Noah’s Ark Has Been Found. Why Are They Keeping Us In The Dark?


Is it possible that extreme weather conditions and shifting surfaces could literally unearth evidence of a Biblical nature? One author presents his case:

by Dan Eden for viewzone

I’m often amazed at our lack of knowledge about history. Ordinary people are hungry for this information, yet the organizations responsible to disseminate these facts seem to have an agenda to keep us in the dark. This is especially true when it comes to our ancient human history.


I won’t hold you in suspense with this article: The Ark of Noah has been found. It’s real. I’ll describe the evidence in some detail and end with the historical and religious implications.

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How It Was Discovered

In 1959, Turkish army captain Llhan Durupinar discovered an unusual shape while examining aerial photographs of his country. The smooth shape, larger than a football field, stood out from the rough and rocky terrain at an altitude of 6,300 feet near the Turkish border with Iran.


Capt. Durupinar was familiar with the biblical accounts of the Ark and its association with Mount Ararat in Turkey, but he was reluctant to jump to any conclusions. The region was very remote, yet it was inhabited with small villages. No previous reports of an object this odd had been made before. So he forwarded the photographic negative to a famous aerial photography expert named Dr. Brandenburger, at Ohio State University.

Brandenburger was responsible for discovering the Cuban missile bases during the Kennedy era from reconnaissance photos, and after carefully studying the photo, he concluded: “I have no doubt at all, that this object is a ship. In my entire career, I have never seen an object like this on a stereo photo.”


In 1960 the picture [above] was published in LIFE magazine under the heading of Noahs Ark? That same year a group of Americans accompanied Capt. Durupinar to the site for a day and a half. They were expecting to find artifacts on the surface or something that would be unquestionably related to a ship of some kind. They did some digging in the area but found nothing conclusive and announced to the anxiously waiting world that it appeared to be a natural formation.

Most of the global media turned away from the find and it became a non-story.

In 1977 Ron Wyatt visited the site. Obtaining official permission, Ron and others conducted more thorough research over a period of several years. They used metal detection surveys, subsurface radar scans, and chemical analysis — real science — and their findings were startling. The evidence was undeniable. This was the Ark of Noah.

The Visual Evidence

The first part of the survey was to examine the object and take its measurements. The shape looked like hull of a ship. One end was pointed as you would expect from bow [below: D] and the opposite end was blunt like a stern. The distance from bow to stern was 515 feet, or exactly 300 Egyptian cubits. The average width was 50 cubits. These were the exact measurements mentioned in the Bible.

On the starboard side (right) near the stern there were four vertical bulges protruding from the mud [B], at regular intervals, that were determined to be the “ribs” of the hull [see below]. Opposite to these, on the port side, a single rib [A] protrudes from the mud. You can see its curved shape very clearly. Surrounding it are more ribs, still largely buried in the mud, but visible upon close examination.

Remember that this object, if it is the Ark, is extremely old. The wood has been petrified. Organic matter has been replaced by minerals from the earth. Only the shapes and traces of the original wood remain. Perhaps this is why the expedition in 1960 was disappointed. They anticipated finding and retrieving chucks of wood, long since eroded.


From the position of the object in the middle of an obvious mud flow, it is obvious that the object slid down more than a mile from its original location. Geologists believe it was originally over 1000 feet higher in the mountain and encased in a shell of hardened mud. They think that an earthquake in 1948 cracked the mud shell and revealed the structure. This is confirmed by stories from the surrounding villagers who tell of its “sudden appearance” around that time.


Biblical accounts of the Ark describe it as having as many as six levels. The assumed shape of the Ark seems consistent with the bulge [C] in the middle of the object. In fact, as we will soon learn, radar scans of the structure suggest that this bulge is the collapsed debris of these levels.

Although most people think of the Ark as being rectangular, that only applies to the top decks. The sleek shape of the hull is necessary to enable the huge ship to remain stable in the water and survive tremendous waves.

Ground Penetrating Radar

The human eye needs to see reflected light to recognize an object. To visualize what remains below the earth, scientists use microwaves which can penetrate the ground and bounce back when they hit something solid. This technique is commonly used to locate oil and other minerals. Called Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), the apparatus us made from an antenna that transmits, then listens to receive the “echo” and prints the result on a piece of paper. The delay and strength of this echo tell the geologists how solid and at what depth the objects are under the earth.


The team of geologists didn’t scan the entire object. Instead, they marked out lines that crossed the object with yellow tape. Then they dragged the antenna (about the size of a lawnmower) over the lines and watched the output on the paper recorder. When they got a strong “hit” — meaning there was something solid underneath — they would record the position on the tape [above]. Later, when they made a map of the object, the tape and the location of the “hits” they realized that there was indeed a structure underneath the mud.

“This data does not represent natural geology. These are man made structures. These reflections are appearing too periodic… too periodic to be random in that type of natural pace.” – Ron Wyatt of SIR Imaging team


Artifacts Retrieved From The Ark

Using the GPR, Ron Wyatt discovered an open cavity on the starboard side. He used an improvised drill to make core sample inside this cavity and retrieved several very interesting objects. Below you can see the artifacts which were sent for laboratory analysis. On the left is the bore hole [see below], followed by what turned out to be petrified animal dung, then a petrified antler and lastly a piece of cat hair.


Perhaps the most significant find from the Ark itself is a piece of petrified wood. When this was first found it appeared to be a large beam. But upon closer examination it is actually three pieces of plank that have been laminated together with some kind of organic glue! This is the same technology used in modern plywood. Lamination makes the total strength of the wood much greater than the combined strength of the pieces. This suggests a knowledge of construction far beyond anything we knew existed in the ancient world.

Tests by Galbraith Labs in Knoxville, Tennessee, showed the sample to contain over 0.7% organic carbon, consistent with fossilized wood. The specimen was once living matter.

Examination reveals the glue oozed from the layers. The outside of the wood appears to have been coated with bitumen.

Even more surprising were laboratory analyses which not only revealed that the petrified wood contained carbon (proving it was once wood) but there were iron nails [above right] embedded in the wood!


In Genesis 6:14, God told Noah to “make yourself an ark of gopher wood.”“Gopher wood” is a misreading and scribal error. “Kopher” wood is correct and means wood (any wood) that is covered with Kopher. Kopher is bitumen. In the Genesis text (6:14), the context is clear. The GPR wood used, (a scribal error) is to be covered in KPR. G and K in Hebrew are so similar that inexperienced Hebrew “scholars,” such as those translating the King James Version of the Bible, could have been prone to such errors, indeed, they made many such errors.

Acts 7: 45 & Hebrews 4: 8 are classic examples of such scribal errors.

gpr = “g,” as in gopher, k pr = “k,”as in kopher Pictured right is a simple visual comparison of the letters.

We like to imagine that humanity evolved in a neat sequence of eras, each named after the technology that was discovered. We have the Stone Age (where man developed arrows and stone tools), the Bronze Age (where metals were combined and heated to make tools and household items) and lastly the Iron Age (where iron and steel objects were made by heating iron ore and adding other material — like charcoal — to strengthen it). The Iron Age is usually placed at 1200-1000 BC, yet we have iron nails being used in this extremely old construction.

But wait… there’s more!

The most surprising find was discovered with sensitive metal detectors. The team located several strong “hits” that, when dug up, revealed large disc shaped rivets. From simple observation of the metal it was possible to see where the rivet had been hammered after being inserted through a hole [below].

If rivets being used in ancient construction doesn’t impress you, this surely will.

An analysis of the metal used to make the rivets revealed that they were a combination of iron (8.38%), aluminum (8.35%) and titanium (1.59%). Remember these trace metals have survived petrification and so do not indicate the exact content in the original material. (see Report from Galbraith Labs)

We know the aluminum was incorporated in the metallic mixture because it does not exist in metallic form in nature. This implies an extremely advanced knowledge of metallurgy and engineering. Characteristics of an iron-aluminum alloy have been investigated in The Russian Chemical Bulletin (2005) and reveal that this alloy forms a thin film of aluminum oxide which protects the material from rust and corrosion. The addition of titanium would provide added strength. This seems to have worked. The rivets have survived from antiquity!

The surrounding area has more surprises

Several miles from the location of the Ark, huge stones were discovered, some standing upright while others lying on the ground. These stones, weighing many tons, have holes carved in them. Scientists have determined that they were anchors and the holes would have been their attachment to a ship with hemp rope.

Often these stones will have crosses carved in them, from centuries ago when pilgrims made the journey to visit the Ark. Yes, the Ark was well known in the Middle Ages and even before. And its location was recorded in many historical documents.

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About Author

Baron Von Kowenhoven

Baron was just a shy kid with a dream, growing up in the 40's with a knack for story-telling. After a brief career in film, Von Kowenhoven went to Europe in search of fringe-scientific discoveries and returned in the 90's to unleash them on the entertainment and political landscape of America.

  • Eric Breaux

    So many desperate people keep posting that spam of a source, Snopes is not trustworthy in their alleged report of false evidence for Noah’s ark. They ignore the facts that the metal findings are worked, the many global flood stories in other parts of the world; which would only happen if there is a historical event told to other generations and the Galbraith analysis report. The couple either lied about or was misinformed about aluminum being found in soil; it has to be refined from bauxite.
    These sources have more information proving their claims to be mere assumptions

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  • CrazyAuntJane

    Oh and we can trust Snopes?

  • Brien

    Read the book!

  • Brien

    there is more evidence of God than there is against the existence of God????
    Start right here and right now – show your evidence or just shut up with the usual lying!

  • Brien

    “The Noah’s Ark Ministries International explorers are “playing in a very different ballpark than the rest of us, They’re playing without any concern for” the archaeological, historical, and geological records.”

  • Mjeb

    ‘And it sailed with them amid waves like mountains, and Noah cried unto his son – and he was standing aloof – O my son! Come ride with us, and be not with the disbelievers.’ (42 : Hud)

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  • Gordon Blakeburn

    Remains of an large old boat on a mountain, tie in to an old story. Intriguing but can not prove the existence of a god. The faithful don’t need prove and the sceptic could careless.

  • bellez

    they just found old text suggesting the Koran was written well before Mohamed

  • NormB

    I hear from muslims that Noah himself was a muslim. They never mention the pigs. Why did he take pigs aboard the ark?

  • They need to understand that, broad is the way, many that go to destruction( lake of FIRE).Narrow is the way ; and few that go into life. I hope the.

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  • Do you know the sad part about a Atheist funeral is?. They are all dressed up and no place to go

  • I am a Pastor with a masters in Theology. you are partly right about the sand but the flood did happen; If you want evidence , look up the Creation evidence institute they use science to prove what happened. Take a look if you dare you can find it on You-tube for free

  • Muhammed did not make up the Koran It was his first wife she was a Roman Catholic nun, He was 26 when he married her, she was 42 , This was in 623 AD . Pastor Charles Masters in Theology.

    • Bill Bush

      How about his 6 YO wife, that makes him a pedophile in ANY civilized country. Islam is a cult founded by a sick pedophile.

      • You can’t read or you do not understand what I said . I hope you and your Dad enjoyed the 5 years you spent in the fifth grade with each other. If you could read you could find out the truth. But like most rednecks you just go by what you hear not the facts,

        • Bill Bush

          You must be an atheist, he banged her when she was 9 YO, any religion founded by a pedo is a sick ass cult. If the world was ruled by atheists it would be just like the USSR, everyone would bow down to the state.

      • They still marry young girls but they do not have sex with then until they reach a about 16 years old . About the same as the Mormons do.

  • Letusponder

    This is amusing, people arguing about “science” when it comes to Noah’s Ark. There is a story of a great flood in most every culture. So, yes, this very well could’ve been Noah’s Ark and I’m actually hoping that is. And if one were to continue to involve science in this analysis, maybe they could answer these questions:
    1. How did Noah transport animals unique to South America or Australia or Antarctica BACK to these continents once he landed?
    2. How did Noah fit two of every Earthly animal in the ark, including food and water?
    3. How was waste removed?

    This could go on and on. And the answer cannot be, “God works miracles.” Because if that were the case, He could’ve just built the ark Himself. And… He could’ve just wiped out everyone on the planet without the need to wait 130 years for some guy to build a large boat.

    So… YAY! Noah’s Ark was found! Science confirms the Bible to be real! NOT. Science found a boat.

  • fadsasdf

    Atheists need to comment to convince themselves they’re not wrong.

  • DarrellDuggan

    This is NOT news. I knew about this well over a year ago. Why are you just now surprised???

  • Earl Michael Bass

    Democrats or Republicans? Arguing what came first the chicken or the egg! Or is the glass of water half full or half empty!

  • Earl Michael Bass

    For those who believe in God no explanation is necessary! For those who do not believe in God no explanation is possible!

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  • Peggy Guthrie

    Well, Justin, all the time you’re using here and you could be writing a book. Would it be a best seller; unlikely, but you never know. Such knowledge should be shared to the masses. Not only here with mainly we unbelievers; to those who can really appreciate where you’re coming from etc.

  • Peggy Guthrie

    It’s a miracle the earth exists in such a perfect way to sustain life. If or when you find time to look up just how immaculately balances our environment in the realm of metaphysical knowledge, you would wonder. What on earth!

  • Peggy Guthrie

    More people don’t see an Effigy in their butter dish. These people are attention seekers. You can see those things as well; not in the butter dish but where the artifacts ended up.

  • Peggy Guthrie

    This feed is coming up on our home page of face book so I responded before realizing that your comments are a yr. old. The Bible doesn’t correct history or lie about it or attempt to deceive the reader. There are some people who follow some of the OT teachings such as tithing, ten percent. The life of Christ is what is applied today. I’m sure that you realize that Jesus, when he was present where a woman was to be stoned. He said, “he who is without sin cast the first stone.” A lot of falicious rules had been placed on the Jewish people by the corrupt Sanheidran. (sp) Those were cultural and since God is not a dictotor, the weakness of those in power put additional enforcements in place that were not from God. The Bible is written, as you know in a cultural environment. Jesus did not want women covered from head to toe; Jewish women had jobs outside the home. The ten Commandments were strict moral laws. They should be there. If they weren’t, some people would say, well where are they? We ask for forgiveness as Christians. Kids in the mainstream, which you were, no doubt, haven’t got a background in what’s in or not in the Bible. If you wanted to debate or talk without being base, you could read it.

    • CharLiDog

      Irritating. You keep yourself so tight in your bubble you know nothing. Every study shows atheists know more about cults than the cultists in them. We are much more intelligent as a group, and very informed. Your presumption should be that we do know your ridiculous buybull. And I do.
      There is no debating you. You lie when it suits you mainly and you refuse to listen. You don’t value facts, evidence, or truth. It’s impossible to convince you of anything. You are the very definition of closed minded. Ask any atheist what will convince them a god exists, and 99.9999% will say “evidence”. Ask a theist what will convince them there is no god, and almost all will say, “nothing can convince me there is no god”. You’re in so deep, I bet you can’t even acknowledge what I’ve just explained. Who has a closed mind?
      I bet you won’t answer. You’re dishonest in every way. A deplorable human being. While there, watch the other two.

      • Peggy Guthrie

        Have a nice day anyway. Not that I really care at this point but, anyway, maybe your friends do because they know what a great person you really are, or used to be, or something.

    • CharLiDog

      You won’t be able to keep the truth from your kids. If they haven’t already, they will eventually see for themselves the lies you’ve fed them. They will lose all respect for you. No matter how they act, they will always hold it against you for your crusade to impair their ability to be rational. To use reason. To indoctrinate your kids to ignore knowledge if it contradicts your dogma is child abuse. There should be laws on the books to protect children from people like you. You really do disgust me. I don’t hate your death cult, I hate you. As much as I do every child predator.

  • Peggy Guthrie

    Life isn’t just about what you see, “What a joke.” More wise to not put limits on something. Not how a non retard should look at anything.

  • Peggy Guthrie

    Some people talk. Others argue. It’s a personal decision.

  • Peggy Guthrie

    What threats. I didn’t see any. If you feel threatened, report it.

    • Justin

      Is reading a new thing for you? Obviously, being annoying isn’t. Why are you commenting on comments made over a year ago? Go get a life.

      • Peggy Guthrie

        The thread is still active Mr. “not annoying, has a life” Lol. It appears on the home face book page. Just came up less than a week ago. Contact the administrator or get yourself removed so you don’t annoy others.

  • Peggy Guthrie

    Right on, there a few people who are pretty hateful and the majority don’t use their real names.

  • Peggy Guthrie

    What facts, what logic? Have you got the corner on that? No. If you had a book for non believers, I’d read it so I could talk about it. God’s logic is not yours or mine. If it were, we wouldn’t be here.

    • Justin

      How many gods do you NOT believe in?

      • Peggy Guthrie

        How many? I don’t know; how many can you count up to?

        • Justin

          Well, I counted past your IQ on one hand, so there is that.

          Have a nice trolling time being a moron. The question I asked was a rather simple one. You don’t believe in ALL the other gods, but you believe in this ONE. In other words, you take an atheistic approach toward all those other gods, but not this one, no – this one is completely real.

          See, we are both atheists – I simply choose to believe in one less god than you do.

  • Peggy Guthrie

    Stupid , uneducated. Not true. C.S. Lewis Tolkien, Luke, from the Gospel of Luke – educated. I don’t ahve time to do a list. Science works well with God. It was his idea and it was very useful. We are not talking religion. Whatever that is. You can’t debate properly unless you know what you’re really into.

  • Peggy Guthrie

    If I were God, just for argument’s sake, I would be all knowing about my creation. There is God’s best for your life and then there’s the rest that you can choose. A decision is an action that is chosen more than once. God is infinite, our minds are finite. Many Christians get off the beat and track and begin to adore their pastor, or end up in a Cult which is attributing God-like qualities to a human leader. People are a bit like sheep; where have I heard that before? The Bible is fascinating on every level from history to complex cultural issues to the results of different decisions. Even Government has laws. God has laws. Life is like that unless you think that you are your own God. It’s called secular humanism or your own brand of situation ethics. Mind your own business isn’t a life plan. It’s real easy for you to judge or try to judge a group for a belief based on God’s law. The raw truth is no matter how much you wish that actions don’t have consequences, your desire to be immune won’t happen. It’s a matter of the heart meshed with the intelligence that we were endowed with. Some have more of one than the other. I guess it balances when your desires are correct.

    • Justin

      How many voices are going through your head?

      There are a lot of fiction books that are fascinating. I don’t base my beliefs on them either.

      If your god has laws, then your god is your government. Unfortunately for you, and fortunately for others, your god doesn’t get to dictate to me what I do. Neither does anybody elses god for that matter.

      Polyatheism: the lack of belief in hundreds of gods.

  • Peggy Guthrie

    Someone who is on to force you to admit you’re stupid. Well, it’s not going to happen. Non believers can’t leave it alone, want to prove you wrong. There’s no proof for it so the name calling starts. Attack the person and go from there. After a couple of those types of interchanges or if you see someone getting verbally harrased, it kind of gets under my skin too. We’re all human. To explain spirituality is not an easy task. The people who challenge my faith online are probably not going to care what’s in my heart; the main goal is to start a battle – so they may get one. On a good day- well, the same thing because you are mostly speaking to people who want to bring you down. It doesn’t tax my faith in humanity, it strengthens my faith in God.

  • Peggy Guthrie

    It seems very clear to me that in this type of forum you get what you get. If someone challenges you – come back at them, and that goes double for someone who starts off with, “you’re clueless” “you’re an idiot.” what do you expect? It’s a bully tactic and someone is trying to make a cartoon out of you because that’s what spikes all their bodily hormones.

  • Justin

    It’s an impossibility to prove the non-existence of anything that doesn’t exist. An absolute impossibility. You cannot prove a negative. If something does NOT exist, then it is impossible to prove that is does not exist. If you want to prove god exists, then the burden of proof is on you.

    Other things you cannot disprove – unicorns, Santa, the Great Pumpkin, ghosts, egyptian gods, greek gods, roman gods, hindu gods.

  • Peggy Guthrie

    Your beliefs only stem from what you think might be reality. You’re entering into a discussion, no one is casting their belief on you. You’re doing that in your own way. Your belief that everything came from nothing and nothing simply and magically rearanged itslelf for you. And you call others crazy and cave dwellers? Oops.

  • Peggy Guthrie

    Calling people dumdum, seriously. Time for you to quit. A lot of what you’re putting out there is not even intellectually sound, let alone worth arguing. I get it. You don’t believe in God.

  • Peggy Guthrie

    Justin, Christianity isn’t a form of government. Christians are not supported by anyone but God and themselves. There is no universal control of Christians as a group. It doesn’t exist even in the Catholic realm.

    • Justin

      Sorry, but you’re wrong. Christianity is a set of rules, which is essentially all government is. And it’s those christians who attempt to ensure their beliefs become laws that I have the most issue with. For example, see gay marriage. You have all these people up in arms trying to ensure that THEIR will overrides the will of those who would get married. It’s ridiculous.

      Not to mention that control of the people has always been a function of religion. It’s how cults work and get people to agree to mass suicide. Even way back – you had the vast majority of people who could not read, and then were told what to believe by those who could. They were given commandments, which are essentially laws. They had church leaders. They told people what they can and cannot do – and many were persecuted if they violated any of those religious teachings.

      So tell me again how christianity isn’t a form of government? Cuz it most certainly is.

  • Peggy Guthrie

    I agree totally. It takes more faith to believe in nothing than in creationism. Atheists and humanists aren’t happy only having no belief in a higher being. The goal for them is to become small gods who impose the diety of themselves on others.

  • Peggy Guthrie

    The mountain was not explored even when it was allowed as it was very treacherous. Storms would come up and many groups had to turn back before reaching their destination.

  • From the 1st 5 books of the Torah and in the NT or Koran it would seem all of the world consists of just an area with a radius of less than 2000 miles centered around Jerusalem… it’s like the rest never existed or didn’t need to be cared or even talked about.

    If Noah’s Ark landed on mount Ararat (1202km or 746 miles from Jerusalem) how did the platypus, kangaroos and other marsupials get to Australia? Did God/gods arrange for some special taxi service that the Jews forgot to mention?

    • Peggy Guthrie

      It must have been a conspiracy OR morst likely, the world was not as connected then.

    • Peggy Guthrie

      Have you seen how the Continents were once joined, my dear man.

      • Ahhh… clueless Peggy.. — you are saying you agree with the tectonic plate theory but are simply claiming that it happened real fast, like in 4000 years, right?

        Today continental drift happens at about 1 inch per year and we still get a lot of earthquakes. At that speed how did America end up over 8000 miles from Asia? To make that distance the continents would have to be moving at about 2 miles per year… is that what you believe?

        • Peggy Guthrie

          Yes that what may have happened. How would you know. You’ve been wrong on so many other things. The fact that God can have Noah build an ark to specifications tells me He can do anything and all of our finite thinking as the Bible says, can’t comprehend it. The various prophesies of the birth of Christ came together – Line of David, City of David, rebuild this temple in three days – referring to his body. Our bodies, as Christians also referred to being the temple of the Holy Spirit. He rose in three days. Whatever else you need to know, you can look it up. It’s all there for you if you have a desire to bring it all together. You do not, so you’re going to get a lot of it wrong because you want to. You keep calling me clueless to make me angry. You’re pretty vindictive and will warp anything to seem right. Well, the Bible has you beat. You live in a short moment in time. God is infinite, as he says. You aren’t able to decipher the prophesies so you won’t be able to understand completely the concepts in the Bible. “You shall call him Jesus, for he will save his people from their sins….wonderful, counselor, Prince of PEACE, the Mighty God….” All I can say at this point is that you may want to Google fulfilled prophesies and you’ll find the rest of what you weren’t sure had happened or will happen. “He came unto his own and his own received Him not.” The Jews wanted an earthly King. Not a spiritual king. They really wanted to be out of control of the Romans. That is really what they were expecting. Jesus said, my Kingdom is not of this world. Big disappointment. He aggravated the Jewish heirarchy and that is also not what they expected. Also, you may not know from what you said that Solomon is the son of David. Jesus was of the line of David. Read “Killing Jesus” by Bill O’Reilly. He and his co- author deeply researched the history of the Nazarene. Everything to know, they found it. O’Reilly said that it made him believe that Jesus was the Son of God and proved the accounts of the books of the Bible which refer to the birth.

          • “… You’ve been wrong on so many other things….” — coming from clueless Peggy… LOL

          • Peggy Guthrie

            Another question is, in your world view of logic and science what was the progression of species and how specifically was the world populated by them to the areas they resided?

          • Did you not pay attention in school during science class? You are asking me to give you a belief synopsis of over 3 billion years of natural history, really? You want me to start with the big bang, the solar system or just life on Earth? Tell me and I will try to help you understand.

            Science has a very good and demonstrable theory of what happened right down to a few milliseconds after the big bang. We are filling in the details as more data is available but it is all very consistent so far… things we learn in physics back up what we learn in astronomy and all of that is consistent with what we know in biology which is consistent with quantum mechanics… see unlike religion science has very strict demands on what is considered knowledge or truth. It can’t be some guy claiming he got some golden tablets from an angel or a talking bush or just voices in somebody’s head — you have to bring it in for everybody to test, examine, poke at and try to find holes. And too boot it never stops — all scientific theories are constantly reexamined by other scientists to see if they can break a theory and discover something new. Every new biology undergraduate dreams of nothing more than finding a real, provable, demonstrable hole in the theory of evolution — that would guarantee their fame and fortune. So far it has been proven true at every level and some of the math that stems from the theory of evolution is now being used to design and refine software, jet turbines and computer chips.

            You can live in ignorance in your little, small horizon, faith based world if you want,,, it’s no skin off my back but I would encourage you to examine reality, you night be pleasantly surprised.

            Watch the series Cosmos hosted by Neil Tyson deGrasse with a curious mind and it might be enlightening for you…


          • Peggy Guthrie

            My answer to you in another part of this post was of the same notion as your. (one you haven’t read) How can I start to explain something to you that you only catch in the peripherals of your vision. Naturally, Big Bang Theory is a catchy phrase. I remember class pretty well but it doesn’t turn my crank so why would I harken to it. My use of paranoia and skepticism prevents me from putting stock in these things. i consider that they are a means to explain what method the earth came into being. Somehow, I can’t envision it. To me, by the time the planets exacted their shape and core I think the sun would have died and gone to another world. Eeny, meany miney moe. There isn’t a two legged stool to sit on there. To backtrack, do you recall the specific question I asked you that there was no response to?….. I, myself, have access to information on theory. I live in Canada but we’re not in a bubble! There is science of space quantum physics that can be measured, undoubtedly. Again, to use the BBT as example, God might have used a Big Bang Theory just as a comet at Christs birth. I smiled as you used the word “we” as if you have the key to a secret society. The “math” in the theory of evolution does not exist. You can take a hypothesis and extrapolate it. You cannot often use it to create a new infallible face. In fact, generally speaking, these extrapolations cant be trusted. Another person can say, Yeah, I like that one, it’s my favorite. There is no missing link, rather there are gaps to drive a mack truck through. There are a few who still maintain it’s the most wonderful things since chewing gum to be a direct descendant of other primates. Phooey. We haven’t even undergone the changes of the common potato. I am just simple enough to realize that monkeys then and now do not evolve into anything but more annoying monkeys. I envision a cell. This cell is not a happy one. He wants more out of life. He thinks and thinks and discovers the power of positive thought. Wow, now you’ve really got something. He tries his best but can’t seem to survive long enough to get to the next plateau…..I am smart enough to be aware of those of the community of science who are confident that man could not evolve as is claimed. This is an impossibility!! Bunk science. it keeps a lot of people busy. If you have a Degree you have to put it to use, of course! I have to mention as I have before, Tokien, C.S. Lewis, two men who have their own exclusive sets of brain cells came back to God time and again because of their journey through this world and after all that they were aware. God, who is not a respecter of persons tells me that it is not encumbent on me or anyone to be a genius because is not a requirement for understanding. My hero, or one of them is Billy Graham. He wasn’t a genius, but, again, that is not an ever-so-necessary ingredient for all types of success. A genius, to some degree lives by chance…..Speaking of great minds and talent, how would it be for you if Ben Carson became President. People of certain persuasions can stick that in their vials & tubes. His slogan is “You don’t need to be a brain surgeon to be President, or do you.” Believe me when I say that I do watch scientific presentations. Strangely, I believe thee is something to the alien abduction stories. If I tell you why you would just say, my goodness, isn’t that clueless. So, never mind there on that one. Math from theories; yes, who am I to deny that it would be useful for something. Something, but not what it was originally intended for. I will look up the site you provided, however it doesn’t show here.

          • You do realize that Tokien and C.S. Lewis are fiction writers, right? They have nothing to do with science or even philosophy… do you look to Agatha Christie for the explanation of law and police work?

            A lot of incoherent rambling there Peggy… do you know that the majority of Christians have accepted Darwinian evolution as fact? This includes the Catholic church and the vast majority of Protestant denominations. Are you smarter than them or know something they don’t?

          • Peggy Guthrie

            Yes, I rambled, I don’t have time to copy texts. BUT, if you don’t want to answer my first question two interactions ago, then I understand that you can’t. That’s fine, I didn’t expect it. Do you know that you’re being intellectually dishonest? Do Scientists have an omnipotent status? Do you know that people read?? Do you know that people are aware of what’s going on?? Do you get out of your bubble ever? Do you have any intelligent friends or is it only you who can belong to the elite Cichawada Group? Perhaps you have a twin; I’m not sure, but something is amiss. Your ideas are becoming more incoherent. Finally, and most importantly, NO, you don’t know that the majority of Christians….etc…etc…… Do you lie for a living. If so, you will starve yourself out of the bunker.

          • I tried to answer your question but I guess you are not reading carefully — ” You want me to start with the big bang, the solar system or just life on Earth? Tell me and I will try to help you understand.” — so just tell me where you want me to start and I will gladly try to help you understand.

            The Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams the head of the Anglican Communion, the largest Protestant denomination in the world (over 90 million) supports evolution and opposes the teaching of creationism in schools…

            Pope Francis head of the Catholic church (1.1 billion) supports evolution and said — “When we read about Creation in Genesis, we run the risk of imagining God was a magician, with a magic wand able to do everything. But that is not so,”

            Lutheran Church (80 million) — “God created the universe and all that is therein, only not necessarily in six 24-hour days, and that God actually may have used evolution in the process of creation.”

            Episcopal Church — “In 1982, the Episcopal Church passed a resolution to “affirm its belief in the glorious ability of God to create in any manner, and in this affirmation reject the rigid dogmatism of the ‘Creationist’ movement.” The church has also expressed skepticism toward the intelligent design movement.

            Eastern Orthodox (300 million) — “…science and theology are compatible and view them as complementary revelations of God. As God is the source of both his specific revelation of himself in the Christian faith and the source of the general revelation of himself in nature, the findings of science and theology cannot really contradict; the contradictions must be merely apparent and a resolution possible which is faithful to the truth of God’s revelation.”

            So, you see clueless Peggy the vast majority of Christians in the world do acknowledge the fact of evolution.

          • Peggy Guthrie

            You’re not really into social niceties, so I’m not going to respond. Now that you’ve started with your clueless thing again, then say that you’re being patient. Wow.

          • Well Peggy it’s not a dis, it’s just a statement of fact… you have to admit you were/are clueless about so much as I just pointed out — the vast majority of Christian denominations accept evolution, big bang and quantum mechanics as fact, you got all bent out of shape and nasty — ” Perhaps you have a twin; I’m not sure, but something is amiss. Your
            ideas are becoming more incoherent. Finally, and most importantly, NO,
            you don’t know that the majority of Christians….etc…etc…… Do
            you lie for a living. If so, you will starve yourself out of the
            bunker…” — when I pointed it out the first tine. Come on Peggy you ow it to yourself to be honest at least with yourself if nobody else, right?

          • Peggy Guthrie

            Tell me what was incoherent in what I said. I will play your game with the tone you had set now unless you’d like to switch to a decent discussion. How about more honesty? But, i don’t mind confrontation if it’s not completely derogatory. Can I force you to admit that your statements have been incorrect. No. Then they will stay unless you choose to delete them. I will say that non-reliance on statistical info. if not dishonest is something that I don’t put all my stock in as you do. Does common sense rely on the Internet? Nope. Do you? Of course, and that would be because for the most part you or I, can find anything, you, can find anything. 90% of statistics is one up-man-ship. Tell me one thing that I said was incoherent. Rushed yes, as I was.
            ….. My feelings, if that’s alright to have them is that clearly large Denominational talking heads say what they will to promote Church attendance and satisfy the increasing desire for people to be independent and non compliant. That’s all. I will say that I found that the Catholic Church Religious hierarchy leaning heavily upon Scientific THEORY of the day currently says that it does not have a formal doctrine about Creationism vs. Evolution. It’s to each his own & so there’s a policy of abandonment of principle with a populist approach. Hmm, I guess they’re wanting to up the confessional regularity in all areas. these people, as NON- Scientists are taking the path of least resistance. On the nearly opposite end of the spectrum, the Lutheran Church hasn’t fallen into decline. I have no argument with their formal statements such as the Bible elsewhere has a reference that “to Jehovah, one days is as 1000 years” and the final statement saying that God uses evolution. Well, it depends on your definition of evolution. Anglican, well, that’s there problem. They may as well become a political party. The statement of Science and Church as “one” thought is fine. Proven science is a creation of God. We have brains, they are there to use.

          • “You cannot often use it to create a new infallible fact. In fact,
            generally speaking, these extrapolations cant be trusted. Another
            person can say, Yeah, I like that one, it’s my favorite. There is no
            missing link, rather there are gaps to drive a mack truck through.” — you think this is coherent? I asked several people just to check my bias and nobody was able to decipher what you were trying to say. There are several like that in your post.

            Here is another incoherent one from the post above — “Finally, the latest polling of 2013, I believe reveals that between 65
            and 75% of American (the peasants, I guess) will admit to their belief
            in the Bible as truth, the God of Creation, the God of Creation and
            Jesus Christ.” by the way if “…Does common sense rely on the Internet?…” than why do cite statistics from the internet?

            It appears you are unwilling to indulge in honest debate and will continue to lie to yourself in spite of any evidence presented or available… you know that if you are convinced that you are smarter than most of the other Christians in the world or have access to some special secret information I will certainly not be able to convince you or even get you to look rationally at your own biases so I bid you good night…

          • Peggy Guthrie

            I suggest you get smarter friends. I asked my friend and he said my comments made sense. The poll of what Americans state as their beliefs is accurate but I did not find it on the Internet. I can find it there if you want or you can just look as that’s more your thing. I’m not smarter than most Christians. Maybe I am, how would I know. That’s not what matters. Do you have any bias in your life. Yup. I have beliefs.

          • BTW Peggy I have been very patient, forgiving and generous with you so on what grounds do you accuse me of — “Do you lie for a living…”

          • Peggy Guthrie

            Just another question, you know, because of the clueless nature of mine that keeps popping up. You can answer it if you are able.

          • If this is about “…what was the progression of species and how specifically was the world populated…” — I will gladly do that if you tell me where you want me to start, big bang, solar system or just life on Earth?

  • Randall Benson

    total BS.

  • How can you show that your particular God/gods is the real deal and not just a delusion? I’m sure you think all the believers in all the other God/gods but yours are delusional, right? What real evidence is their for your particular God/gods?

    • Peggy Guthrie

      I took the first step when I was five. Then I learned and observed. I made conscious decisions based on that. Now, if I were you I would come back with, well, did you know that most of our decisions are unconscious. I would agree; what I know also is it is up to me to put in good sound information & the better the outcome for me. We are what we think about all day long. The better the info. I’ve got the more it comes together. God gave me understanding. I stand with those who grasp the concept of a real God. If I ask anyone how they do what they do or have come to a certain knowledge I’m not going to get a short answer. I love God because he loved me first and gave himself for transgressions on the cross. He knows me better than I know myself so, knowing that, I can pray and He shows me through circumstances what He desires for me and those around me that I influence.

  • How is the perception you have of being contacted by an imaginary invisible person from one of thousands of practiced religions any different from somebody in the loony bin thinking they are having a conversation with Napoleon? It is an real earnest question because if I thought I was hearing voices from Yahweh, Mohamed, Odin or the Rainbow Serpent my first reaction would be to seek professional psychiatric help. Why do you think this is the real thing and not just an illusion or worse a trick of the devil? Doen’t the devil like gullible minds?

  • …like Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy and Thor, right?

  • Don F. Aldridge
  • Missgto


  • Peggy Guthrie

    God is not required to have to prove anything to anyone, Randy Furlotte & man has free will which was granted by God, which is why there is a mess. IF one believes, has faith and relies on God rather than self, so many things are self correcting.

    • Don’t know if God/gods have any responsibilities towards humans but don’t you think that humans who believe their particular God/gods is the real deal have a responsibility to prove their point to other humans? So far although they’ve tried very hard non of the believers in any of the huge plethora of religions and their God/gods have proven anything, right?

      Free will can only be possible if the future is unknown to all. Since Christians claim their particular version of God/gods is omniscient — Christians can’t have free will.

      • Peggy Guthrie

        Randy Furlotte, The only God I refer to is the God of the Bible. There is no other God. If there is, he hasn’t revealed himself. Rather than get into Buddhism, or whatever I will just say that these are false man made Religions. Islam is a male dominated Cult with Mohammed as prophet – a documented pedophile who married a girl of 6 yrs of age and consumated the marriage when she was nine. and terrorist who ordered the beheadings of 100 Jews in one place at one time. Cichawoda, the last sentence is a question though I’m not certain to what it points to so I’d rather have you rephrase it. Thanks.

        • “There is no other God…” — you are obviously clueless about other religions. All other religions are as “revealed” as Christianity. Hindus report hundreds if not thousands of miracles every year… so if you claim all other religions are “false man made Religions” Christianity has to be one also. The only reason you believe that particular version of that particular religion is by the purely coincidental geographic accident of your birth. Had you been born in India you would be a Hindu, in Japan a Shinto, in Baghdad a Muslim and in Ethiopia a Copt and in each case you would claim — “There is no other God/gods” but the one I happen to believe in by pure chance and circumstance.

          “Islam is a male dominated Cult with Mohammed as prophet…” — do you realize that Islam, just like Christianity are both just denominations of Judaism, right? If Islam is a cult than Christianity has to be a cult with Jesus as prophet… Judaism, Christianity and Islam are all Abrahamic religions. They all share the same plagiarized creation myth and fictionalized history fables as their founding scripture. That is why they are so alike in their insistence on obedience as the dominant virtue, acceptance of slavery, patriarchal chauvinism, hatred of progress and intolerance of other religions or views. Basically Christianity is Judaism lite and Islam is Judaism heavy with a closer adherence to the 1st 5 books of the Torah (the Bible). BTW what age do you think Mary is supposed to be when she gave birth to Jesus? By our standards today your Yahweh would also be considered a pedophile/child molester.

          “…and terrorist who ordered the beheadings of 100 Jews…” — during WW2 the Germans who were Christian and mostly Protestant to boot killed 6 million Jews and that’s just the tip of the iceberg of over 1600 years of Christian persecution of Jews. In 1348 900 Jews, men, woman and children were burned alive by Christians in Strasbourg and that was just one incident in thousands… during the 1st Crusades the whole Jewish community in Jerusalem, thousands of men women and children, were massacred by those loving Christian knights. In England, France, Germany, Italy, Spain Jews were systematically persecuted, killed and expelled over all of Christian Europe’s history. In the 1800 the Russians, also devout Christians, killed 1000s during the pogroms. The only country/people to show mercy and kindness to Jews was the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth between 1400 to 1791.

          With all the billions of believers in all the different God/gods the faithful have not been able to present any proof that any one of their belief systems/religions is real. No believer in any religion, from Hindu to Shinto to Islam to Christianity in any of its 40,000 denominations has ever produced any empirical, rational or logical evidence that would prove their religion is real or that any of their practices, rituals have any provable effect on the reality we all experience, right?

          • Peggy Guthrie

            If I am clueless I guess you’re talking to yourself here and I have to say, that being the case, you are extremely condescending to you. I’ll say, that a miracle is something that needs to be witnessed. Judaism IS without Christ. When you read the Bible what did you notice? One verse, “He came unto His own and His own received Him not.” tells part of the story. No, you are not right – to answer your last “question.” You could write a book on the grounds of your claim that you’re emperically wise but, my educated guess is it would not pass the first draft. If I could prove something to you on this page it would be a miracle, don’t you agree. Do I think other people are delusional? Some are, some aren’t. I know some Christians who are delusional because they are misguided. However, I look to the believers who are living in truth. You don’t know them, other than a few well known ones which I don’t need to mention.

          • John 1:11 is in the NT and is considered the last written of the gospels (around 100 CE)… — it is also the most antisemitic of all the Gospels. “In his Jerusalem speeches, John’s Jesus makes unfavorable references to the Jews (the Ioudaioi, a term with a range of meanings). It has been argued that these references may constitute a rebuttal on the part of the author against Jewish criticism of the early Church. Yet the Gospel of John collectively describes the enemies of Jesus as “the Jews”. In none of the other gospels do “the Jews” demand, en masse, the death of Jesus; instead, the plot to put him to death is always presented as coming from a small group of priests and rulers, the Sadducees. John’s gospel is thus the primary source of the image of “the Jews” acting collectively as the enemy of Jesus.”

            ” If I could prove something to you on this page…” — it should be very simple just point to one fact any religion can point to as an example of irrefutable emperical evidence. You know like what science does every day… we know the theory quantum mechanics is real because the technology based on it like the micro processors in your computer and the flat screen monitor you are reading this on work… relativity is real because based on it we send rovers to Mars and your GPS wouldn’t work without it… etc, etc

            If you were a real believer you would forgo all this anti Biblical technology and just pray when you get sick or want to communicate with somebody… but you will not do that cause deep down you know religion is fake, don’t you?

          • Peggy Guthrie

            If you continue to carve out little chunks of what you think supports what you’ve concluded must be true. You want to build a case against something but I’m not sure what as you go on and on about trying to dispute what others say. You can’t do it because there is always more to learn. Jesus chased the money changers and business people out of the Temple, yes. The Jewish Priests were becoming corrupt. He was undermining their authority by speaking against them and all the laws they were imposing which were not scriptural. Jesus came to “seek and save that which was lost….the Jew and the Gentile.” He says these things time and again. I am not here to dispute that you are able to read history online. I made an error in that Karl Marx and not Stalin made a certain statement. I admit that but as to being clueless, everyone is at one time or another. You are not exception. If I were you I would be willing to take advice to not take to heart everything you read from some historian who has a one-sided argument and that you’d really like to go along with, hook line and sinker. Discussion closed because I am not here to call you names and I see that you, yourself rather enjoy it. Good bye.

          • Ah my clueless Peggy… you are like I said earlier like a 5 year old, almost cute in your insistence on defending your faith based views even though you are starting to realize that maybe you have nothing to back them up — cognitive dissonance can be painful.

            So you give in on Karl Marx… well that’s a start.

            How about the Jewish massacre by the Crusaders in Europe and in the Middle East… they were really on the side of the Arabs fighting against the Crusaders. But if you ever find any reputable historian to say otherwise make sure to post. I’ll contribute to your favorite church.

            “…trying to dispute what others say…” — in this conversation I was only disputing your claims and proving my case with traceable quotes from reputable, checkable sources.

            “…from some historian..” — you are correct one should not rely on a single source for information and that is why I provided information from several historians and sources. You on the other hand seem to be able to quote and rely on only one — the 1st 5 books of the Torah and the NT… you should broaden your horizons so as not remain clueless Peggy for ever.

          • Peggy Guthrie

            “Give in on Karl Marx” I was mistaken.Lol. Has this ever happened to you? lol

          • Peggy Guthrie

            You’re not playing fair – “anti Biblical” Not me. That’s someone else. You have no way of knowing if I pray unless…there’s a camera here. I’ve prayed for as longer than you have been on this earth, I would guess. Oops, it’s presumptive of me to say that. I apologize. Which religion to you speak of. I don’t belong to a religion. My beliefs don’t belong to a world church. I am a Christian believer. I believer prayer changes the heart and the outcome. By the way, God is not human, he has infinite understanding. As you know, the Bible says man’s finite understanding goes a short distance to paraphrase. I don’t know how intelligent you are under the bluster, but whatever you have is God given.
            You have a lot of information at your finger tips but you pick and choose what you think discredits me here. I am speaking for something, not against. By the way, there are videos of Bible being burned and I believe my grandparents accounts that verify that. You should not in good conscience lay lay claim to any anti information on that. Use your energy for something else. If you were a real unbeliever you wouldn’t bother.

          • You stand for a faith based world view… it doesn’t matter if you are a Christian, Hindu, Shinto, Muslim, etc, etc. You claim a “knowledge” that only you or other believers can see/experiance and that can’t be demonstrated by any rational, empirical means and that can’t be shown to infer any tangible benefits on its adherents.

            I stand for a rational world view and the scientific method where internal hunches, visions or intuitions have to be empirically demonstrated to be true not just to those who believe but to everybody. I stand for an idea that has given us the modern world of technology, effective medicine, space travel and a growing factual understanding of how the world really works… you know without invoking some magical being at every turn.

            You have to admit you personally benefit greatly from people like me and a reality based empirically verified world view. I would bet that if push came to shove you would forgo your God/gods rather than the conveniences science and the evidence based world view has brought you.

            Unlike for misinformed and ignorant of anything outside of their dogma Christians like you I have a great admiration for the Amish Christians who are willing to sacrifice all that is outside their faith and truly live by what they believe. If there really is a God don’t you think he notices that you are cheating and living a lie — benefiting from everything rational thought, the scientific method and a fact based world view has brought you while claiming belief in magic?

          • Peggy Guthrie

            I would love to have been a Scientist. In High School Physics class we followed our texts and did our experiments. These were proven already but were to show us what theory had been proven. Well, you know, I still live and breathe in the real world and am not Amish. As you said, a Christian must live in the world but not be of it. I don’t believe that living as a Hudderitte, which is what we have in Canada makes me a special Christian, not always and not often. As a child there were rules for me to keep that would guard against getting into trouble in the first place; based on Biblical ideas of course. The rules seem autocratic but looking back they probably saved me from all kinds of grief…..If you were to speak to a Scientist or physician who realizes that there is more to the story of man than what has been put out there by wishful thinkers such as yourself, you could actually realize that THERE IS NOTHING THAT SCIENCE HAS THAT DISPROVES CREATION, THE EXISTENCE OF GOD IN THE UNIVERSE ETC. I’ve been doing some reading about Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, great scholars who talked often AND both came to God. I love God, I love that he will forgive me and I want to know how to be what I’m meant to be. If you have not come to the realization of what is and what is not then all I can say is that you aren’t done your life yet. I’m not preaching, just saying what I feel. God is Science and everything else that you see was made by Him. Believe it or not.

