glass packs or some other exhaust system that made a loud muscular note and every time she opened her fat lined mouth you would have gunned the gas. BRRuuuum BRuuuuum– “Sorry, what? I can’t hear you!” Bruuuuum, BRuuummmm!!!

  • James Morgan Sr.

    Good thing I wasn’t in the drivers seat. I would have just run up the engine to about half throttle and stared at her repeating one word. Idiot, idiot, idiot. ROTFL!

    • flour

      And that sounds mentally stable. Trying to out-crazy her?

      • James Morgan Sr.

        Yep. She doesn’t scare me (lol)

  • E Richard Brewster

    Why didn’t she just mover her car? I’d sue her for intentional infliction of emotional distress on my children.

    • flour

      Because that goes far in court. The courts LOVE taking time for cases like that. Aren’t you guys the ones against frivolous lawsuits?

  • Lari

    I would have taken her fat ass out and then buried her in some field somewhere.

    • flour

      What do you want to bury in her ass? So you find her sexy?

      • Lari

        I have a backhoe at my disposal, I can make that hole big enough for your ignorant liberal ass as well.

        • flour

          Cry baby. shove that backhoe up your ass and threaten someone else. Stop playing on the internet and go back to bed before your hippie parents find out. stronzo

          • Lari

            LMAO! My quota is filled for the day, I’ve pissed of another libtard! Now go be a good obummer supporter and spike your kool-aid with some ricin.

          • Holland

            Woah Lari, chill. She’s making you look like an idiot.

  • psw2001

    Next time, let your wife take care of this kind of twit. She seems to be able to stand up for herself and the family, just fine. (I find it funny that the twit is waving around a pack of cigarets while she complains about your truck. Aren’t cigarets considered pure poison to the left?)

    • flour

      Typical Right- Look at part of a video and assume the whole story. Look again idiot- it’s a pen and a cell phone. But facts are counter-intuitive to any conservative argument. BTW, this video isn’t joe the plumber- its from some other jackass 3 years ago. Do some research and realize that everything you know about the world is wrong.

      • Karen

        Feel the hate blowing off the liberal.

        • psw2001

          Ah, Yes…. I just love the “love and tolerance” Of course, flour doesn’t know I’ve seen this video several times in the last few years, or that I have a vision problem that makes it hard to distinguish little details like a pen the female is holding like a cigaret, or a cell phone that looks a lot like a cigaret case a friend of mine has. (And what does “Joe the Plumber” have to do with my comment?)
          I guess flour needs to watch the video again, him/herself. The bottom line is that this female, who wasn’t even parked correctly, verbally ASSAULTED the family in the truck, (and I hope the mother was calling the police when that female came back for round two)

  • Wolf

    Hve to smack ‘er…worth the 100 buck fine

  • flour

    The video is from 2011 and it has nothing to do with Joe the plumber here. I’m not sure why everyone is so stupid to not have checked. Get pissed off about something recent.

    • Karen

      Does the year it happened in somehow change the obnoxiousness of the behavior?

  • Ronald Melley

    I have to say I am not as nice as you. I would have gotten back in the truck, ignored her, and revved the engine so she could really enjoy the exhaust.

    • flour

      Because you’re smart. Let’s waste some gas America! Screw being responsible. Ha ha ha

  • C. Grinder

    What was that cu*ts problem?

  • Rapier Half-Witt

    Typical leftist; they HAVE to enforce their world view on others. Liberalism is a CULT, I tell you. It’s nothing more than a brain washed cult.

    • flour

      Typical right. Assuming everyone on the left is the same and hiding behind your conservative friends.

      • GOLDCLAW

        @flour–You are the typical libtard MOONBAT–You don’t know what the hell you are talking about –shit4brains!

        • Holland

          And you’re a typical cuntservative who envies flour’s mental capacity as it towers over yours.

          • GOLDCLAW

            The only thing that towers is you on your knees giving flour a good stroking–hahaha

      • Rapier Half-Witt

        You’ve outed yourself, retard. I’m not a Republican.


  • Pete

    Wasn`t her broom double-parked?

    • psw2001

      Please don’t insult the witches. They have MUCH higher standards then someone like THIS female.

      Maybe she should just get into her glorified golf-cart, and find a nice bog to play in.

  • Tscofield219

    I would have warned her once to stop swearing and flapping her arms at me and informed her if she continued I would make a citizen’s arrest for harassment, intimidation and child abuse and hold her there, bodily if I had to, until the appropriate authorities arrived to take her into custody and if she uttered one more vulgarity or made one more threatening gesture I would have jacked her up and dumped her on her head while telling her she was under arrest while calling the police.

  • Theresa Warnock

    sorry but i would have already covered
    my kids eyes and knocked that bitch out

    • flour

      I bet you’re a really nice and calm person.

  • Mickey Allen Johnson

    What’s with all of her anger and cursing too

  • Mickey Allen Johnson

    What is wrong with people, this lady needs to mind her own business LOL

  • throwedoff

    She parked her car in a vehicle access way of a parking lot walked up and initiated a vulgar verbal confrontation. Enough reason for me to have felt that my spouse and my childrens’ safety might be at risk which would have been all the justification for giving her a nice dose of pepper spray. That would have given her a nice organic rush!!!

  • Charles Martin

    A woman with no idea of how to talk to strangers. Yes. For any of you that think she was wrong, Never complain about the 2nd amendment if you are against the 1st.
    Pls do not respond to this post unless you have More than 25 years service to our country. From those that have done so, I would welcome you opinion.

  • ajhnson

    This is difficult for me to watch because I get pretty angry. Not because she’s an ignorant Liberal but because of the children that were present. I gotta be honest with ya, had it been me I probably would have turned the camera off and belted right in her forehead.

  • HogLady70

    Well, I have to agree with most of the comments. 1) been around for a while 2) not nec. typical of ALL liberals, but is a sign of most of them; there are many that are quite nice *Got in the way, preventing the woman from entering her own vehicle, so she could just drive away or close the door & ignore her. *Threatened family when she thought they MIGHT possibly touch her when asking her to leave. *Shouting when children are sleep – duh! think they might have been “sitting in the parking lot” allowing the kids to get their nap out? *Who died & appointed her God?? *She wasn’t even in a parking spot! *He may have an office job, but how did she expect him to haul those horses on the weekend? In her tiny car????? I’ll shut up – people like this idiot just make me angry & I don’t want to let her have the satisfaction.

  • belladonnacotton

    That woman is a bawling calf and a braying Ass. I would have called the cops and had her arrested for verbal assault and Harrassment. Maybe she was trying to commit suicide? Because there are plenty of people who would shoot her right between the eyes for accosting them in such a way. I would have felt threatened had she stormed up to me in that way and started Cussing and advancing on me till I was backed up against the truck.

  • Fred Huff

    Well, I’m just wondering how truly concerned she was with getting fresh air and how much that meant to her as she stood there with her cigarette and lighter in hand ready to puff directly on a tail pipe? Liberals like this also have aliases and in this case the best one that comes to mind and suits this situation is “white trash”… God bless America. And unfortunately Mrs.Piggy too…

  • Keith Hødges

    You know, one of those handheld airhorns would be perfect for this situation…

  • Tim Hensley

    Why didn’t she move her piece of prius?

  • Auntie

    I would’ve sat there as her rant began and revved my engine and said, “Sorry lady. I can’t hear you” …. LOL

  • Susan Milbank

    That fat country girl needs to get laid.

    • guest

      Don’t we all?

    • Rapier Half-Witt

      I wouldn’t touch that with a ten foot cattle prod.


      Will a volunteer please step forward? Too bad that bunch of 99percenters is so yesterday or maybe there would be a taker. Wait a minute! I’ll bet she is surrounded by “takers”.


      Who would want to lay that COW??

  • guest

    Typical conservatives… not realising that the video is from 2011 and you’re getting worked up about an old old event. This happened BEFORE your side lost to Obama a second time.

    • guest

      I guess by posting this Joe the Plumber is really keeping on top of political events.

      • Karen

        Um….how does the fact that it happened in 2011 change anything? It was rude, appalling behavior.

        • guest

          And the amount of time you right wingers spend on a three year old video of a lunatic goes to show where your priorities are. The libs are annoying, but conservatives take ignorance as a national pastime.

    • Rapier Half-Witt

      Liberalism is a cult.

      • GOLDCLAW

        Liberals are mentally ill!

  • pa350z

    OMG… that fat piece of crap is lucky she did not get shot!! You come up on a family with children making threatening jestures and invading personal space could be viewed as a threat to one’s safety and their families safety. Hoping that liberal realizes her mistake because it could cost her dearly in the future. Wow!

  • Karenena

    Ugly is as ugly does! She’s doing a fine job of spreading her self-righteousness and lectures. This little family was exemplary in how to deal with idiots while maintaining their cool and letting her display her idiotic ways. If she were operating with 2 braincells she would’ve stayed in her stupid car. I’m sorry her car isn’t stupid – the driver, well, see for yourself.

  • Right of passage

    Typical liberal. Most likely unemployed driving around on the taxpayers money. Why are all liberals so nasty and filled with hateful anger.

    • guest

      Typical cuntservative: assuming everyone on the left is as ignorant as you

      • Rapier Half-Witt

        Liberalism is a cult. Everything you spout is a lie.

        • flour

          Conservatism is a religion- the Taliban of america.

  • Rumbling Mike

    Nice restraint. I would have knocked her out cold after 7 seconds of her bullshit.

    • flour

      She would have beaten you down and posted the video for us to laugh at.

  • 914

    I would have Revved the engine to drown out her noise pollution.

  • R.J. Brownlee

    I’m sorry had she charged at me using that language, I would have to of put her on he ass. That was a verbal assault in my book.

    • Rapier Half-Witt

      Especially with kids in the truck. She got DAMNED lucky that she wasn’t assaulting someone a lot less calm demeanor.

  • FAITH47

    People on the Left do foolishness and evilness, and people on the right have knowledge, wisdom and understanding.It was written ECCL 10:2

    • guest

      It was written by a Jewish guy. I thought conservative didn’t like the Jewish so much. BTW, read the whole thing. It will blow your mind. Hint- at the end of Revelation, there is no god.

      • Karen

        Guest, apparently you get your information from MSNBC who has lately been slammed quite hard by a whole bunch of biracial conservative families for making ugly and untrue statements about conservatives. Actually, it’s conservatives who are more likely to support Israel, and liberals who seem hellbent on destroying it. So for you to accuse conservatives of not liking Jewish people is particularly bizarre.

        • guest

          I get most of my news from the bbc. Another unfortunate incorrect assumption from the uninformed, ignorant, uneducated right. In the US, 70% of Jews are left leaning or democrats. Don’t be afraid of data:

          • mythoughts

            let me give you something else to make fun of. You say there is no God I say there is, If you are right (and you are not) I don’t have anything to worry about, but if I am right (and I know I am) then you are in a jam. But you know the wildest thing about it? Even though you slam our awesome God and say there is no God, He still loves you and all you have to do is ask forgiveness and He welcomes you. The Bible says we will answer for every thought and every word. I cannot not help but wonder if hell will be full of people that has to re-live every harsh word said about Christ and His people. see a lot of people are confused when it comes to serving God, I am no better than anybody else, I am just a sinner saved by grace. Think about this, God loves us even when some don’t stop at hate they do even worse they deny His existence.

          • flour

            So, I should force myself to believe “just in case”? The pope just said I don’t need to believe to go to heaven and he’s a hell of a better bible scholar than you. I know what the world is and I look for answers outside of a stone age book written by sexist men. The religious hide from the world in hopes of being saved. Others like me revel in the world and appreciate it, and life, is a special gift that we must experience.

            BTW, I have no harsh words about Christ. As a philosopher and teacher, his is a hero of mine. As far as the son of god? Every once in a while we get one wrong… So, by your definition, hell shouldn’t be too bad.

            I’m not a sinner. I’m a human. And I define myself outside of any predestined ideas about a flawed humanity.

          • mythoughts

            flour my comments were referring to what guest posted, but I don’t mind if you claim it. No where in my post did I say to believe “just in case” my point was if one does not believe and they were right then I have no problem but if I am right that person that did not believe in God was in a jam. Probably to literal but the truth. What I don’t understand about most of the people that well for a better choice of words believe like you, or how I interpret your post, what I don’t understand is why are you so mad? Why do you have to belittle me for how I believe? How do you know the Pope is a better Bible Scholar than I? You don’t even know me. You say I hide from the world in hopes of being saved. You are so wrong, yes I believe the Bible is the absolute Word of God, I believe you have to not only believe but accept Christ as your personal Savior. You don’t have to believe like I do that is your choice. Just as it is my choice to believe like I do. I do not mean to be disrespectful that is not my nature. But I don’t know why you feel as though you have to be so aggressive. I believe we have to agree to disagree. You said look “for answers outside of a stone age book written by sexist men” wow as harsh s that sounds to me, I know it is your right to believe like that. You may not want me to but I will pray for you not because of how good I am but simply because my beliefs say that I should. let me say I will not get into these cyber battles trying to see who can say the catchiest phrases. I believe what I believe you will not change me nor will I change you. But God can change the heart of man. Through out the years people have speculated about the end of the world and when it would be, Bible prophesy tells us what to expect and guess what it is moving just like the Bible says it will.
            You don’t have to believe but you do have to suffer the consequence for your beliefs. I will leave with those words. .

          • Rapier Half-Witt

            flour is angry at you because they’re afraid. they’re afraid that you’re right.

      • FAITH47

        If you think that there is no God, I dare you, to ask him to show himself and he will.I have done that, I challenge him and I saw Jesus with my own eyes.You believe it or not it’s up to you.

      • Rapier Half-Witt

        Liberalism is a cult. Everything you believe is a lie.

    • guest

      The bible has stories; not answers or data. Need a bedtime story- read the bible. need a prescription- see a doctor and thank a scientist.

      • FAITH47

        Why don’t you read the Bible in that way you will learn about the words of God.

        • flour

          I read it. Full of crazy stuff. How many foreskins would you have brought to the king?

          • FAITH47

            Read the Revelations and it will scare you.I will just pray for your lost soul.Remember Jesus Loves you this I know for the Bible tells me so.

  • rsolid

    See all the empty parking spaces all around? She was to stupid to just move! And another thing , if she curses in front of my grand kids , she would need a dentist !!!! Welcome to the SOUTH BITCH!!!!

  • Mary-Beth Bouchard

    Wow that language and confrontational style needs a mental evaluation in front of a child no less

  • Larry Harris

    Shouldve rev’d that bitch up to 3k rmps and laughed at her

  • Sandra

    There would have been physical contact if she had gotten that close to my kids! Just sayin……..

  • GinnyLee

    The rationale of these ‘green bean morons’ is just beyond anything radical. Yes, one of their famous clichés is “You only think of yourself!” – one of their mantras.

    I wish that “Sheryl” had been just a little clumsy, and stumbled all over her (no doubt) huge feet. “Touch her”? Not with a ten foot pole. All mouth and no brains – let alone any social graces.

  • Philip Mann

    sherill should of layed her out .

  • Sherry Perkins

    Props to you! I’m afraid I would have punched her right in the face!

  • Stephen Carr

    Is that Rachel’s sister? Their folks were probably glad to finally have a daughter, but sheesh.

  • Jack South

    I would be DEAD…before I have ANYTHING to do with someone like that !!

  • Valerie

    This woman is whiney AND nuts! Yeah, I would’ve revved the engine just to piss her off :-D

    • guest

      Piss off a nut job? Someone is obviously mentally ill and you want to piss her off? I don’t think you have a grasp of reality.

      • mythoughts

        can I ask a question? are you the lady on that video?

      • Valerie

        Whatever dude… I would love to piss her off, because that’s how I roll. A-hole!

  • Linda Beadle Liles


  • Josh

    What an ignorant lady. “Do as I say, not as I do.” is totally right. And they call the “right-wingers” the crazy ones. After her swearing in front of the kids, and being as rude as she was, call me bad, but I was kind of hoping the wife was gonna try to smack some sense into her the second time she came around.

  • Candace Rocha

    Wow. she doesn’t want to breath in the diesel exhaust, but she stays around to bitch about it and breath it in. What a moron. Ya and she is swearing at them but god forbid if they swear back at her. Stupid mindless liberals. They will have this country run buy a modern day Hitler if they have their way. So the rest of you. you better wise up and get out there and do something about it next time its time to vote. you need to save this country.

  • chris

    The mother should have knocked her teeth down her throat, no excuse talking that way to someone

    • guest

      that’s right, teach those kids how to smack a bitch.

  • Altair

    A proper retort would have been along the lines of “You do something about your overeating to obesity first. Do you realize how much pollution is caused just to feed your fat ass? You dare to complain about my one vehicle when your carbon footprint from your own gluttony is larger than my truck?” If she wants to jump out and be abusive from the start, give it back to her.

  • Richard Carroll

    A real nut job. Tell her to go and put her car in a space that’s not taking up 2 spots. Plus she should mind her own business and stay out of other’s business.

  • Phil

    He let her off easy. My wise ass self would have said. “Hey lady! What gives you the right to be so fat! How many extra cows have to be raised every year to feed your fat ass? That’s probably more of a carbon foot print than my truck makes. What about your fecal matter? How much extra pollution is that in the world.” And I wouldn’t have let up until I made her cry and run away!
    I have absolutely NO tolerance for liberals anymore. I do for fat people though. Just not liberal ones.

  • James Brian Thomaston

    All liberals are not douche-bags, just as all conservatives are not racist old white guys. Just a lil FYI.

    • litesoutlibs

      Not all but most.

      • James Brian Thomaston

        So you agree that most conservatives are racist old white guys? Well, at least you are honest.

        • litesoutlibs

          Sophomoric humor at best.

          • guest

            litesout? lights out? are you going to teach liberals how to live in the dark ages again?

  • Sarah @The Momisodes

    Sorry, but as a Liberal, I find her behavior to be absolutely ridiculous and not at all a reflection on what many of us are like. Clearly, this lady is upset with her life and lacking something, that she feels the need to attack innocent people. That she was labeled a Liberal by this site is offensive to the rest of us. I doubt she’s a Liberal…..she’s probably one of those anti-everything “crunchy” hippie types more than anything.

    • Karen

      It’s highly unlikely a conservative is ranting about other people’s vehicles and the gas they use. Every word that came out of that woman’s mouth related directly to liberal beliefs.

  • jamesrwilliams

    This …… uh…… wow…… what do you call that thing complaining? It’s NOT a lady. Doesn’t really resemble a woman. Complains about other people’s vehicles in a parking lot as if they aren’t allowed to be there. Thinks everything has to be her way. A defender of clean air. Has to come back and whine some more. Is completely uncaring about cursing in front of children. OH. WAIT, I KNOW THIS ONE….. It’s a LIBERAL ! ! ! :-D

  • Terry Snow

    She needed to be SLAP!

  • scott lewis

    and the stupid bitch of the year go’s to ta da lmao

  • patrickw

    ‘Back up that’s assault’…. the libtard says….

    *kick in the face* approaching in a belligerent fashion cursing and screaming is assault, especially when someone is ultra confrontational. For all anyone would know she is on meth and could have been attempting to car jack…..

  • Noffie56

    Perfect example of why I dropped all my liberal friends. I no longer have any contact with any of them. None at all! Man do I fell much better now. A hole lot less headaches. I know it’s bad for me to say this, but here goes, The last five years has made me HATE all Democrats and Liberals. I can’t stand the thought or sight of them. Sorry!

