Schumer: Veterans Should Take a Pay Cut But Congress Should Not



Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) believes that it’s time that US military veterans do their part for America by taking a cut to their retirement benefits.

Because, of course, veterans haven’t done enough for the country.

Members of Congress, however, should take no such cuts. According to the rather despicable gun-control advocating Senator Schumer, the government officials have sacrificed enough.

Civilian federal employees have been cut, cut, cut. I think there was a feeling, if you’re going to cut them further, which was done, that the military retirees should have about an equal amount. It’s small,” the New York Democrat told MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.

“I think (Rep.) Paul Ryan and (Sen.) Patty Murray looked everywhere they could to try and find compromise. Everybody had to take a little,” Schumer said.

“They’re going to have to pay a tiny, little bit into it, which they never have,” he added.
But Schumer maintained members of Congress should not be forced to take a pay cut. He said they have already sacrificed, since they have not seen a pay raise “in a long time,” and explained most of them are paying more for healthcare insurance.

“We have taken pretty big cuts,” he said. (source)

Let’s tally up the numbers to put things in perspective:

  • The average pension for a retired veteran was $9,669 in 2011. (source)
  • The salary for a US Senator is $174,000. (source)

Just so this statistic is perfectly clear, the members of Congress bring in over 17 times the amount that retired vets do.

Despite this, veterans under the age of 62 will be looking at a 1% per year cut in their benefits. Members of Congress will not be looking at any reduction.


Kimberly Paxton, a staff writer for the Daily Sheeple, is based out of upstate New York.



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  • PoorPitifulPearl

    The stinking truth is that the Republicans wanted to give the military retirees an increase, since they also pay for their healthcare, despite the fact that when they enlisted, they were told they would have free healthcare for life. Their proposal was to cut off social security benefits for illegals (that widely fraudulently use child care credit) which would more than cover the veterans. Of course, Dirty Harry and the Demon gang couldn’t have that, because after all, they want to give amnesty to those illegals so that they could expand their voting base.
    While my spouse was active duty, our healthcare was almost free, but only if you can get seen in a military facility. When we turned 65,however, we were told we couldn’t be seen there any longer, and we’d have to rely on Medicare first, then Tricare would kick in. The caveat is that Medicare has been suddenly refusing to cover certain medications and procedures (a la “death care”) and if Medicare won’t pick up part of it, Tricare won’t either. Somehow I have to find $1000 per month for a medication that I need that I can no longer get. That would take my entire SS benefit. Then to have a pay cut is pouring salt into a wound that will never heal. Schumer is a true liberal….he believes in taking liberally from everyone except himself, and giving only to constituents that can help him stay in power. If only those poor, uninformed or under-informed constituents could see through the smoke and mirrors. It’s hard to do when those ultra liberals continually are blowing the smoke and waving the mirrors.


    further, billions they claim to cutting over the next decade won’t make a scratch on the federal debt considering the payout is close to hundred trillion dollars. 600 trillion out in the derivatives market. they won’t solve this problem, they CAN’T solve thisproblem. so who do they always turn to? the BANK OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.


    Charles Schumer is a consumate liar. lets see their pay raise that come automatically each month, show the evidence chuckey. lets see what cuts your stooges have taken. my guess, not you or them have lost a penny. even if you didn’t get your automatic raise, what have you done to fix anything. PPACA is a miserable failue

  • Dave

    I’ll bet he and his family have a big Christmas Tree with lots of STUFF under it. And don’t forget, they will all be together open their STUFF Christmas morning! I can’t remember how many Christmas’ I missed in my 20 years of AD.

  • Wayne Sexton

    These are the very type of people in Congress who don’t need to be in Congress…they think they are an elitist over the American people instead of a representative of the American people….Wake up New York and vote this maggot out of office and bring in people who will honestly work for the American people.

    • Zombietroy

      The bottom line is that they ALL need to go. DO NOT VOTE FOR AN INCUMBENT EVER, UNTIL THIS STOPS.