          • Peggy Guthrie

            As an adjunct, it really does matter significantly that I am not into Hinduism etc. Islam, I personally have no contact with anyone who adheres to whatever that is. If Mohammed had claimed to have been a prophet of the true and living God he would have had too much to answer for. He died unrepentant of how he lived. It’s been awhile since I’ve been bothered to read about Hinduism but I did at one time. I guess it didn’t impress much on me; however, to get real here, my parents lived near a wealthy Hindu widow. Without any preamble, one day she came over to the house and began to talk, saying that she lived in fear, esp. during the night, because there were so many gods to please. Hinduism offers nothing, certainly no forgiveness, an empty glass which deals with a class system. Anyway, Christ is my example as sacrosanct and he lived what he preached. Your type of science tries to explain and doesn’t do it and has no spiritual benefit. However, since Science is not a religion, I also benefit from the laws of. The earth is situated in such great delicate astrophysical balance. What it takes to keep it and sustain its existence is positively an astronomical feat, yet I can still have a relationship with the Creator.

          • But your relationship with your particular creator is just as imaginary as the Hindu’s relationship with their imaginary creator or the Muslim’s with theirs or the Jains with theirs — there is no difference because from an outsiders point of view they are all made of the same cloth… human fear of the unknown and imagination.

          • Peggy Guthrie

            Although you seem to be saying that you have the answers, what you actually said is that you” believe in an idea that gave us…..” You are missing the essential ingredient which is the “idea.”

          • As usual you miss the point — my view doesn’t involve faith in some kind of magic otherworldly, metaphysical something, just the provable, demonstrable truth.

          • Peggy Guthrie

            Tell me about the provable, demonstrable truth. There is none whatsoever that points to an evolution of a single cell transformation. Right? I can’t understand how someone might fall for it. Well, I understand the motivation but that’s it. It is illogical, insane and unsubstantiated.

          • No clueless Peggy… I am saying that the scientific method, reason and logic are the way to find real answers about how the world is and how it works. It is you and religious people who claim they have the answer and it happens to be their particular kind of revealed, unprovable magic and hockus pockus with no need to check, prove and verify… but deep down inside most of the religious know they are lying to themselves because when push comes to shove they come running to science to solve their real problems.

          • Peggy Guthrie

            The leader of the Third Reich, along with his chief Nazis were not Christian and did never make that claim. Far from it. If he had been a Christian, Hitler would have spared the Jews and had respect for them. He burned all the Bibles, executed most of the Pastors. England was the first Country to banish its Jewish population. Most of them went over to the Mainland of course. The devout Christians do not kill Jews. Stalin said that Religion and Christianity, specifically was the opium of the people . He was not a Christian. Some of the Russian people were, definitely. The Jewish community was not killed in the Crusades. Muslims were and many on the other side. Muslims had already, prior to the Crusades launched a bloody scourge and this was very concerning and fire was met with fire.

          • “Hence today I believe that I am acting in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator: by defending myself against the Jew, I am fighting for the work of the Lord… His [the Jewish person’s] life is only of this world, and his spirit is inwardly as alien to true Christianity as his nature two thousand years previous was to the great founder of the new doctrine. Of course, the latter made no secret of his attitude toward the Jewish people, and when necessary he even took to the whip to drive from the temple of the Lord this adversary of all humanity, who then as always saw in religion nothing but an instrument for his business existence. In return, Christ was nailed to the cross, while our present-day party Christians debase themselves to begging for Jewish votes at elections and later try to arrange political swindles with atheistic Jewish parties—and this against their own nation.” — Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf

            “Secular schools can never be tolerated because such schools have no religious instruction, and a general moral instruction without a religious foundation is built on air; consequently, all character training and religion must be derived from faith.” — Adolf Hitler, speech made during the negotiations for the Nazi-Vatican Concordant of 1933

            Every single German soldier from the SS, Gestapo to regular infantry had on his belt buckle — Gott Mit Uns (God With Us)

            Hitler never burned Bibles or persecuted German priests or pastors and in fact many of the protestant denominations considered what Hitler was doing as the final fulfillment of the reformation. There are many photos of both Protestant and Catholic priests blessing the Nazi troops.

            “… England was the first Country to banish its Jewish population…” — well no. An underlying source of prejudice against Jews in Europe was religious. Jews were frequently massacred and exiled from various European countries. During the 1st Crusade (1096) you had the Rhineland massacres — “cruel foreigners, fierce and swift, Frenchmen and Germans… who put crosses on their clothing and were more plentiful than locusts on the face of the earth.” — Eliezer b. Nathan, a Jewish chronicler

            “…to go on this journey only after avenging the blood of the crucified one by shedding Jewish blood and completely eradicating any trace of those bearing the name ‘Jew,’ thus assuaging his own burning wrath.” — Godfrey of Bouillon (1060 – 1100) one of the leaders of the First Crusade

            It was not until the 3rd Crusade that the English Christians went after their Jewish population. I assume by “mainland” you mean Europe?

            “Stalin said that Religion and Christianity, specifically was the opium of the people ….” — wrong again. “”Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a
            heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of
            the people” — Karl Marx

            “The Jewish community was not killed in the Crusades…” — Jews fought side-by-side with Muslim soldiers to defend Jerusalem against the Crusaders. When the walls were breached the Jews assembled in their synagogue, and the Crusaders burned it over their heads — “They circled the screaming, flame-tortured humanity singing ‘Christ We Adore Thee!’ with their Crusader crosses held high.”

            “The Jews almost single-handedly defended Haifa against the crusaders, holding out in the besieged town for a whole month (June–July 1099) in fierce battles. At this time, a full thousand years after the fall of the Jewish state, there were Jewish communities all over the country. Fifty of them are known and include Jerusalem, Tiberias, Ramleh, Ashkelon, Caesarea, and Gaza…”

            You see why I say you are clueless… you have never investigated the world outside your narrow faith based world view. All that I have written can be double checked… just a google away.

          • Peggy Guthrie

            What I said is correct. The Crusaders went to fight Muslims. What they met was a defence of Jerusalem since the muslims have always wanted to claim it. You’ll need to do another couple of hours of googling yourself. Read the life of Deitrich Boenhoffer, a German Lutheran pastor who was hung with piano wire. Yes, you are quoting writings of Hitler before he totally went berserk. He was also feigning some sort of Christianity to get votes. He was no Christian. That is idiocy. My forefathers lived in Germany. Christians rose up against Hitler because he was false in every way. Russia was also not run by Christian leaders. Get a grip. You can find chunks of this and that to type out. It doesn’t mean you understand any of the background. You’re more than a little phony.

          • No Peggy, you really are clueless… you deny Jewish accounts of the defense of Jerusalem? You deny that part of Christian policy for over 1500 years was the persecution of Jews based in part on the Gospel of John, really?

            Deitrich Boenhoffer was an isolated exception — “Disheartened by the German Churches’ complacency with the Nazi regime by the autumn of 1933, the 27-year-old Bonhoeffer accepted a two-year appointment as a pastor of two German-speaking Protestant churches in London: the German Lutheran Church in Sydenham and the German Reformed Church of St Paul’s, Whitechapel. He explained to Barth that he had found little support for his views – even among friends…”

            “He was no Christian. That is idiocy…” — ever hear of the no real Scotsman fallacy?

            ” Christians rose up against Hitler…” — got anything to back that up? Considering that after the annexation of Austria 40% of Nazis were Catholic and 54% were Protestant it is hard to see how Hitler survived if all the Christians were so against him. I’m sorry the facts don’t fit your faith based world view.

            “Russia was also not run by Christian leaders. Get a grip….” — just like it is today the Christian Orthodox church is the dominant Christian denomination. Putin is a Christian just like were all the Czars… there was a brief break between 1917 and 1991 when Russia was known as the Soviet Union.

            “You’re more than a little phony…” — so now that you realize just how clueless you are you resort to name calling… how very Christian of you.

          • Peggy Guthrie

            I can back it up, of course, but why wouldn’t you want to google it. That’s all you do since you have little prior knowledge. I don’t have to google it. Hitler systematically killed those opposed to him. Boenhoffer was no exception in his beliefs but he stayed the course and came back to Germany to stand up for what was right. Christians opposed Hitler, of course; the few that he did not murder. He also had many of his Generals killed. That is what happened for going against him in any way. What Hitler thought he was or pretended to be is in his memoirs. What he was is not recorded there. Good grief. You believe I’m not Christian but you think Putin and Hitler were. Yikes. I think you’re unbalanced.

          • “Right before an official visit to Israel his mother gave him his baptismal cross telling him to get it blessed “I did as she said and then put the cross around my neck. I have never taken it off since.” — Putin was raised in the Russian Orthodox church and attends services regularly.

            “…Boenhoffer was no exception…” — “Disheartened by the German Churches’ complacency with the Nazi regime…” you do understand the words “…German Churches’ complacency with the Nazi regime…”, right?

          • Peggy Guthrie

            I don’t deny accounts of the defense of Jerusalem. I SAID, did I not, that Muslims and Christians will defend the City because they both lay claim to it. Paul, himself persecuted Christians until he became one himself. Remember?? of haven’t you read that yet.

          • Christians and especially European Christians have no claim to Jerusalem… it is in the Middle East and has always been populated by Semitic peoples — Canaanites, Jews, Arabs (you do know that Jews and Arabs are both Semites, right?) — it was only occupied by Europeans on two a occasions, by the Romans for about 200 years and by the Crusaders for about 200 years.

          • Peggy Guthrie

            Did I say Europeans have claim? It is a Holy City; everyone who has faith in the Lord see it as worthy of being defended. Unfortunately, you can’t get into the head of “Semites.” They are all individuals as we are. Some want to keep the City intact. Some don’t and some no longer care. Netanyahu does, however. I don’t know, I can’t tell from your name if you come from there, Cichawoda.

          • Peggy Guthrie

            Deitrich Bonhoffer was a Christian Lutheran Pastor. I suppose he’s phony as well? He died for his faith as many did. Bonhoffer stood up for his beliefs. Standing up for something does not necessarily mean you take up arms. The Nazis were in their leaders camp. Even they had Christian convictions they abandoned them. I agree, Russia did not and does not have Christian principled leaders. Of course not. Forgive me for calling you phony. I take it back. I’m not sure what your problem is, however, there is more to history than your conclusions about what you think happened. My great grandparents, all four came from Germany. I believe them, not you. I believe their account of Bibles burned by the SS. Good bye and good night. Good luck.

          • “…I believe their account of Bibles burned by the SS…” — that is the problem with a faith based world view… it is often difficult to reconcile with reality.

            I except your apology but don’t worry I was not offended… it is something I’ve come to expect from the religious of any denomination or faith. Like I said cognitive dissonance can be painful and all faith based world views fail when tested.

          • Peggy Guthrie

            No, I was just mistaken.

          • Peggy Guthrie

            Islam has a prophet called Mohammed who was a disgusting human being. Rotten. Christianity is not a Cult and isn’t on the list of Cults. Sorry, but I do not HAVE to agree with you. Jesus elevated women, forgave the woman at the well with many husbands. Told those who were without sin to throw the first stone. Knew women who had businesses & he did not tell them to cover up. Islam is for Peace??? Nope. Everyone is welcome to have their own Jihad, be it peaceful or violent. It’s all acceptable. Not one tiny little bit like the teaching of Christ, the Son of the living God. The birth of Christ was prophesied down to the last detail in the old Testament. The chances of these predictions being made at made at different times by different people is impressive because the chances of it happening the way it was specifically dictated is enormous. it would be like covering Texas with $2 Canadian coins up to your knees, and bending down to pick up the red one, the only red one. I suggest you read the Old Testament and then the New testament.

          • “The birth of Christ was prophesied down to the last detail in the old Testament…” — wrong again… because Christ does not fit most of the prophecies of the OT most of the Jews of the time and today do not believe he is the Messiah.


            In an accurate translation of the Jewish Scriptures, the word “Moshiach” is never translated as “Messiah,” but as “anointed.”1Nevertheless, Judaism has always maintained a fundamental belief in a Messianic figure. Since the concept of a Messiah is one that was given by G-d to the Jews, Jewish tradition is best qualified to describe and recognize the expected Messiah. This tradition has its foundation in numerous biblical references, many of which are cited below. Judaism understands the Messiah to be a human being (with no connotation of deity or divinity) who will bring about certain changes in the world and who must fulfill certain specific criteria before being acknowledged as the Messiah.

            These specific criteria are as follows:

            1) He must be Jewish. (Deuteronomy 17:15, Numbers 24:17)

            2) He must be a member of the tribe of Judah (Genesis 49:10) and a direct male descendent of both King David (I Chronicles 17:11, Psalm 89:29-38, Jeremiah 33:17, II Samuel 7:12-16) and King Solomon. (I Chronicles 22:10, II Chronicles 7:18)

            3) He must gather the Jewish people from exile and return them to Israel. (Isaiah 27:12-13, Isaiah 11:12)

            4) He must rebuild the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem. (Micah 4:1)

            5) He must bring world peace. (Isaiah 2:4, Isaiah 11:6, Micah 4:3)

            6) He must influence the entire world to acknowledge and serve one G-d. (Isaiah 11:9, Isaiah 40:5, Zephaniah 3:9)

            All of these criteria for the Messiah are best stated in the book of Ezekiel chapter 37:24-28:

            “And My servant David will be a king over them, and they will all have one shepherd, and they will walk in My ordinances, and keep My statutes, and observe them, and they shall live on the land that I gave to Jacob My servant…and I will make a covenant of peace with them; it will be an everlasting covenant and I will set my sanctuary in their midst forever and My dwelling place shall be with them, and I will be their G-d and they will be My people. And the nations will know that I am the Lord who sanctifies Israel, when My sanctuary is in their midst forever.”

            If an individual fails to fulfill even one of these conditions, he cannot be the Messiah.

          • Earl Michael Bass

            Our date is 2015 A.D.!

          • Earl Michael Bass

            Do not put Our Lord God to the Test!

      • Peggy Guthrie

        Predestination is a separate argument from free will and is the thought that your life is predestined by God with a predetermined plan. There is the opposite view is that nothing is predetermined. It’s a circular debate and is best left to a higher point of view but it’s not necessary to decide because the future is known to Him, not us. There is a third contributing factor though which is often forgotten, and that is that the acceptance of Jesus Christ as your Savior gives you forgiveness. Your life will be one lived in a state of grace and forgiveness. It is not an unspoken act but a conscious request for forgiveness coupled with a desire to attempt to live as Christ’s examples showed. Every sin can be forgiven but doesn’t mean there aren’t any consequences. Prayer is the key to overcoming difficulties.

      • Earl Michael Bass

        When You are dying or close to death whose help are you going to ask for?

  • Peggy Guthrie

    There are accounts surfacing of African Americans voting for their dead relatives to “up” the Democratic vote. They laugh because it’s easy to do. Obama worked for Acorn that’s why he claimed up and down that they were not corrupt. Just as he claims nothing is that he’s had a hand in. I would rather choose to believe that Elvis is still alive than put stock in him. He’s more scary than anyone in power except for Isis. Although he did support them as an underdog team a year ago so in a way he’s affiliated with their success.

  • Peggy Guthrie

    Also, I must relate without malice, that the Bible says that the fool says in his heart, there is not God. It takes more faith to be an atheist than a Scientist who know there is an intelligent creator. Nothing does not equal something.

    • Justin

      “Nothing” is the most unstable state ever theorized. So unstable, in fact, that the state of “nothing” cannot exist. And since “nothing” cannot exist, there was something. And the even cooler thing is that if for even a split-second “Nothing” did exist – it’s so unstable that it would be “something” before you ever noticed it was “nothing”.

      In other words, the who argument that “something cannot come from nothing” is rubbish. “Nothing” is essentially an impossibility.

      • Peggy Guthrie

        I was actually saying that you believe that something came from nothing; a “nothing” meaning unorganized mass turned into a perfect being.

        • Justin

          Unorganized mass? If you’re talking on a microscopic level, then yes. I fully believe that there does exist the probability that basic life formed and evolved. And 99.9999999% of the scientists and biologists and anthropologists and archeologists and physicists and mathematicians all agree with me.

          Let’s put that another way – smart people understand the possibilities AND probabilities on how life formed. Silly brainwashed idiots seem to think a magic man in the sky conjured up a man out of dirt….because that has every sort of logical reason attached to it…LOL. Wow..I can’t even type that with a straight face. I mean, the reality is that there are millions of you that seem to have latched onto this magic idea and actually think to yourself “Yeah, that sounds reasonable.” And for some reason, you either don’t take the time or you’re incapable or you’re just lazy and don’t actually look to find the science about how life actually and with a probability of 99.999999999999999999999999999999% formed on earth. You’ve probably looked or been told the garbage science from some religious zealot who used dirty math and really really bad garbage science to “prove” that life could not form that way. And it’s ridiculous that people believe that garbage, as the math is completely wrong, the probabilities are completely wrong, the science itself is completely wrong, the physics are completely wrong.

          Oy. I don’t even really care. Go play with your unicorn.

          • Peggy Guthrie

            Well, not even close. I don’t know of any religious zealot scientists. Can you get a degree in that? Maybe where you live there are different types of degrees. Dirty math? Never heard of it until now when you mention the complete reasonablity of hypothesis. There are accomplished, honest to goodness scientists would tell you to your face that the kind of introduction and progression is impossible. It’s beyond magic, totally out there and beyond. Show me the math. There is NO math. It is improbable to the nth degree. In fact, one only needs the vision of a life form that has no capacity to exist in the “assumed” present state and that it theoretically AND realistically would never survive such proposed a transitional state. What you have bought into strains the elements of scientific thought. Scientists hope this could happen but don’t believe on a basic cellular level that it’s a functional even “baby concept.” It keeps certain people occupied quite well. And the motto of these people is that it takes way too much faith and hope and there could never be a workable equation.

          • Justin

            Here, just for you to read, if you want. But I’m done with you – I refuse to argue with retards.


          • Peggy Guthrie

            The “retard” comment – another lie. If you think I’m a retarded person, then how can I trust anything that you conjure up. I’m so glad that you realize that you don’t want to argue anymore. Thank you.

          • Believer

            So truth is what YOU believe & only what YOU believe! I get it now!

          • Brien

            Huh?? Science is the observation of facts – did you miss that part? It has nothing to do with ‘belief’!

  • Peggy Guthrie

    I do not find many Republicans promoting Rush Limbaugh. He promotes himself literally. I’ve never once assumed that Liberals are the elitist intelligentsia. spelled with a “s.” I believe it is perfectly alright to say Liberals don’t care for facts unless it supports free abortion, completely unfettered, as Obama does and free whatever. Liberals make up facts and that is called lying. eg: Elizabeth Warren, Hillary Clinton with that story to the families of the Benghazi fallen of how they would get the guy that made the video. Unashamed untruths abound. Anyway, do not make false claims that you are a super intelligent peoples. The lies are not even believable. Not intelligent.

    • william76

      They cut and pasted so many strawmen arguments on you it’s hard to keep count.

      • Peggy Guthrie

        I’m flattered.I have no clue who you are.

        • william76

          Just observing on Disqus

    • Believer

      They believe that if you tell the same lies enough then it becomes truth….

  • Peggy Guthrie

    The Republican Party is the Party of small Government and fiscal responsibility. They do not requite a belief system other than that. Some are Christian because America has freedom of religion for Christians much to the dismay of B. Obama. He does not support the idea of a Christian nation because that inflames Muslims so he says that we are not a Christian nation. He will never support that notion even when 65-75% of people believe the Bible. His roots are not Christian and the rest of his roots are very shallow.

    • “The Republican Party is the Party of small Government and fiscal responsibility…” — I see you buy into propaganda easily… since the late 1800s the Republican party has been the party of the rich and its goal has been to broaden the well being and political power of the 10% at best.

      Since it is impossible to win elections with just 10% of the population the Republican party has had to resort to policies and propaganda of division — you know “divide and conquer”. For most of the 20th century they were unable to get a lasting majority especially that the great depression just like the great recession was a direct result of their policies favoring the accumulation of wealth by the already very rich. Their big break came after LBJ signed the Civil Rights act… his comment upon signing the act “We have lost the South for a generation,” proved prophetic. Ceasing on the opportunity the Republicans implemented the “Southern Strategy” — a plan to tap into racial bias among the Southern working class whites and through promoting “culture war” seperate the working class from their own economic self interest.

      “…small Government and fiscal responsibility…” — can you point to any Republican policy or any time when the Republicans were in power that they promoted or achieved smaller government or lowered the deficit?

      “They do not requite(sic) a belief system other than that…” — the Republicans tricked the fundamental Christians under their tent with promises of reversing social progress. They are now faced with the dilemma of having to cater to a group that is vital to their success but whose fortunes are being reversed.

      “…the idea of a Christian nation…” — is one of the most fundamentally unAmerican concepts ever promoted. We were the first ever Western nation founded on overt secularism. The only nation, for generations, in Western culture to specifically forbid government sponsorship of religion. If you can name one uniquely Judeo-Christian principle mentioned in any of our founding documents I will take back everything I said and make a donation to the Republican Party.

      “His roots are not Christian and the rest of his roots are very shallow.” — face it Peggy you just don’t like him because of the color of his skin. You can’t help it, you were raised that way.

      • Peggy Guthrie

        I like the color of his skin just fine. I like the color of Ben Carson’s skin. I like the color of David Webb’s skin. I don’t like you, even if you have purple skin, my favorite color. If you’re a Democrat and most of them are similar to you, then count me out.

        • OK but — can you point to any Republican policy or any time when the Republicans
          were in power that they promoted or achieved smaller government or
          lowered the deficit?

          • Peggy Guthrie

            Until this decade my attentions weren’t on American politics. My thoughts now are that with the size of the US and the extremely adversarial Political setup lowering the National deficit seems to be impossible. Your current President has the deficit at the bottom of his priorities. All the Country can hope for, especially at this point in time is that the individual States, the more fiscally responsible ones bring what they can to their economic policies. From what I can see those are mainly being run and have been run by Republican Governors. My concept of your arrangement is that if a President finds time to address the broader situation of the deficit, any steps to do that may not kick in until he/she is out of office. So very much too hinges on the individual who is there, right? As they say, Bill Clinton was more of a bridge builder whereas your current man is a a bridge burner. I am not an expert as some claim to be but I see the “In God We Trust” on your coins. When that is finally removed I will agree that you are becoming a Muslim/agnostic majority Country.

          • “… I am not an expert…” — that much is true… since 2009 President Obama has cut the deficit by more than half — 9.8% of GDP to 2.9% of GDP in 2014.

            By comparison Reagan raised the national debt from $997 billion to $2.85 trillion… while under Bush added

            $5.849 trillion, a 101% increase.

            Do you realize that Yahweh=God=Allah=Bóg=Dios, etc, etc? In the Bible written in Arabic for the Syrian, Lebanese, Egyptian Christian communities the word Allah is used where in the English version you have God. They mean exactly the same thing especially that Judaism/Christianity/Islam are the same Abrahamic religion. So there is no difference between “In God we trust” or “In Allah we trust” or “In Dios we trust” — they are all as stupid and unconstitutional to boot.

          • Peggy Guthrie

            Reagan was a two term President, yes? The amount of rise on the “National debt” that you show for those two terms is low, mostly interest. The “deficit” reduction, another matter, is a less daunting task, although one that B.O. and is a whole lot more moving numbers around. As you are aware but not able to admit is that the smiling Barack has upped the Debt more than any and all prior Presidents. He’s also getting the Fed to print a record amount of money. Wrong answer. It works but it’s akin to a lie, right? I’m so glad I live in Canada. …..
            The term “Yahweh” is Hebrew. Abraham was doing great but then he deviated from God’s plan and the road took a different turn. I agree, to put the “In God We Trust” on currency is a bit strange but if it irritates you, all the better.

          • I put my life on the line in 1968 so a person like you can put down our way of life. It’s about time you put your butt where your mouth is. Join the Marines & fight for America, then you will have the right to express your opinion. Until then, you need to be thankful for what you have.

          • The last time any American fought for America was in 1945. Sorry you were duped buddy but you fought for international banks, corporations and the military industrial complex… it’s not so bright guys like you that make all the constant, senseless wars possible.

          • Brien

            The ‘jarhead’ was wrong in his opinion but we went into that fiasco with the correct attitude of countering communism, but by the late 60’s that threat was no longer a viable excuse; but we went in for the right reason.

          • Brien

            Oh whoopie for you!! So did I you arrogant dick. Get a brain or learn how to use it, instead of illustrating the term ‘jarhead’!

          • Earl Michael Bass

            It is impossible to lower the deficit!

  • Peggy Guthrie

    Not everything is exactly as obvious as nudity nevertheless more facts directly point to what this huge item is. The location on Mt. Aarat is the location stated Biblically. The general public who thinks it is a fairy tale, and one, that in fact they have not read will mock these findings. Do some reading. There are other books and accounts that support the finding of arc material. This was the only large ship of its day.

  • Melissa Marhefka

    Because natural rock formations have nails and petrified wood and petrified animal dung and antlers and cat hair and everything that was found in then -_- you don’t have to believe it, it doesn’t make it any less true that this is Noah’s ark. Sorry, have a nice day

  • James Davis

    Actually that is not the ark… The ark was built entirely of wood and pitch. No metal rivets would be found. The stone “anchors were actually stones from the area marked with the cross. Also consider this…the ark predates the cross by quite a bit more than a few thousand years. Anyone looking for more info should defiantly do more research. A good reference is Myth Hunters session one episode one. I am in fact (btw) a devout Christian, I like everyone to be on the same page. The search continues XD

  • Mark

    I think that it’s interesting that you make these insults and then do exactly what you were insulting the poster for doing. If you knew your history you would know that there are many other accounts many from other religious sects such as Hinduism and the Muslim religion. Also many ancient historians give accounts of a world wide flood. So in fact your statement is very uneducated and historically inept.

  • dog butt


  • human

    “If you are a non believer then why read the article? Why comment? Why go out of your way to insult and discredit based on no facts whatsoever?”

    Because non believers base things on actual science not gut feelings or beliefs that cannot be proven or disproved. Science will change according to facts, new evidence etc whereas religious belief will not. Science doesn’t disprove the existence of a god. It disputes the claims of religions that can provide no evidence for it’s claims.

  • Ken Wright

    Even if they would have proved it to be the citys of david it does not give zionist the right to murder and steal land that is not theirs anymore.

    • Kenneth A. Ouellette

      ok you say the land is not theirs anymore that means at one time it was taken from them and now they’re attempting to reclaim it. sounds to me like they’re only doing what was done to them

    • Peggy Guthrie

      Ken Wright. You are slightly nuts. The Palestinians are not indigenous to the area that they want to take. They are Arab and like the Arab mentality of most in the middle east, everything there belongs to them and more. I’m almost sure that you have come across all the information that I and others have, that is that the small Country of Israel is constantly under attack. Who wants or deserves to have elaborate tunnels popping up in vulnerable areas. Israel is too classy to do that. I support them defending themselves against barbarians. I think I know which side you would love to be on as it would fulfill your very nature. Israel has human rights and Muslims and whomever can live freely. The best example of a Democracy in the world.

      • Garth Moller

        Guest, you make a good point, and then you blow it. You say, The Palestinians are not indigenous to the area that they want to take.” That is the good point.

        The next point should have been, where did the term “Palestinian” come from. The short answer is that it is from Latin and the word was coined to refer to a territory. Its use to refer to people is connected to those who live there. Thus, at the beginning of the 20th century, we read about “Palestinian Arabs” and Palestinian Jews.”

        Another follow-up point should be, where did the Arab population come from. Travellers’ reports from the 19th century, of which there are a number still in print, note that the land was fairly empty, with scattered villages here and there. There was a tiny indigenous population of Arab-speakers. They also note, particularly in reference to Jerusalem, that there were local Jewish communities, the best known of which today, outside of Jerusalem, are the Samaritans. These are, in fact, ancient communities. So it is not right to suggest that the Jews are the new-comers.

        But the Zionists are a different question. They are Europeans who wanted to establish a homeland – what today could be called a safe zone – for Jews. Those Zionists who wanted that place to be in the traditional homeland found that they had to deal with the local authorities, the representatives of the Ottoman Empire. They did so, and began the process of purchasing the first land and acquiring the legal rights to live on it and farm it. The Ottomans were happy to have them there, because that territory at that time was depressed, to put it mildly.

        Having bought the land, they proceeded to organize the first kibbutzim and created the first farms. They were wildly successful, as it turned out – it was not for nothing that they acquired the reputation for making the desert to bloom. They also did not have enough workers. So Syrian migrant workers began to flow into the land to work on the farms. That is one of the main sources of the local Arab population today. Syrians who came to work for Zionists.

        Egypt was the second main source. The history of Egyptian immigration into the land is a good deal more complicated, but there are sources available on the Internet for those who care to look. There is also a lot of rewrite of history, so it requires a good deal of study. Those my age will remember that when Yasser Arafat began to appear in the news, he was failed Egyptian doctor whose father sent him to Palestine to work. Over time, he was transformed into an indigenous Palestinian, one of the miracles of modern propagandizing.

        To sum up. There is no Palestinian people historically. Jews have always been present in the land. The Zionists started out as purchasers and developers of the land that they acquired, and they purchased and received their permissions from the government of the Ottoman Empire.

      • alnga

        Everyone needs to read the “everlasting Hatred” by Hal Lindsey and you get a great amount of information on Mohammed and how all of his antics went down. Somethings you already know but the history and the culture of the times will get your blood to boil if you are not fully familiar. Find out for sure about the Palestinians, which is what the Romans called Israel…

    • Ernie

      It’s always been theirs. It is theirs. God’s covenant land to God’s covenant people. You or any other man does not make up the rules. If you don’t believe in God that’s your problem

  • “A geological investigation of samples from the stones, published by geologist Lorence Collins in co-authorship with their original
    discoverer David Fasold, found that they are of local rock and thus could not have been brought from Mesopotamia, the Ark’s supposed place of origin. Similar stones found throughout ancient Armenia are recognized as pagan “holy stones” converted to Christian use by the addition of crosses and other Christian symbols. Many are found in Christian cemeteries, as these were…”

  • Has anybody been able to prove Santa Claus does not exist? I don’t think so… only when you are able to prove a negative will that argument be a valid argument for God/Gods or any other type of supernatural.

    • Peggy Guthrie

      The empirical evidence for Santa Clause is slim. There is no book of Santa or an actual serious Santa cult. Come on. There was never a Santa who claimed to be what the story says even. There was a Saint Nicholas, a man who gave gifts to children. That can be proven. The Santa Cult is welcome in any Sanitorium.

      • So, you are saying that what it takes to take a obvious creation of the human imagination to the level of something worth taking seriously is an “actual serious Santa cult”, right?

        Ask any group of 4 to 5 year olds in American about Santa and there’s your “actual serious Santa cult”. There are plenty of books that explain in great detail to that particular cult group the realities, rules and practicalities of Santa and a world with Santa. With Saint Nicholas as the posthumously pres-ganged archetype, the USPS delivering mail and the USAF tracking the whereabouts if only fictitiously — but to the cultists this is all real.

        So, how is the cult of Santa any different from the cult of Yahweh, Vishnu, JC or any other religious icon? The cultists/believers are like the 5 year olds following fictitious writings and misinformation provided by the adults in this case the priests, preachers and other religious leaders…

        • Peggy Guthrie

          Impossible to take you seriously. You’re taking something that I know is not true to prove that nothing is real. You insult me as having the mind of a five year old. Than you are not worth taking to, are you. So, all writing must be fictitious, including yours.

          • Well Peggy, you do respond with the logic and reasoning depth of a 5 year old…

            “You’re taking something that I know is not true…” — as with all “knowledge” it depends on evidence, right? So the reason you claim to “know” that Santa is not real, even though you agree that you can’t prove it, is because you are taking into account all the circumstantial evidence that makes the existence of Santa extremely unlikely, right? This is exactly the same process Atheists use and come to the conclusion that due to the volumes of scientific evidence, logic and reason the existence of any of the God/gods is extremely improbable to the extent that some of us can say with reasonable confidence (just like your statement about knowing Santa is not real) that we know God/gods are not real.

            As there is nothing wrong with some children believing that Santa is real there is nothing wrong with some adults believing God/gods or any other kind of superstition is real… it is when they claim that the rest of us must accept their beliefs as true. You wouldn’t want people putting stuff about Santa in our national pledge, now would you?

            “So, all writing must be fictitious…” — yes all writing should be treated as fiction until exonerating evidence is presented.

          • Brien

            To continue believing in imaginary beings after the age of reason does put your mental abilities at the 5 year old level. You insult yourself.

        • Santa is for all truth Poesidon is known as Nicar that is were the Catholic church did to make a pagan God part of the Christian faith as they have done for so long. The Catholic church is the biggest cult to Satan in the world. in the bible s the anti -Christ power

        • Believer

          Spoken like a true communist/demoncrat!

          • Spoken like somebody short on anything meaningful, coherent, elucidatory or just even amusing to say…

  • I know it is often impossible to sway the minds of the faithful with logic and facts but maybe this will at least persuade some to seek additional information from sources with less bias for the magical and superstitious…

    “After a few expeditions to the Durupınar site that included drilling and excavation in the 1990s, Fasold began to have doubts that the Durupınar formation was Noah’s ark. He visited the site in September 1994 with Australian geologist Ian Plimer and concluded that the structure was not a boat… A natural rock structure near Dogubayazit, Turkey, has been misidentified as Noah’s Ark. Microscopic studies of a supposed iron bracket show that it is derived from weathered volcanic minerals. Supposed metal-braced walls are natural concentrations of limonite and magnetite in steeply inclined sedimentary layers in the limbs of a doubly plunging syncline. Supposed fossilized gopherwood bark is crinkled metamorphosed peridotite. Fossiliferous limestone, interpreted as cross cutting the syncline, preclude the structure from being Noah’s Ark because these supposed “Flood” deposits are younger than the “Ark.” Anchor stones at Kazan (Arzap) are derived from local andesite and not from Mesopotamia.”

    “A geological investigation of samples from the stones, published by geologist Lorence Collins in co-authorship with their original discoverer David Fasold, found that they are of local rock and thus could not have been brought from Mesopotamia, the Ark’s supposed place of origin. Similar stones found throughout ancient Armenia are recognized as pagan “holy stones” converted to Christian use by the addition of crosses and other Christian symbols. Many are found in Christian cemeteries, as these were…”

  • I’ve always wondered… after the flood when the ark settled at mount Ararat, how did the marsupials and monoterms make it to Australia? Did the the pairs of kangaroos, Tasmanian devils, wombats, koalas, platypuses, etc walk and swim there or was some special delivery shuttle service arranged for them by Yahweh?

    • GeorgeHarris7

      I am guessing that you never heard of the term “Gaia”, the mass of land that existed before it spread out to form what we know and see today.

      • Oh please enlighten me… is this in the Bible, some other scripts of ancient knowledge or in scientific journals?

        Come to think of it it must have been rough on the inhabitants with all the continents drifting around at such high speed. According to Answers in Genesis the food happened 4359 years ago… so since from Tokyo to San Francisco it is 5133 miles that means that since the flood the continents must have been moving at over 1 mile a year. Yes that makes perfect sense… no wonder the price of airline tickets keeps going up since just last year the distance between Tokyo and San Francisco was over a mile shorter, right?

        • GeorgeHarris7

          My mistake. The term is Pangaea, not Gaia. But you got my drift. LOL
          The theory of Pangaea and continental drift would explain how kangaroos, native to Australia, made their way South from Noah’s Ark.

          • Theory of plate tectonics… yes, marsupials are only found in Australia and South America (the possum has migrated to North America only recently) because about 100 million years ago Laurasia and Gondwana split of from Pangaea

            If you are arguing Noah lived more than 100 million years ago. than sure why not 😉

  • Paul Morgan

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  • Felipe

    Kind of convenient that this “rock formation ” just happened to appear in the same exact location where the bible said the arc landed, have the exact shape of a boat, have the same exact measurements as the arc had and just so happend to have anchors spread around its location. One of the most convenient things i have ever heard of really.

    • Peggy Guthrie

      It’s a precarious mountain, no one can carry or even drop anchors in those locations. Go for a walk there if you can before a storm threatens your life. This is not said to be the exact location at all. The Bible says that the Ark came to rest on the “mountains” of Ararat. At the time the mountain range was named that and it was not necessarily one mountain.

  • Miranda Vesy

    Why do you feel that the burden of proof should be on the non-believer to disprove the existence of god, not on the believer to prove the existence? I can not prove that unicorns or mermaids don’t exist, so by your logic I am right to believe in them until they are disproved

  • hoosier mama

    At least Christians believe in something instead of nothing!

  • Darren Eastwood

    The people of Jesus day saw the miracles and still did not believe. Evidence is not required to believe, Faith is. Blessed are they that believe and have not seen.
    Rom 1″16For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek. 17For in it the righteousness of God is revealed from faith to faith; as it is written, “BUT THE RIGHTEOUS man SHALL LIVE BY FAITH.”
    If you believe great. If you don’t believe great. No one comes to the Father unless the Spirit draws them. We will continue to pray for all of you who don’t believe. God loves you and we should reflect His love to other.
    Share the pearl of great price you have found.

  • David Phillips

    Noah’s Ark after landing on Mount Ararat would have been used by people who looted it over the years. Many using pieces for idol worship etc. This would have occurred around 2500 to 2700 years ago. The remains may have been covered by mudslides and from time to time uncovered by heavy rain. It would be very hard to find it now. Don’t expect to see it intact. Except this piece of it found on Mars..

  • jason

    Very true! If someone is a so-called athiest then they wouldnt care. Right?? If u dont believe then dont believe but u do or it wouldnt matter to any athiest!! I know that so-called athiest truly do believe but they just dont want to hear about it because nobody wants to be wrong.. GOD is great’!! Thank u for everything u ha e done for all man. Even so-called athiest.. thank u for life and everything u have given us!! Amen..

  • Rodney Fee

    For you to say his claims are highly subject to question then turn around and say the flood didn’t happen makes you a hypocrite. Neither of you have proof that it did or did not happen. Nobody was there. Nobody knows if it did or didn’t. So you can’t question his claims and beliefs then turn around and make these wild, outrageous claims of your own. Everyone had their own beliefs. So if this man believes that the flood happened then he can. It’s his right to believe in whatever religion he wants. That’s a 1st amendment right. So don’t go around bashing people’s religions with your own atheist beliefs and saying that they’re wrong. Nobody know and nobody will ever know.

  • Rodney Fee

    For you to say his claims are highly subject to question then turn around and say the flood didn’t happen makes you a hypocrite. Neither of you have proof that it did or did not happen. Nobody was. Nobody knows if it did or didn’t. So you can’t question his claims and beliefs then turn around and make these wild, outrageous claims of your own. Everyone had their own beliefs. So if this man believes that the flood happened then he can. It’s his right to believe in whatever religion he wants. That’s a 1st amendment right. So don’t go around bashing people’s religions with your own atheist beliefs and saying that they’re wrong. Nobody know and nobody will ever know.

  • Dove08

    Faith is one of the gifts from God, and he will try many times through out ones life to reveal himself to someone, but if the evil or rejection is there He may choose another time in their lives to reach them. I am so thankful that He asked me to be a part of His family, and I have seen enough miracles to know He is my creator. I pray for those who have not been given the gift of faith, because almost everything is made clear when we make a relationship Him. Even His deciples doubted until they saw him 3 days later and saw the holes in His feet and hands and the gash in His side. He said blessed are those who believe and have not seen, even more than those who have seen! I know that my Redeamer lives! Without a doubt! He is God and we are not!

    • Earl Michael Bass

      Those who believe in God no explanation is necessary! Those who do not believe in God no explanation is possible!

    • Believer


  • williambaranowski

    “Hey, Ahmed! Would you “go for” wood, tonight?” Now, here’s my question; why do some of the stone columns, uncovered at Gobekli Tepi have bas rerliefs of animals on them? On the map, it looks only hundreds of miles from Ararat, but…

  • todd

    You should listen to Rush you might learn something, who says your the most educated? Liberalism is the easy way out. Any child can be a liberal. Global warming it’s your religion.takes more faith, just saying

    • Believer

      liberals teaching in our schools = more liberal/communist/demoncrats!

  • todd


  • todd

    Nice, well played sit, well played

  • Ricardo A. Malagon

    What a stupid remark. Disease and death are the consequence of sin. We do it to ourselves. We will all die. Then what?…Thats all up to you.

    • Peggy Guthrie

      Never call anyone stupid if you want to have a discussion.

    • Damn, so why are the doctor lying to me!! Telling me it’s tiny invisible bacteria and viruses… had I know I wouldn’t have bought the health insurance. I can just go and pray whenever I get sick, right? Makes me wonder why the amputees instead of getting artificial limbs from the deceiving doctors and scientists just pray? God is a good guy he would surely regrow their arms and legs, right?

      • Peggy Guthrie

        Yes, the prayer of a fervent person accomplishes much. However, it’s in God’s hands. Prayer changes many things. I am not so pompous to explain things that are mysterious. I know that you know that and that you will deny it here because it makes you appear to be so very educated. Luke, the physician didn’t separate his knowledge from what Christ could do. It’s all part of how life works AND God is not a respecter of persons. When you’ve sinned to an extent that the repercussion outlives you, then you’ve got a mountain to climb. Prayer goes a long way to getting you out of it as I know. There is no heaven on earth.

  • Ricardo A. Malagon

    What makes your claim correct above anyone elses? What are you so afraid of? The Flood has been proven over and over so get over it. Its like denying the sky is blue.

  • Mirawho

    Actually, this has been debunked and I am not sure why people still believe this is Noah’s Ark. If you look around the “ark” you see this is a naturally occurring formation in that area. Check out this link

  • Idaly

    Whether true or not I believe in Him!

  • Reverend Veritas

    This is just a natural rock formation that people are assigning religious significance to because it’s shaped like a large boat. Come on, we’re talking about evidence of a boat that allegedly carried seven pairs of “clean” animals and only one pair of “unclean” ones during a global flood for one year before being released to somehow spread across the entire world but designating certain regions to only specific animals that can’t be found anywhere else. There’s wanting to believe something is true and then there’s fooling yourself into believing something is true.

  • Rob P.

    I am asking you on a personal level for a helping hand up, you
    can really help by just visiting this link to read my story and possibly
    find it in your heart to offer a contribution, a prayer or just leave
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    Thank you very much and always have a blessed day.

  • BadDaddy1

    It’s an interesting article on how to manipulate propaganda to fit your needs, and when I say needs I mean this article’s author’s needs.
    I believe the Ark existed, but I do not believe this to be the Ark, or at least the so called evidence to be actual evidence of the Ark. If you look at his photographic evidence none of them have markings from the auger bit that was supposedly used to take the samples. This is a remote area, everything used there had to be carried in, most likely they modified a two man auger and drilled a hole maybe four to six inches in diameter.
    All of his samples are larger than this and appear to be weather worn. Aside from the well known site photo’s, I seriously doubt any of his so called evidence came from that location. And as far as his “Anchors” are concerned, over thirty years of working in construction (with a Class A engineers license) I can tell you without a doubt, that if they tried to lift one of those stones from those “lifting eyes” it would snap right off. A stone as a foundation is very strong, but as far as tensile strength it’ll snap like a toothpick.
    There are various locations claiming to be the Ark’s resting place, and over the centuries all have been visited by those from every walk of life, including vandals as well as others that wish to “enhance” the existing evidence.
    I recall a photo of what looked like a wooden structure protruding from the ice and snow taken from a pilot during WWII, how does this site have more standing than that one? Is it because this location is easier to get to and thus easier to manipulate?
    I believe it will be found, and I believe modern technology will do it, I just don’t think it’s been found yet.

  • Tracy Adams

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  • tmf_x

    I get that people REALLY want to believe the Old Testament is word for word accurate, but all this is is the equivalent of looking at a piece of toast and seeing the Virgin Mary’s face in it.

  • jerrywalters

    So if everyone died in the Great Flood, how did the world become repopulated? How did people end up on every continent (other than Antarctica). And that is just the people. How did ants and honey bees end up throughout the world? What about dogs and cats? Seriously, there may have been a guy who built an Ark but not much more of the story plays out too well.

  • Brooke Kemlage

    THIS ISNT NOAHS ARK ARE YOU STUPID? In the bible it tell you exactly how long it took for noah and his family to build it, what it was made of and what the detentions were. The ark was a perfect RECTANGLE.

  • Tammy Kuhn

    Ok why would they find animal remains such as the horns or antlers they mentioned? Are they saying the animals on board did not survive ti make it off ??? This would not describe a successful ark mission

    • GeorgeHarris7

      I know what you are getting at, Tammy, but horns and antlers are NOT the remains of animals. Most if not all of the animals with antlers shed them EVERY year

  • Rational mind

    Seriously you bible believers really think this is real? Noah’s ark is a fairy tale as is the whole biblical story. We are in the 21st century and science has trumped every supernatural claim and will continue to do so. I beg you for the sake of humanity please give this delusion up, we need you here in reality.

  • kso721

    Wow, the people that think all the species of animals and humans on earth came from a boat nearly half the size of the Titanic. The Titanic, a real boat that actually existed and only held 3000 people. The ark… lol.

  • Joe Friday

    Pssst…god is pretend, so is the Easter Bunny.

  • AidenSeanachaidh

    Just another attempt to “support” the mythology that is the “Christian Religion”.

  • Eric Perez

    Wasn’t this all proven wrong like 20 years ago? I remember History channel had a special on this in like the early 90’s where they tested it all and it wasn’t nearly as old as the claims.

  • Snopes isn’t considered a trustful source because of its funding!? As much as that is a tell tale sign of denial by you people, forget snopes and look at the references and the scientists who are being referenced. Are they all in the money cahoots with snopes???

    If this was so legitimate, then why isn’t anyone backing this? There are tons of rich, powerful, Christian minded people and organizations who can make this a household name if they wanted to.

  • James Johnson

    Lol. Amazing that some people fell for this nonsense.

  • Jack Schitt

    Religion is nothing more than many people having the same imaginary friend.

  • thisiswhytheworldhatesamerica
  • jj a

    You people are morons. LMAO!

  • lifelover

    I recently watched a show on this dig site, nothing found was of biblical age or material. To bad the man who originally discovered it has passed

  • JoseValdes

    The source material for this article ends with “God Bless.” It must be 100% legit science.

