Bigfoot found and killed in San Antonio, according to a hunter


Rick Dyer claims he lured the creature with $200 worth of ribs before trapping and killing it on Sept. 6, 2012. He plans to take the body on a nationwide tour.


Not only has Bigfoot been found, but he’s been photographed, examined and DNA tested.

So says a Texas man who claims he killed the mythical creature over a year ago in the woods outside of San Antonio.

Rick Dyer said he plans to tour Bigfoot around the country after releasing a picture of him last week.

“Bigfoot is not a tooth fairy — Bigfoot is real,” Dyer told TV station KSAT in San Antonio. “The most important thing to me is being vindicated, letting people know that I am the best Bigfoot tracker in the world and it’s not just me saying it.”

On his website, Dyer claims he found Bigfoot on Sept. 6, 2012.

“I tracked a creature. I shot it,” he said. “With tears in my eyes, I watched it take its last breath.”

In an account of the incident Dyer, a self-described professional Bigfoot hunter, said people reported a “giant hairy beast” in the wooded area and he bought ribs from a local Walmart that he nailed to a tree to lure the beast.

Dyer said his hands went numb as he aimed the gun at Bigfoot after it ripped the ribs off the tree and walked away.

Rick and Morgan Mathews, the director of the documentary “Shooting Bigfoot,” then purchased $200 worth of ribs and nailed them all over the area. Finally, he said, Bigfoot walked directly in front of him and “all hell broke loose.”

Dyer chased after Bigfoot and shot him.

“That night Rick Dyer became known as ‘The Best Bigfoot Tracker in the World’ and changed history the way we know it,” the account proclaims.

But this is not the first time Dyer has claimed to find Bigfoot’s body. The National Geographic News reported in 2008 that Dyer claimed to media that he had a Bigfoot body that later turned out to be a rubber ape costume.

But despite his history of past Bigfoot hoaxes, Dyer insists this time it’s real and he has the studies to prove it.

He told the station a lab in Washington state has given the body “every test that you can possibly imagine,” including DNA tests and 3-D optical scans.

“It is the real deal,” he told the station. “It’s Bigfoot and Bigfoot’s here, and I shot it and now I’m proving it to the world.”



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  • neshobanakni

    Ivan Sanderson rides again.


    Which Sheriff’s Dept. is going to be the first to charge him with either Homicide or animal abuse ?

  • br333

    If the DNA test turns out to be Human he should be arrested and tried for Murder.

  • agitator

    Is there anything ever posted that you ppl don’t tie it to the obamas. Lmao. One dimensional minds

  • Dean Miller

    Holy crap it is a old story so let it die PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!

  • Mert Wilson

    I think if there was ever a BIGFOOT

  • RobCharles Leach

    Well that’s it I’m convinced! Hey if it’s on the Internet it has to be true!

  • Kimberly Ann

    ha…love it. I agree!!!

  • lou

    Another Liberal LIE.

  • Sasha Land

    First, there are no “woods” around San Antonio. The city is in the Texas hill country but no woods. This guy is an escapee from a nut house. He must be related to the CBS reporters that stretch stories.

  • Lynn Recic

    Hahaha I see what you did there.

  • Bolt Upright

    You shot my mother!!!

  • BigTex71

    …and I have a unicorn. I let my leprechaun friend ride it, while a jackalope hops alongside. But we keep it in a special fenced off area so the chupacabra can’t get to it.

  • Travos

    A real man would have took it in alive. Put your gun down little boy, and face murder charges. Cause if this story is true, then you are a murdering coward.

  • Linda

    If it is real, which I doubt, what gives you the right to kill it? We filthy humans destroy everything on this earth.

  • cornbread01

    Don’t folks ever grow tired of using hoaxes to convince folks of fantasies , for WHAT purpose? Same thing as the obvious hoax of man-made global warming. Lies & frauds abound as long as ignorant fools proliferate the world with their useful idiots.

  • Joe

    So you should be charged with murder then. That was not an animal you could shoot. Was it in season and was there a bounty dead or alive NO. You now can go to prison.

  • shawnsBrain

    bro, that is too much makup

  • heilbama

    My uncle killed a Bigfoot; he said it was delicious.

    • Steve Brandon

      Mighty good eatin’ there lol

  • yahsha

    Fake or not, it would be murder. Has a face, nose, eyes and lips like people. Bigfoot is just another human but in a different form. I’d say if he really shot him I’ll be waiting for the bigfoot murder trial

  • Eric

    Hey guys let’s kill something because it’s different!

  • Kenneth Stout

    “Son of a Gun” Ethel they got him!