  • Mark Stevens

    Senator Schumer…The difference between a military veteran (which I am) and you a US Senator is that I did my job. 24/7 365 days a year for 23 years. I risked my life in protecting the rights that people like you take for granted. You sir are a self licking ice cream cone and should be ashamed of your self. At least I can sleep at night knowing I did what I was charged to do. The only thing you did was promoted yourself and lined your pockets and will continue to do for the rest of your miserable life. Keep your benefits and take mine, thats fine. Karma is an unforgiving thing.

  • Don August

    There’s a reason why people say that the most dangerous place in the world is the space between a TV camera and upChuck Shyster!

  • R.Young

    Maybe Mr. Schumerwould like to go back to the old pay scale of WWII, $50.00 bucks a month, three hots and a cott?

  • hellhound55

    these members of Congress refuse to take part in any of the cuts that affect them. It is ok to cut unemployment for the people that need it, its ok to cut and furlough people on the government payroll, but when it comes to cutting entitlements and anything else that might actually touch them, it gets voted down. These people are out of touch with reality and the average American. They live in their ivory towers and have their summer houses and don’t really care about anything but themselves and their corporate sponsors. It is time we vote them out of office (all of them) for their lack of effort and their inability to work to help the people. They have been squabbling like a bunch of children on a playground and get nothing done. Nothing but political games and posturing. They are all USELESS.

  • wtram46

    This fool should be hung by the balls and have his throat cut!!!

  • DOJennies

    Schumer is simply put, an arrogant ass!

  • livesleephockey
  • Texas Belle

    Who the hell believes Schumer.? He is a scumbag of the worst sort. He isn’t worthy of carrying the duffel bag of a wounded veteran.

  • Gary Arciszewski

    He is an idiot.

  • afanaglenn

    There is no way I can express how much I hate democrats. Yes,I used the word hate. The same goes for democrat voters who are uninformed, the only reason they would vote for a democrat, excepting muslims, communists and anti-Christians..

  • buffalo2

    Let’s see, on one hand you have patriots who were true to their oath of service – many of them wounded in service to our country. On the other hand are Senators & Congressmen, almost all of whom violate their oath of office on a daily basis and who have taken lying to a level that can never be exceeded. And don’t forget those POS Senators & Congressmen giving illegal aliens precedence over wounded veterans. I am so in contempt of Congress.

  • dontdoitagain

    “Entitlement Cuts” actually means that those of us who have worked all our lives and paid into a government run INSURANCE policy for retirement are now considered freeloaders and subject to being kicked off the insurance plan (social security and senior medical programs). We aren’t talking about real ENTITLEMENT cuts. You know, those “benefits” which are extended to people who haven’t paid a dime, such as the “entitlements” for the perennial welfare people, free health care for foreigners and the deliberately poor, food stamps to people who won’t work, child tax credits (cash payouts) for illegal invaders and all the rest of the freebies. They aren’t talking about the ENTITLEMENT programs for government workers and elected officials. I am guessing that there are more true “entitlement” people than there are people who paid for the insurance program, so the republicans come up with their own plan to punish people who work/have worked. Sure, lets go after the people who paid into the system and let the deadbeats keep theirs.

  • Delores109

    If our Military and/or Military Retirees receive ANY deductions, I will never pay another Federal tax again. It seems Federalism is on its way out. God Bless all members of the Military, our Military Retirees, and all of our Military Families. Obama, you and your radicals are on your way out.
    Delores Smith