  • Denise Warner

    For the record (before someone attacks me in the comments), I am a voting Republican, and believing Christian. I do have a problem with the statements that the technology used in building this ship was ahead of its time. It makes me suspect that it actually was from a future time, and not built by Noah.

  • Dennis Kelley

    this has been discredited by experts in archeology, geology, GPS mapping, and Biblical studies for years. ironic that the author starts with a lament about ignorance of history.

  • Sean Kelly

    I actually, for a moment, thought this would be a neat discovery, but i wanted to be sure, so I researched the claims in both the article and the snopes post. You know what I found? It doesn’t matter. If you’re arguing on this sight, you already made up your mind and evidence isn’t going to sway you to the contrary. However, if you’re that rare individual that values truth over random articles, I’ll suggest you start with the names of the individuals referenced, which should lead you to their papers on the topic, and finally to papers from others that have also conducted research on this site. Be forwarned, you’ll have to a lot of reading, and a lot of thinking.

  • Kyle Kauffman

    Haha. This is all BS. They’ve been claiming that they’ve found Noah’s Ark for centuries upon centuries. You’d think they would have conclusive proof by now, you know? (And no one has ever answered the question of how he would have fit all 12-13 billion species of animal on that small ass boat yet.) Nice try, you religious kooks. Stop the insanity! Anyone who believes this malarky has been duped.'s_Ark

  • Nathan
  • Dani Murphy

    Dig that bitch up. Lets see the whole thing. Until then, this isn’t enough evidence. It’s just dirt piles around a flat part of land.

  • Shane Drinkard

    to anyone who are having to deal with the liberal naysayers in this thread. they’re hear solely to rile you up and make you angry, they don’t care about disproving you they just want to try an throw all of this into a negative light

  • Jum

    Wood takes millions of years to petrify. How could the wood of a 2000 year old boat be petrified?

  • Tim Salas
  • I just came here to make fun of anybody that would believe this. Insult yourselves in your own particular idiom, I don’t have the time to be clever today.

  • phil box

    the longer i live the more proof there is that God’s words are precise and true.
    thank God for all the blessings the world has received and especially for mine.

  • Eric Phillippe

    Are you people morons? Ron Wyatt was a charlatan and a fraud. NO reputable Christian organization has anything to do with his so-called “discoveries.” Not because there is some big conspiracy…they don’t have anything to do with them because they are not real. If you want the just one of the expose’s of Ron Wyatt, here’s a link to an article from Answers in Genesis:

    or another:

    or one more:

    Say it with me people…”do your research before you post things on the net…otherwise you just end up looking stupid…”

  • bigfrog

    Rock formation that happens to be sort of in the shape of a boat. There’s loads of stuff like this in the world. Sigh…

  • David Barkin

    The Flood, according to Creationists, took place in 2000 BC. Neat trick that, the Pyramids must have been built by people who didn’t notice the heavy thunderstorms. :(

  • Victoria White

    Why is there political chatter?!?! I thought the topic was the Arc? Religion? Not politics….. THIS is one of the biggest problems in the world….confusing politics and religion, tsk tsk tsk….

  • Dewdle

    Aluminum ? Titanium ? RUFKM ??
    Oh by the way…this theory of what was found and excavated has been utterly debunked. it’s all natural ; just geology. ” Evidence” misinterpreted. That’s the problem with Faith . People want to believe stuff too easily , even after science hands them the proof that the results lie elsewhere or not at all. linked to a couple of sources for actual research into this site . Start there.

  • Donnie Vick

    I believe in the ark and the global flood, but Ron Wyatt also “discovered” the crossing of the Red Sea complete with Egyptian chariot wheels and the exact location of the Ark of the Covenant, doing all of this without being a trained archaeologist.

  • marc

    There is a 8500 year old tree that would have perished had there been a flood. Can’t believe people still believe these fairy tales lol

  • marc

    Yesterday I had a conversation with a snake. He told me he sailed on the Ark. Prove me wrong!!!

  • Jane Jessee

    How can we doubt? God said where I landed: and we have known for 60 years. But the heathens that want to push evolution do not want the truth out.

  • Michelle Slate

    The Nag Hammadi library states it to have landed atop Mt. Sir. With a little research I found that Mt Sir is also called Mt. Ararat. God is real…;)

  • Christian Brown

    why would the ark have a pointed bow, unless t was powered somehow. if it just drifted, a barge shape would be much better.

  • aznative

    I think one of our astronauts investigated this too years ago. He went on several excavations. What we need to remember most important is why Noah built the ark, because God was fed up and needed to cleanse the earth.

    Sometimes I think we need another Noah’s ark moment to cleanse our nation of the pure evil we are encountering.

    God bless the USA.

  • TheCoolestCurtEver

    Don’t take the biblical stories literal. It was a metaphor. This isn’t real..

  • John Symon

    Ron Wyatt! Ha!Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

  • linreis

    The world is so frightened of anything that might prove the Bible. some people including our current administration here in the united states go to extreme length the slanderthe Christian religionand 2 keep the cross from being seen in public. In the world trade center atheists take “offense” and demand Christian display B removed. what makes you think they won’t lie about this? true believers of God need No proof…but in this time of strife In the World God has given us knowledge and equipment able 2 provide that truth.

  • VA_Mom

    No, It is not the Ark. Some people are so gulible.

  • neonblade

    That’s right, all the animals went in 2 x 2 so Mark could hunt them.

  • Ron Edwards
  • Tony Rotherham

    This has been debunked so many times it has become an historians joke.
    If as the article says “This is the Ark” Then i have a few questions.
    1, If all the animals ,insects, birds etc etc were on this vessel, then where exactly were they kept. Because looking at it from any perspective you like it is plain to see that there is not enough room to keep all the animals on board.
    2, What about food and water, not just for Noah and his family, but for all the creatures on board. Again there is clearly not enough room. Remember not all thes creatures were herbivores.
    It would be nice to think that the story of the Ark was real, but I got a feeling that it is after all just a story. The bibke is a great book I have read on more than one occasion, but I don’t believe a word of it. It has some great characters in it and some very wise words, but as for it being an historical document. No sorry it falls way short of that.

  • rayknil

    In the end… EVERY knee will bow and know God.

  • markr1957
    Proof that this story is wrong doesn’t expire just because you forgot.

    • TBP100

      Indeed. When Answers in Genesis debunks you, you know you’ve really gone off the deep end.

      Also, anything associated with Ron Wyatt can be dismissed out of hand. I don’t know if he was a con man or a lunatic, but if he correctly told me my middle name I would immediately look for my birth certificate to make sure I hadn’t been wrong about it all these years.

  • xfahctor

    *blink…..*blink……..Rocks…’s freaking…

  • Guest

    ….*blink……*blink…….Rocks……it’s fucking…

  • joe smith

    HAHAHAHA wait til China blows by America in science. It’ll be because of nonsense like this. America used to be the place where every great mind went to further themselves. Now, it’s become idiots believing fairytales.

  • marijke

    Lennard Nemoy actually did a program on the ark in the 80s. Has anyone seen that?

  • Judy Thorne
  • Ron Merrill

    This site has been proven to be a natural formation. Nothing has been found that is associated with a ship or boat. It’s just a natural!!

  • Actually Masis is the smaller mountain adjacent to Ararat. And it is NOT a turkish mountain it only lies in turkey. Are Armenian churches in eastern turkey (Western Armenia) turkish churches too(turks are muslims)?

  • steve

    Yeah and pigs fly.

  • rbrucecarter

    They made a convincing argument until they said that the wood was petrified. The process of petrification takes much longer than a few thousand years. Of course this fits in well with creationist prattle that the earth is only a few thousand years old. You create a mythology like that, and all scientific finds then have to be filtered through incorrect assumptions. This site needs to be studied with proper scientific methods, by true scientists – NOT creationists. IF it does prove to be Noah’s ark, this is an extraordinary claim, that needs to be proved by extraordinary evidence. When properly studied, results subjected to scientific scrutiny and published in recognized scientific journals – then and only then would I be prepared to say that it is indeed Noah’s ark. I suspect the rest of the scientific community would feel the same, and the world could then accept this. Filtering it through the pseudo-science of creationism holds the discovery up to ridicule, and threatens it. It puts it on the level of bigfoot and UFO’s. When human artifacts and regular geometric structures are involved, it is evidence of human activity. Excuses like “it is remote / the region has wars / it was too hard to recover artifacts / the government won’t allow us back in” are big red flags that indicates excuses to impede hasty and improper scientific methods.

  • The Vince Wylde Show

    You “Atheists” can just go on “discrediting” GOD with your mind-blowing evidence. Take the chance. What the hell, it’s ONLY eternity you’ll roast for if you’re wrong. Who’s the fool, exactly? The guy that believes in the “Invisible” man? Or the guy who chances the”Invisible Man” doesn’t exist risking eternity in the “smoking” section. Who’s the bigger risk taker here, SLICK?

    ALSO: Stop the left / right crap, folks. There ARE no Democrats. Now, if you want to say there is a North American Worker’s Party, yeah, I’ll go for that. But the dopes carrying the DEMOCRAT flag have to infiltrate the Republican party as RINOS just to keep their death grip on the White House. Last 4 Presidents have been Democrats, we haven’t had a real Conservative since Regan. So take the Coke / Pepsi crap and shove it. Try again.

    If we don’t vote a third party this time around, we deserve the gas chambers / firing squad / whatever.

  • Emily powell

    Am Emily Powell from Canada I never believed in spell casters until my life fell apart when my lover of 4 years decided to call it quit. I was so devastated that i had an accident that left me bedridden. After 7 months of emotional pain and languish, a friend of mine introduced me to a certain spell caster, this was after I have been scammed by various fake spell caster. I was introduced to DR ONIHA ( A Spell Caster). In less than 12 hrs i saw wonders, my Lover came back to me and my life got back just like a completed puzzle… am so happy.. Dr ONIHA have all kinds of spells from pregnancy to love,from employment to visa lottery winning. He has spell to stop divorce,spell to make someone look attractive and others. here’s his contact for serious minded people only, it might be of help… wow Dr.ONIHA…thanks am so grateful as you saved my life.

  • Mike Hammond

    The Bible says where the Ark landed and i think the Turkish Government which has

    turned to the nation of Islam many years back stonewalled any expeditions and digs to the area as a means to stop the truth from coming out in the Bible so that islam could take over and say that the Bible was just a book and not the truth , because the qur`an has no mention of the ark and if they could prove the Bible a fake what better way to do a forced take over of the earth with false beliefs.

  • William Fuzi

    If the wood, and other things are petrified that would put the time at about 10,000 years ago. That would be around the end of the last ice age. I don’t trust Snopes simply because when Wyatt was conducting his investigation, all the problems with the Kurds started, and no one was allowed in the area after, So the people who Snopes claimed debunked the claim couldn’t have gotten to the site to begin with.

  • Robert Best

    A natural rock structure near Dogubayazit, Turkey, has been misidentified as Noah’s Ark. Microscopic studies of a supposed iron bracket show that it is derived from weathered volcanic minerals. Supposed metal-braced walls are natural concentrations of limonite and magnetite in steeply inclined sedimentary layers in the limbs of a doubly plungingsyncline. Supposed fossilized gopherwood bark is crinkled metamorphosed peridotite. Fossiliferous limestone, interpreted as cross cutting the syncline, preclude the structure from being Noah’s Ark because these supposed “Flood” deposits are younger than the “Ark.” Anchor stones at Kazan (Arzap) are derived from local andesite and not from Mesopotamia

  • I think i see Bigfoot in one of those pics…

  • Froggy

    All this article needs is one little correction. Change the date on the article to April 1st and the rest of it can be left as is.

  • PaulyG4

    I’m Catholic and I think this is stupid.

  • N.Eric Bobbington

    In 13 th cent the great Venetian traveler Marco Polo too has mentioned about a boat shaped object on the Mountains of Ararat in his travel accounts.

  • Slappy!

    Wow, a mountain that looks like a boat.

    Still not big enough to fit billions of different species on the same boat for over a month straight, AND have food and water enough for all of them. You really need to apply critical thinking before you publish “articles” like this bullshit here.

  • Steven Duane Allison Junior

    i was having a conversation earlier about how absolutely terrifying
    theists that believe in a literal translation of the bible are. the
    flood myth is the remnant of a memory of when the last ice age ended.
    when the glaciers retreated and melted, and due to the ice walls from
    the glaciers breaking releasing vast amounts of water which helped
    create the black sea among other things. well, hopefully someday we
    atheists use our science to discover another habitable planet and then
    we can all leave you here to kill each other over whose imaginary friend
    is better. history lesson over.

  • Keith Anderson

    people love their bullshit , don’t they … nice you can make money off them ….

  • Keith Anderson
  • Allen Ginter

    Wow, this topic is so full of hate,anger and finger pointing. People judging each other based on their lack of religion/faith or based on their observance of faith/religion…..How disgusting. No wonder out world is going to crap…we spend too much energy being mean to each other

  • redAvenger

    only a fool would argue with a fool.

  • Common Sensation

    not a post to dispute the theme of this article.

    JoeFor America uses individual authors like Rodney Lee
    Conover and Michael Becker.

    It is a WARNING to all about a disturbing fact regarding

    Rodney Lee Conover and Michael Becker *cannot publish
    material and let that material stand on its own merits*.

    Like children in a school yard they behave unbelievably
    unprofessional and post comments to their own articles. Comments that far more
    often than not, attack the participants.

    If a dissenting reader find themself in a direct exchange
    with one of these autocratic bullies, it is a fact that *these authors are in
    fact Moderators and have the power to, and will deny you access to posting
    additional comments*.

    This is self-serving CENSORSHIP folks. If you can’t handle
    other peoples’ reactions, get out of the media business.

    I for one am not going to support or participate on a website
    that practices censorship.

    Please Joe, fix this. Right is right and Wrong is wrong.

    Right or Left, Extremism is Extremism.

    God bless.

  • tacos4me

    I’ve never read an article this long that made me actually feel dumber for having read it. I’m not here to try to debunk the story of Noah. I’m just saying in the uber unlikely event that what was found may actually be a large boat, no one could actually determine that this is the great Ark from the old testament. Anyone with the audacity to make such a claim is a complete fool.

  • Enigma0

    While you lot have been fighting over your contesting ‘authorities’, interested folk have been actually reading the Bible and thinking about its description of the Ark. Which in Hebrew is akin to the word for ‘chest’ or ‘box’.

    The Bible doesn’t specify a bow or stern for any ‘boat. Noah wasn’t sailing the thing, but he, his family and the selected animal kinds were just going to be floating around for a while. So more space for animals and their food would be better provided by something like a giant barge.

    I really don’t envy those folks for their clean-up jobs. Most efficient was to arrange things with the humans and the food on the topmost inner deck, and then animals on below decks. So someone would be dumping endless baskets of first food down chutes, and then humping endless baskets of manure up ladders to put the stuff over the side. Might explain Ham’s bad attitude.

    Don’t know what’s in those images above, but it isn’t Noah’s Ark. Maybe some ancient ship, or a monumental ship-grave for some sea-faring king?

  • Jesus Christ, take a freakin’ freshman geology class for goodness sake. That’s obviously no more Noah’s ark than my left toe is. It’s clearly just part of the same tilted, folded, and eroded beds that make up the geological structure you can see clear as a bell throughout the entire photograph.

    How embarrassing. It;’s obviously paradolia at work here, no different than an illiterate villager who thinks she sees the Virgin Mary in a freakin’ tortilla.

  • LeAnn Nichole Duclos

    I just want to know why they automatically assume that it was Noah’s ark considering that flood stories and stories of a great ship appear in most cultures and religions that predate the origin of Christianity.

    • MWorrell

      I don’t think you can talk matter-of-factly about what predates what when you’re talking about prehistory, and if there was a global flood it would make sense that other cultures would remark on it according to their own understanding. Obviously since it’s an ancient Jewish story, all of that would predate the origin of Christianity. That’s irrelevant.

    • Slappy!

      Despite the fact that these other, older religions were there first, these people still manage to convince themselves that Satan did it to test their faith.

  • turdhole

    Jesus and Allah are the same person, though somehow both stories are very wrong from his initial message. Christian church has been lying to pump up their numbers or something and the Muslims are going about it all wrong as well. You must treat EVERYONE as if they are you…love they neighbor, you know? but neighbor is every human being.

  • cvxxx

    This has been known for a long time. it is not news.

  • Jessica Quick

    they actually took pieces and yes it is petrified but tested as Gopher wood I studied this in 1981 when I was a student at a Christian academy in Houston this is old news

  • You people are very creepy. Oh yea, this story is false. Why don’t you all send each other to hell?

  • Bullrhider

    Very Interesting. Former Astronaut James Irwin led two expeditions into the area in the 1980s n while finding no conclusive evidence, was convinced that this formation was the Ark. I met Jim and struck up an relationship related to helping fund and participating in another expedition. Unfortunately, the political climate precluded it and I sort of let it fall by the wayside. Jim passed in 1991 and that was the end of it. I am glad to see that someone has picked up the ball. Jim would be pleased because he was firmly convinced this was the Ark.

    • Slappy!

      It’s a mountain range. Also, not big enough to hold every animal on earth, nor did Noah have time to gather them all up and load them onto the boat. Plus, he’d need cages or pens for the carnivores to keep them away from the rest of the animals. Also, food and fresh water for billions of animals for a month straight.

      How is it that your faith allows you to ignore ALL of this, yet look at a mountain range that kinda resembles the basic shape of a boat, and point at it screaming “ARK!! ITS PROOF!!”

  • Delisaint Tiroy

    I can see what these info mean right now

  • just

    Again God and His Word are true. What amazes me is that He consistently uses His creation to reveal himself to us…He doesn’t need “magic” or hocus – pocus- He says it and it is…period. How great a God is that?! (Ps. and He
    isn’t allah!

    • Slappy!

      Allah is just the Arabic word for God.

      I think God would be ashamed of your willful ignorance.

  • niwatorixsatori

    Just because a boat was found doesn’t mean it’s what you think it is. The bible also says Noah was hundreds of years old… If he had all of those animals on a boat what did he feed them since animals eat other animals? How big is the world again? How much of it is covered in water?! 3/4 water. Unless they all hopped in for a lengthy swim or he flew around the world and picked them up. Truth is its just a boat from some forgotten chapter of our history. The bible is simply legend and while all legends are based on some truth it still should be taken lightly. I don’t like people who believe in an impending, inevitable apocalypse and eager to put it into action I might add with their finger on the nuclear button.

  • I appreciate the fact that this was posted to bring awareness to the historicity of the Bible, but as a biblical archaeologist I should point out that archaeologists have serious reservations about this find. This has not been verified, and some of the names mentioned are known liars. Instead of helping, many of these types of “evidences” damage the credibility of God’s Word. Let’s stick with the excellent finds we already do have and that have brought the liberals closer to the truth and avoid these types of sensationalistic stories.

  • Real Talk

    Charli Dog and Is This Better you have many good points
    and I feel your frustration but you just can’t fix stupid. To Kay Briskey and
    Iron Tub the Bible is like a made for TV movie that is loosely based on a true
    story. The bible is great for weak minded people who are afraid of reality. It
    provides comfort in the promise of a wonderful after life and gives
    its believers a means to not accept any responsibility. This way as all
    these atrocities continue happening to humanity due to the negligence
    of people, you can simply look skyward and say it was Gods

    What the bible allows people to do is not fully embrace
    personal responsibility. This is aggravating to theists because we realize that
    in the big picture, the world is a sum of its parts. The problem with this
    is all the bible huggers are too lost in there fairytale focusing on the afterlife
    they are failing to address the real world atrocities that are
    happening right here right now. If only the time spent going to church or
    reading that fictional book that may as well be located next to the latest
    Stephen King novel, so that you may find comfort and refuge from the manmade
    hell we are creating on this earth….if only that time could or would be spent
    doing something that really mattered right here right now. I also think of the
    churches greed and there tax exempt statues every time that collection plate is
    passed around so that fake who carries out the greatest hustle of all time can
    make the payment on his Cadillac and house that puts yours to shame all in his
    holly name! What if all that money you threw away every week could be used to
    address real causes that really matter in your community think how much better
    the world could be then…God sure isn’t making anything better but we sure

    Also to all you arrogant self-righteous bible
    believers….and I say that because your vanity recreates God in man’s own
    image…that’s vain…but also because you say there is only one god your god.
    So you got it right and all the other people of the world who have different
    beliefs got it wrong? If there was one true god…why isn’t there one religion?
    and what of the people whom live in the remotest parts this world has to offer,
    people whom have never heard of your “God” shall they to suffer the
    wrath of your foretold rapture and suffer the eternal flames of hell because
    they did not embrace your fictional God?

    Wake up shepole we are
    all gods because we are all creators we are all working to create the reality
    we live in right here right now. So the sooner you wake up and stop wasting
    your time finding comfort and refuge in a book, from this sinful world you
    are creating by looking skyward and failing to take personal responsibly and
    action for the better off humanity as a whole will be.

    • Tuff Guy

      If you click on “Is This Better”‘s (aka “god”) name and view his disqus profile and other posts, you will find he is an infantile troll who is really into retarded unicorn poop which he wants to sell.
      Do not waste any time or energy trying to engage him in thoughtful exchange.

  • Dallas Fox Jr.

    I’m sorry. There are literally thousands of flood stories from every religion and culture of ancient times.
    It’s not proof that The Bible is correct. It
    proves all those stories about The Flood are correct, not just that of
    The Bible. Don’t get me wrong, it is
    amazing that we’ve found a possible relic to confirm all the stories. Not all, but many of these old stories had people building
    massive ships. Finding this was a win for everyone. It is unfortunate that we can’t get in there and really go to town studying it.

  • eric dub

    Hi, new to the discussion but ive read all the replys, i dont know all the facts or whats true or what isnt, i will tell you what i know, i believe in a higher power, i believe we were all and everything was created from some where, weather its god, jesus, ala, budda, just believe that we were created from somewhere, i do not believe in religion, im so conflicted on the bible that, my beliefs are, god didnt make the bible, jesus didnt make the bible, the emporer constintine and a bunch of priest who were running around chopping muslims heads off made the bible, so how can you belive whats in it???? The church made a power move, just like any politican would make, they said your gona believe this this and that and if you dont you will suffer or burn in hell, and all the followers looked to them for guidence and anwsers, what about all the other books that were suppost to be in the bible the church denied?? The book of sarah, the book of enoch, i belive there is a total of 36 books that took out of the bible, cuz it would contradict with what the CHURCH was trying to teach as a power move on thier part, how may friggin priest are out there rapeing little boys??? Religion was created by man, and it sparked the worlds biggest arguement, i believe god is most likely real, but religion is a joke, yes i believe prob a few of the stories in the bible are legit, but that dosent mean i agree with all of it cuz its the truth or even real. People know right from wrong, and people should be free to have theree own rights to thier own beliefs, i find it messed up when a person trys to push and push thier beliefs on you, or judges you for what you do believe, who the hell are you to judge me? If there is a god, only he can judge me, not you and your opinions and views on god or religion or anything else at that matter, you should love everybody, no matter who they are or what they believe, thats just whats logical in my brain

  • Jeremy

    I just want to leave this message to any atheist that will read it. I’m a true believwer of God and his son Jesus Christ, my savior. I have accepted Christ and his teachings and have been baptized as described in the Bible. I am a Christian. I believe in heaven and hell. Think about this. If what I believe is real I will have eternal life in heaven. If it isn’t then I will have lived my life suitable to my liking and raised my 1 son if I’m not blessed with any more children just the way I wanted to until I die just the same as any non believer. If what I believe is true though I will have an eternal life in heaven as I said and any atheist or non believer in Christ according to the word of God will burn in eternal hell. Therefore why would any one want to even take a chance at being wrong about God and live eternal life in Hell. If it turns up there is no God then I still got to live this life just the same but the reward for
    believing there is a God far outweighs not bbelieving. Just something to think about. Trying to take away any hope that a Christian has doesn’t make

    • RowanVT

      Pascal’s wager, been there, done that.

      First- It’s insulting to God. Pretending to believe? You think he won’t notice the difference, if he exists? And believing *only* to avoid punishment? Doesn’t that tell you something about the nature of your deity that should make you uncomfortable? I can’t *make* myself actually believe. Either you do, or you don’t.
      Second- Why is the option “nothing” or “Christian God”… what if the real deity is Odin? You’re going to end up in a hell equivalent anyway because you’re praying to the wrong deity!
      Third- The existence of Hell makes God an immoral monster.

    • Slappy!

      Wow, that’s a true Christian for you. “I believe because I’m afraid of what’ll happen if I dont!”

      that’s exactly how they brainwashed you. “LOVE JESUS OR YOU BURN FOREVER!” Your religion has nothing to do with love and tolerance. Your Vatican could clothe and feed the majority of the planet, but it’d rather have chairs of gold and precious stones, ENORMOUS mega-churches, and use their considerable wealth to bail out pedophiles and relocate them, instead of excommunicating them and throwing them in jail like they should have done.

      Billions and billions of dollars in their coffers, and they have the nerve to keep asking for more every week. Your religion is a way to keep the weak-minded in line with “rewards” for being good while they’re alive.

  • Andy McWilliams

    What’s the geographic coordinance? I can’t find it on Google Maps.

  • Faye

    Could be any ancient ship, why does it have to be Noah’s Ark?

  • trooper4truth

    This the the most revealing story of the story of Noah’s Ark I have seen and read. I have heard many accounts of this but never with such telling scientific proof.

  • DunderheadScott

    Believers, there is no point in arguing with Atheists as they are more or less high-functioning autistics.

    Sort of like an idiot savant, just without the savant part.

    • JamesD423 .

      Did you even read the article you linked to? I’m guessing you didn’t, as: 1) You would think someone who wants to play the intelligence card would understand something as elementary as “correlation v. causation.” 2) The researchers responsible for the study posited the high rate of atheism amongst the autistic people in the study (which comprised only 192 internet posters and 61 surveyed, by the way) is probably caused by “common autistic spectrum behaviors such as a preference for logical beliefs and a distrust of metaphor and figures of speech.” See, even autistics realize religion is illogical and that the Bible is just a collection of metaphors and figures of speech, as opposed to the literal word of “God.” 3) The last paragraph very clearly says, “This doesn’t mean that a huge proportion of atheists are high functioning autistics…”

      I think what you meant to say was: “…no point in arguing with atheists, as you will lose, because they tend to base their arguments on actual science from trustworthy, peer-reviewed scientists like Lorence G. Collins (who has published a point-by-point refutation of every “fact” in this article), as opposed to hack “biblical archeologists” like Ron Wyatt (who also claims to have found the Ark of the Covenant, the true crucifixion site, Noah’s grave, the Ten Commandment tablets, and many other biblical sites/artifacts).”

  • Jeff Dunetz

    There’s only one problem…if you read the specifications in the bible, Noah’s Ark was square

    • Slappy!

      Shh, that doesn’t matter.


  • Paulette Whinnery

    Others have come down with small pieces of the arc. This is pretty exciting. The last I heard, Mt. Ararat was closed down to the public after they found evidence of the Arc. The local gov’t. doesn’t want the rest of the world to find it. It doesn’t really matter. One day, God will want it to be exposed to the world. When that day comes, no man on earth will be able to prevent it.

  • Chris

    How did they control the climates for all the different enviornments required to maintain certain species? How did they get land animals from other disconnected continents? Did all the aquatic life get killed off or did he set up aquariums that were temperature controlled for each type of species both fresh water and salt water? There’s holes in the story that cannot be proven that we all know are absolutely required for the maintenance of some species and life to exist and you can’t say two by two it all magically happened and if it did magically happen then there would have been no need for any human intervention whatsoever because god could have simply snapped his finger and every single form of life on the planet could have fallen over dead (save the few humans and the two of every species he so saw fit to save). Faith isn’t believing if it’s unsubstantiated with common sense. BTW I’m not an athesist. I’m simply a realist common sense thinker.

  • tahiti 5000

    You are free to believe this nonsense, but the fact remains that all religious beliefs are nothing more than fantasy and fairy tales.

  • Joseph George

    Too bad that Geological evidence is absolutely opposed to a world wide flood 😛

    • Joe A Gonzalez

      If you had never been further than the next town in your life and one day the world all that you have seen in life and all that you have traveled to was underwater – your world will have flooded. There is geological evidence of large scale flooding within the described area

      • Joseph George

        You, a non-literialist, is not whom my post was addressed to than, was it?

  • Jerritte Couture

    The author of this article should have done more research before writing this piece. Most, if not all, of this article has been debunked by a much more unbiased source — a source that would be all over this if it were true:

  • Edward Sartorius

    I just have one thing to say. Why havnt this been on ancient aliens yet?

  • Pat Thompson Gosnell

    This is so very interesting.. I really enjoyed reading it…. I’ve heard for many years, that they thought they had found Noah’s Ark, but I’m totally convinced now, that they have really found it !! Even the Bible says it came to rest upon Mt. Ararat…. That’s enough proof for me… This is such a great find, the Ark that was built by Noah’s own hands !!! This is truly amazing !

    • Real Talk

      Mindless drone…you are the perfect example of why this country is failing! You believe everything you read…you should do a little research and put some of your own thought into the matter. The bible says it so that’s all the proof you need…really? Your what I refer to as shepole and your not alone in fact there are so many of you our country is going to Hell but all the mindless shepole sit quietly in their mindless bliss clenching their bibles telling themselves their fake idealistic god will make it ok !

      • Slappy!

        I guarantee that none of these “christians” on this board know what it actually takes to get into heaven. They just think that showing up at church, and apologizing on Sunday for what they did Saturday, and what they will continue to do Sunday is enough.

        Eat the cracker, drink the wine, go to heaven.
        Ignorance abound.

  • W5TFW

    :-) I want to THANK all of you ! it was INTERESTING to READ all the COMMENTS below. seems to me that MORE lives have been LOST due to RELIGION than have EVER been saved. I wonder just how many have died in the name of religion. WARS, Witch hunts, etc. I personally don’t believe in ANY of them. I do however believe in EVERYONE’S RIGHT to WORSHIP whatever they choose to.

  • Not big enough

  • xoxozo

    My oh my…you mean the Media outlets didn’t cover this???? Maybe we should let them know??

  • Joseph Morgan

    Ok, its not typical of me to get into arguments about religion but I have noticed many comments from both sides of the argument about religion and an existence of god but not one shred of evidence from either side of the isle…….so I thought I would add it here for you all here who actually care to read any informed scholar. Hold on to your hats Christians-one of your very own will show you what you didn’t wish to know about your religion and churches worldwide since the very beginning, with fact and proof of it so you can make an educated decision. The book is called Misquoting Jesus and is written by Bart D Ehrman-a world renowned biblical scholar. The book is the story behind who changed the bible and why and can be ordered at any book store. Read it before repeatedly speaking what you don’t actually know.

  • Michael

    These comments bickering back and forth has to be the best entertainment iv’e had in a bit. Darn those intelligent cavemen… Wonder if the ark was insured by geico? (: lol

  • Jackie

    I say let people believe what they choose to believe and stop putting other peoples religions down. As long as your religion isn’t hurting anyone mentally or physically then mind your own business! Every individual will find out on their own if what they believe is true when they die. If you go to heaven then boom your faith in God is correct if nothing happens well then I guess nothing happens and if you go to hell well then maybe you should have chosen another path for yourself. The world is uncertain and the human race will never know all the answers because we were not meant to know because our brains are not capable of handing it. Good luck people in all you do but no matter what you believe always treat others with kindness and respect because no person has all the answers and no person is perfect.

  • Pheonixx vapors

    im not saying it was aliens…but…

  • JibberFU

    This is bullsh1it for stupid americans and there is no shortage of them.

    • Tuff Guy

      Thank God for Wikipedia!
      I’m out.

  • Mike McFall

    The date of the flood is often given as before 2000BC which is well before the iron age and yet they have iron nails.

  • K-Kat

    Awesome. Absolutely amazing. That’s all I have to say

  • Kristin Newman

    Science wasn’t intended to prove or disprove our Creator. Science was a tool used by our Creator to create His creation. It drives me crazy that people put distance between God and science. God used science as a means to create. I am a Christian, and it doesn’t take a lot of brain cells to understand this concept! It must be a cold hard existence for all the non-believers; to believe when we die we go back to dust and that is it. No wonder you are filled with anger and hate. I would rather live in faith believing there is a God and this life isn’t “it” for us. I would rather live the way the Bible says and take a chance on going to heaven rather than not and going to hell if it really is true. Even if it isn’t true and we only go to the dirt atleast I lived a life full of love, peace, and faith. With that being said, I was not trying to be blasphamist, I speak logically. I would rather live by my faith and be happy than live in the cold existence these atheists live. I love God with my entire existence and praise Him for sending our Savior Jesus Christ to die on the cross for my sins. God loves you, and I pray you go to Him before it is too late. He will forgive you, and He will show you His grace and mercy. I was a horrible sinner then like a perfect storm He came into my life with power that sent me to my knees. I went to Him and I refuse to ever go back!

    • Susan Vorbeck

      To assume all Atheists are full of hate and cold is laughable. Why is it everyone always has to insult the other side instead of just letting them be? I assure you there are hundreds of thousands of Atheists that live perfectly happy lives. They are charitable and kind and giving of themselves. They lover their fellow man and live by a strong moral code. They simply don’t believe in God. In fact, I know plenty of Atheists that act more “Christian” than the Christians!!!

    • RowanVT

      I’m an atheist. I believe we cease to exist when we die. So therefore I spend as much time with friends and family as I can, because I love them and this short life is my only chance to be with them. I cram as much happiness into my life as I can.

      My only anger is for religious folk who assume I must be a bitter person because my life is ‘meaningless’. I have given my life meaning, I have chosen the meaning, which is much more satisfying than having some voice on high saying “This is your meaning, and you just have to accept it.” No, I don’t have to just accept it. I can make of my life what I will. So I have chosen the path of the Healer, and work at a veterinary hospital saving the animals that make other people happy. I regularly take on animal rescues and re-home them, thus making more people happy.

      I don’t need an outside source to be happy and peaceful. I can look within myself.

  • sindexter

    Ancient humans have even built bigger ships than this , but does anyone honestly think that two of every creature on the planet were stored on board ?

  • XeYoT@m@

    MyronJPoltroonian – You Sir, have quite a brilliant mind. I would enjoy sharing a cup of coffee with you.

  • lather

    LOL… The level of dumb here hurts. How old are you people?

    Metal detector surveys found a regular pattern of ‘hot spots’ which
    could be joined to reveal a regular pattern of ‘lines’ lengthwise and
    across the inside of the formation only.

    Reality: A standard beach combing type metal detector (the type with a
    disc-shaped detector head on the end of a long pole) indeed found ‘hot
    spots,’ but these were randomly distributed and not in a regular pattern
    along lines.

    Claim: Metal detecting surveys using a ‘molecular frequency
    generator/discriminator’ mapped out these ‘iron lines,’ which represent
    longitudinal and cross beams containing iron nails and /or brackets.

    Reality: Qualified scientists have been independently consulted about
    this gadget, which is generally advertised in treasure-hunting
    magazines, not scientific journals. They are unanimous that there are no
    scientific principles employed.

    Claim: The pattern of ‘iron lines’ that was located by the metal
    detecting surveys and marked out by plastic tape was duplicated and
    verified by other subsurface techniques including ground penetrating, or
    subsurface interface, radar surveys.

    Reality: This claim is utterly false, yet it has been persistently used
    to give credence to diagrams purporting to show the internal structure
    of a boat, namely Noah’s Ark.

    Claim: In the walls that define the outline of the boat-shape is
    evidence of a former ship’s ribs, presumably the timbers that formed
    part of the original keel structure/hull.

    Reality: These walls are simply hardened mud, containing boulders of the
    various local rock types. They contain no petrified wood holding in the
    mud in any way reminiscent of the outer planking of a wooden hulled

    Claim: There are trainloads and boatloads of petrified wood out there and it is all in the boat structure.

    Reality: No trained scientist of the many who have visited the site has
    ever seen any sign of these ‘trainloads’ of petrified wood. Geologist
    Dr. Bayraktutan has collected one or two small fragments of
    semi-petrified wood which in his opinion have flowed on to the site
    within the mud from elsewhere. He confirms that none of the regular rock
    types of the site are petrified wood.

    Claim: Soil samples from the site indicate the residue of a decayed wooden vessel with sophisticated metals used for bracing

    Reality: It is true that the samples contained iron, aluminum, titanium
    and carbon, but such elements are always to be found in soils.

    Claim: Some pitch has been found (pitch was used to cover the inside and outside of the Ark’s wooden structure) at the site.

    Reality: No sample containing pitch has been openly produced and submitted for proper scientific analyses.

    Claim: A rusted metal bracket and other fittings and metal artifacts,
    including a ‘petrified rivet’ and ‘washer structures,’ have all been
    located ‘on the site.’

    Reality: Results do not show any evidence of exotic metallurgy.

    Claim: Rocks found within the formation have a high manganese content
    and an appearance that suggests that they were probably
    ‘tailings’/’slag’ from metal smelting/refining production by Noah and

    Reality: No microscope thin section has been produced to show whether
    the samples collected and claimed to be slag do in fact have the
    internal texture and mineral composition of a true slag.

    Claim: Positively identified animal coprolite (fossilized animal dung),
    animal hair, and ‘animal antlers’ are all reported from the site and are
    thus further confirmation that this site contains the remains of Noah’s

    Reality: The finding of such animal residues in association with the
    site is hardly surprising when one considers that animals are likely to
    have roamed across these Turkish hillsides for thousands of years.


    Metal detector surveys found a regular pattern of ‘hot spots’ which
    could be joined to reveal a regular pattern of ‘lines’ lengthwise and
    across the inside of the formation only.

    Reality: A standard beach combing type metal detector (the type with a
    disc-shaped detector head on the end of a long pole) indeed found ‘hot
    spots,’ but these were randomly distributed and not in a regular pattern
    along lines.

    Claim: Metal detecting surveys using a ‘molecular frequency
    generator/discriminator’ mapped out these ‘iron lines,’ which represent
    longitudinal and cross beams containing iron nails and /or brackets.

    Reality: Qualified scientists have been independently consulted about
    this gadget, which is generally advertised in treasure-hunting
    magazines, not scientific journals. They are unanimous that there are no
    scientific principles employed.

    Claim: The pattern of ‘iron lines’ that was located by the metal
    detecting surveys and marked out by plastic tape was duplicated and
    verified by other subsurface techniques including ground penetrating, or
    subsurface interface, radar surveys.

    Reality: This claim is utterly false, yet it has been persistently used
    to give credence to diagrams purporting to show the internal structure
    of a boat, namely Noah’s Ark.

    Claim: In the walls that define the outline of the boat-shape is
    evidence of a former ship’s ribs, presumably the timbers that formed
    part of the original keel structure/hull.

    Reality: These walls are simply hardened mud, containing boulders of the
    various local rock types. They contain no petrified wood holding in the
    mud in any way reminiscent of the outer planking of a wooden hulled

    Claim: There are trainloads and boatloads of petrified wood out there and it is all in the boat structure.

    Reality: No trained scientist of the many who have visited the site has
    ever seen any sign of these ‘trainloads’ of petrified wood. Geologist
    Dr. Bayraktutan has collected one or two small fragments of
    semi-petrified wood which in his opinion have flowed on to the site
    within the mud from elsewhere. He confirms that none of the regular rock
    types of the site are petrified wood.

    Claim: Soil samples from the site indicate the residue of a decayed wooden vessel with sophisticated metals used for bracing

    Reality: It is true that the samples contained iron, aluminum, titanium
    and carbon, but such elements are always to be found in soils.

    Claim: Some pitch has been found (pitch was used to cover the inside and outside of the Ark’s wooden structure) at the site.

    Reality: No sample containing pitch has been openly produced and submitted for proper scientific analyses.

    Claim: A rusted metal bracket and other fittings and metal artifacts,
    including a ‘petrified rivet’ and ‘washer structures,’ have all been
    located ‘on the site.’

    Reality: Results do not show any evidence of exotic metallurgy.

    Claim: Rocks found within the formation have a high manganese content
    and an appearance that suggests that they were probably
    ‘tailings’/’slag’ from metal smelting/refining production by Noah and

    Reality: No microscope thin section has been produced to show whether
    the samples collected and claimed to be slag do in fact have the
    internal texture and mineral composition of a true slag.

    Claim: Positively identified animal coprolite (fossilized animal dung),
    animal hair, and ‘animal antlers’ are all reported from the site and are
    thus further confirmation that this site contains the remains of Noah’s

    Reality: The finding of such animal residues in association with the
    site is hardly surprising when one considers that animals are likely to
    have roamed across these Turkish hillsides for thousands of years.

    Metal detector surveys found a regular pattern of ‘hot spots’ which
    could be joined to reveal a regular pattern of ‘lines’ lengthwise and
    across the inside of the formation only.

    Reality: A standard beach combing type metal detector (the type with a
    disc-shaped detector head on the end of a long pole) indeed found ‘hot
    spots,’ but these were randomly distributed and not in a regular pattern
    along lines.

    Claim: Metal detecting surveys using a ‘molecular frequency
    generator/discriminator’ mapped out these ‘iron lines,’ which represent
    longitudinal and cross beams containing iron nails and /or brackets.

    Reality: Qualified scientists have been independently consulted about
    this gadget, which is generally advertised in treasure-hunting
    magazines, not scientific journals. They are unanimous that there are no
    scientific principles employed.

    Claim: The pattern of ‘iron lines’ that was located by the metal
    detecting surveys and marked out by plastic tape was duplicated and
    verified by other subsurface techniques including ground penetrating, or
    subsurface interface, radar surveys.

    Reality: This claim is utterly false, yet it has been persistently used
    to give credence to diagrams purporting to show the internal structure
    of a boat, namely Noah’s Ark.

    Claim: In the walls that define the outline of the boat-shape is
    evidence of a former ship’s ribs, presumably the timbers that formed
    part of the original keel structure/hull.

    Reality: These walls are simply hardened mud, containing boulders of the
    various local rock types. They contain no petrified wood holding in the
    mud in any way reminiscent of the outer planking of a wooden hulled

    Claim: There are trainloads and boatloads of petrified wood out there and it is all in the boat structure.

    Reality: No trained scientist of the many who have visited the site has
    ever seen any sign of these ‘trainloads’ of petrified wood. Geologist
    Dr. Bayraktutan has collected one or two small fragments of
    semi-petrified wood which in his opinion have flowed on to the site
    within the mud from elsewhere. He confirms that none of the regular rock
    types of the site are petrified wood.

    Claim: Soil samples from the site indicate the residue of a decayed wooden vessel with sophisticated metals used for bracing

    Reality: It is true that the samples contained iron, aluminum, titanium
    and carbon, but such elements are always to be found in soils.

    Claim: Some pitch has been found (pitch was used to cover the inside and outside of the Ark’s wooden structure) at the site.

    Reality: No sample containing pitch has been openly produced and submitted for proper scientific analyses.

    Claim: A rusted metal bracket and other fittings and metal artifacts,
    including a ‘petrified rivet’ and ‘washer structures,’ have all been
    located ‘on the site.’

    Reality: Results do not show any evidence of exotic metallurgy.

    Claim: Rocks found within the formation have a high manganese content
    and an appearance that suggests that they were probably
    ‘tailings’/’slag’ from metal smelting/refining production by Noah and

    Reality: No microscope thin section has been produced to show whether
    the samples collected and claimed to be slag do in fact have the
    internal texture and mineral composition of a true slag.

    Claim: Positively identified animal coprolite (fossilized animal dung),
    animal hair, and ‘animal antlers’ are all reported from the site and are
    thus further confirmation that this site contains the remains of Noah’s

    Reality: The finding of such animal residues in association with the
    site is hardly surprising when one considers that animals are likely to
    have roamed across these Turkish hillsides for thousands of years.

    • keepthechange2

      Well, sounds like we should all throw out our bibles and join up with Captain Atheist here

  • Chrisdee

    Just wondering if anyone else found it a little odd and rather improbable that after this ‘ark’ suffered through the petrification process, slid almost 1 mile down a mountain side and endured a violent earth quake that cracked the encasing mud revealing this object (and whatever else nature decided throw at this object), after all this a cat hair was discovered?? that is a remarkable discovery indeed considering the conditions

  • Sean Letcher

    What a load of theist garbage. I have rocks like that here in Oregon. I still want the answer to the child-stoning gig…. I guess there must be at least one thing that’s moral to stone a child for, right?

  • Tony

    The flow of a logical discussion/debate; hypothesis, thesis, antithesis. The fact that each side has resorted to name calling and bully tactics is uncalled for. By the way it is okay to agree to disagree. The moment a point of view resorts to anything other than objectivity the conversation digresses quickly as exhibited in many of the posts in this discussion thread. It’s a shame because the article was at the least informative regardless of my opinion on such matters. It’s also a shame that even a crack addict has asked “Why can’t we all just get along?” Oh, that’s right I forgot this forum has digressed to pushing personal agendas like a dope pusher peddling drugs.

  • Garrett

    How do I know their is a God? Simple as this. Create a blade of grass using nothing. Don’t use air, earth, water or seeds and produce one blade of grass. It can’t be done. Explain how people who have died and came back from the dead can recall everything outside their body? They saw people in other rooms and could recount what they where doing at the time. Explain how someone can meet a dead relative in the afterlife whom they never meet in the living flesh know so much detain about them? Read the book, Heaven is for real. It was told by a boy who had died on the operating table. Saw his parents in two separate rooms and recounted what they where doing. Went to heaven, met his sister who had no name because she died before she was born and was able to tell his parents about this with no prior knowledge of even having a sister. He met his uncle and told his father stories about what they did as a kid together. He had no knowledge of that either. You are so quick to put down Christians for believing in God and in the bible because we have lack of sufficient evidence to prove his existence but at the same time believe everything a scientists says to be true when all they give is theory’s of what may have happened. Remember man once believed the earth was flat. You put your trust in people who make claims and are proven wrong time and time again? The truth is Atheists are looking for physical proof and are scared to look like a fool if they put their belief in the wrong thing. You stand outside the boat laughing and mocking us for what? You think we care if you think we look like fools sitting in a boat in the middle of a desert? To us it doesn’t matter what you think of us, all that matters is what God thinks of us when we meet him. When I die, I will have lost nothing because I believed in Jesus. If I am right I will have gained everything. I will leave you with one last thought. Does science only uncovers how God creates his miracles? I pray you look past your ill experience with Christianity and give it another look, understand we are all sinners, we even as Christians make mistakes and sometimes push people away because we don’t have all the answers but that is not a good reason to dismiss it all together. I don’t dismiss science completely but I have to question some of the things they say are true. Good night and may God bless this world.

