Vets return Barrycades to Spite House… feels right


barrycadesHas America ever had a smaller Chief Executive?

Yes, I know that James Madison stood only 5 feet, 4 inches tall; but both he and Dolley were giants compared to a 6′ 1″ President that uses his executive discretion (and a Democratic Party led by Senate majority Leader Harry Reid that denies funding) to purposely cause pain and inconvenience to the best Americans and most vulnerable among us from war veterans and the survivors of the fallen wishing to visit monuments and memorials to denying funding for NIH cancer patients.

So we were happy to see one more raid from WWII vets over the weekend that stormed Washington, D.C. and return the Barrycades to their rightful owner:

But Mike, how could we have suspected such behavior from Barack Hussein Obama would be forthcoming? Well, as Senator Obama, he and Hillary Clinton voted to de-fund troops in the field in Afghanistan and Iraq. And in his first term budget and debt limit battles, just as now, he threatened military pay, Social Security payees and “default”, even though money exists in the treasury at all times, even if the debt limit date were passed to pay the soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines, grandfather, grandmother, the disabled and interest on the debt.

This time, so far (cross fingers and pray to Jesus they continue to exert the Ted Cruz-built spine) the GOP House has thwarted any realistic attempt to access blame against Republicans by passing separate bills to pay the armed forces (Harry shamed to pass it and Barry signed it), the National Institutes of Health and national parks (Harry and Barry refused to consider the latter).

President Obama, not satisfied with the founding document of “mere negative liberties”, only abuses the U.S. Constitution that Madison was the father of, now desecrates the flag that Dolley first sewed.

And it may take more Martin Luther King-like non-violent civil disobedience to defeat the vviciousiberalism wrought by the modern-day Democratic Party that was re-elected to dispense more largess to the needy. Now we see how they use that power over the vulnerable. Miss Commander-in-Chief George W. Bush yet? I thought so.

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“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

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  • ADRoberts

    The ONLY House that anyone can blame is the WHITE HOUSE.
    Anyone who blames the Repubs in the House of Representatives is not deceived. They are just LIARS.

  • Tonto

    Nancy Pelosi and her army of flying monkeys went right in the barricaded monuments. Everybody is equal but some people are more equal.

    Will this move me to the Death Panel’s top of the list?

  • WORSEKarma

    Now, see, if I’d been there, I would have started up a chant of “Sieg Heil! Sieg Heil! Heil, Obama! Sieg Heil! (With appropriate arm gestures) as the Blueshirts “hut-hutted” up…

  • dboutin

    This so called POS president this criminal should be taken out of office along with Reid,Pelois .. Neither who knows what our Veterans are and means to us.. These are the men who put their lives on the line..who fought for every ones freedom, to make sure that Hitler did not try to take America..To close down all these memorial places is against the American way of life and a even bigger slap in the face to our Veterans..the president and the rest of the Senate should be hanging their head in shame over this.. I know Obama, Reid and Pelois could care less..They need to be impeached and sent to a hard core prison…God Bless all our troop’s past, present and future..

    • Wandenreich19

      Hmm, the government shutdown was in FACT caused by your beloved party the Republican FACT!!! And Republicans have cut benefits to veterans for years, and now they come around to their aid and being for them. hahaha wow very funny.

      • KittyDigitize

        You are going to think it funny when they come for you for ANY reason they deem fit, to toss you into a camp just because you breathed air on a day that ended in “Y”. Then as you look around scared for your very existence, if I’m standing there, I will point and say, “I TOLD YOU SO!” YOU voted for treason. May you swallow the bitter pill of reality. Get ready to squelch GAG REFLEX.

        • Wandenreich19

          Hmm seems like Obama is looking like the victor this week, and Cruz and the tea party are the bigots and losers…

        • Jaclyn Barnes

          People like Wandenreich19 will never believe anything,we say about Obama!!!Because unfortunately he is one of the many Obama lovers,that he.Can do no wrong he can bar as many memorials to,American vets!!!As he wants close down Yellowstone,put cones in front.Of Mount Rushmore,close down.The Grand Canyon.What about the elderly couple who had to,leave there.Home even though it was paid for because it was,on federal land?Or beaches that Obama has closed down or telling,people who.Make a living from the Atlantic Ocean they can no longer do that?
          G-d rains over everything on earth and sea!!!But Obama has turned himself into a supreme being were he can rule,over all.No matter how miserable he makes American’s lives!!!!
          Tell me Wandenreich since when did the president,of the U.S.Have the power to regulate what goes on in the sea,national parks,or shut monuments?Obama has made a mockery of being president and disgraced America!!!!But heck you go along with everything he’s done to America from,being the.Biggest food stamp president,lowering America’s credit rating from AAA to AA-. Then we have the NSA,IRS,Bengazhi,endorsing same sex marriage,abortion on demand.$17 trillion deficit,unemployment who knows what it is.But as I said before you must enjoy living in,Obama’s world!!!Most if not all freedoms are gone but as Kitty says above,your day.Will come when you turn around and say what happened,to America!!!The land of the FREE and the HOME of the BRAVE!!!You see there are still those who believe in America the BIKERS who came in,September from all over!!!The TRUCKERS who recently were in Washington 10-11-13,from all over!!!Most important the men who fought for America and Obama’s disgraced the,VETS who marched on 10-13.I will not go on because I know that what I’m saying,does not.Make any difference to you!!!!