  • mrsgunnut10

    Mr. “CONE HEAD” Schumer needs to be reminded who does the hard work. One thing for sure, he has no idea who really does the work. Hey Cone Head Schumer, just how many hours are you putting in for your un-believable amount of ANNUAL Pay ??? Did you know , or maybe you just plain don’t give a damn about what a GI has to go thru on a Yearly basis. Any and all GI’s are technically on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365/366 days a year. Nobody knows when a War will start or whenever some small Country will ask for United Nations help in quelling an invasion of their Country. Do/Did you know CONE HEAD Schumer, That if the United Nations says go, some or many, United States Military troops are subject to be called on to protect these Countries on a short notice ?? That’s what is called a Mobility Excersize, CONE HEAD. Some GI’s are on Mobility Alert Teams that have to keep a Bag packed 24 hours a day and are subject to be called any hour of the day OR night and have to be ready to go anywhere in the World on a few hours notice which depends on the Mobility Orders. A Military person only gets 30 vacation days a year, Mr. Cone Head. There is no free passes where we could take a week or two off, come back to work for a few weeks and then take off again for another month or two. Get a life, Mr. CONE HEAD SCHUMER, You Politicians are the ones that need to take a pay cut and at the same time, lose some of your High Priced Perks. GI’s never get a free “Hair Cut”, Limo to ride in, Personal Aircraft for a free ride to some Banana Republic High Priced Meeting for a few weeks. I could go on and on Mr. Cone Head, but I believe you, if you are not an Idiot, should have a ” General Knowledge ” of what I have spoken about, oh and by the way, you don’t get you A_s shot at either, unless one of your Cone Head Citizens decide you need to be shot. Thank you for your time. TSgt., USAF Retired..

  • Delores109

    Three members of my family are buried at Arlington National Cemetery, representing three wars. Do not take any deductions OF ANY TYPE from our active Military or our Military Retires. Take what you need from the Senators’ salaries, particularly Democrats. Our Military must be honored for always laying their lives on the lines. If you proceed with your deductions, my goal is to encourage all active duty men and women to NOT re-enlist, but to become our protecters of the United States. I will manage to find the donations for their salaries. Do this for our Team 6 Navy Seals and Special Ops shot down in a large black helicopter to silence them…do this for our 6 men who died in an crash yesterday, December 17, 2013. Do this for Border Patrol Terry of FAST & FURIOUS whose death is being ignored by Obama and his radicals. Do this, because no Democrat will ever be elected again. Do this, Harry Reid, because the Washington Examiner has proven that your last election was a fraud.
    Delores Smith

  • Bill1966

    If this does not break the camels back I do not know what will. After being in the VA system for 18 years, I have seen a LOT of cutting. When first elected to congess bam bam promised the vets of Illinois that he would FIX the broken system, all he did was vote for more cuts. I took an oath, to the people to uphold and defend the Constitution and all that it stands for. I say it is time we shake the tree of liberty, and remove these liberal elites that think they are better then the rest of us. If we do not act soon, it will be too late. And for those of you that think waiting for an election will do the trick, please go crawl back under your rocks as you have no clue what is going on around you.

  • T. Copps

    Yeah, Schumer , you idiot, fighting and dying and protecting this country just isn’t enough from our veterans. They should really do more. Unlike the government senate an congress, who do bugger all yet vote themselves a raise every year. What an a sshole you are, just like the idiot in the white house. You all make me sick!

  • James Maxwell

    They should base their pay upon performance, if that was the case they would have to pay back
    all the money they have taken under false pretenses especially since they have lied to the
    American people constantly. The United States Military are on duty 24/7 regardless of the time
    of year, weather no matter what, They stand in the breech against our enemies on foreign shores
    with their lives on the line and away from their families for long periods of time. What does Chuck
    U Schumer do, besides lie, lie, lie and bow at the alter of the Socialist Democrat criminals?
    His only claim to fame is he is a bottom feeder almost as bad as his master.

  • robertdavidhummel

    “SHUMER”,…YOU are a MARKED “STUPID FOOL”…Watch your back on your daily train ride, etc,etc…PERIOD….”You” SENSE/CENTS is in Jeopardy… PERIOD.

  • Bill Newcomb

    Ever since he has been in office and I remember his election, His actions have always made me ask:
    What country is first in his heart ?? Its not America, its not the American people. I heard him as I type, blaming others, changing the subject. One thing for sure with him – hating the 2A is at the top of his list. I have voted since Nixon.I always vote. I vote for the person best for America, at the time. With all that has happened the passed 6-7 years, I don’t think I will ever vote for a Democrat again. I never thought I would say that, in fact, I fight against it. They have pushed me— made me hate them.

  • cowboybobmt

    chuck-u-schumer…thank U NY.

  • Lee Dutra

    Time to cut these ingrates out of a job. 2014!

