The Destruction of Super Bowl Sunday


Colin Noir breaks down the ad controversy better than anyone else… The hypocrisy needed to be exposed and this 3+ minute video does it extremely well.

I have not missed a Super Bowl since, oh let me think… FOREVER!  That’s going to change this season. After watching this video, I hope that you will join me in voting with your remote.


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  • WhiteFalcon

    He is exactly correct. I won’t be watching either. I have some grass growing that needs to be watched that is more important than the stuper bowl.

  • Richard Holmes

    Straight to the truth. Ilike it.

  • Driver_S

    I’d rather watch paint dry then the NFL ………lock & load

  • smogdew

    Evidently the NFL is very discriminatory – an Israeli company’s ad was blocked from appearing based solely on the ownership of the company – Guess Obama’s hands spread far and wide. I am very tired of hearing ‘guns for the Arabs, sneakers for the Jews’. This comment is in the same church, different pew from most of yours.
    Thank all of you who have served, where would we be without you?
    A Judeo/Christian and former Navy wife………

  • norm

    Hey! The NFL is gone the same as proffessional Wrestling, some athletes putting on a show! It’s all rigged now-a-days anyway, the guys in Vegas are Lovin the Odd’s and making tons of money!

  • NormB

    I’m not a sports-oriented guy. I’ve probably watched – intentionally – 3 super bowl games in my life, and maybe as many regular games. I do, however, record the superbowl every year for the express purpose of watching the commercials and the half time show. Really. In general, this is where advertisers put out their best work. Lately, however, two years specifically, the NFL decided to run a NYC Mayor Bloomberg backed commercial (through Mayors Against Illegal Guns) propagandizing against my rights under the Constitution. That’s the last time anything NFL will ever run in my house. My kids are on board with this as well. This year’s refusal by them to run a PRO-life, PRO-self defense commercial is just icing on the cake. I, and my family, don’t need this kind of poisonous traitorous media manipulation in our home. So, to whatever small amount of monetary gain the advertisers could hope to make from us: bye-bye, and bye-bye football.

  • Rachel

    The NFL sure isn’t what it used to be. But thanks to the Left, not much IS, anymore.

  • rockthebenz

    I can’t believe these people even BUY a ticket to watch this crap. At what point will they stop in order to improve their families lot in life rather than becoming sport parasites supporting these brain dead sports players. I once attended one of these events and I couldn’t even SEE the numbers on the players let alone the field they were playing on. Can you believe Americans are as stupid as they appear by painting themselves to support something that will be forgotten sooner than next week? Kind of makes me sick that America has denigrated to nothing but sport worshipers. Football, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, ad nauseam and no real constructive activities with their families. They will Rock On until the country implodes and they find themselves destroyed by the demise of the dollar. Better wake up America!!!

  • cowboybobmt

    the NFL has reached expiration. Thank the nimrod Goodell for hastening the date. i’ve only watched occasionally the last few years to see the Manning Bros play (yes i’m from Tennessee where Peyton played) and have enjoyed RG3 and some of the other younger guys with some class. I can only shake my head at the lunatics jumping around shuckin’ and jivin’ like their hair is on fire after making a routine tackle or other play…which they are supposed to make. And don’t get me started on all the endzone nonsense after a score. it’s a joke. Johnny U and the real hall of famers are rolling over in their graves.

    I’ll find sumpin’ else to do on “Super Sunday” other than watch the sport-formerly-known-as-football (maybe go target shooting!). It won’t matter much though as i am clearly no longer in the demographic they are apparently after.

    R.I.P. N”F”L

    • Deepizzaguy

      I agree with you Cowboybobmt. The N F L has become a joke with football players acting like they are a gymnastics meet with their somersaults into the end zone.

      • Rachel

        And their antics off the field. Overpaid children and thugs.

  • Big D

    That guy at the end of the Daniel Defense commercial is SPOT ON TARGET !!!!!!

  • norm

    Guns don’t kill people, only people kill other people by accident or on purpose, same as smoking, it is a matter of choice, you can be safe and prudent or not, a whole society should not pay for your choices! Saying smoking kills people is the same as saying Ice cream, beef, pork, sodas or speeding or being in the military kills people! I always thought we were living in a free country, you know; life , liberty & the pursuit of happiness! I don’t want someone or group telling me how to live or how to die, it is my choice not theirs, whehter it is a good choice or a bad choice. And I don’t like being Taxed or
    fined for living my life! Ask yourself this question: On 911, if everyone on those three panes had a 45-auto with a full clip & a spare on them at the time, “would 911 have ever happened”? The answer is NO, but their would have being some very dead terrorist!

  • grassroot

    Bouncy ball played by over payed thugs.

  • Troy Berkely

    Goodell is from Western New York, that might explain a few things. The commentary afterwards is what I found most moving and and compelling, and I will have to take notes to remember the well articulated points that were made. Pretty powerful stuff, and I am also glad that an African American, who seems well adjusted, intelligent, articulate is also represented here to make those points. Also considering that the NFL is an organization that has non profit status, but enjoys multimillion dollar revenues, spends tax payers dollars to fund over sized luxury suites stadiums to benefit the wealthy owners is just the tip of the iceberg for hypocrisy! Bob Costas and the NFL have been put on notice!