      • disqus_hNXvhwdNeI

        Except the actual FACT is that Harry Reid chose to shut down the government. The GOP voted to fund every single thing except Obamacare and Harry Reid decided to shut down the government. When you liberals stop repeating lies you just might be taken seriously.

        • Wandenreich19

          Really??? guess you forgot Ted Cruz talking on and on about not passing through Obamacare. This entire shutdown was caused by Cruz and the Tea Party to try and make concessions and get rid of the AFFORDABLE health care that many people deserve and need in this country.

          • disqus_hNXvhwdNeI

            Yes REALLY. And as people sign on to the website by the 10s they are realizing it is not AFFORDABLE and that it’s INSURANCE and not health CARE. Try to keep up because you just proved me right.

      • Jaclyn Barnes

        The shutdown was caused by your be loved Obama and Reid!!!The house sent him bill after bill but he rufused to compromise on,anything due.To his pet project Obamacare!!
        When he ran the second time he said that,he was.Going to get “Revenge on America” Who I’m sure he benefited from.It’s a total disgrace what he’s done these men went,fought for America’s freedom!!!They deserve honor and respect!!!
        I bet your hero Obama did not even fight in a war!!!Oh he was a community organizer and was with,weatherman underground!!You know Bill Aryes and his wife that group.
        Your day will come when all freedoms are gone!!!Then but hopefully not the Muslim Brotherhood moves in,Obama’s friends!!!Then it’s convert or die!!
        You see I live in Jerusalem,Israel!!There not real nice guys.
        Continue to have fun while you can because,it will end soon.

        • Wandenreich19

          Ignorance is bliss

      • S. Ploughman

        Obvious you have YOUR head in the sand. I feel sorry for you. Socialist!

        • Wandenreich19

          Lol I feel sorry for you.

      • Donald Congleton

        Reich in the last part of your screen name is well put because you definitely sound like a Reich Fool.

      • LastNameFirst

        You couldn’t be anymore WRONG and STUPID !!! I’m retired military, served under both parties, and I KNOW which party takes care of the military. IT IS THE REPUBLICAN PARTY. They always have! The democrats are the ones who are ALWAYS down-sizing the military, cutting military funding, running from a fight, etc.
        The republican party has NEVER cut military benefits! I don’t know where you get your information but it is total BS!!! Obama has already taken away benefits from the military; combat pay, separation pay, tax exempt status for soldiers in combat. Clinton cut pay raises for the military substantially. He even split military pay raise one year so the military received half in January, the other half in July. I received my worst tax refunds during the Clinton administration; one year I even had to pay in although I ALWAYS file single with zero exemptions to insure that I have the most possible withheld to insure a nice return.
        You really don’t know what you are talking about; or is it that you are a paid liberal troll spreading you BS lies? Either way, You’re full of it and only a complete idiot wrapped up in a moron would believe your lies!!!
        BEGONE TROLL !!!

        • Wandenreich19

          Actually who blocked and voted NAY to the GI bill in congress…hmm REPUBLICANS!!! and blocked other benefits. All the elephants care about is oversizing the miltitary industrial complex and being the so-called “Military Police.” We have to fix our own backyard and not FOCUS on others.

          • LastNameFirst

            Nice try, but it won’t work! As usual, you libs bring up one small irrelevant piece in a major issue. The GI Bill is a luxury in the case of government shutdown.
            And when your small, trivial, 1 item issue FAILS to make any marks, you try to change the subject. You are so frustrated with your lack of any substance that you can’t even spell correctly, HAHA!!!
            BTW, being a dominant world power in terms a military industrial complex is what keeps your sorry butt safe to sleep at night by keeping the wars off our soil and fighting in other countries. If we were ever invaded, you’d be screaming and hollering for us to protect you while you cower up into the fetal position.
            Furthermore, it’s your liberal leader who is providing military arms to our enemies and wanting to go into countries being ‘military police’, when we have absolutely no interest in those countries for the benefit of the USA or the world. You might learn a few things if you would stop listening to the liberal lies that the liberal owned and controlled media spews out on a constant basis.