  • woofpacker75

    SHOOT HIM. G O D D A M M I T, somebody just SHOOT HIM. Typical Democrat Weasel.

  • Will

    The fact that he is out there. Means something. They are in trouble. Schumer always controls the conversation. In trouble….Creep!

  • Will

    Schumer is a creep. He talks about revenue increases ~ which is a tax increase. While lowering a benefit. “CREEEEEEEEEP”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • junkmailbin

    schmucky Schumer is a complete arsehole. Congress wants to play they are federal employees when they benefit and separate when it suits them. The absolute arrogance in the Senate is appalling. The House is just as bad with a long stream of lies to get elected and than doing the opposite when voting. They are out for only themselves, their privilrdge, and their benefits.

  • Dandyangie

    Schumer is beneath contempt. He is a liar, worse than our leader and his minions. He wants to disarm us and he has the nerve to say he wants to take from our military? This guy ought to be drawn and quartere and thrown in the ocean, but the fish would puke him up. I don’t know what the east coast is thinking to put that piece of s–t in office over and over. He is unamerican in his soul….

  • PLW

    Congress does NOTHING, yet Congress gives itself pay raises and pension increases… Congress & obama should be ASHAMED to cut the pay and pensions of the U.S. Military who daily sacrafice themselves fighting for America’s freedoms!!! REPLACE America’s Self-Serving Politicians who do not even listen to the Legal American Citizens they are suppose to represent!!!!!!

  • bbf

    Instead of cutting the pensions of military retirees..some of the billions given yearly in foreign aid should be cut. There are 192 countries in the world. The US gives foreign aid to 150 of them. How about starting with reducing the $1.6 billion given to Israel.

  • drut1948

    why do revenues need to go up always ? why are the entitlements something we have paid for all our lives but you people have mishandled and borrowed from and stolen from , if the money we had paid in had been invested as it should have been we would have an excess but we politicians with their fingers in the pie , tell me about how your bank account has grown in all the years you have been in office trying to destroy peoples lives but furthering your own , you politicians should be hired yearly , conform to our wishes or get out , we are very tired of the double talk and lies

  • BigUgly666

    No “government” employee should ever make more that the average “income” of the average working American.
    Pensions to be appropriate to “income”.

  • Chris

    one, two
    A big F U!

  • Ben Terwellen

    Congress, it is time to replace most of you, Hope it happens soon……….

  • Henry

    chucky is a piece of crap that fell from obamas rectum.


    Well, Chucky, just a couple of questions. How many years were YOU required to be separated from your entire family? How many times were you shot at? How many times were you hit? How many times did you have to stay awake for DAYS in order to stay alive? When did you last sleep in a hole in the ground while it rained, all the while trusting that your buddy would watch your back? Is it really that bad and that dangerous to serve in the Senate? Or is it maybe just a little bit cushy?

    I served in the U.S. Army for more than 30 years. I’ve had to endure ALL of those things I sassed you about, WITHOUT complaint. I didn’t complain, partly because I love my country, and partly because I thought people like YOU had my back. One of my biggest regrets is placing any trust whatsoever in you and the rest of the slime in our government.

    One more thing, Chucky. Since you think Congress can’t be cut but combat veterans can, perhaps it’s time to make Congress and the Senate a DANGEROUS place to work. I’m pretty darn sure there are a few MILLION veterans out there willing to make that happen. No, Chucky, we don’t think we’re special. We would willingly do our part if EVERYONE in government, INCLUDING you and the JACKASS in the oval office did theirs, but we are not willing to have the budget balanced solely on our backs, you stupid twit.

  • Gerry Emery

    There are no words disgusting enough in the English language to convey what I feel about this un-American scumbag politician!

  • I-Defy

    Do you really expect a democrat to have any kind of love for veterans? They would rather pander to deadbeats and illegals the people that do nothing for this country except drain the system

    • Biff Sarin

      Yes, it is FAR more important that we take care of third generation lazy people than taking care of people who VOLUNTARILY busted their asses in some of the most inhospitable places on the planet and gambled with their lives to protect freedom for others. It is sad that they have to come home and listen to self righteous a-holes like Schumer minimize their sacrifices and their willingness to give their lives for the benefit of others. Hmmm, who contributes more to society, third generation, deadbeat, baby daddy or person who voluntarily risk his/her life 24/7?!