    • George Walden

      How do you know their what is a God?

  • Charles

    Whether or not there really was a Noah’s Ark, this is not it (there IS geologic evidence of epic rain and flooding and many flood myths/folklore to go with it).

    Scientists have easily and clearly proven that this formation is NOT the remains of a boat or any man-made structure. Two contrary facts: flooding during any geological epoch could not possibly have reached this altitude, nor has there been remotely enough time for geologic uplifting to raise terrain to this altitude.

    • Josh Duncan

      What’s a good source? What’s the explanation for the ribs for example?

  • ScottishBrat

    I don’t for a moment think this is Noah’s Ark. While I would agree it could be a large ship, I believe the technology used in the manufacture of it indicates that it is not old enough to be Noah’s. I do not buy into the theory that he had advanced technology. While it’s a nice fantasy, I think the pilgrims were mistaken, and so are the people who are willing to believe it’s Noah’s Ark simply because it’s what they want to believe.

  • LiveWire
    The guy from Answers in Genesis even said it isn’t true.

  • Matthew R Webb

    I would assume that if there really was an arc as described in the Bible that there would be no evidence of it as the wood and other parts of the ship would have probably been reused in order to build shelters, therefore there would be no vessel left to leave a mark. I will admit to being Agnostic, not to be confused with Atheist. Do I believe in God? Not really. Do I think it is possible, sure. I just don’t find faith in the stories as others do. That isn’t to say I am against it at all, but rather to say I actually don’t know and have not experienced anything to cause me to believe. I could be wrong though, I will admit that.
    However, logic dictates that the arc itself would have been torn apart after and the material used for shelter and to rebuild habitats, therefore even if the arc was real there would probably be no physical evidence remaining. I don’t know about you, but if I survived a great flood and finally hit land then saw that this was the only viable building material around I would start to take apart the ship and use the materials to build more permanent shelters, leaving no evidence of the ship itself having actually been there.
    I am in no way trying to argue the truth of the arc story, but am simply not convinced, that if it was real, it wouldn’t have been torn apart for materials to build shelters. So I am convinced that real or not, there will never be any physical remnants of the ship left as it would have been turned into shelter.
    Why would anyone survive that type of event then not use the only viable material around to build themselves shelter?

  • Mindi Nield Wilford

    Just curious,

  • Derrick Timko

    Strange bible quotes‏
    Leviticus 25:44 “‘Your male and female slaves are to come from the nations around you; from them you may buy slaves. 45 You may also buy some of the temporary residents living among you and members of their clans born in your country, and they will become your property. 46 You can bequeath them to your children as inherited property and can make them slaves for life, but you must not rule over your fellow Israelites ruthlessly.

    Exodus 21:20 “Anyone who beats their male or female slave with a rod must be punished if the slave dies as a direct result, 21 but they are not to be punished if the slave recovers after a day or two, since the slave is their property.

    Genesis 19:33 That night they got their father to drink wine, and the older daughter went in and slept with him. He was not aware of it when she lay down or when she got up.
    34 The next day the older daughter said to the younger, “Last night I slept with my father. Let’s get him to drink wine again tonight, and you go in and sleep with him so we can preserve our family line through our father.” 35 So they got their father to drink wine that night also, and the younger daughter went in and slept with him. Again he was not aware of it when she lay down or when she got up.
    36 So both of Lot’s daughters became pregnant by their father.

    Deuteronomy 22:28 If a man happens to meet a virgin who is not pledged to be married and rapes her and they are discovered, 29 he shall pay her father fifty shekels of silver. He must marry the young woman, for he has violated her. He can never divorce her as long as he lives.

    Genesis 19:8 Look, I have two daughters who have never slept with a man. Let me bring them out to you, and you can do what you like with them. But don’t do anything to these men, for they have come under the protection of my roof.”

    1 Timothy 2:11 A woman should learn in quietness and full submission. 12 I do not permit a woman to teach or to assume authority over a man; she must be quiet. 13 For Adam was formed first, then Eve. 14 And Adam was not the one deceived; it was the woman who was deceived and became a sinner.

    1 Corinthians 14:33 For God is not a God of disorder but of peace—as in all the congregations of the Lord’s people. 34 Women should remain silent in the churches. They are not allowed to speak, but must be in submission, as the law says. 35 If they want to inquire about something, they should ask their own husbands at home; for it is disgraceful for a woman to speak in the church.

    Matthew 19: (Jesus Speaking) 9 I tell you that anyone who divorces his wife, except for sexual immorality, and marries another woman commits adultery.”

    1 Corinthians 7:10 To the married I give this command (not I, but the Lord): A wife must not separate from her husband. 11 But if she does, she must remain unmarried or else be reconciled to her husband. And a husband must not divorce his wife.

    Numbers 31: (Moses Speaking) 15 “Have you allowed all the women to live?” he asked them. 16 “They were the ones who followed Balaam’s advice and enticed the Israelites to be unfaithful to the LORD in the Peor incident, so that a plague struck the LORD’s people. 17 Now kill all the boys. And kill every woman who has slept with a man, 18 but save for yourselves every girl who has never slept with a man.

    2 Kings 6:27 The king replied, “If the LORD does not help you, where can I get help for you? From the threshing floor? From the winepress?” 28 Then he asked her, “What’s the matter?”
    She answered, “This woman said to me, ‘Give up your son so we may eat him today, and tomorrow we’ll eat my son.’ 29 So we cooked my son and ate him. The next day I said to her, ‘Give up your son so we may eat him,’ but she had hidden him.”

  • Joe
  • Carlos Pereira

    You people have absolutely lost your minds. Humanity is finished if people like yourselves don’t slowly begin to disappear.

    • Tuff Guy

      Carlos found snopes!!!! We’re all saved!!!
      Pleeeeeease stop now. Your are only about 1000 comments LATE!!!!

    • keepthechange2

      Seems to me humanity is worse off for lack of faith. It’s been just fine without you Carlos. And don’t worry someday we will all dissappear “like a theif in the night” 😉

  • Ron Gilbert

    I really doubt that this is the Ark from the Bible. The shape is incorrect. The Biblical account gives the exact dimensions of the Ark and it does not look like a ship that we see today. It would have looked like a giant barge.

  • Joel Previte

    I read thru many of these comments and what strikes me is not that guys like Charlidog and Justin Taylor simply don’t believe in God or this is the Ark of Noah or anything else, it’s that they can’t fathom that they COULD even possibly be wrong or God COULD exist. It seems that if science was always correct theories wouldn’t change… EVER

    Global warming, there’s a good example of supposedly “settled” science

  • Kim in CA

    The location is correct! The shape is all wrong! Why do people insist to make it shaped like a boat?! Those were not Gods instructions, Noah did just so! So as Gods instructions. Its foolishness. Its like people dont really read the bible. I was hoping this pic would show it as the long retangle it is!

  • straightarrow

    You shouldn’t argue with idiots. They don’t understand reason and they will beat you with their experience….as idiots

  • straightarrow

    Charlidog. Evolution is a scientifically proved farce. Darwin himself admitted that later in his life

    • Ron Gilbert

      You are correct. He stated just before he died that he did not believe it could be proven and that he merely wrote it as a “what if”.

  • straightarrow

    @charlidog. Congratulations. You have just won the idiot of the world award. Self proclaimed athiests puzzel me. They don’t believe in God, but they still get married, teach their kids not to steal, Obey laws etc. If there is no God there are no laws no morals, and no reason to get married. You will say these rules came from man. Man is to selfish to come up with these laws and morals. You don’t have to teach your kids not to share their toys. They naturally don’t want to share. Our laws and morals came from the Ten Commandments and from Jesus in the new testimate

  • crq

    I remember when I was a kid that there were reports of the “finding of Noah’s Ark in Turkey”. But nothing ever seemed to come from it. Nice to know there’s some follow up.

    • Tuff Guy

      SOME follow up. There will never be enough to prove or disprove any of it because it is a very difficult endeavor and there in no significant or immediate financial gain to be had by any outcome. I wonder what the Vatican would say if asked to fund a COMPLETE investigation of the site?

  • Jeana Roper

    Because than the would have to believe.

  • usmcb10

    IT is easy to say there is no god here in the US it costs you nothing,but if you had craawled through some of the jungles I have or walked some of the streets in the middle east our troops have I believe you would change your mind.Old saying ‘I never met an athiest in a foxhole’ think about it I’am just saying

    • Tuff Guy

      I seriously doubt the conviction of anyone who “finds” God out of desperation. That’s way too easy.

  • Rabelad

    There is one aspect of this which does not support the notion of it having been Noah’s Ark. This craft in Turkey has a pointed bow and a pointed stern. Such pointed front and rear ends are only necessary when the craft is put under wind power. If a craft is powered by wind it requires both a pointed bow and pointed stern to reduce resistance as it is pushed through the water. But as the biblical description Noah’s Ark goes, there was no mention of that craft having been put under power. Noah’s craft had no purpose other than to ride out a flood and to do that all that was necessary was for it to simply bob around in the water for the duration of the voyage. The imaginative characterizations of Noah’s Ark by artists that we’ve all seen as kids have prompted us to expect to see a pointed bow and stern, yet strictly from a nautical standpoint, these features would have been utterly pointless (pun intended). Truly, there was no need for the builders of Noah’s Ark to go through an immense amount of trouble to incorporate such features into the design. So Noah’s Ark was most likely nothing more than a big square barge and this craft doesn’t fit the function of the biblical narrative of Noah’s Ark. I suggest that this craft was created by the ancients for a purpose other than riding out a worldwide flood, for the purpose of transporting goods and animals from specific departure points to specific destinations.

    • Tuff Guy

      Welcome to the discussion…good luck.

    • Ron Gilbert

      If you go by the Biblical account of the dimensions, you will find that if you were to build it by the very same instructions that Noah followed from God, it was a barge not a pointed bow or stern.

  • ccryder

    These atheist folks are so angry – why is that?

    • bobcollum

      Stupidity angers them.

  • Kcandi video about question to atheists if you haven’t seen it yet…

  • Brat Wingz

    This is not new news. It’s been known for years.

  • Carleton Bailie

    YEARs ago I had the pleasur of meeting with and talking at great lenghts to Jim Irwin Apollo 15 and a moonwalker–he invited me to attend a talk he was giving on his years of searching for the ark-He was a man of God and if this is true I am sure he is up there feeling very satisfied he proofed his distractors wrong–at one time and not noted to highly -if at all in the news nasa had an “X-Ray ” type sat in the shuttles cargo bay and it was being used to “find underground water” for poor countries-I heard it also used certain co-ordinates where the ARK was supposed to be to see if they saw anything-it could “see” several feet or meters through the topsoil–fact or fiction?? depends on which side you beleive

  • Kcandi

    Whether or not you believe in Jesus and His message of love (even of ‘thine enemies’) , you have to admit that that belief is the only thing keeps most of them from killing you. Good deal for the atheists.

  • amdatme

    I don’t know if this is the Ark or not, but I do find the article to be interesting. That said, it always amazes me that athiests will use so much effort to attack the God that they don’t believe exists. This borders on being insane… not too different than arguing with the wind. Athiests continually attack Christians as venomously as they can…. much like Satan, their god does… only they don’t really know that they are inhabited and controlled by Satan. My prayer is that they will be awakened and will be saved before their death…. some will, but most will not.

  • Earl Diver Weaver

    I love the United States of America – any other country would ban these and all comments that we as citizens can make about anything we want to – Oh by the way – GOD Bless you all !!!

  • David Needham

    According to my math and Google, 300 cubits is 13,716 centimeters, or 450 feet. Not 515 feet.

  • Jody Hurt

    This is also true if Mt Sinai. It was discovered in Iran, but the Iranians do not want the world to believe in Christianity, so they have fenced it off and made it off limits to ANYONE!! THERE is a video about it, I believe it is called the burning mountain or mountain of fire. It has been awhile since I have seen it. The world doesn’t want to give Christians the facts!!

  • 914

    “Noah’s Ark Has Been Found. Why Are They Keeping Us In The Dark?”

    The obvious answer is : The darkness is where ‘they’ are living..

  • AFMomXs2

    I never thought about people going to “See” the Ark after the flood… Boy what a great testament to behaving yourself and following Gods law or you too could end up drowning in your sin… Maybe we need to rebuild it ??

  • Delia Lopez ForCongress Much more info on archaeological finds confirming the Bible, the 8 DVD set will wet your whistle. There is so much evidence I need to write a book compiling it all!

  • tinker_thinker

    Very interesting…the article… and lefties trying to dispute science! LOL

  • Scott Alexander

    If they did indeed find a ship, it in no way proves what ship. If that is Noah’s Ark and it has been known for over 50 years no one would be able to stop the onslaught of religious from getting there. This could be what it claimed but this article offers no PROOF of it..

  • Sean Michael Parsons

    If you people think Noah and the ark are real, you are mentally retarded.

    • Paul Jackson

      You’re a special kind of stupid aren’t you?

      • Sean Michael Parsons

        Why don’t you explain it to me?

    • Wordmahn

      Okay, if you’re a smart guy, explain it to him. Really smart guys know that they still have things to learn and wont shy from open discussion just in case.

      • Sean Michael Parsons

        What morons don’t get is that when a subject has been settled, they don’t get to rehash the same tired old arguments and act as if they are some novel new idea. The bible is a poor piece of fiction that has never been right at any time on any thing. There was never a flood, there is zero evidence to suggest that it ever happened. Even if it did there is no way in less than two hundred years there was a culture building a tower to heaven as an offshoot of 8 people. You have to be retarded to believe anything in that ridiculous book. What more is there to say? Seriously, do you have ANYTHING new to add to this “discussion?”

        • Wordmahn

          If the subject is settled for YOU, then what are you doing here? For me the subject is settled by having come to exactly the opposite conclusion as you have arrived at. And so it is for many. Hence, people come to sites like these to discuss, debate, etc. If you think it’s all foolishness and you have nothing at to learn then you’re free to leave.

          At the high rates of reproduction of old-world cultures, do you know how many people would likely to result from four families (8 people) in 200 years’ time? The number is higher than most would at first imagine. Think, exponential expansion. Of course the tower would not literally reach to heaven. That was merely their boast. It was a statement of their intent. They were intent, the Bible tells us, to build a “city” (earthly establishment, government, culture, etc) and “tower” (a religious establishment), system of worship, etc) that would reach to heaven (a system that would transcend earthly limitations apart from God). And there were doing this apart from God and in direct disobedience to his commands. This tells us that within a short time after seeing the power of God’s judgement on the grandest earthly scale imaginable, humans had reverted to autonomous, rebellious intentions against God.

          The evidence for the Great Flood is literally all around you. Just for starters, can you tell me what naturalistic mechanism accounts for hundreds, even thousands, of feet of layers of fossil-encrusted sediments found all over the world? As I type these words I sit in a house built upon hundreds (at least) feet of sand, rolled gravel and boulders. I can see them in clear display in the road cuts leading to my home. So, if you’ve got it all figured out, please tell me how to account for all this.

          • Sean Michael Parsons

            You are obviously mentally ill. Seek professional help.

          • Wordmahn

            A fool does not delight in understanding, But only in revealing his own mind.

          • Wordmahn

            A fool does not delight in understanding, But only in revealing his own mind.

          • Sean Michael Parsons

            You sure do.

          • Wordmahn

            So, is that all you got? Scoffing and wisecracks?

          • Sean Michael Parsons

            You are obviously mentally ill and I don’t try to convince delusional people that they are delusional, I tell them to seek professional help.

          • Wordmahn

            Well that’s a tidy little racket you’ve got, Sean. You come in here casting scorn and derision AS IF YOU ACTUALLY KNEW SOMETHING, and when someone disagrees with you and gives you actual reasons for doing so, you pronounce them “mentally ill” and call it good. Any ignorant fool can spit out insults. I used to be pretty good at it. But then I graduated from Jr. High and grew up. If all you bring to the table is playground foolishness, don’t expect us to join you in your delusions of superiority. All you’ve demonstrated so far is your ignorance and cowardice. Have a nice day.

          • Sean Michael Parsons


  • Corey

    And people who are radicals of there own religion how done it again with another stupid/idiotic and dumb story. How stupid are you people??? All of a sudden they FIND Noah’s Ark. What a joke. Everyone who believes this probably believes the earth is just 5000 years old too. Religion needs to go for this dumb, dumb, DUMB downed so called discovery. Its amazing what people within a religion will say and claim.

  • ledberg

    Pretty heated discussion here. Let me say this, I am not an atheist nor would I say I am a Christian. Unlike EVERYONE arguing on here , I don’t know the answer. I will say that when I die I hope one of two things happen. Either I die and go to heaven or I die and nothing happens. I simply die. I would also say to the atheists on here, that on many occasions I have wandered into these waters and the non believers are always the ones to start conflict. I can see nothing wrong with Christians. They believe in peace and loving one another, so how can that be a bad thing? One thing I also notice is that you never see Atheists confronting Muslims on their faith. Why is that? Because they are so brave when confronting a pacifistic people but won’t confront Islam because they will kill them for it, and then the first thing they would do is pray to God…. Atheists run all over the country to confront Christianity, is it because they are simply afraid that their lifestyle will end them up somewhere they don’t want to be? As for me…Maybe there is a God and maybe not, but regardless the message on how to live your life should be something everyone can rally around. To the non believers here, find a message board on a story about Islam, let me know where it’s at and then I’ll come watch you tear into them. They would travel half way around the world to kill you if speak against Allah,,,,

    • ccryder

      Excellent post – spot on!

  • Lawren Downing

    Is it me or is it just a little too convenient this article comes out with a Noah movie right around the corner?

  • Jennifer Cain Kennedy

    I find the theory interesting and worth further study. This sight is close to Gobekli Tepe and the animal carvings at this sight has spark debate about who created it and why. Many religious texts reference actual historical places and events, not just the Bible but The Mahabharata from India, the Mesopotamians and oral traditions of the Native Americans. For me it is not a religious debate, these text give us clues into history and combined with archeology and geology open a window into history. Not everything has to devolve into a theological debate, sometimes it is just “WOW, that is really interesting. Let’s wait and see what happens next.”

  • Buddy Beckett

    So who to say there was a flood! Ol the BIBLE. You believe the way you want and let us!!! I wont knock your religion or lack thereof and you don’t knock ours!!!

    • Kadja2

      Actually other ancient cultures recorded the History of a world flood. If you bothered to take any History courses you would be aware of this so NO it’s not just in the Bible.

    • ccryder

      Who’s knocking your “religion”? Atheism is the lack of belief in God – it is not a religion, it’s an ideology. If you wish to be tolerated, you must do the same and tolerate the beliefs of others as well.

  • Ken Bowman

    From what I know about the era before the World Flood society had become advanced to the point of being almost equal to our era. Consider if something earth shattering happens today, how would it effect us now. We are dependant upon the electric grid for most everything. We know how to use the gadgets that make life easier for us but when they no longer function what happens? Our infrastructure fails us and our supply train ends. No electricity and no water flown, sewage backs up, food supplies to stores stops. Gas and Diesel fuel require electricity to pump it into fuel tanks.

    Society as we experience it ceases to function. The middle ages begin all over again.

    Before the world flood society must have been advanced enough to allow the creation of such a ship as is apparent with the discoveries being made. Metal working was known before the flood as is made evident with this article. When society ends from whatever reason everything must begin anew.

  • rotorhead8778

    Wow — some of these posts are a bit bizarre; spirituality and faith are deeply personal journeys best left to the individual pursuit and not debated on open forum. If you don’t want to believe in God, don’t; if you do believe in God, Great! For me personally, Faith by its very definition, needs no proof, no scientific evidence… unless of course, it’s not true faith but only belief. If all the biblical stories were scientifically proven as fact, an atheist would still find reason not to believe because he (she) has no faith… Whether biblical or not, finding something that old in and of itself is exciting enough!

  • Daniel from TN

    One reason governments want the discovery to remain a secret is because it will confirm an event mentioned in the Bible and contradict those who have insisted the Ark is nothing but a myth for decades. It will also contradict religions not based on the Bible.

  • Porphyry

    Aha! Noah was an extraterrestrial!

  • Rhonda Hunt

    we saw a video of this back in the mid 1990″s Ron Wyatt was involved in it,so this has been known for sometime and was shown I believe on the History Channel or another channel I can not remember for sure about 10 years or so ago,but was never widely known I don’t believe,from what I remember of the video they have some pretty strong evidence that it is the Ark of Noah,but have been unable to get back to eastern Turkey to confirm this discovery.—-Jim Hunt

  • Lucambrian

    The evidence seems incontrovertible, at least concerning the presence of man-made objects in this boat-shaped mound. Given the location, the history and the in situ artifacts, logic would seem to dictate that this is indeed the ark of Noah.

  • Orhan Orgun

    I was born and raised in Turkey. I remember that Noah’s Ark was “found” numerous times during my childhood and adolescence, at different places by different people. This is only one of those “finds.”

  • Brad Bryant


  • Jerry Powers

    LMAO!! It’s funny watching all the people on here call each other names just because of their opinions!

  • Hoodoo H

    Amen… Halleluiah.

  • rob

    Ron Wyatt’s biggest mistake was not mentioning that Noah’s son tried to sodomize the old man and that the Ark was a gay cruise ship…then the media would’ve been reporting about it ad nauseum…remember if you want the media to cover something always cry “racism” or delve into homosexuality…the same goes for anyone aspiring to win an Academy Award or producing a Broadway play…always stress the race/gay card!

  • Ken Peavey

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    email me for details and financing

  • SolontheWise

    Another aspect of historical truth ignored by the media is the book “Noah in Ancient Greek Art.” It contains an appendix describing much of what is written here, from the book by the late David Allen Deal, “Noah’s Ark: The Evidence.”
    The ancient Greeks knew exactly who Noah was. They called him Nereus (the Wet One) and Halios Geron (the Salt-Sea Old Man).
    You can see 37 ancient Greek images of Noah at

    Greek art, generally speaking, does not depict myths but rather boasts of the re-triumph of the way of Cain after the Flood.


      Thanks, for the links……


    Oh Ye of Little faith…The Ark was not all that Ron Wyatt found……Our Father Yahweh the Creator is the God of Truth……….Go to the web sites and see the rest of his evidences ….read the Truth behind them and watch the videos of his witness testimony……Ron was led by God to find many things , he had no funding except his own desire of his Heart and his faith in the Lord his findings were not predetermined corporate agenda results……The scoffers will scoff , but they will never change the Truth, you can not change Truth, It is constant and unwavering and it stands the test of time ….Ron found many of the major elements of God’s artifacts and of the Christian faith ……. Ron was also captured by Iranians and held prisoner, there is much more of Ron’s experience than just finding the Arc……and everyone can benefit from learning the Truth… can NOT explain away the elevated Iron in the soil analysis inside the Arc or the nails or hardware or the Rock that Moses split into and therefrom a river flowed or the alter of the Calf ( If these things are frauds why do the Arabs keep them behind security fences? or the garden tomb of Christ

  • MilitaryVeteran

    Facinating article! This should open up the discussion further. Much research to be done yet. Not a peep in the lame-stream media about it. That goes for most archaeological discoveries – particularly for controversial finds that question Man’s timeline of history. If it isn’t some Hollywood & drugs trash, it isn’t the media’s “news.” The media would rather fawn over Obama the fraud.

    • SolontheWise

      I recommend for true info on our origins.
      The DVD “The Serpent’s Side of Eden” is fantastic. Zeus and Hera are Adam and Eve, Their sons Hephaistos and Ares are Cain and Seth. Athena is Naamah (Genesis 4:22), Chiron is Ham, Hermes is Cush, and Nimrod is Herakles.

  • toenail

    Once again we see evidence that that our media is extremely biased. Basically most of the information presented by the media (both printed and televised) is really propaganda. The public is fed what the power elites desire you to know.

    • Watchman on the Wall

      That’s a grand understatement! Our media is owned and controlled by whom? Those same Jewish-led global elites who, through their secret societies such as Freemasonry and the Illuminati secretly worship and serve the father of lies, Satan. Satan is very real and seeks to deceive all of mankind to keep us from the truth of the Bible. It is 100% true and everything which conflicts with it is therefore a LIE!

  • If truth is optional, error is justifiable.
    In these times of deceit truth becomes revolutionary.
    What’s faith got to do with it…EVERYTHING!
    Complicity with error will take from the best of men the power to enter any successful protest against it.
    Whatever views they hold, are based upon disloyalty to the truth of Jehovah.

    • Watchman on the Wall

      The letter “J” did not appear in the Hebrew language until the 1500’s. The correct pronunciation of the tetragrammaton “YHWH,” is Yahuwah, as Todd G. Bennett explains in his book, “Names.”

      Yahushua, Jesus true Hebrew name, is the way, the TRUTH, and the life and no one comes to the Father but through Him, He tells us in John 14:6. Truth matters a great deal! The father of lies, Satan is very real and rules our world today; but not for much longer. His days are now sharply numbered.

      The truth is the most powerful weapon in the world. God’s people need to learn how to use it to expose the lies of those who rule our world today for precisely what they are. Nothing is as it first appears. All we were ever told or taught are hideous lies. It’s time to wake up to this unpleasant, but very real truth.

  • David


    •a few seconds ago



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    Joe, This past Sept, I was lucky enough to work with a group of missionaries in Armenia. While there, I was able to speak to several locals who repeated stories handed down from their Great-Grandfathers and Great-Uncles, that the Ark is still resting on Mt. Ararat because these folks had been there and had seen the Ark with their own eyes. During my trip, I was able to witness first hand evidence of events listed in the Bible, and as I learned that the locals I spoke with to be honest and devout individuals, I absolutely believe them. And by the way, Mt. Ararat used to be part of Armenia before the Ottoman Empires stole it from the people of Armenia

  • David

    Joe, This past Sept, I was lucky enough to work with a group of missionaries in Armenia. While there, I was able to speak to several locals who repeated stories handed down from their Great-Grandfathers and Great-Uncles, that the Ark is still resting on Mt. Ararat because these folks had been there and had seen the Ark with their own eyes. During my trip, I was able to witness first hand evidence of events listed in the Bible, and as I learned that the locals I spoke with to be honest and devout individuals, I absolutely believe them. And by the way, Mt. Ararat used to be part of Armenia before the Ottoman Empires stole it from the people of Armenia.

  • GeorgeHarris7

    You can call it strictly a huge coincidence, Jacob Tender. However, to adhere to the theory that the basic ingredients for all life forms, from the flowers, trees, beetles, frogs to the vertebrates, arrived here via a comet or asteroid and developed their individual forms over billions of years is a bit far-fetched, if you ask me.
    To believe that the mass of earth settled in just the right position from the sun such that we would burn up if we got much closer, or we would freeze if we ended up further away, seems too coincidental for me.
    To believe that our atmosphere is so composed that we are all able to breathe the air and not suffocate seems too coincidental to me.
    To believe that man expels carbon dioxide into the air and plants expel oxygen, which happen to be the ingredients that we respectively need to survive seems MUCH too coincidental to me.
    Coincidences do occur. However, not a whole string of coincidences.

  • GeorgeHarris7

    Oh No!!! Heaven forbid that Noah’s ark has been found to actually exist!

    That would then mean that the Bible actually contains factual information.
    That would lead to the conclusion that the “practice” of homosexual acts really IS the abomination that is proclaimed in that book.

    • Watchman on the Wall

      Not only does the Bible contain factual information, but it is 100% true and everything which conflicts with it in any way is therefore a LIE!

      • bobcollum


        • Watchman on the Wall

          Laugh all you like until November 16, 2016. Shortly thereafter, you won’t think it’s amusing in the least and you will be out of excuses.

          • bobcollum

            I’ll be here on November 17th, 2016, just to lol again.

          • Watchman on the Wall

            Enjoy your seven vial judgments. Prior to November 16, 2016, as Matthew 24:30-31 is fulfilled with the gathering of God’s elect, first the dead and then the living, all the nations (heathens) of the earth shall mourn as they see Jesus coming in the clouds with power and great glory. In other words, you’ll be crapping in your pants as you discover that the Bible was 100% true all along. But one can never teach a fool anything. He already thinks he knows all there is to know, when in reality, he knows nothing of any lasting value. You’re just revealing that you’re completely delusional. Good for you.

          • bobcollum

            You’re only making my inevitable lulz even better. Do you think Jesus would approve of your ridicule of one of his creatures? Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to continue living my life and accomplishing things, as opposed to wasting it brown-nosing a false deity based on a false premise that there’s something to experience after death. Thanks, see you in just under three years.

  • dnav

    I have seen and read many other articles about this, all buried in obscure places and never really given the light of day in our modern world. There is obviously someone who does not want this information and it corroboration of Biblical truth to be revealed — I wonder who that might be?

    • Watchman on the Wall

      Yup. Connect the dots… it’s pretty easy really. Satan is real and he is known as the father of lies in the Bible for a reason. Humans who serve him lie and hide the truth. Our world leaders and media lie and hide the truth. From here, we can easily deduce that all the world’s leaders in every form of human endeavor today got there because they sold their souls to the devil and have no hesitancy to lie, cheat and steal to permit them to enjoy sex, money and power, the lures of this perishing and foolish world.

      From here, we can deduce that the Bible is 100% true. If it is true, then what the hell is happening in our world that seems to be going to hell? It is! Because God planned and allowed this to happen this way since before the world began, as He tells us in the Bible. This is yet another sign in our world that the wise shall know reveals where we are in God’s prophetic timeline for all of humanity. We are in the 10th month of the 44 month great tribulation foretold in Daniel 12 and Matthew 24 and we are hurtling toward late 2016 when Yahushua (Jesus) will be returning in His second coming. It’s pretty obvious to those with the eyes to see.

      • dnav

        Glad someone’s eyes are open.

  • Wordmahn

    I Wish it were true, but I’m skeptical. If this story were credible, organizations like ICR would be all over it. So far, to my knowledge, no major Creationist organization has vetted any of the “discoveries” that claim to be the Ark of Noah. I think it’s up there, and I hope that it is found and brought to light soon in such a way as to be undeniable. Such a discovery would rock the world, though evolutionists would probably think of a thousand ways to try to discredit it.

    • Watchman on the Wall

      It is true; believe it! No worldly organization of any kind has any honesty or integrity in our great tribulation world today. All forms of organized religion are false and have been infiltrated and corrupted by Satan’s armies long ago to make them apostate, in fulfillment of 2 Thessalonians 2:3A.

      • Wordmahn

        I very much appreciate the sober men at the major Creationist organizations. Unlike most evolutionists, they will not hesitate to call baloney on stories that they would LIKE to believe. This saves them AND us from a lot of embarrassment and discredit when many of these stories don’t pan out. There are many people on OUR side who want to find sensational discoveries. We all do! But I’ll stick with the cautious men of true science from organizations like ICR. So far, as far as I know, the major Creationist players have not vetted any of the purported Ark finds. They say it’s most likely up there somewhere, that it POSSIBLY has been found (and lost again) and would VERY much like to find it for keeps, but they’re waiting for the fat lady to sing. So am I.

        • Watchman on the Wall

          I fear that in this desperately deceptive era of the great tribulation in which we are living right now, it is almost impossible to discern truth from error with perfect confidence. All we can do is look at the preponderance of evidence and question everything, as you are doing here.

          I saw this evidence a while back and believe it to be true. I could be mistaken, but i don’t believe I am. I don’t need to know really. I know that the Bible is 100% true and that our world is ruled by lies and liars who oppose God and all that is right, noble, pure and true. Knowing where we are in God’s Biblical timeline and my role in it, I have my work and God’s will for me to do. He will take care of the rest. Of that, I am certain.

          • Wordmahn

            Well, I lean Post-mill, so I can’t help you with the all the tribulation stuff (And, please, let’s not go there just now.). But, YES, there is no question that there is a vast conspiracy to subvert the truth. I couldn’t agree more! But, my point is that we can NOT afford to be REACTIONARY in our response. It does NOT follow that everything that is contrary to a particular lie is therefore the truth. There are countless ways to miss the mark and only one way to hit it. Do you know how many people have SAID that they found The Ark over time and it turned out to be not so? Every time we jump on board one of those reports and it turns out to be wrong, we diminish our credibility greatly. Give it some time and let the big boys at ICR, CMI, and others sort it out. They’ve dedicated their very lives to this arena and they WILL get to the bottom of it one way or the other.

          • Watchman on the Wall

            I’m not sure how you can arrive at a post-millenium gathering conclusion from the text of Scripture. But I’ll let it go for now. My first book that I am writing right now will explain why I hold the understanding that I do, which hopefully will illuminate your thinking and understanding as well.

  • Rene Arizona Craig

    Good Reveal

  • Seeking_Truth

    The information isn’t new for me, but it’s good to be reminded of it from time to time. Thanks.
    I know a guy who went on a Wyatt expedition to Israel, and the site of Sodom My friend told me about the website. Ron Wyatt’s family website has more than just about Noah’s Ark.

  • al_kidya

    I’ve watched the documentaries on YouTube and knew of the existence of this ark and the anchors.
    I too am surprised that the media has kept this hidden.

    • Watchman on the Wall

      Now you know. it has profound implicates beyond this article. I hope you will connect the dots and figure it out. We live in a world of make-believe, manufactured by Lucifer, aka the devil or Satan, and his army of Jewish-led global elites who secretly worship Satan through their numerous secret societies of the occult, Freemasonry being one of the foremost among them. These global elites, many of whom sit as members of the CFR, our shadow government which pulls all the strings of power behind the scenes, own and control all major media outlets. Why? Certainly not to inform us of that which is true, but rather to deceive us with lies, propaganda and indoctrination endlessly. This stuff has been perpetrated upon the mass of humanity by the global elites since the days of Plato and “The Republic.” There’s nothing new about any of this. it’s just that some of us are now beginning to wake up and God is revealing the shocking truth to some of us.

      Nothing we were ever told or taught is true. It’s all part of a hideous web of lies so deep and pervasive that it is truly horrifying to first discover. But in the end, the truth will truly set us free.

      What’s really going on is that we are living through the days of the great tribulation foretold in Daniel 12 ands Matthew 24. No form of false, organized religion will ever reveal this to you, because they can’t see it. God has used them as part of His tools to conceal the truth from His non-elect. All of organized religion is false and has gone apostate, meaning that they have materially parted from at least some of the key teachings of God’s word, the Bible, which is completely trustworthy and 100% true and does not need human filters to interpret what it says and means for us. We just need to read it, thinking deeply about what it says and obey all of its teachings.

  • mjnellett

    The bible just keeps proving itself by the archeological finds in Turkey and Israel. God is going to overwhelm mankind with so much evidence of the truth of the bible that none will be able to deny HIM!

  • Cuz’n Vinny

    Wow, sounds like a bunch of those Tom Cruise Scientology Fanatics on here. What everyone has to consider is the Basics. The dimensions match the Bible’s accounts. They also match accounts from the records from local village’s. You guy’s make me laugh when your talking physics. It’s a BOAT! What they now have to prove is whether or not it was actually Noah’s. I’m sorry you look to deep in this matter. But if I see a skunk, it smells like a skunk, I’ pretty sure its a skunk. Facts are facts. They know its a Boat! What they dont know is the age, origin, type of material. They need time to run tests. Carbon dating is pretty acurate. Look at the testing done in Egypt. They found the so called anchors/balast stones. Thats fact, go to any archive and look that up. The information on most internet sites are only as accurate as the idiot that writes it. We are a young race, compared to the age of the rock we live on. Yes, if you want to discuss physics…well energy has to start somewhere. It take energy to create energy. Energy will diminish or weaken over certain distances, so will sound waves. I agree with you on their sound wave testing. If they really want to know whats there….Go dig it up, thats what they did with the pyramids. Besides why would people hundreds of years ago set up a hoax like this? People back then were way more religious, than they are today. It seems to me, the more they try to disprove the Bible the more they prove that those stories happened………Food for thought…….You have your beliefs, we have ours. I guess we’ll see in the end who’s right and who’s wrong. Besides, from my knowledge of most highly educated physics majors, they believe in the Yeti & sasquatch. These are very strange individuals.. What I’m getting at is time will tell if this is more proof the Bible’s correct, or if this was where the Ship from the Philadelphia Experiment materialized. ?…….lol….. C.V. out, Jack!

  • Josie

    I have heard about this many, many years ago. Not this detailed and I do appreciate all the information in this article. This has always fascinated me. I had heard that this was in Turkish control and that they would not allow investigation of the area. Curious how all this detailed information has been shared and if it can be trusted. Another question is if all this information is available how can you make the claim that this information has been kept from us. Could it be a matter if you wanted to know it you could have gotten it? Sorry to say the shame of this is that there are many that could care less whether they ever learned of this. Thanks for sharing it, good to know that it just could be true.

    • Watchman on the Wall

      Your question is a good one and deserves an honest answer, found in God’s word, the Bible. Proverbs 20:24 teaches us, “A man’s steps are directed by the LORD. How then can anyone understand his own way?” And Proverbs 25:2 tells us, “It is the glory of God to conceal a matter; to search out a matter is the glory of kings.”

      Thus, I would submit to you that God reveals to us in His word that while we may not be aware of His influence, God is orchestrating every single circumstance and event in each of our lives in fulfillment of His perfect plan for humanity and in particular, for His elect. In short, God hid these truths from the majority of mankind until now for a greater purpose. That greater purpose is now being revealed in the final days of the great tribulation foretold in Daniel 12 and Matthew 24 for thousands of years, which we are now living through. Most people have no clue that this is what is happening, because they lack the spiritual discernment to see it and God has chosen not to reveal it to them: at least not yet.

      Similarly, you are correct that many people could not care less about this important information. God’s word again reveals why not in 2 Thessalonians 2:10-12: He has sent a strong delusion on such people so they will believe a lie, for having rejected the truth, and so be condemned (to hell) for delighting in wickedness.

      The hard truth is that YHWH, the God of the Bible, simply does not love everybody. Some He hates and some He loves. The former are His non-elect; the latter are His elect. The Bible explains the difference quite clearly in Romans 9 and Ephesians 2:1-10. Few wish to heed this clear teaching in the Bible because they sense that they do not number among God’s elect; and they may be right.

  • Tuff Guy

    EPISODE €¢¶~~ In a wharped, wharped space many, many angles off from the second dimension, a controversial article started an evil and honest and endless discussion by a lot of people who know everything about absolutely everything………..

    • Watchman on the Wall

      A fool and a scoffer mocks and scorns that which is true and destroys himself by his own foolishness in the end.

      • Tuff Guy

        You nailed that one. Or did you “borrow” that little bit of wisdom?
        The Bible says Noah built an ark and saved the world from God’s wrath, per God’s instructions.
        Who cares if anyone found petrified wood on a mountain? Science is more than capable of confirming and disseminating any facts regarding important discoveries.
        These comments are just din.

        • Watchman on the Wall

          No, fool. I read Proverbs every night and this is what God has to say concerning all fools: those who are morally deficient. If you don’t like it, take it up with God. He wrote it. I just believe it.

          You don’t know crap about what the Bible says or doesn’t say. God destroyed all but Noah and his family in the Flood because of the wickedness of man, just as we now have once again. God brought Noah and his family THROUGH the Flood, but He poured out His wrath and fury on the arrogant little bastards who were wicked and rebellious all the time. It’s coming once again for a final time in about 35 months.

          Your religion of Scientism is deceitful and manipulated by evil people to advance the lies of the globalist and their New World Order and nothing more.

          • Tuff Guy

            So how about “judge not lest ye be judged” you angry hypocrite?

  • Discusted

    I am impressed !

  • ralphwylie

    Snopes is partially funded by George Soros…………’nuff said. Google it, don’t ‘Snopes’ it.

    • Wordmahn

      Much better, yet, use

  • It could as well have been Gilgamesh’s boat…Noah’s Ark is a myth…

    • Johnnygard

      Good detectives don’t believe in coincidence.

      • Watchman on the Wall

        There is no such thing as coincidence of any kind. God is orchestrating all of it, beyond our ability to fully comprehend it. But He reveals this truth to us in the Book of Proverbs: “A man’s steps are directed by the LORD. How then can anyone understand his own way?”

    • rosech

      Interesting is that many ancient “books” state the great flood and the ark, i.e., the Popul Vu, and others as well. Perhaps this is the ark. We should not be gullible but neither should we refuse to hope. So far most things in the Bible have been found or proven. This is also proof tradition we consider before the Bible was actually written. Word of mouth was a very potent and important way to transmit knowledge and stories. Today’s people can hardly remember anything because of radio, TVS, electronics and no need to “remember”. History is an important study of mine when it is not rewritten by those who wish to offer another “version”.

      • Watchman on the Wall

        Virtually all of history is part of a false narrative perpetrated on mankind by the Satan-worshipping, Talmud-believing Jewish-led global elites and their army of wicked fools. The only form of history tolerated on American university campuses today is the accidental view of history that is nothing but a pack of lies and false narratives. To get to the truth, one must search out and find books on the conspiratorial view of history, which explains a whole lot about the world in which we live today. It is very unpopular, because the Jewish-controlled media and education establishment see to it. But it is the truth. When you first discover the truth, it is shocking beyond one’s ability to comprehend. But in the end, the truth will set you free.

        Our world is ruled in all forms of human endeavor today by lies and liars. the truth is only found in God, Jesus and the Bible. Everything else is suspect and anything which conflicts with what the Bible actually says is, by definition, a lie.

    • Wordmahn

      I doubt this is the ark of Noah, but on what authority can you confidently claim that Noah’s Ark is a myth? I used to believe that, but then I started reading about how many historical and scientific proofs exist for The Great Flood and for the Genesis account of it.

      • Watchman on the Wall

        Keep digging, Wordmahn. Examine the evidence for the parting of the Red Sea in the Gulf of Aquaba and the existence of Mt. Horeb in the Saudi Arabian desert from which Moses made the water flow as a gusher, and how the Saudi government keeps this evidence locked up behind a cyclone and barbed wire fence. Satan’s army has been hard at work suppressing these truths to keep as many people as possible on the road to hell we are all born into.

        • Wordmahn

          The evidences for a young Earth and the cataclysmic actions of the Great Flood of Noah are simply COMPELLING for anyone willing and able to process them objectively. The evidence is literally all around us! The WILLINGNESS is absolutely the biggest issue. Once a person decides that he’s WILLING to follow the evidence wherever it may lead, it’s not long before they see that the evidences and explanations of the Bible-based, young-earth community have no equal.
          But it seems that where you stand depends on where you sit. If someone has PREDETERMINED to leave God out of the picture and “sit in the seat of the scoffer,” then all they can do is cling to flimsy, error-ridden, evolutionist/uniformatarianist mythologies. Though their narrative is terribly inconsistent and riddled with fatal flaws, they bolster themselves by remembering that the established, so-called, scientific elite are on their side. And, they are. Currently they own the major universities and journalistic centers. I call them, the cult of the white-coated priesthood. The white-coated priests step out of the ivory-towered temples and say, Thus says, “Science,” “God is myth!” “Evolution is fact.” “You are nothing but animals!” “Go and be morally autonomous!” And they all bow down and do obeisance. And they say WE are all about blind faith. Give me a break.

          • Watchman on the Wall

            I could not agree with you more.

            Did you know that the “Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion,” which the Jewish-led global elites and their propaganda spewing media vehemently deny, but which fully explains what we have witnessed over the last 100 years in America, boldly boasts that they invented and successfully promoted communism, Darwinism and Nietzcheism to a naive and gullible world of non-Jews? It all fits the pattern we see of the NEA blocking any Creationist from gaining employment as a science teacher in America too.

            Macro-evolution is a ruse of the global elites who serve Satan and seek to keep as many humans on the path to hell with this illogical nonsense as they possibly can, thereby advancing the aims of their master, Satan himself. I must confess that for 28 years I bought into the lie of Darwinism too. Then I heard the arguments on the other side that revealed the alleged theory to be so full of holes of logic and analytical reasoning as to make it absurd. It made me very angry at the betrayal of my high school sophomore class biology teacher for spreading such a hideous lie than kept me an agnostic for nearly 3 decades. And that was the true aim of this lie from the very beginning.

          • Wordmahn

            Yes, I’ve seen the “Protocols”, or, at least, one of the more recent iterations. And they are pure garbage. Sigh. I’ve come to the conclusion that, unfortunately, there is far more disinformation out there than real information. There’s so much smoke and haze that I’m thinking that it would literally take a full-time effort to figure out all the who are the deceived, the deceivers, and the half-deceived, etc, etc, etc ad nausium. . I find that there are a LOT of well-meaning folks in the half-deceived category. It’s exhausting. I believe that the enemy keeps the waters good and muddied to wast good people’s time and keep the truth obscured. The good news is that, IF YOU HAVE THE TIME to spend on all this, there are ministries that track much of it and can often give you the low-down. I don’t have the time. If I have a need to know more, I know how to run it down, but I generally don’t have time. So, I maintain a VERY healthy skepticism about the HUGE amount of the iffy stuff (MOST of everything) and stick with the stuff that’s rock solid.
            Off the subject, but I want to give you one piece of friendly advice as a brother and co-laborer. Wish we could speak privately, but, oh well. I think you’re a little overexposed. Post too much, too often, and people will ignore you. Less is more. I probably error on this as well. A word to the wise. Blessings!

          • Watchman on the Wall

            Point well taken. I’m going silent for a while to write my first 2 books. God led me to blog for a while to teach those who can hear, to destroy some of God’s enemies and discover just how far our culture has fallen. I get it. Time to get to the work I was sent here to do.

          • Watchman on the Wall

            I don’t agree concerning your characterization of the Protocols, which I have no reason to believe have been materially distorted from the version first published in 1920 in English. All they teach are consistent with my extensive research into the inner workings of the Jewish-led global conspiracy, which has since been openly admitted by those in the know as very real.

          • Wordmahn

            Sorry. I was in a hurry when I posted and didn’t take the time to fully understand your post. Bad habit. I thought you were being critical of the Protocols as well, or I would have used more tact. In any case, the Protocols were big favorites of the Nazis who used them extensively in their propaganda drive leading to the holocaust. That alone would give me pause. It seems that most of the Christian world these days are polarized about Jews. Some regard them as Satan’s vilest minions on Earth while many others see them as occupying a place of God’s highest favor. I see them as neither. As a people they are prodigals who rejected God and are therefore under severe judgement. And yet they remain “beloved for the Fathers’ sake.” The haters will welcome any book such as you are speaking of. You’ll be very welcome at the Aryan Brotherhood clubhouses. If you want to convince the rest and really make a contribution, I hope you’ll take care to vet all of your sources and use only unimpeachable facts. That is not easy to do, but on this subject there’s certainly more than enough hearsay in print already.