          • Wandenreich19

            First off, providing arms to enemies has existed for decades in both Republican and Democrat administration. Republicans more so (The Mujaheddin in Afghanistan, rings any bells). Second “BTW, being a dominant world power in terms a (should be an of here learn grammar) military industrial complex is what keeps your sorry butt safe to sleep at night by keeping the wars off our soil and fighting in other countries.” Hmm perhaps in the eras before the UN where invasions were quite frequent but not anymore. Anyway a country does NOT have to be a dominant military power and still not worry about being invaded. Example, Japan has a SELF-DEFENSE force; a proper army that is equipped BUT will only deploy if attacked. The US wastes billions of dollars on campaigns across the world, prying into other countries political squabbles for NO REASON!! That money could be used for infrastructure in this country in which our roads and bridges are in deep degradation, education,FREE heatlth care heh funny the Republicans are trying to shut that down. Funny how The US implemented the free health care model in Japan after WWII and not here. And they wonder why Japan today has one of the highest life expectancy rates and great resonable health care that won’t turn away anyone who does not have any insurance.
            And on the veteran benefits. Republicans in every session created austerity cuts on veterans, seniors and education, but want to put more funding in the military WOW. That tells you something we indeed have a strong military but poverty is rampant across the country. Continue to watch FAUX news, listen to Palin and Cruz. Only deceit and plight will be in your life.

          • LastNameFirst

            First of all, yes I failed to and the ‘of’ in there. My mistake, my thoughts got too far ahead of my fingers and my proof reading did the same. Human error. Japan’s self defense force is a part of the surrender agreement. Also in that same surrender agreement is the USA’s promise to take care of Japan and protect her from any invasions; hence our military might. This is to keep countries that are dominant and lead by a single individual(North Korea) from growing into a power that wants to dominate the world.
            I will agree with you that we spend way too much money overseas and not enough here. But part of that military package that you seem to think goes to weapons actually goes to rebuilding the country that we fought. We do not go into a country, decimate it, and then leave. We help to rebuild it, so that it may sustain on its own. The is why America is such a great country. What other country does this?
            I also agree with you on all of our infrastructures being in disarray. We need them fixed. But I disagree with you on the healthcare. The way that the ACA is set up, it is not free. It will cost the taxpayers more, plain and simple. It has already shown that with everyone who has signed up for it. You must know that NOTHING in this world is free; someone has to pay for it. I feel that there should be a better plan than the ACA. One idea s to cap the cost of things being done in the healthcare business. I think it’s outrageous that they charge so damn much for surgeries. And look at the dental field. They charge almost twice as much as the medical field does for insurance.
            And the R’s don’t take away from the vets. They are the ones who have fought for the vets. And it’s not really cuts that the R’s are trying to make on seniors or education. The R’s are trying to reduce the size of ‘big’ government. The Constitution did not allow for the government to control every aspect of your daily life. Big government is trying to do exactly that. I don’t want ‘big gov’ all up in my business. The R’s are trying to push the Medicare, Medicaid, and Education back to where it belongs; in control of the states. That is where the Constitution says those powers belong.
            And I do not watch Fox News or any other national news organizations; they are ALL biased. I do my own research and look at historical data and how the elected have voted. Their track records are honest than any of them are vocally. They all lie! The only truth is in their actions on voting and supporting.

          • Wandenreich19

            Hmm ok you got several points down. But I do agree that all people should have health care somehow. Its one of the most basic necessities. As for the military sigh the US will continue spending more until the end of times unfortunately. Compared to infrastructure in England or even Canada we are lagging behind. One thing I’m upset about as well is what happened to the speed rail Obama was going to create like the ones in Japan.

          • LastNameFirst

            I agree on the speed rails. It would definitely bring a lot of well needed jobs.
            Truly, it doesn’t matter which party it is; they both are in it for their own interest anymore. They showed that with the shutdown. I blame the entire government, all 3 branches. If they had worked on what they should be working on, in stead of menial items, we would have had a budget along time ago. If the 3 would reread the Constitution to understand their responsibilities, and stop over-reaching to control things that are not their jobs; just do their jobs according to the Constitution, we wouldn’t be having most of these problems. They are all greedy and want to be in control.
            I never have and I never will vote on a party line. It’s high time to get rid of the parties.
            Have a good weekend, sir.