Gun Owners: Be Careful if You Pass Through Maryland


guns1A Florida concealed carry permit holder had an unpleasant run-in with a Maryland police officer while traveling through the state.

John Filippidis and his family drove from Florida to New Jersey last December for Christmas and a wedding. He knew he’d be traveling through states that aren’t gun-friendly, so he left his gun at home.

“I know the laws and I know the rules,” Filippidis said. “There are, after all, ways gun owners can travel legally with firearms through hostile states.  But I just think it’s a better idea to leave it home.”

Filippidis was followed by a Maryland cop on I-95 after passing through the Fort McHenry tunnel. He said the cop flanked him, pulled ahead of him, and then got behind them. After about ten minutes of that, the officer pulled Filippidis over.

“Ten minutes he’s behind us,” John says. “We weren’t speeding. In fact, lots of other cars were whizzing past.”

The officer was from the Transportation Authority Police. He asked Filippidis for his license and registration. Around ten minutes later, he returned and asked John to exit his vehicle.

“You own a gun,” the officer says. “Where is it?”

Filippidis told the officer his gun was at home in his safe.

Apparently the officer didn’t believe Filippidis, because he began questioning his wife, Kally, next:

“Your husband owns a gun. Where is it?”

First Kally said, “I don’t know.” Retelling it later to the Tampa Tribune, she said, “And that’s all I should have said.” Instead, attempting to be helpful, she added, “Maybe in the glove (box). Maybe in the console. I’m scared of it. I don’t want to have anything to do with it. I might shoot right through my foot.”

That’s when things escalated. The officer confronted Filippidis:

“You’re a liar. You’re lying to me. Your family says you have it. Where is the gun? Tell me where it is and we can resolve this right now.”

Of course a gun could not be produced, since it was home in Filippidis’ safe.

This prompted the officer to call for backup, as the Tampa Tribune reports:

Kally’s failure to corroborate John’s account, the officer would tell them later, was the probable cause that allowed him to summon backup — three marked cars joined the lineup along the I-95 shoulder — and empty the Expedition of riders, luggage, Christmas gifts, laundry bags; to pat down Kally and Yianni; to explore the engine compartment and probe inside door panels; and to separate and isolate the Filippidises in the back seats of the patrol cars.

Almost two hours later, after no weapon was found, the Filippidis family was given a written warning (the offense was not noted) and the ordeal ended.

How the officer knew that Filippidis owns a gun has not been revealed. MTAP is conducting an investigation and could not comment.


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  • Veritas

    Okay! The MTAP (Maryland Transportation Authority Police) has launched an investigation. I’m sure the full force of the law will be applied by the MTAP against (wait for it….) the MTAP!

    This is a screaming violation of the 2A. The ONLY way a MD officer would know if a motorist is a gun owner is through gun registration. They strip-searched this vehicle and hassled a law-abiding couple for breaking WHAT law? NOTHING.

    The government is following a plan of incremental changes to slowly chip away our 2A rights. We need to have a national understanding about where the “line in the sand” is. This traffic stop shows that we are already in very dangerous waters.

  • Eddy Bauer

    The law in Maryland allows you to carry gun in your car (not in a rental car) as long as is not in a place that can easily be reached. In Georgia, you cannot obtain a concealed weapon permit unless you have a Georgia drivers license meaning that your gun permit is linked to your drivers lincense.. Eddy Bauer

  • mike connor

    I travel through MD with my firearm all of the time. I just lock the pistol in the back and the mag in the glove box.

  • John Quigley

    I can tell you how they know. When a background check is run, a data record is recorded by the Feds and all related information is stored. They keep this available to cops. I asked an officer friend about it, he said they can have access to the federal database that contains Who, What and Where – all related to Federal background check. The background check form is not forwarded, but the query about the person require more then enough information to create a ‘registration list’.

  • War_Wolf

    I hope he sues the eye balls out of this “cop” to the point that he’s little more than guano begging in the streets with tears in his eyes.

  • sk1951

    He needs to find a new wife. That one is way to stupid. I’m think’n more like shot in the head than in the foot! Not really but…WTF!

  • Malakie

    People need to start standing up and saying NO and fighting back against this kind of bull.. Now when I travel, I always have a hidden camera just in case I get stopped. I have, however, made it a point to not drive into ANY of those states ever… I also do NO business with any of those states or companies within those states. I refuse and will continue to refuse until things change.

  • monty

    When does a state law trump a countries constitution? That’s one thing that’s wrong with this country

  • Ron

    Two words: BIG LAWSUIT.

    The Second Amendment is very clear. The right to keep and bear arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED. There is no automatic suspicion of someone just because they own a gun. This “officer” and his buddies need to be fired, and this victim needs to be rewarded handsomely for having his civil rights violated.

  • Robert McFarland

    I also was puled over by the Maryland State Police on Interstate 70 in northern Maryland. I have a CCW permit from Ohio and had my weapon in my car. As the officer approached me I placed both hands on my steering wheel in he 10-2 position and had my window down. When he arrived beside my vehicle I immediately advised him I had CCW from Ohio and also had a loaded weapon in my vehicle. He asked to see my license and my CCW permit, went to his vehicle an came back in about 5 minutes. He was very polite and gave me a written warning about my speed. He also thanked me for advising him about my concealed weapon and CCW permit, then he said…Have a safe day and let me go.

  • blogengeezer

    In a few states “A Gun’ would have been mysteriously ‘Found’… Hopefully the proper attorneys are working on this ‘incident’? This doesn’t even occur in Venezuela, one of the most deadly countries Venezuela is the model nation for what is occuring across some areas of the USA. For one thing the police can no longer even afford radios, let alone computers to research every person’s records. The ‘Inner Circle’ of a totalitarian govt eventually destroys the Host, as does a parasitic entity inside one’s body. Until that final time of judgement, the parasite thrives.

    • Charles Ramsey

      Oh give me a break, it would not have been the right gun you moron. Then how do they explain the mysterious gun that just “showed up”?? You on the other hand are just trying to start more rumors and trouble.

  • jimhale

    Sounds like he should have left his wife home in Florida for this trip as well.

  • Joe Fritz

    Stupid wife should have shut her mouth…

  • TCinTheKnow

    You know, Muslims have been known to kill people for drawing a cartoon that offended them. We, on the other hand, have become such spineless sheep that we can’t be coerced into any sort of real reprisal no matter how flagrant the violation. People made enormous sacrifices perusing the ideals that gave us our freedoms. And now we, as a country, are unwilling to get off the couch and say ‘NO’ as we watch them taken away. There are things to lean from the people who are beating us. There is a time to get truly pissed off and take action.

  • RickfromIllinos

    Sue the Department that the “law enforcement” officer works for and more importantly, SUE HIM personally. The only way that abuses like this is going to stop is if the individuals doing it are scared to death about what will happen to them if they abuse their power. Sue him. Take his home, take his possessions, drive him out of his job, and don’t stop until he ends up working at a place where he asks people if they want their order super-sized. Sue his boss, sue his bosses boss. Don’t let up.

    • anarchyst

      “Qualified immunity” applies to all public officials and acts as a “get out of jail free” card most of the time.

  • John Campbell

    That is illegal search. The whole thing is illegal if that is the way it went down. I would be back in Maryland with a lawyer suing for violating your constitutional rights

  • Chastity Lynn

    Most of the police in MD are good but the transportation authority is known to be harsh and unfair like they have something to prove just like the Las Vegas police.

  • Rickey Douglas Love

    Scr*w Maryland ~ Yankee Pigs can have it, Never been,., Never goin’,come to Texas You Punks we will teach You some manors ~

    • El Lobo Solo

      Make sure you register to vote & show up at he ballot box to vote so we get the
      AG Gregg Abbott not the Dem Wendy Davis.
      $40 million is being pumped into Texas from Calif to turn Texas Blue (Dem) this year.

  • mattwm

    they cannot keep doing this, violence is inevitable.

  • marahnatha

    One of the reasons we’re leaving Maryland in torrents. O’Malley, one of the worse state Governors of all time.

  • conservativdude

    the wife was an idiot but the real question is just how did they know he had a gun and why was it an issue at all?

  • justtheusa

    It’s sad that this is what law enforcement is coming to in many places. A supervisor should have been called for and I would have been on the phone to local media and give them a chance to investigate. This officer (and i laugh when i say that) was way out of line and on a witch hunt. Sad excuse for a police official.