    • Rapier Half-Witt

      Why be sorry when the liberals making your life difficult? It’s not your fault.

  • linda stoever

    Liberal Loon!

  • Don Blair

    You don’t even know the meaning of the word ‘liberal’ if you hold this woman up as an example. Continue to attempt to change reality and I’ll continue to consider myself a proud Liberal. And I could care less about what kind of truck you drive.

  • Virginia_Girl

    If she didn’t like it she could have just moved.

  • Gregory Walker

    somebody ought to punch that fat bitch between the running lights

  • Nicole

    I’d knock the hell out of her, but that’s just me.

  • scott206

    I love how she got in the woman’s face and then told HER to step back. lol.

  • yeti7557

    He should’ve gunned the motor…

    • litesoutlibs

      Exactly what I was thinking.

  • ForrestHorn

    Some people are simply misguided, others have been raised to believe lies, still others are just dumb as bricks.

  • Valerie Morrison


  • amabokcuf

    Stupid dumb c-word…

  • Johanna Forsberg

    regardless of your political stance, it is pretty environmentally
    irresponsible and unnecessary to keep any engine running while parked
    for any significant amount of time.


      Your heart is probably in the right place, but shutting down and restarting a diesel engine spends more fuel and expels more exhaust on the start-up than when left to idle for a relatively short time. There is no way to extrapolate from what is known from the article that it was idling for any significant amount of time.

      • Karen

        Not to mention, didn’t he say his kids were in there and he was keeping the air conditioning. There are many reasons why a couple with kids might pull over briefly but not leave the car. It would be highly more irresponsible to let your kids get heat stroke. But your very response betrays the liberal mindset of judging and deciding that everyone else is irresponsible and must live as you decide they must.

  • Guest

    regardless of your political stance, it is pretty environmentally irresponsible and unnecessary to keep any engine running while parked for significant amount of time.

    • guest

      The people who disagree know you’re right but don’t want the responsibility of doing the right thing.

  • Matt Dragovits

    I would have rammed my truck right into that POS car with her in it for swearing at me in front of my kids.

  • tom

    pretty aggressive….. she could have been coming to be physical…. a judge may have sided with the guy if he hit her….

  • disqus_ZhzNhBKfH0

    Precisely why pepper spray was invented.

  • Duane N Lin Wert


  • johnsnare

    Nothing new here folks. Another brain dead left wing liberal kook.

  • Tallfritz

    There was a woman in Wal-Mart just like this one… She would not shut up because a guy had his little pug [dog] in a shopping cart, in the check-out line. I happened to be talking to the guy about his pug when the woman started up. She went on and on and on… She finally got into insulting us. I told her to SHUT UP. She went on. I said to the other guy, “I’ll bet she’s divorced, no man could stand being around that mouth…” She shut up for about 1 minute then continued.. Of course, we were waiting for a price check at the front of the line… Ugh.. I do not understand people like that.

  • Steve Bonnell

    Her girth attests to her carbon footprint.

  • Garry Wheeler

    my vote is for Cheryl to punch her !!!

    • minowe

      Unfortunately, Cheryl’s husband was right. One punch and that “lady” would be all set to press criminal charges (think she wouldn’t?) and, if ANY injury resulted (or may not even IF), then a nice civil lawsuit.

      That this “lady” will be who she is forever is probably enough punishment.

      • Garry Wheeler

        I Know you are right

      • Rapier Half-Witt

        Not necessarily. The moment that liberal cultist came charging up at them, ranting, they had every right to assume that their children were in danger and took steps to protect the kids.

        You don’t go charging up to complete strangers that have children, yelling and ranting like that. You put yourself in harms way when you do.

  • Mike

    One of them needed to put a foot in that sewer she is using for a mouth! !!!

    • Spock

      I’m sure her own foot often rests there.

  • Cakegrrrl

    While the American left includes a segment that is humorless, shrill,
    whiny and obsessed with trivial issues, the right includes a segment
    prone to domestic terrorism. One nutty lady who appears to espouse
    opinions affiliated with liberals is hardly a cause for smugness. The
    rest of the world is just crossing our fingers and hoping the unique and
    wonderful aspects of your culture win out over your batshit nutty side
    that threatens to take the rest of the world out with you… Oh yeah, and please tell your government (whether Republican or Democratic), to keep your NSA and your drones to yourselves, thanks.

    • Spock

      A man walks into a bar with a monkey holding a steering wheel in his pants. The Bartender says, “Why do have a monkey holding a steering wheel in your pants?” The man replies ” I don’t know but he’s driving me nuts”.

      • Spock

        I’m the other kind.

  • Dan Moore

    She had no business getting in their face about what vehicle they drive. He has a farm with livestock and needs his truck. How should he haul hay and feed to his animals, in a prius?

    • minowe

      Yes, of course in a Prius. It will certainly take more trips but each one will be environmentally correct.

      • D Fawkes

        Are they making Prius tow trucks? Fire trucks? Do they even allow the attachment of a trailer hitch to a Prius?

        He should have run his truck at about 1/2 throttle for a minute or two. It would have drowned her out.

        • minowe

          I’m not sure a Prius would have the strength to haul a trailer, but how ’bout the trunk? I don’t know how big the Prius trunk is, but I have hauled a bale or two in the trunk of my ’89 Toyota Corolla, again, a semi-environmentally-correct means of hauling.

  • Patrick Smith

    I would have pulled next to her car and “rolled coal” right in her window.

  • bayman61

    Her husband must use a lot of flour to roll her around in to find the wet spot.

  • bayman61

    They should have told her to stop eating so much food so others who do not have as much food as her can get a decent meal. That’s one reason people do not have much food to eat because of huge, large, fat, slobs like her eat so much of it. What does she think they cultivate and harvest her food with? Tractors and combines and pickers that consume gasoline and diesel and emit exhaust. They should have called the police on her for harassment. What a no good, FAT, pos.

    • Spock

      I don’t think that her dietary issues are restricting others from eating…

      • minowe

        C’mon, she’s obviously eating more than her fair share!

  • rick

    Anyone else here beside me wish Spock would go away???

    • Spock

      Only those who don’t like dissenting opinions.

    • guest

      Jesus you are a retard cuntservative


        You’re are so clever you could be a Guest Spock.

  • Anthony Agnelli

    I’m so sick of these Libtards. Bet she wouldn’t have approached if it was a car full of Thugs or Muslims! Selective Muscles.

    • Spock

      A lot of assumptions and allusions in your comment…

      • Anthony Agnelli

        Not really. I said Bet, and i think the odds are firmly in my favor Troll.

        • Spock

          Well, those would be assumptions and allusions unless you have evidence

          • minowe

            The fact that the “lady” is still alive is pretty good evidence that she avoids confronting either thugs or Muslims, don’t you think?

          • Spock

            Thugs: yes- by definition they are violent. Muslims: no- just like any other religion they have their non-violent members and their conservative violent members. But your comment did make me chuckle.

          • minowe

            True, but in general (I know, another generalization) Muslims take more liberties in the treatment of their women than men of other religions do.

          • Spock

            Yes, that is because of the sharia conservatism. The liberal muslim nations (like Tunisia) take a somewhat more relaxed view stance

          • minowe

            It do seem that there are a number of Middle Eastern countries eager to embrace Sharia. (And the feminists in America complain about how THEY’RE treated!!)

          • Spock

            Too many countries

          • minowe

            Too many men are for it, not enough women are against it–and the women aren’t as physically strong (nor are they allowed “equalizers”). Not a pretty picture, at least not for a woman with ambition.

          • Spock

            And they are raised in a culture where they have never seen certain personal freedoms. The ones who seek education are quite often brave trailblazers, but an unfortunate minority.

          • minowe

            Actually, my observation above is just a tad narrow. There seem to be a number of cities in the U.S. where there’s a big push for Sharia, too.

            But women in America HAVE seen a lot of personal freedoms. They might tend to push back.

          • Spock

            Grumbles at religious based laws…

          • minowe


  • Daniel Plautz

    I am just so damn tired of these liberals with their false sense of self importance and moral superiority thinking they can go around telling everyone else how to run their own lives. This woman starts cussing at these people and then tells them to be respectful towards her. Typical liberal hypocrisy. Do as I say not as I do. They never see that they are the biggest problem.

    • Spock

      I agree. She was an aggressive pain in the butt and those in the truck remained cool. We are all entitled to our opinions but a modicum of tact goes a long way.

      • W Dawes

        She was an assaulting pain in front of a child.

  • W Dawes

    As soon as she moved past your car door, it was assault, and you had the right to defend yourself. I would have kicked her arse away from my truck.

    • Spock

      So if you don’t like what someone says, attack them? Are you a Christian?

      • Dan Moore

        Like Dawes said, what she did was an assault.

        • Spock

          Depends on the locality. Probably not so much an assault but disorderly conduct. Getting assault to stick to that in a court would be pretty difficult. Not sure where you are getting your information. And regardless, I don’t think physical violence is a necessary step to combat stupidity. If that were the case, many people here would be typing from a medical center.

          • minowe

            Oooo, owie!

          • Spock


          • W Dawes

            Don’t try and dictate law to me, it was an assault. Getting physical contact is called battery. Learn the law. With a child in the car, they had every right to defend themselves, and with the video in hand, they have the evidence to have her cited for assault. The mother felt threatened and went into defense mode. You don’t get in someone’s face like that without it being an assault. they didn’t go to the crazy lady. And what if she got even more insane and pulled out a gun, then what. Spock you are stupid.


            Spock seems to know a little of just about everything……Spock According to Spock.

    • Rapier Half-Witt

      The moment that liberal cultist came charging up at them, ranting, they had every right to assume that their children were in danger and took steps to protect the kids.

      You don’t go charging up to complete strangers that have children, yelling and ranting like that. You put yourself in harms way when you do.

  • grassroot

    Fascism by and from Liberal Fascists. Just trash.

    • Spock

      Actually fascism doesn’t seem to apply here. It is described as:

      “a governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce, etc., and emphasizing n aggressive nationalism and often racism”

      I can’t imagine you would consider liberals “nationalistic.” Fascism is to specific of a term; you might want to try another.

      • minowe

        This “lady” seemed to think she should have complete power and authority over her small world, and she was all for suppressing the rights of the family in the truck. I’d have been a little concerned that they might be armed and dangerous, driving a big diesel truck and all, but she seemed to rely on the fact that their children were watching & the parents seemed civilized enough to NOT want to get too violent with her, at least in front of the kids. Of course that’s not always true, but she was right about them in this case, lucky gal.

        • Spock

          I agree. And she was quite irresponsible. She clearly has issues that she will need to address lest the next time may not go so well for her.

          • minowe

            Wanna place any bets on whether she will address her issues or not?

          • Spock

            I have a feeling we will be in agreement on this one

        • W Dawes

          so if you own a truck, you must have a gun inside? Oh they didn’t get violent because there was a child around? Another liberal.


        Did you mean to write, “Facism is too specific….”?

  • Patriot

    I think she needs to get laid.

    • bayman61

      Who would want to bed something like her with a mouth like that. She is a very unappealing person with a foul mouth. When she is naked I bet she looks like a sack full of cottage cheese.

  • Michael Huck

    If you don';t want to breath the exhaust get away from the truck you “stoopid” bitch. Was her car running. Obviously she has no life.

  • Tim

    People like that is what is wrong with this country. People like her need to be took to the woodshied and beat to near death then let them get well and repeat.

    • Spock

      Yeah, hit her. You da man.

      • Rapier Half-Witt

        Isn’t that what Sharia law dictates?

  • Herb Fridge

    I never heard her claim to be a liberal. She was voicing a complaint of big fuel hogging vehicles sitting, with engine running. There are many things in life I do not particularly like but I do not put my face in others and get all worked up about it.

    • W Dawes

      It was a liberal argument platform, period!

      • Spock

        Dawes thinks the correct solution would have been striking her.

  • QM49

    Why on earth didn’t she move? It ticks me off that she wanted you to respect her wishes when she wouldn’t respect yours. She knew you were filming her, just wanted her 15 secs of fame. She also must have been paid for it.

  • Bill_S

    Ghod in Heaven – this is so typical of the liberal mind(less) set.

    • Spock

      Though I doubt there is a god in heaven, I agree this is a mindless video. However, to generalise half of the country as mindless may be somewhat in error.

      • minowe

        Possibly “somewhat.” Not everyone voted in the last election, but over half of those who did voted for Obama.

        • Rapier Half-Witt

          Don’t forget all of those dead people that voted for the conartist-in-chief. @$$holes.

          • minowe

            I’d bet a large amount of money that the dead contingent swung the election to The One. Between the dead and the multiple-voters, poor Mitt never had a chance.

      • W Dawes

        Nope actually your comments help it generalize the mindset too

  • kssturgis62

    Joe I want to know if you ever got your apology from Megyn Kelly. I am going to write to bill oreilly for his mad as heck segment if you didn’t get that. on this liberals are all trash.

  • Rod Tod

    This report says it all. Libtards are just people with smaller brain capacities.

    • Spock

      Allow me to comment as a libtard. Your article is 7 years old and has since been subject to criticism:

      Please leave science to someone else. Go back to calling people names and consider avoiding the internet lest you seem a fool.

      • shempus

        leftie opining about “science”? that’s rich. pipe it down, dorque.

        • Spock

          Shempus, please don’t insult me for engaging in research. It actually reflects more poorly on you.

          • shempus

            taint research when you libs only listen to Huffblo and the Daily Kos for your opinions.

          • Spock

            I have only done limited personal research on the taint. What have you come up with? Not sure what the Daily Kos is, but my degrees are in science. If you want to have a discussion on the merits of peer review I would be happy to oblige.

          • W Dawes

            Actually, your semantics, Spock, do not reflect on someone with college degrees, even in English. But they do reflect evidence of a fraud.

          • Spock

            Curious. How did you know I was a fraud all along? And, since I have made few claims of my background, what am I a fraud of?

          • W Dawes

            The claims of your background. There are certain skills that people use to understand a person, when it comes to the way they write. Try looking it up. Maybe it wasn’t part of your “science” degrees

      • Rod Tod

        The age of a fact does not matter. Producing and disposing of batteries takes an enormous amount of energy and produces a huge variety of pollutants. That has always been true and is still true. In typical libtard fashion , “damn the facts…full speed into oblivion!” Or maybe you need to “Make the batteries to see whats in the batteries.”

        • Spock

          The age of a fact does not matter. The articles I present argue that some of your facts are incorrect and are therefore not facts. I further present an unfortunate conservative fallacy: because something was true doesn’t mean that it will always be true. This is, in a sense to show that the capitalist economy (a good thing) has since allowed for production of this new hybrid technology to become more efficient and less environmentally burdensome- particularly compared to the archaic technology of the Hummer. I am actually quite aware of how to make a battery and have read some interesting articles about how the efficiency of the modern battery has increased through investments in research and development.


            Looks like you’re not doing so well here, Dr. Spock. Others are also pointing out your pedestrian knowledge and use of the English language, questioning your credentials of expertise on any given subject, and in this post you use the word archaic to describe the technology of the Hummer. Archaic, of course, comes from the same root word as ancient. A good scientist wouldn’t be so sloppy in his terminology. And anyone who chooses to go by the name of someone famous, whose ideas have lost most of their credibility, doesn’t demonstrate the savoir faire that you so pretentiously try to exhibit.


        Your comments are five hours old, and have subject to much criticism.

  • yaki534

    Why doesn’t the fat hog distance herself from the rig if she does not want to breathe the exhaust? She does not need to be oinking and using bad language in front of a child.Totally thoughtless.

    • Spock

      Ha. That’s right, handsome, she’s a pig! Seriously, make fun of her behaviour and you have an argument. Make fun of the way someone looks and you have a disability.

      • Rapier Half-Witt

        I’m betting that yaki534 was commenting on the fact that the liberal cultist in the video was just as ugly on the outside as she was on the inside.


        Even comedy is one of your talents, spock. You rank right up there with Al Franken.

  • Falling Off

    WOW! I cannot imagine how you restrained from knocking her teeth out. I don’t think I could have stayed as cool. She would be in the hospital and I would be in jail. Great job with the video and your levelheadedness!

    • Alex Sawyer

      Sure you would. Everyone is so big and tough on the Internet about what they’d do, but in real life you’d all sit there and take it, maybe raise your voice at the most. You know you would.

      • minowe

        That’s probably something I wouldn’t count on, just in case you’re thinking about being super-rude to strangers.

        Never forget the poor schmuck who was shot to death when he refused to stop texting in a movie theater. I bet he wasn’t expecting THAT, either.

  • tome

    Yea, there are no conservative idiots. :)

    • shempus

      far fewer. you all rule the roost in lunacy.

      • Spock

        Stop trolling Shempus. Data is nothing to be afraid of.

      • tome

        Hahahaha! More lunatic rants on a single episode of Duck Dynasty.

  • Attm Motob

    I would have revved up the engine a few times so that the black smoke would have enveloped her! :)

    • W Dawes

      They didn’t because of the girl’s allergies. It sounded, from the conversation, that they were waiting for someone at that location. What the lib troll was doing, who knows.

  • mcffoster

    People like her are somewhat like Michelle, “Just no more than a joke”.

  • relbmar16

    what a lunatic! I want you to shut the car off and because they won’t do what she dictates, they are bad. What kind of logic? A real crazy lady. Swearing in front of the kids too, my gosh. Further, if the truck is running, it might be burning fuel which you could call wasteful, but it’s their fuel. After the first 20 minutes of running a modern vehicle, they are not putting out pollution, they are extremely clean so the whole concept of the exhaust smell is ridiculous.

  • PaddyHenry

    It’s funny because she is fat! Lol. Was this dude blocking the KFC drive up on 2 for 1 Double Down days?

    • Spock

      Ha ha ha! I bet you’re really handsome and fit.

      • shempus

        sounds like a weftie. don’t have to be buffed to recognize a lib hag.

        • Spock

          In the realm of name calling, you win. Give me some substance and I might respect your opinion. Conservatism has some good points. You do them a disservice by representing a small minority of conservatives who are trolls.


        I bet you are about 60, never know when to get a haircut, smoke a pipe, wear a tweed jacket with leather patches on the elbows and is shuffling around Bern on a grant from a New England university.

      • MsRageKage

        Lol I love you Spock

  • DustyFae

    This woman has a big problem, a really sick out look on life… airplanes put a lot in the air as for pollution , she should go to the WH and talk to Obama and Congress the same way… And she is even carrying a cancer causing device and complaining about the air she is breathing… may be she should just try to stop breathing. And l know she would do the world a favor if she just zip her month cause the filth she was using was more offensive then what the exhaust was l can tell that…

  • T.A.K.

    Wow! Two things bother me and one thing surprises me. 1. Why didn’t the people to whom she was complaining call the cops or push her fat *ss away from their vehcle when she was cussing so much around the children. I believe they could have easily held her at bay until the police arrived by throwing a feed bag over her neck or by dropping a large container of butter on the ground and asking if it belonged to her. Perhaps she would have been in a calorie coma until the cops busted her for her actions, hoppefully arresting and cuffing her (or possibly using zip ties if it was determined that the size of her overdeveloped wrists prevented cuffs as a result of her, I’m guessing, holding massive amounts and weights of food at one time).
    What surprises me is that her vehicle can support her large, rude *ss. Hybrid or not (as I didn’t care to look close enough), I’m sure the inertia to get her rolling leaves a larger carbon footprint than a semi truck.

    • Spock

      What you lack in argument substance you make up for in fat jokes. Stellar work.

