Obamacare Navigators caught on film laundering taxpayer premium-subsidies


Most organized crime mobs check outsiders for bugs, but apparently not La Obamacare Cosa Nostra.

Project Veritas sent a veritable Secret Squirrel undercover to National Urban League offices in Texas that are contract Obamacare “Navigators” and, ala Breitbart, found government-run non-ACORNS breaking bad:

Ironically, the only concession Republicans attained after the Obamacare-inspired government shutdown was to reverse the law’s namesake Chief Executive’s latest rule by fiat waiving income verification for HealthCare.gov customers seeking taxpayer subsidies for exchange-bought health insurance policies. As you can see with your own eyes, truth is not a priority in Project Fundamentally Transform America.

The Rule of Law has been replaced by crony capitalism and a spoils society that farms out hit jobs on taxpayers that resemble instructions in money laundering operations by Al Capone. If only IRS agents were so accommodating with “customers” concerning forgotten income.

It could be worse. The GOP might have gotten President Barack Obama to sign a CR or debt limit increase that repealed Obamacare, which would all but have ensured that it would have been fully imposed on all Americans at gunpoint before Christmas lest they be massacred by St. Valentine’s Day.

The only issue remaining will be who wins the IRE Award for exposing the most egregious act of government-run fraud. Project Veritas for its report on the Navigators or an award akin to the Time Magazine’s 2006 Person of the Year to “You”, since all of us saw President Obama in broad daylight promise us all that we could keep doctors and health insurance policies we liked.navigators


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  • R.Young

    Gotta do whatever it takes to get the Job done!

  • tionico

    listening to these, uhm, NAVIGATORS, I was so IMPRESSED by their high level of literacy…. NOTTT!!! I doubt any of them could pass the present dumbed down GED tests. Not the language skills part, anyway. Oh, and their blatant corruption? Makes me really want to trust these goons with MY personal data. Not gonna happen.

  • Crowes1

    Can you only imagine the OutRage if it were George Bush behind the new HealthCare Law?

  • patriotforrevo

    The PATRIOT WAR DRUM ARE BEATING! Either you are with us or go to your nearest FEMA camp!

  • test

  • GGallman

    Where have we gone as a society? Who is holding whom to account. It must start with US. WE must speak out. At about 19:58 Michael Berry kinda says what I think. http://www.ktrh.com/media/podcast-michael-berry-michaelberry/michael-berry-11122013-6pm-23964920/

  • alpambuena

    now you know why no backround checks or any criminal backround checks were done on any of the navigators…these are the same people who man the polling booths, and screw around with anybody they suspect are republicans. these are the same people who are involved in any pro Obama protest, these are the same people who ran illegal voting registration signups in both of obamas elections.

    • Rubygirl

      Acorn 2.0 as I’ve heard it described!!!

  • old_salty_dawg99

    Given that Obammy and HHS have allowed criminals to become Navigators what can anyone expect??? Obammy has a website that allows ID thieves to steal all they want now he is ensuring they can by putting them in charge of helping people sign up.

  • afanaglenn

    Obama and his buds are going to hide as much of the extra trillion dollar cost to the taxpayer for Obamacare. He knows how it will effect the spiraling national debt and how it just might put the country into martial law, what he has been after ever since taking office.

  • ginger

    Why would anyone give any of these offshoots of the DNC and acorn any info? Why isn’t this info being shouted from the rooftops? Especially the DNC and o campaign info and their agenda.

  • Kitten

    I’ve had about enough of this crap. Criminals running the government and given free reign because of their race.

    • Remember when Democrats did that to blacks in the days of yore? Some things wl never change, even if the colors flip.

    • It isn’t about their race, it’s about their philosophy. Progressives, who are socialist/communists by another name, protect their own, and will until We-the-People vote them out of office.

  • willhen50

    No matter how much fraud and abuse Project Veritas uncovers with all of the scams, as long as Holder and the (In)Justice Department is around they are the ones under scrutiny.

    • TheSunDidIt

      He’s going to look so pretty in the orange to the other prisoners.

      • ginger

        Naw, they’ll put him in protective custody so the rest of the crooks won’t hurt him,

        • TheSunDidIt

          Think Nixon’s buddies and the Federal Prison in Lompoc, CA. The fact is, I used to go to church at the prison chapel. Our church rented their chapel because, for a long time, we had no building (till the men of the church built it finally). It’s actually a very NICE prison if you have to get stuck in one. I was a kid and it didn’t seem scary or bad in any way. But, I could come and go. Not everyone could. But, that prison is where they send their high-class criminals. Folsom would be a better place for Holder though.

    • Indynana

      I am afraid that in order to win back the senate and the white house – we are going to have to use the SAME tactics the liberals use – IF they don’t want voter I.D – THEN SHOW THEM WHY THEY WILL BE BEGGING FOR VOTER I.D NEXT TIME!!!