PETA Reprimands Teen Hunter After She’s Attacked by a Bear


A Pennsylvania teen was attacked by a bear while hunting, causing injuries so severe that she almost lost her ear. Following the attack, PETA wrote her a letter, saying, “This seems to be a good opportunity to put yourself in the place of the individuals you and the rest of your hunting party were trying to kill. As terrifying as it must have been to be attacked by a bear, please consider the frightening and painful experiences that hunters set out to impose upon animals.”

Lisa Lange, Senior Vice President of PETA, stood by the letter on Tuesday’s The Real Story. “If there was ever a time when this girl might actually sympathize with the animals that she and her family go out and kill, we think that it’s now when she’s actually suffered a terrorizing attack of her own,” Lange said.

Gretchen Carlson replied, “When a teenage girl is potentially almost killed … you send a letter asking her to look at it from the perspective of the bear?!”

Lange didn’t back down, saying, “Absolutely.”

Jimmy Sites, of Spiritual Outdoor Adventures, countered that the “timing of the letter was extremely harsh.”

“The timing was absolutely inappropriate. It should have been done in a different timing or at least in a different fashion. It’s much better to have someone from PETA go and meet with the girl face to face than to hide behind words on a letter,” Sites said.



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Mark Martineau
  • JustinMontana

    PETA, along with most liberals and Vegans believe in The Right to Life for all creatures…except for unborn children.

    To them, nothing is wrong with the funding and Open Season slaughter of unborn children.

    So, to be fair, I’ll stop supporting the 2nd amendment and hunting when they stop abortion and voting.

    I wonder what they’ll say in light of their own hypocrisy?
    Liberalism- the American Blight

  • denoferth

    The problem isn’t with nutcase domestic terrorist organizations such as PETA; its with the media trying to sensationalize their shows by giving these fools the time of day.

  • John Tublewicz

    Hooray for Peta

  • wyatt81

    PETA is made up of nutcases, idiots, fools, and imbeciles. Pathetic from every angle.

  • mattogilvie55

    Lisa Lange deserves to be killed.

  • Average_Joe56

    I joined PETA several years ago, but had to leave when I found out that PETA didn’t stand for “People Eating Tasty Animals”.
    So many Animals…so few recipes.

  • Carol Ghee


  • Big D

    Peta – PEOPLE FOR THE EATING OF TASTY ANIMALS !! I love animals i shoot them skin them eat them and wear their skins, use their antlers for rifle and coat racks !!! FU** peta the political group !!!! The girls family ought to sue them for liabel slander or just being A$$FU**S !!!!

  • buzzman1

    I hope everyone in PETA immediately goes out and supports their local shelters Free and or LOW COST Spay and neuter program by particpating and getting themselves spay or neutered and showing the world you can fix stupid.

  • James Maxwell

    People Eat Tasty Animals, because of you don’t the bear will eat your. Give the choice I would
    suggest that the young lady get a gun next time she goes in the woods and learns how to
    properly deploy it against the wildlife. As for the pets bimbo, let her go hug up to grizzle and
    she how she might fare or better still go to Africa and play with the Lions. They always looking
    for a nice fat cow to munch on, or if that is to far then go on down to the Louisiana swamps and
    play with the pretty alligators, They might take offense to her wearing their cousin as shoes.

  • rikker45

    this twit Lesa has obviously never been in the woods, and wont believe science, of common sense.

  • rikker45

    Lisa is almost totally brain dead. She can only nod her head to acknowledge she was spoken to, until she gets her chance to attack verbally.

  • woofpacker75

    Can’t we just declare Open Season on PETA and bring this sorry chapter of American liberalism to a close? Sheesh.

  • Chris Sanchez

    PETA seriously does not have any room to talk about the killing of animals. They kill 92% of all animals that come in to their shelters. Their excuse, “The animals are better off dead.” Hello?

    • 2War Abn Vet

      Yep, they hate animals almost as much as they hate humans.

  • DJ

    What the He** . The whole world is going up side down.

  • dad666

    Just another liberal group wanting to impose their will on the rest of the world. Just listen to this idiot talk over, deny, and otherwise be totally rude during the discussion. FAVORITE LIB TACTIC.

  • believer in freedom

    Typical, they refuse to see the facts when they are shoved in their faces. She has crazy written all over her! Lets have PETA members go walk in the woods where there is an over population of preditors. See how long they last. They didn’t go in person because they are too afraid to do so. Which rightfully so, because it would not end well if they were to show up in person and they know this. People who never really get out in the wild will never understand a thing about it.

  • archangel

    Seriously?????? SERIOUSLY?????? F*ING SERIOUSLY??????? I F*ING HATE PETA!!! More importantly, the fact I have to share oxygen with PETAites makes my blood pressure rise 20 points on sheer principle alone. Good thing they are so brain dead, so they do use less oxygen.

    • Joey Parton

      You know what PETA stands for: People Eat Tasty Animals

  • Patrick Trheadshot Munson

    Let’s go hunt PETA then, according to them it’d probably be more fair, right? Or are they just stupid animals anyway…

  • disqus_LrLfSv18my

    maybe PETA likes to eat tofu, but I dont…

    • Graywolf12

      They push tofu because it is loaded with estrogen, female hormone, to emasculate the male population. That teen huntress is a real woman, not like the femanatzis that oppose all things male.

  • Keith W. Crews

    Guess all PETA Folks are vegans! That’s the nicest thing I can say about them.

  • Socialism: Organized Evil

    In part, escapist fantasies regarding the utopian lifestyle of the mythical noble savage motivate people to chase illusions such as socialism, communism, and the welfare state.

  • holy crap typing on here is madness
    lucky she had a gun what if she was just out walking about
    that’s what people do in the country walk around
    they are all a bunch of idiots

  • Daniel is Daniel

    There are no words to express the lack of respect I have for PETA and their fellow cause-head organizations.