            Regarding the end times thing, I want to say that eschatology is very paradigmatic. That is, each of the many viewpoints are SYSTEMATIC: Each starts with certain assumptions and then builds upon them somewhat circularly. In order to evaluate a paradigm that is different than your own, one must be willing to do the hard work of at least momentarily letting go of their own assumptions and honestly giving new ones a try. When I first encountered Postmillinialism I was like, “Are they kidding!?” But when I tried to start with a clean slate and looked at both systems side by side without apriori assumptions, Postmillinialism started to look much more plausible.

          • Watchman on the Wall

            There simply was no holocaust. It is all a fraud of monumental proportions to evoke sympathy and pity for a psychopathic group of religious fanatics who murdered 66 million non-Jewish Russians under Stalin and Lenin, 70 million Chinese under Mao, 4 million Vietnamese under Ho Chi Minh and 2 million Cambodians under Pol Pot, all to consolidate political power and nothing more. That adds up to 142 million citizens murdered by their own communist governments (a Jewish invention) in the 20th century. This is more than all the deaths in all the wars of recorded human history and is the true holocaust that the Jewish-owned and controlled press has suppressed and silenced for the last 50-70 years. It is wicked and evil beyond description!!!! Where is the moral outrage for this hideous crime against humanity?!? Is everyone spirituality and morally dead?!? What the hell is the matter with all of you?

            The truth concerning the Jews is that they are the synagogue of Satan as Jesus reveals them to be in Revelation 2:9 and 3:9. You would think the son of God knows what He’s talking about.

            The holocaust can be disproven quite simply. The holocaust farce claims that 6 million Jews died by gassing in the Nazi camps and mobile gassing vans from 1942 to 1945. The Jews’ own world almanac reports 15.3 million Jews worldwide in 1933 and 15.7 million Jews worldwide in 1945. The Jews have one of the lowest fertility rates of any people group in the world. So where’d the 6 million disappear to? Brian Alois Cleraubat, in his book, “A Greater “Miracle” Than the Lost Ten Tribes Discovered… The Dead Six Million” Uncovered…!” reveals the horrors and full extent of the fraud and lies of the holocaust that anyone with an open mind and common sense has to recognize as the truth. It’s terribly upsetting to be sure; but decidedly the truth.

            Now let’s address the truth of the Jews’ claim that they are the true descendants of the 12 Hebrew tribes of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Another hideous LIE! > 90% of all Jews worldwide are Ashkenazi Jews. This means they are descendants from the ancient Turko-Mongolian nation of Khazaria in central Asia, whose king and nobles CONVERTED from pagan phallic worship to Talmudic Judaism to escape being absorbed by the Eastern Roman Empire of Christianity or the Caliphate of Islam in 740 A.D.. This long-concealed historical truth is revealed in Jewish author Arthur Koestler’s 1976 book, “The Thirteenth Tribe.” Thus, the Ashkenazi Rothschild-Zionist Jews who immorally occupy the land of Palestine today are impostors and mass murderers.

            Israeli historian Ilan Pappe, in his book, “The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine,” documents from Israeli military records how 800,000 Palestinians were driven from their homes and villages inside the borders of the UN mandated Jewish state in a ruthless and heartless pogrom of ethnic cleansing and genocide, led by David Ben-Gurion, the founder of the modern day rogue terrorist state of Israel, whose name was stolen from the true descendants of the 12 Hebrew tribes. And who are those people? Descendants of white Europeans, otherwise known as Caucasians, by virtue of their massive human waves of migration after the Assyrian and Babylonian exiles into northwestern Europe and later, on to America. This is why white Christians are public enemy number one by the Jewish-led global elites! We are the true Israel, and they KNOW IT and intend to breed us out of existence or exterminate us before we figure this out!!! This historical truth is well-documented in Ted Weiland’s book, “God’s Covenant People, Yesterday, Today and Forever,” and by Robert Balacius in his book, “Uncovering the Mysteries of Your Hidden Inheritance.”

            You really need to wake up!!! These claims are the truth which I and many others have researched extensively and proven to be true. We had no ax to grind. We just wanted to know what the hell was happening to us and to our once great nation? The Jewish menace has taken over the world and pulls all the strings of sex, money and power behind the scenes to undermine and corrupt white Christian American culture from within. What’s it going to take for you and other true American patriots to wake up to these hideous truths and join us to fight our true enemy?!?

            Those who are beloved by God are white born again Christian Americans – not lying Khazarians who falsely claim to be Jews. We are the true genetic AND spiritual heirs of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob! I am sick of my birthright being stolen from me and my people by lying, extorting, thieving Khazars who claim to be Judahites, and are not anything of the kind! Where is White Christian America’s moral outrage at this hideous and malevolent theft and fraud being perpetrated against us by these lying thieves and psychopaths?!?

            As to end times eschatology: I could not disagree with you more. I go to the Bible to see what the text SAYS. I do not listen to wicked men with their lying theories unsupported by the text of Scripture. I am unimpressed with academic degrees. Prove it to me in Scripture or I will dismiss any theory as BS. i will not listen to lies from liars. I will not give them any validity by even listening to them. He who listens to liars will be destroyed, Proverbs teaches me, and I obey it without question.

            End times prophecy is not a “system.” It is defined by what God reveals to mankind through Scripture: sola scripture is what Martin Luther advocated and I fully agree with him. Anything which deviates from and contradicts one passage of Scripture is, by definition, a lie. I am sick of lies and liars and I intend to expose every last one of them for precisely what they are with hard evidence and proof from Scripture and events from our world. The rest will be up to God.

            I am everything I claim to be: a modern day prophet and a watchman on the wall in the final days of the great tribulation, in the tradition of Jeremiah and Ezekiel, as explained in Ezekiel 3:17-21 and 33:1-11. I fully understand that my warnings and teachings will largely go unheeded, just as their warnings did and they all came to pass just as they foretold, based on what God revealed to them. God reveals His prophecies to me through Scripture: not smoke and mirrors and claims of visions and dreams that no one else can validate. My words of warning will largely go unheeded too. But mark my words: every last one of them will come to pass, just as Scripture reveals them to us.

          • Wordmahn

            Oh, dear.
            Where to start? I’m a “boomer.” Our fathers were of “The Great Generation” that fought through WWII. While my father fought on shipboard in the Pacific and had no contact with Europe, my stepfather fought in the infantry and marched all the way into Germany. His feet froze at the Battle of the Bulge. He survived bayonet charges and hand to hand combat. He was captured by German forces and escaped. But he was a plain spoken, regular guy. He seldom spoke of his military experience and I mostly had to drag it out of him. But, he was one of the first U.S. troops into the death camps with Patton. He told me of it in detail. They couldn’t believe what they were seeing, but there it was. He helped round up German civilians living in the nearby towns and forced them to come to the camps and help clean up the horrific mess. And the cameras rolled. Patton ordered it this way as he presciently said, “If we don’t do this some sons-of-a-bitches will say down the road that it never happened.” My stepfather, whom I knew VERY well, recounted all this. He spoke with the Jewish inmates and heard their testimony first hand. Not only this, but I, as a school boy ran into Jews who had been in those camps. I vividly remember that because iron crosses became stylish in early 60’s rock culture, we foolishly wore them. Two times I was accosted by Jewish people who had been in the camps and had somehow made their way to America. They still had the tattoos on their arms. I saw them. One just about assaulted us for wearing those iron crosses. She locked eyes and there was the fire burning in them of someone who had lived through things no one should have to remember. She said, “YOU HAVE NO IDEA OF WHAT THOSE SYMBOLS MEAN AND THE EVIL THEY REPRESENT!” What? Was my stepfather an agent of the Mossad? Was I visited on the playground in the 6th grade by Israeli agents? Lunacy. I don’t know what lunacy grips a otherwise intelligent man like Weiland to believe and champion such things. Must be a spirit. But one things is for sure: You simply can’t carry out a conspiracy of the magnitude you are speaking of because there are too many people around who know the truth. I just happened to bump into a few of them. Lunacy, Watchman. Lunacy and lies. You’re part of one of the enemies smoke screens bring confusion and obscure the real conspiracy: The one against the Son of God. You wanna live our life for lies and confusion? What a waste.

          • Watchman on the Wall

            I have offered you the evidence and you refuse to examine it and refuse to consider that you might have been deceived, as we all were. As such, you are beyond hope of waking you up to the hideous truth.

            I too am a Boomer, born in 1954. My father served on a submarine in the Pacific during WWII and never spoke of his experiences during the war. I am sure it was horrific. All war is hell and WWII was more hellish than most. The German camps were no picnic either, but they were not the homicidal camps of death that the Jews and the Soviets have falsely portrayed them as being and the math is simply impossible for such a thing to have occurred, as I have revealed to you in my prior post. So I give up on you. You’re blinded and I just have to accept that. No amount of evidence or logical reasoning will change your mind. You’ve been brain washed and programmed by the Jewish-led global elites to believe their most hideous lie of all of world history.

            I have extensive and painful experiences living with sociopaths. The Jewish people are a group of religious fanatics who possess the character disorder of psychopathy. The teachings of the Babylonian Talmud which forms the core of their teachings and beliefs is the most hideous and despicable set of teachings the world has ever known. This influences deeply their deceitful behaviors toward all non-Jews. If you’ve never been a victim of psychopaths or sociopaths as I have, you would never believe it were possible for a person to think and behave as a psychopath or sociopath does: without remorse and without a conscience. It is bone chilling to witness, I can assure you.

            You’re blinded to the truth by those who have deceived you and that is all. I am trained in the social sciences and economics in particular with an MBA in general management and a 30 year career turning around sick companies. I have walked into the buzz saw of the global conspiracy in my work, multiple churches and my own demon-infested family and seen the face of profound evil. You have no concept of the power, viciousness and cruelty of Satan and how profoundly Talmudic Judaism is the worship of Satan. I know of what I speak and God has led me to extensive evidence which proves my claims here. But you’ll never get it. I get that.

          • Wordmahn

            Math smath. I SPOKE to people who were there. I didn’t seek them out, and they didn’t seek me out. Someone said that a man with an argument is no match for a man with an experience. I SPOKE to several eye witnesses who all told the same story independently. They had no reason to deceive me. I know that the Soviets (and I’m not sure you mentioned the Chinese under Mao) killed many, many times more innocents than did the Germans. It doesn’t matter. I also know that the Jewish people have at least their share of sins around the world. So what. None of that changes the history of the holocaust. I’m not carrying the torch for any race except the one into which I was adopted. I am a CHRISTIAN. The Hebrews of Jesus’ day thought they had a racially favored status. In their foolish carnality and pride they supposed they were favored of God because of their physical, generational ties to Abraham, even though God had clearly told them otherwise in the prophets. Jesus told them truly that God wasn’t impressed, and that He could raise up sons to Abraham from the stones if necessary. Paul put a sharper point on it when he declared that in Christ there was neither Jew nor gentile, but… But what? But “A NEW MAN.” Better translated “a new humanity.” When Adam, our covenant head, fell, the Bible tells us that we all fell, because God sees things in terms of corporate groupings rather than individualism as we moderns do. Our race, the HUMAN RACE, all fell in Adam. When Jesus Christ, became a man — truly a man (yet still truly God) he became “the second Adam”, the covenant head of A NEW RACE of God men. Not God men in terms of physical power but of spiritual power and of Divine disposition and destination. Truly every true Christian is a true son of God. We have been adopted into His family. We have been “born again” into the family of God:

            “But as many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become children of God, even to those who believe in His name, who were born not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God. ” (1 John 1:12,13)

            “..born not of blood…” God cares nothing about our physical racial origin. We are not children of God according to the flesh! This Aryan, Anglo Israelism is nothing but the resurrection of an ancient heresy, a close cousin to the prideful boast of the Pharisees. Every elect child of God is a “new creature”, the member of a race that transcends all physical species and carnal racial categories. THAT is the only race I care about because it is the ONLY race that really matters to God. Everything else is lies and confusion, destructive diversions of the enemy to ensnare, confuse, and drag mankind down to hell. I stand as a child of God or not at all. And so do you, whether you know it or not. Chose you this day whom you will serve: Ted Wieland and his racial lies or Jesus Christ, the Truth incarnate. I‘ve made my choice.

          • Watchman on the Wall

            I don’t know who the hell you really are, but from your numerous posts I suspect you are a Jewish shill and troll, perhaps one of those Israeli youth who are paid $2,000 a month by the Israeli government and Cass Sunstein to troll sites such as this one and spread confusion into blog discussions such as these. I really don’t care. All I know is that you are not at all who you purport to be.

            You spoke to liars who were paid reparations for the rest of their lives or were threatened with extermination if they ever revealed their role in the greatest fraud in all of world history to deceive you and you bought them hook line and sinker with no clue that you are hopelessly deceived. This proves that you are not likely to be one of God’s elect. Bummer for you. But that’s not my problem.

            In your recent posts, you have revealed your lack of integrity to the truth in numerous ways. Those who are of the truth hear the voice of Jesus He told Pilate at John 18:37. Conversely, those who are NOT of the truth do not hear His voice and so are condemned to hell, since without Jesus as our lord in everything we are all eternal toast.

            Your description of systematic theology is laughable it is so deceitful and intellectually dishonest! Do you read all your mail that way? Because the Bible is God’s love letter to mankind. Do you start with a set of assumptions and then go looking for the verses, taken out of the context of where they were written and for what purpose to support your self-centered and therefore erroneous assumptions?!? Who taught you such ridiculous nonsense?!?

            You are no brother in Christ of mine. You are a fraud and I obey ALL of Scripture and will “have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove (expose) them,” in obedience to God’s word at Ephesians 5:11. What a self-deceived charlatan you are!

            Just for the record, God commands us to expose the evil deeds of wickedness for what they are and by whom. Anyone who fails to do this is not a real man, but a coward and no fearful people will make it into heaven. if you truly loved your fellow man, as you falsely claim you do, you would grieve for the millions of innocent victims of the Jewish menace and do all in your power to expose these criminals for who and what they are to prevent them from perpetrating further crimes upon humanity. But instead, you seek to acquit the guilty and condemn the innocent, in willful disobedience to Proverbs 17:15 and then have the audacity to claim that you are a man of God. You most assuredly are not, as proven by your writings here.

          • Wordmahn

            Aw, hanky darn!!! You “made” me! Okay, okay, I have a shofar and a short wave hidden in the secret compartment of my bedroom with which I stay in contact with my brothers in the Mossad to coordinate our diabolical, Zionist plots! How’d you know??!
            It pains me to say it, but you, Sir, are beyond paranoid and irrational. You see a Zionist behind virtually every tree. Insert Outer Limits music here.
            You’re absolutely right about one thing: We’re not brothers. We hail from different faiths. As for me, I am exactly who I purport to be. I have been candid and consistent at every turn. Feel free to look up all of my posts if you wish. I am an orthodox Christian with a reformed bent (small “r”), nothing more, nothing less. You, on the other hand are here mostly POSING to be a conventional Christian while you are, in fact, a member of the cult of the white racial gospel AKA Anglo-Israelism. Where we hold that we are saved alone by faith through grace under the Sovereignty of God (Eph 2), you insert “if you are of the right physical race.” Yours is “a different gospel” and Paul was clear about the status of those who bring a gospel contrary to the one God entrusted him with. If I am correct (God knows.), you stand accursed until you repent of your war against God’s word which you and yours twist and wrongfully divide. Tell me in a Bible-consistent way, if you can, what Paul means when he tells us that again and again, backwards, forwards, and sideways, that our status in God is NOT dependent on our racial heritage. If you find errors in my previous, very short summary of systematic theology in regards to racial issues, then SHOW ME, if you can, where I am in error. Be sure to feature the text prominently and that your answers are consistent with the whole council of God because my responses surely will be. Don’t weary me with half truths based on your favorite verses. “A half truth presented as a whole truth is an UNtruth!” You don’t build good theology merely upon the verses you cherry-pick according to your personal biases. Correct theology is formed with due consideration of EVERYTHING God has revealed about the subject at hand. If you don’t have such answers, go away, and build your anti-Christian, race-based cult somewhere else. This is a Christian site and we’re not interested.

          • Watchman on the Wall

            Get lost scum! You lie!!! I know all the tricks of you godless fools.

          • Wordmahn

            That’s what I thought. You’ve got nothing. Now, in the Name of Jesus, go! Pedal your man-made, racist religion somewhere else. We love and serve The Living God. We will not lift our soul to another.

          • Watchman on the Wall

            Kiss off you demon-infested fool. I’ve got YHWH (God) at my hip, which you most assuredly do not! Christian my ass! You and your kind do the work of Satan spreading your lies – that’s your “living god” with a small “g.”

            I have given you all the evidence any man of honesty and integrity would need to discover the truth. Hence, you are clearly promoting lies and covering for those who have committed endless crimes against the true nation of Israel, and anyone who does so, is of the father of lies, Satan himself. It does not get any clearer than this!

            To the fires you shall go!

          • Wordmahn

            Okay, let’s go over your evidence point by point, the half-way substantive part anyway,
            First – The mass killings by nations other than Germany — The Soviets, Chinese, Cambodians, et al. I agree that those things happened. In fact I’d put the numbers even higher. But this proves, what? I don’t know why you mentioned these other nations unless you have some need to try to justify the Nazis. Is this the adults’ geopolitical version of the children’s, “Well, Dad, EVERYONE is doing it!”? In any case, perhaps you could tell me how all this proves the Nazi holocaust never occurred. I don’t get it.
            Second — Statistics for Jewish populations don’t add up to account for 6 million killed in Germany. First of all, statistics in those days were often sketchy. The world had recently been in tremendous upheaval. For instance, I’ve read of wildly different casualty figures for the warring nations. While we kept good records of ours, no one knows for sure how many combat losses some of those nations suffered because many of their capitols were smoldering ruins. There were huge migrations of population and poor control of borders. Until things settled down a lot of statistics were just educated guesses. Secondly, the term “Jew” is extremely variable because it can mean very different things: It can have a purely religious meaning i.e. one who practices the Jewish faith. It can also have an ethnic meaning, as in people of SOME degree of Jewish descent. How much? One parent? Both? Just a grandparent? There is no widely accepted definition. All of these things taken together made getting accurate demographic data all but impossible for some time. But, there’s more. The Jews were, at that time, bucking for the creation of Jewish homeland and were also very concerned that the world would think they had been essentially reduced to statistical irrelevance. They had a desperate desire for the world to see it otherwise. Under these circumstances it would be surprising if they DIDN’T over-estimate their numbers. As I will show below, THIS point is the ONLY point of evidence you gave that even has bearing on the holocaust. But I can’t accept sketchy estimates made at a time when populations were in upheaval, as being conclusive proof that a known historical event attested to by myriads of eye witnesses and verified by the Nazi’s onw records, didn’t occur.
            Third — The Jews are “the synagogue of Satan.” To understand how God’s word can alternately call the Jewish people “the synagogue of Satan” and “beloved for the fathers’ sake” we would have to review the entire theology of covenants, reprobation, and more. But why bother? Unless you can explain how this proves that the German holocaust did not occur, there is no point in talking about it now.
            Fourth — The business about the so-called 13th tribe. Another non-sequitur. What bearing does THIS have on whether or not the Germans killed 6 million people whom, at the very least, they THOUGHT were Jews.
            Fifth — The putative Jewish crimes committed in Palestine. Yet another non-sequitur unless you can explain how this is linked to the veracity of the holocaust story.
            Sixth — White Europeans are supposedly God’s people of promise (A convoluted argument if ever there was one.). But, again, you haven’t explained how THIS is evidence of the holocaust never happening.
            In summary, I only see only one point of “evidence” bearing on your assertion that the Nazi Holocaust did not occur. Maybe you can help me see how the others apply to this. If not, I’m afraid you haven’t even come close to making your case. I don’t think that one in a thousand objective juries (If we could find them) would rule in your favor. One speculative bit of math stacked against hundreds of thousands of eye witnesses and the Nazi’s own records (The fall of the Reich was so rapid that they failed to destroy most of their papers as most conquered nations usually do. There were hundreds of TONS of records including many diaries of top commanders and other very highly placed Nazi officials. All of this and more was captured by the Americans who soon allowed scholars and journalists to access them shortly after the war.). I don’t see how any reasonable person could say the holocaust never occurred.


          • Watchman on the Wall

            I really ought not to waste any more time on you. You’ve already proven that you are a hopeless cause and greatly deceived, and therefore of the devil Proverbs 26:5 initially guided my thinking here with you: “Answer a fool according to his folly or he will be wise in his own eyes.” Yet you have now revealed how utterly deluded you are and have no ability to process anything I teach or write with any genuine honesty or intellectual integrity. You’re a mocker, and a scoffer of the truth and nothing more. It’s easy to be a skeptic and a cynic and remain clueless until the hammer of God falls upon you. The story of the rich man and Lazarus proves my point. So now, I must heed Proverbs 26:4: “Do not answer a fool according to his folly, or you will be like him yourself.” Kiss off fool!

          • Wordmahn

            It’s really pretty simple and doesn’t require systematics to reveal the problem with the Anglo-Israel thing. At the heart of Anglo-Israelism is the assertion that PHYSICAL bloodlines are all-important to God, especially in regards to salvation. But God has made it clear that His work of salvation is all about the spirit.

            “It is the Spirit who gives life; the flesh profits nothing; the words that I have spoken to you are spirit and are life.” John 6:63

            “Therefore bring forth fruits in keeping with repentance, and do not begin to say to yourselves, ‘We have Abraham for our father,’ for I say to you that God is able from these stones to raise up children to Abraham. (Luke 3:18)
            “…FOR WE ARE THE TRUE CIRCUMCISION, WHO WORSHIP IN THE SPIRIT OF GOD AND GLORY IN JESUS CHRIST JESUS AND PUT NO CONFIDENCE IN THE FLESH. Although I myself might have confidence even in the flesh. If anyone else has a mind to put confidence in the flesh, I far more: circumcised the eighth day, of the nation of Israel, of the tribe of Benjamin, a Hebrew of Hebrews; as to the Law, a Pharisee; as to zeal, a persecutor of the church; as to the righteousness which is in the Law, found blameless. But whatever things were gain to me, those things I have counted as loss for the sake of Christ. More than that, I count all things to be loss in view of the surpassing value of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord, for whom I have suffered the loss of all things, and count them but rubbish in order that I may gain Christ, and may be found in Him, not having a righteousness of my own derived from the Law, BUT THAT WHICH IS THROUGH FAITH IN CHRIST, THE RIGHTEOUSNESS WHICH COMES FROM GOD ON THE BASIS OF FAITH.” (Philippians 3:3-9 emphasis added)

            There are many, many more. I’m sorry for flaming you, Watchman. I shouldn’t have done that. It seems we’re all on a hair trigger here on these pages. I hope you’ll forget about winning the argument for a few moments and consider these things. We can blow each other off, but we can not ignore the word of God without consequences. Watchman, if we place our confidence before God in our DNA (our “flesh”) and glory in our family tree, we are not rightly relating to God on the most important issue of all: The basis of our justification before God. I urge you to consider it carefully. Our eternal destiny may depend on it.

    • Watchman on the Wall

      So too is your existence.

  • lee luna

    doesn’t matter if it’s true or not, Because the important thing is that God is real, and in the End that’s all that matters

    • Watchman on the Wall

      This evidence helps prove your point though. Is it conclusive? No, I wouldn’t say so. but add up all the evidence in God’s creation and in His word and the evidence, while circumstantial, is overwhelming and compelling for anyone with any honesty and integrity to them. The world’s problem is that it is ruled by lies and liars who have NO honesty and integrity to them. However, their end is coming soon; much sooner than they think.

  • I think this takes the “biggest bullshit story” of the year award. If the ark was ever really found, any evidence would be worth millions at auction. Until I can bid on a verified auction item, I along with any other thinking person will pass. But I’m sure the same people who think the earth is 5,000 years old also think Noah could have gathered ever insect, mammal, and animal on the entire planet and put it on a boat. Yeah, rofl.

    • lee luna

      if the story was about a discovered UFO you would be the first visiting the site with your tin foil hat.

    • Johnnygard

      Only people like you think he would have had to gather “ever (sic) insect, mammal, and animal on the entire planet”. The insects would get there on their own, and aren’t you part of the group that believes in evolution? Such as big cats are related to small cats and wolves and dogs are related, etc.

    • Watchman on the Wall

      What a fool thinks matters not one whit. Enjoy your delusion, while it lasts. Let those who are wise understand.

  • mackelby

    I thought this was proven to be untrue years ago.

    • Johnnygard

      Read the atricle.

      • mackelby

        I did, what does that have to do with anything? Most of what is on the internet is a bold face lie or stretched.

        • Johnnygard

          It was the internet that told you it was untrue, and now this internet story tells you why the other story was wrong. You have the option to weigh them against each other. I will wait for further evidence or proof.

          • mackelby

            Both have an agenda, I will also wait for more proof.

        • Watchman on the Wall

          True enough. The world is filled with lies and liars. So how does anyone discern that which is true, meaning that which conforms with reality as God perceives it?

          The answer to this question is simple: you have to know what the real deal looks like. The Bible claims to be the flawless and inspired words of God that are 100% true and it has never been successfully proven otherwise. A wise man ought to seriously consider such a claim and test it like crazy to see if he can disprove it. Billions of people, me included, have tried to do just that and have failed miserably. So I gave up, realizing I was wrong and that the Bible is everything it claims to be. It has always led me to that which is true and NEVER let me down. Every human I have ever known has let me down. So I have confidence in where to go for the truth. Anything which contradicts any teaching isn the Bible therefore HAS to be false and a lie.

          So knowing the real deal, it becomes much easier to identify the counterfeits. The same principle applies with currency anti-counterfeiting law enforcement. Knowing the real deal, you come to learn how to instantly recognize the counterfeits. I can’t prove that this is the real deal, but all the evidence is corroborated by what the Bible tells us, so the evidence does not contradict the Bible to prove it to be a fraud.

          • mackelby

            Never been proved to be false or true. Billions have tried, including you.

          • Watchman on the Wall

            Actually, proving the Bible to be 100% true is quite simple to do for those who are wise. The wicked shall never understand it, because God has sent a strong delusion on the wicked so that they will believe a lie and so be condemned (to hell) for delighting in wickedness, as 2 Thessalonians 2:10-12 clearly teaches those who have the ears to understand.

            The Bible has been proven 100% true by billions of people whose lives have been transformed for the better by the healing and transforming power of God’s Holy Spirit. But none of this will convince a cynic and a skeptic of anything. It is not up to me to try to do the impossible: only to teach those who have the ears to hear and the eyes to see the truth of God’s word acting on their lives.

            Right now end times Bible prophecy is being fulfilled all around us. Yet people like you have no clue that this is occurring and dismiss it all as fantasy. History is repeating itself and those who refuse to study history are doomed to repeat it. God even sent His OT prophets, including Jeremiah and Ezekiel, in whose footsteps I now walk, to blow the trumpet and sound the alarm of the coming storm of the Babylonian army if they did not confess and repent of their many sins and profound wickedness. Few of the ancient Judahites heeded their many warnings and in 586 B.C., everything they foretold came to pass. Similarly, God has called me to serve Him as one of His watchmen on the wall in these final days of the great tribulation foretold in Daniel 12 and Matthew 24. In a similar fashion, few will heed my warnings and in similar fashion, all who do not, will be destroyed by their own foolish choices. In the end, what I foretell from Bible prophecy that is coming true will be fulfilled just as Scripture tells it. My own life of trials and sufferings to prepare me for this day is testimony to the truth of the entire Bible.

            The world is ruled by lies and liars. God has revealed to me what many of these lies are, and more importantly what we can conclude from them. They prove that Satan is very real, as are his demon spirits, heaven, hell, God and Jesus. Soon it will be apparent to all, as and when God chooses to reveal His truths to you, but not before then. Clearly you are not one of God’s elect, or you would already understand this. Bummer for you.

          • mackelby

            I have read the bible. The more I study it the more it appears to be a study of human nature told in very good stories. Some of it is bound to come true especially when it is interpreted in in so many ways by so many people. The bible is a good book. Living like the bible tells you can never be bad for you. I envy somewhat people that can have that much faith. Your last 2 sentences are proof how human nature perverts a good book with good ideas. Really a bummer for you. Maybe you this will make sense, the devil has got a hold of you some.

          • Watchman on the Wall

            You cannot comprehend the supernatural book of the Bible without God’s Holy Spirit, the spirit of truth, living in you which God places in the hearts of only some people – not all.

            God’s thoughts are not your thoughts and God’s ways are not your ways. His thoughts and ways are way higher than what his puny creations are able to comprehend. Yet we were made imperfect in His image and that gives humanity great value and dignity above all the rest of creation. God’s word says so.

            Having said this, those who lack the spirit of truth, as it appears you lack it, lack the spiritual discernment and honesty and integrity to fully grasp the holiness of an all-powerful and righteous God who abhors all sin. Lying and deceit of any sort is a sin. The wages of all sin is death. The Bible claims to be the flawless, inerrant and inspired words of God written by men, but inspired by God to write what He intended. As such, not just the fun stuff is true: ALL OF IT IS TRUE!!!!

            A man of wisdom and integrity will read and meditate deeply on every word of the Bible and discover that God is real, He desires a personal, respectful relationship with His people, that He loves His people and desires for them to love HIm in return, that to love God requires that we keep His commandments – all of them, not just the fun ones.

            The Bible teaches that the world is ruled by lies, liars and the father of lies, Satan. It teaches that all men are born wicked, depraved, deceitful, sinful and selfish and as such, we are born separated from a right relationship with God. Since we are sinful and wicked creatures we all sin. That creates a huge problem for all of us, for God determines that the wages of sin is death – our physical death and an eternal death in the fires of hell. Most people will end up after death at this destination, God tells us. But not all will. Because God offers a pardon to some, if they will merely believe Jesus and submit and surrender their lives and their wills to Him as their lord in all things and obey Him in all things. In exchange, Jesus has already died and paid the wages for our sins so that we might have His sinless righteousness imputed to us and live with Jesus forever and be reconciled into a right and respectful relationship with the God of the universe.

            God tells us in His word, the Bible that all of humanity is opposed by a dark and destructive spiritual force, Satan, and that this spirit being rules the hearts and minds of all those who rule our world today. They control our media, our education systems, our universities, our government, businesses and all churches and through these institutions, they promulgate endless lies to deceive and confuse people and keep them from ever finding a right relationship of love with God. Satan hates all humanity and seeks to destroy every one of us and see to it that we all end up in hell where we were headed when we were born. But Satan was permanently defeated when Christ’s love for mankind was manifested by his sacrificial death on the cross which overcame the hatred and lies of the devil.

            God also reveals to His people that the world of wickedness and sin will come to an end someday and recent world events reveal that that day is now just around the corner. Right before the end, God foretells that mankind will become more wicked and sinful than at any other time in all of world history up to this point and that God’s people will experience deep affliction, opposition, ridicule, scorn, mockery and persecution, including even death. This time, which Jesus and the Bible refer to as the great tribulation (meaning sufferings for God’s people), the world will be so filled with lies, treachery and deception that if it were possible for even God’s people, His elect, to be deceived, they would be. But God will see to it that they are not deceived. He will reveal the truth to those few. I happen to be one of those rare few.

            So it should come as no surprise to you (it certainly does not to me) that in these final days of he great tribulation, the wicked and deceitful world, of which you reveal you are a part, will define things completely the opposite of what the words really mean and the world will reveal itself to be hideously confused about just about everything. This defines our world today and serves as confirming sign of where we are in God’s prophetic timeline. Today, that which God defines as evil in the Bible is viewed as good (homosexuality being an example), what God deems good, the world deems to be evil (all revelations of lies and liars for example, is today deemed to be hateful and disgusting and Politically Incorrect, even though it’s true), sacrificial love for ones fellow man is deemed hateful and that which does harm to our fellow man is deemed .loving by a wicked, indoctrinated, brain-washed, mind controlled, hypnotized and demon possessed world.

            Thus, I take no offense to your error here. You’re just part of the wicked and depraved world system and mistakenly think that God is the devil and that the devil is God. This is all consistent with what the Bible teaches, and so I largely expect it. It is sort of a bummer to be called by God as one of His true watchmen on the wall to sound the alarm and blow the trumpet warning of the coming storm of God’s wrath upon the wicked, but God has already prepared me for this day with many past trials, afflictions, suffering and pain, just as He reveals He has done with all of His true preheats before me. I have no fear, for the God of the Bible who delights in me and loves me tells me that I need have no fear. He can squish my enemies like a bug anytime He cares to do so. He who is in me (God) is greater than he who is in the world (Satan). We all know how the story ends and it’s not good for Satan. Between now and then, the world will grow increasingly dark, wicked, lying and deceitful until the second coming of Jesus in late 2016. Don’t take my word for it. Just remember my words and watch what’s coming between now and then. It will blow your mind!

          • mackelby

            And I take no offence to your offensiveness. You are doing more to drive people away than bring them to the bible. That seems to be a common problem with Christians. I still respect your ability to have faith in what appears to be, in your words” supernatural. Whether or not there is a sliver of intelligence in it or not. Not my call, just my perspective. Human nature is what it is, with or without religions of any kind.

          • Watchman on the Wall

            If people can’t handle the truth and wish to “play church” with God, they’ll die in their sins eventually. Might as well get right to the point and move on to those who might number among God’s elect.

            Human nature is depraved, wicked, sinful and selfish and has no interest in having a respectful relationship with God on God’s terms. The Bible teaches us this and it conforms to the world as we observe it every day. No other world religion comes close to explaining the world as we know it. Just my perspective.

          • mackelby

            One of the reasons religion exists, to control, whether it be bad or good attributes. When you say God’s elect, you are making not only not believe even more but makes me dislike it. Please stop with your elitist statements. I have read the bible, I don’t recall where he has that hateful. That is nothing but human nature making you feel superior to me because you are a Christian. Please don’t be a preacher, you will make people run from Christianity. Every time I converse about this subject Christians have a amazing ability to make people run from what they are trying to attract then to. Might want to change your tactics. If god will forgive you for distorting his religion he will forgive me for not believing in magic show.

          • Watchman on the Wall

            I hate all forms of religion. By this I mean all forms of organized religion, every last one of which is ruled by demon spirits and they always have been. They make people feel good about themselves while deceiving them into believing they are saved and heading to heaven, when the Bible, which claims to be the flawless and inspired words of God to mankind, claims just the opposite, as evidenced by the lack of spiritual fruit in their lives. Whenever two truth claims contradict each other, one of them HAS to be a lie! False, organized religion of all forms is a lie straight from the pits of hell and Satan himself!

            Whether you LIKE the truth of God or not matters not one whit. Life is not all about you. You simply have to get over yourself. If you were capable of living your life with honesty and intellectual integrity (you’re clearly not from your posts here), and humble enough to admit that you don’t have all the answers to the important questions in life (like where did we come from? What is the purpose of life? Does God exist and if He does what is His nature? What is the true nature of man? What is man’s problem? What happens to all of us when we die? Is this life all there is?) you would have keyed into the claim of the Bible that it is a supernatural book, inspired by God, the creator of the universe, written by men, containing God’s flawless words and that God does not lie – ever. No other book ever written has made such a claim and proven itself to be what it claims to be this way. The Bible has, and as such, all of mankind ought to regard it with a reverence due the creator of the universe and of us. Yet the Bible teaches us all that the world is filled with wicked fools who cannot perceive the truth under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. It appears from your posts here that you are such a wicked fool and have been sent a strong delusion by God so that you will believe a lie and so be condemned (to hell) for delighting in wickedness and refusing multiple times to accept the truth. Go read 2 Thessalonians 2:10-12 from the KJV of the Bible and prove to me where my error is here. You cannot do it.

            To read a few verses of the Bible is not the same thing as reading the Bible from beginning to end and diligently seeking to understand its author and know Him personally and intimately. Only when a person does the latter, will God choose to reveal Himself to such a person and such a person only has this hunger to know God intimately if God has first placed that hunger in him. Those of us who number among God’s faithful soak in the word of God every day and His words transform us into the likeness of His son Jesus over the remainder of our lives.

            Your recollection is not the determinant of that which is true. Nor is your characterization of the truth. God hates that which is evil, wicked and dishonest. He says so in Proverbs 6:16-19. He chooses to have nothing to do with the wicked and the foolish. He says so at Romans 1:18-32. Now if you are a rebellious and wicked fool, you may not like hearing these things, but I am only messenger from God telling you what God’s word SAYS. If you don’t like it, take it up with God.

            You dishonestly claim here that I “feel superior” to you because I am a Christian. Yet you have NO evidence to back up your wild-assed guess, which happens to be in error once again. I am a sinner just like you. But I am saved by the grace of God who chose me as one of His elect since before the world began and wrote my name and that of my godly bride in the Lamb’s book of life. I have no room to boast about anything. Grace is “unmerited favor.” God showed it to me, He hasn’t shown it to you. Bummer for you. But that in no way makes me superior to any other human being in the world.

            What I teach here is the doctrine of God’s election. You will find God explaining it at Romans 9 and elsewhere by going to a Bible with a concordance and looking up the word “elect(ion)” and then reading every verse which includes that word. Prove to me from such a rigorous and intellectually honest study that I teach anything which deviates from what God’s word SAYS on this matter. Again, you can’t do it.

            The reason the doctrine of election is seldom taught inside false, organized religion is because they secretly serve the father of lies, the devil, and are not led by God’s Holy Spirit, as they falsely claim they are. If they DID teach it, their seats would empty and the offering plates would dry up because 95% or more of those trapped inside false religion today know in their hearts that they are not fully submitted to Jesus in all things and that the fruit of their lives evidences far more the acts of the carnal nature spelled out in Galatians 5:19-21 than they do the fruit of the Spirit spelled out in Galatians 5:22-23. Let’s face it: false religion is BIG BUSINESS and has little or nothing to do with leading lost souls to the truth.

            My aim is to bring glory to God by obeying His will for my life in all things. It is NOT to get anyone to join any form of false religion, but rather to lead them to the source of all truth, the Bible, and its author God (YHWH) and Jesus (Yahushua). God must do the rest.

            I have just revealed to you what a real man of God looks like. You’ve probably never met one. We are very rare and always subjected to devious tactics, opposition and affliction to suppress and silence the truth by those held in captivity and bondage to the lies of Satan. Don’t take my word for any of this. Pick up a Bible and test everything I teach. Show me where in Scripture it reveals that I have taught a single thing that contradicts or conflicts with what God’s word says. I dare you. You can’t do it.

          • mackelby

            Sir you ignorance precedes you by about a mile. I grew up in church, been baptised, been saved. I have tried many times. I have been in the presence of many godly men. I have travelled to see Billy Graham . You are proving you know nothing. You quoting bible scripture proves nothing. What bible do you want me to use? You have a mean spirit or at least that is all you are willing to show me. If acting like you is what Christianity is all about I have obviously picked the correct path. I never said you where trying to get anyone to follow a false religion. You are the king of distortion. Did you vote for Obummer? You have the reasoning of a liberal. I will say it one more time I have read the bible and I have picked it up thousands of times. Religion is most certainly big business and with big business comes CONTROL! See we can agree on something. I appear to be making you mad, that was not my intention. ONLY from what you have showed me, you certainly have a mean spirit. Amongst other Christians you are probably the opposite. Very liberal trait. Liberals are very nice when among liberals. I have no problems with Christianity, I just don’t subscribe. Some of my best friends are Christians. Actually I only have 2 friends that believe what I believe, the rest are Christians. The bible teaches good things nobody can deny that.

          • Watchman on the Wall

            Little boy, you need to go back to preschool because first time around they failed to teach you proper respect for those older and wiser than you are. I have seldom read anything form anyone as incoherent as what you just wrote here. Saved my ass!

            In your post right after this one you write: “I just don’t believe.” All your claims about your church rituals of organized and false religion save no one. Your notion of Christ is just a bunch of feel good “God is love” and that’s all you need to know psycho-babble designed to deceive the naive and the gullible.

            Real men speak the truth directly. If you can’t handle the heat of the truth, then go back and play games with little boys. I have no time for game-playing and even less tolerance for it. Your writing here is disjointed and incoherent. No surprise there: if you have no fear of God ten you have yet to acquire any real wisdom, just as the Book of Proverbs, the book of wisdom from God, teaches the wise.

            Your claims of reading the Bible and being saved but yet not believing are contradictory and therefore false. How anyone can live so incoherently for very long is beyond me. You’re way out of your league here, junior. It’s back to preschool for you!

          • Watchman on the Wall

            if you wish to tell people what they want to hear vs. the truth, be my guest. You’re just keeping them on the path to hell we are all born into. I will resist and oppose you if you do and in the end, I will be proven correct. if you find that offensive, you really need to get over yourself. You are WAY too sensitive and lack the humility to be teachable.

          • mackelby

            Sir, not only are you distorting your religion you are distorting our conversation. Or I didn’t point out what I thought was offensive, and would be very offensive to your God. I will cut and paste your very un-Christian and offensive remark. ” Clearly you are not one of God’s elect, or you would already understand this. Bummer for you.” Sounds like the devil has a bigger hold on you than anything else. That statement sound like you are closer to mohomud than Jesus

          • Watchman on the Wall

            You are way too defensive when you are confronted with the truth of God’s word from the Bible. You ought to heed that tweak in your heart. God is way bigger than you are. Perhaps He is seeking to convict you of your own prideful, rebellious and foolish spirit.

            Your mind is closed to the truth. That is very clear from your posts. You mock God and His word and referred to it in your prior post as a “magic show.” As such, you evidence in your own writing your deficient character and foolish thinking. Mockery is a tell-tale sign of a fool, God’s book of wisdom, the Book of Proverbs, teaches God’s people who aspire to become wise. I am such a man. I am more than qualified to connect the dots between your mocking language and God’s teaching from His word, which He claims to be flawless and 100% trustworthy and I have never found it proven to be otherwise.

            You really ought to have the integrity and decency to not read other people’s mail. God’s word, the Bible, is directed to God’s people, His elect, and cannot be properly comprehended, as the supernatural book it truly is, by those who lack God’s Holy Spirit in their hearts, which God previously chose to put there. It is His love letter to His chosen people, His elect. It’s not your mail to read.

            Jesus told Pilate in John 18:37 that those who are of the truth hear his voice. Jesus is the way, the TRUTH, and the life and no one comes to the Father (God) but through Him, He tells His disciples in John 14:6. You mock the Bible. If you were of the truth and could hear the voice of Jesus you would NEVER write something so foolish or rebellious. If you are not of Christ, you are opposed to Him and thus serve His adversary, the devil, whether or not you know it. This is VERY SIMPLE logical reasoning. Yet you seem challenged to be able to follow it. This ought to be of grave concern to you. Why do I say this? Because God teaches it:

            “Fear of the LORD (YHWH) is the BEGINNING of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and discipline.” Proverbs 1:7 In other words, without God directing your steps, you are incapable of grasping any real knowledge or wisdom. God’s word says so. Once again, I am merely His messenger. Don’t take my word for any of this. Go check it out for yourself. Perhaps God will convict your heart of your rebellious and foolish spirit as He once did so for me. If you choose to reject my wise counsel, you have only yourself to blame for your stiff-necked refusal to heed the truth of God.

          • mackelby

            I have not been defensive at all. That is you projecting your thoughts on to me. A defensive person would not go back and try as many times as I have. I do not mock God. I just don’t believe. I will mock allah all day. You can’t show me were I mocked God in any of these posts. Sir now you are being a liar, not very Christian like. You are proving my point. You have driven me farther away, which is a very common trait with Christians. Your intolerance drives people away.

          • Watchman on the Wall

            “Do not answer a fool according to his folly or you will be like him yourself.” Proverbs 26:4

            You wouldn’t know a true Christian if he hit you in the face. God is intolerant of rebelliousness, foolishness and sin. So am I and anyone who is a true follower of Christ. There are many self-deceived frauds out there who profess to be true followers of Christ but have no interest in the truth or in sacrificially loving others who are held in captivity to the lies of Satan.. Why should this bother you? You’re one too.

          • Watchman on the Wall

            Just for the record: you are unqualified to opine on what I teach since you clearly have no clue what the source of my faith (as distinguished from any false religion), rooted in the Bible, says, means and how it applies to our lives.
            The true gospel of Jesus is deeply offensive to those who are perishing. Like it or not, this is your spiritual condition at the moment. Whether you will remain in your bondage and captivity to the lies of Satan to the bitter end, or whether God will break you and bring you to your knees at the end of yourself, humbled and teachable, as He once did for me, only God can say. So get over being offended. You should be offended: you, like all of us, are born wicked, depraved sinners, headed for hell and separated from a right relationship with God at birth. The wages of sin is death, which we all deserve. That’s why God offers a pardon to some of us in the sacrificial death of Jesus on the cross in our place for what we deserved, so that His righteousness might be imputed to us and we might be reconciled into a right relationship with God through Jesus.

            Show me in God’s word where it says being offended is a sin by the person offending you. You can’t do it. You’ve been brain washed and mind control programmed by Satan and his demon-infested slaves to believe that anyone who offends you is sinning against you, when in fact, the problem resides inside your own prideful and deceitful heart.

            You need to stop listening to what you think you hear or your feelings, neither of which are reliable indicators of the truth. You know nothing of Jesus as I know Him personally and intimately. Yet you have the audacity to even suggest that you know the ways and nature of the devil and Jesus better than a true man of God who is born again in God’s Holy Spirit and truly submitted and surrendered to the will of God and Jesus add lord in all things?

            Where did you get that god complex?!? You have no idea what true maturity and wisdom look like. Stop talking and start learning. You know very little and you have nothing of value to share with anyone until you find true wisdom and the truth: if you ever do. That is up to God. I am merely His faithful messenger speaking the truth of God’s word into a world rapidly perishing.

          • mackelby

            “Show me in God’s word where it says being offended is a sin by the person offending you.” Don’t have to, I never implies such a thing. Are you sure you aren’t in 2 different conversations and you are replying to the wrong person? You have been trying to get me to prove things I never implied. I have to assume this reply was meant for someone else.

          • Watchman on the Wall

            Go back to your sand box little boy. Play the fool all you like. You’re merely playing with yourself: a common activity of little boys who have yet to grow up and gain any wisdom, honesty, integrity and common sense.