  • ConservativeSenior

    He cried while it died? Why did he kill it? Who says it’s Bigfoot? Think this fool is an idiot looking for his 15 minutes of fame.

  • Caleb Paryani

    The photo they’re showing could be ANYWHERE from the internet, this might not even be a true report!

  • terlet

    Now that it’s dead, it can register democrat.

    • 1775concord

      But…a live Democrat can register for it.

  • eddie0890

    Is this the same guy from the 2008 hoax?

    • eddie0890

      Yuuuup, I just read the whole thing… what a douche. Don’t fall for it people!

  • KittyKittyKit

    If it’s true……….what reason did you have for killing it (him/her)?? Was there a report that it had attacked anyone or been killing livestock?? If not, what right do you have to end it’s life? It doesn’t make any more sense than killing a Buck during the prime of its life when the hunter has no need for the meat for survival. How would you like it if someone killed your close relative who had done nothing wrong and he/she was in the prime of their life, just because some idiot liked, or didn’t like the way they looked?

  • 2War Abn Vet

    This story reminded me that there actually was a Texan Named “Bigfoot” Wallace.

    • Bluesky001

      Wow that was really interesting, thanks for the link.

  • joshuasweet

    just an illegal alien that got hunger

  • Donovan Hurley

    That photo looks disturbingly like my missing uncle lol


    Cant be Bigfoot never took a dime of my tax money. I just hope it isnt real. We will have everyone out in the woods shooting each other. On the other hand it may reduce the undesirable gene pool. If they exist leave the poor creatures alone. They should aim for something that does us harm.

  • varnell

    What gives him the RIGHT to kill “Bigfoot?” I have read about Bigfoot all my life and I have never read a story where the creature attacked, hurt or even tried to frighten any one. So I will ask again what gives him the right to kill “Bigfoot?”

    • Kevin Watson

      Because YOU didn’t believe….

  • bahndon

    My shoe size is 14 wide, I have a full beard, I am mostly bald so maybe he would not shoot me???

  • Roger Glynn Richardson

    If he’d killed it, he would have exposed it that day. Looks human to me. I say he should be arrested for murder and see if he still claims to have shot it.

  • 1baronrichsnot1

    He’s a little bigfoot only about a size 9 or 10. But they grow I guess. We don’t need anymore of them in the white house! They’re awfully stupid! Were those BBQ ribs?

  • fedupwithads

    What a friggin’ waste of time. Joe the Plumber has dumbed out it seems. More interested in selling his trinkets. Hey Joe, stick to plumbing please.

  • Cody

    It’s a HOAX lol. He told Fox News that he shot it in California, now all of a sudden he shot in outside of San Antonio? Hell of a long shot haha


    ‘IF’ this guy actually SHOT a “Big Foot” and the picture in this article is true & real, then the man is a MURDERER, as far as I am concerned!!! ~ I have always maintained that this unknown creature should be TRAPPED ALIVE, uninjured, for scientific study to determine WHAT it actually is but NEVER KILLED; seeing that there is no record of it ever harming a human other than ‘throwing rocks’ that never hit anyone!
    Bottom Line; ANYONE that pays a single dime to this ‘publicity-hound’, who puts $$$$$$ above LIFE, is just as guilty of contributing to the murder of an innocent, possibly humanoid, creature!!!

  • Wayne Ogilvy

    I am glad they put his picture {Dyer} on here, That way if we ever see him coming our way i can drop him in self defense because he might think I was a fart dragon and try and bag me !

  • DixieAngel_76

    Sure buddy, sure.

  • James Kroeger

    I believe the Islamic community would be outraged!!! You just killed their prophet Mohammed!!! Note that the name Mohammed has the word “HAM” in it…eat more pork! LOL :-)

  • ginger

    Why kill it?

  • lbc

    I call bullshit! If this were true, the feds would have already confiscated the body to do their own testing and there would be hundreds of stories online about it, especially since 16 months have passed since the alleged kill.

  • NoU4EN

    Ring, ring….hello, PETA?

  • jimmy9522

    Looks like the feller that lives in the dumpster down at the 7-11.

  • shannon853

    so if true, murder charges?

  • pudintain

    Looks like they got “Santa Krampus” !!!! No more X-Mas kiddies…

  • Kathy W

    This looks like Saddam Hussein after they executed him.

  • Kathy W

    His credibility is shot. If he did shoot such a creature in the back for eating ribs, then he’d be vilified for it. Dyer is the caricature “big game hunter” in every monster movie ever made.

  • Frances Evans

    if thats the case he should be charged for MURDER!!

  • Brooklynresident

    But honestly, isn’t this just a publicity stunt for those jerky strips that Bigfoot helps advertise?