  • marineh2ominer

    I am a former Maryland resident , I will NOT pass through that communist state for any reason and relatives and friends from there have to come see me . If I am going North of Maryland I go around it hitting Virginia , West Virginia , and Pennsylvania . A very long way around but the scenery is nice and I get to burn a lot more carbon producing gas and that makes the cost all worth while to me . I DESPISE communist b–t–ds , always have and always will , AND EVERY DEMOCRAT TODAY IS A COMMUNIST BECAUSE THEY SPENT THE LAST FORTY YEARS GETTING CONTROL OF THE PARTY , which I now call the DEMONRAT PARTY .

    • El Lobo Solo

      YES, Dementia-Crats.

    • Charles Ramsey

      So you are going to drive hundreds of miles out of your way just to avoid it. Video tape this and post that on youtube. You won’t, you are a lair and just running your mouth.

  • George Bailey

    Would love to know if anything will be done about this. Obvious rights violation in my opinion. Toll authority cops are horrible….usually overweight with a chip on there shoulder!!!

  • Vikt

    My guess is that this guy had an NRA bumper sticker or some other sticker that caught this officer’s eye.

    It shouldn’t matter, but it’s probably not a good idea to have any kind of markings or stickers on your vehicle that show any of your interests or beliefs, especially if you are pro-gun.

    The future doesn’t look too bright for anyone who cherishes freedom or individual rights.

    • El Lobo Solo

      Good Idea!!
      A news article several months mentioned that police often look for & target drivers who have bumper stickers that express an anti govt opinion as defined by them.
      viz: NRA, right to life, global warming denial, religious, etc.
      as metioned earlier, travel in disguise. ie COEXIST bumper sticker, a Peace Sign or Obama sticker.

  • hora

    Yes can, when I was a especial COP, in license plate and driver license was show I carry a weapon. Sure I as carry a Police Commision and badge but never can rust any COP in special if alone.

  • ken charboneau

    what a dick head cop hope mr. dick head cop goes to Florida

  • Ths is what happens when you marry a liberal afraid of guns. they will roll over on you every time..

  • Randall Williams

    from the founding of this great country of ours to the now infamous pj boy Obama this country has endured everything that has been thrown at her , but i’am afraid that this time we will not endure the atrocities that we are witnessing today under this administration . may God be with us all..

  • Richard Knack

    Sort of like a scene from the novel “Patriots” by James Wesley Rawles…

  • hijinx60

    “How the officer knew…has not been revealed.” I do not know how Florida’s system works, but here in NC, your conceal carry license is numbered. The number is the exact same as your Driver’s License number. I have also been advised that you need to declare your possession of your concealed carry license even if you are not in possession of a concealed weapon. Such an action would have possibly prevented this incident.

  • Randall Williams

    lets not forget what set all this in motion . it was his wife . nothing against the ladies , but you need to learn there are times when you just need to think with your brain and not your emotions . just saying .

    • Rebecca Dugan

      The wife did not set this in motion, the cop did when he pulled the guy over in the first place for no reason.

  • pilot007

    Evidently the data base is upon us. Looks like a fed investigation is in order…as if that would accomplish anything.

  • lcuvillier

    This is why I do not like CWP or background checks. We should not have them at all – It is none of the government’s business what I own – that is any government, whether local, state or federal.

  • dave earnest

    , Where us your gun. None of your Fxxxxxx business.

  • dmprisk

    Are they monitoring the license plates on the cars? And then just guessing that any State that allows open or concealed carry, to just hassle them? If they are somehow cross checking the license plates on cars and gun registration then that is illegal and we must make an example of this State of Maryland and the cop.

  • flothow

    There has to be more this story. The policeman said “your family said” you had the gun. What else did the family say to him? Did his family call 911 and say he had a gun and was going to kill someone? or ??? We do not have the full story and should not comment until we do.

    • Charles Ramsey

      Yeah that is what happened and they just left that whole part out of this story, Mr. Conspiracy theorist. Surprised you can’t think of a few more out of the blue BS things to write here to stir up more controversy.

  • Sonoma03

    The writer doesn’t know how police knew he had a weapon. When they run his license, it would show up on the report. In certainly does in Nebraska.

  • Dena Kelley

    Wow. What was the “written warning” for? This sounds like a sound reason for a lawsuit- if we don’t fight back against government overreach, they will continue to trample our rights. There was no probable cause or legal basis for this.

  • Gabby Johnson

    How did they know is one question. Number two is how did they so quickly pick him out? Do they automatically run a database on all out of staters from carry conceal states? If so, this will blow up in a very large way and have national implications.

    I pray for an enormous suit. Win. And payout. NO SETTLEMENT.

  • disqus_Ed8LYkU7q2

    This islamic communist regime and all of it’s GOVERNMENT NEW JOBS for it’s islamic communists put in positions of information and power to attack ANY and ALL individual American for ANY and ALL made up communist regime reason.

  • AFZoomieTim

    A big thanks to all of you obama voters! We’re not the only ones the Nazi’s will be harassing!
    You will all be marched (goose-step) into the Socialist FEMA camps along with us, the TRUE Patriots!
    You freakin’ idiotic jerks! I hope you’re proud of yourselves, selling this great country for a trip to Hell!

    • R K

      I don’t know about you…..but I won’t be marching into any FEMA Camps

      • AFZoomieTim

        R.K…..I was using that as a figure of speech. Like you, I won’t be marching anywhere that I don’t want to march, and I won’t go without my weapons!

  • 4True

    Someone needs to be fired and many sued. this is unbelievable.

  • Vickie Burr Pippin

    Officer should be fired, abuse of power. I hope they sue.

  • don76550

    I hope he sues that rogue cop

  • SHOTGUN285

    Hopefully that cop dies soon. We don’t need any more thugs violating our rights.

  • wdcraftr

    They should Not have answered the officers question.. It was none of his business. He did Not have a search warrant, nor probable cause to ask or search for one, nor cause to stop their vehicle. They should have just respectfully declined to give that info, citing the 4th amendment. Then asked if they were free to go.. Wanting to help out officers and resolve disputes only seem to get you into deeper trouble nowadays.. Yes there are decent officers, but you don’t know if the one you are talking to is representing the law, and the people, or some gun hating liberal politician.. Be polite, but don’t submit any unnecessary info, or search.

    • El Lobo Solo

      To quote one attorney who gave us a class lecture,
      “If a problem arises, the police might say you are guilty, you might even think you are guilty, but you come tell me & I will tell you if you are guilty”.

  • BarbaraP

    funny story but true. Three friends went to Louisiana from Texas to have gumbo one weekend driving a suburban. Coming back late they were on a two lane highway running arount 100 mph. They had a six pack which was half gone. Out of the dark came lights which turned into red & blue lights. Turned out to be county sheriffs. When they approached the driver he immediately advised them that he had weapons in the vehicle and had a CLC. That put the two sheriffs into complete panic/fear mode. They ask him to step out of the vehicle, produce his CLC, and tell them where the guns were. The second seat passenger put his jacket over the remaining beers got out and walked to some bushes to urinate which really was to get rid of the beer. After locating all the weapons and running his license, they ticketed him and told him to slow down in Louisiana. They drove a few miles and realized this time of night few stores would be open so they went back and retrieved their remaining beers.
    He got a speeding ticket, but thanks to the guns he didn’t get an open container or dui.

  • Jean Townsend

    Pulling over someone who hasn’t broken the law, but because the officer finds out they have a CWP is just wrong and infringes on the individual’s right to legally carry a weapon. This officer must have had a slow day or else just wanted to assert his “authority.” The wife should have said nothing! She’s apparently not too smart! I mean really, what if have a MacDonald’s bag in the window? Are you going to get stopped by the anti-obesity police? Where does this madness stop?

  • kenj41ne

    The big question is how did the officer know that he owned a weapon. Why did was he pulled over? Is this big brother developing a national database of all registered gun owners?