  • Anthony Viscuso Jr

    He is a dbag, maybe he should go overseas and walk in the boots of the men and women protecting his sorry ass.

  • Everyone needs to make sure and take a few minutes of their day to e-mail or call the ašsħőle Schumer and *tell* him he’s a useless air-wasting, piece of šĥit. So long as one is not threatening him, you can say anything you wish. I let two of my state senators *and* that şćumbag Obama know how I feel about them once every week or two, without fail. Learn your rights through cartoons! Know your rights about and at roadblocks! Learn about Jury Nullification! Take back your rights from the
    over-reaching: police, justice system and government!

    Why does the government want to ban assault weapons? Because you won’t get in the box car willingly.

  • bluejacket472

    Remember this shaft/gift from the Democrats, and the RINOs when we go to the polls in 2014.

  • IHateLibs

    How be it someone just go cut his TONGUE OUT

  • Ed Pataky

    Schumer is a disgrace.

  • David Roddy

    First let me say I’m very conservative and can’t stand these lib. nut jobs. And, I’m one year from retiring from the Navy. That said, the numbers don’t look correct to me. I believe most military retirees are making a little more than $9600 year. Its probably closer to 18K (gross) pre-tax. I think its important to not embellish this stuff so as not to discredit the conservative movement. This still pales in comparison to congress’ retirement and the lifetime investment is not even close when compared. Truthfully, there are so few congressmen on the retirement books as compared to retired military that the savings from reducing congressional retirement wouldn’t really make any difference in the budget or deficit. However, it is symbolic and as most of you have said. they should take similar cuts and their 100% base pay retirement is a joke. It needs to be 50% or less…. much less. How about 1.5% per year “served” in congress. That would put a two term congressman in the 20K per year range and make a lot more since to me.

  • jpratt

    Wow! What a wad.

  • Kent2012

    chuckster needs to be cut, with a chainsaw from his crotch to his golfing hat…..oh and with kenyan boy care working so well for those elitists in congress the chuckster will get great care….


    Get rid of every incumbent fraud that has ever lied to you. I would rather see 500 amateurs that wen to DC to represent the people and not their lobbyists nor pander to special interest groups..

  • Johnnie Watkins

    The only thing we owe veterans is only every damn thing that was promised to them when they signed up to serve! How can we take anything away from them in good conscious? We can’t, is the easy answer!

  • falling321

    May I suggest that we take the current military retirement package and the average Congressional package and equalize them. Then when they want to cut the military’s salary or retirement, they must cut their own to keep them equal! And then Schumer might have something to whine about!

  • jeffersonpayne

    Liberalism = the Better Sort of People seizing the power to tell the rest of us what to do, for our own good. It’s hard work for them. Of course they need to be paid more that people who merely risk being, or actually were, blown up, shot, gassed, burnt, or otherwise mutilated while defending our freedom. How could anyone think that’s more important than going to Washington, spending other people’s money & passing unworkable 2400 page laws that no one read?

  • Janice Vowell

    Tell you what “Chuck” you go serve in Afghanistan or Iraq and we’ll let you cut veterans’ benefits. You are a total idiot and I hope ALL veterans and military family members remember this in New York when it comes election time!!!

  • disqus_yMA6TiNyjP

    These a$$hats haven’t done their “job” in years. I think, not only should they take a pay CUT, they should return every penny they’ve made over these past five years for doing NOTHING. I mean, average American families have to make budgets all the time, yet this collection of brain-trusts can’t even do that ONCE in FIVE YEARS? They only work THREE DAYS A WEEK to start (Monday and Friday are considered TRAVEL DAYS for our hard-working elected leaders), and they’re paid almost 10 TIMES for this BACKBREAKING schedule what an E-3 makes in a YEAR. Schumer is a dirtbag, and it says volume about people who live in New York that they keep electing him. People like him are good for only one thing: TARGET PRACTICE.