  • Brooklynresident

    I thought, if Bigfoot were in some big city, he’d choose DETROIT.

  • havaseat

    Big Foots butt, Thats Felanzo Hernandes AKA Sancho DOCE,, Wears that disguise to hide from the gringo

    that removed his balls one handed at last flingo going out window

  • Dr Wood

    “O” grew lots of hair, with a small socialist marxist brain.

  • Bonnie Somer

    quick call the big foot team on animal planet they have been lkng for 20 yrs

  • Susan24

    This looks like the wild man beast we used to pay 25 cents to go in a tent and gawk at back in the 70s at the fair.

  • Andy

    If he killed it the Fed’s will steal his proof and then he will continue to be
    ridiculed. Flip-side is that he is put on trial for killing some hairy homeless
    person or a very rare animal or animal like being that may have some human DNA.
    Either way that guy might be spending a lot of time in someone’s prison.

  • IHateLibs

    Hell, I thought he shot some Huge BOO with BIG FEET in CHICAGO . Oh well.

  • Craig Miller

    It’s possible. There just are no real pictures and he was buried at sea according to Sasquatch tradition. That, and the rest of the team that shot him died in a mysterious helicopter crash.

  • dodger4754

    So where has he been keeping “Big Foot” all this time? In his chest freezer?

  • MILAN68

    I caught a mermaid once..

  • 2TiredOfTheGovernment

    Well if this guy Wants a really big trophy he could just go a shoot Osama Bin Laden Obama and Clinton and his whole administration staff. Then i bet he would be declared a hero and get all kinds of rewards from lots of people heck I would be the first to pay him a 100.00 dollars

  • Me

    Hey! I’m from San Antonio, and that’s not Big Foot. That’s my uncle, he went missing five years ago and we’ve been looking for him ever since.

    • Patrick Heese

      yeah uncle bob :( ya dirty sob

  • Vintage Gibson

    Did he have a hunting permit to kill bigfoot? What if bigfoot is related to humans, would what he has done be considered murder? What did bigfoot do (as an animal or semi-man) that deserved to be hunted down and killed. It is legal, moral, right for anyone to hunt down something and kill it just because it “exists.” I think a police criminal investigation is in order.

  • gadsdengurl

    So Joe I guess they can now cancel that new show they were gonna have on Jan 10th the 10M Bigfoot Challenge?

  • George Lance Waring

    I think its Phil from Duck Dynasty!

  • someone who cares

    Its Nancy Polloce”s dad

  • Susan Fehrman Garcia

    What if he was just a big old mountain man living his life in peace. That guy is so stupid if he shot any living creature, well, other than food.

    • Me

      No mountains in San Antonio

  • mimabo72

    Well f it is human like he should be charged with pre-meditated murder

  • mercurydeb

    Nonsense!! That photo portrays a man, not an animal. Sasquatches are animals, and there are many more than one!! Several thousand live in the US, with more in Canada. If this man does kill one, he needs to be jailed. No bigfoot hurts men, they look and act mean, but bluff to get rid of humans. Truth.

    • Me

      Right, like in Harry and the Hendersons

  • Tb

    Don’t buy into it folks

  • Timewarped

    He probably shot a hermit and killed a man and will be charged with murder … dumb

  • Dan Matchik

    if he did kill a bigfoot he won’t have to look for anymore of them-it’s family will probably be huntin him !

  • Charles Case

    Looks more like Mooch Obama!

    • Me

      Oh sh*t, you’re right. She didn’t stay behind a in Hawaii.

  • Henry Strzelecki

    Looks like Hllary to me….

    • cdansreau

      Actually i was comparing the picture to willie robinson in my mind. while i agree that the “hunter” claim is BS the picture provided makes me think that bigfoot if it exists, it is a relative of humans.

  • Wendy Cahill

    He looks like he shot a homeless man not a Bigfoot!

  • veni vidi vici

    I wonder what Big Foot jerky tastes like

  • Linda Cox Bireley

    If that is a picture of his bigfoot, that is an old hippy he shot.

  • Rhonda Dugger

    He shouldn’t have killed him. He could have gotten a sleep dart, that is not a good thing to kill something to make people believe you. True or not its just plain wrong!

    • Me

      They don’t have sleep darts in Texas

      • Glenn H

        She has it confused with California where they use butt darts!

    • Glenn H

      Thats easy for you to say it wasn’t your ribs!

  • Jeffrey Willis

    More bs

  • billiegirl

    Ughhh I would only shoot Big Foot with a CAMERA trophy hunters make me ill…

    • mercurydeb

      Some states need their hunting times, but not for trophies. Now in Wisconsin we have more wolves killing deer than hunters, and kids afraid of bears (big ones) in their yards!!

