I am officially revoking my respect for John McCain’s service to our country


Senator John McCain:

Whenever a politician from either side of the aisle, a member of the media, or anyone speaking on any topic involving you, your opinion, or your vote in the matter talks about the subject – they must first run the “McCain Disclaimer;” praising your service to this country.

Lest anyone be seen as insensitive or ungrateful after 40 years of hearing anything you say or do premised with how much you have given – Mr. McCain, let me now say what every conservative has been thinking for a long, long time:

Let me tell you what you have done to this country…700

You served almost 6 yrs in a prison camp and now you have sentenced 300 million Americans to a LIFE sentence of Obamacare. I want everyone to remember your name as their 65 year old grandmother lies in bed dying because she is deemed too much of a “risk” to help, ie, she is deemed too expensive.

I also want everyone to remember your name when they can’t find work because you stabbed them in the back and allowed our borders…YOUR borders… to be opened to a flood of Illegal immigrants who have nothing to add to this country and our way of life beyond a lifetime of out of control growth in state and federal entitlement spending, and a guaranteed vote for Democrats for countless generations to come.

And I want everyone to think of you every time they try to have their voices heard, and help make a difference in the electoral process, only to find themselves being ridiculed and shunned by you and your crony “gangs” in Congress. From calling your fellow party members “whacko birds” or “without intelligence”, to your mockery of Americans standing up for fundamental change in Washington, you have proven that you have no respect for the people you swore an oath to protect and defend…against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

I hold you in utter contempt, as do a great many Americans; you have made a mockery of your service to this great nation, getting far more mileage out of our pity than our embrace, and I call on every Veteran to stand against you and stand against your next election campaign. It’s clear that you would stop at nothing to help Obama and his regime, and your actions in recent years have given me, and many like me, no choice but to revoke my respect for you and for your so-called “service” to our country.

Being a veteran of war no longer gives you a pass for being bad for this country. With your express help, liberals have succeeded in destroying much of what made this country great and threaten to ruin the very fabric of America. You’ve enabled and assisted these Marxists and to continue looking back all those many years to what you did in VietNam as an excuse doesn’t cut it anymore.
What have you done for me lately?

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  • Wm H Russell Jr

    What took you so long Joe?

  • WrinkledThought

    When this came out some years back, it was McCain’s true depiction and his current actions only reinforce it:

  • Ibulena

    …and it is NOT over obama’s head? He has no clue other than what he is told to do, to say, how to act!!! Sarah speaks her own mind.

  • Thomas Williams

    Donald Trump is turning the powerful DC establishment into Humpty Dumpty.

    Is the American people who are leading each other behind the strong showing of Donald Trump 2016 Presidential run going to be able to break through the well-crafted corrupted US Government cartel walls, after all?

    The people running the Washington DC establishment are gathering their forces to blunt the charge of this
    sudden change by a lot of American people to really try and topple the Ivy League wise guys out of the Washington DC establishment.

    The Washington DC cartel knows what will happen to their Government legacy if Donald Trump who doesn’t want to be like them, becomes the next President of the United States. Yes indeed the US Government trials will be long and serious for the same people who are calling the Donald Trump supporters racist, bigot, homophobe. Because that is the DC establishment political tool resisting real change in the American
    people Government. The DC Government establishment likes everything just the way it is. The Liberal politicians have been pulling the wool over the public eyes as the Ivy League elitist keep playing with their US Government blocks of power.

    Every time I read the news these days about Donald Trump the media keep trying to make him a buffoon, as the media constant keeps talking very negative about him.

    Not so says the American people because we the people have seen into the snobs mind who gather to keep talking out of the sight of the people, in the Washington DC cloakrooms. And the American people doesn’t like the way that the Ivy League wise guys have been running this country’s US Government at all. So we the people are going to elect Donald Trump to clean house.

    So how do you like those American apples Mr. Washington DC establishment.

  • bugs

    There once was a Navy cadet named John McCain,

    Passing grades he did barely maintain

    For rules of safe flying he showed much disdain,

    Caused blackouts by clipping, some power lines in Spain

    As a Navy pilot he went against the grain,
    His reckless flying lost many a plane

    His “hot dogging” urges, he could not constrain,

    He blew up his own ship, 130 were slain

    Transferred off the ship, to his mates he was a bane,

    Because daddy was an Admiral, no one dared to arraign

    He was shot down in Nam over enemy terrain,
    Angry villagers then beat him, until their fury did wane

    In exchange for good treatment the pilot would explain,
    All the military secrets that his mind did contain

    In spite of good treatment, he could not stay sane,
    Years of captivity would damage his brain

    The stress of the times caused mental pain,

    By the end of the war, snow white was his mane

    Upon his return the scoundrel would feign,
    “I was tortured in Nam”, again and again

    He flushed his devoted wife right down the drain,
    And married an heiress, with much more to gain

    From a career in politics he could not abstain,
    He ran for Senate, a seat he would obtain

    “I’m a war hero”, was his familiar refrain,
    But soon his record would acquire a stain

    The Keating 5 scandal nearly ended his reign,
    But the media darling recovered, growing ever more vain

    When POW families expressed to him their pain,

  • Bill Ingram

    I left Viet Nam the morning that McCain was shot down. He spent 6 years? in prison. In my humble opinion he should have stayed there and not returned to the U.S. to ruin our lives.

  • Bill Ingram

    Been telling you that McCain is working for the dark side of politics

  • Christy Waters

    Don’t forget his support for al Qaeda in Syria, while our troops fight them in Afghanistan. He’s not only disgraced his own service, but last I checked, giving aid and comfort to our enemies is treason.

  • Xhiu

    OMG who the hell is this nut? Joe Wingnut is more appropiate… I don’t know who your target audience is but I bet Sececionist Militias are in the midst

    I did not think this was possible but, by George, you have done it:

    You actually make Glenn Beck sound reasonable!!

  • Adriana

    What took you so long? He has one of the worst records from the very beginning of his career in supporting Veterans.

  • 1630

    Tell me exactly how McCain sentenced us to a life of Obamacare (other than by losing to Obama, of course). McCain opposed the ACA and voted against it.

  • Niko Lorris

    No matter what he does as a Politician…… I still respect him for his service to our country. As a Politician he is DONCE…… he is getting old and not thinking right….. he needs to go as well as Harry Reid….Mc Connell……Kerry…..Hagel…… Schumer…… they are a DANGER TO OUR COUNTRY !!

  • DixieAngel_76

    What took you so long, Joe? For the record, I don’t care how he ends his career, just as long as he does it as soon as possible. It’s time for ‘mc shame’ to go!

  • finishstrongdoc

    John McCain was a shipmate of mine aboard USS Oriskany (CVA34). When he was shot down, we all felt sick. But many of us knew McCain shouldn’t have been on that sortie, let alone on that Air Wing, which included MoH awardee James Stockdale. McCain wasn’t a fighter pilot, but a bomber pilot. His actions that day and his ambition put him in the situation that got him shot down.
    Here’s the true story of LtCdr John McCain:

  • finishstrongdoc

    McCain was a shipmate of mine. Here’s the story:
    McCain — Did He Show the Right Stuff?

  • Rexas

    I got to agree with you completely on this one Sir. I am just a citizen but I have seen him do things that are just plain wrong as you have. America is Great among all others and we will have to fight here to get her back on her feet.

  • Will

    Hi service is irrelevant he left an aircraft carrier when it was burning…

  • Virginia Cavalier

    …and to think I voted for this guy! But…I also voted for Marco Rubio! I shall never forget voting for Charlie “Obama-Hugger” Crist. I think Crist was a Republican at that time. No, perhaps a Democrat, maybe an Independent…

  • Omar

    It is very sad. McCain’s father was an honorable man. AN Admiral in the Navy. His son has been a disgrace to the family and his daughter carries on his tradition of sedition. He, Boehner, Obams, Reid, Pelosi are all the same. Cheap hangers on that will do anything to be near power. remember Boehner has the power to stop ALL the crimes of obama and will not lift a finger. McCain is just on his knees like Kerry trying desperately to have the great leader relieve himself in them so they can be like brides on a wedding night.

  • David Mumme

    I will always hold McCain in awe as I do anyone who has fought for our country, he, even more so as he suffered more than some others. However, as he is one of my State Senators, I sent him an email yesterday saying I would never vote for him again. The man votes Left but he calls himself a Right. He cannot be trusted and does not represent the majority of the people in Arizona, Republicans who vote the party way simply because they trust the party. I cannot do that anymore but am at a loss. I fear not voting for a left-leaning Republican will only assure the lefter-leaning Democrat will win. All I know to do is to support those who support the Constitution and become both active and vocal. I fear that all we have left is hope.

  • Brian Phillips

    I equate John McCain as the Benedict Arnold of our time. He’s nothing more than a spy for the democrat party, and should be treated as such. His cohorts, Lindsay Graham and Mitch McConnell should be treated the same.

  • pudintain

    Back in the tiger cage you poker playing senile coot! You are suffering from dementia and “oldtymers disease”.
    Just look at the blank mindless glazed over look in his eyes…(is this is what obummer death panels were for)

  • Jim Thornhill

    Being a Vietnam Vet myself and have respect for anyone who was there and lived through it ,even in POW camps but as a politican I have lost all respect for John(BACKSTABBING) McCain. He has been there so long that he has lost all connection to the real world and has turned into an ass kisser of the communistic leader of this country. I have no respect for him as a Senator and I will do everything I can to make sure this is his last time of screwing America and it’s citizens.