  • The voters that put him office deserve what they get (high crime, less freedom, higher taxes, less work, etc.)

  • Heartland Patriot

    Chuck you, Schumer…

  • FB

    You gotta be kidding me. If veterans are having to give up some money, everyone in DC should give up money to include the president. If you wanna save money, taking 1% from those people will save lots more money than 1% from retirees

  • Jules Fekete

    Why is this jackass still in office? He needs to go.

    • 98ZJUSMC

      New York.

  • DOJennies

    I enjoy taking a “Schumer” at least once a day. As long as I maintain a balanced diet, with fiber and water, the “Schumers” keep coming regularly and I don;t need any Metamucil or such.

    • 98ZJUSMC

      I took a colon-cleaning Schurmer just about three hours ago. It was great,

      • thegreatamerican

        I wiped my Schumer after taking an OB.

  • disqus_bvzyOg5eso

    The only thing you’ve taken a cut in is in the proposal to cut the American Veteran even POS. You need to be out down to 40,000 a year and be on SS when you retire! You aren’t even close to being worth what you’re being paid right now!

  • Jackie Olson

    For example, the pension for a Representative or Senator who retired in December 2012 at the
    end of the 112th Congress with a total of 32 years of service (5 years covered under CSRS and 25
    years covered under FERS) and a high-3 salary of $174,000 would be:
    $174,000 × .025 × 5 = $21,750 (CSRS)
    + $174,000 × .017 × 20 = $59,160 (FERS)
    + $174,000 × .01 × 5 = $8,700 (FERS)

    Total pension = $89,610'0E%2C*PLC8%22%40%20%20

  • Nancy DeVisser


    • 98ZJUSMC

      Agree with you. Completely. But, please don’t use all caps.

  • Timothy L. Hook

    Federally employed politicians should be caped at the benefits enjoyed by average enlisted person in DoD. With a up or out clause so we do not get someone homesteading in an office, and if they do not serve for twenty years they get the same as the enlisted do.

  • Neal M Dozier

    Piss off Schumer.

  • GhostChicken

    If any one needs to take a pay cut it should be Congress. And they should not be able to vote them self a pay raise. We as tax payers should do it. Like in a regular job pay should be based how good you do your job

  • Frank DiSalle

    Did anyone notice that Schumer’s failure to receive an increase, as well as the Civil Service’s failure to get a raise, was called a “cut”? To tell someone on a pension, which might be his only source of income, that he is going to have to pay a “small, small amount” is petty and mean – spirited. If all he thinks is required is a “small, small amount”, then slap a national sales tax on luxury items, like yachts and second homes. See how he and his colleagues and the one-percenters who finance his campaigns like that!

  • James Dorpinghaus

    This guy and people like him are just a small example of what is wrong with politics. Our veterans and soldiers have sacrificed more for this country than this piece of crap. Chuck Schumer, maybe you should go to an unfamiliar place thousands of miles from anyone you know and love, away from all your comforts in Washington. And at the same time watch the men and women that you have come to think of as brothers and sisters die in front of you or in your arms. Then maybe you may have some room to speak. Pay cuts for Congress aren’t such a bad idea. Let’s start with Chuck Schumer.

    • cardnut

      Hear, hear!

  • sfcwbf

    I planned my retirement years based on what I was promised for my 20 plus years and also what I was told my social security would be. I continued to work after my army retirement because I already knew it would not be enough but I never thought the government would do this to me.

    • cardnut

      I am disgusted that this happened to you. Surely, we can band together to stop this travesty!

  • Mary Spano

    This guy makes me sick.Leave the vets alone they have done plenty for our country. If you don’t think so move to another country.

  • Michael Santarella


  • Larry Stephens

    This jerk needs to go and now most members are wealthy most retired military scrape to get by and need to take another job. The military were made a promise by the US and it is time for us to honor our promise besides they have sacrificed enough. He complains about heath care cost rising he is one of the reasons he voted for Obama Care.