          • mackelby

            Good luck with that. Once again you are projecting yourself on to me. If anyone has a God complex it is you. I said nothing that would remotely suggest I think I am godly. You make no sense, I don’t believe in gods and you tell me that I have a god complex. You berate me and don’t think you don’t have a god complex. You are one messed up dude. Is there anything you can’t rationalize. You are just like every drunk I know. Is this obama I am conversing with? If you are going to be ridiculous I am done.

          • Watchman on the Wall

            I’m done with you, you are merely a wicked fool who endlessly spreads lies and seeks to confuse the lost and the hurting of humanity out of hatred for your fellow man. You know you’re going to hell and are doing the work of your master, Satan, to drag many other sick souls along with you as you possibly can. What a miserable existence you lead! And what s pathetic loser you clearly are!

            Yes, I am quite aware that you are in no way godly. You’ve proven that endlessly in your numerous posts of mockery, scorn and ridicule, completely devoid of knowledge, wisdom and what was once common decadency.

            The solution? the doming annihilation of all who are wicked and foolish upon the second coming of Yahushua in late 2016. Mark my words: you are toast when that happens!

          • mackelby

            I did not say one bad thing about religion or Christians. You are one evil mean person. Karma will deal with you. From what i have studied about Christianity you will NOT be making it to heaven. You have a wonderful 2014.

          • Watchman on the Wall

            When you lie and mock you “say bad things” and lie here once again about it. Deceit and hypocrisy knows no limits in the confused minds of the wicked and the foolish (almost always one and the same thing).

            You serve your father, the devil, the father of lies, whether you know it or not. There are just two masters we all serve in life: Jesus or the devil. We all start out headed for hell and likely to become slaves to Satan’s endless lies. A few of us get rescued from our sinful, carnal natures, such as you exhibit, by God and His son Jesus. Most do not. if you reject Jesus, you are His enemy and serve His adversary, the devil.

            You may not like to read this; but it is what God says in His flawless words of the Bible. Dismiss it at your peril. Because like I said before, I am done with you. Get lost. You aren’t worth any more of my time. You’re a hopeless and lost cause and have no clue what the truth is, even if it hit you in the face. You’re a brutal, barbarian savage, poorly parented, with no social graces and that is all, as revealed by your prior posts. It is time to move on and teach those with a spirit of humility who are capable of being blessed by the truth. You’re simply not one of them; that much is quite obvious.

    • Watchman on the Wall

      Never been mistaken before? I think NOT!

  • turdhole

    so fake. haha nice try though

    • Watchman on the Wall

      “A fool finds no pleasure in understanding but delights in airing his own opinions.” Proverbs 18:2

      Pretty spooky to read about yourself in the Bible, huh?

  • MerlinMedic

    And of course the cat leaves her hair on Noah’s Ark. ; )

    • rosech

      Why not? My cat leaves hair anywhere she is permitted to cover in our house, just as dog hair does, and your hair as well.

    • Johnnygard

      It was a FEMALE cat?

      • MerlinMedic

        Yes. Yes she was. I was there. : P

  • Thomas Aquinas

    Patriots: Arm yourself against the mirage of illusions conjured up by today’s liberals and progressives:

    • Watchman on the Wall

      And let’s not leave out the neo-Cons and RINOs who are no less deceitful and similarly serve the father of lies, Satan.

  • RobGoetzSr

    Ron Wyatt was first to make the discovery. Also, the true resting place of the Ark of the Covenant has been found.

    • Timur

      I don’t trust Ron Wyatt at all. I’ve seen his videos and I must say, I wish I hadn’t.

  • rabrooks

    Religion/politics and race. Seperately are dangerous territories. Mixed together become explosive. Too bad that most of our history can only be recounted as stories or fables. Fortunately written language was invented before all this could be lost. Occassionaly, we get solid evidence that matches biblical history. But once again, the ‘isms get in the way.

    • Watchman on the Wall

      All three distract us from that which is true. God, Jesus and the Bible are the source of all truth. Everything which conflicts with the Bible, is therefore, by definition, false and a lie.

      Until we get truth right, the world will never properly evaluate any truth claims of false religion, foolish and endlessly deceiving politics or the color of a man’s skin (which matters not one whit: his character DOES!).

  • billconner

    Sorry for getting off subject

  • billconner

    Some of you concern yourself with the earth but I haven’t heard any one ask the question what created the universe everything has to start from something it doesn’t magical pop up. I get tired of scientist claiming they have to feel or see something. but all of us believe in air or Oxygen you can’t see it but you know its there, and you’ll see a chair and set in it you have faith its going to hold you up but you don’t know for sure. science is not absolute a lot is theory even though they try to convince you other wise, some claim CO2 is a green house gas but tree’s plants, and grass breath it in to survive and in turn produce Oxygen, which proves science can be influenced with an agenda. The Fact is Jesus Christ could come thru the clouds land on earth Scientist could watch him come down see the nail marks in his hand, show you miracles, and some would still deny he exists. In fact that’s what happen over two thousand years ago

    • Michael Wheeler

      If you have the right equipment then you can see it. It’s been proven by mounds of evidence it exist. So yeah you don’t have to it see or be able to feel it for it be real. Just concrete scientific proof which they have. You just a biblical babbler. You don’t need to proof to believe something so you call it faith because that’s what you’ve been told to do for 2000 years without knowing the truth. You read the bible and believe it has to be real but just like the internet, you can’t believe everything that’s written and published. The Bible is just a story created over years to gain and obscene following and in certain words a confused cult.

      • billconner

        What evidence is that?

        • Michael Wheeler

          That’s the question you should be asking yourself. Not Trying To prove something else false because you can’t prove what you believe is true. I’m not a scientist but I’m also not a fool and the real facts are there. All yours are myths and rumors and word to mouth.

          • billconner

            Well produce this evidence your so proud of I mean after all you said it back it up, your the one bring it up and it sounds like your the one talking rumors. its like this the Bible is a book of fact and some of the Egyptian records bare out the same facts there are other cultures that kept records that bare out a lot of the same things the Bible has in it. But a lot of the media doesn’t boast of the findings because they have an agenda. the bible was put in to cannons in 390 BC but several books was before that. the Koran was written in 690. and the fact every culture kept records and you seem clueless to this fact not just Israel but just about every culture in the middle east and the fact a lot of these culture keep there books close is a good indicator there is evidence proving the bible because the bottle line is if they proved the Bible incorrect it would be open to everyone to show it wrong. Because everyone knows the middle east hates Israel

          • rosech

            the Bible is NOT a book of facts as it was written by many and varied authors inspired to write their stories, but always remember from their time and point of view. There are some anomalies in the written Bible, but amazingly so much of it is true and proven. Amazing because most of we get to read are just stories and not much more. This is fantastic and hopefully we will see and hear much more to prove it is or is not the ark.

          • billconner

            You have the right to your opinion and you admitted that some of the bible is true and proven which means its fact, just because you don’t believe some of it doesn’t mean its not so maybe its hard for some people to except it. and the Koran was written by on person so that’s one person’s opinion, but many authors of the Bible doesn’t give you one person’s story it give’s you God’s word and inspired by Him ( God) and in Genesis it gives you the blood line of Israel, What’s amazing is if scientist get the weather right from one day to the next they can’t predict weather for a week and be right, Its funny if this is proven to be the ark they people will argue over weather the earth was flooded for 40 days and 40 nights and some still won’t believe no matter how much evidence they find or show or they will distract of the facts of the find to how the animals didn’t eat one another, But the find of the Ark proves that there was flood on the earth, and someone warned Noah and just like that time people denied God and it cost them there life’s

      • Johnnygard

        So where did “the big bang” come from? You do have “faith” in the big bang theory, right? Something (source of the big bang, or God) had to always be around. God is an explanation of the big bang, otherwise, there is no explanation for the start of the universe.

    • rosech

      there are now many scientists who believe in a “beginning” and a reason for the supposed chaos. There are many old histories of older cultures and societies whose stories have been passed down long before written verbiage about the flood, the ark, Jesus, etc.

  • ThrillingHeroics

    Sorry to burst your bubble here people, and after all that excellent intellectual discussion too… But this is what John D Morris, Ph.D who happens to be a professor of Geology at the Institute of Creation Research has to say about it. Before you get all sensitive about “another scientist trying to disprove god” he’s an avid Christian. I’ll link to his article on it but to sum it all up there doesn’t seem to be much or any evidence for anything man made at the site. Here’s the link to the article:

    And here’s what I personally believe. We will never find the ark, ever. What happens to a landscape after a big flood rolls through? All the vegetation gets uprooted and washed away, especially large trees that you would need to build fires and build homes out of. So if my giant boat made out of wood landed on the side of a mountain and I’m in need of shelter (that isn’t a giant boat teetering on the side of a mountain) and firewood so, that I can stay warm and cook food, I’m probably going to look around until I see that giant boat on the side of a mountain that’s made out of everything I currently need and can’t find elsewhere.

    • Johnnygard

      Show me a flood that uprooted trees and washed them away, that isn’t littered with other uprooted trees. Do you think the uprooted trees ascend to heaven?

    • rosech

      Certainly a possibility but again if God had Noah build the ark and fill it with animals, He would definitely allow Noah and family and animals to survive by providing all necessaries.

  • jakefromstatefarm

    Hail Lucifer!
    Dark bringer of light
    Hail Lucifer!
    Giver of eternal sight

    Open our eyes Mighty Father
    So that we may see
    Guide our steps on the Burning Path
    Of liberation and ecstasy

    If you people can spout your christian conservative rhetoric all day here is something for you

    • ARMYOF69

      We are all very happy for you going to your ovens eventually.

    • Johnnygard

      Please tell my you aren’t stupid enough to believe in lucifer, but not in God! If you don’t believe in either one, that’s one thing. I’ve just never understood how someone could believe in the devil, but not God.

  • Ike

    All of the animals on the planet wouldn’t fit on that boat. There’s a “flat earth” society too. At some point you just have to use common sense.

    • Johnnygard

      Explain to me why people that believe in evolution think Noah would have needed “All of the animals on the planet”.

    • rosech

      Not all animals existed at that point in time, so your statement is invalid.

      • Johnnygard

        Yes, and Noah forgot the unicorns, and he didn’t have room for the dinosaurs. I’m on your side, but I could be right about the unicorns and dinosaurs, right?

  • BS, these guys are doing nothing but reaching for fantasy. Real scientists without other hidden agendas will tell you simply.. Natural formation.

    • Johnnygard

      Like the scientists in the 1970’s told us we were headed for a man-made ice age? Or the ones twenty years later (literally some of the same scientists) that said we were going to kill the planet with man-made global warming? The folks that now call it “climate change” since it stopped warming? Are those the “real scientists” you are talking about?

      • I sure hope you caught the debate last night between Bill Nye and Ken Ham. Real scientist admit they are wrong and continue on the quest for knowledge. A repeated attempt and justifying anything said in the Bible by, That is what the Bible says… Well, is just ignorant. This article is ignorant considering the Boat supposedly built by Noah is impossible and would never be sea-worthy. Besides the necessary space to house animals and keep them alive is impossible. The food source for the animals is impossible. Building a ship of such size by 8 people is absurd. There is NO evidence anywhere on the planet of the GREAT flood. The laws of the known universe did not suddenly change 4k years ago! The light from a a star takes more thank 6k years to get here. Besides, if you are a follower of the Bible you accept and approve of Rape, Child killing, murder, genocide, prejudice and the list could go on and on. And if you do not believe me there is, in Ken Ham’s words “A book out there” Meaning, read the book! Your all loving all knowing god contradicts himself many times and is just evil. My favorite saying is “My morals are better than your ‘god’s’ Which isn’t really that hard.

  • mike

    If only you people could realize how ignorant you appear to the modern day understanding. It’s a sad part of our human nature to search for guidance leaving us to be so gullible.

  • Michael Wheeler

    Most the people that actually believe this is real are the same people who believed the recent Mermaids documentaries aired on National Geographic was real. Just because something is backed by a few scientific facts doesn’t make it true. This world has many mysteries and we don’t know everything that’s gone on in all parts of it. The scientist went there looking for what they wanted to find but they do not know what all has happened in that area. You find some metal that may have been part of a ship but when that’s what you’re looking for then you will connect dots that don’t exist.

  • Happy Camper

    It’s a geological feature, it’s not a ‘Ark’. Don’t mean to ruin anyone’s day. Read the book: Noah’s Flood: The New Scientific Discoveries About The Event That Changed History (Ryan & Pitman)

    • Johnnygard

      So we can all pick which people we want to believe. I choose to wait for more evidence, but I don’t discount it (or acccept it) without more facts.

    • rosech

      As a scientist, there are a lot of fantasy science about as well. Whatever sells is good for many who call themselves scientists but haven’t a clue.

  • Frank

    Just curious It states “In the 13th century, Willam, a traveler, stated for the first time that Mt. Masis was the Ark location (present-day Mt. Ararat).” Yet in Genesis 8:4-5 it states ” And the Ark rested in the seventh month, on the seventeenth day of the month, upon the mountains of Ararat” These two thing contradict each other. It wasn’t named Ararat till present day?

  • shamu9

    This has been Known for Many Years. I I read a feature article like this one, in Reader’s Digest, or some other Mainstream magazine in the ’70’s!! Lots of this information was included! That’s why,– when I read Here? –that the Noah’s Ark discovery was a Hoax, a couple of days ago, I was Very Surprised! There has been a Cover -Up, since the ’70’s , of this Discovery.

  • marineh2ominer

    And the truth shall set us free , if we can only get it out of the communist bastards that will do anything to deny GOD .

  • Marilynn Reeves

    Just another proof of G-D word. The Ark of the Covent has also been found under the hill where Christ died but they are sure surpressing that one.

  • phn

    The knowledge and use of materials is extraordinary!

  • Don Watson

    In my opinion, this is being suppressed because to actually admit it one would be confirming the bible to be true and this is not acceptable to our politically correct society. It would also be a confirmation that the great flood that destroyed most of humanity is a fact not fiction.

  • Inhurricane7

    Curious. Dig it up and see what is there. If this were more than a religious expedition, scholars would be calling for full investigation of the site. Where are they? There are many accredited religious colleges and universities of higher learning. Why are they not be demanding that this site be excavated? As a one trained in the sciences I conclude that this is a hoax, already dismissed by the scientific community. Show me otherwise and don’t use this article as evidence.

  • Niko Lorris

    They are TRUKS….. they are MUSLIMS ! Any questions ? No one even wants to talk about what the Turks do to Greek Orthodox Christians and their churches on the island of Cypress.

  • Heartland Patriot

    While I don’t believe in a flood that encompassed the entire earth, I do believe that there was a massive flood in the “cradle of civilization” that destroyed “their world”. Evidence has been found for that. The flood was so large, it would have wiped out the world as they knew it. And if a man known to us as Noah built a large wooden ship, because he was divinely inspired to, that saved himself, family, and livestock from that flood, that would sure put secular-progressive statists into a tizzy. They cannot allow anything that gives any sort of credence to the Bible because they need to convince people otherwise. They hate religion, particularly Christianity, because it gives people something to anchor themselves on outside a mere government of humanity. They hate God being above all because they cannot change what God said at a mere whim they way they can change laws.

  • Amber M. Sowinski

    Who wrote the “Bible”?

    • Rick Kirby

      The Bible is the inspired word of God.

  • LoriCJ

    Maybe because Adam and Eve’s burial tombs happened to be on the the ark and they were giants?

  • BajaRon

    All of this is very interesting. But we have to understand that there will always be controversy surrounding Noah’s Ark, regardless of the ‘evidence’ produced.

    Snopes is a very dubious source for truth as they seem quite willing to manipulate reality when it suites their agenda.

    A better source would be the bible, which has never been proven wrong but has, in every case where proof exists, been proven right.

    It would be great if, beyond any reasonable doubt, Noah’s Ark was found. But short of that, I am more than willing to take God’s word for it.

  • pysco

    Creation vs evolution… Even with evidence like this there are still non-believers.

  • daniel

    This proves that the Bible is true , think about what else could be true

    • Heartland Patriot

      BINGO! The secular-progressive statists cannot allow anything that bolsters the record in the Bible. They have to run it down. These leftists want people to look to government only as the highest authority…its why they hate God so much because He is above all and always will be.

  • Rickey brown

    Look up Ron Wyatt that’s not all God led him to find. Soddham gammorah the ark of the covenant the buried Canaanites. The Red Sea crossing chariots and wheels from pharaoh s army. God used him in amazing ways really. The blood from the cross fell upon the mercy seat of the ark of the covenant to be the perfect sacrifice of Jesus blood.

  • SniperToo

    It just goes to show you that the communist and the left (One World Order) is trying to complelty destroy Christianity from the world. Evil that they are. There should be a world wide outrage on this but it wont happen. Too many people have lost their will to fight back for what is right and truthful. Truth today is the best medicine to stop the lies and the take over of our beliefs and freedom.

  • JudahMichael

    This is aweome,! The “Book of Mormon” is a written record of a people led away from Jerusalem just before the Jews were conquered by the Babylonians to the Americas. The Prophet at that time was instructed to build a ship by the Lord, and the Lord showed him what materials to use to molt steel and to “work the timbers of peculiar workmanship” almost 590BC. This information can be found near the end of that book named after the prophet who built the ship, Nephi.

  • Sugarcane52

    Thanks for printing this article. I have known about it for a few years. Ron Wyatt has a website that tells a little more and tells about the Red Sea crossing–and more! He was an avid Christian explorer. I didn’t read all this article, but the site is and ha been a National Park for years!

  • unbridled

    Oh, what’s the matter Bunky? Has your valiant attemp at rewritting history begun to unravel? Well than, don’t forget to go and thank those progessive, common core pushing preachers, at the uneducational institution you attended for rattling your brain….

  • edhenson2010

    The Bible tells us all we need to know about the ark and everything else. The ark is where the Bible says it is. What difference does it make? No one will come to Christ because the ark is found. If you don’t believe the written Word of God, nothing else will convince you!

    • Brooklynresident

      The reason modern archeology came to be was because skeptics would say, “Oh, this never happened or that was just a cute little fairy tale. Jesus? Pontius pilate? Darius? All made up.” Pioneers like Sir Henry Austin Layard found these actual places, proved these people existed, and shut that line of skepticism up.

  • Adrian Arnold

    ok peeps im going to share a secret with you all. this page was ripped entirely from this page now i know your gunna say ok well that doesnt make it false but it does first look at the page name of the original post “noahx” if u read it phonetically it reads as “un – oax” or “an hoax” secondly it was published on a site well known for publishing hoax stories. if you still doubt me go here read afew more of there stories and decide for yourselves.

  • John Galt

    This is hilarious. So this “515 foot” vessel was able to fit every species on the planet? In a few decades, we’ll laugh at this cult (Christianity) that has this nations conservatives by the balls. I can see half of ya’ll in your double wides actually believing this.

    • A Willful Boy

      I wonder if the real John Galt would create a brand new account just to troll this one thread. I’m pretty sure he didn’t feel threatened by people in double wides.

      • Blomsoy

        Dear Willful Boy, The Real John Galt would have better things to do than
        commenting on this website, and you’re right, he wouldn’t feel threatened
        by anyone or anything here.
        Merry Christmas !

    • Natesse

      Well friend, the people of Noah’s day spent, what, 150 years laughing at him, while he built the ark, while making the outrageous claim that water was going to fall from the sky and flood the Earth? As it was in the days of Noah, so it is today. Keep on laughing. God will have the last laugh.

      • Blomsoy

        Dear Ms. Natesse, Are you inferring that your God is so mean that he would
        laugh at misery ?

        • Natesse

          No, he would laugh the same as we would at any idiot-at the results of self-imposed arrogance and self-righteousness. Don’t listen to Him, suffer the consequences. You may see an evil ogre-I see a righteous God. You appear to be trying to place the blame for man’s folly on God. Man chose to go it alone. Our mistake.

    • Heartland Patriot

      You are missing the point, though I think a lot of those who believe miss the point as well. There WAS a massive flood, it destroyed “their world” as they knew it, and Noah, his family and likely his livestock were saved from that flood. He was divinely inspired to build that ship. There is a higher power than a mere government of humanity, a power that anchors all of our rights. “The rights of man come NOT from the generosity of the state, but from the Hand of God” — JFK

  • kyle

    Everyone goes straight to bashing this. Just take a step back and ask yourself. Why is this a bad thing? If it is true than kick ass!! but if its not then its still interesting. I don’t get mad at tolken or what ever for telling an amazing story. Chill people we are all on this together.

  • Glenn Todd

    “But, beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing: that with the Lord one day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.” Back when that was written they didn’t know million, billion, trillion… So could it be one day is as a quadrillion years? “On the first day God created the Heavens.” Aslo study up on the the Nephilim for your race arguments.

    • Justin Taylor

      It was gods words…but he couldn’t count? seems odd.

      • Glenn Todd

        Stories passed down from generation to generation way before writing was ever invented.

      • Glenn Todd

        Stories passed down from generation to generation way before writing was ever invented.

  • vabeachgirl

    Awesome article! Thanks! But, it is truly cracking me up that the liberal trolls have nothing better to do than come on here, and get all butthurt over something they cclaim doesn’t exist. So, basically, what you are doing & saying is that you have nothing better to do than spend your time arguing over something that is “nonexistent”. So, umm…how sad! Seriously. It is gravely sad that your life is so devoid of meaning that you can only find fulfillment by grasping at straws, trying to win your hate battle over what you claim to be a “fairytale”. I mean, I know that purple & green polka dotted bunnies don’t exist. So, I’ve quite honestly got TONS more to do in life than troll the pages of people who believe in purple & green polka dotted.bunnies, and argue with them. THAT is the exact reason why I’ve come to know that all of this disbelief is just an act. You don’t WANT to believe there is a GOD, but, in YOUR HEART & gut, you know you are wrong. However, stating that you are wrong would be accepting that you don’t know everything, and having to be accountable for everything – and, that is scary for you all. I completely get it. So, instead of admitting that you know God is alive…and, that He loves you…and, that you have made some big time mistakes (just like we ALL have)…it’s better for YOU to motor around the internet, arguing about….”nothing”. I truly find that extremely, and heart-wrenchingly sad. So, no…I don’t hate anyone for saying they disagree with my beliefs. That’s just crazy. That’s like saying,”Here, let me beat the love of God into ya!” Anyway, it’s all good. We’ve got you all covered in prayer. Free of charge. At least when you’re arguing about God…you’re talking about Him. And, as long as that dialogue is open, you are still open deep down to having your opinion changed. God Bless & Merry Christmas!

    • Adrian Arnold

      to start with your argument that an atheist wouldn’t admit to there being a god means they are afraid of have to be accountable holds no water(pardon the pun) because when you deny the existence of god you take full responsibility and accountability for your actions. because by denying the existence of god you are then saying that gods will does not influence your actions.
      the argument that trolls have nothing better to do, yet you are doing just that trolling the trolls(albeit rather badly). so do you have nothing better to do?
      as for your comparing arguing on the internet to “beating the love of god into ya” my family are catholic i grew up in an environment where both your family and the church “beat the love of god into ya”
      and finally i would like to wish you a merry christmas but i know as a believer in god you would never allow yourself to celebrate a pagan ritual filled with pagan rites and beliefs. even if it was vaguely associated with the birth and worship of jesus christ. who by the way you shouldn’t be worshiping as it tells you in the bible
      Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth. Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the Lord thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me; And shewing mercy unto thousands of them that love me, and keep my commandments.
      now this is one of the most sacred of gods laws and it means you should not be making images of jesus and worshiping him, let alone celebrating his birthday, which by the way according to biblical accounts of his birth would have around late august or early september.

      • vabeachgirl

        And, your arguement about not worshipping Jesus is just hilarious, as well. I mean…you DO realize that Jesus IS God in the flesh, right? And, whereas the Christmas TREE is a pagan ritual, Christmas, actually, literally means “Christ Mass”…as in Christ Worshipping. AND, since NO Christian I know actually believes that Christ was birn ON December 25th, but, rather, understands it is only when we CELEBRATE His birth, since they sort of didn’t have birth certificates back then…there goes that agrument of hatred. Additionally, while I know plenty of moral atheists, they still cannot explain WHY it is even necessary to be so moral, if there is nothing or no one beyond this life to worry about. As a matter of fact, there is 10 times more they cannot explain, than what any Christian I know. Trolling the trolls? No sir. Wrong, again. I was reading an article about an important person in my religion. I was finding out that, just as many articles I’ve read inthe past have stated, giving the exact location, and as one archeological excavater I know is trying to get through all of the red tape to go see, this IS real. People who have no belief or ties to then religion which tells the story of Noah; but, come to a page SPECIFICALLY to criticize and insult those who are here for the right reasons are the trolls. And, I only use that word because it is the one some techie somewhere decided to overuse, in order to describe such activity. I do not support Christians going to other religion’s sites & acting deplorably, either. I truly do feel sorry for you and those who share your beliefs – not in an arrogant, “I’m better than you” way. But, I find it heart breaking that someone scarred you so badly with what is supposed to be a message of love, that you cannot believe that much in love, anymore. And, I’m sorry that some person associated with the religion hurt you in the past. Again, we are only humans – not the God whom we are to strive to be like. I do hope you have a Merry Christmas, and one day discover the true meaning behind the season.

      • Debra Boyd Shaw

        You are a very sad person,aren’t you?
        Does it make you feel happy to put down someone for their beliefs?
        Do you believe in nothing?
        You should examine yourself and not other people.
        I hope you can find what you’re missing.

  • Chelsea Morrison

    very interesting article :)

  • RVNMike

    Cool. I remember seeing this before. More info in this article then the one I seen.

  • SpikedKoolAid


  • Jeremy Kinney

    Look guys, stop the debate. Noah’s ark is just a story. One that doesn’t make too much sense, by the way. It’s very likely a major flood did happen. Many ancient cultures documented it, long before the Bible. But don’t let movies, sports, or old stories distract you from what’s going on behind the scenes today. We don’t even know what we’re eating, yet we’re feeding it to our families and wondering where these modern diseases are coming from. Look into the details of the Great Pyramid and see that our history is a big lie. Open your minds and think for yourselves. The future is in our hands.

    • Kate

      Do you guys hear that? It’s the sound of an applause.

    • Natesse

      There’s actually much truth in what you say, Jeremy. The natural vs. the unnatural is the bottom line in my view, and it extends way beyond just GMO’s. Overuse of antibiotics, vaccines that manipulate the immune system, gene splicing, etc.. The law of unintended consequences always catches up with man. Satan and his minions had everything to do with pyramids and giants back in the day. Now, he wants us to believe in alien life forms. Another deception from hell. When mankind decided to do it his way, and rejected God, God let him have what he wanted. I think it is sheer folly to believe that man has a snowball’s chance in hell of saving himself, and I don’t think there is any evidence anywhere down through history to say otherwise. Every time we try to fix what we screwed up, we create even bigger problems, and on and on it goes. What mankind is doing is creating his very own Frankenstein’s monster with all of creation. The curse of sin cannot be overcome by man’s endeavors. It becomes clearer with each passing day that if Jesus doesn’t come back as He promised He would, and I have no doubt that He will, there will be no flesh left to save.

  • Daniel Bobby Keller

    Is it any wonder why the mainstream media has not follow through with this story? They will do whatever they can possible to disprove the bible …. But let someone mention UFO sightings or aliens and they are all over it like a buzzard on a gut wagon.

    • Justin Taylor

      or maybe that it’s because this ‘story’ breaks about every 18 months or so…and they’re tired of looking this stupid…oh wait….nevermind.

  • Wendi A Lifto

    I keep hearing about the ark, then nothing more is said. Just like this story will soon disappear.

  • dangerouspatriot

    Was there ever any doubt as to the validity of Noahs Ark?? There is evidence all over the world that show water lines sometimes at great height that would prove that there once was a great flood that covered the entire world. It seems God is letting little bits of evidence to the truth of the Bible leak out at various times in history to prove to doubters that what is stated in the Bible is in fact all true. I’m almost sure that one day the Ark Of The Covenant will one day be found also, which would be the Greatest evidence of God on earth. These could be exciting times but I’m afraid a lot of this evidence may be silenced by the atheists of the world and the coming times will be persecution of believers and hate for us by most people. Like Jesus said that we would be hated for our belief in Him but to remember that they hated Him first. Be prepared people, pray, be baptized, repent of your sins and accept Jesus Christ into your hearts and be Saved.

    • Babylonandon

      The Ark (OTC – not Noah’s) is likely here in the US having been stolen away from Africa by the Allies during WWII to keep it out of Nazi and later Soviet hands.

      It is indeed a terrible weapon and while all that Indiana Jones stuff is mostly fiction, the Ark having the sorts of powers we generally ascribe to nuclear and other mass-casualty weapons would have been motivation enough to grab it. This would also explain why so many times during WWII nature itself seemed to conspire to support the West. One hopes Obama does NOT get his hands on it – he would undoubtedly turn it over to the Muslim Brotherhood.

  • James P.

    James P.
    I don’t think Noah’s Ark was made like a ship, I think it was made like a rectangle because it wasn’t going anywhere. All it had to do was float.

    • Justin Taylor

      I actually think the ark was built in the shape of a water buffalo. i have absolutely nothing to back that up and it makes zero sense, but you can take it on faith. Maybe that’s what god said or something….

      • keepthechange2

        What do you believe in Justin? I’d love to hear it

        • Justin Taylor

          Observation. Multiple universes. Big Bang(s). Matter. Gravity. Coalescing forces. Elements. Compound elements. Proteins. Carbon. Water. Energy. Opportunity. Evolution. Rinse. Repeat as necessary.

          • keepthechange2

            Sounds miserable. If I didn’t believe in god Idk what I would do. Thinking every breath you take could be your last and then just fade into nothing? I’d be out doing something other than trolling……

          • Justin Taylor

            Science is anything but miserable. Understanding reality is actually comforting – you should try it sometime.

  • Adrian Arnold

    anyone who has ever read the full story of the ark would know that god commanded noah to take 2 of every animal from all the lands and build a great vessel capable of housing them for forty days and forty nights. sounds like a good plan until you consider that the ark would not only have to be big enough to carry thousands of different animals but also all the food and water for all those animals. a task that would be impossible today. but then consider what happened when the flood waters subsided the bible tells us that in the same way that they entered the ark the animals also left in pairs, this would make sense as there wouldnt be enough room to allow for any breeding on the ark. but what was the first thing noah did after leaving the ark, he built an altar then proceeded to slaughter one of each of the animals as an offering to god. which raises another question if he was now left with only one of each animal how did they breed. the story of noah is at best an exaggerated story of a localised disaster or more likely as is the case with most stories from the bible a fable designed to teach you that if you do not live how the bible tells you to then you will be punished. all religion is really just a way of controlling the populace through fear and stories.

    • Justin Taylor

      *applause*. Much better.

    • Lisa Douglas

      Two (Genesis 6:19-20) – “And of every living thing of all flesh, you shall bring two of every kind into the ark, to keep them alive with you; they shall be male and female. 20Of the birds after their kind, and of the animals after their kind, of every creeping thing of the ground after its kind, two of every kind will come to you to keep them alive.”
      Seven (Genesis 7:2-3) – “You shall take with you of every clean animal by sevens, a male and his female; and of the animals that are not clean two, a male and his female; 3also of the birds of the sky, by sevens, male and female, to keep offspring alive on the face of all the earth.”
      Genesis 6:19-20 simply instructs Noah to preserve two of every kind. Genesis 7:2-3 is additional information where seven of the clean animals were to be taken and two of every other kind. The reason for this is that the extra animals were for sacrifice. “Then Noah built an altar to the LORD, and took of every clean animal and of every clean bird and offered burnt offerings on the altar,” (Gen. 8:20).

  • chellethesouthernbelle

    Well I’ve seen the documentary somewhere about this…so it’s not been kept in the dark from me.

  • Mike Lewis

    I’m stunned. I honestly never believed that there were people around today that are stupid enough to believe in the story of Noah’s Ark. Yet here we find many such imbeciles. I feel sorry for people who not only still believe in god(s) but believe in the other ancient biblical nonsense. You might as well live like a caveman again as thousands of years of accumulated knowledge and understanding have not diminished your staggering ability to disregard such knowledge and still see the world as someone not living in this millennia. Surely snopes is not required, if common sense isn’t enough then the most rudimentary understanding of science (primarily geology) would be sufficient to uncover the multitude of nonsensical evidence put forth in this shameful concoction of lies. The ironic thing is that pseudoscience is being used to make believers of people with no understanding of science, or no belief in the scientific method. You’re just happy to accept the rubbish written on this page as it confirms you’re blind, idiotic faith. Do you think this constitutes real scientific evidence? If so you’ve never read a scientific paper. I have no desire to argue the point with anyone regarding this, no more than I would wish to argue with sheep. Go away and learn from reliable sources, or just stop making comments on the internet as you’re infecting others with your stupidity. Also this will be the last time I visit this site, as the target market is the uneducated, bible bashing, right wing, bigoted, gun loving fool.

    • That_guy_that_did_that_thing

      Yet, historians and archaeologists have disproven everything you wrote. Tell us, how does it feel to be in total denial of fact?

      • Mike Lewis

        Can you cite these historians and archaeologists, or provide links to their papers? Not something similar to the rubbish cobbled together on this page, something with substance and backed up by peer-review. And something which can’t be unearthed (pardon pun) to be funded by or written by some religitard to confirm their own beliefs? As is generally the case with pseudoscience. Which is where I’m expecting your ‘facts’ to come from. Presumably, for example you hold the denial of evolution as fact as well. Good luck holding that argument together in the face of universally accepted scientific opinion. Clearly the comments of most people on this page show that they are generally too dumb to know how dumb they are. In this site I’ve chanced upon a real treasure trove of stupidity. I want to leave it and never come back but it is rare find, albeit a very disturbing find.

        • Jason Doherty

          Wow, Mike. For someone so certain of the falsehood of religion, you sure seem to spend an inordinate amount of time arguing against it. Does it provide you with a feeling of intellectual superiority to tell people how stupid they are?
          Are you on a one-man crusade to save people from themselves?

          You state you have no wish to argue, yet you proceed to attack and condemn concepts that billions of people around the world hold very dear. I understand you believe those billions of people (across many religions) to be mental midgets compared to your immense intellect, simply for believing something you don’t, but I will pose a couple very simple points to you. Take them to be arguing if you wish, but they are intended simply to open your tightly closed mind.

          1. By its very nature, science and the scientific method is limited. We have never seen a planet orbiting around a star other than our own, for example. We can calculate wobble, of course, but we cannot directly detect them. Considering the sheer volume of the universe, and the limits of our abilities to detect things at a distance, how self-important must you be to believe, without a doubt, that there is no God of any kind, either within or outside of our universe?

          2. Does the 4th dimension exist? How about the 10th? Superstring theory posits that the universe is made up of superstrings vibrating in the 10th dimension. There is no possible way you or anyone else can ever prove or disprove the existence of a 10th dimension, yet you likely believe it exists, given your worship of science. You have faith that it exists because peer-reviewed theories can’t disprove it’s existence, and the math works out. However, you are still supporting a theory via faith, just as religious people do.

          3. You cite “universally accepted scientific opinion”. At certain points in history, it was “universally accepted scientific opinion” that the earth was flat, the universe revolved around the earth, and that the basic elements were fire, water, air, earth, and ether, and that aether existed and was responsible for conducting light. These theories, along with hundreds others, are considered silly now, but in their time were accepted scientific principles. Anyone who embraces modern science as being 100% correct in every way neglects to pay attention to history. In the future, new devices and techniques will be invented that will show some of the “universally accepted scientific opinions” of the early 21st century to be truly farcical. The wise man says “This is the best theory we have right now”, while the foolish man says “The science is settled and the debate is over.”

          Science is limited, my friend – it can only do so much. Stop being a zealot and antagonizing people Should you decide to respond, and wish a response in kind, please refrain from ad hominem attacks, straw men, and other logical fallacies – I’ll not waste my time addressing them.

          • keepthechange2

            I enjoyed reading that. I wish I had the intellect to respond so eloquently. But just being a minion in my double wide limits my ability to respond.

          • Mike Lewis

            Hi Jason, thank you for your comments, they are at least more educated than the majority of those posted here. However, I’d like to clear up your presumptions about my views and point out where I see errors in your arguments. I will begin in a comprehensive and ordered response to your post and probably deviate from there.

            1. ‘I spend an inordinate amount of time arguing against it..’

            > This is the first post I’ve ever made on the internet regarding such matters and I only do so because I’m in work at night with almost nothing to do at this time of year.

            2. ‘Does it provide you with a feeling of intellectual superiority to tell people how stupid they are? Are you on a one-man crusade to save people from themselves?’

            > No I don’t care what other people believe but the notion that there is any truth in the existence of Noah’s Ark and that it has been found is just about the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard, to such an extent that on this occasion I could not help myself from ranting about it. Logically anyone who tells someone else that their views are incorrect feels intellectual superiority from knowing, or believing they know something that someone else doesn’t, as you must for responding as you have. However, I gain no pleasure from it, only sadness and slight anger that there are people today with access to education and without indoctrination that still believe the nonsense that comes from ancient texts that contradicts scientific knowledge. More on scientific knowledge later.

            3. ‘You state you have no wish to argue, yet you proceed to attack and condemn concepts that billions of people around the world hold very dear….’

            > I don’t wish to argue but I will in defence of science, which as a coincidence invalidates much of the understanding of the world provided by religion, and therefore religion itself.. More on that in a minute.

            ‘ believe those billions of people (across many religions) to be mental midgets compared to your immense intellect, simply for believing something you don’t’.

            > It is surely true that the majority of people in the world are less well educated than you or I purely because the majority of people do not live in countries which are as wealthy and have as good education as where we live (I assume you live in the US, I live in the UK). Therefore most religious people are also less well educated than you or I. Not to say that we are in any way superior, we have just been fortunate enough to have access to generally unbiased education in a society of relative freedom compared to the majority of religious countries in the world. You are putting words in my mouth by saying they are ‘mental midgets compared to my immense intellect’, I don’t think like that at all. They are generally unfortunate but so many people cannot really be generalised.

            Yes I believe in science. I have previously believed in religion and later through philosophy have found only science to be the best method of understanding the world with the existential conclusion that there is no meaning except in your own making. This is a far more difficult to reconcile yourself to than religious belief. In that sense I find religious people weak willed. Generally they have been taught religion by their parents, have shown no desire to seek alternatives because what they’ve been taught is far more comforting and easier than genuinely investigating other possibilities. They follow the herd. Yet today they do so in spite of scientific understanding that is used in day to day life which contradicts many of those beliefs. Furthermore they ignore the evil things done in the name of god in the bible (of which there are many) so that it is aligned with their relatively modern morality. As such, and admittedly this is needlessly provocative, I quote the much maligned Richard Dawkins:

            “The God of the Old Testament is arguably the most unpleasant character in all fiction: jealous and proud of it; a petty, unjust, unforgiving control-freak; a vindictive, bloodthirsty ethnic cleanser; a misogynistic, homophobic, racist, infanticidal, genocidal, filicidal, pestilential, megalomaniacal, sadomasochistic, capriciously malevolent bully.”

            That’s a fitting statement of his character. Admittedly new testament god is slightly less evil.

            Anyway, back to science. Clearly you’ve a rudimentary understanding of science but seem to have missed the point, or purposefully omitted it for sake of argument. In general you seem to be saying that science does not have all the answers and that what is considered to be scientific fact (although there is no such thing) is often ‘disproved’ at a later time. To which I would wholeheartedly agree, and that is precisely the point of science, to pose a hypothesis, test it through repeated experimentation and research, modify the hypothesis and formulate a working hypothesis or theory. Never is that theory held as fact even when it is used in practice for innumerable number of times or for an indefinite period of time. This is what makes science exciting and ever evolving unlike the closed minded view of the world of the religious believer. I would never say, nor would any person of science say that, in your words “The science is settled and the debate is over”. For this reason I would never say that there definitely isn’t a god. However, the burden of proof is upon the believer, show me scientifically quantifiable evidence and I will believe, until such time I’m as likely to believe in the flying spaghetti monster or formerly Russell’s flying teapot. The ‘science’ put forth in the Noah’s Ark story is laughable. First of all I look at the picture of that landscape and see similar ridges of rock everywhere, by chance one of these rock formations is very roughly boat shaped, common sense points toward that being by chance as there are similar rock formations in the vicinity. Secondly you don’t need to be a geologist or archaeologist to realise that a boat left for a few thousand years would not cause rocks to just to form around it, whether it is unearthed or has always been on top of the earth. Thirdly, and far less fallible than my common sense is the fact that the main advocate of this being the site of Noah’s Ark comes from a anaesthetist turned amateur archaeologist and evangelical christian, whereas all professional archaeologists have debunked that suggestion that the site is anything other than natural rock formations.

            I hope that clears up my views on science and that you no longer see me as a zealot because I agree that science does not have all the answers, although it has some pretty good theories which we use in so many ways every day that they unlikely to be completely wrong. Many of which go against believe in god. For some much needed brevity here I will pick only one – evolution – one of the best arguments against the existence of god. Evidence of evolution is everywhere, in fact pretty much everything in biology adds to the argument for evolution and is why it is now a widely accepted theory. From the fossil record, geological distribution of animals, to the similarities between species and class and differences between classes etc. There are too many to mention and all arguments against evolution are failures to understand how evolution works and the evidence that exists. There are a multitude of other commonly accepted scientific theories which go against the word of god. So much so that unless you are very uneducated then the only way to continue to believe in god must be to close your mind to the advancing world around you.

            I would now like to correct some of your scientific statements and comments.

            1. We have never seen a planet orbiting around a star other than our own, for example.

            > Actually we have now managed to see planets around other stars, although it is a recent breakthrough, google it.

            2. how self-important must you be to believe, without a doubt, that there is no God of any kind?

            > The opposite is true, how self-important must you be to believe that god created your species only in his own image, only man was of any importance, not other animals, not to mention possible life on planets surrounding the hundreds of billions of stars in our own galaxy alone. As I’ve said, I don’t disbelieve without a doubt due to my scientific way of thinking. So how can I possibly be self-important compared to a theist, when I see our species as of little more purpose in the universe than any other living thing. I think your comment reeks of hypocrisy.

            3. Does the 4th dimension exist?

            > If the 4th dimension didn’t exist (spacetime) then neither does Einstein’s theory of general relativity and in which case most of our modern technology couldn’t exist. Without spacetime, which is what is generally meant by four-dimensional space then GPS would not work, or at least would be inaccurate by a few miles everyday because time passes ever so slightly slower on the satellite relative to a person on earth. So yeah, it exists as a pretty safe scientific theory since it’s applied in a lot of our modern technology. It might seem alien to our human understanding of the world but when you actually read about it you can understand it, and then when you learn that it is being used in our technology today, you start to believe that it’s ‘true’.

            I don’t know a great deal about superstring theory but I do know that is at the edge of theoretical physics and there is little evidence to support it as yet. It’s more of a hypothesis as there isn’t any evidence as yet that I’m aware of.

            You seem to think science states from the outset that theories are true until proved otherwise, whereas they are never proved categorically because you can’t do an infinite number of experiments.

            To say that ‘There is no possible way you or anyone else can ever prove or disprove the existence of a 10th dimension’ is a narrow minded statement. Admittedly it can’t be categorically proved but if I can accept the possibility of a god, no matter how ridiculous, why can’t you accept the possibility of superstring theory? There’s that hypocrisy again.

            By the way, such weirdness as QED has been experimentally proven. And we can do crazy things such as speed up particles to near light speed so that they ‘live’ without breaking down into other particles for far longer than they normally would because they are travelling at such speeds. It is true that the things that we can demonstrate to follow strange scientific theories these days is truly mindboggling. So much so that they are easily ridiculed by religious fools because they are difficult for people without a good knowledge of the theory and experimental outcomes to defend.

            4. ‘it was “universally accepted scientific opinion” that the earth was flat..’

            > This is wrong on two counts, firstly it is a myth that many people (and definitely not scholars) in the middle ages or in any period believed the world was flat, see:

            Secondly, even if there was a time when some people believed the world to be flat, is was pre-science anyway, the sort of stuff people of religion might think up in their basic view of the world. In fact that’s what is claimed in the article: ‘The myth that people in the Middle Ages thought the earth is flat appears to date from the 17th century as part of the campaign by Protestants against Catholic teaching.’

            However, I do concede that there are numerous examples of scientific theories that are now considered to be completely wrong. That is not a failure of science, that is its beauty. Through experiment and observation we can refine our theories so that some stand the test of time and become commonly used but there are always new, more complex theories to be tested in order to further our understanding of the world, and some of them will be thrown out and replaced with new theories. It is beautiful. Whereas the understanding of the world given to us by religion is unchanging and should be taken as fact for eternity, enslaving the minds of such a large proportion of the human race. Thank God(!) for people of science or we’d still be in the dark ages, utterly stupid by comparison to our knowledge today.

            And why? Because religion is the greatest lie ever told. Offering us the thing that we want more than anything, to live on after death, in paradise with our loved ones. It is so appealing so no wonder it’s so widely believed, all you have to do is believe in so much nonsense and do exactly what you’re told to do, unquestioningly, for your whole life, or otherwise you’ll burn for eternity. Oh and make sure you kill people who don’t follow your beliefs as god tells you to. So many wars.. how many in the name of atheism, oh yeah, none.

            Science is not limited, my friend, it will always peacefully progress our understanding of the world. Religion is a disease of the mind which has enslaved the minds of the human race for far too long. As long as science continues to progress, religion will continue to diminish, although I worry whether the human race will make it through its death throes, ironically but unintentionally with the assistance of science.

            Right, I must sign off now, it’s been good to counter all your arguments as they were all in some way inaccurate or omitting a crucial piece of information. Primarily I object to being called closed minded and a zealot as this is entirely false, I am open to any evidence that presents itself to me. Whereas that is definitely not the accepted religious stance. Perhaps I was antagonistic in my initial post, however, having read the attacks from both sides on other posts I had to wade in with a summary of why the story was utter crap, the evidence is childish in its simplicity.

            I doubt you’ll reply as I have left very little room for further argument unless it’s on some minor detail. I am also unlikely to respond as I have spent too long on this and made all the arguments I wish to make.

            Merry Christmas!

          • Ciff

            I do not agree with you but great post. Have an upvote!

    • Natesse

      And I bet you believe in man-made global warming, right?