  • cardnut

    OK, Joe: This is it! You are a hypocrite who was given fame by John McCain, and now you trash him! Who ever would have heard of you except for him? You are a small man with a big ego and you dare to demean a great man and hero! I am sick of you and your fellow McCain bashers!

  • centermass1

    Hey Joe, you just now figuring out this guy is a dirt-bag? Yeah, they definitely got to him at the Hanoi Hilton. Why the hell are you just now figuring out this out? Back in 08 right before the elections this ass-hat was pandering to the open border group La Raza here in San Diego one day after Obama did. He along with the commie loving Muslim fraud, need to be arrested for treason for trying like hell to arm our enemies in Syria. Absolute dirt-bag traitor.

  • greatjoy

    I am SO GLAD to have the truth finally come out. I have been angry with McCain
    for years, then voted for him in the Presidential election because it was the only
    choice left. I already knew he was trying to throw the election because he had
    fought like anything to get the nomination against other Republicans–so I knew
    how he could fight. His only good contribution was Palin.(whom he hates).

  • rifflizard

    Joe, excellently put!

  • digdeeper


  • Tyrone Nunnely


  • marcus johannes

    Joe ,Thank You !!! Excellent Article ,I could not possibly agree more , I live in Southern Arizona , I would not have been so Politicly Correct and Exceedingly Polite as Joe , For many Years now People here in Northern Mexico or Southern Arizona or Mexizona as some say , We call Him John ( The Traitor ) McShame , The Lesser of two Evils , Recently we have changed his Name and Party Affiliation because The Man has not a Miligram of Honor or Integrity left , It is now ,Juan ( The RINO Traitor ) McBama C , Mexico , The C is for Communist Party formerely known as The Democrats and Mexico is the Country he officially Represents ,Hello & Greetings to the NSA and DHS

  • casper

    I do believe McCain lost the election on purpose .He is a progressive and a traitor .By their fruit you shall know them .

  • bull57

    Most of do not figure into the equation of McCain, but you people of Arizona must vote this man out of office. He is a disgrace to the “past republican part” which he is one of the reasons why the pary left us! Please retire this Rino!!!

  • darrell

    didn’t johnny cause the fire and deaths on the ss forestall, yes by stupidity, he’s a failure at everything but treason

  • dmr2701

    Having been in war or even a prisoner of war does not make one an honorable man or a hero. Heroic actions do not even make one a good man, but a man who had done a good thing to save others. McCain has done nothing but evil things from what I’ve seen in recent years. He has sold his soul for power.

  • tmpt

    This man introduced Sarah Palin to the nation. For that he cannot be forgotten or forgiven.

  • jwoop66

    Benedict Arnold did more for this country than this clown(mccain) ever did.

  • Brian Kelsey

    I don’t know why anyone ever respected his service. While a POW he sang like a canary. He only wanted to save his own butt. I have never respected this traitor.

  • Brad Wilson

    McCain jumped ship from the Democrat to Republican Party. I now know why. To sabotage it from within. An old socialist move.

  • Northohio

    One’s military record and their political record are two seperate things and should be treated as such. Continuing to give a politician a pass because of their perceived military record makes as much sense as a women who stays with a man that beats her because she thinks he’s a great Dad.

  • teflonron

    About time… Welcome to the club.

  • Rework Oh Ryan

    All partisan positions aside, the mere fact that he would support provisions 1021 & 1022 of the NDAA, as well as drone strikes on Americans, are grounds enough to revoke any respect for him. And then there’s Lindsay Graham…

  • Blake

    Benedict Arnold was also called a war hero .

  • Jimmy D

    Long overdue and well-said.

  • clumpylumpy

    Good summation! Finally someone has expressed what so many have thought AND known for so long!! Well done!!!



  • FreedomWriter1

    Amen, amen, and amen! And let us not forget that only weeks ago this “man of the People” was urging us to go to war in Syria on the side of Al Qaeda, the openly-avowed enemies of the United States (that’s Treason, John), who were not only the REAL users of chemical weapons, but have tortured and murdered countless Christians – including women and children (all of this extensively documented), after burning or bombing their sanctuaries.
    John, you have never been a Rhodes Scholar but your shamelessness in this latest matter trumps anything on the long list of abuses you’ve perpetrated upon those of us whom you pretend to represent. In sports we like to say that one is “only as good as [his] last game.” In your case, John, your last really good game was…well, I’m not really sure when that might have been. One thing I do know for sure: You have done nothing in my memory to represent the values of the misguided souls in AZ who have continued to support you…but I’ve only lived here in AZ for the past ten years now!

    You are synonymous with the Republican Establishment,John, and that is why it is no longer a viable option for those who truly care about the Constitution and the oath that YOU took to defend it.
    You pretend to be a Conservative, and yet you mock the Tea Party, the heart and soul of true Conservatives in America.

  • Sandy

    The RNC called me yesterday… I am guessing they wanted a donation… I told them until they get it together I would NOT give them a dime. I told them under NO circumstances would I vote for McCain. He is not a republican… He is a Democrat pretending to be a Republican… I am so disappointed in the republican party. Shame on McCain for letting down the people and the Republican Party!

  • Gianni Paone

    I really REALLY wish this country would have elected Ron Paul when the Obama / McCain circus was all over the news.

    • BevM

      AMEN! Can’t you imagine what a different country we’d have right now?!

  • saddlebroke

    McCain has lost it recently and he either changed his meds or is smoking pot he no longer has any respectability.

  • KentPerry

    I wrote Gary Sinise back in 2011


    “Hello Gary Sinise,
    Regarding your email to celebrate John McCain.

    There was a time, when I would have been at John McCain’s beck and call to serve in anyway I could, what ever he asked of me. I had been very involved in one of his election campaigns and looked up to the man with great respect.

    That, was then,

    Mr. Sinise, I am a Six Year Vietnam era, Navy Veteran. I am very supportive of our Veterans but John McCain, is someone I don’t even recognize anymore. When I saw him sell us out during the 2008 elections and I sent him a personal letter as many of my colleagues were asking “Why Doesn’t he FIGHT THIS GUY!” (Obama)

    It was as if he just laid down for Obama.

    Nothing like the fight he gave George W. Bush.

    It was when he co-authored S.3081 – The Enemy Belligerent, Interrogation, Detention, and Prosecution Act of 2010. That was it for me.

    I had seen legislation get passed completely anathema to the American values, freedoms and Liberty’s John McCain fought to defend as a young man, he was now engaged in writing one of the most anti American bills for legislation that would completely dismantle, such rights as the 4th amendment, due process and habeus corpus etc,.

    I have observed your contribution to our Veterans Gary and have always thought you to be a pretty stand up guy for your selfless efforts, however, I will in no way “celebrate” John McCain’s career. Many years ago, I was invited to one of his back yard BBQ’s, we had a great talk and he was even talking about going after Obama’s most guarded Achilles heel. His being an Illegal alien was well known in and around DC and among the members of the senate.

    That didn’t matter however as OUR Constitution is not the one our Government works under any longer but the one the U.N. has been running on. This has been going on for over a decade else, John McCain, would have NEVER written legislation so antithetical to our own Rule of Law, Natural Law and the Juris Prudence we have come to know as Due Process and equal protection under the law.

    You want to support the troops?

    Try giving them the Commander in Chief they most want. Someone who has never lied to America and served his Country and is having more members of the Congress and Senate mouth out, the four most often heard words ever said, when describing this man. They are,, “Ron Paul, Was Right”

    You see Mr. Sinise, John McCain doesn’t really care about the veterans and that isn’t me saying that, IT IS JOHN McCAIN

    Here, Here Here Here Since arriving in the U.S. Senate in 1987, McCain has voted at least 28 times against ensuring important benefits for America’s veterans, including providing adequate healthcare. (2006 Senate Vote #7, 41, 63, 67,98, 222; 2005 Senate Votes #55, 89, 90, 251, 343; 2004 Senate Votes #40,48, 145; 2003 Senate Votes #74, 81, 83; 1999 Senate Vote #328; 1998 Senate Vote #175; 1997 Senate Vote #168; 1996 Senate Votes #115, 275; 1995 Senate Votes #76, 226, 466; 1994 Senate Vote #306; 1992 Senate Vote #194; 1991 Senate Vote #259)

    So, with all due respect Mr. Sinise, spending all this money so the dead will have photographs no one will recognize and those in the photos, could not care less where they are.

    Don’t you think this kind of effort would be better spent on the living veterans who need help, and whom John McCain only cares about, during an election year?

    Mr. Sinise, I don’t know what or who you think Mr McCain is, but he certainly is no patriotic American. Maybe at one time he was. but Gary,, that John McCain died in many of the hearts and minds of his constituents, who see him now, as nothing more than a progressive neo/con, fascist poisoned with greed.

    He is the farthest thing from patriotic Mr. Sinise.

    In fact, he has sold out his Country

    and that includes YOU, too.

    I hope that sinks in.

    – Kent Perry, AZ.

    • BevM

      Excellent letter. I’ve always admired Gary Sinise and his work with our Troops. I don’t remember his love of McShame. I was going through a rough period physically at that time and was busy with doctors. Did you ever hear back from him? I’d love to know what he said. He’s on Fox News often, I’ve always thought of him as one of the good guys. I can’t wait to see if you heard back from him and what he said if he replied.

