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Union Leader Janet Vrotsos is Vile

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hate-facebookA story which is being widely reported about union leader Janet Vrotsos leaving the most vile message on a triple-amputee’s Facebook page would normally be pretty hard to believe – except the fact that she’s a union executive..

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It all started with the escalation in words over the cutting of veterans’ benefits in the Murray/Ryan budget deal recently passed by Congress (shameful enough, right?), which has gotten out of control. But this is over-the-top, even for the left. Vrotsos actually leaves Air Force Sr. Airman Brian Kolfage Jr., a triple amputee and Iraq war veteran a post saying in part that; “You’re worthless burdens, deserve to lose limbs and die..” etc.

Here’s a screenshot of the Facebook post:


It reads:

You disabled veterans are worthless and all should have died, shame on you for fighting in a republican war, you deserved to lose all you limbs and I hope all veterans lose their benefits. I hope you die a miserable death you worthless fake hero. You and your family will be a burden on tax payers for your entire life. (sic)

Of course, since the story began being publicized Vrotsos quickly shut down her Facebook account and the union said someone must have hacked into it.

Is that right? She had nothing to do with it? Where have I heard this tactic before?.. Oh yeah, Anthony Weiner’s Twitter account got hacked into and some mean hacker sent out all those pics of his.. um.. happiness. Wow – that’s lame, but typical of left-wing, lying hacks like this woman.

Apparently, she’s no stranger to this kind of vitriol and she fits right in where she operates.

These are scumbags of the highest degree. Hateful, cowardly, evil leftists – a fine example of liberal tolerance and love. This should get her a promotion and perhaps a position in the Obama Administration. Hey – how about the Head of Veteran’s Affairs or Military Czar?

Would it surprise you?


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  • Russ Gillispie

    I knew a union leader that quit, he told me that he wouldn’t lie to get ahead and that all of them that are very high up in the unions get there off the hard work from the workers. The unions are a very strong lobby for the democrats, they don’t care what is good for the country, all they care about is what is good for their own bank accounts. Its time to do away with all unions, our country can’t afford the scums.

    • Hotnike

      Aren’t union ‘leaders’ compassionate? B*T*H!!

    • SniperToo

      The Union is just another name for the communist mafia. period. This women should be hung in a public square. I am a female, Vietnam Vet, Nurse (Air Force). I flew back and forth from Vietnam to the East Coast and brought back the wounded, near death and dying of soldiers. I held them in my arms as they died because they didn’t want to be alone and their family was too far away. I can’t imagine what is wrong with this women, other than Godless hate for another human being. I wonder if this heartless, worthless women has children that served in the military? Probably not. How can anyone think that a soldier, who has lost their arms, legs, etc.. be worthless when they gave the ultimate sacrifice of service to their country? if not death
      Our country should give back to our soldiers 100& moral, love and financial support. Forget the welfare and unemployed – what have they sacrificed? What?

      P.S., I also accompanied the dead back to their home town and families because there wasn’t enough miltary personal to do this. Many times they arrived back home alone on a transport. I wanted to make sure that the families had a breathing human being escorting their love one home. I did it because I wanted to, not for any other reason but to show respect and care of our fallen; no matter who they were or from what walk of life they came from.

      May this women rot in h@ll.

      • Truth goes 100 MPH

        Don’t know if we ever met back then but thanks for your service. I took a few rides on “skin” ships and was out of it most of the time. I just want to say thanks for being there, even if we weren’t able to say thanks at the time. I will not comment on the woman mentioned in the article as I don’t like to curse. Again: THANK YOU

      • hijinx60

        SNIPER TOO… I don’t know if you rode with me (wounded June ’70 ) but I still want to say thanks. It is such a small word or what most of us feel. Thanks for the service of all vets and welcome home. Like TRUTH, no comment on the thing.

      • Lobo VNVMC

        Welcome home sister and thank you for your compassion. 67-68 USAF 63-83

        • Traveller62

          YES!! Welcome home sister and this USAF Vietnam-era vet also thanks you for your compassion—-69-72.

      • Pat Arnold

        Thank you so much for your loving care. I was able to meet and interact with people (angels) like you during my time in the Army. I appreciate your post so much – you have responded far better than I ever could. May God bless and keep you

      • Driver_S

        Sniper Too, God Bless you and Thank You for serving and being so caring to those you helped.

      • astrojohn

        She gives the mafia a bad name…

      • chasaragdy

        SniperToo, Thank you, THANK YOU, for your dedication, honor, committment and service, to not only OUR (and also to the dispicable of our) Country, veterans and most of all, our Fallen Heroes!! The honorable Spirit of any blood-pumping human is God’s gift to any society!! Some of us have it, and unfortunately, some of us (collectively some of us humans) do not have it. Janet Vrotsos certainly appears to be one of the “have-nots”!!