      • shempus

        libs – all the fury without the burden of fact.

        • Spock

          Facts are garnered by research. Don’t fear education. It is unbecoming.


            Physician, heal thyself.

    • D Fawkes

      Great stuff, T.A.K. I think you’ve nailed it.

  • Guest

    In Georgia that would have been considered harassment and set forth by the state law could have been deemed the right to self defense. Bring that mouth to the south Piggy. :)

    • Spock

      “Bring that mouth to the south Piggy?” dear god you didn’t just write that.


        No question mark required, Spock, as it was a statement you are quoting. Your next sentence, corrected, should be, “Dear God, you didn’t just write that”. Are you considering hiring a proofreader?

        • W Dawes

          I already questioned his “science” degrees because of his writing. He is a fraud and a troll. And apparently knows nothing of laws.

  • Momx8

    What this tells me is that the founding fathers created the 2nd amendment to silence those who abuse the 1st amendment.

    • Spock

      Thanks Mom. Use a gun when you don’t like what people say. Good logic.


    First, Liberals and Progressives use the ‘Nudge’, then the ‘Shove’, then the ‘Bullet’. What we just saw was very nearly a shove. You may have noticed that Mr. Obama is using the same techniques, With his ‘Do as I say or I’ll use my pen and my phone’ and his prosecution of movie makers he doesn’t like, shows he is officially entering the ‘SHOVE’ phase.

    • shempus

      good, ’cause he can shove it as far as I’m concerned. maybe he or Moochelle can try shoving the Spock troll. An admitted weftie, he’s used to the aroma already…

      • Spock

        You don’t even know me. Why are you recommending violence? Stop hiding behind a conservative majority comment base.

  • grumpy old man

    If the exhaust smell is so bad,then why doesn’t she park in another area,I’m sure there are other areas…just another loud mouthed liberal,who wants to be noticed…Remember,just because you are LOUD,that doesn’t make you RIGHT,,,Imbecile.

  • Mileaway

    There is more to this story than what was shown. If I were to critize just what the guy showed I would wonder why he had children riding in the back of his truck unrestrained etc. or why the truck was idling for an extended period of time exposing them to exhaust fumes, BUT, I also would have ran Tubby over with the truck and ended her Prious misery.

    • Spock

      You make an interesting point until you joke about killing someone and making fun of their weight. B+

    • Rapier Half-Witt

      California: the only state in the Union that has declared that being alive is the leading cause of death and therefore is dangerous to your health.

  • disqus_PmAvUGuvff

    I would have rolled up the windows, cranked the music and laid on the gas pedal!

    • Spock

      Now YOU are a problem solver.

  • Tommy Page

    I would have started the truck up and stepped on the gas!!!!!!!! And told her sorry I can hear you….LOL

    • Spock

      That’s right. When you can’t take the high road, it’s better to idle and waste gas. Git ‘er done!

  • PLW

    This over weight Liberal female is a danger to herself & others… Mental Health cannot help her because STUPID cannot be fixed! She needs a padded room where she can lie down and relax her tensions away (her meds can help her do this). Did she get at that location in her car, or a broom? No matter what, she needs to chill her righteous ways. These people are SCARY to say the least!!!

    • Spock

      No, these people are obnoxious. But they exist everywhere in every political spectrum, and every weight range. You seem genuinely concerned PLW. Please don’t take the internet so seriously or you might be sharing a padded cell with her.

  • Spock

    Wow. Lots of comments on this one. The people posting on this site have a lot of energy yet don’t get much accomplished. Ok, complain about this woman and let her become a symbol of what you think a liberal is. Make fun of her. Let your hate for the left take your time. But don’t forget the benefits the country has gained through progressive legislation over the past 110 years. I recommend the conservatives start promoting the positive conservative legislation that has benefitted American society. If you can make a point without the vitriol, you are more likely to be heard.


      I counted up most comments that are taking up so much energy. You win, spock. What have you accomplished in the last few days?

  • Evett Taylor

    yup dumb ass bitch …when you have kids you gotta protect them from the crazies like her.

    • Spock

      Thanks Evett. God bless America and protect her from that dumb ass bitch. Your sentiment is shared with everyone here. Your moral high ground and superior linguistic skills make your case.

  • Ann Wilson

    A convoy of 18 wheelers couldn’t cause as much noise pollution as her mouth.

  • disqus_F2q3EuSApg

    The lesson here is the hypocrisy of the left. This lady storms up to the car swearing and name calling then says she politely approached them. Really? I have to ask where it is written that people have lost the right to make their own choices of what they drive? As for having a simple intelligent discussion with people like this is impossible.

    • Spock

      Hypocrisy on both sides. Don’t sugarcoat the sentiment of the right just because you’re in a forum of conservatives who would likely agree with you regardless of your merits or accuracy.

      • disqus_F2q3EuSApg

        Spock, that is very true. However you have to admit that most issues where the left and right disagree, the right generally tends to allow other opinions. Guns are a perfect example; The Right- don’t like them? Don’t buy one. The left- NO ONE should own a gun. Smoking, choice of food, drink, cars, all these issues follow the same Left/Right pattern. The Right (generally) says to eat, drink, drive what you want; The Left says to ban what they disagree with. Liberal Talk Radio is a failure, the Lefts solution? Ban Conservative radio. The list goes on and on.

        • Spock

          I regretfully cannot share your optimism that the right; my experience is that as soon as I’m perceived as liberal, the insults begin and any opportunity to present or represent my ideas is diminished. Your generalisations have some truth but are somewhat tainted by an irrevocable opinion that you represent what is “correct”. My experience with the left has never been to ban anything; progressivism is about regulating, not banning. As I discuss politics with by educated liberal friends, banning speech in any aspect is unacceptable unless it causes damage (ie false medicinal claims, inciting dangerous activity etc.) My experience with conservatives has been more about banning things- social programs, public broadcasting, social assistance. I reside in a country now (Switzerland) who have taken social programs to another level; where a socialist party has an incredible amount of control in the legislature. However, gun ownership is mandatory (as is forced military service). Gun ownership is high here, crime is low, and regulations for every aspect of life are highly enforced.

          • disqus_F2q3EuSApg

            Interesting. You use of the word “regulating” begs the question “Regulating by whose standards”? “Inciting dangerous activity” is another extremely provocative statement. What exactly constitutes “Inciting……………”? The left here would have us believe that Conservative Talk radio is guilty of that. Pro 2nd amendment advocates are also looked at with a wary eye. The Tea Party is villainized as a Hate organization. Just about any one who disagrees with the “prevailing wisdom” of the left is ostracized as being out of touch and in one case (New York) officially encouraged to leave. We have something called a Constitution that limits the power of the government, not the other way around. We do not need or want some bureaucrats in government sitting around deciding what is best for the rest of us. Your last sentence is scary as hell, “regulations for every aspect of life are highly enforced”. I have to ask, are you happy with a Socialistic government controlling your life that way?

          • Spock

            Good questions. Ok, in the US, regulations are set up by the executive branch, reviewed by congress, and checked for constitutionality by the supreme court. It is an incredible system full of checks and balances. Provocative statements such as direct threats are generally pretty black and white- and if the government overreaches, there are judiciary checks and balances. As for where I live, I didn’t say the government was socialist. I said that the socialist party has a lot of power. It is very nice here. Health care is mandated and privatised but regulated; it is incredibly safe, and a genuinely nice place to live (albeit expensive) which is why they are pushing for about a 22USD/hr minimum wage right now. I miss the US, but trying to hold on to antiquated ideas and policies will erode the future power of our country.


            Did you mean to spell……privatized?


            Did you mean to say, I reside in a country now…..which has taken…..etc., instead of, “I reside in a country now….who have taken”? Did you mean to say, “Gun ownership is mandatory”, and in the next sentence say, “Gun ownership is high here”? Did you mean to say, “As I discuss politics with by educated liberal friends…..”?
            I ask you these questions because a little further down, in your arrogance, you tell someone he should have a liberal proofread his posts before commenting. May I suggest that you have someone proficient in English grammar proofread yours.

  • John Paul Jones

    To bad this whack job didn’t get her just reward, strait jackets were made for this type of people!

  • 70plus

    She could have saved herself a lot of energy if she would have just moved to an upwind spot..

  • MikeOchenbolls

    Koo koo!

  • Jeffery M Callaway Sr

    we;; i can understand having the truck running if it cold or extremely hot with kids.but i see it all the time where an electrician or plumber or contractor pulls over in a parking lot with a diesal and lets it run while he is on the phone,but i always think hum its his pocket he is killing not mine

    • Spock

      not just his pocket, it’s the local air supply, the cost of fuel worldwide…

  • ken charboneau

    I would took that for about 2 sec then told her go and intercourse her self and started my truck and park next to her piece dung Toyota and give her exhaust to breath what a turd just like brother obama

  • mperkins2

    She’s lucky, I probably would have punched her in the mouth if she talked that way in front of my young children. I mean after all don’t women libs like her want to be treated like a man?

  • blackwhitemexicanasianguy

    i would have revved up on her ass!!!!

  • pjaerts

    What a spaz. Guess she should stay home.

  • Chris Bourassa

    My first question is: did you even ask her if she was a liberal or are you assuming? She did not state so on the video. Tolerance is not just letting others be, but also understanding they may not think or act as you for reasons you have no information about. no only do we need to respect others, but we should treat them as if they were us, seeing others as us and realizing “how would I want to be treated in this situation”. Also, as much as we need diesel pickup trucks in this country and I know that in the winter leaving them running in the extreme cold is necessary, I personally have never liked people who will go and eat for 45 minutes to an hour leaving their pickup running. It is not only noisy, but irresponsible as far as being environmentally responsible. BTW, her ranting and yelling is actually a sign of not her breathing in fumes, but a much deeper issue in her personal life, either present or past.

    • Toastertreat

      Fair enough. But if you saw someone coming out the back door of Best Buy at midnight carrying a flat screen TV, would it really be useful to ask him if he’s a thief? This woman has issues, yes. But so do liberals in general in the area of telling other people what they can and cannot do, and especially how to think. And then getting in their face about it. It’s no big stretch to pin the label on her.

  • ed

    I would have turned the exhaust towards her and made her leave.

  • mike

    Some people need a good solid punch in the face before they will respect others! She was one of them!

  • Russell Mac Culloch

    Maybe she just forgot to take her meds

    • Spock

      The first comment I agree with here!

  • WhiteFalcon

    She is a typical commieonazicrat. I will bet anything that this moron voted for Ovomit, if she is smart enough to figure out a voting machine. And I’ll bet she is on welfare as well.

    • Spock

      I didn’t see Ovomit in the ballet. Did you mean Obama? Because I’m sure if you are intelligent and can make an intellectual argument, that you have the capacity to make a substantive comment without petty name calling. Right?

      • rick

        Ovomit doesn’t deserve to be called by his real name…

        • Spock

          Sounds like you’ve put a lot of thought and energy into this. When I disapproved of the Patriot Act and Bush’s warrentless wiretapping/FISA policies, I wrote to my congressmen and senators and empowered my friends to do the same. But I never thought making fun of Bush’s name would be just as useful. If you feel strongly, I recommend you leave the grade-school mentality and promote positive change through action. Do yourself a favour. You’ll be less angry and more empowered.

          • rick

            I’m not angry, I’m just saying that he doesn’t deserve to be respected because of the way he is destroying our Country.

          • Spock

            A valid concern. But you make a stronger argument if you resist the urge of being petty. Your voice is important- so say what you’re angry about without the insults. I find it goes much farther. If you want to infuriate the left, come with researched facts and a descriptive objective opinion- us lefties will be off-guard, shocked, and we might even learn something (Let’s be real, as arrogant as I can be, I know I have much to learn. When I hear a good argument I have to take a step back and reconsider my stance). Cheers Rick.

  • Political Liars

    Wow, what restraint he had. I would have told her to go F herself, revved my engine while she talked.

  • coniljw

    Can’t this complainer just MOVE her little car? She wants everyone to be just like her – a dunce.

  • rickochey

    white trash….

  • kmac1953

    She sure looks like she breathed a lot of french fries too !

  • Crash Gear

    Well it goes to show you cannot educate Stupid Liberal Monkeys…

  • Santa Glenn Heald

    Such a troubling example of a waste of the space she takes up, this women shows herself to be intolerant to the extreme. In front of Children. fortunately the kids will remember little except this behavior is wrong.

  • Philip Beck

    “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny exercised for
    the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It may be better to live
    under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s
    cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but
    those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end, for they do
    so with the approval of their own conscience.”

    –C.S. Lewis

  • La Lummus

    Frikkin lunatic definitively liberalism is a mental disease that woman need a straight jacket

  • Melany Howard

    Talk about being Insane, no self respecting SANE woman would behave that way! And to behave like that in front of children, that is pathetic behavior!

  • Mindfullofthoughts

    Nothing says decent human being like a Prius.

  • Joe Elfayer

    Every time she opened her fat mouth up, I would have hit the accelerator. Make her choke AND drown out her nails-on-a-chalkboard voice. It’s a WIN-WIN!!

  • Joe Ilbery

    Where is a ballbat when ya need it most!

  • siquijorisland

    This woman is an adult who needs no one apologizing for her as this is what she has chosen as a life.

  • andyandersonusa

    The mouth pollution this woman spews is simply incredible, and to do this foul act in front of children is appalling.

  • Mary Ruehl

    I agree with Patrick Fordham. Sticking a label on her as a “typical” liberal isn’t fair to the many liberals who ARE respectful and decent. My liberal friends would find this woman’s behavior disgusting. The reason she seems typical is because she’s obnoxious, she sticks out with the other obnoxious people of all political stripes. There is CLASS and there’s TRASH and it comes in all colors, religions, sexual orientations, and political affiliations. Clearly, this woman’s behavior qualifies her for the trash category. We need do no more than display her ugly behavior, the actions speak for themselves.

  • johngy

    To get our country back, these kind of people will have to be eliminated. If just one is left, they will spew their liberal dogma and the process will begin all over again.

    • Mary Ruehl

      Are you crazy?

      • johngy

        I wish I was crazy. If a doctor is cutting out cancer, what happens if he leaves one cancer cell? The Liberal agenda is a recent phenomenon. It MUST be eradicated! There is a president for this. History has a number of incidents where the liberal bunch were given a choice to follow the king. Those who wouldn’t swear allegiance to the king were run through. End of liberal agenda!

        • Mary Ruehl

          no way

  • aclay777

    The worst thing about this is she thinks she’s right, makes up her mind that she is and invades someone else’s legal right to be there and do what they want, then returns and does this before their kids, This is a liberal for you. The can’t mind their own business since it’s their directive that everything someone else does in their business and it’s never right.


    what about the pollution she causes by eating so much


      Are you referring to the very scientific study in Britain that concluded that government should tax dairy farmers for the contamination they cause from flatulent cows?

  • Jan Gaughan Thompson

    If I were the truck I would run over the tolerant lefty. What an ass.

  • 44Grim

    Why not rev the engine in her face?

  • Russell Smith

    Oh hell, just bring it up till the governor kicks in for a bit and see what she thinks with all THOSE fumes then! flaming idiot….

  • R Lee Urbanski

    She really looks like she is concerned about her health! The fat pig.. My wife would have beat her ass right on the spot. Ass kicking may be the only thing that a liberal will understand.

  • 1baronrichsnot1

    She is obviously a liberal redneck, the first one I have seen! They are elusive! They can tell you to f++k off and not remove the cigarette from their mouth. They can tell you to be restpectful of them and theirs, while using their vile language in front of small children! She has severe emotional problems, and mentally is incoherent! Some folks just have to be forced to be treated! Regardless of what their raves are about rights of the insane!

  • Dave Gibson

    Typical fat, ugly, obnoxious Obama voter. Thinks everything is her business…the way people live, what they drive, etc. I have a liberal father-in-law who’s the same way.

  • Reddkl

    Why are you all so sure she’s a liberal? My conservative friends all believe leaving a car running unnecessarily is a waste of money and we hate driving in traffic because of the stench.


      Then you believe she was justified in what she did? By questioning whether she is a Liberal, and referring to “all my conservative friends”, you self-identify. She walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, that’s why she probably is a duck. Among all your conservative friends, at least one knows that his diesel pickup uses less fuel while idling that when turned on and off, that diesel fuel is less of a contaminant than gas, and if she hated the stench she should have just loaded herself in her Prius and driven away. She probably legally committed assault.

      • Reddkl

        I don’t believe she was justified. I don’t “self-identify” with her either. My question was pretty straight forward. When a person “assumes” anything, there’s a possibility they are wrong. You’re right, she should have driven away. It still doesn’t justify posting the video and professing to know her political affiliation. What I would like to see on these boards are people willing to “discuss” issues. Look below and see comments such as “stinking psycho”, “fat communist”, “liberal idiot” and it goes on and on.

        You can’t assume any political affiliation with poor behavior. I guess you’re not aware of Senator Grimm or others’ poor behavior. Should we assume they’re liberal?

        As for diesel pick-up, I wasn’t aware, nor was I able to see it.

        • D Fawkes

          Are you related to Spock?

  • smlgov

    Why are liberals always so freaking ugly?

  • Karen M

    and she VOTES folks!

  • james

    She wants him to shut his truck off because his exhaust fumes offend her and its killing her…yet she has a cigarette in hand


      Right you are, James! Hadn’t noticed that.

  • Sharon Lynn

    road rage waiting to happen

  • nancy miller

    Perfect example of how stupid liberals are.

  • helioblak

    she coulda just rolled up her frikkin window

  • smenow

    What a left-wing nut! She is indeed, fat, rude and obnoxious!!! How dare she talk that way in front of kids… Let’s make this go viral and expose this cow for what she is!!!

  • Mary-Ann Ward

    She is really a witch with a b!!! Who is she the manner police? She was not in a parking place. She was not in the conversation yet she made it all about her!! She wanted to be on camera!! Well lady, and I use the term loosley SHUT THE F UP!!! People have the right to drive what ever they want and IF you don’t like it. Stay in you Japanese made car where all the profits go to Japan and keep your thoughts to your self. You can get killed attacking people you don’t know!! Just saying!!

  • Dale

    What Karen said.

  • daisypony

    Where did this happen? Was this real, to me it seemed at bit put on and she let them video her! How stupid is that.

  • Amy Firefighterswife

    First of all those who live in glass houses should never throw stones or in her case boulders. I want to know why her fat ass isn’t taking public transportation instead of polluting the air with her vehicle! And why isn’t her fat ass walking and donating her money to charity instead using it to buy that fast food that she is obviously buying!! Maybe she should stop being so “ignorant” herself….only an ignorant uneducated ass would approach total strangers and their children and proceed to swear at them over the vehicle that they choice to drive. She’s lucky she wasn’t blown away!!!

  • Johnny Richard

    Really her car puts out just as much carbon monoxide as that truck, that tree’s use to make oxygen………………..hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • ken

    this is why i keep silly string in my car. this has happened to me in the “better neighborhood” of where i live with people thinking they are better than i am. now i just shoot them with silly string, laugh and walk away.