      I would give you 100 thumbs up if I could!

  • Lon M. Dugan

    John McCain has done like many other politicians. I like to believe that when he started his political career, he actually was a man of principle. But like many others, principle dropped by the wayside as he found out that there was money at the trough in Washington. It also points out a terrible problem in Washington. There should be no such animal as a career politician. The United States was supposed to have a citizen legislature. McCain, McConnell, Schumer, and the list goes on and on, are all poster children for TERM LIMITS. I. just finished reading another article telling about how it would appear that all we do is go from one crisis to another crisis legislatively. A good example is the latest shutdown. If our Washington legislators had done what they are legally obligated to do, we would not have had this crisis. They are supposed to pass a budget. There is a date by which this budget is supposed to be passed. But since there are no penalties for not doing their job, they just kick the can down the road. We have politicians that do not uphold their oath of office, but again it is too hard to get rid of them even if they do not do their job. I don’t know how many of you still have a job or employer, but how many of you are able to give yourself a raise? Pension? Perks? Benefits?
    The fact is that now, McCain has done nothing but help himself. Many say that the shut down had no chance of succeeding! I totally disagree! If the Republicans had stuck together, there was absolutely nothing the President or the Senate could have done. They could have gone on recess and not done a thing until the DFL was ready to come to the table. As it is now, and hindsight is great, we are seeing just how terrible the rollout of Obamacare has been and how bad the website is. We may be hearing the Democrats call for a year delay. If so they will look very foolish for shutting down the government and not negotiating with the GOP!

  • 5live5

    while I agree with what Joe says McCaim has done to this country, you will never hear me belittle any vets TRUE service record. As with John Kerry, I will never believe his record is TRUE!

  • Debby Tandy

    He use to be a good, honorable man, He is no longer a good, honorable man :( Don’t trust John McCain at all. What happen to this fallen hero??

    • 12wlw12

      John McCain has NEVER been an HONORABLE man. His soul is blacker than the eternal, endless darkness. His POW status, as believed by many is a bold faced lie. He worked with the Viet Cong against his fellow POWs…. causing increased torture and death.

  • Jesustheonlyway

    I totally agree. Both parties have put this country on a fast track to destruction. Old man McCain is longer a patriot – rather he’s a wolf in sheepskin. He touts his POW status to gain votes and continues to reflect the liberal left. I hope his constituents wake up and puts in a fresh face with true conservative values in office next election.

  • cowboybobmt

    HearHear…Cross-the-aisle-John has become way too friendly with the enemy in recent years…and make no mistake about it, The Left (DNC and RINO parties) IS The Enemy of the USA.

    We are watching a slow and inexorable Coup d’état take place right before our very eyes. If the illegal legislation that has come from the mafia in this WH is allowed to stand, history (and it may take 100 years to recognize/admit in the “mainstream”), will identify this regime as having written the final chaotic chapter of the greatest republic in history.

    If President Zero doesn’t complete the mission, rest assured that putting the Screeching Witch in the WH with Slick Willy and his handlers in charge will complete the job.

  • 733336

    My God, McCain, Christie has morphed into Obama’s tyrannical group. How
    did this happened?

  • 733336

    Where can I sign my name?

  • Tejanojack

    McCain is a Democrat lap-dog, a shylock and a slug.

  • Gary

    All things considered, I will continue to have respect for John McCain’s service and his veteran status. Did he “shine,” as a Naval Aviator? Did he honor the code of conduct for prisoners of war? Were his days in the Hanoi Hilton marred by dubious behavior? I don’t know, I wasn’t there. So for what it’s worth, I will continue to honor and show respect for any veteran who put him/herself in the line of fire for me. They deserve that. As a politician, I have nothing by contempt for McCain and the rest of the RINO’s who join with the Democrats to undermine our country and way of life. He should simply switch parties, at least that would add a level of honesty to his actions.

  • Ann

    I, too am tired of McCain, the little chipmunk. He has proved himself to be a turncoat, anti conservative, unpatriotic, and a weasel. Why do the people of Arizona keep re-electing him? Can’t they see him for what he is? McCain suffers from Potomac Fever, but he is not alone. His interests are those of his country, but his own self-serving and indulgent self. He is not alone. He has lots of company. Someone needs to wake up in Arizona and get him voted out! This country is going down the tubes fast, and it is not the exclusive fault of Obama -Obama could not turn this country into a socialist state without the help of McCain, McConnell, Cantor, Graham and their ilk. Couldn’t be done!

  • toooldsmart

    Respect is EARNED, he has earned our respect for his service; it is his traitorous and ignorance in allowing the dems to USE him in the last few years, that does NOT deserve respect from anyone. He is past his “sell by date”, and needs to retire,.before he can be convinced of any more outright stupidity. or destructive un-American behavior.

  • Joseph P. Martino

    McCain was a war hero. Once upon a time. He’s since become a political hack. He should be retired.

  • John Lardner

    I am a Navy veteran (30 years active service) and I too am ashamed of what John McCains record in the Senate. He along with John Kerry continue to do a disservice to themselves and the USA.

  • Eyes and Ears Open

    When I rceived a letter from the GOP asking for support with John MCain’s signasture at the bottom,I returned it to the GOP with the question, “Is this a joke?” after his support forObama care ans ridiculing conservatives?

  • cathylovesyou

    As for McCain, I couldn’t stand him 10 years ago, as I can never figure where he stands, and only gets tough after he loses the fight. I held my nose very tightly in 2008 and voted for the party not him.

  • stonesheep

    McCain is a very small person, not just in stature, but in life. Why Arizona continued to vote this Democrat in Republican name only into his seat Is mystifying. As a pilot in training, he was a failure
    and should have been washed, but family ties in the Navy trumped instructor’s recommendations. He was supposed to be on the periphery of the combat, and was shot down due to being a bad pilot. Sadly, his Commander lost his career for the same McCain error. Being a bad pilot does NOT make one a hero, and make no mistake, he’s no hero. Then the weasel dumps a wife when he has the opportunity to marry a very rich lady. What a low-life worm. He should just go the same way as his buddy, Charlie Christ, and finally admit to being a Southern California Democrat.

  • Ruger S Redhawk

    #What is this loser who graduated last in his class still doing in public life?
    From a father and grandfather who served with distinction this POS is an effing disgrace!

  • Smart Guy

    what an interesting idea for a website, people ghost write for some loser plumber and they really packed in TONS of banner ads for you to click on. this website should generate some good revenue, awesome.

  • McCain lost me when he joined forces with John Kerry (who served in Vietnam) – to stab the POW/MIAs left behind in the back with their faux ‘Congressional Investigation’ in 1991. Yes it probably was a fact in 1991 that no Americans were alive in Vietnam. But those left in 1973 – It was possible. Watch POW: We can keep you forever, a BBC documentary on how Vietnam ‘parceled’ out POWs to France to ‘get special deals’. Much less ignoring the Japanese soldier who walked out of a jungle in the Pacific – unaware that the war had ended some 40 years earlier. Or the POW found in North Korea who had been there since the 1950s. When I saw a guy sit there and refuse to answer the question – about a picture of the Hanoi Hilton – and when asked why – he replied – You can’t even tell that that picture was developed backwards – why should I pretend that this is an honest investigation – I knew how much of farce those hearings were. And for Veterans to do that to their former brothers in arms is way past disgusting – it was treasonous.

    • Ruger S Redhawk

      Yes – his friendship with “Lurch” who served in Vietnam (a total of 4months) and rotated back to the states because of 3 self-inflicted Purple Hearts (which “Lurch” thought so much of by throwing them over the White House fence with his friends from “Vietnam vets against the war” and jane “Hanoi” fonda – then testifying to war crimes committed by American GI’s of which he had no personal knowledge in front of a Senate committee – that is perplexing!
      Lurch is no Patriot and McNasty is not one either.
      Eff’m and damn them both to hell !

    • Thomas Dobbins
  • 1Reddevil

    Just because you served your country.Does not mean we are forever indebted to John McCain. There were over 50,000 that died for this country.There have been hundreds of thousands of men.Who lost limbs their lives that they had before Vietnam. All of the ones who had been exposed to Agent Orange.The ones that have to beg this country for everything the Government owes them.All of the ones who are homeless.When they do get something to eat,It is out of a soup kitchens.All the ones you see in a wheelchair with one or both legs blown off.All of the really brave one who gave their life.To save the life of others.John the real hero’s never made it home.You got elected to the U.S. Senate and have accumulated great wealth. The U.S. has more than paid its debt to you.You have no respect for the USA.Your time has come to hang your head in shame.Resign from the Senate and dwell on being on the wrong side of the ball.John McCain you are not a great AMERICAN.

  • BohdanUke1

    Since the movie about his time as a POW, most Americans forgave him “breaking” under extreme torture. If, hypothetically, he’d been the only POW in No. Vietnam… and… had been broken down, It’d be easy to forgive him. Unfortunately, he wasn’t. Too many of our boys never “broke” and died, while fewer came home. Those that were finally released, had President Nixon to thank.

    Those men that persevered torture on a scale incomprehensible to mortal humans, and still prevailed… these men are my heroes. Thanking them for their “service”, one should only say with awe and reverence.