      • Mike Lewis

        I do until any reliable evidence to the contrary presents itself. All the real scientific studies done on climate change are either inconclusive or point to there being climate change, there’s not much genuine research to the contrary. Although the problem with climate change is that we don’t really know enough about the planet as we’ve not been studying it long enough and we can’t tell whether this is a natural cycle or not. Although given the human population explosion in the last century and the huge amounts of CO2 being pumped into the atmosphere why wouldn’t you believe it? As well as the incontrovertible evidence from satellite images of the shrinking ice sheets over the last few decades. On this subject doesn’t it make sense to play pascal’s wager, in that we might as well believe there’s climate change as it’s a win win either way, right? It’s not some political tax scam, or some lefty tree-hugger bullshit, the research is coming from real scientists and this is why there are worldwide climate change conventions are attended by the leaders of most countries. I assume you totally disagree with man-made climate change, what are your reasons? Hang on, the penny may have dropped for me.. don’t say you are seriously trying to draw a parallel between climate change and the story of Noah’s Ark? Please say you aren’t. Climate change isn’t going to suddenly submerge all the land on the planet, and would never do so! Please explain your view on the subject and reasons for it, although if it does relate to the Noah’s Ark story I’d rather not hear it. Actually I’m lying, let’s hear it.

      • Mike Lewis

        I’ve read your other posts now.. probably no point in you replying, I see that you have a full blown case of the crazies!
        Merry Christmas!

  • Wow_Who_Would_Think

    Someone told me once that people will never be able to do any real research on the Ark and its true location because Satan will never allow it. The Ark is too much evidence for God for members of Satan’s kingdom to allow any real verification and research of it.

    God haters want us to keep believing the unscientific, pantheism influenced fairy tale that we are only evolved members of the ape family and NOT made in the Image of God.

    • Justin Taylor

      So are apes also made in the image of god? Or maybe in the image of elvis?

      • Glenn Todd

        If Apes Evolved into Humans, Why Do We Still Have Apes?

        • 1LTLos

          because apes evolved from justin taylor who made in the image of turd

        • Justin Taylor

          We shared a common ancestor with apes. It’s like this: before apes and humans, there was an animal. This animal evolved, and as it did, two sub-species developed – 1) Apes, and 2) Humans.

          Apes didn’t evolve into humans – humans and apes evolved simultaneously (that means at the same time :) ). Or…maybe a magic man in the sky threw out fairy dust….whatever works, I guess.

        • Walrus

          why are there different species of dogs? or cats?

          • Glenn Todd

            I don’t know, why is there different species?

          • Walrus

            because they evolved that way, just like primates evolved, its 8th grade biology

    • Walrus

      what? how can an all powerful god be so easily thwarted by those he created?

  • white531

    I thought the story was interesting. I believe I was the first to read it, but then I have been gone all day. I am amazed to come back here in the evening, and witness such turmoil and disagreement, over something so simple as the discovery of Noah’s Ark.

    For the record, I believe there is enough historical evidence to prove there was such a thing as Noah’s Ark. Indeed, History is full of it. This gentleman has obviously devoted a lot of time to this, with some pretty good scientific results.

    What exactly is it, about our current population, that feels it their duty to disprove the existence of God? It baffles me. If you don’t believe in God, or His Son, or Noah’s Ark, why don’t you just ignore it, and go on about your lives? Why do you feel it necessary to take time out of your day, to fight the idea that there was a Creator?

    Why do people who believe in that, somehow threaten your existence? We are not in your face with it, the way you are, with homosexuality in ours. We simply believe what we believe. And you are somehow threatened by that. If you are an intelligent person, you know what that means. It means you are not only uncomfortable with our position, which we are perfectly happy with, but it means that you are also uncomfortable with yours.

    All of you who don’t believe in God, or the existence of Jesus, or even Noah’s Ark, I would ask you this simple question. How did you get here? What happenstance of the Cosmos, allowed you to take your first breath, and then look into your Mother’s eyes, for the first time, and realize you were actually a living, breathing thing?

    I know, its a tough question. Take all the time you want to answer.

    • Buck Fachmann

      People are free to believe whatever they so desire. A line needs to be drawn when a set a beliefs are written into US law to govern people who don’t follow the same beliefs. For more clarification, please refer to the writings of our founding fathers. There are plenty to choose from but here are just a few examples:

      “The Government of the United States of America is not in any sense founded on the Christian religion.” ~1797 Treaty of Tripoli signed by John Adams

      “I am for freedom of religion and against all maneuvers to bring about a legal ascendancy of one sect over another.” ~Thomas Jefferson, letter to Elbridge Gerry, January 26, 1799

      “And I have no doubt that every new example will succeed, as every past
      one has done, in shewing that religion & Govt will both exist in
      greater purity, the less they are mixed together.” ~James Madison, letter to Edward Livingston, July 10, 1822

  • Gail Lane

    Everyone has a opinion. Whether to believe or not is your issue. But i think it was interesting. If you walk out side God is everywhere. Too bad the sheep are following satan to there death.

    • Justin Taylor I have to go put the sheep in the barn again…stop telling my sheep to follow satan…geesh, how’d you know I have a blind horse named satan anyway? Spooky.

  • Manny Panning

    1 ) The cubit is an inexact measure, being the length from a man’s elbow to the tip of his middle finger, anywhere from 17-22 figure out how much variance those five inches place on the “exact” measurements of the ark, because….what was the length of Noah’s forearm from his elbow to the tip of his middle finger?

    2 ) The ark, as described, is physically too small to hold two of every animal.

    3 ) How, exactly, did the platypus get to Australia? How did the lemurs get to Madagascar? How did animals native to small and/or isolated geographic areas get there?

    4 ) Where is the objective evidence that there was ever a global flood as described in the bible?

    Deal with and respond to those points, then you can crow about Noah’s ark.

    • MS Steel Magnolia

      You are sad. Apparently you do not believe in God???? Do you not believe God is stil performing miracles and perhaps made some animals that did not exist before Noah’s Ark? God can do anything.

      • Walrus

        if god can do anything, why wont he do something?

      • Manny Panning

        First, prove any god, your’s included exists. Provide objective evidence. “Objective” means that the conclusion drawn from the evidence will not be influenced by personal considerations, and the conclusion is the only one available.

    • Justin Taylor

      1) Noah was known to have exceptionally long arms.
      2) 16 of each animal. And 7 of each bird or something. Nobody said anything about bugs.
      3) Duh, they rode the rainbows. Pay attention, these are biblical scholars you’re talking with.
      4) It’s in the bible, duh. Geesh. It’s like you’re not even trying….

  • patriciamlewis

    All reputable scientists and archaeologists have rejected multiple claims by the late Ron Wyatt.

  • It’s amazing how junk like this is spread. Check Snopes before you share, folks. It takes 10 seconds.

    • linreis

      …and of course, Jacob, you take the word of snopes without a blink of an eye…LOL amazing for sure.

    • grannie

      I will take the Word of God over any snopes report/article, whatever, any day.

      • Justin Taylor

        You do realize the news reports aren’t the word of god, right?

        • grannie

          Of course they are not. Neither are the snopes articles. I will depend on Genesis 6:12-22.

    • Holden

      Yeah, you criticize us Christians for believing the Bible, which has been around for WAAAAY longer than Snopes, but you take that stupid website’s word without a second thought.

      • Adrian Arnold

        using that argument hindu texts were around for a couple of thousand years before the torah (old testament) was written so why are you not worshiping krishna and several other gods.

    • MS Steel Magnolia

      You have got to be kidding. Snopes is not right with true or false. Check the Bible first.

      • Adrian Arnold

        ye check the bible first, it tells you that the first thing noah did after leaving the ark was to kill one of every kind of animal from the ark as an offering to god. now im not an expert in breeding animals so please explain how he manged to breed the ones that were left.

        • DanielB04

          The Bible also says that Noah took seven of every “clean” animal, so there could still be 3 breeding pairs left.

          Of course, it still seems irresponsible to slaughter critically endangered species.

          • Adrian Arnold

            depends which bible you read in early aramaic texts it say he took one of every amimal plus a mate so only two of each animal. if you are going to read a book its best to read every version of the book

    • Wes Edwards

      Wow, I’m glad Snopes is there for us in our time of need. Why, without Snopes we might believe all sorts of things! Tell us the earth is a sphere? Nope, I checked Snopes just this morning! The 44th president of the United States can’t tell the truth to save his life? Nope, we’re all just confused b/c according to Snopes he’s the epitome of truth and grace. Yep, I sure am glad Snopes is there for me. They just saved me from having to put more than 10 seconds worth of research into this investigation and I didn’t have to think critically about it even once. Yay, Snopes!

  • Donna McNamara

    Its too bad people can’t open their minds up just a little bit and enjoy the possibility. Maybe it is the ark and maybe it isn’t. The possibility is what’s fascinating.

    • John Jurik

      Fascination is one thing. Delusion, which this is, is a whole other thing.

      • Holden

        I assume you are Atheist and believe that we came from primates and the world just randomly exploded into existence. Yeah, that really makes sense, but the fact that a higher being created us all in His Great Plan doesn’t. <–*Sarcasm*. You can at least be open to the possibility that God exists! I'll be praying for you.

        • Justin Taylor

          Wow. Just….wow.

        • Seth

          lol. Because if you aren’t Christian you must be Atheist. Nice logic. Good thing you were raised with the “correct” religion. GOD forbid you were raised in the middle east on Muslim principles, or in India on Hindu principles, or maybe Asia on Buddhist principles. It’s comical when Liberals and Conservatives argue, but when Christians are ignorant unfortunately it’s business as usual. As for this article? I approach it like I do everything, with an open mind.

          • disqus_Ed8LYkU7q2

            Yes, it IS good that Holden wasn’t born in the islamic world of murdered and taken-over populations and destroyed cultures. That is why islam has spread all over the world, as it is spreading more by murdering Christian populations that have lived in the middle east for hundreds or thousands of years. Thanks all to OUR islamic communist puppet regime’s support of money and weapons. But don’t worry, it isn’t only Christians being murdered, but those of the far east too.

          • etoyep

            Hundreds of thousands of years, you say?

          • chamuiel

            muslim religion is a religion of the devil.

        • ROYSTOLL2

          They have recently found actual proof that the Red Sea parted when Moses and his followers were being chased by the Romans. They have found pieces and fragments of chariots and skeletal remains of horses at the location where it occured. It is pretty hard to contest things like this and the other related things that are cropping up.

          • Brownthumb

            You have no clue at all do you? Moses chased by Romans? That’s a joke right? That should be Egyptians, and since both horses and chariots were transported by ship, it is in no way surprising the evidence of such is found. There is no evidence supporting an entire army being lost under that sea. Also, the Egyptians kept very concise records and there is no evidence supporting an entire race of Hebrew slaves ever having been in Egypt.

          • chamuiel

            they would have been ashamed to admit they lost an entire army, so it would have been scrubbed from official records.

          • Brownthumb

            Scrubbed? LMAO, the records for grain purchases, food crops, slave purchases are what don’t show the existence of a race of Hebrew having been in Egypt. It has nothing do with scrubbing the record of an army. On that score, you reference chariot and horse remains in your claims, yet only a small amount, nothing to show evidence of an army. I guess you claim the Egyptians were so embarrassed they scrubbed the sea floor of human remains, armor, weapons and anything else you’d expect to find were an entire army drowned there. What a joke. You only see and accept evidence you can twist to support what you want and ignore anything else. Sad.

          • Roy Mallmann

            Yes, You are right about the Pharoh and the Egyptians were chasing the Hebrew slaves. Sorry, I was speaking from memory. They have found wreckage of what they have identified as a line of chariots and other archives such as military weapons of the era.. The thing about Christianity, you can dispute these events but evidence just keeps cropping up, time and again. Sorry about my inacuracies.

          • Brownthumb

            Those claims you speak of are a joke, just as is this claim on the ark. The first people to study it said ‘natural formation’, then along comes this guy, he reads what he wants into it, calls it the ark, finds iron objects and instead of saying “no iron existed in Noah’s time so this can’t be the ark”, suddenly (despite there being zero mention in the bible of it) Noah was blessed with the knowledge of this metal. Yet if Noah had the knowledge and survived, why did the knowledge disappear? Oh, that’s right, it’s because he never existed and this isn’t the ark, which is why just a few short years ago Christian organizations were still funding expeditions searching for the ark, even to the point of advancing known hoaxes as evidence. It’s such a joke and a sad play on the gullibility of others. It’s sad really.

            If the global flood story is true, as it would have to be for the ark to be real, why is there no evidence of any global flood having ever happened? A year long flood would have made a rather obvious layer in ice cores and dig sites, yet none exists. You people keep saying your god wants people to find and follow him, yet he hides himself away, using a conflicting and evil book as his word, and offers zero evidence of his existence.

      • Wes Edwards

        What an ignorant thing to say. Clearly, you’ve done your research and have come to such an unavoidable conclusion by the sheer volume of evidence and intense critical analysis. Oh wait, you didn’t do any research? You just opened your mouth and that comment fell out? Figures…

      • Lynda

        RIght. It’s some other ancient boat… just like an ark! LOL

        • Kate

          Please stop saying LOL, I’m sure it’s paining others as well as myself.

          • Lynda

            NO! LOL

          • Lynda

            Put a Band Aid on if it’s painful! LOL LOL LOL

          • Kate

            lololol ur 2 funni

          • Lynda

            That’s my job! “Lots Of Love” to you and Merry Christmas! :)

          • Kate

            Ah, you do win with that pun. Happy holidays!

          • Lynda

            Better to laugh it off than cuss ’em out! :)

          • Me

            Merry Christmas Kate

          • Kate

            no u

          • chamuiel

            no, you word policegirl.

          • chamuiel

            Nope, Merry Christmas.

          • Paul Walker Texas Ranger

            Lynda why are you saying LOL so much

          • chamuiel

            uh, funny is spelled f-u-n-n-y, word policeman, uh policegirl.

          • RVNMike

            LOL :-)

          • Lynda

            Love Only Licorice!

          • Paul Walker Texas Ranger

            Lots Of Love!

          • Kate

            Laugh Out Loud!

          • chamuiel

            everytime you post something, i do.

          • Me


          • Kate


          • Lynda

            Little Old Ladies…

          • shamu9

            Yup!!-LOL- ‘Little Ole Lady’!!As in the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers-“Zap Comics” [Fritz the Cat”], when “Free-Wheelin’ Franklin” put on the LOL disguise , and “Fat Freddie” put on a fur coat pretending to be a dog, so they could Fly Home Cheap! The “Freak Bros.” are the characters on the poster, with “Phineas” giving the ‘Peace Sign’, “Freewheeling Franklin”, giving the Bird ‘FINGER’, and “Fat Freddie’ giving the ‘Power to the people’ Fist. Find ’em at a Comics Shop. You’ll Laugh till ya Fall Down!

          • chamuiel

            i am sure many things pain you.

            however, you pain us.

      • Robert Reeves

        Delusion? I think not. Several different geologists have already proven that a very long time ago in the middle east that an extremely wide spead flood did indeed happen. They have even figured out a time line. I don’t remember what it was, but I do recall that it was several thousand years ago. If the flood is true, then why can’t the ark be true. Open your mind.

        • T Anne

          Not just the middle east, but on this continent also, skeletons of all kinds of mammals mixed in with sea life are found in extremely high places……and we do know there is evidence of part of the American west being a large body of water.

          • disqus_IK4JLhzYdo

            I saw a fossil of a seahorse in/on a canyon wall in Salt Lake City once. So the water was at least 5000 ft higher at one time than it is right now…

          • Kate

            Oh yeah, there’s these plates see, and they move and stuff. You know, earthquakes. Oh, and volcanic activity. Science, it’s cool man.

          • RVNMike

            You cloak yourself with the ignorance of science.

          • Kate

            Wait wait, I’m confused here, are you saying I’m ignorant of science or that science is ignorant? Please specify, good sir.

          • chamuiel

            science is cool.

            you are ignorant.

          • Martin Fredin

            So if you believe in science you’re ignorant but if you believe in god you’re what…,enlightened?

          • chamuiel

            no, saved.

          • chamuiel

            too bad you don’t understand it.

          • Harvey Melton

            such as the formation of grand canyon there is evidence that a massive volume of water formed these canyons through erosion. and fossil evidence has been found all through them of ancient sea life.

        • Justin Taylor

          Well, it cant be over 6000 years ago, cuz several christian bands have distinctly stated the world has only existed for 6000 years. It’s written it must be true.

          • Melanie Haywood Gilbert

            I don’t know why anyone would say the world is only 6000 years old. Day and night as we know it were not created until the third or fourth day according to the bible so that tells us our timing is not the same as God’s timing. .

          • Jim Gorman

            Actully they say 10,000 years

          • Elizabeth

            Gods time and our time are not the same

        • Kate

          See, there was this thing called the ice age. And I’m guessing all the ice melted since it’s not here any more. I dont know though, I may be wrong.

          • RVNMike

            Global warming?

          • Kate

            Shhhh don’t say such things here, it isn’t safe

          • chamuiel

            I thought global warming is passe.

            aren’t we now back to global cooling like we were in the 1970’s?

          • Clayton Holloway

            So these seahorses and mammals were “living” alongside each other… in the ice? Sounds legit.

          • Mary Balderson

            Makes about as much sense as all the mammals living alongside each other on a boat….

          • Clayton Holloway

            If you think so you have much larger issues. lol wow

          • Jim Gorman

            Ice age was about 10,000 years ago

          • Clayton Holloway


          • rchguns

            Now listen Al Gore it was global warming

          • Elizabeth

            Al Gore is a loony toon, but he made millions on his theorys

          • Jim Gorman

            The ice age that made the great lakes only went as far south as the ohio valley.

          • chamuiel

            and that proves what?

            A day to god is not a day to us.

            Are you trying to be sarcastic, again?

            keep trying. You may learn how yet.

          • Justin Taylor

            And you know this how exactly? Magic underwear tell you?

          • Elizabeth

            actually science has investigated it, because of the difference of the earth to the heavens time is slowed down above, so Gods time is thousands of years to one day of ours here on earth

          • Justin Taylor

            I’m assuming you’re kind of using the theory of relativity here, right? And that’s assuming that ‘heaven’ is a physical place, with a physical distance from Earth.

            Believe it or not – I’m actually trying TRYING to be nice in this reply.

            It’s when something is traveling where the theory of relativity suggests a displacement of time. So, if god is in a physical place – heaven – and Earth is in a physical place – here…and yes, the Earth is moving, but not really away from or towards heaven (sorry, I have no idea how to make sense of that). So there relative motion is essentially unchanged. For time dilation to occur, according to the theory of relativity – there must be either a gravitational difference with a direct relationship to the amount of time dilation, OR a relative difference in velocity. I’m not sure how anyone could derive either.

        • Martin Fredin

          And the fact that there was a flood proves god’s existence how exactly? Thailand ’04 and Japan ’10 just to mention recent ones.

          • Clayton Holloway

            How does a flood in a small part of a country equate to global flooding again? I think you left out a huge part of your argument.

          • mperkins2

            It sure proves that God’s Word (the Bible for those who don’t know) is a book of facts not the superstitious nonsense that nonbelievers think it is. Maybe you should consider that if this event is true in the Bible just maybe there are other truths in there. These recent day floods were nothing compared to the flood in Noah’s day which covered the whole earth. You should try to actually read the Bible before you pass judgment on what is inside of it. It will show you the truth if you are willing to accept it. Those who studied the Bible such as Columbus realized that the earth was round not flat as it says in Isaiah 40:22 “It is He that sitteth upon the circle of the earth…”. There are truths just waiting to be plucked out of it by those who hunger for the truth. Try it before you knock it.

          • chamuiel

            probably, you will never understand.

      • rchguns

        why is it.

      • Bill

        You are a tard !!! Why do you think she is delusional ??? Just because she believes in god ???? Just because you dont. My grandfather knew an athiest in WWII he caught the guy praying to god during an artillary attack in the Ardennes —— Their are no athiests in foxholes !!!!!!

      • chamuiel

        where is your proof, other than your mouth?

    • Elizabeth

      God is in his heaven

  • John Jurik
    • linreis

      one had the help from God, the other was owned by a person who denied the power of God.

    • Holden

      What I find hilarious about this picture is that the Titanic was destroyed on it’s first voyage after scraping against an iceberg, and many people said that “Not even God could sink it”, but the Bible says that 8 people who had Faith in God survived a worldwide flood and storms in this boat, yet made it to land completely safe. Come on, people! Those who trust in the LORD will be taken care of! The Bible has been proven by history before.

      • Justin Taylor

        So a book on supposed history has been ‘proven’ by supposed history….Yeah, I know that’s not what you mean…but. I think it’s odd that you rely on science to prove biblical history, but if science says anything else, it’s just a bunch of bunk. Seems legit.

    • Rhys

      The Titanic was a luxury liner with fancy-shmancy dining room and galleries and huge engines. That, and depending on what the cubit Noah used, ‘natural’, Egyptian, Sumerian, whatever. That changes the view of the potential size of the rig dramatically.

    • Wes Edwards

      How about the same in return? You don’t know any of the animal-related items in the ‘capacity’ section to be true in the slightest. You have no evidence to support the claim that 50,000+ animals or 2,000,000+ insects or any number of any other creature for that matter were required to be on the ark. Just b/c you don’t know how something was done doesn’t mean it had to happen the only way you can imagine it.

  • Bill Chilton

    HOAX! If you people believe this “story”, then I’ve got some land I want to sell ya! LOL Metal detectors to find it? LOL there was no metal use at the time the ark was “suppose” to have been built! The reason you have heard nothing of this “discovery” is simply because its nothing. Maybe Noah built a spaceship instead? LOL

    • Michael Mlyniec

      Right, and spraying chemicals are good, the FED works for us, Obama is a messiah, Obamacare is for the people, guns kill people, gun laws protect citizens. I forgot that everything governments tell us are true. Way to have a brain and think for yourself.

      • Justin Taylor

        oh…you had me right up to that whole obama is the messiah thing…

    • Juanita Reynolds

      Did you bother to read the article? Jesus even said there will always be unbelievers! You my friend need to pray for Devine Guidence! Read More!

      • John Jurik

        Who is Devine and what is “Guidence”? And how did 8 people repopulate the planet?

        • Juanita Reynolds

          God’s Wod is Devine He is our Guidence. He puts a love for Him in your heart!

        • manikajo

          But I bet you believe you crawled out of the ocean and turned into a human.

          • Justin Taylor

            Well, I personally didn’t crawl out of the ocean..I think I crawled out of a barrel once, but that’s a different story… But my great ^2.499E100 grandpa said he did, but he wrote it on the beach, and then it rained…yeah, didn’t work out so well for his book i guess…

        • Rhys

          Well, let’s just imagine and throw some numbers out there, just spit ball.

          If Noah’s boys had reasonable but large families (frontier America style), say 12 kids each, and suffered the world standard childhood mortality rates, 50%, then 6 lived to adulthood. If each of those six (for a total of 18) reproduced in the same manner with the same level of child death, then after only 13 generations, the world population would be +6.5 billion.

          If we assume a Biblically conservative timeline since the Flood of +/-4500years, and a 20 year generation, that would come to a very feasible 225 Generations, more than more than enough time to account for plagues, smaller families, etc, and still explain our current population.

          • Justin Taylor

            You forgot to account for the genetic inbred deficiencies. Just saying.

          • Adrian Arnold

            assuming all of noahs sons had 12 children each. 3 sons x 12 children = 36 allowing your 50% childhood morbidity rate leaves 13 if we allow for an almost equal number of male to female that gives 6 families so now we have 6 x 12 – 50% = 36 you also calculated a 20 year generation factor so the population is in effect doubling every 20 years which if you calculate it then after 4500 years the population would be about 6.5 billion, but at the same time the oldest members of that population would be over 4500 years old. you need to go back and factor in an average lifespan of 65 years then you would get a figure closer to 351 million.

        • Mack

          The same way 3,000 North American buffalo turn into 250,000 within a time span of 150 years: They procreate. Duh?

        • Chad Dolloff

          Inbreeding of course and we all know how healthy that is.

    • linreis

      iron was used. nails were used. …metal…

      • Justin Taylor

        Yes, because iron and titanium were well known metals at that time.

    • Wes Edwards

      It may do you some good to actually do a little research before posting a comment like that. Saying something wasn’t possible when it not only was possible but entirely probable takes away from any credibility and intelligence your argument may have had. :(

  • John Jurik

    Hey Joe, you’re an idiot.

    • Thank you. Folks are quick to believe just about anything these days.

    • linreis

      unfortunately, snopes is not the go to, fail proof site it used to be…I find it hilarious that people take the ‘word’ of a site online with no question, but refuse to acknowledge a possible religious artifact…

      • MS Steel Magnolia

        True! I find it sad they take the words online as truth but not the BIBLE.

        • Adrian Arnold

          and yet here you are taking words online as truth. so does that make the online word truth. or does it make it sad that you only accept the online word as truth because it fits your idealogical version of the truth

    • MS Steel Magnolia

      John if you believe anything snopes records as true or false then I feel sorry for you. The people who own snopes are die-hard Obama supporters by word and money…….therefore everything posted in a bad light about Obama they will say it is false. I don’t trust anything they say.

      • EnuffBull

        Nope. You lie.
        Now to twist your words:

        “If you believe anything Joe The Plumber (a known tax evader, liar and propagandist) records as true or false then I feel sorry for you. The people who own Joe For America are die-hard Koch Brother lackeys by word and money…….therefore everything posted in a bad light about Republicans/Conservatives/Tea Partiers they will say it is false. I don’t trust anything they say.”

    • Wes Edwards

      Maybe wanna look in the mirror before posting such a comment?

  • P00dy

    The ark was so that people and animals could be saved from the destruction. So the one’s who were saved were the ones who needed to tell of the location. THAT was the big secret. The floods destroyed the rest of the people.

    • John Jurik

      So where did the different races come from?

      • Rhys

        Same place all the differing dog breeds came from, basically. Selective breeding caused by isolation of various people groups by language and geography. Just like all Dogs are inter breed-able, so are people, demonstrating that we are all one race. The oldest of us would then have had the genetic and epigentic potential of the whole race, and their offspring would have expressed then the ‘break-out’ ‘racial’ traits as influenced by the environment, geography, and their choice of partners/spouses Just like Darwin’s finches

        A finch is a finch is a finch.

        A person is a person, just some have bigger beaks!

        • Justin Taylor

          Selective breeding, that started with inbreeding from 4 “couples”. Uh-huh…do go on.

          • Elizabeth

            and the spirit came upon me and I was told there were spirits in this world and many slept with them and created giants and others upon the earth, God separated them by race and sent them out in the world to speak different languages

      • gingerpal

        Gosh, use your common sense. It seemed to the people of that time that the world was flooded, but it probably was not, just certain areas. There were plenty of people still surviving in unaffected areas. Stories from the bible just like any other story are prone to exaggeration. Just my humble opinion.

        • guitarplayingjesusfreak

          You use some common sense, God clearly states he destroyed the planet by flood. The different races more than likely came at the tower of Babel when God created the new languages.

          • Donovan Hurley

            I wonder about the word ‘World’ and how how an individual saw his world at the time oh Noah. It could be that a persons world was from the tops of the mountains around them and the valley they lived in, this would have been as far as they had ever traveled and as far as they could see. To the people of the time this could very well have been their entire world.
            It’s important to remember that God never once put pen to paper, the Bible is stories passed down from person to person verbally until which time they were written by people. Having been passed down like this it is very likely that parts of the story changed over time while the jist of the story remains.

          • dangerouspatriot

            Sorry to blow a hole in your beliefs but all of the stories of the Bible are inspired by God and His Words passed on by His prophets. You do get different perspectives, especially from the Gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John who knew Jesus and they wrote down their experiences with him and what they saw with their own eyes. Everything in the Bible is true, you just have to believe and that’s what they call Faith.

          • Chad Dolloff

            Sorry to blow a hole in your beliefs but if all men came from Adam and Eve that would mean inbreeding and it is scientifically proven that such breeding leads to major defects and the human race would’ve died of long ago. Good grief!

          • Justin Taylor

            The story of Bambi is true also, if you believe it. You just have to have faith in cartoon animals….I can see now why you are confused…..

          • chamuiel

            i can see you are blind, as well as confused.

          • Adrian Arnold

            both the church and historians agree on one thing and that is when the new testament was written down. it was started about 50 years after the death of jesus and took about 50 years to complete. one other thing they agree on is that all of jesus’ disciples were dead before it was started so they couldnt have written them or even advised on them. and if the bible is really the work of god why did he leave it up to man to decide what was to go in it. there are many gospels that have been removed. or simply not included in the first place for instance the gospel of mary, the gospel of peter, the gospel of judas and about 20 more gospels. some still physically exist but most are only known about because they are mentioned in other historical sources or reffered to in the bible itself. and that was just within the first 300 years after the death of christ once you get to the middle ages even more is taken out or changed to suit the needs of the church at the time.

          • Sam Scott

            Your mislead, and confused.

          • Sam Scott

            Your making up your own ideas as to what happened! The Bible is true, verse by verse, word by word, letter by letter!

          • Donovan Hurley

            I am a believer and as far as I know Matthew, Mark, Luke and John didnt book passage on the ark.
            Your right, the biblical writings were inspired by God, but they were written by man and man isnt perfect

          • Sam Scott

            But man perfectly recorded God’s word and His mind and directive to man. He confirmed this millions of times from the beginning until now! He says Heaven and Earth will pass away but His word remains forever!!!!!!!!! If this wasn’t to His liking He would intervene by what’s at stake-men’s souls.

          • RLM357

            Donovam; Archeologists discover the so called Cave man remains and mush to their surprise they wer not adorned with Animal Skins as previously depicted by (guesstamation). they wre adorned with WOVEN Shirts that even had button holes! The Smithstonian panicked and gradually altered their displays in the Museum of natural History. They Chose Not to Immediately Update their descriptions of Man’s History. but ot slowly and gradually correct it. So you see Science is based upon an idea and is than used to proove it. Reality is based upon Evidence to explain and support it. ~Rick Magee, “MOLON LABE”

          • Justin Taylor

            What did they do with the “Made in China” tags?

          • dangerouspatriot

            gingerpal and guitar, read my post above and be enlightened like John Jurik. Enjoy and become educated and believers. God bless you all.

          • Kate

            Wow I can’t believe I never noticed the planet is gone

          • chamuiel

            kate, you would not notice that anything is gone, not even your brain.

          • Justin Taylor

            Um, “God” clearly states this? Or the gay monks who transferred the oral (pun intended) word to the written word?

          • Mary Balderson

            Yeah, because god talks to people all the time right ?

          • Sam Scott

            He can do whatever he wants, He has all power, we only got mouth and arrogance, thinking we know everything! Knowledge has become our weakness and demise!

          • Mary Balderson

            If he has all power and can do whatever he wants then he’s a sick sadistic god and I would never worship him. And ” Knowledge has become our weakness” << Thanks for the laugh !!!

          • chamuiel

            it does not take much to get the truly mentally ill laughing hysterically.

            You just proved that.

          • Mary Balderson

            I let go of my imaginary friends along time ago, Thanks!

          • chamuiel

            can you prove God does not? Show your proof, other than your mouth.

        • T Anne

          apparently there were caves found in the mountains in North America where all kinds of skeletons of animals were found…..even tho they did not live in mountainous areas……and the soil layers have all kinds of sea life mixed with other forms of life from on the land…….very hard to explain this without equating it with a universal flood.

          • Kate

            or is it

          • chamuiel

            it would be nice if you said one thing that was intelligible.

          • Chad Dolloff

            Its pretty easy to explain by the simple fact that the mountains used to be flat and were pushed up by tectonic forces.

          • Justin Taylor

            Or the fact that a lot of things happen in 6.5 billion years…..

          • Sam Scott

            Evolution is nothing but a fairytail with no proof! Never happened and is the spawn of men with agendas to convince the masses that God’s word is mythical stories! Well, if a person tested both sides without bias, creation is the Micheal Jordan, evolution is just sad in the (proof) area. It requires blind faith. Everything in the creation story is present today and plain to the human eye. Evolution requires you to TRUST the experts! Ha,ha,ha, and another one!

          • Justin Taylor

            :facepalm. Evolution is the fairy tale? Let’s see here, millions upon millions of years of evolution, fossils, traits, the ability to genetically modify and make recedent traits show back up. Or…a magic man in the sky made everything, killed everything, made everything again, killed some of them, moved them around, confused them, and then just sat back and watched….

            Riiiiigggggggghhhhhhhhhtttttttttt…… but evolution is the fairy tale. Uh-huh.

          • chamuiel

            evolution is a fairytale

            if it is not, then where is the missing link?

          • Justin Taylor

            Quick – go check a mirror!

          • Justin Taylor

            What missing link is that you are referring to? The common ancestor? You think that’s missing?

          • Kate

            cant tell if troll or stupid

            Sir, I must digress, the proof of evolution is quite outstanding.

          • chamuiel

            outstanding in lies.


          • Adrian Arnold

            in 2004 a tsunami hit india, after the flood waters had reseeded sealife that had been carried in the tsunami were found as high up as four stories in some buildings. and in historical terms the 2004 tsunami about medium sized. and as chad pointed out mountains never start out as mountains they grow over hundreds of thousands of years either through tectonic plates pushing together or volcanic build up. there have also been several ice ages and when glacier advance they pick up everything in their path, then as they melt and reseed they leave all that stuff behind.

          • Sam Scott

            That’s as fake as evolution! Because it comes from evolution. Ice ages, cave men all fake lies by the Devil. We talk about how God works what about the Devil. He’s a liar the Bible says and deceives the world and like the Garden, uses other men to decieve other men! If God is real beware because Satan is real. And he fools people about only 1 thing and that is convincing men like in the Garden that God didn’t say what He said, in fact that’s not God’s word, men said it!!! Same lie from the Garden read it and KNOW you’ve been jerked your whole life. Don’t listen no more. Trust God and His word. He loves and wouldn’t dare lie to you ever!!!!!!!!!

          • Justin Taylor

            You know, what would you do if Jesus and Satan came back and here, and Satan said “Yeah, we were just f’ing with ya – I wrote the bible. I mean, you all though God wrote it??LOL He’s the most powerful being the f’ing universe and you think he gives two snotwhacks about you? LOL”

            You’re trusting something solely on the basis that it says “Trust me.” I guess that proves god was jewish…..

          • chamuiel

            sick, sick puppy

          • Justin Taylor

            See: Gullible.

          • chamuiel

            you, yes!

        • RLM357

          God’s World is a marvelous thing. Back in the early times the Earth was encased in a cacoon. so to speak. Oxygen pressure was prevalent and our Human Oxygen content was much higher than today’s. Atlantis was spoken of as a Highly Advanced island. For some reason they decided to fire a missile upwards and penetrated the Cacoon or embryonic capsulation. That cansed the Oxygen to rapidly combine with hydrogen and produced copius amounts of Rain and lowered the Oxyen levels, that finally stabelized after a period of time. I do not write in chronologic format so if one combines this “Theory” with that of the Bible, a corelation arises,
          I write as food for thought for something for you to ponder. ~Rick Magee, “MOLON LABE”

          • Clayton Holloway

            Nigga you just went full retard. lol 😛

          • chamuiel

            infantile name caller.

            pulled your pants up, lately?

          • Clayton Holloway

            It’s a movie quote. “Tropic Thunder” I highly recommend it to anyone with a sense of humor.

          • Sam Scott

            Nice fantasy but no proof, just believing in fables as God said would happen in the last days! Last days are approching for man to rule God’s planet, thank you! Christ is coming to rule His planet and right all the wrongs put away man’s destruction and listening to the liar-Devil who is just tricking eveyone! He said when the son of man returns will He find faith on the earth! No! Just a bunch of skeptics and atheists today! Satan has done a nutjob on these decieved foolish people.

          • chamuiel

            been on the sauce, long?

        • chamuiel

          apparently, not humble enough.

      • Herb Saron

        I’m not very good with the bible but I do know the story. Noah, his family and his son’s families survived. Nimrod “the horned hunter” I believe was one of Noah’s grandchildren. He’s the one who married his own mother and made men build a huge tower that would reach the heavens, or so he believed. GOD was not happy with this and gave man different tongues. As the story goes, this is how nations and different languages were made as they scattered around the world. Also one of Noah’s son, Nimrod’s uncle decapitated him out of disgust for what he has done.

        • RLM357

          Herb: You know Greek Mythology has a story for everything. They actually explained that question of racial colors as when the caldren of Life was stirred over the fire, those that were closest to the side of the Caldren were burned or blackened. The ones further away were without color Thus, they explained away things (Myths) to their children. Cults have similar teachings. The Greeks also Identified most astral constellations as figures and gave them names.. ORION, Caseopea, Ursa Major and Minor. etc. ~Rick Magee, “MOLON LABE”

      • T Anne

        Over time people took on the look of their environment where they lived etc. You live near the Equator, you tan and tan and tan…… live in the cold region, clothes cover you whole body and you are pale skin….. Not a problem to figure that out.

        • Kate

          Sorry I don’t think that’s how evolution works but I’m probably wrong you should look it up and correct me please and thanks

          • chamuiel


        • Justin Taylor

          So black people are just really tan? And white people aren’t tan. But native americans and asians are ‘kinda’ tan? This evolution thing kicks @ss!

      • Daniel Carter Jr.

        Noah’s three sons, Ham, Shem, and Japeth. Ham’s descendants mainly migrated to Africa, the Black man. Shem’s went on to Asia, the Orientals, and Japeth’s stayed in the Middle East and went to Europe. Rhys is right, different climates, and they adapted.

        • Adrian Arnold

          so how does the story of noah explain cultures that predate the torah and tannak (old testament or jewish bible to the uneducated) by thousands of years that survived not just up to but beyond the flood. to name but a few the incas, aborigines, inuit (eskimo) native indians of america. even places such as china, russia, europe, britain and africa can trace civilised populations much further back than biblical times without any globally catastrophic flood.

          • Kate

            farther back than biblical times but that’s not possible are you saying the earth is millions of years old?? how dare you, athetits

          • chamuiel

            adrian arnold has tits?

            really? how do you know that? Do you two trolls work out of the same office?

            Or, did word policegirl just mispell another word?

      • dangerouspatriot

        The explanation for where did all the different races come from is in the Bible, Genesis, Chapters10(The Table of Nations) and 11(The Tower of Babel). In these chapters God shows the lineage of Noahs sons and what their descendants became and the Tower of Babel explains how the human race was scattered all over the world. Read, my friend and be enlightened. It’s all right there in the Bible, everything you ever wanted to know about where we came from.

        • Justin Taylor

          Does he give the dinosaur lineage? Cuz that would be so cool…..

          • Kate

            Dinosaurs are just a myth their bones are a test from god geez libtard

          • chamuiel

            so, says the troll.

          • chamuiel

            Nah, he left that screwup to the smithsonian?

            Did you know they put the dianosaur bones together wrong?

      • William Richardson

        The different races came during the time of the Tower of Babel. God didn’t like what was going on so he confused the languages and created all the different races also. It is in the book of Genesis Chapter 11.

        • Justin Taylor

          So first he created Adam and Eve…who apparently F’d everything up, and somewhere Noah came along and everybody else was F’ing everything up, and then Noah saved everything, but then they F’d everything up again, and god got tired of having to re-do everything because they were all a bunch of F ups, so he just confused them and spun them around in circles. Or maybe gave them roofies, I’m a little confused here…..

          • Sam Scott

            Joke as you will but there is no physical reason to why we speak different languages! Everything in this place is all miracles that’s the proof of God, His creation including you and me!

          • Justin Taylor

            Well, except for that whole separated by continents thing…and they didn’t have cell phones…

          • chamuiel

            dumb, and dumber.

          • chamuiel

            justin, i think you have been confused all of your life.

      • RLM357


      • RVNMike


      • Wes Edwards

        I would hope your mother or father would’ve had this conversation with you by now, John. 😉

      • Wes Edwards

        The real answer probably has more to do with basic genetics than we realize or give credit for. In my opinion, the reason we have different ‘races’ today is b/c of things like geographic isolation and restricted gene pools. When you limit the potential genetic differences between mates you begin the process of eliminating certain genetic characteristics from the group. Meaning, when a group isolates themselves either physically or virtually from other people and then only marry/procreate within that isolated group you stop having new or different genetic traits re-enter the group. So whatever dominant and recessive traits exist within the group are the only ones possible going forward. This method of isolation and selection limiting the gene pool then naturally causes the generations that follow to have more and more similar features until at some point there is an overwhelming resemblance between them that is substantially different than the people groups they are not procreating with. When you further compound the situation by coupling what one group has decided is attractive or desirable then you have a further shaping of the ‘race’. With all of that said, I believe God addressed the issue with Noah and his family in the same way He addressed it with the animals. If you start with a human or animal higher up in the genetic isolation process you have more genetic possibility built into their genome. So in other words, if God chose Noah’s family b/c they possessed that quality then all of the subsequent generations had more possible genetic combinations to then isolate. Also, we have no reasonable expectation to assume that just b/c Noah lived in the Middle Eastern area geographically that he looked like a modern day Arab. Or that any of his family or daughter-in-laws looked like such. The family could’ve been comprised of widely varying physical feature sets – different skin colors, different hair types, different body and facial features. The possibilities are not limited by the events of Noah’s ark. Rather they become even more plausible! Hope this helps. :)

  • thedude

    I don’t understand the purpose of this article. Is it to prove the existence of God or Jesus? I think it’s quite arrogant to claim it as Noah’s ark when nearly every other civilization has had a similar event in history. I’m not denying the flood happened, but how do we know that the objects found exclusively belong to Noah and not some other flood event? The universiality of the events are very evident. This link sums it up quite well:

    • That_guy_that_did_that_thing

      The point of the article is to prove that one more “story” in the Bible has been confirmed. If stories about Noah’s ark, the ten plagues in Egypt, the existence of MANY Biblical persons, etc can be proven via history and archaeology, then to dismiss the Bible as “fairy tales” or “mythology” would be wrong. If stories such as these are proven true, as most historians believe Jesus did exist, then further research into Jesus’ claims of being God can be examined.

      • LAF2012

        Jesus Christ NEVER claimed to be God he is the son of God and always did the Father’s Will. He was one in purpose with God but not literally God and today seated at the right hand of God is exactly what it means…seated at the right hand not in Gods seat. If you have seen me you have seen the Father… means knowing Jesus Christ how he loved, forgave sins and healed the sick etc…made know to God’s people the very essence of the loving heart of God Almighty. NO MAN HAS SEEN GOD AT ANYTIME… the son of God has made known God on the level of the 5 senses man by being a man…for there is one mediator between God and man, the man Christ Jesus..

        • Wes Edwards

          You may want to consider actually reading the Bible and not just randomly use words you found between the covers to create a false Jesus you can put in a box. You sound more like you’ve been reading the Qu’ran than the Holy Bible of the Judeo-Christian faith.

        • That_guy_that_did_that_thing

          Are you serious? There is NO WAY a person could possibly make such a ridiculous claim. You really need to try reading your Bible more.

      • Juanita Reynolds

        May I also add, this Ark was found in 1959. Kennedy’s era. Several years of study, proof found, and America’s big time problems, NEEDS a little jolt for us to remember His promises are true. In Matthew Jesus says, ‘Verily I say into you, Till heaven and earth pass, not one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till it all be fulfilled.’ With some 60 plus years since this discovery, WE need a renued faith course. God said it. I believe it. That settles it!! We really need to nenew

    • Juanita Reynolds

      Tell me more about ‘similar events’ and ‘other flood’. When and where in the Bible, or other ancien thistory are there mentions of a ‘world flood’??

    • linreis

      arrogant is not a word I would use here. perhaps a study of the bible, and the use of the facts that are available would be helpful for you to understand the article…or even just read the entire article…the location, the dimensions, the findings all lead to the Ark…why is it that no one has problems believing in a caveman, but will fight tooth and nail about a religious artifact…

    • Geoff

      The flood was a universal flood that covered the entirety of the earth. The Bible says that only 8 people survived the flood and thus as all come from Adam, all also come from Noah. God spread the people out after the incident at the tower of Babel and so the truth of the flood spread throughout the earth as the people dispersed and now that story has been passed down through the ages.

  • John B

    You arent going to find Noah’s Ark. Not because it didn’t exist, but because Noah and the Ark’s inhabitants aren’t about to leave all that wood just sitting there in boat form while they go out and chop new lumber for housing and village infrastructure. It would be stupid to leave high quality, already finished into planks and beams to sit and rot.

    • Yuuzhan

      unless they wanted people to find it later on.

    • Michael

      Unless you were concerned you would need the boat again.

      • John B

        Michael, why would they need it? God promised to never flood the Earth to that magnitude ever again.

        Ron, there is no record of God telling Noah and his family to leave the wood behind.

        Yuuzhan, why would they want people to find the Ark? What purpose with it serve given that God would have a written record of the events penned later on?

        • jhaejhae

          John B, There is no evidence of the using the wood to create houses either, They might have left it, because where they landed was not where they settled. They had some walking to do, and they knew it would be to cumbersome to haul all that wood.

          • Scott Roberts

            Could also well be, to add more speculation, that they lived in the ark for a time after they “landed”, as they developed their new civilization…

        • Wes Edwards

          The answer as to why God would preserve such things when the written record is there is simple: Find me 100 Christians who agree exactly on what the Bible says despite it never changing. Better yet, find me 10 atheists who would even acknowledge that the event ever happened. It’s written down in the most accurate and best preserved book in human history and yet it’s still considered laughable by them to even reference it. Compound that by the fact that the Bible is very specific in saying that in the End of Days truth will be considered lie and lie to be truth. Also, in the NT it is said specifically that in the End of Days there will be scoffers who deny the very events of Noah’s flood. To all of those atheists, agnostics and other religious people, physical evidence may be the only thing they may consider acceptable as proof of God’s reality – if then – and short of Jesus’ glorious appearing they may never believe.

          • Chad Dolloff

            The bible never changing? Are you serious? Every time it was translated it changed. Every time someone decided certain books didn’t quite fit with their beliefs they were dropped from the bible and discarded. There are a lot of religious nuts on here who really need to do some research and actually educate themselves on what the “church” has force fed people for centuries all to control the masses and the wealth.

          • Justin Taylor

            There is at least one jesus born every day in Mexico….

        • Justin Taylor

          Maybe he signaled them by making a cloud go over them and that told Noah to leave the wood behind….or maybe god drew it in the mud?… just trying to help…

      • That_guy_that_did_that_thing

        Why would they need it again? God had already given his promise (via the rainbow) that he would never flood the earth again. As such, any rain would never be enough to require a boat.