  • david einsiedel , 53211

    to bad you could not post her site on your site so we could post it in person , a dog is a dog is the dog , , Ed Gien would love her

    • mathchopper

      Please don’t compare union scum like this with a dog.

      • Frank W Brown

        Yeah, you denigrate the dog!

  • Alex

    Getting hit by a bus would be too good for her!

    • justagramma

      If only we could count on kharma!

  • SamZydeco

    What union? What state? We need information on who she works for so her words can destroy her life.

    • TrumbullNana

      Found this through Google…

      • SamZydeco

        Her union page header says Internet Hoax and says police have been notified about her fb account being hacked (has one of these hack claims ever been true?!? Ever?!) and to investigate threats she has received.
        My prediction is she will buckle and admit she wrote it while hammered and will enter rehab.
        The irony here is as much as her union may want to fire her as we all know it’s easier to part the Red Sea than fire a union member, no matter how inept.

        • What_IQ

          Unions are loosing their grip of power they once served a purpose, now they are nothing more than organized crime operations. The unions will go the way most oppressive systems have, brought down and broken apart by the same hands that are being oppressed. If history truly repeats itself – the anger of the oppressed will manifest into a radical machine that will not stop until they feel justice has been served.

      • billwhit1357

        Good Lord, talk about being beat with an ugly stick! I went on the facebook page and left a few choice remarks about the skank and her ilk!

      • thegreatamerican

        Facebook page she operates is RepublicanFamilyValues? What’s going on there?

        • BigUgly666

          Typical leftist operating procedure …. pose as what you are not and spread as much disinformation as possible … repeat.

      • Truth goes 100 MPH

        “Democrat-Mass.” That about says it all.

      • LadyImpactOhio

        I found the same thing but use care even if you can verify the info.

    • mathchopper

      Good questions. But then I was gonna reply… where does she live?… (good information when the SHTF). But then TrumbullNana (below) did the work for us. Massachusetts! Yep! It figures. Perhaps there is a patriot or two left in her neighborhood to take care of business for the rest of us patriot vets when the SHTF.

    • Myrtle Linder

      I don’t want to see anyone destroyed, let her come to the realization of what she means to Satan, against GOD’S people, and she will want to destroy herself. This would be worse punishment that anybody can give her, she will repent, turn to GOD, and try to undo the evil that she has done. Selfguilt can destroy better that any other punishment. Turning around is a very difficult thing to do but it has been and can be done.

      • SamZydeco

        You are relying on the telltale heart – I don’t think those in the radical Left have a heart to listen to. They are blinded by their hate that they have renamed “acceptance” in classic doublespeak.

    • Driver_S

      It appears her Facebook page is not available anymore.

  • Grizzly907

    I hope I never meet this b!tch in a dark alley alone, her head will be separated for her torso.

  • Grizzly907

    Its time to lynch this c@#t.

  • billwhit1357

    I just posted on the RepublicanFamilyValue page on Facebook, which this Skank runs. It has nothing to do with Republicans or Family Values, since Leftists have no Values. The website only contains Leftist Vomit but I left a few choice comments to the idiots on there. May this Skank burn in the Fires of Hell along with Obama and his entire Legion of Demon Administration and the majority of Congress!

    • Carol Lightfoot

      Exactly right.

    • Christine Birchett Hanson

      amen to that I see that f$%^& shank is still breathing and enjoying what they have done for all of us in this world if it was not for people fighting for us we would not have what we do…….oh and I don’t see her fat ass fighting for anything except higher union dues

  • Carol Lightfoot

    I am appalled by this witch. Who the hell does she think she is??? She will meet a wicked end if she doesn’t repent. I feel sorry for this worthless piece of dog crap.

    • grassroot

      She’s an Obmer advocate. When Ob was scheduled to go to visit West
      Point right after being, “elected,” he remarked to his minoins, ” We are going to enemy country.” And when there refused to sit down to mess

      with the cadets as have done all previous POTUS’ .

      The Left hate the military.

  • IHateLibs


    • chasaragdy

      Grissly907 and IHateLibs: Easy guys. Show just a little compassion, even for the very wicked and the apparent mental challenged.

  • mathchopper

    How is one able to write this story without lots of expletives like… “She’s a ED (Expletive Deleted) traitor to our country.

  • Carline D. Long Jr.

    This reporting needs to be more factual. Look it up in websters, give more details please?

  • AlaskaLaw

    I wish I knew how to send this to Bill O’Riley on Fox News. I am sure he would put his staff on verifying this story. Unfortunately, I am not all that well versed in computers Hopefully one of you knows how to do it. I don’t always agree with him but I think he would be interested in checking out his particular story. Help if you can. If this story is true this wench needs to be outed to the world as the horrible person she is.