  • wdcraftr

    NSA spying at it’s best. Soon National ID cards too just to cross a border.. What do you think those Computer info gathering centers are for? Your name, license number, can pull up info on you, like if you own a gun, have a CCW permit, your online habits, phone conversations, email info, etc. This will all culminate into a one world information system, controlled by the Beast (Govt.).. No money used, just an ID card, debit card, that can reject you to buy, sell, get services.. Of course if you are a tea party like person, white, Christian, etc, then they have 600+ Fema concentration camps staffed for your convenience. Now I hear they have guillotines there too for the Christians. The Bible mentions beheadings. LOL! I though, plan on being raptured before that happens, or shot for upholding my oath to the Constitution, my country, our fallen soldiers, and God.

  • BarbaraP

    scarry stuff

  • Ron Adkins

    What I did not see in the statement was if anyone checked with Florida DMV to see if they happen to place into their computers the fact that the person named on the Drivers License is a CCW permit holder. Is this information included in the information given to Law Enforcement when they run a check on the Drivers License? Is there a reciprocal agreement between Maryland and Florida when it pertains to CCW permits? This could be a case of a Law Enforcement Officer gone bad or it could be a Law Enforcement Officer merely trying to do his job and go home at night. I try not to judge until all facts are presented.

    • Pamela A

      In what way was the law officer doing his job?

  • Biff Sarin

    Be aware of a tactic used by law enforcement. They will make a statement (based on a possibility) rather than ask a question. For Instance:

    “You own a gun. Where is it?”

    If you DON’T actually own a gun, you will respond with “you are mistaken” or “there must be a glitch in your database”, etc. Which tells him that it’s a dead end. In this case, the officer will occasionally say something dismissive such as “Oh, my mistake then.” and continue the stop without pressing the issue any further. It is likely that the stop will end quickly with some trumped up ‘warning’ so the he can get back to targeting other out-of staters. And let’s face it, when your state is the size of a postage stamp, MOST drivers are from out of state.

    If you actually own a gun, you assume that he has come to this conclusion through some surreptitious database and answer his question under that pretext. “It’s locked up at home.” Means that you DO in fact own a gun and now you MIGHT be lying to him to avoid his ridiculous state laws. You are actually admitting and providing information of which he had no actual knowledge.

    • El Lobo Solo

      these guys many times have an uncanny knack to go on a “fishing trip” when dealing with a suspect come up with results.

  • Victor_Decurtis

    My father always said, “Cops are a necessary evil. They are the only thing that stands between U.S. and the bad guys.” Unfortunately, since he died in 1985, police departments, bolstered by the “patriot act” have become a quazi storm trooper organization. They do what they want, when they want to do it and rely on you being angry enough to bring them to task in a court of law. “Investigations” are done and 99% of the time, the cop is “found” to be in the “right!” We are at their “mercy” or so they wrongly believe. Cops are being shot and killed at an alarming rate and they have no one to blame, but themselves and their peers who run roughshod over our right just to be secure in our own person. There are good cops, I know. But there are far too many bad cops, whom are actually criminals in uniform with a “badge of authoritarianism” being used against U.S.! So I say this, Americans are getting fed up with this behavior. Do your job, as if our lives depended on it, or your lives may be dependent on how your “buddy” treated the last American, he took advantage of by fiat!

  • buzzman1

    Only lived here a year and wish I hadnt moved here.

  • cwhutchins

    That cops needs his ass whipped and so does his supervisors who condone such actions. No better than Nazis. Don’t register your weapons and don’t join groups which have data bases of members. Organize in your communities and families.

    • El Lobo Solo

      An earlier post made by another subscriber was spot on about this police man.
      To paraphrase, “….many of these police officers in NE states are union drones”.

  • vicky

    obviously there s a owners list in every police dept from state to state, remember those posted gun owners in NY well there is your answer.

  • Glock _ 10

    I think I would have to file Suit. The written warning he gave him was to give a court his reason for probable cause in case of a lawsuit.
    The stop was illegal and how does a Maryland cop know someone from Florida owns a gun?? He ran the plates to get Filippidis name then ran wants and warrants, then check Florida Concealed Carry or the Feds have records which would be illegal for them to keep. Once he knows or suspects Filippidis owns a gun he looks for something to give him probable cause like a burned out License Plate light.
    I wish we knew what the warning was for. Apparently Communists are in Charge of Maryland. My son was a Cop, he would never have done something like this, he respects the Law of the Constitution and Loves the Freedom it provides. If Probable Cause were not the Law a Communist Cop would have everyone pulled over doing cavity searches…

  • Ronald G Miner Jr

    I got some feedback from one of my police officer friends here in the people’s republic of Md. Apparently this is a fairly new tactic being pushed by Maryland law enforcement.When they find a car from a state that reports CC They run your out of state tag, If the returned information comes back with a concealed carry permit they stop and demand to know where the gun is. The strategy is that many people will forget to unload it and put it away when they get to Maryland. If they find it in the car loaded you go to jail, lose your gun and potentially your right to carry or even own.

    • Biff Sarin

      I did not know that Florida ‘reported’ CCW’s. My initial thought was that the cop was playing the odds. Florida has one of the highest rates of CCW holders in the country.

      Also, be aware of a tactic used by law enforcement. They will make a statement (based on a possibility) rather than ask a question. For Instance:

      “You own a gun. Where is it?”

      If you DON’T actually own a gun, you will respond with “you are mistaken” or “there must be a glitch in your database”, etc. Which tells him that it’s a dead end. In this case, the officer will occasionally say something dismissive such as “Oh, my mistake then.” and continue the stop without pressing the issue any further. It is likely that the stop will end quickly with some trumped up ‘warning’ so the he can get back to targeting other out-of staters. And let’s face it, when your state is the size of a postage stamp, MOST drivers are from out of state.

      If you actually own a gun, you assume that he has come to this conclusion through some surreptitious database and answer his question under that pretext. “It’s locked up at home.” Means that you DO in fact own a gun and now you MIGHT be lying to him to avoid his ridiculous state laws. You are actually admitting and providing information of which he had no actual knowledge.

  • TREP


  • Charles E Hoy

    And we’ll never see any “Comment”, either!!!!!!!!!

  • Jim Dicken

    I am sure that CCDW permits are on Driver License info. If the officer ran the mans plates then he could have accessed that info. ALSO Kentucky CCDW requires you show it at any traffic stop and inform the officer whether you are armed or not.

  • yaz reggae

    Why the pretense? This has always happened to the accepted commonnality (YOU) ad now you pretend this is a recent phenomenon. What goes around, always comes around, whethere good, bad or indifferent in the face of what is taught as part of what we know as Christianity. Christainity and politics NEVER will mix. If yu have EVIL INTENTION then that Is a real different matter.

  • mike z.

    what is the concealed weapon law for Georgia? and what is the federal law when traveling Interstate?

  • scotty

    No need to apologize we Americans have not lost our balls and the day this president or any of our government try to take something from me they will no longer feel that they can do as they please because they will no longer have the ability to think! Get It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Carlos A Esparza

    In many states such as Nevada if you have a CCW it is attached to your drivers info. So if your license is run it will show you have a CCW. This is not probable cause for search however . It was implemented for officer safety. I would say this officer was way out of line ! I would bet a law suit is in the works. If he worked for me he would be unemployed !!!!!!!

  • Frank Chapman

    Sadly law enforcement has access to personal information from just your car tag including a gun license in any state. If he answered the officer properly then he should have been released. How they choose to use it in there work is where the problem is. That officer was just poorly trained and not all cops are that bad in judgement calls. Unfortunately until Maryland wakes up and allows gun carry by law abidding citizens, it will just make cops jobs harder and crime in Md will continue.

  • Chris

    The road pirates exist on taxation, which is theft, extortion, slavery and TYRANNY. They are ALL criminals. Simple matter to privatize arbitration and security and end our slavery.

  • Marcus127

    Now folks….we have to remember it was the frigging Transit Police in Baltimore they were accosted by…..which in itself explains a lot. Those folks, the Transit Cops, start the day with an attitude and only get worse as it goes by. Ask any Trucker about them…..bad news is what you will get.

    I would think the Wife is the one who needs her Ass kicked over all this…..but being a good Husband… I would let it go with a big smile and a “Honey….next time don’t run your mouth except to say…..we left the gun at home in the gun safe!”.

    If the Cops carry it forward after both of the Occupants saying that….and it being the Truth….and they spend two hours being searched…..then…I would sue the hell out of the Officers, the Department, and the Head of the Transit Police….as the Cops would have no “Probable Cause” to search the vehicle or contents.

