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Well, now that A&E has reinstated the Big Duck, Phil Robertson, and are committed to another season of Duck Dynasty, they are now spinning like one of the Obama administration’s spinmeisters. We’ve already discussed the A&E statement that is a steaming pile of stinky poopie to anyone with an acquaintance with the facts of the story and even a moderate respect for the truth.

A&E is calling in all their flacks to promote the idea that they got something more than the ability to keep their silly little network afloat by “letting Phil back in”.

Our favorite part of this story is the public service announcements that A&E will produce promoting unity, tolerance, and acceptance among all people.

They don’t say, although they certainly insinuate, that the Duck Dynasty team will take part in shooting the PSAs. The bigger question is how many of those PSAs will encourage tolerance and acceptance of people with religious values like the Duck clan. They certainly have been on the receiving end of incredibly intolerant language from the political left.

We’ll find out what A&E thinks of tolerance, personally, we doubt the lesson will be instructive for us.

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  • bahndon

    Christians MUST WAKE UP, stand strong and expose the lies.

  • Gerald James

    Christians are in fact tolerant. They have been bullied by the left who use Political Correctness as a tool to oppress the righteous. The left is never happy with the man or woman who worked hard and became a millionaire. They can’t stand people that don’t agree with them. If your righteous talk offends them, they’ll try to get you blacklisted and ostracized and will call you a racists, hate monger or compare you to Saddam Hussein. I could go on and one about how the left has been using political correctness as censorship but it isn’t necessary because if you look around, you’ll see examples everyday. In closing my remarks, Schools are now having a Winter Break, not a Christmas Break and next, they’ll have a Spring Break instead of the Easter Holiday. I would like to say, Merry Christmas and In a few weeks, I’ll be saying Happy Easter.
    Merry Christmas!