    • Bill

      Bill oreilly is a pos !! The only thing he cares about is selling his books. He wants your credit card # in order to post anything to his site , unlike Hannity and Gretta they accept all comments and posts FREE of charge .

      • chasaragdy

        All of Bill O’Reilly’s profits on his personal Website–books, shirts, gear, gifts, etc.–are donated to charities, mostly veteran and/or military; he is a big donor and proponent of WWP/Wounded Warrior Project!!! Bill O’Reilly does have the guts to get in the face of many vile and unethical persons (think of former Congressman Barney Frank(furter) of Mass, former Congressman Anthony (Little)Weiner of NYC, and many others). Not being a betting person, I would nonetheless put money on O’Reilly voting Republican, though he does profess to being of no political party; I cannot imagine him voting for any Democratic candidates from New York (where he does live and is registered to vote), nor for any Democratic Presidential candidate!! He is the most influential personality on FNC, but I do agree with his many efforts to get the truth; however, I do disagree in principal to some of his politican aspirations! I watch him less than most other FNC Hosts, although his show/program is the highest rated (as in Number One) in evening programming for more than eleven years running. with about 40 percent or so of his audience being from the Moderate Liberal and Democratic Left.

    • NoU4EN

      Are you referring to the “humble correspondent” who said Obama was “brilliant” and had the best interest of the U.S.? We quit watching him a year ago.

  • Liberalism Is Nonsense

    The most common illusions conjured up to justify today’s collectivist central planning and coercion include “social justice”, “fair” income distribution, and stopping “global warming”.

  • hora

    Union Labor and Dem_party must close, any one who are real honest and decent will NOT be Union President, is like be a Criminals President.We don’t are what argument liberals, simple are NO and must be out politic.

  • thegreatamerican

    I’d strap on an old pair of combat boots to kick her union as$.

  • 12345bda

    That’s just the kind of liberal idot hat needs to be a leader, help u jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • James Maxwell

    Based upon who runs the unions and the dealings I personally had wit them when forced to
    join several years ago I would believe ever word of this posting. They are to worse bottom
    feeders around second only to the Democrat party and its leaders.

  • Myrtle Linder

    There are a lot of actions performed by the union members that are vile, it is a money making machine that will walk on anybody, possible!!

  • MoDeVille

    And to think there is actually a guy (probably multiple guys or girls) hittin’ this disgusting piece of sheet. And people wonder why the c-word is used. Here’s one right here!

  • Independent Voter

    If it is true that she is an IBEW rep, then I believe the membership will be on her like, well you know what. This will be one to keep an eye on, though.

  • nancy miller

    I am told by a Wiccan, that when you pull a “dirty” like that, it comes back on YOU three times. If this is so, she should be afraid, very, afraid.

    • Laddyboy

      You can forget the Wiccan, The Bible says what you meet out will return 10 fold.

  • TyS

    Follow the rabbit hole, and you’ll see that many of her top supporters that started making the rounds early in an attempt to cover this up are heavily associated with the Occupy movement, and are reposting the vile commentary about Kolfage.

  • DJ

    I have found in my 60 years of being alive on this earth, that what goes around, comes around. Some people call it Karma. It wouldn’t surprise me to hear of this woman having an auto accident and becoming a para or quadriplegic.

    • grassroot

      Scripture says, ” As you sow, also shall you reap.” The world sees this principle in action and renames it, What goes around, etc. But there it is
      just the same.

  • marineh2ominer

    The American communist and corrupt unions are the reason I ALWAYS BUY FOREIGN when I can , I would rather support real Americans than foreigners but you can believe me when I say most union members are NOT REAL AMERICANS , BUT COMMUNIST WANNABEES , thats why they support DEMONRATS in every election . Love my Tundra , built in Texas by Americans that are NOT union members .

  • PaleAle

    Gotta love that union label.

    • grassroot

      OB, bought and paid for,,

  • SniperToo

    Bitchy animal, subhuman Obama bot wh@re!

  • Truth goes 100 MPH

    Not too much different than Obongo saying all soldiers injured in combat should pay for their medical care since they VOLUNTEERED! That is when I knew I could never support him. This excuse for a human should first learn to spell and use grammar properly before she casts judgment on a Vet. If a picture is worth a thousand words; I bet the dog gets adopted before she does.

  • maddog 42

    In response to Sniper too’s post, I don’t think hell would have this vile and putrid excuse for a human

  • MortarMan107

    Why is it that these Union “Leaders” simply do NOT understand their potential fate? Almost every Communist take-over has USED the Unions to materially help achieve their aims of total power. Then – they arrest, convene a drum-head trial, imprison and probably murder the Union Leaders labeling them subversives seeking to weaken and pull down the new regime. Once the Communists have the power – THEY DON’T NEED THE UNIONS ANY MORE. RIP, Useful Idiots!