  • Chris Bridges

    AAAANNNDDD the #1 reason to never own a PRIUS… that self rightous prick right there acting a fool in front of a family. What I find amazing with people like that is this. I drive a 1967 Chevy pick up. I’ve gotten lectured about driving around a gas guzzling antique.. but that Truck has been on the road for half a century. Most people buy new cars every 5 years. That is 10 cars that would have been built and driven if it had been traded in or junked after 5 years, over the life it has lived so far.. The cost in materials and energy alone to build 10 vehicles over the life of that one truck is astronomical. The emissions from 10 cars that only get moderately better fuel millage as time goes on and the energy costs of mining the raw materials, refining the metals, all the oil refined into plastics and rubbers, the pollution from the plants that built them.. all so this chick can ride around in a car that looks like a cheap tennis shoe, and only gets about 30mpg for the sole purpose of feeling superior to a guy in a diesel pickup that probably gets just as good or better fuel millage as that Prius. Hell, my 1972 VW Beetle with 200,000 miles on it gets 34mpg .. I don’t know what these Prius people are crowing about. My coworker has a TDI diesel Jetta that gets 50mpg and will run like a cruise missile while its doing it.
    It’s been proven that a decently maintained older vehicle has less environmental impact in the long run than constantly building new cars to replace it. And I can fix the thing on the side of the road with a pocketknife and whatever I find under the seat. Try that with that computerized abortion on wheels.

  • G VB

    Please enlighten me. What did she say that leads you to believe she’s a ‘liberal?’ Did I miss the Obama sticker on her panties or something?

  • Jon Goff

    I think John the revalator missed the fifth horseman of the apocalypse. Stupidity. “And I beheld another astride a horse named Prius, and lo she went abroad over all the face of the earth and wheresoever she went was a great and painful bellowing, and her speech confounded the minds of men for though she spake as a man yet her words maketh rocks seem smart, for she was dumb as dirt. Amen”

  • plomaman

    She should be more considerate of people who don’t like being verbally assaulted by fat, ugly, loud-mouthed,
    Prius driving, liberal koolaid drinkers like her.

  • Tom Doyle

    I simply would have drove over right next to her car and revved up the engine filling her car with exhaust then went back over and parked where I was in he first place. if she continued to be a bitch I would have called the law myself and complained about her bitching a t me while she was parked illegally.

  • Bobby Miller

    love the look on the daughter’s face.she’s like.i can barely walk and even i know this *itch is being stupid.

  • jamesabrt

    When she came walking back again towards the back of the truck, the accelerator on the truck should have been nudged a bit, take that turbo-diesel up to about 4500 rpms , and see just how much the exhaust bothered her.

  • drlamb07

    You know, it seems to me, that she could have gotten in her car and DRIVEN OFF away from “the fumes”. This is what America is coming to, where LIBERAL FEAR CONSUMED, individuals can IMMEDIATELY pass judgement on others and demand they change the way they live immediately because they are being selfish & self indulgent? They are automatically right–everyone else is wrong? God bless America and deliver us from these “rabid liberal bitches”.

  • Duh101

    I think she did a marvelous job of describing herself. She had a lot of nerve.

  • chantelle

    The minute she got near the ass-end of my tailpipe, I’d have gunned my engine right in her face. And since she felt the need to swear in front of children, I would have called the law on her and had her charged with harassment. This couple were way too polite. Conservatives or not, no one should have to put up with that kind of abuse from anyone, especially a total stranger.

  • Jeff Mallette

    I would have have told her to shut her fat mouth and rear end as she is a carbon hazard. She obviously is eating more than her fair share.

  • Coozbee

    WHO IS SHE??? I MEAN, WHO DOES SHE THINKS SHE IS TO TELL ANYONE HOW TO LIVE, OPERATE their vehicle, and to INTRUDE!!! MY GOD, when WAS she appointed the Supreme Dictator???

  • Maurice Trevor Andrews

    My old lady would have dropped her fat @$$ like a bad habit…

  • Tom Dorman

    im thinking my hand would have been around her throat taking her liberal fat ass back to her own car

  • mgmu

    If you wrung out chunk chunk’s hair, the oil contained could run his truck for months. It takes a pretty ballsy person to walk up to someone spouting like that, she’d be eating liquids for a few months if she did that in my town. Although I’d prefer a simple throat punch. Might slow down how this apparent environmentalist eats enough to feed a nice sized family.

  • HangEmHigh

    Admit it. When you see a Prius on the road. You just have to pull up along side to see the moron driving it.

  • Nelson Santos

    PETITIONING: NBC, ABC, CNN, CBS, NEWS CORP. AND FOX NEWS To start focusing on positive news

  • Bob Naprava

    Ignorant single cow. Just wanted to spread her misery. I think she was shopping for batteries for her boyfriend. don’t it look like the buttons on that sweater were under a lot of stress?

  • Daniel Bohlmeyer

    What a pig!

  • Jean

    Amazing that this kind of person is in fact representative of America, liberal or otherwise. Sad.
    This is how we treat each other? And with kids in the truck. No class. Clearly, no education.

  • Roy Dubay

    I’t’s hard to believe that there are people this stupid in this world and they give them drivers license’s and allow them to roam free.Wow she was a real tool,she is a poster child for birth control

  • pokenhorn

    Why don’t you do exactly what I want all the time ? Are you stupid ? Ignorant ? I am offended.

  • RVNMike

    This cow is a total idiot. She is very lucky she didn’t get in my face like that. In front of my kids? Oh no. I don’t care if she is a woman. She crossed the line. She had no right to say anything. She wasn’t even in a parking place, she was in the driving lane.
    What a total idiot.

  • anem

    lol wut

  • miamigarner

    I have a deep desire to kill her.With a large hunting knife to the belly.

  • finishstrongdoc

    ummmm….four people sharing one vehicle is much more environmentally friendly than one fat lady in one vehicle. Redneck logic for the win.

  • Barry Simmonds

    I might have accidently spit on her shoes about then……

  • Jay Jay Haskins

    She needs to get laid. LOL

    • pokenhorn

      Yeah, but who’ll volunteer to take on such a nasty piece of pork?

  • Tonka

    Was this woman on her break outside her job??Her Employer needs to see this..WOW just stupid white trash…Really

  • Nelson Santos

    lol thought that was a south park episode its called smug and people who drive hybirds

  • Joyce Clemons

    She said all that with cigarettes in her hand, that is so cute.

  • John Abrahamsen

    There was a study a few years ago that concluded that comparing the total lifetime of a Prius vs Hummer H1 … the pollution including manufacturing was WORSE with the Prius… it was actually 2 Priuses (est. 10 years each) vs 1 Hummer (20 years). What made the Prius worse? Mining for the material for the batteries and the shorter “lifespan”.

    • dubyads

      C’mon john, but it feels good to drive a shoe box on roller skates…

  • KStacey

    Nice to know who we are being forced to support via Obamacare. Her medical file is probably kept in volumes for each month. Obesity, hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, heart disease and an obvious psychiatric disorder of epic proportions. How could she possibly go ANYWHERE quiet, with that gigantic squawking mouth of hers in tow 24/7? She should be grateful the truck could drown out some of the squalling and distract her from her miserable self, if only for a minute or two.

    • dubyads

      I think you nailed it…

  • Jane Dellinger Hoyle

    Typical liberal bitch!

  • Don Davis

    Well at least she’s got those liberal good looks.

    • dubyads

      Oh Don!!!! Was she making you randy???? Ouch!


        That is so cruel. Nobody deserves even a thought of such a thing!

  • Fiberton

    Ugly fat cow has issues.

  • Tony

    See, we wouldn’t have these problems if you would have just knocked her dumb a$$ out.

  • Andy McWilliams

    A thousand Nigerian kids could live off her fat!

  • johnlaw484

    And people like this vote, no damn wonder this country is in the shape it is in. My God in merciful Heaven when will we make a stand against this type of stupidity?

  • Dee Dunbar

    as if she IS pleasant and courteous……………………

    • Dee Dunbar

      libtards are mindless idiots and loud mouth POS!

  • CC1980

    She has a helluva nerve, her POS Prius is responsible for out of control strip mining that does more harm to the environment than a truck will ever do. She’s an ass.

  • RWReagan_666

    Ahhh! Nothing better than breathing heavy diesel fumes of Rambo truck idling for no purpose!

  • LoneMassConservative

    Another fat ugly obnoxious liberal woman! Or was it a liberal man? Hard to tell the difference!!

  • Fred O’Cliff

    Shut up, Joe. It is illegal in Texas to leave your vehicle sitting while idling, for any reason. You hear that? IT ILLEGAL IN TEXAS TO LEAVE A SITTING VEHICLE IDLING WITH THE ENGINE IS RUNNING. Yet again, you posers show what whiners you are and that you think that you are above everyone and everything else. Idk where this is, but that idling vehicle law was signed by Rick Perry. He is a poser patriot like you, Joe.

    • Jo Momma

      hey D-bag he did not “leave” it idling….it is all about verbiage….you don’t sound smart enough to be an attorney so maybe you should go back to watching Judge Judy and learn something…what a troll…..

    • Chuck Vipperman

      So that completely justifies this banshee’s response?


      “Shut up, Joe…..”
      “…..vehicle sitting while idling”
      “Idk where this is”

  • Jo Momma

    I would have gotten in the truck and gunned the engine every time she opened her mouth and faked not being able to hear her then beeped the horn just to piss her off more…then I would have handed her the phone number for weight watchers…then maybe when was the last time she saw her feet with out a mirror. Then my next comment would have been she look familiar oh yes the guest of honor at the pig roast I was at…spit in her @$$ and apple in her snout….handed her some BBQ sauce….you cant fix stupid. She is the poster child for abortion.

  • Killer Social Media


  • truthcraver

    It’s kind of puzzling to me that these people consider themselves “liberal” – Hmmm – the sound of the word makes you think they’re permissive of just about everything, but in reality, they want to regulate everything and everyone in tarnation – except the B.S. that spews from their face. I’d like to issue a “noise pollution” to her because of her loud, offensive mouth!

  • truthcraver

    Hmmm…that “loud mouth” strikes me as someone who would also try to issue a summons to a child for running a lemonade stand without a “permit”. How do YOU spell “obnoxious”??

  • Captcrush


  • Michael Lowe

    Little does that ignoramus know is that diesel she’s bi*ching bout is more environmentally friendly than her Prius! She should think and know facts before she opens her stinking hole next time! typical libtard!

  • vanderfk

    Isn’t that a cigarette in her hand and then a pack of cigarettes that she’s holding after she returned to accost this family? She’s worried about breathing? Looks like she ran out of her Xanax. It never ceases to amaze me when people like this just confirm their lunacy.

  • carlton goodson

    100 % loon.

  • Mary Wall

    oh my gosh I am so glad that was not me she jumped on. Wow I don’t like her langage.

  • Garry Butler

    I probably would have hit her in the mouth when she used the profanity in front of my kids.. not the Christian way but sometimes people just dont give you a choice…

  • Slow_Lane55

    You did notice that the two cars parked there were the lib-car of choice. The Toyota Prius. I drive a taxi cab, 12 hrs. a day, 5 days a week, 200+ miles a day and will say that Prius drivers are the worst drivers on the road.

  • Jamie Clay

    I would have drove over next to that POS window and parked my exhaust right next to her miserable stupid ass window and sat in my truck idling till she left. Libtard pig! Liberals push then shove back three times as hard!!! Here ya go!

  • Dave Youngman

    “Don’t touch me.” She says and then curses and swears in front of her kids. Little wonder every once in a while somebody flips out at this bullshit and just beats the fat marxist to a pulp and leaves her in a ditch. They actually think they are untouchable when they march into your face and start using F words … to a NORMAL person them be fightin words. I REALLY woulda liked to have seen the lady from the truck kick out fatso’s knees, piss on her and then drive off.

  • Luz Pew

    she was rude and nasty . I would like to find out what did she had for a meal that day ….

  • Kelly Vincent-Marcelles

    This isn’t even a case of lib vs. conserv. It’s about rudeness! ! She should have just moved her car if she wanted to be someplace quiet. Is that a cigarette in her hand? This crazy woman obviously is having a bad day…

  • Michael Tomaino

    I think the Man in the vehicle showed incredible restraint. My first thought was to punch her between the eyes…

  • Jill Brooks

    This woman needs to be taken in for a mental health evaluation. She seriously needs help.

  • chickief

    What a piece of “work” she is! She is illegally parked, smoking and potty mouthed AND complaining about someone else being self centered and disrespectful!

    I bet she votes for a living!

  • Ron Rose

    please tell me that was not a Prius that obnoxious cow got out of

  • Johnny Blade

    I would have beat her ass… sick of people like this thinking they can inflict their vileness on other people and they just have to take it.

  • Sparten1

    With voters like this, who needs enimies?

  • diane7000

    What a Liberal Bit_h!

  • David

    All I can say is people like this truly make it hard to love them like we are commanded to do.

  • Charles Reed

    REV THAT MOTHER UP!!! and let her hear it

  • lee luna

    I really feel bad for that itty bitty Prius it’s bad enough that little clown car has to haul around 1500 lbs of batteries it has to haul her carcass everywhere it goes as well. just like the train that said “I think I can, I think I can” the poor Prius says “I give up.”

  • lee luna

    just think about her Obese size, she uses more toilet paper wiping that fat A**(sorry about the visual),she needs more material for her plus size cloths, she takes up more space then an average person and leaves a larger carbon footprint, she eats enough food that if she would cut down she could single handily end famine, when she passes gas the Earth temperatures drops by 2 degrees, and when she runs her mouth she causes more noise pollution then a Boeing Jet…she has Her nerve.

  • lee luna

    she’s worried about consumption but she looks like she eats enough to feed a third world country.

  • Ken Silvers

    If she would have gotten in my personal space like that, I would have shut the door, slamming it into her fat head. If my wife would have been there, she would have stomped her fat head into the asphalt. What a jerk, She’s gonna try that crap on the wrong person and get shot.

  • TNJim

    I’d rather teach kids what the parents with they truck are teaching than what the marxist who obviously isn’t taking the advice of the First Lady when it comes to diet. The guy was remarkably restrained. I would have been revving the engine like crazy, especially if it was a diesel.

  • Sue Lundy

    This is a complete and utterly obnoxious (dare I say ) lady she had no right to spout off to anyone it is a public place and she was just being rude and crass. She talks mindless did she even stop to think what she is teaching kids with her attitude she is so self centered it isnt funny

  • Keith Houston

    Look, she’s just upset. Probably got her bill for her new obamacare insurance; she’s out flour and her man can’t roll her in it to go for the wet spot; still no twinkies in her local market, I mean, a lot things can set those people off!

    Just wish you had a GUN RACK hanging in there, that would have really got her goat ahahahahaha

  • RickfromIllinos

    Ask the fat, obnoxious blob is she believes in equality between the sex? When she answers “yes”, and she will, tell her that you do to, and that if a man had come over to your family ranting and swearing you would kick his ass, and if she doesn’t leave you will do so to her.


    I sure wouldn’t want to be downwind from her.

  • morgus

    I would have revved my truck up the whole time she was running her pie hole while saying “What? I can’t hear you” while laughing!

  • Dave Mann

    This person has serious mental health issues. If you have her license plate number you should send it along with a copy of this video to the local Department of Children’s Services and the Police Department. Her anger issues obviously override her common sense, and I wouldn’t be surprised to find that she is a child abuser, both mental and physical. Of course, she was most likely abused herself as a child. Nasty piece of work, to say the least. Now, having said that, can you just imagine being married to or being the domestic partner to a person who behaves like that in public. Imagine how she acts in private. Bottom line, pray that she is medicated before she acts out her aggression in a violent physical manner. Road Rage is an everyday occurrence and a killer.

  • sidneydave

    If she is so concerned about the exhaust why isn’t she smart enough to get in her car and leave? Some people go out of their way to show their ass.

  • Jim Schofield

    I would have done a brake stand in her honor. While blasting Ted Nugent on my stereo

  • gregzimmerman007

    hysterical. remember, she is down wind of your exhaust. lmao. what u need to do is fart and see if it goes down wind to her. then she can add it to the list of everything u have done wrong in the last three minutes.

  • terriohara

    What a SOW, who is she, the Parking Lot Police??? Give me a break!

  • Jennifer Gilbert Sams

    Sooo… if it had been bothering me… I would have moved upwind of the truck. Love the tolerance of some people. Smh

  • batmanroxus

    That b_itch has much bigger problems than this;)

  • Mickey

    I’m sick of sloppy fat lesbian bitches, so I guess that’s fair.

  • Kdiity

    Wow, what a dipstick…… or is that a dipshit ??

  • Arden Hale

    Next time just call the police.

  • D Davis

    It’s none of her business…any of it. What kind of truck you drive, your job. She should mind her own business. She’s disgusting with her attitude and her language in front of kids.

  • Li Tyler

    Oh, lovely lady!

  • Paul Crittenden

    It’s one thing to be ugly on the outside, but clearly, she’s just as ugly on the inside, too.

  • West Coast O’s Fan

    It’s funny, she’s complaining about breathing their car exhaust, but she stays there and continues to complain.

  • James W. Doran

    I give the gent’s wife a lot of credit for not knocking this moron on her fat ass!

  • bigal64

    It magic pixie dust that she plugs her car into !

  • Jim Young

    WOW ! I bet that bitch hasn’t been laid in a hundred years !

  • David maley

    I hope those buttons on her sweater don’t pop; they look like they are under more stress than her

  • Steven Hedrick

    She’d probably have a heart attack if she knew that the manufacturing of her Prius batteries generate a pollution/carbon footprint that so far exceeds his “gas guzzler” that he would never equal the pollution index her green car creates. The fact that the required replacement of her batteries every 60,000 miles creates a footprint equal to driving the “gas guzzler” 80,000 miles. Don’t tell her… she’ll become depressed and suicidal and we’ll just end up paying for her meds.

  • ConstitutionalCourier

    Another example of a nut job Liberal with a big mouth. She belongs in a mental institution.

  • Michael Hale

    I would have started revving the truck and telling her I couldn’t hear her…

  • Crapola

    We have no tolerance for comments containing violence, racism, vulgarity, profanity…. ha ha What was coming out of that leftist woman’s mouth? It sure wasn’t sweetness. It was intolerance and vulgarity, and profanity, in front of this man’s children. And she was not satisfied with spewing her crap the first time, but had to place her obnoxious self there a second time to harass these people. They had more self control than I would have had.

  • pawomanforromney

    I think they should change those coexist stickers to “Coexist, unless you don’t agree with me”

  • Eileen Burke Miller

    Uncontrollable Anger…and it’s all in her own heart.

  • pawomanforromney

    Only hope she views this video to see how utterly ridiculous she looks and sounds.

  • jaws4316

    Wow, I guess some people can’t help making an a$$ of themselves. A few years ago when I lived in WA State, I was enjoying a pleasant day in the Park with my kids. My Daughter who was 8 or 9 at the time was holding her little Brother who was about 18 months. All of a sudden we’re confronted by this Liberal know-it-all woman who happened to be a nurse. She tried to be polite,at least, but she had to give us her speech about how DANGEROUS it was for little children to hold their siblings. Said something like “If you only knew how many horrific head injuries I see ll the time, blah blah,blah.” My Wife said to her “Thanks for your concern, but they’re just fine.” I guess that wasn’t good enough because she continued to rant and rave and grow more belligerent, until I stepped up to her Car window and told her “It doesn’t take a village to raise MY children, so take your nosy liberal attitude and get on down the road, Hillary.” Yep, she left, but she was not a happy camper.


      Isn’t it pleasant to get in a good shot like that, at least once in awhile.

  • Frank E. Licata

    a Prius-driving fat ugly libtard with no class


      Concise and precise. You must have had the same high-school English teacher that I had.

  • John McGee

    She drives a Prius, she is a good person, she knows what is best for you.