        • Juanita Reynolds

          They needed the boat until new homes were built and food for the animals was replentished.

          • That_guy_that_did_that_thing

            Considering Noah let out a dove before everyone went on “Liberty Call” (US Navy joke), and the dove returned with a twig, it’s safe to say that there were plenty of trees and animal food around.

          • Justin Taylor

            The animals, who’s mates were slaughtered. Good plan.

        • Donovan Hurley

          I, for one, have been through floods and needed a boat. Just for clarification these floods were after the Noah flood.
          You are assuming they stayed there and settled as apposed to finding a more habitable area to rebuild in.

        • Justin Taylor

          Why didn’t he just tell Noah? Why did he have to make a cryptic rainbow? How did Noah know it wasn’t just a damn rainbow?

    • Tim Long

      John B true . But why the disbelief? Problem with religion is no one believes anymore

      • simpletony1

        Yes we do…and in large numbers. But the way is narrow

      • Lynda


      • Kate

        ha ha

    • Ron P.

      You would leave the wood behind if God told you to. He had just showed you his strength with 40 days and nights of rain that flooded the earth. You would be the biggest idiot ever born to disobey him.

      • Justin Taylor

        He does this a lot in Seattle. True story.

    • Charity Lucas

      Ararat was volcanic. No grazing land and no fresh water. Remember they had limited animals, or “beasts of burden.” It would have been more work to take the wood and haul it far enough to find a suitable place to stay then it was worth. Also, depending on climate and time of year, it’s possible that a wooden structure for shelter was, at the time, unnecessary.

    • Dan Weeks

      Noah did what God told him and God took care of him. What makes you think he couldn’t survive without chopping up their “lifeboat”? Maybe it needed to be abandoned and found to convince naysayers. (Think deeper.)

      • Juanita Reynolds


      • linreis

        I think the Ark could not be found until we had the proper technology, in the end days.

        • Justin Taylor

          Where does it say in the bible that the ark will not be found til the ‘end days’?

          • linreis

            I don’t know that it does Justin. My comment was mine. I think that more and more of the Biblical events are now being proven, as our technology now allows…sorry you misunderstood

          • Justin Taylor

            Interesting. This whole “end of days” argument. How’s that working out? I mean, it’s been professed or announced I can’t even remember how many times over the last 40 years, but we still wake up the next day. And then they change their hypothesis to some other date in the future. It’s actually a brilliant postulation – “some” day, they will be right – the sun does not have an infinite lifespan, and even if by some chance the earth does survive the expansion of the sun as it slowly dies, the Milky Way galaxy is on a collision course with the Andromeda galaxy, which the earth will almost certainly not survive.

            Wouldn’t it serve your better interests to be more worried about search for life on other planets to ensure the continuation of the species?

          • linreis

            Justin, I get my end of days info directly from the source: the bible…It has not given a date, and those who profess to know a date are what the bible calls ‘false prophets’. I do not believe them. However, the bible is constant on revealing events and happenings that foretell we are in the ‘end times’…you’d have to be a real fool not to believe that we are now experiencing some of those events…I fail to see anything in my comments here that warrant your critique or antagonism…if you have an original comment, please do so, but otherwise back off jack…

          • Justin Taylor

            Really? Please elaborate – I would absolutely LOVE to hear what events the bible is revealing that are foretelling the end of times..

          • linreis

            Dear ‘god’. if you are serious about hearing about events the Bible has predicted, its a fascinating research subject. I can tell from your posts you aren’t interested in learning anything, only trying to goad people trying to have a decent conversation on a topic that is one you don’t want to be the truth…it scares you a little doesn’t it? and your ego just can’t allow you to admit maybe there is a little something to GOD. not you, you are nothing, but THE God.

          • God

            No, what scares me is that there are this many brainwashed stupid people in the world who want to shove their fairy tales into everyone elses’ face, and who can’t take it when somebody talks back to them.

            And yeah, that seriously scares me.

          • linreis

            If you are that scared, perhaps you should try to sort the fairy tales from the real stuff…or maybe you have, and know the truth, just can’t bring yourself to admit it…you can call people names and try to belittle them, but it only makes you look desperate. People who believe are not afraid…LOL

          • God

            I think you’re setting a new level of stupid in this discussion. So you have that going for you, which is nice…I guess…maybe.

          • linreis

            right back at ya, there, ‘god’…LOL

          • God

            Want to buy my unicorn? I also have a map to a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow – I’m confident that it’s the same rainbow that Noah saw – I don’t have any proof whatsoever except that it says in the fairy tale book that Noah saw a rainbow after it stopped raining (which is exceptionally rare, btw) so I’m assuming this is THAT rainbow. I’ll let both go for pretty cheap – but cash only please.

          • linreis
          • God

            So your link didn’t work but I went ahead and looked up the foretelling of the biblical dooms day, and a little history on the the supposed prophecies from the bible – including ones that have supposedly happened, as well as ones left to happen.

            Here’s what I have to say: gullible.

            My unicorn is still for sale.

    • Juanita Reynolds

      Yeh of little, or no faith! The Ark was needed until new homes were built, and food was replinished. THINK!

      • John Jurik

        I was going to tell you to do the same.

    • dodger4754

      At 6,300 ft. elevation on a barren mountain, the area doesn’t appear to be very hospitable. With little or nothing in the way of transportation other than human “back-power” to carry anything away from the site, it seems pretty obvious that they abandoned the ark in order to search for a more habitable area in which to settle.

    • Lynda

      So who left it there and WHY did THEY leave it there? Your argument doesn’t HOLD WATER!

      • T Anne

        Ararat is a high mountain in a range of mountains……I would think after all the time they spent in that ark… was the last thing they would want to tote down that mountain side or any where else. I dare say most folks in those years never even lived in a house built with lumber…….Lots of them were nomadic and moved with the weather…..

    • Adrian Arnold

      the bible does not mention what noah did with the ark but it does say that upon leaving the ark noah and his family first made an altar and slaughtered one of each kind of animal in an offering to god then made their way to the foot of the mountain where they formed a settlement.

      • Justin Taylor

        So let’s get this straight. They took 2 of each animal, 1 of each sex, and then slaughtered 1 of each kind….

        So they made all animals extinct? Were they dinosaurs?

        • Frances Forman

          No. A common misconception is that there were only two of each animal etc.
          Genesis 7: 1-3, you will find that seven pairs of clean animals and a pair of unclean animals were to be taken on the ark along with seven of every type of bird, male and female.

          • Justin Taylor

            Holy shi!tbirds….so that’s 16 of every animal… did anybody pack a shovel?

          • Adrian Arnold

            the verses you are refering to read
            7: 2 of every clean beast thou shalt take to thee seven, each with his mate; and of the beasts that are not clean two,each with his mate.
            7: 3 of the fowl also of the air, seven, male and female; to keep the seed alive upon the face of the earth.

            yet further on in genesis this changes to
            7: 15 and they went in unto noah into the ark,two and two of all flesh wherein is the breath of life.
            so some where between god telling noah to build the ark and the day of the flood, god appears to have changed his mind.
            these lines only appear in this form in the king james version of the bible which was translated from hebrew texts
            in early russian versions of the bible which were translated from much earlier aramaic texts the lines read
            of evey clean beast thou shalt take, each with his mate; and of the beasts that are not clean, each with his mate.
            and of the fowl of the air, male and female;
            so according to the KJV bible the aninals numbered either 14 of each pure beast 4 of each unclean beast and 14 of each bird, or (gen 7: 2-3) or 4 of each animal whether it was clean or unclean (gen 7: 15)
            or if you believe the earlier aramaic texts then only 2 of each animal went in
            if i was to believe either version as fact then i personally would go with the one that is atleast consistant with the numbers.

    • Justin Taylor

      Bonfire big. Show god we not F everything up this time.

  • Tess46

    I pretty much feel like a dunce. I knew that there was something on that mountain but I had no idea that it was investigated. I thought the Turkish government banned any investigation. Great info.

    • Bryan McDonald

      Yes they did ban anyone going in the area circa the 80’s (give or take) Declared it an active combat zone or something. Which has curtailed much investigation. You are right though, I had no idea they did actual excavation. Very exciting.

      • Katepatate

        Just like the Muslims will not allow Israel to excavate a known city of David site because they know it would prove Israel was there in that particular land long before Muhammed made up the Koran.

    • RLM357

      Tess46: I too was of the same understanding. I recall reading a long article that stated that western Archeologists were forbidden to explore the site as it was a Militry Installation. This from our secular Medias. Now I am beliving that these facts were deliberately witheld from us. AGAIN the Bible is proven correct. Remember the sand that covered the Sphinx in Egypt? When the surrounding lands were excavted the sand was identified as Deep SEA SAND.. Hmmmm… Merry CHRISTMAS to ALL. ~Rick Magee, “MOLON LABE”

      • CharLiDog

        RLM357, you are such a typical theist. Spewing whatever you think sounds good, believing any claim. The Sphinx was built long after your mythical flood supposedly took place. You’re ignorant of facts, yet you rant like you know the subject inside out. I’d be surprised if you have ever read your own holy book on your own.
        Your claims are highly subject to question. You should be prepared to source every claim you make.There was no flood. Again, claims of the buybull being correct are incorrect.

        • DrSique

          Apparently, you are the ignorant one, Dog. Scientists, led by Dr. Robert Schoch have dated the Sphinx to a much earlier time using hard data, not Scripture. The doctor is a reknowned geologist and used his knowledge and experience to show that the Egyptian artifacts on the Giza Plateau are most likely far older than previously estimated. Don’t take my word for it, Google the man and learn something.

          • CharLiDog

            I accept the scientific process as the best means to knowledge about reality. Your Dr. needs to pass the same rigors as everyone else.
            Either way, we know the flood didn’t happen. Contrary to many theist Neanderthals, we actually know quite a lot. Think of a line between living in trees and enlightenment. The entire population is on this line. But we’re not all at the same spot. There is a bell curve. Theists are are on the end closer to the trees.

          • DrZarkov99

            Who is the “we” you refer to? Is it the editorial “we”, meaning a collective opinion, or the royal “we”, since Atheism is essentially a form of self-worship? Your “we” certainly doesn’t include the scientific community.

            Based on numerous scientific accounts, including the Black Sea explorations of Robert Ballard (finder of the Titanic shipwreck) indicate that there is significant evidence that a natural dam in the area of the Bosporus Strait burst sometime within the existence of modern humans (possibly between 8,000-6,000 BC).

            The Black Sea was originally a fresh water lake, with a significantly lower level than the neighboring Mediterranean. When the Bosporus dam broke, the result was probably the biggest flood in human memory, wiping out any lakeside human communities. Since the event most likely took place before the invention of human written records, the only historic record would have been in the form of oral legend, which eventually found its way into the scripture of numerous religions.

            Whether or not a supernatural creator exists remains a matter of faith, with some more passionate about the “yes” or “no” side, but ignorant statements claiming science is on one side or the other do not help your side of the argument. Science, in the form of archaeology, has, if anything, reinforced the image of at least part of Judaeo-Christian scripture as having some historical basis, with recent discoveries of a water distribution system of underground tunnels and reservoirs in Israel confirming the description in Old Testament scripture.

          • CharLiDog

            I’m not disputing when it was written. But the adventures of Spider Man takes place in New York. Doesn’t mean he’s real. Were we “created” as is? No, we most certainly were not. Was there a world flood. No, there most assuredly was not. Is the Earth 10,000 years old? Don’t be ridiculous.
            Science doesn’t remotely support any religion. As we learn more, it disproves them. Just like lightning isn’t thunderbolts thrown by a god. It’s called faith because it’s not knowledge. Look up the definition then look up gullible.
            Let’s talk about your god. He condones stoning children, the reason when he condones it doesn’t really matter. Do you have a criteria which when met, is punished by stoning the child?

          • Randy Cadmus

            Science does not disprove intelligent design. If you argue in the affirmative… Your an idiot.

          • CharLiDog

            (First rule of the net, no mistakes when “you’re” calling someone an idiot. Just razzin ya. I used ‘too’ instead of ‘to’ in a post where I claimed I make few mistakes. It happens.)
            The evolution debate is over. As for ID, just look at us for an example of poor design. Our hearts are too small and wear out too fast, we breath and eat through the same hole (killing several hundred every year), our vision is very limited, our fun parks are next to waste treatment. You’re just slapping labels on with no criteria being met.
            Now, is there a context by which stoning a child is moral?

          • Guest

            When did God tell us to stone children? Don’t mistake something man decided to do with what God told us to do…And to answer your question I guess it would be considered moral at the same time it would be moral to stone an adult and for the same offenses.

          • CharLiDog

            I’ve already posted a couple verses. And there are more. Just google “buybull stone children.” Or look at how many kids were killed in the flood, or the firstborn of Egypt for kids your god killed directly. Try reading your holy book. It’s full of barbaric stuff like this.
            Why does your god need a throne? Does he get tired of standing? A throne means there must be gravity in heaven. Since your god lights his place with a futuristic source known as candles, there must be oxygen there too. And notice that your god uses powerful, futuristic weapons; like chariots and swords. The whole thing is laughable.

          • Heath Martin

            its fine with me, don’t believe it. Jesus told me not to cast my pearls before swine….so…i won’t, good day.

          • CharLiDog

            Stoning kids is fine with you? Your god killing kids is fine with you? So what criteria makes stoning children moral and acceptable? (Your god’s criteria is very low for stoning. Picking up sticks on the wrong day meets his criteria. Barbaric.) So are you as moral as your god? Should people EVER be stoned for picking up sticks?
            Why can only a couple of you try to defend your cult? The buybull says you should defend your beliefs when asked. Seems your buybull plays both sides of the street, making it useless as a guide for anything.

          • Kay Briskey

            Does anyone know whether CharLiDog approves of the current heathen practice of murdering unborn innocents in the womb? He has a fixation on children stoned thousands of years ago. But, what of NOW?

          • CharLiDog

            I’m a man. I’ll never have to make a decision about an abortion.
            Your god is timeless. He commanded people to stone children for disobeying. That law is still in effect. That’s F’d up. The solution to his faulty product was to kill and entire world of children (a horrific death). He made Pharaoh say no so he could kill the first born of Egypt. Your god concept is a monster. You worship that concept.

          • Kay Briskey

            ‘tiz true! Our God is timeless. He will be here for ever. Man on earth, however lasts only so long. Generations come and go …… and oh, how our minds change! We don’t live in caves anymore. Our armies have no use for catapults, longbows or battle axes; we don’t fear having our souls snatched during a sneeze, nor do women today feel compelled to cover their knees.
            Whatever man does, God goes along with, and will until the trumpet is heard in the air high above. Throughout the ages, God has made adjustments, according to the demands or changes. When OT Samuel was quite old, and made his two sons judges to replace him to rule over the Israelites, the Israelites demanded a king instead, as the two sons were wicked. Samuel prayed to God for the right decision for he was displeased:
            “And the Lord said unto Samuel, Hearken unto the voice of the people in all that they say unto thee: for they have not rejected thee, but they have rejected me, that I should not reign over them. According to all the works which they have done since the day that I brought them up out of Egypt even unto this day, wherewith they have forsaken me, and served other gods (they were wicked, too), so do they also unto thee.” I Samuel chapter 8. Thus, the Israelites got a king. That’s how kings started.

            Re: your not exactly correct interpretation; thus, your obsession with the OT law of stoning incorrigible children, God DOES observe/listen to/heed/etc., the changing minds of generations, and is not beyond making changes. Another example is God’s dialogue with Abraham re: the destruction of Soddom. God said he would destroy the city and Abraham pleaded for Soddom. Genesis 18: 23-33; Genesis 19:14-26

          • CharLiDog

            Whatever man does, God goes along with,

            How true. Why do you think that is? Your timeless god can have his mind changed. Did you know he can’t beat iron chariots? Look it up. But in the end, no matter how much you try, you will never make an argument that stoning children is moral. And your god commanded it. The reason I keep bringing this up is you keep dancing around admitting that I am correct. Concede the truth. But you can’t. Admitting what you know is true would collapse your delusion. Your god is immoral, a sadist, a killer of children. That isn’t perfection. So much for your dogma, Napoleon.
            How long will you deny the contradictions in your logic? Your tell yourself your god loves people, but he commanded a father to kill his son, and another to kill his daughter. He horrifically killed an entire world of innocent children. Even as a story, it’s just evil. How can you see all those atrocities, and still lie to yourself and everyone else? You’re not Napoleon. Accept the evidence you can see with your own eyes.
            I can quote scripture, you can’t. It’s meaningless to me. As much as the qur’ap is to you.

          • Kay Briskey

            “Look it up. But in the end, no matter how much you try, you will never make an argument that stoning children is moral”.
            Believing what you want is your choice, CharLi. So we don’t agree. Accept it!

          • CharLiDog

            People like me don’t have beliefs, we have knowledge. And listen to yourself, Napoleon, you just said that you find stoning children to be moral. Stoning children, Napoleon. There is no doubt, you’re in a barbaric, blood sacrifice cult and you’re a immoral person. Congratulations.
            Get used to being called on your immorality. You can’t hide your evil and sadistic beliefs behind a cross anymore. You are exposed, Napoleon. And we’re just getting started.

          • Kay Briskey

            “People like me don’t have beliefs….”
            People like me have beliefs based upon truths, not assumptions; the best foundation for acquiring knowledge and a sound mind.
            “There is no doubt, you’re in a barbaric, blood sacrifice …..”
            Based on your obsession with an OT law that ended 2000 years ago?
            “Get used to being called on your immorality…..”

          • God

            Don’t stone children – I just added that for comic effect. I didn’t think the idiots…errrrr…masses would actually believe it. Sorry. My bad.

          • DrZarkov99

            Where, in what I wrote, did I claim to be an adherent of any religion? I’ve been a practicing scientist long enough (over 50 years) to be aggravated whenever I see anyone on either side of the theological debate to claim “science” supports their view. Science is about discovery, and we find new, amazing things in a neverending chain of events. It is not “settled”. It is not about “consensus”.

            Science is about challenging theory, developing postulates and hypotheses, and determining which ones are the closest to explaining what we witness. When someone treats even a solid theory, like evolution, as though it was holy scripture and inviolate, they have stopped being a scientist.

            Even scientists who don’t enter the theological debate have had angry exchanges, backed by their faith in mathematics, over whether or not the universe as we see it today was created in a “Big Bang”, or has always (however you measure that) existed. If you think you understand quantum physics, it’s obvious you don’t.

            If all of that acceptance of the unknowable scares you, there are two paths to follow: either you accept the unexplainable, and become an Agnostic; or you develop a faith that helps you believe there’s some inviolate system behind the mystery. The reason Atheists are usually angry is that they want to demand that others accept their faith, much as any other fervent religionist.

          • MyronJPoltroonian

            Hear, hear! I call consensus the “C” word. [That really sets off my liberal friends and their acquaintances.] If you don’t mind, I’d like to share this lay person’s lifetime (I’m now 72) gathering of thoughts on “What Is God?” (Read, or Ignore, if you wish, of course.)

            I have said the following before and then, in reply to several, severely tolerance-challenged, intellectual atheist’s, I had to post a reply. Both follow:

            Just so the “Self Anointed Purveyors of ‘Truth”, don’t get their jammies in a wrinkle:

            So many divisive questions, so many divisive answers. When I was 17, having been raised to understand that “You don’t have to be in a building, to believe in God”, I decided that “God is Energy, after all, It’s everywhere”. Now, some five plus decades later, scientists in the field of “Quantum Physics/Mechanics”, with “String Theory”, have postulated that there indeed may be vibrating “Strings” of energy everywhere. Not only in interstellar, but intergalactic space as well. The other half of my postulation rests on the question: “What is thought?”. In it’s purest form, it is merely an inexplicable bit of energy. If that is also true, then that, I believe, coupled with string theory, is the mind of God. How presumptuous is mankind to believe he can truly understand the mind, let alone interpret the will of God. If I may quote Puck: “What fools these mortals be”. Beyond that, you may ask: “Does he believe there is a God?” Yes, I do. Well then, “Does he believe Jesus (of Nazareth) is the Son of God?” Again. Yes, I do, as is every (hu)man a child of God. Well. How then does he explain all the different names of God and ways of worshiping Him? As Tom Sullivan (when he was still broadcasting on the radio from Sacramento) once related, he has an Egyptian friend who noted: “There is only One God, but many different ways of worshiping Him”. “Intelligent Design” came up and how silly it is (for believing in unprovable precepts such as “Gods Hand Created the Heavens and the Earth”, which is based on unprovable, blind Faith). And this from the same crowd who believe (as do I) that the universe was created from a “Cosmic Egg” that came from they know not where, yet just was (but wasn’t for very long), that suddenly went (”Big) Bang!” and voila! We are (eventually) born. No “Leaps of Faith” there. Nope, none at all. Oh yes, their “Resurrection Theology?” “Entropy!” That’s where the energy of the “Big Bang” eventually “runs out of steam”, if you will, and everything collapses back in on itself and, “Guess What?”, it starts all over again – maybe. And they talk about “A Leap of Faith?” indeed. “What Fools We Mortals Be?” “You Betcha!”

            [The Reply to the “Tolerance-Challenged” Atheists follows]: It is strange to me that so many pass through this mortal coil with blinders on. What is as plain as the nose on my face (and a proud proboscis it is indeed) is that I’m merely trying to point out that because I was raised to believe that “You don’t have to be in a building to believe in God” (even though my middle name comes from the French for Christmas because my parents met singing carols on a Christmas Eve), “The only thing I have against ‘Organized Religion’ is that it’s so ‘Organized’ ” (and you can quote me on that). Because my father had a beautiful baritone and was always in great demand to sing at various congregations, I would sometimes go with him to rehearsals and got to see the good church folk without their “Sunday”, or “Church Face” on. Which means I came to the realization that almost all overtly religious people were all coming from the viewpoint that only their particular interpretations were the “One, True Way” regardless of what those otherwise perfectly good “Church Folk” down the street, and around the corner believed. (Sort o’ like Northern Ireland, or, and more immediately, the “Religion of Peace” vs. the rest of humanity today.)

            As to the science and cosmology of discovering not only the “how”, but, and to me the equally important of “why” the universe works: In my late adolescence and early teens, I was reading Bertrand Russell and Fred Hoyle amongst several others and was opening a wider view of man’s place in the universe in myself. It was a time when discoveries seemed to be coming at a furious pace: “Big Bang, “No Bang”, “Steady State”, oops, “Big Bang” again, “Entropy”, et cetera … . Then came Sputnik and the Space Race was on. Then came the questions: “What is God?”, followed by, “Where is Heaven?”; then: “How big and how old is the universe and how long will it last?”. To me, it was a logical conclusion to meld the two. Everyone praises Einstein’s genius (especially for his era), yet gloss over his spirituality. Especially in his later years.* It strikes me odd that so many, the “Learned” of our day pooh, pooh the very concept of something greater than themselves. Usually they pause for the briefest of moments, drawing a deep breath of of something they cannot see (yes, yes, yes, I know it can be felt, measured, etc.), letting out the weariest of sighs, and then proceed to talk down to the rest of we mere mortals, explaining how what they cannot prove nor explain fully and completely is “The One True Way” to look at the universe.

            We of today look back several centuries and chuckle at the learned fools of the day who were fervently arguing about “How many Angels can dance on the head of a pin?”. Who indeed can predict how the learned of a few centuries hence will view us? In other words, everyone has blinders. It’s up to each individual to open his own eyes and see. Curiosity, after all, is in Man’s Nature. Whether it’s the scientist or the hunter, we all want to know “What’s on the other side”. We should never stop asking. We should never stop searching. Most importantly, we should realize that we will never find all the answers because there’ll always be another question to answer, another hill to climb and another river to cross.

            * Well, since I wrote the forgoing, it appears that the “Big Bang” is once again relegated to the trash bin of formerly iron clad “Scientific Consensus”.

            ** Sir Fredrick Hoyle’s “Steady State Theory”, by the way, postulated that stars (and, by extension, galaxies) simply “Appeared” to fill the void left between them by a steadily expanding universe. I.e.: “Think of a balloon’s surface with dots on it. As it expands, the distance between the dots grows further and further apart. I believe that new ones simply appear to fill the void between them”; (May I suggest Googling: [BBC Universe – Steady State theory challenged the Big Bang]).

            By the way: “Intelligent Design” doesn’t challenge the “How” of the universe, just the “Why”.

            *** At the time of writing these words, I was not aware of the exact quotes. Here is an excerpt from a Time Magazine article dated: Thursday, April 05, 2007. Quote: ” … Einstein did, however, retain from his childhood religious phase a profound faith in, and reverence for, the harmony and beauty of what he called the mind of God as it was expressed in the creation of the universe and its laws. Around the time he turned 50, he began to articulate more clearly–in various essays, interviews and letters–his deepening appreciation of his belief in God, although a rather impersonal version of one. One particular evening in 1929, the year he turned 50, captures Einstein’s middle-age deistic faith. He and his wife were at a dinner party in Berlin when a guest expressed a belief in astrology. Einstein ridiculed the notion as pure superstition. Another guest stepped in and similarly disparaged religion. Belief in God, he insisted, was likewise a superstition.”

            “At this point the host tried to silence him by invoking the fact that even Einstein harbored religious beliefs. “It isn’t possible!” the skeptical guest said, turning to Einstein to ask if he was, in fact, religious. “Yes, you can call it that,” Einstein replied calmly. “Try and penetrate with our limited means the secrets of nature and you will find that, behind all the discernible laws and connections, there remains something subtle, intangible and inexplicable. Veneration for this force beyond anything that we can comprehend is my religion. To that extent I am, in fact, religious. … .”

            As a dear, but now departed, friend used to say: “Great minds travel in the same rut”. (Even yours and mine.)

          • DrZarkov99

            Other well-respected figures, like Benjamin Franklin, arrived at Einstein’s conclusion. Deism is that core instinct that remains when all of the human self-importance is stripped away.

            I was requested to leave a major organized religion when I raised questions about the faith that I felt contradicted the foundation of its belief system. I was 12 years old at the time, and spent the next 20 years examining as many other organized religions as I could, to see if I could find a spiritual community. I was always disappointed by the negative elements inserted into belief systems by humans who claimed to somehow have the inside track on what God is thinking.

            I remained firmly convinced, as did Einstein, that there was a force behind the mystery of the universe, and that the cycle of creation was proof that the force (call it Deity, if you like) was a positive one. My purpose, as best as I could understand it, was to do as much as I could to contribute to improving my small part of this awesome universe.

            That, I suppose, is the best explanation of Deist faith.

          • MyronJPoltroonian

            Thank you for responding. I’ve spent a lifetime calling myself a christian, using the meaning that existed before the “Politically Correct” started using it as a disparagement for those who believe in God. (They also use the term “Deist” in describing some of the prominent founding fathers as a means of driving a wedge against the fact that most of them were religious christians of various denominations who incorporated their views into the founding principles of our nation. Guess I’ll have to start calling myself a “Classical Deist”, much as I seem to have to call myself a “Classical Liberal” which is now known as a “Constitutional Conservative.” Be well and never stop searching for “The Truth”, no matter how fleeting it may prove to be.

          • DrZarkov99

            The corrupted definition of the PC “Deist” implies a belief in the “great mechanic” who constructed the universe we live in, and left everything after that to us, to do good or evil as we chose. There may be some who think that way, but I doubt many who think of themselves as Deist would agree with that portrayal. My personal belief is that each of us should consider ourselves as God’s agents, with a responsibility to do our best to make “miracles” happen for the good of all. If there is an existence of the spirit beyond the end of our physical body, I would posit that Hell would be the regret we would feel after realizing the opportunities we wasted, and any evil actions we took.

          • MyronJPoltroonian

            That seems to be a a fair way to look at it. I would further assert that as a part of that “Responsibility” would be that, if faced with what is commonly known as “Pure Evil”, one should feel compelled to become the “Back Hand of God”, so to speak.

          • Kay Briskey

            Dr.Zarkov: a lot of wisdom in what you’ve said. The great question re: the Judeo-Christian Bible seems to be, “is it true or just a book of fairy tales”? I opt for the first as there is quite clearly a grand design for man that began in the garden of Eden and ends long after, in the Kingdom of God.

            The design is brought forth from generation to generation, following the first sin and expulsion from Eden, which was God’s first kingdom. The story is told by many different Biblical voices, including prophets selected by God, who saw in them true devotion to Him.

            One theme throughout is man’s failure to obey God, and man’s cursing God for the troubles that comes from stepping outside of God’s law, which is a natural and unavoidable occurrence; even though God’s law, if kept, insures order and harmony in the world. Another theme is prophecy being made, and prophecy eventually happening exactly as foretold.

            God’s magnificent story of man is told in the two parts of the Bible: the barbaric mind of the OT gave way to the teachings of Jesus, whose birth fulfilled the first prophecy made of his birth; made by God Himself to Satan, after the first sin: “I will put enmity between these and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.” (Genesis 3:15). All prophecies on the birth of Jesus were fulfilled.

            Jesus with his little band of disciples could not reach the “stiff-necked” Jews. So, God, through a dream reached Peter with the new awareness of going to the gentiles and offering to them, salvation. His focus would be on Gentiles for the next 2000 years; for the Jews, salvation would be put on hold until the end times. The Jews that will eventually win salvation are called the remnant, and it will happen, I believe in the first half of the tribulation.

            That God’s first experiment in Eden failed, called for another try, outside the perfect world of Eden, where is found much for making it often a hostile place. I look upon it as God’s proving ground for individuals who must suffer through life’s trials and tribulations, with the free will to accept or reject God’s law. Thus, it is a proving ground for entering an eternal kingdom that would never know sin, and is offered to all.

            Jesus taught the keys for entrance into the kingdom. I believe I was born for this particular time on God’s time line as that is where I believe he wanted me. Scripture says he knows us in the womb. He knows our abilities, how our mind and talents will develop throughout life, how family circumstances and countless other life experiences will affect us, and whether the summation of our life’s aspects will prepare us for an end time purpose. Of all living today, who among us is pleasing God in our preparation? That thought alone can bring a paradigm shift in the thought process. This, in a nutshell. There is so MUCH more to this grand design.

            With the way you TWO think, I would be honored to have a word back. Had I not read what each of you has said, this would not have been written …… at least not yet.

          • Kay Briskey

            I now find myself responding to TWO straight arrows, and very much enjoying the experience. DrZarkov99, it pleasures me to add that Jesus came to show a new way of thinking, “love one another and forgive”. By so doing, we offer to God the best of ourselves as we are living our lives….. I quote you, “as God’s agents, with a responsibility to do our best to make “miracles” happen for the good of all.” Thank you so very much for ‘hitting one in for God’!

          • Kay Briskey

            Myron, hats off to a splendid statement that I’m sure not many living today could have made. In the muddled masses of today’s thinkers, yours is straight arrow; giving evidence you were educated under the old system. Or, you were raised by old system parents who made sure your mind did not get perverted by later haters of God’s word. My education came from the old system that still offered quality education, and a Quaker, Latin and English teacher mother, whose father and grandfather were Quaker preachers. At home and at school, I was among the fortunate and that has made all the difference in the world.

          • Kristin Polk

            Beautifully and intelligently written.

            My rut runs along the more conservative thread of Biblical Christianity. I believe this by faith. That is not something that can be scientifically verified.

            My concern regarding this article is more from the scientific analysis of findings. Scientists must objectively analyze information they gather to verify or disprove their hypothesis. It seems to me this is not happening here. If a scientist found laminated wood, or nails, or aluminum and titanium in the ground, their first objective thought would not be: “Wow, they had a lot more technology back when the Ark was built than we realized”. Their first thought would be: “Well, this was built more recently than what we hoped to find. This technology was not available when the Ark was built”.

            I, as much as any Christian, would love to find the Ark. It would be wonderful to “prove” to the world our faith has merit. I would only want this to happen if the highest standards are used to interpret the data. It is unwise to “adjust” the interpretation to fit your hypothesis. I prefer to stand on truth. Truth (or faith) does not need proof.

          • Kay Briskey

            I can not begin to tell you how much I enjoyed reading this, and chuckling throughout. Your intelligence, knowledge, wit, and way with words are exquisitely combined. I just re-read it. It is a classic. Have you any books out, or do you intend to have one out? If this is typical of your writing, which I have no reason to believe it isn’t, I’d treasure a book by and signed by you. Interestingly, as I finish this, into my mind pops…. why weren’t you in my class, when we were being educated back in the forties and fifties? I’m feeling gypped!

          • God

            Not quite. I agree with most, right up until the last paragraph. There is no one reason why atheists are ‘angry’ – but it’s certainly fueled by the christian superiority complex. Being that christians are brainwashed since birth – it’s not remarkable that they stick to their beliefs in the face of any and all scientific evidence that would point to a contrary viewpoint.

            The psychological aspects of religion and religious practices are a science all their own – the constant reinforcement of a ‘heavenly father’, the ‘eternal afterlife’, the submitting to authority (priests, rabbis, pastors, bishops, etc.). Those feelings are then ‘fashioned’ or ingrained to individuals through sensory hypnosis – touch, sound, even taste.

            They are not born with these beliefs. No, they have to be taught. Add in the fact that babies are born all over the world and they are taught whatever it is their parents were taught. That in and of itself is reason to believe that religion in general is a product of environment or a community effort to come to some consensus on what people should or should not believe. And if it’s a product of environment – then religion is and of itself a production of man himself. A war here, a war there – just a few differences in results and you might have all been praying to a fencepost.

          • MyronJPoltroonian

            ROFLMAO!!! Imagine, a Deity capable of producing it’s own “Splinter Groups”. [“Flesh of My flesh, … .”, etc.]

          • Kay Briskey

            Dr.Zarkov: a lot of wisdom in what you’ve said. The great question re: the Judeo-Christian Bible seems to be, “is it true or just a book of fairy tales”? I opt for the first as there is quite clearly a grand design for man that began in the garden of Eden and ends long after, in the Kingdom of God.
            The design is brought forth from generation to generation, following the first sin and expulsion from Eden, which was God’s first kingdom. The story is told by many different Biblical voices, including prophets selected by God, who saw in them true devotion to Him.

          • linda twilley

            If anyone would take the time to research all the major civilizations of the world, they all refer to a Great Flood, as well as geological research which indicated a world wide flood did indeed happen after analyzing soil samples, they were carbon dated and these samples shown the flood occurred at the same time, Not hardly a coincidence.

          • Brownthumb

            Your claims make no sense. If there had been a worldwide flood that destroyed all life except for that on an ark, the civilizations you refer to would not have existed. They would have been wiped out and the only stories about such a flood would be identical. Also, different civilizations would not have had such wildly different gods, since they would all have been descended from Noah and his line, they would have all had the same god. Instead, the Chinese had no god stories, the Egyptians had Ra and others, the Hindu had Krishna and their multiple gods, Romans had Zeus and his lot, the Norse had Odin the all-father, Thor, Loki and that lot, Vikings had Valhalla, Native Americans had the great spirit, Aztecs had the sun god, Mayans had their bloodthirsty gods and so on. Or are you trying to say that flood stories would have been passed on but nothing about the supposed god that caused such a flood or the ark and the animals would have been carried down? That no mention of lineage survived and no records on Noah were passed on? Like I said, it makes no sense at all, and would even seem to lead towards the disbelief in the Noah story. While floods, even major floods, have happened nearly everywhere, no “worldwide” flood lasting for a year has ever happened. All life on the planet except for 10 people and 2 of each animal (even marsupials, which are never mentioned in the bible at all and only come from Australia? What about other island and region specific animals?) was not destroyed 4400 years ago because no such flood happened.

            As for your claims of soil samples showing a worldwide yearlong flood did happen, please give me references to such. All the evidence I have been able to locate states otherwise. I can find no peer reviewed geological study stating that a worldwide flood lasting a year ever happened. I would be interested in researching such claims.

          • Brian Phillips

            My guess is you believe more in Marvel Comics than you do anything real and substantial. Bet you hang out at Star Trek conventions, and sell comic books for a living, huh?

          • jeff
          • dana28

            I find it interesting that you should put so much trust in science. Before, scientists have said things that they thought to be absolute truth, and later found out were wrong. For example, they have said the atom is the absolute smallest thing, later found out once they cut one open there were things even smaller. There are plenty of other examples, and I’m not saying this to say that science is wrong. We are people who love cold hard facts and tangible truths! I agree! But at the same time, I will never say that we know all the answers that somehow people for countless centuries have missed and simply came to the same conclusion due to limited knowledge etc etc. I believe God designed our world so that we may continually learn the simple truth that man can never know all the answers and will never know everything… I would simply caution you all to not be fool-hardy enough to say that you would say that something as simple as religion is entirely preposterous.

          • CharLiDog

            Who ever said science knows everything? What a straw man.

            Religions are preposterous. And ridiculous. And disgusting. You’re in a barbaric, blood sacrifice cult. Your god is a killer of children; a monster in every way.
            I’ll ask you the same question every other theist is avoiding, is there a context where stoning a child is moral and acceptable?

          • dana28

            Fine then. I’ll answer your question: No I don’t think stoning a child is moral and acceptable. One such incident many bring up for this matter is in Deuteronomy 7 where it says “When the LORD your God brings you into the land you are entering to possess and drives out before you many nations—the Hittites, Girgashites, Amorites, Canaanites, Perizzites, Hivites and Jebusites, seven nations larger and stronger than you- and when the LORD your God has delivered them over to you and you have defeated them, then you must destroy them totally. Make no treaty with them, and show them no mercy. Do not intermarry with them. Do not give your daughters to their sons or take their daughters for your sons, for they will turn your sons away from following me to serve other gods.” To quote CS Lewis in Reflections on the Psalms, Lewis notes that “Naivety, error,
            contradiction, even … wickedness are not removed. The total result
            is not ‘the Word of God’ in the sense that every passage, in itself,
            gives impeccable science or history.” I say this not to imply errancy of Christianity, but to imply possible bible errancy. Sure, the Bible is a holy book. I have no doubt about that. But I also know that it did not literally fall out of the mouth of God as is but was rather accumulated and written by man. BUT it is INSPIRED by the Holy Spirit, the Word of God, through and though. I say this to imply that not everything in the Bible has to be taken literally. The men who wrote the books wrote them in ways so that the people could understand in our terms, such as Jesus with his many parables. The whole Bible is this way! The Bible said Earth was created by God in 6 days. We don’t know what a day is in God’s time. What if however long science has determined the Earth’s existence through creation and evolution until man is man as we normally consider him to be and were split into 6 pieces, “6 days” if you will. I would never be so ignorant as to not consider other sides and options within the context of the Bible and say my way is the only way and I’m taking everything as literally as possible, because I’m not. I am not one of the men in Plato’s cave looking at shadows on a wall and taking them as reality. I’m willing to look at both the shadows and the reality of those shadows and see what is happening.

          • Brownthumb

            The thing is, science is constantly growing and learning, searching for truth and adapting to new information.

            Religion is convinced it has all the truths, is locked into a holding pattern and cannot change or grow. Religion rejects new information and refuses to acknowledge any facts that don’t agree with it’s doctrine or dogma.

            No Atheist I’ve ever met thinks science or mankind has all the answers. Our primary answer when theist demand to know how we think everything came to be is “I don’t know”, of course the theist doesn’t know either but fills in his ignorance with “god done it” instead of searching for the actual truth. I do believe that science offers the best explanations for our universe and world with the available evidence we have to hand. There is a reason things are called theories in science, not because there isn’t evidence to back them up but because they are subject to change if new information comes to light.

          • dana28

            I really appreciate your thoughts! Considering I am not an atheist, I would be the first to admit that I don’t know the way most would think or consider when it comes to science. And the few atheists I have been able to actually get to know have believed science through and through. So thank you for enlightening me to a different take on it! I always wish to further understand where anyone stands.

          • Brownthumb

            Don’t misunderstand, I only believe in that which I have good reason and evidence to support belief in. This means that I don’t believe in the supernatural, a soul or any god, since there is no evidence to support any such beliefs. I firmly believe that the scientific method is our best way forward in learning the truths of our universe and gives the best explanations with the currently available evidence.

            On the other hand, should falsifiable evidence ever come forward that supports the existence of the supernatural, I am able to change my viewpoint at that time. I don’t think it will ever happen though.

          • dana28

            Again, I appreciate your views extremely! And to me I find it comforting to know that even if you do not currently believe in. The supernatural etc etc, you would be willing to change you stance and views if convincing evidence for you came forward. I honestly think that it is a rare quality In this day and age.

          • Shari Rhodes

            You’re really into this stoning children thing, aren’t you? You are negating the fact that this was (probably a rare practice) way, way back in the days of the Old Testament. That all came to an end, along with many other practices that were in effect during the archaic days when mankind was subjected to a different law than we are now. We are now under Jesus’ law of grace, wherein we cease practicing some of the barbarism of ancient times, and we have the option of accepting Jesus’ sacrifice, which cleanses us from all wrongdoing and enables us to spend eternity with God after our physical deaths. You don’t have to believe it, by any means. But you will be held accountable for your decision. You’re wasting your energy focusing on an archaic practice that is no longer in effect.

          • CharLiDog

            Oh, the law is still in effect, it just isn’t practiced. Since you’re missing the point, your god commanded that children be stoned. Doesn’t matter if it never happened, this is what passes as just and moral to the god you worship. It isn’t wasted energy pointing out your god is not about love.
            The only reason we need saved is because your god condemned us. For doing exactly what he knew we would do. Not even we; it was two other people. Your god isn’t much on personal responsibility. Do something bad, sacrifice an innocent life to atone. It’s barbaric. Your god is a blood lust monster.

          • Kay Briskey

            But, he sent Jesus to die on the cross for your sins. You don’t know this???????

          • CharLiDog

            A human sacrifice. Wow. You people are something else. So your god condemns us, and his solution for us to be saved is for his son/self/whatever to be killed. LOL. Just what magical power does blood have? Besides it seems to make your god happy. Nothing he likes more than the blood of something innocent being spilled. Not only a monster, but incredibly stupid your god.
            I need no atonement. I’ve done nothing that deserves eternal torture. And even if your god was real, I would not bend my knee to such an immoral monster. The devil is the good guy in your story book. He saw the megalomaniac and tried to save us from it.

          • Kay Briskey

            Every statement, every question, every exclamation in your post starting with, “a human sacrifice” gives evidence you would flunk a test on Jesus. You don’t know the Bible, CharLi. All you know is what has come down to you from a long, long line of atheists, each parroting down the line what was heard from above.
            The NT contains numerous statements of Jesus saying why the NT is under a new covenant. But, you didn’t refer to any of them; just to the one verse (Matthew 3:15) that atheists are drilled on. To better understand that verse you need to know the Greek word for “fulfill”. Jesus said nothing there regarding the old covenant. It has to do with Jesus fulfilling the Old Testament prophecy that is about him.
            My suggestion in the future is for you to realize not everyone you dialogue with regarding the Bible is ignorant of the Bible.

          • CharLiDog

            No, no, no. This is exactly what you can not get away with anymore.
            Are you thinking matt 5:17? “Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them.” (Oh the irony.) Because in the very next verse, he clarifies the context pretty specifically. “For truly I tell you, until heaven and earth disappear, not the smallest letter, not the least stroke of a pen, will by any means disappear from the Law until everything is accomplished.” Not a lot of room for interpretation. Well, in reality anyway. Who knows what kind of excuse you’ll make up to justify your ignoring the truth?
            What you need to face is any verse you come up with doesn’t negate this passage. The best you can do is show your buybull contradicts itself. Almost every study shows atheists know the buybull better than the theists who promote it. You need to come back to reality and not trust the propaganda passed on by you people. In typical 180 degrees off reality, you are the parrot.

          • Kay Briskey

            Is OT law still valid? Jeremiah 31:31 gives the following prophecy: “Behold, the days come, saith the Lord, that I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel and with the house of Judah”. Jeremiah is one of the major prophets.

            Isaiah 42:6: “I the Lord have called thee in righteousness, and will hold thine hand, and will keep thee, and give thee for a covenant of the people, for a light of the Gentiles.”

            From the references in my favorite Bible: “The new covenant is what we call the New Testament of the Bible, made by Christ to take the place of the law of Moses. The new covenant was not to be the same as the old, but an entirely new contract to take the place of the law of Moses.”

            I can well imagine the above reference by a Biblical authority will make no difference to you. Are you a Biblical authority?

          • CharLiDog

            I do know the buybull quite well. Napoleon, try to follow. As I explained before, you cannot negate my verses with yours. For one thing, jebus directly spoke my verses. But the main point is, all you can do is show contradiction. Your buybull plays both sides of the street.
            Here is an even greater point, you’re trying to justify why you don’t follow those laws. What you are glossing over is that those laws ever existed. They are barbaric. The NT isn’t the reason you don’t follow them, common sense and a higher morality is why. Just admit it, your god is an immoral sadistic monster. Heck, at least admit you’re in a blood sacrifice ‘religion’.
            You theists never concede any points. You just move on the next post, usually full of errors.

          • Kay Briskey

            Jesus brought a new way of thinking CharLiDog: love one another and forgive. Children raised in that type of a household have no desire to be incorrigible. That did away with the old Covenant. I keenly understand it. That is the way I was raised, and I had NO desire to rumble with the world, including with you.
            Jesus was THE master of human thought. YOU could take a lesson.

          • CharLiDog

            New way of thinking? You think your jebus coined the golden rule? Pluh-ease. I have news for you. Don’t kill, don’t steal, and treat others have been the rules of society from the first tribes.
            You keenly miss the point. You don’t get to act like your god was replaced with jebus. The father has the most power, and he told people to stone their kids.
            What does the master of human thought even mean? The guy said to sell everything and give the proceeds to the poor. He said not to worry about tomorrow, your god will provide. He told slaves to obey and masters not to beat them so hard. He said to love him and hate your family and friends. He said the genesis story was true. The guy was an idiot. I don’t take lessons from liars or idiots.
            Now I want you to concede that you are in a bronze age, innocent blood sacrifice for atonement ‘religion’. And I want you to admit your god concept has killed many, many children and babies. It’s all in your buybull, so it should be real easy to admit. If you don’t, you display your intellectual dishonesty and lack of integrity.
            I’m not going to let this slide. We have to have some kind of foundation in reality to converse. If you deny the facts of your delusion, does that mean you’re double deluded? Talk about a mental illness. I honestly think some of you should be locked up. Just like Napoleon. At the very least, you need to be kept away from children. Who knows when you’ll think your god is asking you to sacrifice a kid. It’s happened a few times already. You simply cannot be trusted with kids.

          • Kay Briskey