    So, no, I never forgave him. No one ever can tell what one will or will not do under severe circumstances. McCain was a coward. Harsh? Nah. Not when thinking about those men that demonstrated heroism in the face of our enemies.

  • LadyLoneStar

    AZ do BETTER!!!!!!!!

    Please……this is ALL I ask…..STOP CALLING IT ENTITLEMENTS! These people are NOT ENTITLED to ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SirWilhelm

    His words and actions, especially since he was last re-elected, indicate to me that he succumbed to his mistreatment while a POW, and became a fifth columnist, working from within, with all the other treasonous members of our government, to transform the US into the Marxist regime they have dreamed of. The last time he ran for re-election, to the Senate, he ran to the right, but, as soon as he was back in DC, he resumed his RINO ways. But, he’s worse than a RINO, he’s an American In Name Only, an AINO, just as his true leader, Obama, is. It’s an open secret in DC, that Obama is a foreign national, and that no one can, or will, do anything about it. That makes everyone in DC a traitor, in my book. Nothing a government of traitors does, or is capable of, surprises me.

  • pdigaudio

    Can we just give John McCain back to the Viet Cong?

  • Carolyn Ferrante

    Yes, the truth is coming out about the turncoats on both side of the aisle, but IT’S TOO LATE! Our socialist “leader” has had two terms in office, thanks to the wimps of both sides of Congress. The dye is cast, as they say, and I’m afraid unless there’s a bloody revolution (and who really wants that), our nation is no longer “land of the free; home of the brave.”

    • SirWilhelm

      Our ancestors, the Founders, didn’t want a bloody revolution, but, they came to realize, they had to risk their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor, to win true freedom from a tyrant. McCain, and everyone in our government, is aiding and abetting the tyrant in the White House, and if we are not willing to take the same risks the Founders did, we will soon lose what freedoms we have left, and our lives will be at their tender mercies, anyway.

    • BohdanUke1

      Is there really any other choice?

  • Don

    Despite what everyone else has written, I do thank John McCain for his Military service to his country. He did serve when many others fled to Canada. This is where my thanks ends. As a Senator I am most disappointed in John McCain. He is a RINO just as bad as Senator Spector (Pa) was. I am glad that he did not become President, though equally disappointed in the alternative.

  • cmdorsey

    Great article Joe!! A couple hours ago I ran across this video of a veteran who was at a town hall meeting with #MaverickMoronMcCain. ENJOY! But now the poor guy has the FBI on his ass.


  • CalifTaxPayer

    AMEN!!!!! I used to respect McCain, No Longer!! I don’t know what is the problem with him but he is BAD for our Country. I was surprised Arizona voted for him again. What is wrong w/people WAKE THE HELL UP!!!

  • Mustang


    McCain turned his back on conservative America. In adopting the progressive (communist) line, he is the enemy of my beloved country.

  • A True American

    Songbird mccain and kiss ass christy both are traitors in my opinion and need to be treated as such.

  • IAmAProudAmerican

    Excellent article Joe!

  • Joseph Jr

    I am sorry but I still have respect for McCain. Okay I lied. I can’t stand him or his contempt towards Americans and our freedoms. He has done anything and everything to push the Democrats agenda. He told a veteran that was reading him the riot act that he was ” above answering those charges”. Above? He is lower than the Marianna trench. He was okay as long as his audience was polite and agreeable. It was a town hall event. As another Joe I agree 100% with you Joe. He is way past his time to be replaced.

  • Fredrick Neal Rehders

    Well, Joe The P. I don’t know what your military service consisted of, or even if you served at all. I am a veteran and a Constitutional Conservative, so you know I don’t agree with Sen. John McCains politics, but to say that you no longer respect this honorable man’s service, spits in the face of all who served, that happen to disagree with you,politically. Thank God, that we tolerate the views of others in the U.S.A. Those who bear the wounds of war, in the service of our country deserve our respect, if not our vote.

  • fletch19609


  • John. Retire gracefully or have thousands of us run you out of town on a rail.

  • looneytoonsindville

    McCain reminds me of Danny Kaye’s character in “White Christmas”. Whenever he wanted to get his way with Bing Cosby, Kaye’s character reminded Bing of how he got his “war wound”. In this instance, McCain is one of those unique (but numerous) members of Congress who are playing both sides. They are all called “Progressives”. They are Republican Progressives and Democrat Progressives. But, in essence, they are all a part of the new American Communist Party. I say THROW THEM ALL OUT!

  • JOE

    RINO join the democratic party so we are sure what side you are on!

  • edgineer

    I would remind people that another war hero was named General Benedict Arnold.

  • YellowJacket2

    Let me remind everyone that Benedict Arnold also began his slide into treasonous infamy as a military hero. If I were ever to have the unpleasant opportunity of coming face to face with John McCain, this old veteran would have a very hard time resisting the urge to bitch slap him.

  • gigijaneusa

    Well Put….. A Hero no more….. We ring the bell for Him…. Out! U.S. Military Veteran

  • nmisasi

    I agree! Can’t say I have complete details of his military service but service
    in the US Senate has been shameful and I’ve wondered why he ran as a Republican years ago because he is more aligned with Democrats, past years and today too! In 2008 he did not run to win for sure! It was as if he ran defense for Obama, blocking ever effort to expose the facts about Obama’s associations with the Weather Underground’s Bill Ayers, or demanding h release his college records, medical records, etc.! He even held back Sarah Palin speaking up on such issue and allowed the trash talk about his own running mate, but NOTHING negative about Obama!
    Arizona—fire him please!

  • downs1

    I can’t speak for McCain’s incarceration in North Vietnam, but I can speak to what he has done in the United States Senate. He is no conservative! He is a waffler and a weak leader. He “negotiates” but doesn’t understand that when you negotiate with evil, you always lose! Always! Communism is evil! Obama and the Democrat Party are no different today from the American Communist Party of 50 years ago. The Communist Party melted into the Democrat Party! They have been working ever since to convert America to that ideology. Because of people like McCain they have been largely successful. We all lose because of people like John McCain! Unfortunately, he is not alone! Other RINO Republicans are as guilty as he is! It makes little difference, however, since this nation has turned away from God and He has turned His face from America! People doubt that; however, statistics from the Barna group reveal that there have been significant changes in the Christian Church in America over the last ten years. The ACLU and other anti-Christian organizations have been working tirelessly to expunge Christianity from the culture. This is part of the Communist agenda! They have succeeded to large extent. This apostasy has been prophesied in Scripture as part of the end times.

  • john droz

    I am amazed that it would take anyone this long to come to understanding his actions.

    I lost respect for this man when he condemned Water Boarding as torture after what he went through!

    To me he is no longer a U.S. Senator, I have and will continue to refer to him as the MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE!


    The reason McCain got whooped in 2008 was because he ran the absolute worst campaign for the Presidency. He could not offer an alternative message to Hope and Change. If you look at his voting record you will see that he is a progressive and loves big government. Time for the GOP to throw the towel in on John McCain.

    • BevM

      He’s talking about running again. RUN, JOHN, RUN!! FAR, FAR AWAY!!

    • lilolady

      Also, stupidly thought that by running a woman as his Veep, he would win the women’s votes! Too late, he and his advisors saw that he picked a woman who took her job seriously and did what any serious candidate would do and that is campaign and win the hearts of voters. It goes to his deep egomania, evident since youth, that she were be kept under wraps and allowed his people to trash her publicly, her clothes and her hair and how much they spent clothing her, getting her out of Those wretched duds she brought with her to Washington. What a Skunk he is. Could have been President, but, that snarky behavior does not sit well out here in Fly Over Country.

  • ILoveTaterNuts

    Joe the Plumber is an unlicensed plumber who owes back taxes, yet has the audacity to compare McCain’s daily physical torture at the hands of the Viet Cong to Americans finally having health insurance due to the Affordable Care Act? The Affordable Care Act is a national version of Romneycare.

    Sounds like Joe the Unlicensed Plumber and Tax Cheat must have had a three way with Palin and Bachmann — they’re all brain dead.

    I will give you clowns who post nonsensical thoughts on this site one thing — you redefine stupidity on a daily basis.

    • BevM

      Can’t you find somewhere with idiots like yourself to talk to? How do you know he owes back taxes? Are you in the IRS? Did you get your policy in the “Affordable” care exchanges? It’s NOT Romneycare. Romney didn’t include FORCED HOME INSPECTIONS in his health care law. It’s Ezekiel Emanuel’s “Complete Lives System” and had been waiting in a drawer for years to get the right MARXIST administration and “president” to sign it.

      Obama’s already added almost $7 TRILLION to the debt in under FIVE YEARS. HE said Bush was “irresponsible and unpatriotic” for adding $4T in EIGHT YEARS. So what’s he? A THIEF.

      Why don’t you go and spew your nonsensical thoughts on a site of your peers? You’re a perfect example against the First Amendment. We may REDEFINE stupidity, you EMULATE IT.

      • ILoveTaterNuts


        • Terri


        • BevM

          Of course, no facts. Stupid comments. Not PMS, just tired of ignorant people like you that come to where you don’t belong, spew your comments without any sources and then instead of answering any of my questions, you pretend like something as stupid as that is why I’m steaming. It’s idiots like you that are clueless and are ruining this country that millions fought and died for her greatness – so you would have the right to say what you want, regardless of TRUTH. You probably voted for Obama many times and are proud of it. But YOU will be the ones left with the debt that your president is incurring. He still has 3 1/2 years and the debt ceiling will be reached AGAIN in less than 3 months. But then I’m talking to someone that has no grasp of FACTS, nor wants to know what you’ve done with your votes. Karma’s a beotch and I hope your premiums are so high you have to do jail time because you can’t afford the TAX you voted for. Don’t vote. And DON’T BREED. God knows we have plenty of idiots in this country. We don’t need more of you. Get lost and find a kids’ site where you belong.