  • DanMR

    ‘Not a single Republican has come out for revenue increases, but yet we voted ourselves a nice raise. These people can’t have no scruples or conscience otherwise how could they sleep at night?

  • GCG8688

    OH CHUCKY, CHUCKY! Your one pathetic excuse for a human being and senator. Excuse! Your from New York and have a warped view of reality. I would like to know what have your contributions been to the betterment of the nation? When was the last time you helped an elderly person across the street, worked in a soup kitchen where it didn’t benefit you, went into the inner city and given out items to help needy children, you sorry individual. The only thing you know to do is pass more useless legislation.

  • Charles Scappaticci

    Schumer should jump off of a tall bridge, ass-clown.

  • Jack Mehoff

    Chuck Shoomer is one of those people when election time comes around everyone asks “How the hell did that jackass keep his seat? I don’t know a single person who voted for that scumbag!” Whoever this guy represents needs to wake the hell up and just destroy any chance he shows of even coming close to being re elected. The country can’t take ANY more self serving worthless power grabbing abusers of authority anymore. New York, you need to take care of business with this slimebucket.

    • Kana60

      Because he panders to NYC and the rest of the State can take a back seat. Unfortunately the constituents in NYC skew the outcome for the rest of the State. Not to mention that Sen. Gillibrand is basically his puppet.

    • bluejacket472

      2014 looks like a great year for an military person to run for shmucky shumer’s seat and use this military pension cut, along with ObamaCare as their main campaign topics.

  • Steven Mayro

    Shumer is as usless as tits on a nun he should be fired or sent to a combat unit in Afgahnistan

    • Kana60

      To back NYS doesn’t have a Recall process to remove elected officials who pander to a select group and ignore the greater population.

  • Michael Gerardi

    Up-Chuck Schumer is a life-long political TAPEWORM in the body of this republic. He is a harmful parasite. He needs to be purged. And you know where tapeworms end up when they’re purged from the human body . . . .

    • Bill Newcomb

      Outstanding. Your picture is my 100 words from above

  • Ric Tattersall

    Another shining example of why the practice of tar, feathering and running a person out of town on a rail should come back into vogue!!!

    • Jack Mehoff

      Oh yes!!!! This is an excellent thought. The method gets the point across very well and is extremely cheap to do. Cause we don’t want to spend a lot of money on these unwanted pests in congress.

    • thegreatamerican

      The EPA would fine you for contamination of perfectly good tar.

  • Brian Turner

    I just don’t understand why people keep voting for these guys. Give 20-30 years of combat zones and separations and they think we have not given enough while they sit in comfort giving up nothing and their security is guarded by others. Disgusting

  • Jimmie Robinson

    I wonder if schummer was in the military…I would love to have a face to face with him…

    • Jack Mehoff

      Most likely he dodged any real chance he had to go into the service with either his money or leaving the country. He is not about supporting the troops and anything american. He is only about himself and his fellow congressturds.

      • sfcwbf

        Dodging the draft and for those younger the use of “no draft” is not an excuse. They could all have volunteered and enlist. Even the female members of Congress could have enlisted.

        • cardnut

          Some women Congress members have . . .

      • Jean Aschman

        Just looked at his bio – never served a day in the military – just served all his life on either the state taxpayer dime or federal dime. Never has “worked” a day in his life and continues to ruin the life of not only those in New York State but every one else in this country!

        • cardnut

          He’s a parasite, like the POTUS.

  • fafhrd

    “Despite this, veterans under the age of 62 will be looking at a 1% per year cut in their benefits. Members of Congress will not be looking at any reduction.”

    I don’t feel that this should be allowed. It changes the contract that so many veterans operated under, after the fact. Kind of like going into a car dealership, buying a car and driving it out, a week later, you find someone from the dealer swapping out the stereo in the car for a lower grade model.

    • thegreatamerican

      I’m used to it by now. I trust very few politicians. I still remember my recruiter telling me I’d get free medical for life if I retired. I don’t pay a lot, but my retirement is a drop in the bucket compared to the federal pensions and I guarantee I endured greater hardships.