    It does raise a question as to how the Transit Cop knew the Driver was a CCW Permit Holder.

    Maryland is probably the worst State on the East Coast re Gun Laws… just boycott it.

    Buy your gas, snacks, meals in Virginia and Pennsylvania and only stop and Pee or Poop in Maryland.

  • oleinwi

    How is this any different from the Gestapo or KGB stopping you without probable cause, conducting a warrantless search….this officer just tore up the Constitution and tossed it out! God help us! Aside from the glaring part about how DID the officer know about the gun?…NSA?.. yeah, it’s getting scary and ugly out there my friends with the tyrant in the White House….

  • Marty Kogan

    BOYCOTT MARYLAND and everyone send in to the Baltimore main newspaper and others.

  • Frank DeVenuto

    You missed the point of the whole incident. How did the police officer know he had a permit or a gun? This means government agencies are sharing data illegally.

  • DJ

    I will not be going to Maryland.

  • tryckspyder

    The CCW is noted at the DMV. When I renewed my DL in FL. They asked to confirm that I still had my valid CCW permit.That is how the cop knew he was a CCW license holder. That cop should be fired.

  • Political Liars

    I would definitely have taken the time to contact his superiors and file a formal complaint. He obviously was targeted for being an out of state driver. These type of police officers need to be taught that this is just not acceptable in our society.

  • Herman Vogel

    I am sooo sure Holder will step in and call for an investigation…LMAO…HE is the one that called for his action by these Rent-A-Cops.

  • Allen Lee Runyon Sr

    I would own the cop for treating me like that. It also sounds like the man needs a new wife. She should have said that what her husband said was the truth. People who are scared of guns are some of the most ignorant people in the world.

  • Jeff Jennings

    Un freekin believable,, profiling, say what..100 criminals probably passed the cops during that amount of time..WTF ?

  • Herman Vogel

    Unlawful search, no PC to pull him over, no crime committed but his wife should have her butt kicked for being such a dumbazz. If it were me I would have cancelled the vacation and filed a complaint with the Internal affairs section of the Transportation Authority Police. Did he have the authority to make a traffic stop with or without Probable Cause? This A-Hole would be looking for another job, he violated this man’s Constitutional Rights by NOT having PC to pull him over. And I am a former LEO.

  • Jay Vincent

    “To protect and serve”? Or private army?………..SS maybe?

  • Tired O’Libs

    What are the names of the officer and superiors? The only way unreasonable officers are held accountable is if they have a legitimate complaint filed and a lot of noise made from citizens. Otherwise they laugh and sweep it under the rug!

  • Jeff Schreiber

    The way the officer knew he owned a gun is because when you geta concealed carry it links to your drivers license in most state systems for police& dot. … Thanks to homeland security

    • Olivia Stark

      Again, what was his probable cause for pulling the car over in the first place, then? Is the CCW also linked to the license plate number as well as the driver’s license? And if so, is having a CCW in another state considered acceptable probable cause for making a traffic stop?

      I CALL B.S.!

  • Teresa

    The second amendment applies to all Americans, not just some states. Unfreaking believable !!!

  • Some cops are real jerks and this is one of them! Was he looking for a bust so that he’ll get a day off or a medal? Maybe. To subject a law abiding citizen to this kind of abuse should not be tolerated and the officer should be removed to a desk job for the rest of his career. We can only hope there are superiors intelligent enough to see that this cop has issues.

    • Bart Smith

      “…the officer should be removed to a desk job…”

      Negative! He should be removed from the job, period.

  • haloperidal

    This should be front page news all over the country. No citizen who legally owns a gun in one state should put up with this behavior in another. I am sure that these cops who tore their vehicle apart left them with it dismantled when they left him with a warning. It probably would not be effective, but it seems to me that the cops who participated in this raid should face personal liability for this behavior especially since there was no probable cause to stop him in the first place.

  • Zuni3

    Sounds like a good lawsuit to me; sue the state and the department

  • Ronald G Miner Jr

    I live in Maryland. The MTdA police are known as vultures. They sit along the road waiting for unsuspecting victims to pull over and harass. They know that few if any of the people they stop will question their motive for it. The family in this story sound like they were racially profiled because they are hispanic. I hope they sue the crap out of the state.

  • PieMan

    The north east is full of liberal nuts. I have no desire to visit there.

  • Dandyangie

    Can you say Police State? Its here folks!

  • Jim Tolar

    That’s why I tell everyone not to obtain a permit…I was told by a Sheriff To never buy a permit because then you were already in the system Nation wide and if DHS or ATF ask they had to give up the names of everyone who had a cc permit..It’s become a Police State, It’s time for a cleansing of our nation to get rid of all the Tyrants and to restore our freedom and our Nation…

  • When you have a CCL it shows up when they run your DL… pretty basic stuff.

    • Olivia Stark

      So you’re saying the cop could see the guy’s driver’s license as he was driving down the street? THE QUESTION HERE IS WHY WAS HE PULLED OVER TO BEGIN WITH? The cop had no probable cause in the first place to even SEE the guy’s driver’s license.

  • Dave Wukusick

    The Gestapo used these tactics in 1938!!!

  • Dave Wukusick

    Sue the officer and his department for unlawful detainment!!! Pricks!!!

  • Stevon f. Nutt

    Get the names of those KGB police and publish them so everyone will know who they are and the Socialist ideals they champion!

  • paul

    first let’s give the wife a life lesson.. cops are not your friends.. if your husband says there is no gun,, then there is no gun…second.. cops are not your friends.. they are foolish to a fault, thugs with guns , do not call them for help in a family issue.. unless you want to go to a funeral.. folks it’s time to bring it up a notch…

    • borg

      The husband may have failed to tell his wife that he was leaving the gun home. I dought she heard her husband claiming that the gun was home.

  • Rick Reggio

    You hit it on the head my friend…the USA has no balls. The liberals have taken over and we are a socialist state now.

  • Kevin M. Koop

    Wow! Another poorly educated dumb ass with a badge! It’s time these police departments man up and start firing these morons!!!

  • Russel Vaspol

    Coming out of that tunnel is a police trap for any one with an out of state plate. The government is issuing information to all non gun carrying states, the lists of all registered gun owners. It will send up a red flag on you license. Maryland state police are some of the biggest liars of traffic violations and you cannot argue or win against them.. I know I have traveled that road for years.

  • Lowell

    If you have a CCP it is on your vehicle registration information and is passed on to any officer requesting your information. If possible avoid those states when traveling.

  • badster

    Every time you purchase a gun you have to register it with the FBI… no name and social security number, no serial number… no gun. If you think they go to all this trouble just to discard the information… your a bigger fool than I am.

  • RickfromIllinos

    How did the officer know that he owned a firearm in the first place? The victim was from Florida and the gestapo agent from Maryland?

    Why was he given a written warning that didn’t mention the offense?

    The only way to stop this is to SUE them. Sue the agency and SUE the officer personally. Do it enough times and this kind of garbage will stop.

  • badster

    where is the freakin video I expected to see on this page?

  • hand jive

    Cha CHing! Pay day when I was through suing the gestapo…

  • Glenn Hamilton

    There is something wrong here. A Fl ccw permit is good in MD. If he had his gun it was perfectly legal.
    This sounds like a random drug stop gone bad.
    Sounds like MD SP had pc for this search.

    • R K

      A CCW permit issued in Florida is not “good” in Maryland. The State of Maryland ranks in the top 5 of most restrictive gun rights states in the country.

      • Glenn Hamilton

        Review Florida and Maryland reciperial ccw laws. It is legal to carry a handgun in MD. with a Fl carry permit.

        • R K

          I’m sorry Glenn but your dead wrong. I live in the State of Maryland. I’ve been involved with the legislative process of protecting our gun rights in the state for a plethora of years, and I am familiar with our laws backwards and forewards. It doesnt matter whether you have a resident or non-resident CCW permit from Fla. you cant carry concealed here. And by the way I have a Utah, Florida, and Virginia non-resident CCW and neither of them gives me the right to carry in Maryland.

      • Glenn Hamilton

        I just checked the Fl website on firearms. Maryland was taken off the ccw reciprocity list. When did this happen? It has to be a while ago, The last time I reviewed the list they were on the list.

