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lie of the yearPolitifact is looking for your input:

PolitiFact will soon announce our Lie of the Year — the most significant falsehood of 2013, as chosen by our editors and reporters.

We’re also inviting PolitiFact readers to vote for the Readers’ Choice award.

Here are our 10 finalists and a link to our survey so you can vote for your favorite. We accept write-ins.

Congress is exempt from the health care law. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, said, “President Obama just granted all of Congress an exception” to Obamacare during an August speech in Iowa. False.

Obamacare will question your sex life.Betsy McCaughey wrote an op-ed for the New York Post in September that said doctors will be required to ask about your sex life under Obamacare. Pants on Fire.

The FISA Court is transparent. In a June interview, President Barack Obama defended the government’s monitoring of telephone and Internet traffic by invoking the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court and saying the court “is transparent.” Pants on Fire.

The United Nations is coming for your guns. Chain emails repeatedly claimed that the United Nations has “adopted a proposed agenda” to enable member nations to “disarm civilians within their borders.” False.

If you like your health care, you can keep it. Obama repeatedly made this claim in previous years; back then we rated it Half True. When people got cancellation notices in the individual market this year, Obama claimed, “What we said was, you can keep it if it hasn’t changed since the law passed.” That got a Pants on Fire.

No U.S.-trained doctors will accept Obamacare. In an October column, Ann Coulter wrote, “No doctors who went to an American medical school will be accepting Obamacare.” Pants on Fire.

The United States doesn’t tolerate genocide. After Syria entered a civil war and many civilians were killed, U.S. Sen. Saxby Chambliss, R-Ga., said, “The United States has never stood by and seen innocent people slaughtered to the extent that’s happening in Syria.” History shows we have. Pants on Fire.

The IRS will keep a database of health secrets. In May, Michele Bachmann gave a TV interview in which she claimed the IRS is going to be “in charge” of “a huge national database” on health care that will include Americans’ “personal, intimate, most close-to-the-vest-secrets.” Pants on Fire.

Obamacare means forced home inspections. Bloggers passed around a claim in August that a health care law provision will allow “forced home inspections” by government agents. Pants on Fire.

Muslims are exempt from Obamacare. A chain email claimed the word “Dhimmitude” is on page 107 of the health care law and means “Muslims are specifically exempted from the government mandate to purchase insurance.”Pants on Fire.

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I don’t want to tell you which one to vote for… but ONE of these lies has been around for more than a year… and was used to win an election… AND was propagated by the mainstream media for years… I don’t think I need to say anymore… just GO VOTE!


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  • TexRancher

    Lie of the year? We can’t even pick a “liar of the year” when the choice is from Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Schumer, Durbin or a dozen other former democrats now socialists!

    • Snidely70448

      Please add Speaker Boehner to the list. He passed the Non-detectable Gun Act through the House on a voice vote, and is scheming to pass Amnesty after the filing deadline for House races passes.

      • TexRancher

        You are so right. I just read the report on Boehner and AMNESTY. If this goes through, it will destroy the laws written to protect AMERICANS as well as the AMNESTY CONSPIRATORS responsible. I just let my elected know how I feel, how about the rest of the readers?

    • grassroot

      And liberal fascists,,

  • 2War Abn Vet

    It’s difficult to pick a “lie of the year” when Obama spouts several new ones every day.