  • ERB

    John Mccain Exposed By Vietnam Vets And Pow’s

  • BevM

    I heard on the radio today, he’s thinking about another run for POTUS in ’16. NOW is the time to start contacting the RNC and telling them NO, NO, NO!! We’re TIRED of THEM picking our candidates and this will be another Republican re-run. McShame or Hitlery. We’re done – IF we still have a country by then.

    • bless2live

      Hopefully the men in “white coats” will have him in a insane asylum soon!

      • BevM

        Hopefully he’s up for reelection in ’14 and the good people of AZ have figured him out by now and he’ll get booted. He’s senile at best, Alzhiemers setting in at best.

  • bless2live

    Johnny lost his brain at some point to become a liberal!

    • BevM

      Even worse – a Progressive. As far as his brain, not sure he ever had one.

  • Sumco Res

    Me Too! He has totally used up any atta-boys he received by enduring the enemy’s prisons. He has been given a free ride way too long. It is time for him to be replaced with an U.S. Citizen that has not been brainwashed by the Socialists/Communists. That flag doesn’t fly any more – time for the old man to quit before he gets voted out!

  • BevM

    Well said, Joe. I only wish he cared. He could care less what anyone thinks of him. He’s proof that we need AGE LIMITS in the Senate and House. Anyone over 60 has to go. That would get rid of these senile idiots.

  • gmhunt4


  • Hippity

    He should be recalled by AZ and kicked out of the Senate. He is a disgrace to the GOP label, and I ashamed of myself for voting for him for president.

    • BevM

      Millions of us are ashamed for voting for him. But our other choice was the Marxist. Little did we know they were one in the same.

      • Hippity

        He sure masked it.

        • BevM

          I swear he’s senile. I’ve said for years, we need AGE limits. 60 and OUT. That would get rid of most of the problems in the District of Corruption. All of the senile old men and women are past their prime and long forgotten any allegiance they MIGHT have had to America. Their time has long gone. HE’S the WHACKO BIRD!! The pic of him and Schumer after their debt “deal” (that screwed US all) was sickening. ALL of the old ones are on the same team – Team SCREW THE USA – WE’RE RICH AND WE DON’T CARE ABOUT YOU!!

          • Hippity

            As I am 74, I don’t like the thought of being a WHACK BIRD!. But he must go. As these old birds reach retirement, they want to be friendly with everybody, so they drop their beliefs (if they ever had any) and make the “art of compromise” the mantra until they quit so everyone says how nice and reasonable they were.
            BevM your right on top of it, but we need term limits. The founders wanted citizen representatives, not long termers until retirement!

          • BevM

            Exactly! And they were meant to represent the people for a short time, then return to a job. This govt. is a joke. We do need term limits, but they’ll never vote them in. Rand Paul tried to get a bill passed, one page, that simply said “Every member of Congress must read and have three days for each page of a bill to read and understand it before a vote.” It was voted down. They added so much pork to the debt deal it’s not funny. And we’ll be going through this again in three months. So Barry and Harry got a trillion dollars and will speed through it, wanting more in January. How pathetic is that. EVERYONE needs to stop paying taxes. What are they going to do, put us ALL in jail? Rubio was on TV tonight saying he wrote a bill but I can’t remember what it was. He’s as much of a traitor as is McShame. He fell right in line with the old timers from the get-go. No trust for him from most Americans any more. His star didn’t last long. Thank God for Ted Cruz. He WILL be honored for doing the right thing, no matter what anyone said or thinks of him. ALL that do what WE THE PEOPLE want will be remembered, hopefully the rest voted out. But we have those that don’t pay attention and still vote. The Founders allowed only land owners to vote. No skin in the game, no vote. We should allow only TAXPAYERS to vote. Bring you ID, your W-2 or Property tax receipt to vote. See how fast things turn around.

    • bless2live

      Yes, but imagine how Sarah Palin must feel about the liberal!

      • Hippity

        Sarah is a good woman who sometimes drops her conservative being for saying what a great guy McCain is. Of course, Sarah is grateful for being picked for VP!

  • mthammer

    He atrader to The Navy ,why he changed his position in Washington is disgusting. He needs to resign as he doesn’t express my views in Arizona anymore. He is a liar like his buddy in SC Graham they both will not be reelected in 2014 guranreed

    • BevM

      Is he also up in ’14? I knew Graham was but not his butt-buddy. Hope they’re both out. I’ll donate to any CONSERVATIVE competing against them!

  • Steve Harmon

    Traitor to America, traitor to my children and their children. Defund the GOP. Give, only, to senateconservatives dot com and Freedomworks dot com, we need conservatives to replace these traitors. I’m not using the term rino any more, they’re TRAITORS!

  • Gregory Mortensen

    Prior military service as an indicator of future loyalty to a nation or its people has not faired well in history. Noted “heroes” like Benedict Arnold have often swapped allegiances. I note with sorrow the profound affect communist brainwashing has had upon POWs and weak-minded individuals, like John Kerry. They have become advocates of a system of moral, mental and, often, physical slavery. “Forbid it, Almighty God… give me liberty or give me death.”

  • jpnplspap

    When McCain was running for President I went to see him and instead of signing my Vietnam Vet hat he reached pass me to sign a copy of his book. At that moment I lost all respect for McCain and he has show that since his loss of the Presidential race he no longer matters in politics at all. He seems to be auditioning for a spot on his daughters show, please, give it to him and put us out of his misery.

  • mattogilvie55

    McCain’s turn can be traced pretty much back to when he lost the Republican nomination to GWB in 2000. He has had a chip on his shoulder ever since. Y’all remember how many times he tried to undermine Bush during his tenure?

  • ablingcain

    I am a veteran, Regular Army, and have always lived my life in and out of uniform, holding dearly to the code of Duty, Honor Country.

    Senator McCain and Secretary of State Kerry have, in my opinion, no decent, moral base. They shame our Republic/

  • Jude O’Connor

    John McCain is a lier just like his Admiral father who covered up the attack on the USS Liberty.

  • indigo

    I hope that you were a better Plummer than you are a political commentator.

  • Patricia Singer

    I said this very thing myself a couple of years ago. His service to this country does not give him immunity to left leaning stupidity. He continually ridicules those in his own party. He is more critical of Republicans, conservatives, and tea party than he ever is of Democrats etc.

  • John Gasper

    Joe, I 100% behind you. What you just said, I have stated for 10 years. I sure hope you have the BALLS to stick with your conviction!

  • XUSAF All Patriot

    How can someone who survived a POW camp CO-Author the NDAA. This Anti-American should be in an American prison, stripped of whatever Political perks and retirement he voted for himself

  • arlenegkruse

    I lost any respect for McCain 30+ years ago and have written and asked him to go to the democrat party. I believe he stays so he can make the Republican party look bad and have folks vote for dems.

    Have you seen this?

    John McCain Exposed By Vietnam Vets And POWs


  • sk1951

    “KING FISH FLIP FLOP McCAIN” RINO big time. He has been an enemy of the R’s all along. And I think he was working with the enemy…POW my arse…

  • citruscnb

    To sum it all up for me I think Putin’s assessment of Mr. McCain was spot on. A nut case! Not to leave out McCain’s remark about the Tea Party being a bunch of Hobbits. And I too have my suspicions about his hero behavior as a POW.

  • GoldenRudy

    “Thomas Dobbins” posted a comment about 3 hours ago with 3 separate links to McCain store. Well worth going to his post and checking our the links.
    I went to the first link and am sickened. Worse fears about “hero” Mccain appear to be realized. We have been duped. Why McCain still gets “away with it” in the age of Internet news is a mystery.

  • ChuckS123

    In 2008 I said that we shouldn’t vote for Obama just because he’s a black man and we shouldn’t vote for McCain just because he was a POW.

    If someone saved 20 kid’s lives, but then murdered his grandmother, saving the kid’s lives would have very little effect on his punishmen

  • GoldenRudy

    Joe, welcome to the party! What took you so long to see the light? Welcome anyway.


    WHAT A PERSON ‘WAS’ does not make them what they are forever! ~ O. J. Simpson was an American football hero until he made a villain out of himself….thus reaped his just reward! ~ So be it for John McCain who went from American ‘hero’ to American TRAITOR!!!!!!!

  • Michael

    I gave up on this traitor a long time ago, he needs to stand next to that commie traitor Jane Fonda and get what they deserve—prison or a firing squad!!!!

  • simpletony1

    He’s no damn good now, and may not have ever been. He really needs to go; he’s been a disservice to his country for a very long time. I even voted for his presidency only because he’s NOT obama. God knows I’d do that again but would hate it too.

  • Constitution Warrior

    Mr. Senator, if you served honorably as a POW in North Vietnam, why did you have the POW Records re-sealed? Why will you not allow anyone to review YOUR records?