        • R K

          Its been more than several Years now. I stay on top of things just to protect myself from being arrested in a State that has changed its reciprocity. I tried to get a CCW here. I spent 8 months, about $600.00 dollars and a stack of paperwork an inch and a half thick and finally said screw this its not worth the hassle.

  • The Duke

    This officer was such a pig

  • Steve Hamling

    why the hell can’t this ever happen to me, would love the pay day

  • John

    Unfortunately our nation is becoming more like the Communist/Socialist mindset Democracy sought to end. Sad, especially to a Cold Warrior and Desert Storm vet on my part and to all Mil Veterans past and present.

  • Beltshazzar

    This is why you exercise your rights without getting a permission slip. The constitution is the only permission you should ever need. This officer is a traitor.

    • Slawburger

      it surely seems that all “power” to detain is starting right around the d.c. area. definitely time to take back OUR country and OUR RIGHTS.

  • me ohmy

    sue these power mad jerks..

  • realbadger

    The corrupt cop is bad enough, but Filippidis’s “helpful” wife should be having to sign those for-cause divorce papers soon…

  • Aaron Christopher O’Neal

    The biggest concern to me, besides the fact that the police have such easy access to information about who has a CCW permit, is that there seems to be no reason for the officer to have pulled the car over in the first place. It’s a case of which came first, the chicken or the egg… If the driver was not in any violation of any traffic laws and had no warrants out for arrest, then there was NO legal rationale for the cop to pursue the driver. Had he been speeding and THEN there was the issue of the differing stories of the driver and his wife, then you could at least more easily argue the cop had some microcosm of probable cause. So in this case…. Which came first, the probable cause or the illegal pulling over of a law abiding citizen? It’s pretty obvious the answer is illegal pursuit by the disgrace of a police officer.

    • Retired MSGT USAF

      It was the out of State License Plate. Always that first thing State Police look for. Also, FL State, might just have a drug bust and confiscation of the vehicle for State coffers, or a free vehicle for the State undercover Police to use.

  • longun45

    There are data bases that can be accessed that are not supposed to exist. But we know they do. Maryland, New Jersey, New York all are so unfriendly to gun owners we should embargo them all of EVERYTHING.

  • Kyle Ness

    She should’ve kept her mouth shut! It’s pretty bad when crossing a state is like crossing into another country… If going speed limit, seat belt on, just keep on driving.

  • charlesjneilsonmd

    Why couldn’t the NRA sue that officer to have the computer memory tested for information regarding the source of the background check information?

  • mimabo72

    In Maryland the have their gun laws, and their homosexual marriages. So they violate Gods law for the law of man.

    • El Lobo Solo

      Its not Maryland anymore, its Merry Land.

  • mimabo72

    The Maryland State police came into WV arrested some individual’s ad high tailed out of WV. Cumberland Times was sent the picture but never saw anything about the picture or the story. Apparently they were escaped prisoners

  • Aqua-Man

    The article starts out with “…Florida concealed carry permit holder…” This is the information that transcends non-gun registration in Florida. I believe CCW registry’s are available to all law enforcement and is tied back from a search of the vehicle’s tag. This would mean that after running his tag, the officer ran a CCW-Florida search and it came up as a hit. Having this information allowed the officer to target the unlucky driver.

    What I don’t understand is the number of people registering by virtue of the CCW process. Isn’t it obvious that by obtaining a CCW puts you on “the list”?


    On July 1, 2006, a new law went into effect that makes personal identifying information pertaining to a Concealed Weapon or Firearm license confidential and exempt from Section 119.07(1), Florida Statutes and Section 24(a), Article 1 of the State Constitution.

    Exceptions to this exemption are:

    With the express written consent of the applicant or licensee or his/her legally authorized representative.

    By court order upon a showing of good cause.

    Upon request by a law enforcement agency in connection with the performance of lawful duties.

  • Everett L Reed

    If you have a CCDW license it will show up when they run your drivers license.

    • David Price

      Not in every state brother.

  • ajhnson

    They stopped him because of his FL tag. This is total BS! We’re not Nazi Germany are we? Show us your papers! I would have refused to cooperate and demanded a reason for being stopped. He had no valid reason for stop and seizure. It is very clear these are Liberal cops.

  • Chris Mc

    Let’s see. . .Maryland is an aged state with high crime and bad politics, and obviously, bad law enforcement. It is a liberal shithole! If one can afford it, fly next time. . .

    • bbgunplinkplink

      Fly? and be groped by the TSA? no thanks

  • Kenyan Mocker

    My Legal Shield service gives me 24/7 contact with an attorney anyplace in the USA. BEFORE it escalated to this degree I would have a lawyer from MD on the phone and asking the cop questions. Remember when you don’t know your rights it’s easy for others to abuse them.

  • amabokcuf

    Prepare for more of this tyranny from these effing pigs in these worthless states. Not to mention from the scum in DC…they are ramping up for a shooting war against the American people.

  • Rangers45

    This is just plain GESTAPO TACTICS!!! This bozo had no cause to harass this family!!

    • bbgunplinkplink

      Of course he didn’t have any cause, but Bozo the Clown here thinks he has absolute power to do anything to anyone at anytime. This is what is wrong with the police today.

      • Rich Kolasa

        They’re just union drones, like most teachers. They all come from a dumbed-down populus, so when you have the ones who seek power, there is a greater danger.

  • El Lobo Solo

    THIS is a learning moment for all.
    If you have a CHL & traveling through a Blue State, make sure you & spouse are on the same page when it comes to gun issues.
    viz: looks like much less hassle if the wife would have gave the same answer as husband.
    Also, join a legal defense organization that deals with gun issues,
    ie Legal Shield.

    • Kenyan Mocker

      24/7 Legal Shield access to a lawyer in every state in the USA. Let the cop explain to a lawyer what he is doing on a recorded line. Changes the entire scope.

  • Maximus Max

    My question is of course what would’ve happened to this innocent man and his family had he *had* the pistol that day…

  • Paul Huggins

    i can not help but wonder, how did the officer know he owned a hand gun, what was the officer’s PC?
    IE probable cause to stop and or investigate this particular citizen??????? i’m affrade to say this is just the start of big brother

    • unreal

      The computers and other electronic toys in police cars now a days can tell them when you took a dump last ! All they have to do is hang back and run you’re plat number and you’re hole life shows up who you are .What you own . Ware you live.Traffic tickets Any Thing & Every Thing : Welcome to you’re new world order !!

    • Billy

      I agree, yes there are some good cops but it only takes a few bad to make the rest look bad. Cops are not suppose to just pull people over at random . Only a Gestapo type police do that . So I am like you he was from FL traveling through MD , How would they know that the man in that car had a permit for a gun unless they have been doing what they are not suppose to be doing and that is access where he had to register that gun for his carry permit , Yes some states do have a way of connecting it throw you car tag, however they are not suppose to be able to access that info unless you have done something wrong. So I really would like to know how this cop from another state knew he owned a gun without accessing something he was not suppose too. Sounds like to me they are misusing there ability to access our records with out a court order. You know the government promises that they as ( the government ) don’t misuse info that is suppose to only be access by a judge and court order.

  • Concerned Citizen

    It sounds like it’s about time to find a new wife with some common sense and that isn’t afraid of her own shadow!

    • Maximus Max

      Its hard to fathom how people are still so ignorant of the fact that in these dituations the cop is NOT your friend.

      • El Lobo Solo

        Lesson to be learned.
        If you are from a Red State (or have a CHL) & must travel through a state like Md, go incognito.
        ie: place a “COEXIST” or “Give Peace a Chance” bumper sticker on your car.

        • Maximus Max

          Whoa…I thought for a second you were going to go so far as a “Hillary/Michelle 2016” sticker!

          • El Lobo Solo

            Never thought about that one. UGH!!!!
            However, that might be a good “cover” if traveling through the Chicago area.

      • Roy Ivey

        Cops are never your friend. They arrive at any situation to write a summons, arrest or kill someone. They really don’t care who. If it turns out to be a bad guy then great but if it turns out to be a good guy having a bad day…so what! Never put your trust in a cop. They will treat you with disdain because you are not one of them. Cops are not there to protect you they are there to protect the interests of their bosses and the business community, and whoever pays them the biggest kickback. Never kid yourselves.