  • Bill Gilbow

    Shes lucky she didn’t get decked

  • Scott Snoopy

    yes the compassionate liberal progressive Prius driving left….sadly she is not the exception but more the rule

  • Guest

    There’s a real easy way to shut that cow right up for awhile,,,,give her a dozen cheeseburgers!

  • John A Mays

    bahaha. She was totally describing herself throughout this entire video. HAHAHAHAHA. Damn liberal pansie



  • Dennis Kyne

    If that was one of the newest diesel engines you should have told her that the air coming out of the tail pipe is cleaner than the air going in. So in effect you are cleaning the air her foul mouth breaths in.

  • SKinGN

    This MUST go viral. I love the Prius… nice touch (I happen to drive one also, because I would rather piss off the king of Saudi Arabia than some pimply-faced tree hugger… but I’m putting a gun rack on it… and the Gadsden flag).
    If anyone can identify this beauty, that would be wonderful.

  • The Abstract

    She asks why you have the truck when it’s obvious you don’t use it. I ask why does she have a brain when it’s obvious she doesn’t use it.

    Effing typical liberal “know-it-all” ignoramus.

    • Karen

      And how in the world would she have ANY clue, just looking at a family in a parking lot, if or how they ‘use’ their truck? And who made her the judge and jury to decide if someone has a good enough reason to own a truck?

  • Vintage Gibson

    She looks like a watermelon, green on the outside and red all the way inside.

  • MahMo3

    shut her fat mouth because the gas that comes out of it is more dangerous than the truck

  • rore73

    Why isn’t it legal to just whack her in the head and drag her off the road!

  • Pamela Forristall

    This gal is a total LOONIE TOON. There has GOT to be a Mental Illness involved in her behavior.

  • KG


  • Alan Lee

    This woman will be your Nurse in an Obama care Hospital!! Pray that the private sector saves us from her and creates another Healthcare system!

  • George

    Floor board it give her some real smoke.

  • Dale Mlynarik

    She should also research and learn that Deisel engines create less polutants than gas engines do, these days……If she only knew that to MAKE/BUILD one (1) electric car creates more polution than it takes to build and operate a standard sedan will through IT”S lifetime…………

  • Fay Butler

    Have to wonder how Dumb Lib of the Week likes seeing herself in action online.

  • Chris Jackson

    how much did she just add to the global warming issue( I know it is all a lie) by blabbing all that worthless CO2? a wise man once told me,” it is better to be stupid and say nothing then open your mouth and remove all doubt!”

  • thetawake

    If I was in the mood to engage, I might’ve sad to her (very, very loudly because that’s the only way people who believe they are at the center of the universe can hear each other and very quickly because they believe they should be the only ones speaking):

    “Listen up, hot flash! You could’ve come over with a smile on your face and politely asked me to help make things a little easier on you-since you must certainly be having a rough day-and I might’ve obliged. But since you came over all ugly, self-absorbed, and fat, I will now do every possible thing the law will allow to ensure YOU GET NOTHING! Now run along before I forget about the law”

  • William L

    Well bless her little pea picking heart.

  • Fay Butler

    So now you can’t drive a truck? Control, control, control. BARF!

  • William L

    If her hand got that close to my childs face I would have broken it!! End of subject.

  • Amanda Croley

    She is NUTS!

    • John A Mays

      Hm, I wonder if we can have her admitted to the lonnie bin…than again she is liberal and the government will swoop in to save her pathetic ass. Glad I live in the Republic of Texas!

      • Karen

        She’s proof that liberalism is a mental disease.

  • dangerouspatriot

    All I’d have to say to this fat b**ch is Shut The F*** Up and get the hell out of my face before I have you arrested for harassment.

  • thetawake

    Oh, I pray this happens to me! Soon as the liberal whackadoo gets going, all anyone would hear is a steady 6500 RPMs…and I’d run the tank dry if necessary.

  • Adam

    I would of drowned her out by stepping on the gas! What? What? I can’t hear you over my load diesel truck

  • ZeelandCap

    What is here name?


    someone throw her a bone in the street and let her chase it… geeeeezzzzzzz

  • amyje1

    See this same sort of mindset ALL the time from these same sorts of people. They aren’t even original about any of it. They always resort to personal attacks, false accusations, ugly labels, etc.


      Just like when they get on these comment sections, thinking all they have to do is call names and be real snarky. They can work in Bush, Rush Limbaugh, etal. into just about anything, never once giving cogent reasoning for their position.

  • animalaura

    I hope that loudmouth cretin reads all these comments…. and then dies.

  • William John McCloskey

    Sasquatch took a picture of this slob.

  • sbozich

    He should have stepped on the gas to shut her up.

  • William Richardson

    Omg!!! What an ignorant loud mouth bitch. Cussing in front of Children just doesn’t cut the Mustard with me. If she’s do worried about the Exhaust, why doesn’t she just SHUT UP and get back in her Car. She can roll up the windows and turn the A/C or Heater on

  • William John McCloskey

    I would have gotten this slob in a choke hold.

  • Maureen Bahr

    She must have been having a bad day.. We live here in Texas where it gets hot and windy. When I pick my husband up from his card club I leave my engine on, and its no one business but my own.I buy the gas am not nosing into anyone elses life style.. WHY does this woman feel she has the right to approach anyone in this fashion? Talk about teaching your kids.. Hope hers are not watching this rude display!

    • Karen

      And these are the same people who feel free to make sure our kids know all about other people’s deviant lifestyles, and are impacted by them, whether WE like it or not.

  • libsrretards

    that fat a$$ liberal was probably hoping one of them would beat her a$$ so she could sue. That’s why she asked him what he did for a living. She wants more money to go to McDonalds to fluff that fat up.

    • gregzimmerman007

      libs, she’s probably on the way there already to try to see if she can spill the hot coffee on herself and win another $2 million dollars reward from McD’s. lol.

  • dubyads

    She needs some “Darlington stripes” down the side of her Prius…..I love how liberals love to dictate to everyone what they should be driving….This guys truck probably cost more than the trailer she is living in, and it was made HERE….

    • John D Archer

      Woulda been all I could do not to park my truck on top of her Prius

  • hrleemn

    Another brainwashed liberal conservationist…. W O W I think I would have smacked her

  • Paul Justis

    Oh yeah and leave the fat jokes out.She is a piece of crap obese,thin,male,female,any color.

  • Timewarped

    So how much extra food has this fat bitch eaten in life, how much extra energy and productivity and carbon and pollution has that caused so she could put on that extra useless fat. How will that effect her health and the COSTS to society under her BO care. Is she outraged at Al Gore and his carbon imprint from his Jet setting life. I guess this Fat ass is better at pointing out to others what is wrong with them than she is at seeing it in herself and doing something about it. I would have immediately gone after her and her fat ass, her ugly mug, the danger of her small car for children, her cost to society for her health, her apparent mental illness, the fact that she has no life, is a miserable and unhappy person who seeks to infect other with her mental condition and that she if presenting a threat to my children and endangering their well being and if she does not leave immediately I will call the police and report her.

  • AmericanLass

    Legal vehicle parked in a public parking lot, but this broad want to pick and choose who has the “right” to park. Did she not think of rolling up her windows. Should have never responded to her lunacy.

  • SinDelle Morte


  • Paul Justis

    I commend you for your patience.Not so sure everyone could have held back.

  • Darrell Beam

    Either do one of two things in this situation. First (my favorite) is to get back in your truck an start revving the engine or two grab this idiot by the hair an drag her back to her car.

  • Bill Gordon

    What an IDIOT. She needs loose teeth. Got to have broken out of the pasture.

  • Stephen Holmstock

    what a sweat hog….

  • Bill Gordon

    What an IDIOT. She needs loose teeth..

  • rugvendor

    Fat, ugly bitch,…. mind your own damn business. Of all the nerve to get into someones face like that.


    Do you think there maybe something in the Prius Hybrid system which causes brain damage? Has to be the poor woman was permanently mentally disabled by Toyota and should file suit.

    • dubyads

      Impossible, you have to be brain-damaged TO make the purchase..

  • injustice_avenger

    shut-up you fat-f*ck

  • Otto Jacob Walker Jr


  • Crenshaw

    tell her to move her damn care before she emitts her smoke.

  • David South

    Typical liberal rant!

  • Christopher Cordray

    This is why I hate prius drivers…..they think they are saving the world. How lil do they know.

    • dubyads

      I wonder if she knows where the ore is mined for the batteries (Canada), where it is shipped to to be refined (Europe), where that material is shipped to be made into a battery (China), to be shipped to Japan to be put in a car, that is then shipped here, to be charged by electric generated by a coal plant…Oh wait, I’m being unfair…

      • The Abstract

        Well stated. Since the typical liberal “know-it-all” ignoramuses don’t see emissions from their Priuses, they are not responsible for any pollution, anywhere.

        • Guy Smith

          EXCELLENT!! He should’ve said to her: “FUKUshima!”

        • Robert Buonfiglio

          great link! the very definition of sanctimonious!

  • RossPoldark

    Tub of lard cares about the exhaust from this families car which she breaths, because it is harmful to the environment and her health, but she probably stuffs her mouth with food that is obviously doing harm to he body. Her face is really ruddy, like someone who indulges in too much alcohol. Her brain is damaged for two reasons. She has atherosclerotic disease, an a mental disorder called liberalism, which ravages the mind like rabies does an animals mind. She is a biohazard herself, and probably gives off more carbon emissions than the car the family was driving.


      Not to mention the methane gas.

  • vsdgrandma

    Did she not have a cigarette and lighter in her hands??? Talk about pollution!!!!!

    • Douglas P. Tucker

      Nice, I was thinking the same thing!

  • Storm

    I do hoe she is not the kind of liberal who will get gun and shoot a bunch of children

  • Ronnie Wilkerson

    Like to know the name of that LOUD MOUTH BI_CH and introduce her to my Loud ’70 Mustang!!!

  • Storm

    It looks to me that she is the biggest cause of air pollution.

  • cherylpine

    Thank you for posting this Joe. I live in a conservative (Bible-belt) area, so people think I exaggerate when I say how outrageous Libs have become. I am certain the liberals I know will not see themselves in this obnoxious cow, but the fact is, the current administration is ENCOURAGING that type of thinking! Behavior follows thoughts.
    Keep up the good work of exposing this infestation of mental illness (liberalism) into our culture Joe!

  • Michael Carlson

    I would have parked right next to her after that exchange. My only wish is that I would have had a diesel.

  • Shi

    OMG…what a hideous piece of Libtrash.

  • Steve Walker

    No reason to argue with an idiot, just call the police have them remove her. B

  • Gerry Emery

    Stupid things Liberals say


      Gerry,you don’t even have to listen to Nancy’s voice, she can say really dumb stuff with her hands.

  • ElmoS

    God, wish she would have confronted me with that tirade. She would no be a happy camper. SOB, would have to get out of jail for harassing me.

  • hagar2935

    What a total moron. She belongs in a straight jacket and a psycho ward!

    • gregzimmerman007

      …all liberals should…and that’s being kind.

  • Karen

    Wow, just wow! I love when she approaches them, swearing, lecturing, and calling names…and then tells them they need to be polite and respectful to HER! WOW!!!! Typical liberal. This is why America is going to swing back, because people are sick of their crass obnoxiousness and know-it-allness.

    • Elaine Eckart

      yes, that was the icing on the cake. Comes across with vulgarity, and asks them to be respectful.

      • Tammy Reed

        They r do as i say, not as i do.

        • grassroot

          But, since they are the smarter ones, they do have the right
          to dictate to others. As we see in this administration.
          This one really looks smart, right?

          • guest

            We are generally more educated and better traveled. But how smart can us libs be? We were never able to teach you guys anything. If we were really smart you wouldn’t be so dumb.

          • Mi Li

            you are full of chit with everything you say except one thing. Who wants to be taught be an ignorant dumb azz liberal. And you are right if you were really smart we wouldn’t be so dumb do you get that? You must be stoned or drunk. You just called yourself not smart dumb azz.

          • flour

            I would read what you just wrote and appologize to guest. Typical conservative ignorant trash.

          • Mi Li

            flower what would I apologize to “guest” for? How about guest apologizes to all of us fine non commie/socialistic americans for talking bad about us and obliviously being “dumb” enough to vote for oblameyou? How’s that sound?

          • Mickey Allen Johnson

            LOL! liberals aren’t intelligent just miseducated baboons who vote for the likes of obama and hillary!

          • JMG

            Don’t insult baboons!!!

          • Mickey Allen Johnson

            LOL! you have a good point :)

          • Steve Allen

            Amen yes so true JMG LOL Baboons have more smarts then Liberals.

          • flour

            Conservatives put Bush in power and let Rove make a roadmap for our futures. Don’t forget your stupidity created ours.

          • Susan A Davis

            The road map that crashed us was made by Clinton Frank and Dodd. The housing .. The 2 wars cost less then all that put together .

          • kevin Thomas

            You have it exactly right & don’t forget Maxine Waters, they all lied their Fannie/Macs off!

          • fedup

            And they (Frank & Waters)were warned at least SIX times.
            Crying “wolf” they said.

          • littlebitstrouds

            In money and human life AMIRITE? Same thing.

          • KellyKAFIR

            and don’t forget it was the Community Reinvestment Act started by the Carter Administration that forced banks to give loans to risky people. Thanks Democrats! YOU built that!

          • Anthony Bunch

            And don’t forget the idot Clinton . “But WHAT DIFRENCE DOES IT MAKE ANYWAY”

          • Marlo Miller Ricciardi

            This fool in there now gave away more money to his cronies (and himself) than the wars cost. He has raised the deficit more in his 6 years than all the presidents before him combined.

          • Mickey Allen Johnson

            I didn’t vote for those idiots either LOL! Unlike you I am an American who despises authoritarianism whether it comes from the left or the right.
            Supporting Obama is not justified because Bush was an idiot – that just makes you stupid enough to cut off your nose to spite your face.
            People like you members of the obamacratic orgy make me sick, if y’all are as intelligent as is claimed why were y’all suckered in by Obama to begin with?? Some of you are in fact communists and socialists who hate America, the rest are just ignorant people who want a free lunch – “the welfare crowd.”

          • alex

            That is the biggest bunch of nonsense I ever heard. Conservatives are not smarter than liberals. Intelligence is not politically based. There are smart conservatives and there are dumb conservatives. There are smart liberals and there are idiotic liberals. This woman, by the way might be a genius for all you know, and maybe just happens to be having her period or maybe just is a jerk. Or maybe the people in the car intentionally riled her up like a bunch of trolls so they could make this stupid video. Saying “some of you are in fact communists” is absurd and really unfair…. you could fit all of the “liberal” communists in America on one bus probably….. kind of like how the right wing is always complaining about the black panthers (I’ve never even seen one in real life). Lets not forget the right wing has it’s ideologues like the Westboro baptist church, Neo-Nazis, the KKK, AL Qaeda and other despicable groups and organizations. Saying the rest of us are just “the welfare crowd” is extremely ignorant;

            Food stamp use is the highest in conservative republican states:


            The statistics surrounding who receives the most welfare is a complicated question, and the answer is constantly changing, but most statistics show that racially, white people and black people are equally on welfare (roughly 38 and 39 % according to the dept of health: ) and when it comes to the stats, you might be surprised. Here’s a list of the top 10 states that got the most back in terms of federal benefits, followed by the bottom 10.

            To save space below, “pension benefits” include both Medicare and Social Security; “anti-poverty aid” includes Head Start, Low Income Home Energy Assistance, Food Stamp and nutrition programs for Women, Infants and Children (WIC), and several school-lunch-style benefits.

            Top Ten (Source: Tax Foundation):

            1. New Mexico Indian reservations, military bases, federal research labs, farm subsidies, retirement programs

            2. Mississippi Farm subsidies, military spending, nutrition and anti-poverty aid, retirement programs.

            3. Alaska Per capita No 1 recipient of federal benefits; infrastructure projects, DOT and pork projects.

            4. Louisiana Disaster relief, farm subsidies, anti-poverty and nutrition aid, military spending.

            5. W. Virginia Farm subsidies, anti-poverty and nutrition aid.

            6. N. Dakota Farm subsidies, energy subsidies, retirement and anti-poverty programs, Indian reservations.

            7. Alabama Retirement programs, anti-poverty and nutrition aid, federal space/military spending, farm subsidies.

            8. S. Dakota Retirement programs, nutrition aid, farm subsidies, military spending, Indian reservations.

            9. Virginia Civil service pensions, military spending, veterans benefits, retirement, anti-poverty aid.

            10. Kentucky Retirement programs, nutritional and anti-poverty aid, farm subsidies.

            Now consider the bottom 10, i.e., the ones that give more to the federal government in taxes than they get in return. From 1 to 10, they are:

            New Jersey, Nevada, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Minnesota, Illinois, Delaware, California, New York, Colorado.

            Anything strange about that list? Yes, they are all blue states (or the deepest of purple).

            Adding to this fallacy are the assumptions surrounding Mitt Romney’s now infamous comments about the indolent “47 percent” of Americans who regard themselves as victims and therefore pay no taxes. As the American Conservative magazine (no less) pointed out recently, nine of those 10 states are in the red-as-ruby Old Confederacy.*

            Put another way, again by the American Conservative, “On the other hand, eight of the ten states with the highest non-payment rates are solidly Republican. The exceptions are New Mexico and Florida.”

            The information on welfare I got from this article here:

          • Ray Chandler

            Not really very right are you? Just the ability to cut and paste from Slate hardly cuts it. Your equating Al Qaeda, Neo-Nazis and the KKK with conservatism tells me all about your (low) intellect that I need to know.

          • Kay

            Exactly! The KKK was all Democrats. They even had a wizard in the Senate (dear old Byrd), the dems were the ones who voted against equal rights and voting rights for blacks. And George Bush fought Al Qaeda much more vehemently than Obama. Heck, Obama brings the Muslim Brotherhood into the White House and his Administrations and schmoozes with them all the time. It’s amazing how people hear something but learn nothing.

          • cardnut

            Having lived in Berkeley, CA in the early ’70s I have definitely known Black Panthers, and they were terrifying. They are also back, as the “New” Black Panthers and they intimidate white people at voting places. The KKK was a Democrat group, as were the opponents of Lincoln in the Civil War. Al Qaeda has nothing to do with Conservatism, and neither does Nazi-ism.

          • alex

            Well, having lived on the east coast all my life, Ive never seen a black panther, other than on FOX news (that old footage of two guys outside a voting booth)…. If you are scared of the black panthers, you are also probably terrified of the “war on Christmas”. The KKK did have democrats in large numbers in its early days, but you fail to mention that the democratic party was much more conservative and the KKK was always, without a doubt, a christian fundamentalist right wing conservative organization, if you know anything about history. As the democrats become more lib, As for Al Qaeda, they might be your american brand of conservatism you’re familiar with, but they are conservative non the less; just ask any historian, conservative or liberal…… Al Qaeda is an Islamic conservative organization. As for Nazi’s, they are also known as right wing tilted, and espouse nationalism again associated with the right wing… just look at the Golden Dawn in Greece (right wing) and Svoboda “freedom” party in Ukraine, both admittedly right wing nationalists groups with symbols almost identical to the swastika, and anti immigrant, nationalistic violent radicals. If you ask a Nazi in America what they would rather identify as politically I would eat my red sox hat if they said liberal. Regarding conservative Islam and radical conservative Islamic groups, I find it amusing that American conservatives are so oblivious that they are technically in the same category politically and yet do not even realize it or acknowledge it. Just ask you local political science professor if you don’t believe me.