    The Regime from then on IS the union and mandates wages, hours, health care (where do we see that?) job conditions and who in the masses is qualified to work where.

    The Obama Communists will treat the former union workers with the same contempt that they treat all the 95% equally miserable non-Elite comrades.

    Get a CLUE, Unions! You are being USED.

    Remember Lech Walesa? There’s a lesson there. LEARN IT!

  • Larry ‘n Betty Loop

    Union leader or no union leader, this is unforgivable that this brave man, who served our country, lost three of his limbs and tries to survive, should be so repulsively treated. How dare HER or anyone else put down our brave men and women who fight for our freedom. This sickens me!

  • HongryHawg

    Westboro Baptist Church has a pew for her.

  • daveveselenak

    The communist satanists will not be happy until they persecute all Christians and make slaves out of the rest of the sheeple! Revolution will be the only Solution for these Godless ghouls!

  • belladonnacotton

    No hacking here. Ms J. Vrotso is well known for her hate of Veterans. Now she has reason to fear them.

  • Ian

    Wow…this is actually true. I saw this on another conservative site, and per the comments, thought it to be a joke.
    I pray for there to be extra, extra, extra hot places for vermin such as this woman.

  • barfomer

    Thats one 8itch that belongs in the jane fonda wing of shame. . . Then stoned.

  • stephanie wilson

    i wonder if that hateful wench realizes the fact that our blessed vets are the very reason that she can post vile crap like that w/ worrying being arrested for it!!!! i cant stand jerks like her! God bless our vets. as well as those serving now!

  • Larry Cowden

    Another female that f—- her way to the top on the flat of her back! That kind of trash needs to be dumped and buried in a landfill.

  • gibbygoo56


  • R.Young

    Most definitely someone who is dead from the neck up!

  • poptoy1949

    She should be used for target practice by the Seals.

  • The Roadster

    The disagreement between the liberty school and the collectivists is not an argument about attempting to improve civilization, but rather about the best ways of doing so.

  • SamZydeco

    Patriot Allen West posted this story on his facebook account which has touches thousands of people. Unless of course someone hacked his account and did it without his knowledge.

  • edgineer

    Typical of the sociopaths we are allowing to integrate into our society. We tolerate psychotic people, perverts and liars. And people wonder what is wrong with this country?

  • woofpacker75

    Long overdue: REPEAL THE WAGNER ACT (National Labor Relations Act). Dump all labor unions and start over with a clean slate for business and government WITHOUT these thugs running amok.

  • Defend Liberty

    Those who preach from collectivism’s altar declare that equality of wealth must be imposed in the interests of “society” and that the “rich” must pay their “fair” share.

  • chasaragdy

    As my granddaughter when she was about four years old used to suggest when she grew hungry, as we traveled around, she had four words, “…I have idea Papa…” to suggest we stop at Taco Bell (which she loved and I didn’t care for–but of course we did stop there!.

    So, “I have idea Papa”, and use the Facebook posting of Janet Vrotsos’ own words; instead of using “disabled veterans”, “veterans”, etc., use the words “union thugs”, “union bosses:, “mentally disabled union officials”!!!!!! And, be sure to substitute “republican war” for “democRATic war”, as in maybe our schools, colleges, auto factories in Detroit and other now-deserted and distressed cities, and hundreds of other den’s of union thuggery and organized union criminal elements and intimidations!! Look at how “efficient” the Federal government now operates, now that it is nearly fully unionized. Even one of the worst American presidents, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, a most Liberal, Socialist politician until Barack Hussein Obama’s ascendency to his Central Government Throne, even he was adamantly against unionizing governments, the Federal government in particular, and all local and state governments in general. Mr Franklin D Roosevelt being a most Liberal, Socialist politician,knew the horrors that corrupt, communistic, unionized thug’s and goon’s governments would bring about!! His foresight and opinions in this area were spot-on, which is one of the very few areas I was ever in agreement with FDR (except for my U S Navy assignment in the Sixth Fleet JAG office aboard the Attack Aircraft Carrier, USS Franklin D Roosevelt, CVA-42, during the early Sixities and throughout and beyond the Cuban Missile Crisis in late October 1962; for which I was extended six additional months, giving me four and half years of Active Duty military service, which I immensely enjoyed and am forever proud to have had the honor and opportunity to have served. But, I digress). My point is, we all have put our imprint on our society, some much heavier, vile and destructive than others! It is easier to vote OUT corrupt politicians than it is to rid ourselves of corrupt union officials. And the politicians DO make and enact the laws that WE ALL must (or at least, should) abide by!!

  • Brenda Cibelli

    Vrotsos should rot in hell– wench