      • Me

        We shoot coyotes all day long

  • John McBride

    If DNA shows it is human, he will be charged with murder.

  • Lisa Vacula

    He is an idiot for killing it!!! crying while watching it take its last breath, i would love to strangle this man for knowing he killed something that could teach us so much!!!… just wound it and cage it.. fn moron.. go and kill the last bee or the last monarch with tears in your eyes.. ok… ‘nough rant…

    • mercurydeb

      Relax, this guy is a phony…but too many like him may well overdo it if laws aren’t
      followed. Thank God, most hunting laws work!

    • Me

      What the hell would it teach us? Stupid thing was eating ribs growing from trees.

  • juliams

    This guy needs professional help.

  • John Andrews

    World Champion of Hide and Seek found.. 😛

  • John Andrews

    Did he hunt a Bigfoot without a license?? The Local game warden might have a word with him.. 😛

  • Constitutionalist

    That’s impossible…BigFoot is in Hawaii on vacation with our taxpayer dollars!

    • rockyvnvmc

      Naw, that’s BigCunt……

      • MILAN68

        it can’t be that it doesn’t have one..

    • mercurydeb

      LLOL!!! You sure you don’t mean BIG MOUTH/small mind?!!

    • IHateLibs

      hmm , I didn’t know MOOCHELLE had a Beard

      • Arizona_Don

        You haven’t been looking in the right places.

      • WhiteFalcon

        She is Big Bubble Butt.

        • kkkahn

          I beg your pardon, I heard she’s to be described as FCOTUS. First CABOOSE of the United States . . .

          • varnell

            Per my son: Unfortunately, there’s no locomotive pulling that caboose.

      • jimmy9522

        She’s a silverback not a bigfoot.

        • ken

          ahhhhh,,no,,she is a wookie,,,chewys bossy sister..

    • DouglasDauntless

      good one

    • shamu9

      Goony Goo-Goo! ” Eddie Murphy”

      • grassroot

        Dennis Rodman,,

    • I_P_Frehley

      Hey, that’s offensive to all us Sasquatches…she’s more of an unknown, undocumented mountain ape or giant something or ‘nother…

      • Don

        A hippopotamonkasoreass!

  • That ain’t no Bigfoot! That’s my uncle Hezekiah Miles! That SOB shot my old uncle! DAMN!

    • 1baronrichsnot1

      Relax that’s BOBO of the series bigfoot hunting! My gad, they have shot Bobo! Worse than hunting with with an ex VP i know, blew somebodies face off!

  • Michael R Bardsley

    This “guy” isn’t from Texas. He’s the SAME GUY who HOAXED the Georgia Bigfoot Hoax several years ago and ripped a man off for $50k. He then lost his job as a cop. Move along. Nothing to see here.

  • mohommaddeath2thewest

    pretty obvious that is a dog with mange.

  • mikehoncho34

    He shot one of the band members from ZZTop

    • Rattlerjake

      He looks a lot like Jeremiah Johnson.

  • mikehoncho34

    This pisses me off, now we have a rib shortage. .. last year I lured in the chupacabra with unicorn farts.

    • Is this better?

      I accomplished the exact same thing by reading the bible out loud.

    • Keith Werlinger

      Never doubt the power of unicorn farts. One, if not the most valuable of all farts.

    • Joseph Kasulis

      Unicorn farts are the extremely Rare! Why would anyone waste such a rare fart… SMH People these days….

      • Rattlerjake

        Didn’t al gore say that unicorn farts cause the holes in the ozone layer to create global warming?

        • 1baronrichsnot1

          No No, Al Gore farts, kills unicorns, dead, in 15 min, and melts Icebergs!

        • Phaenius

          Please God, give me one more global warming and I promise not to piss it away. What I said when my Midland, Texas hometown was 12 degrees a couple days ago.

          • Ben Burns

            smfh. Just because it’s extremely cold here doesn’t mean it’s not extremely hot elsewhere in the world. You do realize the world has both a northern and southern hemisphere? With extreme temperature swings in both hemispheres caused by excessive greenhouse gases. …human made greenhouse gases.

            Global warming is a thoery, as is gravity…

          • Phaenius

            warming, as it always has, happens, but the HUMAN made greenhouse gas thought
            is the theory, as is human evolution…fallacious.

            As a geologist, I know about the two hemispheres with Australia reporting a hot time even tonight.
            I was being cute anyway, taking off the old Permian Basin bumper sticker “Please God give us one more oil boom and we promise not to piss it off.”