          • Brent

            Without a doubt, the KKK was not in any way, shape or form a Christian group as a simple, cursory reading of the Gospel accounts reveals. Standing in my garage and calling myself a car does not make me one. It’s way past time to lay that BS meme to rest.

          • ChileDoug Kizerian


          • pat ange

            They were Democrats, I know, I was there they were segregation forces as well as the KKK. Remember Gov. George Wallace, DEMOCRAT ended up in a wheelchair, now they are handicaped with cronic brain-deadness. AlQaeda is a RAdical Islamic Muslim murdering, raping,corupt , brainless pile of wasted human flesh, consumed by hate and envie. They had rather fight & steal than work. Obama is a Rad. Islamic Muslim as alex most likely is too.

          • Jeane Thompson

            Yes, the KKK, and many others like them, were of the old Southern Democratic Party. History is interesting. Originally, in the U.S., the party was the Deomocrat/Republican Party. Then it split into 2 distinct parties. When my grandfather was in a State legislature in the late 1920s – early 1930s, he was a ‘Teddy Roosevelt’ Republican – leaning toward socialism, government intervention to protect children, workers, our environment, etc. In the 1960s, the Democrats and the Republicans began a 180 degree swing in their philosophies. LBJ on one side, and the JBS on the other, were very influential in this change. The Republican Party of today, in the year 2014, now has the platform of the old Southern Democrats.

          • pat ange

            You are delousional. If you can’t change history or the present, You just lie about. it. Abraham Lincoln was in the REPUBLICAN PARTY. I was very much alive in the 1960s. The thing that changed was people like me who could not stand the coruptness of the Democratic party. Don’t you dare try to put their lies,and coruptness on Republicans. I saw and listened to & supported Rev,Dr, Martin Luther King . He would be horrified to see that sham Obama as the 1st Black President. He was a wonderful Christiam Leader. He would not support Homosexuality, Abortion, Allah, Dumbing-down black people to use and destroy them, destroying our military, lying.,bankrupting America,destroying, morality, Christianity and the list of disgusting left-wing values goes on & on.Don’ you dare try to dump your left-wing crap on conservatives. King would tell black people not to support or trust Obama. So crawl back into your left-wing , phoney lying cesspool.You racist, race-baiters have set race relations back 50 years. You prevent black people from becoming productive proud citizens which would give them happiness & independence. You want them slave chained to a big corupt government. Shame on you!!

          • ChiTownGal

            Well stated. I can hear myself in your outrage.

          • Marlo Miller Ricciardi

            No they don’t. The Dixiecrats were segregationists and the Republicans aren’t and never were.

          • NewMexicoGlo

            Well stated! Thank you for putting it so eloquently Brent. :-)

          • ChiTownGal

            WOW! So did you live in every major city on ‘THE’ east coast to be totally informed of what was happening? And, secondly, I wouldn’t trust ANY liberal, progressive professor teaching poli sci.

          • pat ange


          • Ray Chandler

            Not only is there no reason to believe you, there is no reason, based on your postings, to give you any credibility at all.

          • ChileDoug Kizerian

            Liberals may not be dumber but they are more subject to Brainwashing..and tend to go over the cliff with the rest of the lemmings..

          • Marlo Miller Ricciardi

            Actually they are dumber. I’m not going to go look for the source but Obama voters had an average IQ of 85 .

          • ChiTownGal

            Just to clear up ONE point: MEDICARE & SOCIAL SECURITY ARE NOT WELFARE PAY OUTS. If you’ll notice, Uncle Sam INSISTS on taking FICA & SS deductions from your payroll check. Hence, it if a fund into which EVERY American receiving a paycheck pays into. IT’S MY MONEY.

          • richard

            Libtards have no clue what a pay check looks like. They haven’t figured out that it is a better existence to work for a living than it is to steal from the producers.

          • Dean Andrews

            actually the westborough bunch are registered democrats

          • Tom Bain

            The KKK has not done enough to get rid of the Black stain on this country

          • littlebitstrouds

            Being Native American, it makes me sick to see this country treat its own brothers and sisters so horribly. Who said socialists and communists hate america? You sound like a breading ground for McCarthyism. “the rest are just ignorant people who want a free lunch.” If you’re “American” you’d agree with the teaching of the bible no? Matthew 25:34-36 Then the king will say to those at his right hand, “Come, you that are blessed by my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world; for I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me, I was naked and you gave me clothing, I was sick and you took care of me, I was in prison and you visited me.”

          • KellyKAFIR

            McCarthy was RIGHT!!! and all this commie bull crap has ruined our country. Being native American, if you live on a reservation, you ought to know not to get sick after June… yeah, the government takes reeeeeeeal good care of you folks, huh? I have seen some of your reservations and the ones on government assistance look like some of the 3rd world crapholes I have been to around the world. The ones that aren’t on gov assistance are doing great.

            And BTW, you are quoting the Bible which never said ANYTHING about the government forcing charity. That is theft and not charity.

          • richard

            I was a lazy thieving progressive who felt it was better to steal from the working men and women than it was to get a job and carry my own weight.

          • James Cox

            Flour, your stupidity was born into you, as evident by your ignorant blaming of Bush

          • Southern Xposure

            wow, take a look at your logic Flour – “your stupidity created ours?” circular reasoning, try again.

          • Fredrick Rehders

            That was not reasoning. It was circular excuse making.

          • ChiTownGal

            And, don’t forget that for most of Bush’s administration, Congress was dumbocratic. They’re the ones who allowed all the screw ups with the mortgage industry. So please, SHUT YOUR DUMB PIE HOLE.

          • littlebitstrouds

            That’s ALLLLMOST a clear concise understanding of the inter-workings of our complex government.

          • Lynny

            I just have one thing to say to this. What, in God’s name does Bush have to do with the way this woman treated these people. So, ok, they had their truck running, if you noticed, they were parked, she on the other hand was in the road. STOP BLAMING BUSH AND OTHERS FOR THINGS THAT THIS WOMAN AND SO MANY LIKE HER ARE RESPONSABLE FOR. This just goes to show how weak you are. Take the blame and live with it… This is something you should have learned from Bush. When 911 happened, even though he was only in office for 9 months, ( this situation was caused by a Dem, if you want to know the truth) he took the blame and moved on trying to do SOMETHING about it. What have you done to change things? What have you done to make things better? What have you accomplished in this country? This country needs a Great leadership, not a blamer who lies at every turn and tries to use the race card at every turn. STOP NAME CALLING, STOP BLAMING, start acting like you love your country and grow the heck up, America, that includes both Democrat and Republicans alike. Oh, sorry, I put the Demomcrats first in that didn’t I, now you’ll start blaming me for being prejudice.

          • mlaperle

            At least you admit you’re stupid.

          • Scott McCown

            Flour? Spoken like a true lib, supported by your extraordinarily flimsy (almost non-existent) SPINE. . .

          • Cynthia Brultz Zimmerman

            LOL!!!!! Blame Bush!! Can’t believe it……HAHAHA.!!!!

          • Brian Donnell

            Bush was a good president. You should check your FACTS before speaking but you liberals are incapable of seeing the truth.

          • ChileDoug Kizerian

            both sides have their own brand of stupidity..

          • ChiTownGal

            And, yet, your libtard party has perpetuated the worst economy & job recovery in American’s history. Go figure.

          • Dori Maschke

            I’m a liberal, I am in no way like this woman, *I have respect for MY fellow human beings. Mind you I said HUMAN BEINGS NOT man. I may NOT have gone to college like you have I’m sure, but I’m still intelligent ! So how many college degrees do YOU have Mr. I’m smarter than a Liberal ? 2, 4, 6, as many as you can get ? What’s that you never went to college and yet you are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO intelligent ! WOW I’m shocked !!

          • christinabertges

            “Mind you I said HUMAN BEINGS NOT man.”
            What the hell does that even mean? Human beings = “man”. No?

          • KellyKAFIR

            That is a libtard’s attempt at being respectful! lol!!

          • ChiTownGal

            That’s their “PC” bullsh*t.

          • Christine Dodd

            Human Beings = man & woman. Shows just how smart you are Christina

          • KellyKAFIR

            And your grammar and punctuation is so perfect for an “intelligent” person. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!! And BTW, I have 3 degrees in business, law and forensics… so what.

          • Christine Dodd

            That is so cool that you have 3 degrees. I have 3 also. I have a degree in Computers, Medical and Criminal Justice/Forensic Psychology.

          • KellyKAFIR

            Just wish I could find a job! lol!

          • Brent

            College and intelligence are two very different things. College and degrees do not make one smart. Many people are educated way beyond their level of intelligence. Common sense is not learnable, it is intrinsic to some and totally lacking in others. But in general, the liberal mindset is lacking in common sense and is frightfully irrational as seen in their sycophant fawning over Politically Correct ideas.

          • ChileDoug Kizerian

            So right Brent.. I used to work at a restaurant near Univesity Of Utah..A lot of students the was one in particular going for here masters dumber than a bag of hammers….

          • Christine Dodd

            True Brent, college degrees and intelligence are two different things but also the intelligence and common sense is learned from by the folks you surround yourself with. We learn as we grow up the difference between right from wrong and using common sense when we work, study and do our everyday thing. We never stop learning as we age our minds are like computers, it can learn new things and connect to old memories from long ago. I remember growing up and I was told that I was too stupid or retarded and never will get ahead in life. Well Brent, guess what… I told myself that I can do it and I did. I won that battle and proved the people that said those hurtful things to me that they were wrong. I accomplished a lot and proved them wrong. And I am proud of myself. I may never have a job now that I am disabled but at least I proved that I wasn’t stupid or retarded. I do have a handicap. I am hearing impaired.

          • Dori Maschke

            @ Christine, I also grew up being told by my “mother” that I was stupid and retarded, I had to hear her tell my teachers all through school.
            I’m heard of hearing, do to an illness that I had as a teen.
            @ Brent & KellKAFIR I’m more street smart than college smart, I may only have a high school diploma but that does not make me less smarter than anyone else.
            It’s people like youBrent, and KellyKAFIR who makes high school grads, feel worthless just like my “MOTHER” egg donor.
            I was put down belittle all my life by a heartless person just like you both are belittling me, it’s like having my “mother” alive again haunting me.
            I hope to God you don’t belittle your own children (if either of you have any) as you are belittling me.

          • Marlo Miller Ricciardi

            waaaaaaaaaaaaa call the wambulance

          • Jim Freymuth

            Your mom was right. You’re a moron. You can’t spell. You have poor grammar & poor punctuation. I mean….you said, “less smarter”. lol. You made this too easy for us.

          • Christine Dodd

            So if Human Beings are not Man then Dori, what are Human Beings to you???? Guess your post really shows how ignorant you really are. I have 3 degrees from colleges but I don’t boast about it publicly until someone asks me if I have any degrees. And you say you have respect for your FELLOW Human Beings, well guess what Dori, Human Beings are Man and Woman. Same thing as the saying Man Kind. Unless you are referring to another species of human beings that we are not aware of.

          • WILLIAM

            Her leaders told her to hate all me… haha Get a life sheep.

          • Marlo Miller Ricciardi

            I’ll challenge you to an IQ test and spot you 30 points.

          • John Benjamin Morton

            Would be awesome if you would show your real name and such. Instead you mock but under the guise of Guest. Just saying if you are going to “dis” individuals do it without being scared.

          • Tom Bain

            DIS ? Is that a NIG*ER word ?

          • David Atherton

            If you are so intelligent, how is it that you don’t know that intelligence has nothing to do with knowledge? You can’t make a person smarter, only more knowledgeable.
            The problem with liberals is they just “know” so many things that aren’t true. (President Ronald Reagan)


            Not smart enough to say….how smart can we be, instead of saying… smart can us be.


            Better traveled, as in getting on a bus once a month in Chicago, and traveling up to Milwaukee to get a second welfare check.
            The term low information voters was invented for you more educated members of society.

          • Pete

            If English is your second language then you may not be too dumb ;- )

          • flour

            A punto. in questo caso, penso che dobbiamo realizare che i fascisti sono alle destra…

          • Lynny

            you know what, I am so proud of you… To know another language, wow!!! how fantastic for you, now you can move to another country and fit right in, congratulations… but as for education goes, I thank GOD I am learning from the MOST educated on this earth…GOD!!!!!!!

          • Harvey Melton

            yeah right and take it with you.

          • KellyKAFIR

            CHE SUCKED… got kicked out of Cuba and was a hypocrite with his Rolex watches…

          • Thom71GT

            Most university professors lean toward the left rather than the right. What is it they say– Those you can, do and those who can’t, teach.

          • Rickey Douglas Love

            Air Force One put out more carbon emissions on the runway before it took off with the Kenyan Klub to Hawaii than that truck will in it’s lifetime,.,.but do You Ignert’ Lib’Morons rise hell with Bho, the Polluter in Chief ,.,.Noooooo that’s just perfectly fine,.,. Y’all make me Sick ! ! !

          • Jamie Williams

            youre an idiot. did you forget that every president uses that plane? youre precious geo bush went everywhere in it. racist moron.

          • Anthony Bunch

            Yeah , but GWB wasn’t spouting off at the mouth about this global warming agenda of Barrak Hussein Obama .

          • 2000hrpilot

            Racist, where did he say anything racist, other than disagree with you?

          • Dede Smith Dennis

            When the llibtards can’t win an arguement with intelligence they always pull the race card!

          • David Atherton

            Disagreement, is the new hate. Liberats can call you every name in the book, but if you make any argument against their HALF black leader, you’re a racist. Was I also a racist when I disagreed with Clinton? Was I racist for not liking the Mooselimb sympathizer Jimmah Carter?

          • Jess Bain

            He’s not a racist. I. Quite sure he likes the human race. Just not liberal commie fags that wanna suck the life from our country

          • WILLIAM


          • John William Thompson

            but we weren’t saying anything about carbon, liberals do. I guess you don’t bitch and moan when it is obama, he can destroy the country’s economy and you’d follow him into economic hell

          • Jamie Williams

            economic hell huh? hes fixing the economy. maybe do some fact checking.

          • Steve Allen

            Oh so we put down YOUR president and because he is black we are racist grow up Jamie Williams. You real need to grow up. Putting down your president is not racist. My God you are so intolerant so thin skinned no wonder we are in the shape we are in. IT’S CALLED THE FIRST Amendment but maybe you didn’t learn that in school.

          • Jamie Williams

            republicans dislike obama because hes black. give a good reason you dont like him. im sure its going to be something you heard on o’reilly. but try to give a legitimate reason.

          • Steve Allen

            Obamacare, Benghazi, and his lack of leadership 4 dead Americans says a lot. IRS Targeting of Tea party and conservatives and an email trail that leads back to him. His cutting of the military and the VA Scandal I am a vet he is the worst president I have ever seen when it comes to the military. High unemployment and don’t give me that crap about its low because so many people have given up looking. Keystone pipeline when even his union buddies what. Shall I go on. YOUR PRESIDENT IS A PUTZ look it up and you will see the definition I don’t dislike him because he is black I like Alan Keys, Dr. Ben Carson , Allen West, Tim Scott all these people I mentioned are black. I dislike your president not because of the color of his skin but because of his policies and the things I mentioned above. Do me a favor and quit being a victim of the liberal media.

          • Jamie Williams

            all o’reilly talking points. obamacare,as you call it, has been good for me and mine. i pay 62 dollars a month with no deductible. the other things are stupid and pointless fox news bs. the military is too big. unemployment is low. look that up. as a matter of fact, look all your points up. dont go to fox news for it. look around. liking some black people doesnt mean you arent racist. it means you dont think you are. i dont believe for a second youre a vet. unless youre an animal doctor.

          • Steve Allen

            Oh my gosh you are a stupid ass liberal who see no wrong with what this POS President is doing to this country. But keep drinking the Kool-Aid you POS Libard

          • Jamie Williams

            i like the name calling. makes you seem smarter.

          • Steve Allen

            Oh yea and you Liberals don’t do any name calling you hypocrites calling fox news stupid and Belive me I am a vet 22 years retired Navy and I defended the freedom so losers like you could say stupid crap you say.

          • David Atherton

            as does you’re lack of basic grammar and composition

          • wafwot

            ‘your’ not ‘you’re’
            Impressive when you’re trying to make a point about grammar and composition yet fail to use any punctuation. Just saying.

          • Alex Whyde

            You’re right Jaime. Unemployment is low. The number of people who have given up looking for a job, the number of people out of the workforce is it’s highest in history. The IRS admitted it wiped Lois Lerner’s blackberry after the investigation began, which is illegal tampering of evidence at the least. My family’s rates went up after they obamacare, as did most people. Now for some, like you, I’m sure it’s wonderful fixing your cold with my tax dollars. But for most, it’s worse. Benghazi still matters. 4 American’s are dead because Clinton did not send help to a country after they begged for increased security. Now I know you don’t care about fellow Americans, but I do and I want to know why help wasn’t sent after they begged for increased security in a country that was in turmoil. Fast and Furious. Another dead American. And Eric holder, who was held in contempt, refuses to release the reports on the gun running scandal that got him killed. Detroit is bankrupt. Chicago, a gun free zone, has the highest murder rate in the country. Iraq has fallen to pieces and two american journalists lie dead, but what does it matter anymore? It happened 4 whole days ago! That’s like eternity. Russia has openly called Obama a whimp on twitter and done fly bys with fighter jets so close to american air space we could have pissed on them. But he gave them a stern talking to so i’m sure putin is quaking in his boots. Other than that, he’s doing a fine job as leader of the free world.

          • Jeff Thompson

            Jamie my wife’s and I pay about 700 hundred dollars a month for health insurance so you can live Obamas dream I’m sick of people like you who take money out of our pocket with your $68 dollar a month insurance carry your load be a man.

          • Jamie Williams

            i work 40 hours a week. if your paying 700 a month then youre stupid. you arent paying for anything i have. im sorry me making a better deal upsets you so much that you think youre paying my bills. as far as caryying my load, i think your wife has my load right now.

          • Heidi Souther

            There you go! When you’re losing an intelligent battle; take it to the low side and make a vulgar, sexist remark. Good job! Way to win one for the liberals. It is so very, very sad that neither side can see the other’s viewpoint w/o getting nasty and personal. Geez Louise, grow up and realize that what you think and *feel* may not be the only, or correct, answer. Ignorance and ego are winning the battle over compassion and intelligence. Please people, stop letting the media and White House tell you what is right and how to live. Please, please, please leave a viable, healthy future for our kids and grandkids!

          • Jay Jay Haskins

            No deductible? Do you understand what a deductible is? There is no such thing as a policy without one.

          • David Atherton

            Because WE THE PEOPLE pay his deductible, he doesn’t think he has one. He thinks all those benefits are free.

          • Dennis A Ketchum

            He lies, he hasn’t done 1 good thing for America, he is anti-Christian, he supports Muslim extremists, he covers up every wrong doing in his administration, he has attempted to force feed his will on this nation…… need more? I can go on all day!