  • ronpaynter

    I take the statement “what have you done for me lately”with a bigger rain of salt as compared to “what have you done TO me lately.” My answer is everything the Democrats wanted you to do. McRHINO is a disgrace to the Republican party and to the United States of America. He should develop some cojones like Charlie Crist did and publicly affirm his transition from Republican to Democrat. Instead he wants to remain a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Arizona voters need to turn him out of our country’s politics.

  • ronneeh

    I agree wholeheartedly.

  • Like most Americans, I honor heroes. These are people who stand on principal, risk all, speak out, and stand up for that which is good, true, and noble. When I was a kid, my hero was John Wayne. I wanted to grow up to be him, even though, in reality, he had the job sewn up. Oh well. I tapped into his attitude when I needed to tell the Pilgrims to “listen up” and do the right thing. John McCain was my hero. I believed, along with millions of other Americans, that he had sacrificed for his country, endured incredible hardship, and maintained his honor and integrity. He may have done these things, but then, he stopped and betrayed the trust of We-the-People. So, I’m movin’ on, replacing John with a real live American folk hero, who had the audacity to question “the Chosen One,” and was thrown under the bus (where he didn’t stay long). So welcome, Joe the Plumber, to my hall of heroes.

  • Constitution Warrior

    Senator, Nguyen Tien Tran, Former Guard, in an interview with the Italian daily Corriere della Sera, stated, “We never tortured McCain. On the contrary, we saved his life, curing him with extremely valuable medicines that at times were not available to our own wounded.”

    According to your book. 1999 autobiography, Faith of My Fathers, you were subjected to inhuman treatment and tortured. But according to Tran, the day after you were brought to the :Hilton” you were immediately taken to a hospital for over a month. Tran stated, “I never lost him from sight. I was frightened a doctor or nurse might do him harm.”

    • Truth goes 100 MPH

      Rap on Brother. We have protected this skell far too long. Those who were imprisoned with him have spoken but the main stream media wants this POS to continue his dirty deeds. He belongs to them and he KNOWS it.

    • Abiathar

      Warrior, thanks for your expose’. More needs to be exposed.

      • Constitution Warrior

        Oh I could fill this thread with more information.

    • GoldenRudy

      An for what purpose would the NV have in torturing such a valued prize as the son of the US Navy’s CNO at the time? Always have been skeptical.

  • informed

    This plumber has pointed out a significant leak in our freedom and prosperity!

  • Constitution Warrior

    Senator McCain, is this you in this picture? Why did you accept food and drink while being interviewed by Fernando Barrel, a Cuban “Psychiatrist? Wasn’t this meeting held offsite not at the “Hanoi Hilton”?

    Does this not violate Code of Conduct for Members of the United States Armed Forces August 17, 1955?

    IIIIf I am captured I will continue to resist by all means available. I will make every effort to escape and aid others to escape. I will accept neither parole nor special favors from the enemy.

    • Truth goes 100 MPH

      Thank You Brother. At one time we called him one of our own. It is about time the mask falls. I don’t live in his great state but if I did I would haunt him every single day for all my buddies that are not here to spit in his face. Leave John or your end will not be kind. Retire or you will be retired by the memories of all who served PROUDLY. Be gone NOW!

  • Maria Booth

    About 2 days ago, I posted a comment discussing that as a veteran I regretted my previous support of Senator McCain and like the writer of the article, no longer honored and respected Senator McCain. To my surprise this has not been posted. What happened?

    • sandyinindy

      I agree with you 110%. Whatever goodwill McCain earned, he was long used that up plus more! I think he should be sent a box of Depends with a note: Thanks for the memories, now go away! Love America.
      P.S. Donate your pension to Wounded Warriors, arse-hole!!

  • drdgonflyr

    As a proud veteran I have no use for McCain…other than as a strong argument for term limits.

  • rcaston

    McCain is a piece of crap and should be flushed down the toilet. And take Lindsey Graham with you. Come on Arizona and South Carolina, flush these two pieces of trash when they come up for re-election.

  • Thomas Dobbins
    • sandyinindy

      WOW!! Thanks for the links. I had NO IDEA that Songbird Mccain was a traitor. How has this been kept a secret…well to do family???

      • Thomas Dobbins

        Complicit media….

  • Anna Dostoyevskaya

    One should remember Marshall Petain of France. During World War One, he became known as “the Lion of Verdun” after the forces he commanded blunted the German advance in the Verdun region. However, in World War Two, he became the head of the Vichy regime that collaborated with the Nazis. The Vichy regime arrested and imprisoned French citizens who dared resist the Nazis and even rounded up Jews, Gypsies, and other “undesirables” for transport to Nazi concentration camps. After the war, Marshall Petain was spared the death penalty because of his heroic service to his country in the First World War. His name became synonymous with “traitor” in France, just as Vidkun Quisling’s name did in Norway.

  • Old American

    McCain is just another piece of wasted human flesh like his best friends Obama, Biden, Holder, Feinstein, Pelosi, Reid, Graham, the Clintons, etc.

    • Dave Garry


  • Reinhard M Weiss

    I hope that you are correct, and that John McCain’s name goes into history supplanting that of Benedict Arnold as the definition of the word traitor and “back stabber”. Remember that Gen Arnold was in fact an American patriot, known for his brilliance and quite successful as a military leader, before his defection. Arnold’s name is considered to be the definition of traitor, and yet he had great successes FOR America and failed miserably in his attempt to harm America’s cause (he was caught before he could carry out his plan) … whereas McLame FAILED miserably on behalf of America in the military and has been a RESOUNDING success in the counter-revolution to destroy our Constitution.

    To quote Ben Franklin “Judas sold only one man, Arnold three millions” … I am with Joe when he says McCain soldout “three-hundreds millions” … let McCain’s name be synonymous with betrayal and treachery from now on.

  • Bob Weber

    I’ve been waiting for someone in the public eye to say what I’ve been thinking for years… Well said Joe!

  • Dan Moore

    This combat disabled veteran is in agreement with those that say McCain is a traitor to the republican party and possibly to the American people when it comes to his political record. McShame is a good name for him.

  • daveveselenak

    “McShame,” the Manchurian candidate is a traitor! What have you done for me lately, John, what have you done for me lately other than having been used as a fall guy in 2008 and presently outright aiding and abetting this Muslim-Marxist jihadist and his communist regime; whatever the reason is does not concern me, only your anti-American position is what cocerns me now! You and “Graham-cracker” have become sycophants for this new Hitler and both of you dispicable louts need to be taken down!

  • Richard Brandt

    This man is a disgrace to his service, both political and military. He, a long with Patty Muray are the reason for TERM LIMITS!!!!!! He needs to move on and find another “Hobby.”

  • Larry

    He needs more time in captivity!

  • Al Konrad

    What must always be remembered is that having been an extraordinary soldier in a theatre of war doesn’t necessarily mean a man or woman will make an excellent politician in a theatre of LIBERAL LUNACY !!

  • 1LTLos

    I am happy that finally I am not alone! I rejected this jerk years ago – especially when he gave the debates to loser Obscumbo who couldnt debate his way out of a telephone booth. And I am just so sorry that Joe did not punch Obscumbo when he made his “spread the wealth” comment and deliver a fatal knuckle punch to the throat so he would have died instantly at your feet. That is how angrily I have revoked John McCain.

  • Average Joe

    They need A thumbs up button on these storys. Mcain is now and has been A traitor to the country he served

  • Wayright2

    I got a fund raising letter from the McCain folks back when he ran for president the first time. I sent it back with a note, “You have done enough for this country, it is time for you to retire and spend some time with your family.” I should have said you have done enough TO this country.

    • Know Really

      Don’t feel bad, I didn’t know he’d turn on us then either. And compared to what we got, he looked “better” at the time, although I thought and continue to think Mitt dropped out too early of that race.

  • Old lady in Texas

    I agree with every word!!! I have never wanted to live in Arizona, but I almost wish I did now just so I could vote against McCain. He is a disgrace to those of us who love and respect our republic. He has forgotten everything he once stood for. He is just like all the rest of the “old guard”: Power and money is all that matters.

  • VeeDub57

    Spot on article. McCain is no more a conservative than Castro was! I’m a Disabled Combat Veteran, and Mr. McCain has lost all credibility with me. Yes he served and sacrificed more than most ever will, but that doesn’t give you a free pass to sell out your Nation.

  • cbanalyst

    Never fight a battle you can’t win. McCain is right. Obamacare is the law of the land and absolutely will not be repealed. WE believe it is a disaster and the next year will show this to be the case. Us Conservatives (get it thru your head) do NOT have the vote to change it. It will fall by itself and Obama will not be able to weasel out of it because no Republican voted for it. Somebody (who is not fit to tie his shoes) called McCain a coward because of his opinion (with which I agree) We need to stop this stupid name calling, band together, and concentrate on the next election.

  • KingdomPassion

    Actually John McCain needs to join the Democrats so those who vote for him can vote for a real conservative that they thought they were getting when they voted for him as a Republican.

  • Big D


    • ThomPaineJr12

      In your deranged rightwing nut mind, that probably includes all Democrats, right, you effing nut?

      • Guest

        Name calling. How typically liberal/progressive/immature of you.

      • Big D

        Why not T hom we could start with you , you sound like a traitor !!

        • ThomPaineJr12

          You are definitely a deranged rightwing nut

  • ThomPaineJr12

    I don’t have to revoke my respect for Joe the lying demagogue plumber… he never had any.