  • Allen Runyon

    I’m not watching either. I decided as soon as I heard about this ad not being shown.

  • Barbara E. Ward

    I’m not a sports fan and up until 2 yrs ago had never watched a super bowl game. Well maybe I’ll go back to not watching again this year!

  • Socialism: Organized Evil

    Those of the liberty school realize that demands for equality are little more than slogans conjured up by those intent upon exploiting emotions to empower themselves in equality’s name.

  • Patriot

    Not to mention – deaths caused by smoking total more than those from HIV, illegal drug use, alcohol abuse, auto accidents, suicides, and murders (including GUN murders) COMBINED. Source: The very same government that is trying to convince us that guns kill people.

  • icemancold

    I think I will use the money I would spend on electricity,snacks,beer etc to watch the superbowl to go buy AMMUNITION FOR MY GUNS.The NFL needs to see the light!!! OBAMA,SHOTGUN BIDEN PUKELOSI,NAZI FEINSTEIN,BLOOMBERG and the ANTI GUNNERS et al are the worst kind of corruption there is and all need to go to JAIL

  • CapNCraigAgain

    Amazing what somebody will do when threatened to lose their Tax Exempt, Non Profit status. All hail the all powerful IRS.

    Oh yeah, I nominate Colin for the Medal of Honesty.

  • paul

    I won’t watch any ads at all.. when there is an ad I will leave the room.. I will not discuss ads like we usually do.. we won’t rank them because we will not be watching them.. and we will not support the NFL organization on any issue no matter what it is… from this point forward they are irrelevant…wait till next year.. it will get much more attention and we will not forget that the NFL has no clue and are anti gun and anti american

  • paulainsc

    Usually the commercials are the only thing worth watching. Think I’ll give it a miss this yr. Bloomberg and ESP Costas should keep their opinions to themselves.

  • Bill Kauffman

    When the NFL stops supporting the anti-gun crowd, goes back to supporting the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, and my rights as a lawful citizen, then I will again support the NFL, watch the games and purchased from the sponsor’s they show in the ad’s on their site. They should remember, if they are worried about injury and death by guns (Which are not even mentioned in the ad) that alcohol, which are a major sponsor for them, caused injury and death much more than guns do. Vehicle accidents kill and injure more every day than guns do, each year.

  • Doug Pharr

    The NFL is going too far. They think they are more important than they actually are. Better be careful.

  • markkozikowski

    Maybe if the fans are lucky, they can get another rant by B. Costas for added measure.

  • CajunPatriot

    GODell is at it again. First, he violated the rights of Saints players by not interviewing those accused and not allowing them to provide witnesses, then punishes them for something never proven, while knowing other teams did what he accused them of doing. Now the all seeing, all knowing GODell determines that an American hero wanting to defend his family is going too far to advertise a legal manufacturer of American arms. Pitiful hyposcrisy, Roger! Pitiful. While you are “protecting the brand” also protect the U.S. Constitution and do not compromise it while you are protecting the NFL.

  • Dr Wood

    Screw the NFL

    • Sam

      Prefer NASCAR

      • Dr Wood

        Right on Sam

  • 1baronrichsnot1

    o!o, to the NFL, think I’ll go quail hunting.

  • Red_Neckerson

    I doubt most folks watching the Super Bowl will even realize that anything is missing. Most people I know use commercial time to hit the head or grab another brew, or check other channels for what’s on.

  • Edwin Cauble

    I will be doing something else to hell with the NFL

  • Ronald Green

    Won’t be watching and don’t think I’m going to miss anything of importance.

    • RottDawg

      I am usually against these organized boycotts, and I don’t know that this one is “organized.” I do however try to support like minded people whenever I have the chance. This one seems like a no brainer, and now that Rodgers and the Pack are pretty much out of it… who cares anyways…

      • Ronald Green

        Same here. I have no dog in this hunt and really don’t care which of the other dogs wins.

        • paul

          oh .. you are incredible wrong . you do have a dog in this.. that is if you are an American citizen that believes in personal freedom and the Constitution of the United States of America.. there is no such thing as neutral when your constitutional rights are being trampled on…. whether you want to own a gun or not has nothing to do with it.. don’t want one , don’t get one…..

          • Ronald Green

            I was talking about the teams playing in the game. It is helpful to read the whole conversation sometimes. The fact that my team isn’t involved (no dog in the hunt) and that the NFL has taken on a liberal anti gun bias is why I will not be watching. I happen to own more than 5 and I’m proficient with all of them.

          • paul

            Oops….. sorry.. I did read it no need for discipline… took it the wrong way… my antennas are a tad high these days.. I, too, have a number of weapons .. if that’s your pic , I thank you for your service.. I spent several years in Da nang,,, Saigon and other …… know the drill..

          • Ronald Green

            Yes, that’s me in my tank.. 1st Gulf War. Thank you for yours as well.

            I’m waiting for the Libs to start their “purge” of us “un-Americans” as they see us. It’s not going to go like they think, that I can promise. The new Fascists are the Liberals in our country sad to say. I get death threats on these threads quite regularly and I always extend them the invitation to come and try. No takers yet. 😉