        • Austin Lee

          Sadly, you are correct. Police today have the “Us against Them” mentality. All the sordid explanations about their “safety” don’t wash. If they are the ones doing the pushing, they get what they asked for. Pure Gestapo tactics should not be tolerated in a free society

          • Steven Bishop

            It is amazing how you and your ilk know so muh about what cops are like and what they think. Sounds like you are “profiling.” Oh, wait! Only the Gestapo profile. And by the way, when your car is stolen after you left it running for “just a moment” while you ran into the store, you will call the Gestapo and whine about it being stolen. Even though it will have been stolen because you were stupid, cops all over the region will put your car on a hot sheet and look everywhere for it. You are a liberal idiot.

          • Austin Lee

            My but aren’t we testy! Hit a nerve huh? FYI, I am as far from a libturd as they come. I served in ‘Nam when your wormy ass was in diapers most likely. I have had many police officers as friends over the years and most if not all are dismayed by the trend in this country. Save your holier than thou for someone who cares.

          • Beltshazzar

            Ditto that. There a few good police officers but their ranks are dwindling.

  • Robert Reeves

    Sure puts a black eye on maryland, and their state law enforcement. Sounds to me like they target our of state drivers. Louisiana did that a while back until a federal investigation was done, the truth found out and that stopped happening.

    • Maximus Max

      Must have been back when the Federal government didn’t think WE were the enemy…

  • Joe Egolf

    NSA collects and knows all

  • El Lobo Solo

    I know this is “tit-for-tat”, but maybe the Fla. gov needs to call up the Gov of Md & suggest that any Md vehicles traveling in Fla will be “under extra scrutiny” by the Florida Highway Patrol.
    Some TV ads in local Fla. cities suggesting that Floridians should find other places than Md to vacation and/or travel through would be helpful.

  • Richard Hill

    how many REAL criminals passed by while they wasted all this manpower looking for something that wasn’t there?

    • talintexas

      Looks like the “Real criminals” were fleecing the FL travelers.

  • David Price

    This guy’s wife was totally out of hand. She needs to get right about guns and not put her husband in such a situation. As the article said, how the hell did they even know he owns a gun? That is a much bigger deal than we could imagine.

    • feedtherichtothepoor

      Here in Texas, if you have a CHL, and the cops run your license plate, is shows that you have a CHL. If you are carrying, and don’t produce your CHL to the cop that stopped, you, you CAN loose your CHL…………….

      • David Price

        Did not know that about TX. Very interesting. No such requirement here in PA. In fact, even if you are carrying concealed when stopped you are not required to even say anything whatsoever. Your permit nor handgun ownership does not show up on the cop’s computer. Many cops do not even want to know. Some would like to know and, if you are one to declare you are carrying, they may ask to take possession of your firearm for their safety and then give it back to you after the stop is over. Most do not ask for the gun. My policy is to be a gentleman, share that I have a conceal carry permit and that I have a loaded firearm on my person.

      • Worship Dancer

        same in NC – in fact if YOU haven’t told the cops BEFORE they run your plate and ask you about it you CAN lose your CHL.

        • Billy

          Same in SC only if you have it on your body. if it is in glove box lock or in trunk lock then you don’t have to inform the officer, But if you have it on your body are in your reach you better have your CWP out when he walks up and hand it to him as soon as he does.

          • Worship Dancer

            NC you have to tell them you are CHL (CCH in NC) AND if you are armed or not.

      • Beltshazzar

        Same in Ohio

      • Billy

        I think that is only if your carrying it on your body and you have a CWP and don’t inform the officers then your in trouble.. if it is lock up in the trunk then your not CWP and don’t have to inform the officers, I could be wrong but that is the way it is in SC, you might want to check on that for TX

        • paul

          if you are carrying or have a weapon within reach in your vehicle , it is a very good idea to inform the officer.. or at least it used to be.. now your likely to get your head beat in if they know you are carrying .. with or without a permit.. they don’t give a crap.. cops are nothing more than thugs with guns.. not all.. but enough so you wouldn’t know who was who.. be very careful

      • tonym

        In South Carolina we can carry a handgun in our vehicle so long as it is concealed in the glove box, console or under the seat. It cannot be visible. No permit is required. If you have a history of mental problems or a prior felony conviction you do not qualify to have a gun at any time.

      • Jeff Lake

        Actually it doesn’t show up when you run a license plate, but it does show up when running a drivers license. Also, you do NOT have to produce a chl while in your vehicle, as in Texas, your vehicle is an extension of your home. You may legally carry a handgun in your vehicle without having a chl at all.

    • ajhnson

      They probably assumed because of his FL tag. They probably target all out pf staters that come in from pro-gun states.

      • David Price

        The FL traveler should have taken his gun on the trip except for the fact that he was going to the Socialist State of New Jersey. When traveling through MD, you must stop before entering into the state, put your unloaded gun in a locked case and your ammo in a separate locked case and put both in your locked trunk. Do not get off of an exit. So long as you are traveling on an interstate highway you are protected to transport your firearm and ammo through that state by the Interstate Commerce Act. If you get off of an exit and onto ordinary MD property, you can be arrested and have your gun and ammo confiscated. Best to not have your Conceal Carry Permit in the same area of your wallet as your drivers license. Do not announce.

        • cojar

          Stay out of communist Northern states altogether!

    • bbgunplinkplink

      You got that right. If I was driving my car with anyone else in it and I get stopped. I order silence in the cabin. No one should say ANYTHING to ANYONE at any time until we pull away from the stop.

      • Marty C. Keef

        The ONLY correct response to ANY law enforcement officer MUST be: “My name is….., I live at………………. THEN SHUT UP!! ANYTHING you say WILL be held against you. NEVER, EVER, EVER consent to a search. Make them get a warrant; it is required.

    • AnthonyGarcia61

      You hit the nail square on the head, had his wife been smart enough to keep her yap closed none of this could have transpired, no conflicting stories, no probable cause…leave her at home next time!

      • Red47

        The wife’s words were not probable cause. She said she didn’t know anything and added that she was afraid of guns.

        • AnthonyGarcia61

          However in the Gestapo state that we have allowed America to slip into, the wife said something contradictory to her husbands words and therefore it became a search and siezure at that point. It shouldn’t have but this is the new way of law enforcement…..intimidate and terrorize!

    • unreal

      How the hell did they even know he owns a gun? BIG BROTHER THAT’S HOW ! The computers and other electronic toys in police cars now a days can tell them when you took a dump last !!!

      • Linda

        NSA that’s how they know. They know everything about each and every one of us. If you fart, they know when and what time, and what you ate to make you do it. Smell ya later.

      • chickief

        He had been followed, they ran his plate, did any warrants or wants, came up empty then ran gun registry records and hit the big time, they thought.

      • Melinda Jordan

        probably didn’t have nothing to do with big ole sticker on his back window screaming about supporting the second amendment or honk if you like my big guns. There is no telling how they knew. I know when i went through a licenses check they ask me about my glock due to my glock sticker on my truck. Could have been something as simple as that. Don’t over think things Cops are not that smart.

      • Melinda Jordan

        i use to work for PD all this crazy stuff ya’ll coming up with is wrong. Could be he looked down at the guys billfold while he was getting his drivers licenses out and saw his gun permit and after he ran him and came up with nothing he went with the gun thing trying to get something on him, and yes they do hit out of town more then they do anybody. The boss don’t like you pissing off the tax payers.

    • Beltshazzar

      Right on the spot. I love my wife so I won;t say to much but I enjoyed a similar situation. I still forgive her.

    • connie

      In the state of Ohio,a concealed carry permit holder is registered to his license plate, so when a law enforcement pulls you over he already knows this vehicle is registered to a permit holder. My instructor advised to be upfront with the officer, tell him you are a permit holder and where the gun is, ( before the officer asks)

      • H82GOSLO

        There must be error in that statement, since you cannot confirm that the DRIVER is the REGISTERED OWNER of the vehicle.

        • connie

          Produce a valid drivers license and vehicle registration?

          • H82GOSLO

            OK…its just that you said “In the state of Ohio, a concealed carry permit holder is registered to his license plate,” Since the plate is registered to the car, and someone OTHER then the registered owner could be driving the car, it didn’t make sense to me.

    • DeborahPE

      He should have left his wife with the officers as “security” and offered to drive back to Fla. to get the gun.

