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Joe For America
  • Yeah, people are awesome. And CRAZY.

  • John R. Brimer Sr.

    If you have read the posting policy of this station it seems more like msnbc than Joe the Plummer. And I am sorry I can not talk about Obama with out some choice words that will offend this policy!. So I guess I have nothing else to say.

  • Chuck Bump

    I’m not watching it, because one way or another it’ a “bait a switch” ploy.

  • Gregg Benghazi Cummings


  • Ron Joy

    Skydiving! Something I have always wanted to do all my life. But is’s good to waych even if you never do it. Maybe someday in Heaven. lol Too old now.

  • tinkerunique

    Overall, great job.

  • Blessed Mary


  • Robert Kruchell

    At my age 69 it hearts whir I broke bones in my youth this video reminds me of all the fun I had was it worth it ? YES it better trying then not trying you will better person knowing you can looking to the new year 2014 now wear is my jet pack?

  • Brandon Donald Richards

    FPS Russia!!!!

  • alvin691

    How many people still don’t have jobs in America?

    • chubbs

      Uh maybe you are on the wrong comment string.
      This was not a b.s. obama speach making false promises about unemployment numbers. It was a video about pushing the limits of physical abilities. Go away. Or watch in silence.

  • Melissa29

    I believe in taking care to not break a hip or a leg or my neck, or whatever; however, I applaud those who love that adrenalin rush and push themselves to the limit. If you want to kill yourself that’s your business. I just don’t agree with taking our 4 legged friends who barely have the intelligence of a two to three year old.

  • 10commandments

    can’t anybody just sit quietly and be still?

  • mimabo72

    the ladies dresses in yellow are deaf Chinese dances

  • Upaces

    Lord! Don’t they know it is possible to die? LOL

    • throwedoff

      Do you stay in the house 24/7? If you never take a risk and challenge yourself, you don’t know what it is like to really live! There is a difference between chance and risk. When you take a chance, you hope for the best without actually weighing all the variables or possibilities. When you take a risk, you have weighed the potential for disaster and success and taken into account as many of the variables that come to mind. D-Day was a risk. Walking across a busy street with on coming traffic is taking a chance.

      • Upaces

        LOL…You realllly don’t know what you are talking about. You bet I took a life time of chances; and most of the time I came out VERY successful.
        I used to take over failing nightclubs and “bet” the owners that I COULD have them up in the BLACK within 30 days, or they owed me nothing!
        I did this for “6” Larkin Incorporated (owner of 18 Holiday Inn(s) as well as multiple privately owned clubs.
        I also owned; managed and/or promoted my own.
        Sooo, please don’t talk to me about chances.
        What ave you done?

        • throwedoff

          I spend 12 hours a day, four days a week supervising and interacting with over 3500 convicted felons in a maximum security prison!

          • Upaces

            You have a VERY hard job. And, there is no way in the world I could do what you do (or did). The pressure must be horrible. Totally different environment that most people will EVER see much less experience.
            The ONLY thing I have to compare with that, and it is such a tiny comparison.. When I was in graduate school, I did an internship working with men who HAD to go to behavior modification classes along with counseling.
            THERE IS NO WAY, I could do what you do after what I experienced for 4 months.

  • Don Erickson

    Very cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jay Star

    Great, but ask those guys to join the military to protect our country, and see what they say! But I guess different strokes for different folks applies here!

  • Babylonandon

    My only complaint is … this just reminds me of how much it sucks when you get too old, fat, and busted up to do this sort of thing anymore. *sigh*

    • Jay Star

      And they will, believe me! I know. But mine was not for fun…..


    GEEZ, LOUISE! My heart rate went way up just watching!

  • thewizardofaz

    I’m wondering why you would post a video, where the first image we see is of two women, nearly naked, and one attempting to fondle the other ones junk through her bikini.

    • yacope

      that is about a second of the total video and it’s a “self fondle” and it was in the “dancing” part of it.

    • throwedoff

      Got your attention didn’t it? Once you start the video though that is not the first image.

  • Douglas Moore

    God is awesome!

    • Kathy Marie

      And God made people in his image! :)

  • Frank

    Some of these people belong on the “people are morons “video and what’s with the cats mixed in there. Also, Im pretty sure that cat didn’t ask to go sky diving so I throw that in with the morons video.

    • RottDawg

      I thought the same thing on the animals… but then I thought, people were awesome enough to get their camera and capture it… so… People are STILL AWESOME!

    • billybob1952

      yeah well, some people just want to see wrong in everything. It is great that the dogs and cats were included in all the fun. Otherwise they would have never had the chance…. there is always another side.

    • Scott Heinig

      Lighten up Frank. You just witnessed a video about ultimate freedom!

    • iBaconi

      My dog loves sky-diving! Can’t wait to get on the plane…

  • DixieAngel_76

    Nice video, but I just hope some of those people weren’t killed.

    • Daniel F. Melton

      It’s not the pain that’s bad, it’s the humiliation.