          • Rickey brown

            Yeah a wrong theory we can’t destroy what Gods made only move it around a little.
            God is the only one who could destroy earth and he soon will as it says elements will melt with ferverant heat. Repent or die and go to hell or just cease to exsist your own free will believes what you want we will see who’s really stupid enough to believe what soon enough. Science is a guesses and lies that people but into check into carbon dating and stars that tell time etc etc. all hoaxes made up by lies of science look at kent hovind who exsposed it and was sent to prison.

          • Betty Hall

            yeah,human made gas!! al gore breathing,obumas buddy

      • jamest1148

        Unicorn farts do lure in the Bigfoot trackers though.

      • oldchiefsfan

        I smelled a Unicorn fart and shed a tear as it dissipated.

    • Susan24

      Rib shortage is fine with me….as long as it’s not a chicken wing shortage, I’m fine. Need chicken wings for the Super Bowl.

      • Kevin Watson

        Don’t forget your arsenic antidote…

    • Glenn H

      You sir are using illegal bait, that gas is causing all this global warming, it’s 7 deg here in ALabama this morning!

  • Dee Dunbar

    is this murder? what if it was just a man? sounds like murder to me!

    • rickconner

      If it was his tree, his ribs and he was in Texas it wasn’t murder. If thieves in Texas are going to be dumb, they had better be tough.

    • mercurydeb

      I don’t know what he shot, bit it is not a bigfoot. It’s a fraud.
      Sasquatches are animals, not human at all.

      • Donald Fissell

        not so sure of that

      • Me

        I don’t know about that, have you seen some of the women in San Antonio?

        • beegeegirl

          Or the one squatting in the white house with her boy toy ??? OOOPS, I meant to say … she is the beard for the boy toy ! ! ! !

        • Mary Ann Oliver Scott

          I have. .and I am one of them. Texas women are the best!!

        • Betty Hall

          Or the ones in the W.H.?Then again maybe they aren’t women

    • Glenn H

      The man has a right to defend his ribs, them things aint cheep!

    • Iron Tub

      I wouldnt worry about it Dee.Sounds like a hoax to me..shot it in 2012 and we are just now hearing about it?…I doubt it

  • dj

    hell they had a stuffed big foot in poplar bluff, mo for years – not sure where it went when the place closed down 20 yrs ago…

    • Shawnna Yetzer-Carmean

      Im from poplar bluff! Was it out at the call of the wild?

      • dj

        yep…remember it? and all the stuff in it?

  • Marcus Rogge

    Everyone knows Bigfoot doesn’t eat ribs. Beef jerky! That’s what Bigfoot wants. Beef jerky!

    • DLinz


      • Trevor Handermann

        Everyone wants bacon though, that is a given.

  • Bob Nelson

    Good job! This should take some heat off the ACA.

  • jaws4316

    Why would anyone want to kill one of the rarest creatures on Earth just to satisfy their giant ego?

    • Kenneth Allen Donaldson

      How rare are they jaws?

      • jaws4316

        If they exist at all, they must be extremely rare or we would have proof of their existence by now.

        • mercurydeb

          Those who know estimate 4,000 to 6,000 animals of all ages in nearly all 48 contiguous states, more in Canada and Alaska. I believe it!! Still not enough to shoot one, and they raise their own young, up to 16 years old, and may live in family groups!!

          • WhiteFalcon

            I may want to move in with a bunch of them to get away from this moronic Government.

          • 1baronrichsnot1

            Most are in detroit, in a family group, aren’t they? Raise their young to 5 years old then on their own, applying for meds, gummit check, and gas to get there! The only animals who use cell phones i hear!

        • apen

          You can say that in the face of an entire country with a person they have no proof exists legally that they elected to be president ? It obviously doesn’t take a lot to hide from people these days.

        • Jarhead64

          This guy is a certified moron, there’s never been a report a human being hurt by a big foot. I wouldn’t want this guy for neighbor.

    • mercurydeb

      I believe you just answered your own question. Beside many have tried…so where is the body?
      This guy is a hoaxer!!

    • Susan24

      Right…and then shed a tear as it takes its last breath? wtf? lol


        THE EPITOMY of hypocrisy!!!!!!

    • S. Wicks Jr

      Is it human? What kind of a hunting license do you get to KILL a BigFoot or sasquatch? What size is permissible, weight? What if it turns out to be a man in a hair suit?

  • Doug Mahady

    just looks like another fake!!!

  • Kevin

    I’m not saying it’s not bigfoot, but…. I’m gonna go out on a limb and call bs

    • mercurydeb

      Doesn’t look like a sasquatch to me, either!!