    • When any cop runs your drivers license, if you have a concealed carry permit, it will show up. This is for “officer safety.”

      • antiliberalcryptonite

        True, but to be sarcastic…

        An officer should be safer with a driver who has a carry permit and has been investigated and passed all background checks than they would be in walking up to a vehicle of someone who has not.

        Speaking from previous LE experience.

    • Teresa

      The wife should not have said anything, but the cop had no rights to pull them over.

    • 19Robes50

      I agree… the wife would have done better by just sticking with her,”I don’t know”. But that is just Monday morning quarterbacking. She was I’m sure, intimidated. The cop was wrong, the stop was wrong. We Maryland residents deal with this every day.

      • frank evitts

        vote the liberals out

    • larence

      In Michigan, registered gun owners information is sent to the secretary of state (DMV). When an officer runs your plate, they know you have a permit to carry a concealed weapon. First question they ask is “where is the gun”? It is for the safety of the driver and officer, no surprises when the cop sees the gun. Never had a problem here. Perhaps the conflicting stories, plates from FLA, the drug pipeline and ethnic background. Police way over reacted since having a gun is not against the law.

      • David Price

        A slight correction to your last sentence Larence. In Maryland having a gun is against the law if you are from another state. The only place you are protected is if you are on Interstate property only, with the gun locked inside a case unloaded and the ammo must be locked in a separate case and both must be locked in the trunk of your car. If you exit onto MD state property your gun and ammo can be confiscated. You can be criminally arrested for magazines of more than 7 rounds or self defense ammo in your possession even if the gun and ammo are properly locked in your trunk.

        • larence

          Thanks David, Maryland will never see my shadow. With those laws Baltimore must be a very safe crime free city.

          • David Price

            I have a close friend who is a cop there. Anything but crime free. Only the shadow know!

    • Linda

      How ridiculous, you are blaming the wife. She was being honest and was scared. They had nothing to hide. Anyone blaming her is an idiot.

      • David Price

        Please do not jump to the wrong conclusion Linda. I was not “blaming” the wife. I was making the point that she should get herself educated about guns to at least the level of understanding the responsibilities her husband faces every day by being a responsible gun owner with a carry permit. She would have then known that her husband did not have the gun with him and would not have subjected the entire family to the frustration and delay in their travels. Seemed to me that she may have had a bit of an attitude toward her husband’s involvement with guns. If that is the case, she does have some blame to own here however.

    • Jim Webb

      My wife would never say anything like that. She carries also.

    • dbsdey

      How did they know he owns guns? This is AMERIKA now, and no longer America. More and more of our rights are being taken by our government. The NSA surveillance is not just for trying to find terrorists. It is also the best way for the government to keep tabs on EVERY American citizen. They now know who we are, where we live, what our favorite detergent is, and whether we have a gun. Did anyone really believe the BS the WH has been giving us about the NSA accessing our phone calls, texts and emails?

  • Hatterasman

    I truly hope that the officers in question are soon standing in the unemployment line. This is totally outrageous.

    • talintexas

      Not likely cops belong to a brotherhood of criminals and their criminal enterprise covers the misdeeds of the others

    • El Lobo Solo

      I think the officer involved is a “control freak” & his dept head should remove his weapon & order a psych exam to determine fitness for duty.

      • Jack

        He is a danger to society..this man should immediately be terminated, and never allowed to fill out an application for law enforcement again

        • El Lobo Solo

          Too many times we see a case of “inflammation of the badge”. (Badgeitis)

    • Panors77

      Or in jail for no probable cause and false imprisonment.

    • Teach2020

      Nothing will happen to them as the Officers Bill of Rights protects them from everything including murder. (Read about Kelly Thomas.) Their Bill of Rights apparently trumps our Constitutional Rights.

    • George Bailey

      Nothing will happen to this guy, nothing at all. The Blue Shield is a reality!!!!

    • Art O’Connell

      and sued civilly as well.

  • Canuck Sailor

    What’s wrong with you AMERICA? Have you lost your balls? This behaviour from your government would NOT have been tolerated 30 years ago. Of course, then, this sort of behaviour would not have occurred either.
    Sorry if that comment is harsh – I love your country, I hate to see what’s happening to it.

    • Aaron Christopher O’Neal

      Your comment is not harsh, it is sadly pretty accurate. The only thing I would disagree with is that not all of us are taking this stuff lying down and there is a growing contingent of Americans who are becoming increasingly angry over the erosion of our rights. I fear at the pace we are on, we are closer than we have been in over a century to a bitter civil war. At the very least civil unrest and violent outbreaks and riots in and around our cities. At this point, America will never be the same again without major events that none of us ever grew up expecting or wanted to have to experience.

      • Canuck Sailor

        I wish I could disagree with much of what you’ve said. That being said, I’m hopeful when I see 136 upticks and none down to my comments.
        I see and hear from my American friends that many more Americans are sharing the concerns you express. Like you, I wonder about the possibility for a civil war. Unfortunately, I fear there may be need of one if America is to survive, because the people who are attempting to force these kinds of changes on your country are not going to go away soon. Didn’t you have a founder who said something about the tree of democracy occasionally needed to be watered with the blood of patriots, or something similar?

        • El Lobo Solo

          “The Tree of Liberty is refreshed by the blood of tyrants & patriots”
          Thomas Jefferson

        • hijinx60

          As to a civil war, I hope it delays until the gun companies locate down south where I am.

        • marahnatha

          You are right Mr Sailor. Our grandparents would have been at the White House gate with pitchforks. It was Ted Kennedy that kept us from prosecuting our traitors from the Vietnam War, Tom Hayden, Jane Fonda, Wm Ayres, etc They all should have been shot. Now Obama, whose mom was a leftist radical is trying to finish us off. We fight war worrying about what our enemies think of us rather then just killing them to get it over as quick as possible. I see Civil War coming, if not WWlll. Our education centers are indoctrination centers. We can’t go on like this.

      • Beltshazzar

        The civil unrest and violence is already going on. Just not by those who follow the law. i.e. The US constitution. Not the mandates of the traitors in Washington.

        The compassionate tolerant left is neither.

      • Partysover

        Aaron, it couldn’t of been said any better! Truly we are in “Perilous Times as God’s Word Warns us!

      • Willie Jones

        We are in the throes of a devided house..go figure

    • Ken Henderson

      BOOM! Don’t you fret none MR Sailor its coming,SOON!

    • Art O’Connell

      Don’t be so dramatic, our government has always treated us like this. its what governments do, a cycle really. Paranoia always destroys the paranoid, let it run its course.

      • disqus_v4E8gdJI4S

        Really ! how old are you ?

        • Art O’Connell

          I am a 46 year old married white person with a career and I also believe strongly in God, and ok with that.

      • scotty

        Comments like this only say one thing you will register your weapons and then give them up freely when your government comes to take them from you this is the problem people like you sitting back and letting things run their course!

        • Jim Webb

          I will not register my guns.

        • Art O’Connell

          guns? whats a gun? no idea..

      • Jean Townsend

        Art, you comments are off-base. This is not a passing cycle, it’s a downgrading of our country and our rights. Also, these things are happening more frequently and it’s not paranoia. We need all be aware of the current trends. Hopefully as more of us recognize the erosion, we can stop it. Speaking our minds, and backing what we say up with our votes, and encourgaging our elected reps to represent us! I say, this country owes Richard M Nixon an apology! What he did pales in comparison to how the person in the WH is treading on our constitution- he’s a dictator-in-chief wanna be.

        • Art O’Connell

          Sir, with all due respect, in some form or fashion, this fledgling experiment in constitutional rule has been in decline since day two. will we fail? I dont know. I do know that we are many. we are strong, they are few. the paranoia i mentioned. is there demon, not ours.
          lying to a police man has always been a crime,. it has always been a recipe for a crappy afternoon..

          the answer to this riddle was a locked box in the trunk of the car. with a copy of the law affixed to the front. a business card from an attorney stapled to it is also a PRIME way of having your rights recognized.

          Fear not, this too shall pass, and the AMERICA that emerges from this poop storm will be stronger, leaner, smarter because of it.

          get out there and get it done.