          • David Atherton

            1. Obama has sided with Muslims and against Christians and Jews since he first declared that “we are no longer a Christian nation”
            2. Obama has spent more and put this nation in more debt than every President before him COMBINED.
            3. Obama has abused the Office by overstepping the boundaries laid out in Article 2 of the Constitution of the Unites States.
            4. Obama has appointed Communists, radical Muslims (including Muslim Brotherhood) to positions in his administration.
            5. This is the most corrupt administration in my lifetime.Fast and Furious, Benghazi, the VA debacle and total disregard for our warriors and veterans, IRS targeting of opposing groups and the subsequent illegal destruction of evidence and lack of due diligence on the part of DOJ., Closing down National Parks and monuments to our veterans while allowing illegal aliens to hold a rally on Park Service property, and aiding and abetting ILLEGAL aliens in invading our country.
            I’m so racist, I am an active supporter of Colonel Allen West, Dr. Benjamin Carson, Herman Cain, T. W. Shannon of OK, and Tim Scott of SC. If you cannot support these great men, you are the racist, not because of their color, but because you accuse others of racism for having legitimate criticisms of the sitting pResident.

          • Tom Bain

            Jam Williams
            I’m a RACIST You NIG*ER MOTHER F*CKER and you’re 1/2 NIG*ER friend in the White House, Which is now infested with ROACHES You both can suck each other off on you’re way back to AFRICA-AFRICAN.
            I wish I could touch you right now

          • baddab

            Jamie Williams, I’ve seen nobamas as a black man since he came on the national stage 10 yrs ago and I didn’t like him then….I’ve got a picture of him as a white man and I still don’t like him…..

            I’ll give you a statistic that with some research you can confirm that the large majority of his initial supporters voted for him NOT because of his political beliefs, but because of skin color…..the people on the streets of Harlem ny proved that

          • Shawn DeVore

            Racist? who said anything about race. we can’t help that he’s the worst president in history. he earned that title all by himself and race has nothing to do with it. Calling him out for being a terrible president isn’t racist. oh wait. i guess it is to you jamie williams.

          • Jamie Williams

            how is he the worst president in history? give real examples and not fox news talking points.

          • David Atherton

            OMG, the race card? Is that all you got?

          • baddab

            Jamie Williams…first, WHAT was racist about that comment? Second, WITHOUT using a dictionary, can you explain what the definition of racist is?? Third, the chit about carbon emissions did not come around until al Gore’s film INCONVENIENT TRUTH, a film that was nothing but a political move to further suck in the gullible masses that believe every word that the dumbocratic party spews forth….

          • bcasebolt

            how funny is this? Guest????? You don’t even have the backbone to state your name? I consider my self a Conservative. I am well educated, extremely well traveled. I drive a diesel truck. Why? It gets much better mileage than the compact cars out there, AND I can haul things in the back of it. We are ranchers. We need trucks. Diesel is something you can drive when our supply of gas gets cut off when you liberals run us into the ground. The biggest problem with liberals is that they think they are smarter than everyone else when in reality they are about as ignorant as a body can get!

          • loriaw07

            “More educated”…lol…has nothing to do with intelligence! You’ve made that obvious!!! Never able to teach “us” anything…lol…”we” think for ourselves, we don’t want your indoctrinated BS. You’re a hoot!!!!

          • Fredrick Rehders

            I guess that means your instruction is lacking, or you are just totally wrong and need to check your basic premise.

          • Randy Dennis

            Well then travel over to Europe and STAY . That is about the most broad yet narrow ignorant statement ever ..Oh wait you know you know so much more than the people you want to teach ( read indoctrinate ) with your liberal views.

          • KellyKAFIR

            I lived in Europe for 2 years. It sucked. The healthcare sucked and prices were high and quality was low… everyone was on the dole…

          • Rosangela de Azevedo

            why is it that libtards talk about Traveling as a cultural thing> When you travel, all you do is the tourist corridor. You come home with pictures on places to prove you were there. But you come as dumb as you left. Have you seen Idi Amin Dada in Africa, with the corps of his enemies in his fridge and he would have them filet and also stewed? One thing Idi has in common with Obama: citizens cannot have weapons. The Berlin wall was a great tool West Berlin was so much more developed and people all living in prosperity while the commie East, they were all subjudged and suppressed while living in poverty. In Cuba, if you have a fridge you are the king of the neighbohood. All those things would make you re-think what is it that libtards stand for. Certainly the commie “you work and share with me” you embrace never worked well in the History of mankind. man were not created by God to be micro managed.

          • Stephanie Fox

            Actually I did not live in poverty in East Germany.

          • KellyKAFIR

            hahaha… and you got to travel whenever you wanted to also, right? ( Oh don’t mind the barbed wire, walls, dogs and armed guards!)

          • Stephanie Fox

            Not once did I say we had freedom, what I said was we did not live in poverty as the Cubans, Chinese, or Russians. When my mother and I escaped, the family we left behind were constantly harassed by police wanting to know where we were.

          • mlaperle

            At least you admit you are NOT really smart.

          • Sam Damon

            You aren’t better educated. Most of the Democrats are among the 47% who don’t pay taxes. Most of you are idiots. Better travelled? That’s isn’t true either. You people live in a make believe world. Everything about you and the fantasies you believe in and vote are not based in reality.

          • woody

            I have read almost all of the comments here. If you would read what all of you wrote you would think you were all teen agers. You can argue about Dem.& Rep. all you want and who is smarter. Truth is about 10% of Congress and Senate have it rite, 90% are IDIOTS from he word go. If you were a fly on the wall and listen who says what you would be angry, shocked and just plain disgusted with the Gov. as a hole. Well fed, well traveled, all medical paid for by us, and don’t care about you or me in any way shape or form. They all take bribes or steal what ever they can get their hands on from us. Show me any of them that goes to Washington and comes out with the same size wallet as they went in with. The all become millionaires at our expense, while we scrape by.

          • Anne Mills

            Generally more educated and better traveled? Excuse me but the majority of liberals (you know the voters) are poor and on the government dole. Just the way the educated liberals like to keep them – dependent and uninformed. Shame on you.

          • Carolyn Smith

            Education and travel doesn’t necessarily equate with smart.

          • dolphin8790

            There are educated Liberals and Conservatives, neither is better than the other. If they could learn from each other instead of fighting all the time this country wouldn’t be in such a sad state of affairs. There are also really stupid liberals who have no common sense which makes the ones who do look bad.

          • Chad Christian

            LOL. Because you say so? You may want to check the latest study out of Yale that actually uses data and refutes your spurious, anecdotal brain vomit with factual information that tea party members are more intelligent than liberals.

          • Christine Dodd

            Nope, you never taught us anything dumb ass cause you are too ignorant yourself. So why don’t you take your liberal retarded ass off here and go back under that rock your traveled from and shut your ignorant mouth.

          • Tommy Troyer

            Really? Please tell me more about your education and why all the ghettos in America vote liberal.

          • Susan Milbank

            Liberals may be more educated, but that doesn’t make a person intelligent, just educated, and these days, that just means indoctrinated. No, thank, you I can think for myself. You get your travel on the government dime, paying for it with the student loan money you’ll never pay back because you’ll go to school the rest of your life and get more of that edumacation you boast of. Idjet.

          • canucksam

            She’s as dumb as a post which is to be expected. All that vile hot air exploding out of her big mouth is also bad for the environment.

          • Brenda L. Herbert

            Too funny.

      • Cheri’

        She would have started talking like that in front of my child and I would have politely moved away from the car, Why didn’t whoever was taping her get her out of there?


          Cheri, you have a good point, but in a larger sense, I believe it served a good purpose to get this on tape. She crystalizes a lot of things about Liberals that they all deny, but we witness on a daily basis. Of course they would respond that this was an isolated incident, and doesn’t prove anything. But they can’t dance away from this particular one. See “Patrick Fordham” below.

        • Attm Motob

          The videographer was IN his truck, He could not have left without waking the baby and getting her out of the car seat! The idiot would not leave and short of physical force, which the idiot was hoping for, she would be there as long as she wanted. That said, a diesel will spew black smoke if you rev it a few times. That would have given her something to put in her pipe!

          • paoliana

            This fat pig was concerned about pollution…bet she was polluting the air just by opening her mouth…bet she is contributing to “global warming” same way the cows do!!!

          • Blaser270

            Scary part is that fat sow probably has kids and is raising them to be as messed up as she is. Plus whoever impregnated her needs to be neutered to stop this silly crap. What a gross hog!

          • canucksam

            Please don’t insult pigs. They’re cute and very clean.

          • Fredrick Rehders

            Gorgeous lady with abundant cleavage, not all overweight women are liberals. Let’s find fault with her words instead of her appearance, as that’s a tad shallow.

          • Blaser270

            If she’s gorgeous to you then you need glasses! She’s fugging gross! Don’t give a damn how big ‘fat tits’ she has. The way you take up for her she must be your wife. If so you get what you deserve.

            As for canucksam – compared to her they probably are considered cute and very clean! lol Imagine what the sow smells like close up…. lose your appetite just thinking about it.

          • Fredrick Rehders

            Blaser270, my reply was addressed to you! Are you the blonde with saggy tits in the photo next to Blaser270? I was not taking up for Ms. Manners In the video, I was urging you to focus on content, instead of outward appearance, so you would not alienate a large segment of your audience. Geeeez!

          • Blaser270

            From your wording you never indicated that it was about Kate Upton, who you insulted with your comments. Seems Sports Illustrated and many other people seem to like natural boobs instead of inflated balloons. She’s also one of the top models in the world. Goes to show what you know about women! In your best wet dreams you’re not going to ever get close to a woman like that. So keep dreaming.

          • Fredrick Rehders

            Your use of an avatar of an attractive woman led me to believe it was your photo. So far we have discovered that you are deceptive, nasty and ignorant of the written word. FYI: I am a Constitutional Conservative and do not care for uninformed BS, based on negative assumptions of dip sh!ts, like you. Pi$$ off!

          • Blaser270

            You’re the idiot. You make zero sense with your comments. BTW what the hell does you being a constitutional conservative have to do with anything? You are the one that likes to piss people off with stupid comments and then blame it on the other person. Take your own advice.

          • Fredrick Rehders

            I thought you would be motivated to go back and re-read what was written if you were re-assured that you were not dealing with a mindless liberal but alas, I forgot, that your reading comprehension is nil.

          • Christine Dodd

            LOL Fredrick, of course you gonna have bimbos such as Blaser270 running off her little mouth like some uneducated brainwashed stoned youth. I agree that the lady in the video has a fowl mouth and looks doesn’t come close to it. Maybe she has medical reasons why she is somewhat heavy like that. I am not the one who to judge. Just ignore the blithering idiot (Blaser270). BTW great post.

          • Fredrick Rehders

            Thank you, Christine. I think Blaser 270 is a teenage boy that spends too much time studying pictures of super models to actually have a life. He will outgrow that stage when he discovers that reading skills will further his ambitions more than looking at picture skills. ;0)

      • sevensins

        That’s a liberal for ya…

        • guest

          Is it? Do you know her? Is she one of your seven sins?


            Guest, you are like a fish out of water here among all these less-traveled, under-educated people. You might consider jumping back in the tank where your sources of wisdom abide, MSNBC, Jon Stewart, CNN, NPR, MoveOn, and the press office of Jay Carney.

          • Daniel S. Bennett

            Quite honestly to watch “conservatives” and “liberals” call each other names is quite pathetic. Why can’t we all just agree that the current president is an idiot. Along with basically every president since JFK.

          • rick

            Just get the libs to agree that they eff’d up with voting for obama first

          • Daniel S. Bennett

            What don’t you understand? You think it matters who you vote for? Yea Obama’s an ass, but that’s because he was made to be. The presidents are just puppets of the banksters that are really in control.

          • telynor

            The people who are really in control are the nameless faceless UNELECTED bureaucrats who work in all the government agencies. They are the ones who implement the laws Congress approves. They are the real puppet masters. You will never be truly free until until all these bureaucrats are sent packing.


            You exclude Ronald Reagan. You’re out!

          • Fredrick Rehders

            Uhhh, Including JFK, FDR, Woodrow Wilson and Teddy, too.

          • Stephanie Mills

            But JFK wasn’t any better….womanizer that he was he just had better people covering his butt…

          • Daniel S. Bennett

            JFK Was against the world bank AND spoke against the illuminati. and then BAM No more JFK. Shot by a magic bullet that somehow remained in perfect condition after traveling through human bone and tissue. I don’t believe JFK was as bad as people were made to believe. It’s like saying Abe Lincoln was actually a good president.

          • Harvey Melton

            well I agree partly with you, JFK was the last good democrat president or otherwise, one with true American values that cared about the people of this country, probably one of the reasons he was assassinated. and then there was one -one good republican president, Regan, but then that’s it. bush or any of the rest were not concerned by open borders nor the good of the people. and no one is still not concerned about the people nor our walk across open borders., and every president since is only concerned either by their reelection, spending taxpayer money to further their royalty lifestyles or to push their history proven failed agendas, which is nothing more than population control, and eventual extermination of all who oppose them. From top to bottom our govt has been infiltrated by anti Americans who support the taking down of America and its constitution.

          • Lynny

            Do you know Sevensins? Listen to yourself, you think he’s judging this person but here you are doing exactly what you have accused him of doing…There is the Blaming game again, why does it always have to come back to that… GROW UP ‘guest’ and smell the coffee, it gets you nothing but others angry at you… Ppppllllllease. GROW UP…

      • Chris Carlson

        i’d have told her to fuckoff

      • Mike

        I think I would have moved to where my exhaust was right up by her driver’s side window and revved it up several times before she could get her window up.

    • Patrick Fordham

      She is a piece of work alright. But isn’t calling her a “typical liberal” like calling someone who is “gay bashing” a “typical conservative”, a Westborough Baptist church member a “typical Christian”? Being somewhat liberal myself I think this is hardly “typical” or we wouldn’t be commenting on it. Just sayin’.

      • handyman8672

        So you do claim her right, all liberals are the same, not very smart and bigots, they are totally intolerant, and hypocritical, they all believe that regulations and laws are passed to curb the conservative voice but not theirs

        • North

          I would have to disagree with you, Handy. Blanket statements are rarely true: Very few things can be claimed as “all” or “never” or “always.” We don’t know if this woman is liberal or not. She may very well be green, or independent. Several youtube videos can be found with republicans behaving very poorly, as this woman is. I do not judge all republicans by those representatives, and neither should you judge such a large group of individuals by a few bad apples. There is much to learn by opening our minds to the ideas and opinions of others, when they are expressed respectfully and thoughtfully. I am happy to have friends of *many* political backgrounds, and enjoy engaging in lively political discussions. I find that, although I lean toward the left, I agree with my republican and independent friends on many topics. I find that, if we stop allowing the media to put us into boxes and pitting us against each other, we actually have a lot in common. Imagine what we could do for our country, and our world, if we were to unite for the common good, rather than fight with one another!

      • Karen

        The difference is that the typical Christian is NOT anything like the Westborough Baptist Church. (In fact, their leader is a card-carrying Democrat.) Sadly, I have met way too many liberals who behave just like her, including some of my friends, who are very nice people AS LONG AS they stay off of politics and morality, but sadly, they don’t; they devote a great deal of energy to posting over and over and over on their facebook pages exactly the same kind of things this woman is saying, nasty slams on conservatives, etc. You won’t find a single thing on my facebook page, by contrast, that calls them names or questions their intelligence. As conservatives, we’re told over and over to ‘listen to the experiences of others.’ My experience is that this woman, sadly, is fairly typical of liberals. And I’ll be the first to say there are exceptions, and they can be very nice to their friends…but they very often DO feel entitled to tell everyone how to live, and to do it disrespectfully and with crass language.

        • MeanieHead

          All you have to do is look at a few of the liberals from Hollyweird to get examples for what you say. Crass, rude, uninformed and overly opinionated.

          • P D Wells

            Crass, rude, uninformed and overly opinionated. yeah, There’s no examples of that on the right! Is there..

        • Sharon Shown

          What was most interesting to me is how this woman just came over to their car and started raving about their vehicle…their big, gas-guzzling vehicle..she said. First, what business is it of hers what vehicle these folks drive. Secondly, is she the commandant of ALL the air or something? She said she was having to ‘breathe’ this ‘dirty air’. My thought was, “Lady, you can’t be TOO concerned about what you are breathing because you sure aren’t that concerned about what you are putting in your mouth. People…I tell ya [shaking head in unbelief with a bit of a giggle on my face]

          • Attm Motob

            It was a ‘environmentally friendly’ DEISEL! Not a gas guzzler.

          • johnsnare

            Excellent observation,Sharon Shown. You said exactly what was on my mind. Keep shoveling down those Big Mac’s and fries. Is it any wonder she is full of GAS.???.

        • Patrick Fordham

          Sounds like you have a lot of friends like her. I don’t associate with anyone like this so can’t relate.

          • Whistlebritches

            Oh MY!


            Would you disassociate yourself from Obama, who puts his shoe up on the historic desk in the Oval Office, or Michelle who’s picture appeared along side one of the Kennedys at the steps of Air Force One? Jack in a suit and Jackie in a pink hat and coat. Michelle is wearing wrinkled denim shorts, a non-descript shirt, bowed legs and all, with a general appearance so disgusting as to be compared to anyone on the Pictures At Wal-Mart.
            So which person does this loud mouth fit better with, Jackie Kennedy and Laura Bush, or Michelle Obama? I’m with you, choose friends with a little class.

        • North

          Sounds like you need to find some better friends! It’s not about party, it’s about quality of character. You will find nasty, opinionated, foul-mouthed people on both sides of party lines, but you will also find smart, thoughtful people willing to discuss differing viewpoints. I’m a liberal, and I have both liberal and conservative friends on my Facebook. All of them post respectful, thought-provoking material that sometimes leads to discussions. We don’t always agree, but we remain civil nonetheless. If crass language and disrespect is ‘typical’ of the liberals you know, I find that indicative of a need to make other liberal friends.

          • Mickey Allen Johnson

            Are you a Liberal like JFK or are you a progressive authoritarian like obama and hillary?

          • North

            Well, I don’t know that either of those would be appropriate descriptors of my beliefs and political opinions. There are some liberal ideas I agree with, and some I don’t. Likewise, there are some conservative ideas I agree with, and some I don’t. I find that firmly adhering to party lines and blindly following the party leaders without further investigation (from unbiased and reliable sources, e.g., neither Fox News nor MSNBC) leads to bad policies and social division, and this goes for BOTH sides.
            The really unfair part of this video is that we don’t KNOW that she is liberal (unless I missed some part of it where she identified her political party). Yes, she’s environmentally conscious, but that doesn’t necessarily make her liberal. She could be green, independent, etc. I’ve seen scores of videos on youtube and postings on Facebook with both progressives and conservatives behaving badly. It’s shameful, but it’s nothing new. Now we just have cameras everywhere, and a platform on which to share it. A little more decency and respect is needed on the sides of both parties.

          • Christine Dodd

            Thank you North. I like your statements and I admire you for your intelligence in a good way. I am also concerned for the environment and everything but I also am concerned for the health of family and having jobs for men and women to have to provide for their families. The technology we have today can be used to create more stable energy efficient containers to bring up natural gas and oil. Sometimes I see these comments on here and I get so aggravated by all the nonsense and name calling that goes on in these sites. If we all come together as a group and discuss this as civilized adults and not a bunch of crazed idiots or 5 year old spoiled brats, we can accomplish anything and make things better. I hope that this will make your day extra special because it sure made my day a little special. Good luck in all you do.

      • NPDeeDee

        you may be liberal and you may not act like this, but we are so divided now that she rather represents a “typical liberal.” Yeh, well “Just sayin”‘ to you folks who re-elected Obummer and gave us the MOST divisive president in history and you fell for the “Hopey Changey thing.(twice) Honestly!

      • Lighthorse51

        She may be a liberal given all the “gas guzzler” comments, but what she really is, is a typical c**t.