    • Guest

      You need a new screen name, the one you’re using doesn’t fit.

      • Dan Moore

        If he changes his screen name, it will take us a while to catch on to him again. I have watched his idiotic rantings for a long time now.

  • jerrycollie

    At last! Some one is hearing me. This old guy was brainwashed by the Vietnam captors. He lived in a cage for too long.

  • Nottheusual1

    What total crap. Not a fact to be found on the whole page. Run for dog catcher and show us what a politician you are. Maybe you’ll lose by less than 30 points this time?

    • Guest

      Your comment just goes to show that everybody has an opinion and just like your armpit, yours stinks. Have a nice day in lala-land, goofie.

      • Nottheusual1

        Why is your face in my armpit? And still no facts, just more mindless bluster. You’re a great plumber’s helper!

        • Guest

          Another immature reply.

          • Nottheusual1


          • maddog2008

            Why would you expect anything else from an anti-American progressive dem loon? All they ever do is insult, lie and attack because they can’t or won’t admit the truth.

        • Abiathar

          Actually, Guest was being nice to you, notthe. The well known put down is ‘opinions are just like azzholes, everyone has one’, implying that you are an azzhole.

          • Nottheusual1

            I apologize — I’d forgot the rights affinity for losers like Joe “I only lost by 30%” Wurzlewhatever, Sarah Palin and Donald Trump.

            Romney still gaining in the polls? What a hoot. Have a nice day.

  • Big_Jake

    You can’t revoke respect earned, and John McCain earned it, PERIOD! But the respect he gets from me is SOLELY for his Military service. The political wranglings are another matter altogether. There are essentially TWO John McCains, Vietnam era and post Vietnam era. I will forever respect the former and I will never forgive the latter. I honestly think he was brainwashed, the dichotomy defies logic.

    • Abiathar

      Big, not everyone who has served in combat has “earned” respect, nor everyone who has suffered during that combat. The John McCain of today is the same John McCain of the Vietnam era; his deficient character traits have only matured.

      • Big_Jake

        It’s true that not all who have served in combat earn respect. There are traitors, cowards and those who, simply due to mental or physical infirmities are unable to withstand the pressure. I never alluded to your hypothesis in the least. I do know that I never spent years in the Hanoi Hilton, and I assume neither have you. However, I feel I’m justified to disagree. Respectfully, I think you assume far more than you actually know. It’s an easy thing to do from the comfort of your home and in the safety of anonymity on the internet.

  • Chuck Burns

    I respect his military service but do understand that he was one of 600 POWs, many of whom endured longer and worse conditions.

    What I object to and have contempt for is his use of the POW war hero label to further his political career. I never heard one of the other 599 POW war heros use their service in that way. Typical shameless behavior of the career politician.

  • ed27

    People ought to remember a little Texas history before they criticize people like McCain, Scott Walker, Laura Ingraham, and others who despise ObamaCare but want to follow a different strategy than Texas Senator Ted Cruz in defeating it.

    In 1836, Sam Houston wanted Colonel Travis to abandon the Alamo, join him and fight Santa Ana at a more favorable time and place. Travis chose to stand, and die, in the Alamo. Houston retreated and retreated for over six weeks after the Alamo fell, even being called a coward by many of his own men because he chose not to fight Santa Ana “like a man”. When he finally found the right time and the right place at San Jacinto he defeated and captured Santa Ana, gaining Texas independence. His men charged the Mexicans yelling, “Remember the Alamo!”

    In the end, the Republicans will defeat ObamaCare when it fails to do what Obama said it would do. Senator Cruz will be remembered for taking a stand and the rest of the Republicans will also get credit for waiting to kill it until it is most vulnerable. Stay united!

    • FreeKen1

      And LBJ’s war on poverty is doing exactly what he said it would do. A rousing success and less people on welfare.

  • Dave Garry

    Great service to the country? HA! McCain’s time in Vietnam was a bit different than the fictional comic book story fed to us by the MSM. He made propaganda commercials for the North and they gave him an apartment with two “maids” at his disposal. There’s a reason he fought so hard to NOT bring POWs back. THEY know the truth about him….

  • lbc

    Not sure why Joe chose to single out just one of the RINO’s here, but there are a lot of nutless wonders in the Republican Party that need to be thanked for this mess, along with all the Democrats that actually stayed united.

  • Mike Byrd

    Hear hear! Getting captured by the enemy, then divulging the information they try to get out of you, doesn’t qualify you as a war hero – not in this Viet Name Vet’s value system. McCain is nothing more than an enemy infiltrator, a saboteur, occupying an office which should be held by a conservative – and a conservative he is not. Whether he is attacking the “far right” (from leaders in the Evangelical Church to now the Tea Party – i.e. Conservatives), allying himself with Feingold, or Kennedy, or now Harry Reed and Obama, siding with the liberals to curb our 1st amendment rights (as in the campaign reform act), or advocating for Cap and Trade because of “global warming”, and the list goes on – this misguided traitor needs to go.

  • Eva St. Clair, NJ

    ^5, Joe. I’ve been thinking this for years!

  • jb80538

    Great letter! I hope a copy got personally delivered to the scumbag McCain!

  • BDnSC

    You are a little late, but welcome to the party!

  • Jill Loving

    I don’t agree w/ everything in this article. I think John served as a good Senator for many years but as time went on has bent to Washington polotics. Also, with this Socialist in office, McCain has failed & it’s time for him to go. I do honor him for the sacrifice he gave for his unimaginable service as a P.O.W. & I truly think most men couldn’t have made it through those 6 yrs. I’m not sure if Americans remember his father was General of a Naval Ship when John was taken prisoner & qas told after two months he may be released due to his father’s position. John refused & said he wouldn’t go w/out his brothers in arms! The man has Honor, Bravery & a Duty to Service under the Flag of our Great Nation. Is it a different ballgame today, yes. It’s just time for this soldier to have some rest & peace in retirement! God Bless him. By the way, his 6 yrs in his POW camp was in a cell in which he couldn’t stand up, be seen by doctor, have enough food or water, tortured, & no contact w/anyone. 6 YEARS. COULD U?

    • ed27

      I totally agree with everything you said. How easy it is to criticize these days

  • Jesse Callahan

    It would seem from all the posts made, John “Songbird” McCain would have better served his country by remaining in the Hanoi Hilton. Just sayin’

  • Lee

    So the author is playing catch up here … many people i know lost any respect we had for him years ago he is just as batty as Joe Biden possibly worse.

  • Patrick Henry

    I can not believe that Mr McCain served in the same Navy that I did!!! I do not think like he does and I do NOT bow down to government officials either!!!!

  • Patriot Games

    What took you so long?

  • MoDeVille

    McCain’s a JO, and should be put in a FEMA camp when the SHTF.

  • James Maxwell

    As a Ret USAF/NCO with 23 years of honorable service I resent Senator John McCain greatly,
    even though I was in Viet Nam at the time he was shot down and listened to the traffic via the
    UHF/VHF radio this was a risk he took and as a result he spent time in the Hanoi Hilton.
    But he came home alive. Many of our troops in all branches did not, we even had some who
    padded the record to gain Purple Hearts for political gain and some who did not even serve at
    all but ran for the borders. But to come home, used your military service to gain a political
    office and the go turn your back upon the oath you swore when you joined the military to
    your country, your fellow military members and to people who elected you to an office is inexcusable.
    Senator McCain is suffering from either a mental illness or has forsaken that oath and turned
    upon the very principles that he claims to believe in . For turning upon the people who supported
    and elected you to office is like fleeing the battle scene as a coward. There is no difference.

  • Frank629

    I have had ad nauseam hearing about McCains service. There are stories he ratted his fellow prisoners out but besides that HE WAS NOT THE ONLY GI TO BE HELD CAPTIVE .He has gone on to hurt his party and the country with his wrong headed “MAVERICK” WAYS .

  • Dawn Garland

    Sarah Palin shines while he rusts!

  • IHateLibs

    IMHO. He is in all Reality , a TURNCOAT. I NEVER have had Any regard for his LIB RINO Mindset . As a VET myself , I Do respect your Service , but I ask you, What purpose does it serve US Today ???

  • Dawn Garland

    LOVE THIS ARTICLE! My dad was a viet Nam vet………..and he picked up on McCain’s lefty, un-american stance YEARS ago! McCain-you are a has been..and hanging with the kind of people you fought against. we want real men , unafraid to stand up to this transplant, fake prez and all of is crazies (Harry Reid, Pelousy—yes, you are two of them).

  • ItalianScallion

    What has he done for the GOP lately except be a turncoat? McCain has to go

  • Lowell

    I lost all respect for John McCain long ago. Period

  • Tom

    Have to be honest with you, Joe. McCain’s military service is the ONLY thing I’ve respected about the man for as long as I remember.

    He’ll still get credit for that, with me. That being said, it’s FAR past time he was sent into retirement. Nobody should express surprise at his actions, he’s been consistently wishy-washy for decades now. He hasn’t done anything surprising or unexpected, IMO.

    The only real mystery, to me, is how he keeps getting re-elected. Good PR, I suppose.

  • TPM4

    McCain has crossed over the line and gone bonkers time for him to go he is a useless senator that hurts our country Arizona needs to get rid of him and harry reid

  • Pat De ESposito

    Beautifully written and phrased. I agree wholeheartedly ! This sentiment is long overdue. When I held my nose and voted for McCain, I was really voting for Sarah Palin !