    • cardnut

      This is disgraceful, un-American, and wrong! We have to be able to do something about this!

  • cuchieddie

    Chuckie Schmucker should be cleaning the military’s toilets and shut his commie pie hole.

    • msubobcatpatriot

      The man makes me VOMIT!!!!!

      • cuchieddie

        Yep Linda Blair type green chunks.

  • jimadoo

    I chuckle every time I see scummer around a camera. Hovering in the background behind whoever is speaking stealthily, Carefully eyeing his next morsal to carefully quietly pluck from the taxpayer like a buzzard!

  • onlymetaz

    This man is not who I would want on my side he hasn’t given up a thing .. he is a joke his cushy life has left him with no reality and it appears no brain to back his mouth,

  • Larry ‘n Betty Loop

    This guy is full of it! He should be on the front line with our troops for 24 hours, then he would give them what they so very much deserve!

    • sfcwbf

      He would not have the nerve to be up there.


      that would be a site for sore eyes he do like obummer run and hide and let the military protect them –they’re chicken

      • David Coffman

        It was once said, ” Imagine a king who fights his own battles, wouldn’t that be a site.” Rather than it be a king, it would be a site to see some of the politicians make their way over seas and serve with the men and women in uniform.

    • cardnut

      He would endanger their lives on the front line!

  • Randy Streu

    You can’t really compare salaries to pensions, but let’s compare apples to apples:

    US Serviceman pension on average: $9600
    US Senator pension on average: (2012) $71,000 (under CSRS) or $40,500 (FERS).

    US Servicemen have no hours. They don’t get to punch out and go home. They put their lives on the line.

    Senators work part of the year, sitting in comfy chairs, making up laws that don’t apply to themselves.

    • Candace Zingg

      Not to mention the 400 million dollar expense account they have, on top of regular expense acct. items, like: cars, gas, paper and mail products, hair care, and others. That 400 million is a separate expense acct.

    • msubobcatpatriot

      I really have NO idea Randy but that looks WAY TOO LOW for the pension of a US senator. Are you sure it is not MUCH higher?
      Just wondering.


      Randy…I completely agree with you. The Politicians in this country haven’t taken a cut in anything. They keep cutting education, social security, military and everything except themselves. They have this sense of entitlement, like they deserve everything. Actually they deserve nothing, they haven’t done their job.

      • cardnut

        Ditto for the POTUS.

      • Guest


    • Alex

      Those figures need to be swapped. If anything, take half of the Senator pension and put in Veteran pensions. Oh and they can start by taking a 65% pay cut minimum since they obviously aren’t doing what they swore to do which is protect the Constitution and the citizens.

    • IHateLibs

      And LIE like OBOGUS does , and Gets AWAY With it, and TRASHES , OUR CONSTITUTION . And GETS AWAY with it

    • WhiteFalcon

      As far as I am concerned, ANYONE in the Congress that supports this law has served his/her last term! There are thousands of ways those lying buzzards can cut wasteful spending and not touch the retirement or other benefits of our servicemen and women. How about cutting the pay of the Congress and the President and the Supreme Court, and putting them on Ovomitcate? How about cutting the pay and benefits to unions? How about eliminating the funding of thousands of these stupid projects, making treadmills for shrimp for instance. How about getting rid of about 50 czars? There are hundreds more of these stupid projects that should be eliminated totally. It is time for a huge housecleaning in DC and now is the time to do it.

    • Worship Dancer

      and when it comes right down to it, retirees are taking a cut in pension AND a cut in healthcare AND we get the “privilege” of paying MORE out of pocket expenses for our healthcare – especially if we receive any kind of disability.

    • Greg Duke

      I thought we fought for our independence from the royals, yet, all you have to do to become a modern day royal is get elected. No more birth rights. These pompous anal openings need to be fired immediately. We also need to redo the deals with all of them, putting them on the same retirement plans and health care plans as the average American. They have become the fox in the henhouse, and the farmer is chained to the plowshare.

    • rabrooks

      Wait! There’s extra that should be included as salary. Lifetime armed guards, lifetime medical care, transportation, office, staff and on and on……….