        • Traveller62


        • paoliana

          Speaking of gas guzzler and polluter SHE CLASSIFIES for both……


        She is more typical than atypical, wouldn’t you agree Patrick?

      • paoliana

        SOMEWHAT LIBERAL??????
        It is like a little pregnant

    • Donna Kleinfeldt-Rolls

      Unfortunately this is a really old video and we STILL got bozo a second time.

      • NPDeeDee

        Oh, NO. sorry to hear that. Well, you folks who didn’t vote—thanks for giving us BO twice!

        • rick

          It wasn’t the folks not voting… It was the people voting more than once and the dead people.

          • disqus_F2q3EuSApg

            NPDee is correct. Some three to four million republicans stayed home and did not vote out of protest/disgust/and wariness of the losers the GOP puts on the ticket.

          • cmoore0307

            There were many Democrats that stayed home as well. They didn’t like Obama but were not willing to vote for Romney either. I knew several people like this.

          • yaki534

            In essence they then vote for Obama.

          • PeeGee

            Yep, kinda like poking yourself in the eye with a stick cause you don’t like what you’re seeing.

          • Roxanne

            They already said if Obozo didnt lie about everything Mitt Pomney would have won this election. Obozo lies so much and the uneducated and brainless liberal democrat can’t tell the truth between a lie and the truth. Since he lies all the time they could not tell.

          • Christine Dodd

            Yep people such as you and the dumb ass TEA PARTY assholes. The TEA PARTY jackasses all need to take a hike or leave this country.

          • disqus_F2q3EuSApg

            LOL Christine. Took you 14 days to formulate that brilliant political response? Were you unable to come up with ANYTHING with a reasonable amount of intellectual rebuttal other than the typical left wing name calling?

          • disqus_F2q3EuSApg

            So once again a member of the “Tolerant” left illustrates the limits of THEIR tolerance. lol

          • Traveller62

            Especially in Ohio!! Talk about voter fraud!! What was it? 115% MORE than there were legalized voters?

          • Patrick Smith

            Colorado also, 110% of the precinct reporting….
            and Chicago reporting !00% voting for Obama… There CAN’T be that many retarded people in Chicago…

          • paoliana

            unless they became after they passed on…..

          • Christine Dodd

            There is no proof of that. Just a bunch of hype over something that someone wanted to start.

          • Traveller62

            I do beg your pardon. It was proven during and after the election. Ohio has NO voter registration. People were voting two and three times under the same name in more than one precinct. Others went out and got dead relative’s ID, and voted under that. Oh yes, it was proven voter fraud. You need to go back and look at the voter registrars in that state. But since you CLAIM voter fraud didn’t happen in Ohio, you probably won’t bc it takes a liberal like you too much time to investigate the truth. Sorry.

          • James Wolowiec

            Provide proof of this. Voter fraud was at a minimum. No more dead people voted for Obama than did Bush.

          • rick

            BS! There was more fraud with obama than any other election. Look it up yourself.

          • Fredrick Rehders

            I understand Obama even got a lot of military vote. Some were even Confederate soldiers. ;0)

          • Christine Dodd

            LOL Fredrick, you know I have a great idea, why don’t the Liberal left-wing nutjobs and the TEA PARTY right-wing nitwits all go on a deserted Island some where and duke it out. This civil war between the two groups is what destroying this country. And the average American who wants to just work hard pay their taxes and vote for who they think will do the job whether that person is a Democrat or a Republican. These two groups of jackasses just need to leave us the hell alone.

          • Fredrick Rehders

            Dang,Christine ! I was hoping we could be friends, but if you don’t like TEA PARTY right wingers (I won’t agree to the “nitwit” part), then you won’t like me, at all. I’m a free market, liberty lovin’ kinda guy.

          • Christine Dodd

            Nope you lying sack of garbage!!! The blithering loud mouth Tea Party Idiots didn’t like Mitt Romney so they sat at home on their big fat asses and didn’t vote on election day. That is why you got Obama for second term smartass.

        • rchguns

          Some of the questions bear asking, it wasn’t the people who stayed home and didn’t vote is the real problem. When some precincts turned in their vote tallies some interesting things presented themselves that were never accounted for. How can an individual receives between 103 – 108% of the votes counted and in one case 130%. But yet nobody did anything about it!

          • Traveller62

            Look up the voter fraud in Ohio.

          • disqus_F2q3EuSApg

            Thank the gutless republicans in congress for doing nothing. They’re all afraid of being called racists. Pathetic.

          • paoliana

            don’t want to disrupt the flow of money!!! All of them are repugnant….with exception of very few….

        • Roxanne

          Yes by having every dead person and every illegal immigrant vote and some voting twice and some machines rigged for when you voted for Mitt it automatically switched to OBOZO so yes he won but by cheating and letting his cronies make the cheating happen. He is the worst president in history and is destroying our once great country and we can blame it all on your kind of voter. Brainless and uneducated!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Kenneth Andrews

        Meh. I voted for Gary Johnson. there’s no real difference between a black liberal and a white one accept the party names.

    • Crapola

      Good point. One that I had forgotten. People like that just make me angry.

      • CC1980

        If you let her make you angry she owns you and wins, if you just laugh at how stupid she is, she will be the one popping a gasket with anger. ;)

        • Traveller62

          I would have just stood there and laughed at what was going on. You are right. She definitely would have popped a gasket with anger, knowing she didn’t get to you. Laughing in their faces will pretty much back them off of their tirade. Works for me. Plenty of times!!

    • Rattlerjake

      She’s big enough to wear a whole solar panel to run her car on!

    • msnurse

      Don’t you know that if it wasn’t for hate, a liberal would have no emotions at all—AND–trying to argue with a lib is like trying to play chess with a pigeon–No matter how good you are
      at chess, the pigeon is just going to knock over the pieces, crap on the board, and strut around like it’s victorious.

    • Sarah @The Momisodes

      I’m sorry, but this is NOT a typical Liberal. This is a lady with a serious anger issue. I’m a Liberal. I wouldn’t have confronted that person in the least, because I’m not at ALL confrontational. Most Liberal’s aren’t. Please don’t lump us all together, as I’m sure you wouldn’t want to be lumped with the sours in your political party.

      • paoliana

        You are wrong=most liberals ARE…there are way too many absolutely sick examples to dispute your statement…

        • North

          Paoliana, I have to ask, where are you getting your examples? Scrolling through right-leaning Facebook pages and conservative-leaning websites will of course give you an endless supply of bad apples. However, the same can be said of left-leaning websites and pages. If I were to base my opinion of conservatives on the bad behavior I’ve seen on youtube, I would have a very dim view of them, indeed. However, I’ve been blessed with friends of *many* different political leanings, and we all engage in lively and respectful dialogue regarding current events. Although I’m left-leaning, I find I agree with many of the ideas of my conservative and independent friends. The media tries to put us in boxes and pit us against each other, but I think you’ll find we have more in common than you’d think. Imagine the good we could accomplish in our country if we united, rather than fought amongst each other.

          • paoliana

            I congratulate you on using facts instead of media talking points.
            There is plenty of examples just watching how democrats and lap dog media are attacking conservatives and tea party members and I proudly belong to the latter….Didn’t you see what they did to SARAH PALIN? I dare you name one liberal woman or a man who was as viciously attacked????

            We are being deliberately torn apart more so by liberal media and law makers in order to divert attention from the disastrous administration and rapid loss of freedom ….PC also being used by the same group to prevent people from speaking up…..
            As someone who knows first hand what it is to live behind iron curtain I can tell you I see many of those disturbing things occurring in our country today….and I SHUDDER!!!! I was hoping I left it behind many years ago…..

          • Christine Dodd

            You want a name of a Liberal woman that was viciously attacked???? I’ll be happy to give you one Bitch. Kristen Powers the young lady who is a Liberal and she is an editor for the Beast and regularly is seen on the O’Reilly Factor or Special Report with Bret Baier. Kristen Powers became a Christian and she was viciously attacked for it because of it. So, there, you got it.

      • Karen

        I’m glad you don’t. Unfortunately, I’ve seen way too many liberals behave like this.

    • hora

      That re real mental sick like all liberals, request respect but never respect another. That hy we have a big problem, a reporter I was rad are true, 40% of American have some mental problem.and many serious problem. Now why are free? We have a mental institutions.

      • Blaser270

        I take it you didn’t finish high school? Middle maybe? Your abilities with the English language could put somebody in a mental institution after trying to figure out what you tried to say.

        • Christine Dodd

          Guess you didn’t finish school either??? Maybe school of respecting other people. Chicks like you are what is wrong with this world and it will get much more worse now that we have people such as you running off their ignorant mouths.

    • GinnyLee

      Exactly! She’s clutching that pen like it’s her ballast… or, perhaps a defense weapon?

    • paoliana

      Those Flycking libs with vaginas also are soooo ugly….

      • Blaser270

        Could be the reason they are so messed up. Being mad and jealous of the nice looking girls who get male boy friends tends to drive them even loonier. After a while the only loving they’re going to get is other ugly single females. A school administrator I knew through work used to refer to the lesbian coaches as a bunch of lickety splits. First time I heard that I about died laughing.

      • Christine Dodd

        Well, that makes you just as uglier then doesn’t it. I think you need to grow up and act like an adult Bitch.

    • wecare_doyou

      A M E N Karen ! A definite overdose of kook-aid while reading Al Gore’s idiotic book does this to liberals! Their brains overheat and turn to mush while imagining the earth boiling hot! Poor, sick liberal nutcase shouldn’t be out in public!!

  • Gerry Emery

    2 Liberals stuck on an escalator

    • Karen

      Hilarious! He should have gone a little farther, though…pull out a phone and call a government agency to come and rescue them.

      • Elaine Eckart

        is that for real? Must have happened in Manhattan, Detroit or Chicago.

        • Karen

          It’s just making fun of Democrats who think someone else has to help everyone…at least, I hope it isn’t for real!


            The story you have just seen was real. Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent. ——Dragnet


          It could be anywhere, Elaine. But not very likely in North Dakota, Utah, Alabama, and most of Texas.

    • Nanci Alley

      What was wrong with walking up the stairs? I know dumb question, but… did God forget to give them feet & knees?


        You just showed you are not a Liberal. God just didn’t give them reason.

    • Tammy Reed

      lol, wow.

    • smenow


  • Gerry Emery

    Joe, feel free to use this photo with any of your future productions. Sometimes a picture says a thousand words.

    • Steve Walker

      love that.

    • Loweezy Smith

      That’s an oxymoron if there ever was one.

      • Patricia Singer

        with emphasis on moron.


      Using that picture here of Michelle with a crazed look, screaming, wild, wide-open mouth like she has just ripped the heart of an animal she just tackled would have been good. But that would be racist, a hater, disrespectful………..

    • Spock

      Unfortunately one of those words is wrong. If you make a poster, I kindly ask you to find a liberal proofreader to fix your propaganda. Name calling and self-victimisation is not a long-term political strategy.


        Proofreading, like spelling victimization correctly?


        I would kindly ask you, of the superior wisdom, education, insight et savant du monde, to allow those on the Left, the ones you deign worthy of course, into your political strategy. They have been using that political strategy of name calling and self-victimization for far too long.

    • Fredrick Rehders

      Is that a leather shoulder holster, it’s wearing?

  • Armando S. Fernandez

    I really didn’t get the whole story, perhaps she has a good reason for behaving the was she is, there are many truck drivers that behave very aggressive all the time, quite frankly I didn’t get the whole picture but with truck drivers, particularly the small ones, I’ll give it to her… one looses her marbles for nothing; respect to be respected………………………..Period!

    • Deb

      Maybe she had a bad day and simply took it out on this family. We did not get the whole picture, that’s true, but she was screaming and swearing in front of that little girl, there really is no call for that, a sane person would have not acted that way, no matter what. She clearly has issues, saying that truck drivers are aggressive sounds just as ignorant as she does, sorry.

    • Teach2020

      The sad thing is, Armando, there are too many people who do lose their marbles over “nothing”. (It appears the lady was upset because their truck was running ruining her “peace” in the parking lot…Like she can’t move somewhere else.) It doesn’t matter what the situation, this female did not go about the right way of dealing with it. You don’t approach people and curse, judge, and go off on them in front of their kids, Kudos to this dad for his approach of non-combativeness.


      No es una cosa complicada, Armando: La gorda viene de su carro, el Prius, en un parqueo public, a confrentar la familia en el pickup. Ellos no han provocada a ella en lo mas minimo. Mas sin embargo, ella esta muy molesta porque ellos ya tienen el motor encendido, y segun ella, no le gusta el humo saliendo del motor. Entonces ella, usando palabras inapropriadas con ninos presente, denuncia todo que le antoja, no solo una vez sino dos veces. La discussion aqui es sencillamente, en vista de que ellos tienen el mismo derecho estar alla, en un vehiculo legal, porque ella no quieria montarse en su carro y abandoner el lugar.

  • Patti Thayer

    Im fat, but atleast Im not an idiot!

    • justcuz1

      People get fat and lose the weight. Idiots stay idiots for the rest of their lives.

      • Tammy Reed

        well said.

    • rulie haveman

      I like the expression “pleasantly plump “


        A pretty unpleasant person.

    • William L

      your fine sweetheart, but she will be an idiot at the end of the day and everyday.

    • John D Archer

      In the words of Ron White…………”You can’t fix stupid”

  • Sonja Cisna Waters

    I can’t believe that someone would actually say things like that to complete strangers! I would have been shocked if she talked to me like that! Rambling on and on about nothing!

    • Guy Smith

      She was probably half drunk, or on PROZAC, etc! = (“Libtard”!)


        Not necessarily, Guy. Don’t give her a pass. She’s a fat creep.

  • Anti ObamaHolder

    This brainless twit probably collects food stamps and is on welfare. Sounds like she is jealous of the truck he drives.

    • PersimmonKnob

      My first guess would be “aha, a school teacher”!

      • jaws4316

        Or maybe a social worker.

    • gregzimmerman007

      No, not jealous/envious. She probably drives a hybrid and wants to make that clear to everyone who still drives a vehicle with a gas-powered engine. They are the “snobby” liberals. lol.


      I don’t know about that. A lot of the overloaded food stamp grocery carts I observe here in Atlanta go out to Ford Explorers, Escalades, and $60,000 pickups with 20 inch wheels.

  • Morgan Warren

    Throw her a cheese burger, she’ll calm down.

    • William Richardson

      With an Extra Large Order of Fries and a Chocolate Malt

      • Freddie Beard

        And a side of stickybuns


          I think those big buns are already sticky from her desire to conserve water.

        • Stephen Callender

          Don’t forget the diet caffiene free coke

    • Tammy Smithfix


  • Charlotte Metz

    The way I see it she described herself very well!!

    • rulie haveman

      my first thoughts exactly

  • skiellach

    It’s a waste of breath to argue with these folks!

    • bamashades

      your absolutely right, ignoring them is what kills them

      • gregzimmerman007

        did u notice she was not going to let Cheryl ignore her even though she was on the phone. finally she had to resort to talking to the child because it was the ONLY one that would listen! lol.

        • RVNMike

          That is where she crossed the line. She should have been put on her ass right then and there.

          • Claudia s

            Thank you. That’s exactly what I just said.

        • Christine Dodd

          Calling the child an it??? You got nerve to call a child an it.

    • Alan Lee

      But make sure you don’t waste your breath in November!

    • DaWorks

      Stupid, can’t argue withe’m, can’t educate’m. Vote them OFF the island!

      • Guy Smith


  • Paul Moat

    What that fat communist eats in a day could probably feed an African village for a month.

    • obamathemarxist

      Great comment, it looks like she might have eaten some of the kids.
      I am not so sure I could have contained myself like he did. Proud that he stayed cool in front of his kids.

      • Loweezy Smith

        What does she think she was teaching her children? How to be a typical liberal idiot. they should have called the law on her. I would have shut the doors and locked them. Isn’t that a public parking lot? Or is that her private property? I wouldn’t have even talked to her. She showed her low mentality by acting the way she did. What did she have in her hand – her free phone”?


          breathing the fumes too much.. hmmmmmmmm

          • JLogre9182

            мʏ ɴ­­­­­­e­­­­­­ιɢнвօʀ’ѕ ѕт­­­­­­e­­­­­­ք-αυɴт мαĸ­­­­­­e­­­­­­ѕ $88/нօυʀ օɴ тн­­­­­­e­­­­­­ ƈօмքυт­­­­­­e­­­­­­ʀ. ѕн­­­­­­e­­­­­­ нαѕ в­­­­­­e­­­­­­­­­­­­e­­­­­­ɴ υɴ­­­­­­e­­­­­­мքʟօʏ­­­­­­e­­­­­­ɖ ғօʀ ѕιх мօɴтнѕ вυт ʟαѕт мօɴтн н­­­­­­e­­­­­­ʀ քαʏм­­­­­­e­­­­­­ɴт աαѕ $14516 ʝυѕт աօʀĸιɴɢ օɴ тн­­­­­­e­­­­­­ ƈօмքυт­­­­­­e­­­­­­ʀ ғօʀ α ғ­­­­­­e­­­­­­ա нօυʀѕ. мօʀ­­­­­­e­­­­­­ ιɴғօ fox800&#46com


            My second cousin twice removed has a friend whose step-grandmother just applied for her ObamaPhone, food stamps, Section 8 housing, fuel allowance, unearned income return and the food bank at the Catholic church. She figures she is knocking down $4356 a month, and doesn’t even own a computer.

          • jaws4316

            That was hilarious.


            Thank you. Thank you very much!

          • P D Wells

            Sounds like a credible source.


            You don’t work at a welfare office, do you?

          • Mileaway

            This job comes with knee pads!

          • RVNMike

            Too dumb or too self important to move?

        • Fay Butler

          Oh, she’s knows everything!

          • gregzimmerman007

            Typical lib.

        • NPDeeDee

          This could be called assault because she was rather in your face. Is she special cuz she drives a Prius? What a POS!


            The threshold for assault is that the recipient feels threatened. We use the term assault and battery so much that we think of them as one. Battery is if fatso even touched one of them. I believe the young mother felt threatened.

          • PaddyHenry

            Most assuredly harassment and disorderly conduct though. In this country you still have the right to go about your business without being bothered, and you can’t cuss at people in public.

          • Traveller62

            She THINKS gas guzzler!! Just wait till one of the batteries in that Prius goes out. Last I heard, a replacement costs $7 grand. Now, they might have come down a bit since I heard that and “popped a gasket”.

          • Patriot

            Yes, that IS assault. Especially when you swear. You never know who’s carrying these days.

          • John Illinoils

            I love it when Prius owners discover what it costs to replace the battery pack at about 5-7 years. Especially ones who are already disappointed in the actual delivered mileage because they don’t drive it the way it was designed to get the maximum mileage.

      • Fay Butler

        He should have made a rude noise from his nether region and claim that’s the lknd of fuel he’s using – he was merely parked to refuel.

      • t. carlson

        I bet she would kick a puppy for passing gas..

    • William John McCloskey

      That is a good one lol

    • gregzimmerman007

      “It takes an African village…” (to show how much Americans really eat). I wonder how much strain is on that transmission when she’s inside driving that little POS car of hers.

    • Fred O’Cliff

      You look kind of chunky yourself. Does that make you a fat fascist?


        You choose to miss the point.

      • Paul Moat

        Coming from a jack-booted obamabot thug I take that as a compliment. When you’re done trolling here look up ‘fascist’ and there will probable be a picture of this quivering mound of cellulite.

  • Charlie

    What a stinking psycho!