        • Art O’Connell

          Maam, Our rights have been under assault in some for or fashion since day two of this experiment we call a constitutional republic.
          We are many, We are STRONG, they are few and have no core.
          The paranoia i spoke of is there demon. and i hope it stays that way, let them fear the unknown, let them feel terror at the actions they think have gone unnoticed, it is not mine to bear.

          and lying to a police officer who is conducting an investigation, regardless of how we feel at that moment. is a recipe for a crummy afternoon.

      • GaryM.

        This cycle has lasted too long to just be a cycle the second term stolen just like his first was 2 too many our so called president is a socialist Radical Sharia law Muslim he hates this country and everything it is supposed to stand for. Flag Burning and protesting against this country should be clearly seen on his record but all his records have disappeared somehow. The Birth Certificate is a poor copy of a Digital formatted paper not a real live birth certificate and his parents were not citizens of this country at the time of his birth and his father never was whoever that really is. Paranoia my ass this is a plan to take America and turn it into a socialist republic and disarm all citizens then he can bring in his Muslim Army to Kill all Jews and Christians and all ex owners of guns by then.

        • Art O’Connell

          I get that part, its old news to me, Beck explained cloward and piven to me in 2007 or 2008.
          our government is paranoid, paranoia rips organizations to hell and back, you can not have that in the midst of a properly run outfit.
          i stand on my comments. it is their demon, not mine.
          paranoia means you think everyone is out to get you, everyone is not. just about 535 elected officials are..we are 300million plus.

          • GaryM.

            Yes now I get you it is their paranoia that will cause them problems we out number them so what is to stop us from going after them.

      • Canuck Sailor

        There are not nearly enough people paranoid about this government – that’s part of the problem.

    • bdm000

      30 years ago this country had men and…in general…some people with ethics. Now we have 320 million people, most of whom are too lazy to work – or to think – and too scared to speak their minds even if they have minds. We are a “nation” of slugs. Sorry to those of you who disagree, but the problem isn’t Washington; the problem is the entire nation.

      • Rattlerjake

        Lets not forget that of the 320 million people in this country, at least 50 million have come here from socialist countries (mexico, europe, africa) in the last 50 years and another 50 million or more have been bred by libturds through social programs. We are being overrun with NON-AMERICANS. Along with that, half of the conservative population insists on compromising with the enemy. I can’t count how many times I’ve discussed Americas plight with people and their reaction is one of (my) over exaggeration rather than understanding. Those who are working and doing OK day to day want to ignore the problem and hope it will go away; they don’t want to risk anything for the future. Those who are not working and sucking off of the tax payers don’t care.

      • El Lobo Solo

        “America can survive a President Obama, but it cannot survive those who voted for him. Obama is just a Prince of Fools elected by a multitude of fools”.
        Vaclav Havel, Czech President.

        • bdm000

          I don’t think I’ve ever seen this quote, but I wholeheartedly agree with the gentleman from the Czech Republic.

    • daveveselenak

      Harsh, you should have been reading mine! This country will require a second revolution to overcome this communist takeover! We are living in a police state, under a “Dick-taker-N-Thief” as this fastly occurring incident reveals. It is time for AMERIKA to unite for the fight. There must be a “Freedom From Tyranny Day”, a national one day work stoppage; states should start manning militias as our trampled on constitution permits”US” and there should be millions marching on Moscow West as two former US generals and I have been calling for. The time for action is now rather than reacting with replies such as this on the internet. AMERIKA had better get it’s head out of it’s arse! WAKE UP, WISE UP, RISE UP!

      • GaryM.

        I could not agree more time for talk is over it is time to form and fight for the Nation we should be I would die rather than see this country become what these asses are trying to make it become, a socialistic nation, just tell me when and where and I am in.

      • Torii

        I agree, Obozo wants a civil war, this way he can call Martial law, which after all is what he really wants, division among Americans, people need to get their heads out of their asses and put down the damn cell phones and actually pay attention, too many that just want, that’s all they know, it’s me, me, me mentality that put this clown in the White House in the first place.

        • daveveselenak

          Amen my friend, amen! This devil incarnate was “implanted” for that very reason, also; built in voting bloc and use of the race card.

    • Rhonda Wilkinson

      We are also wondering what has happened.This generation of sheep who want safety at any cost is what has happened. We are in reality a police state the bastards can do anything they want to.

    • jacobkepler

      One of these days, and most likely sometime soon, someone WILL snap and put a bullet through a cop’s or a TSA agent’s skull. Whether for gestapo tactics like these, or for groping a child, doesn’t matter. There’s only so much indecency that a society will tolerate before someone fights back.

      • Art O’Connell

        People kill police officers all the time. its mainly why police officers think the citizens are ALL SUSPECTS. those people took those jobs to make a positive difference in society, you do understand that law enforcement and the judicial system are the only reasons we have private property? look at other emerging third world nations such as ours. people have to carry all their crap with them every where they go, if they even fall asleep int he wrong place, they wake up with nothing.

        • Dtweet

          MY will to defend it is why I have personal property. The police and the judicial system would confiscate it otherwise.

        • George Bailey

          Seriously….Art, when has a cop ever been there to stop a crime. Other than Homeland Security or drug busts on I-95. Have you seen South Chicago, it is the friggin’ wild west out there. Cops clean up, they don’t prevent crime. States with carry laws have proven what prevents crime….fear of someone being able to defend themselves, not police…..pleeeeaaassee!!!!

        • jacobkepler

          And police officers kill people all the time, too. Look at the Kelly Thomas case. A mentally deficient man was beaten to death by 6 cops (SIX!), while pleading for mercy and saying “OK, Sir, I will do whatever you want”. They beat him to a bloody pulp. Just one case out of thousands.

    • pilot007

      Me too canuck. Tell me did Canada lose the right to carry already?

    • Canuck Sailor

      I don’t think – no, I know, I’ve never had a post with 455 ups, NO downs. Usually, I get lots of downs, which doesn’t bother me.
      I’m going to add to this comment – your president (I won’t capitalize the word for this one) – has said that he intends to push his agenda through whether or not Congress co-operates. He said he has his phone and his pen.
      So – what in blazes do you need a Congress for anyway, if he’s going to do it all? Or does your Congress not care about the checks and balances of your Constitution?
      Lastly – how many of you 455 have written to your Congresscritter or Senator about these issues, and made it clear that your vote absolutely depends on issues such as this?
      Yes, I’m challenging all of you – but you’re Americans – I know you’re up to meeting the tough challenges, like this one to help change America back to what it’s supposed to be.

      • Jim Laverty

        The congress is in a constitutionally free zone! The borders of our country go 100 miles inland and are free from constitutional law, this encompasses 2/3’rds of US people. Just sayin!!!

    • purplepinto

      Thank you, Sir!! Not harsh at all. There are some sleeping, apathetic fools here that need to grow a pair, for certain.

    • tvonthebrain

      What’s wrong ? Simple… Really, really simple
      Mommy and daddy have pussified this country.
      3-4 generations ago, this would have not been tolerated. Now? We’re just a bunch of sheep, afraid of guns (in an unhealthy way), afraid of our own damn shadows
      It’s pretty damn pathetic, really.

    • Sue Zachary

      That’s scary!!

    • GoneApe

      The manner in which the police operated is vile. All they wanted was a cheap arrest of a citizen. Of course had the driver been an illegal in Maryland they would have probably let him go without a question.

    • Chris Foltz

      publish the cops name … why aren’t all the cops names being published here???… got to have a starting point … this is historical American the making….. CALL TO ARMS!!! God Bless the soul of “Tail Gunner” Joe McCarthy… he foretold the future…

  • Memphomaniac

    Amazing. Get ready, SHEEPLE. You are prime to be fleeced!

    • El Lobo Solo

      I plan to remain in the Red State that I live in & do my best to keep it that way.

      • AFZoomieTim

        I sincerely wish you the best of luck!

        • El Lobo Solo

          $40 million is pouring in from Calif to Texas to elect Wendy “the windbag” Davis to the Gov. spot. aka “the pamper lady” (she wore attends during a filibuster on the Texas senate over a bill the would require abortion clinics to meet the same standard of quality as a JCAHO surgical clinic & bar abortions after 20 wks, which is the same standard as most of Europe)
          Most say she doesn’t stand a chance, but we have seen Cucinelli in Va lose by a narrow 54K votes, Dems also picked up the Lt Gov spot & the AG office in that state by close margin.
          Lesson, we can’t sit on our hands.