  • theo980

    Damn! Joe could you tell us what you really think? I’ve been thinking what you just wrote for several years now. Don’t be too hard on McLame, he’s just helpin’ obunghole redistribute the wealth!

  • kstamm5909

    You don’t become a war hero by sitting in a prison camp. We had the same thing here in West Virginia with Jessica Lynch. I’m not trying to take away from her service or from McCains but a hero is the one who rescues the prisoner. He is truly no war hero in my eyes. And he is not presidential material. Him and that tacky blue short sleeved dress shirt and those clip on ties he wears. He needs to get a life away from me.

  • durabo

    It’s a fact that “Juan McRino,” as we call him here in Arizona, “Swiftboat John” Kerry, the Gang of Eight and Comrade Dear and Glorious Ruler hang around together. What needs to be determined is whether they will hang together or separately after our next civil war.

  • rwp24382

    I felt the same about John Murtha, Lindsey Graham, Chuck Hagel, and John Glenn, as I do McCain. All of these men served their country, but it doesn’t excuse the fact they all sold our country out for their own gains. I have no respect for any of the individuals anymore. I appreciate the sacrifice they made for our country, but it still doesn’t excuse the behavior of these individuals after they were able to get into a position of power.

    • C6Vette

      “rwp24382” I totally agree with you on each one of the names you mentioned! Welllll not sure about “Lindsey Graham”, what has he ever done for his state, or America? He stood up to Clinton and helped trying to Impeach him, aside from that what has he ever done???

      • rwp24382

        I did have respect for Graham at the time of the impeachment, but have lost any respect since. He is one of law makers that will approve of most anyone that is nominated by liberals for judgeships or positions in the government. I think he and other Senators should be giving the same treatment that the Dems give the GOP candidates. The Dems won’t allow hardly anyone that is even slightly conservative to be voted on. I think that if there was more pressure put on liberal choices and not let the Kagans, Ginsbergs, and other liberals in judgeships, the country would be better off. He also goes along with most anything McCain does. He has just about been converted into a Dem rubber stamp.

        • C6Vette

          Aside from going after “Clinton” and his Sweetheart under the desk in the Oral Office I can not think of any other time in Lindsey Grahams career in the Senate that he has done anything! Dump the RINO and get some young (Tea Party) Blood in there! We really NEED people in Congress that actually listen to US, the people that put them there!

          I am all for Term Limits, 2 terms and DONE PERIOD! No full pay once in retirement, no Cadillac Health Insurance, Nothing, NADA! I also believe EVERYONE in Congress should be paying into Social Security and collect THAT when they Retire like we do!Once voted into office they get too complacent and THINK they know what is best for us, even better than what we tell them! DAHHHHHHH

          Congress was supposed to be a Part Time Job, I do not remember anyone saying they should get Full Time Pay and Benefits for only working (I use the term “working” loosely) 160 days a year?!?!?! Active Duty, Reserve, National Guards, Veterans, Social Security and MOST Government employees are (I read) getting a 1.4% COLA in January! Congress is voting to give themselves another 5% Pay Increase come January! They do NOT deserve to get a PAY never mind a 5% raise!!!!

  • C6Vette

    As a Vietnam Veteran myself I have always had a great deal of respect for Senator McCain but in recent years have lost that respect because he is really a Wolf in Sheep’s clothing, a RINO that will sell out the very people that put him where he is now! I can only hope the People your supposed to represent vote you out this next election, unless a Recall Vote happens along first! You are harming our very way of life, not just for Arizona but for all the citizens of the United States! I can only hope that for your Service in Vietnam, your sacrifice in the Hanoi Hilton and the years you actually made a difference in the Senate you enjoy a long and healthy Retirement on our Dime!!! I feel this is the least this country should do for you, your service & sacrifices! You SOLD US OUT, you no longer represent us any longer and side with the Enemy like Hanoi Jane did way back than! Please fade away quietly, you have nothing any of us want to hear! Take Care and See Ya!!!

  • Sunshine Kid

    When I found out about where McCain’s nickname came from and more importantly, WHO gave it to him, I began to lose respect for the man (I didn’t know anything about him before the election). When he first ran with Sarah Palin as the Republican nominee, I began to listen to what he was saying, and I wasn’t happy with it. Palin had a better grasp on the meaning of freedom than “Songbird” did. By the time the elections were over and the Democrats had won, I knew that McCain, Kerry and Fonda were all traitors to the USA and were actively working to destroy it.

    Some people need to be tried and convicted for the good of all.

  • PatriotAmerican

    I don’t question John’s military service, nor his sacrifice for our great country. That gets him my respect and honor for that. What he has done since that time has not earned my respect. I can readily separate the two. His work as an elected representative has been deplorable. I voted for him because he chose Sarah Palin and then watched as his campaign reduced her to a frivolous token. I have watched as he has not defended our nation’s borders, and advocated amnesty for those who invaded our country, breaking our sovereign laws. I watched as he so often seemed to compromise any integrity and any brand affiliation to accommodate the opposition with whatever they wanted. I am not sure his time was ever, but if it was it is over now, and I am tired of seeing him betray his label and betray America. I do not want anything he is offering. I watched as he seemed to have little time to actually help raise his children and they become a confused mess of adulthood.

    Retire already, John!

  • CurmudJohn

    Joe, all I gotta say is: what took you so long?

  • Also, he sold out veterans via legislation and lack of support.

  • McCain sold out his country even when he was a prisoner of war. I understand that he was a prisoner of war for a very long time and anyone could break; however, he wasn’t there long before he collaborated with his captors at the expense of fellow POWs. He is from Arizona and doesn’t have decency like the governor there and is a state that has been suffering from the onslaught of the Mexican invasion. They are not just illegal immigrants – they are invaders because their government in Mexico has brainwashed them into thinking they have a right to cross the border uninvited because the United States “stole” real estate. Ignorant of history, that real estate was earned and paid for. Mexico has one of the most corrupt governments in the Americas. McCain, like Bush would sell out our sovereignty and destroy our heritage. There are Mexicans that have lived here legally for generations and is part of the American heritage, indeed, there were Mexican-Texans that fought at the Alamo.

  • omega2

    Joe, lets look at the real story of McCAin that has not come to light while he was in VIETNAM! It is rumored that after the NAM GENERALS learned that McCAIN was the son of the ADMIRAL in charge of the NAM CONFLICT that he had SPECIAL ATTENTION SHOWERED UPON HIM FOR THE REST OF HIS STAY! Be interesting to run this down and bring it to light!

  • omega2


  • Krazeehors

    Way to go, Mr. Wurzelbacher!!

    I am sending a copy of this letter to my mother, my cousins, and everyone else in my family.

    Thank you.

    And, I am ALSO revoking MY respect for: Mitch McCollum, Lindsey Graham, John Boehner, and every other Senator or Congressional Representative who is responsible for this train wreck called Obama-care.

  • Emily McLean


    • Jeff

      Bring on the Terrorist! At least we know where our Enemies are! These politicians are Stealth!

  • Freedom?


    He’s pretty much trash.

  • dnav

    I am a veteran of war for this country and I am ashamed when people laud me for it like it is something above or more special than what others have done. I did what I had to do and I did what I wanted to do in service to my country and what I did pales in comparison to what many others have done for this country. When someone simply thanks me for my service, I am proud and thankful and I thank them for their support of me and all our veterans and active military.

    McCain has lauded himself and his service and does not stop people from lauding him above others and it is a shame. He is a sly and cunning man who has destroyed foundational principles of America by his bogus conservatism. He is a RINO and liberal in GOP clothing, promoting his liberal agenda for years, selling out America to the enemies of our Constitution.

    It is about time for Americans everywhere to stop allowing him to use his service to this country as some kind of “get off the political hook” free card. He has used his service as the wedge to drive home is divisive agenda.

  • MontieR

    You rock Joe.

  • wfwilson6


  • dvdcnl

    by the evidence, mccain threw the election. weak response to Øbama and dems charges; kept Palin on a tight lease, stopped campaign, etc etc etc.

  • J. McLane

    Couldn’t be better said. I supported his opponent in the last election and do not beleive that he believes he is above reproach as a republican. He said on the radio here in Phoenix, during the Syrian problem and his solution that “can you imagine thousands of illigals causing Syria to fail”. No John I cannot care about you and your muslim brothers but her in your state we are being overrun by illegals from the southern border but you just say “AMNESTY!”

  • boris27

    I can understand your frustration with John McCain, but don’t forget John Boehner, Eric Cantor, Mitch McConnell….

  • Faithful American

    I heard McCain make a statement on one of the shows–several years ago–that he gave the Viet Cong secrets about our Nation because he couldn’t stand the torture. Braver men have endured torture and died because they refused to be a traitor to America! McCain knew that before he went into our military so he has no excuse! But McCain must have a guilty conscience about what he did because every opportunity he can, he keeps telling all of us what a “hero” he was!
    McCain is no more a hero than his buddy, John Kerry! John Kerry and his girlfriend, actress Jane Fonda, were two of America’s worse traitors during the Viet Nam War! Yet to the utter amazement of patriotic Americans, and especially the Navy swift boat vets, decades later, after Obama talked Hillary into stepping down when the truth came out about what had happened in Benghazi, Libya, Obama turns around and immediately appoints that traitor, John Kerry to be US Secretary of State! Ever since then, that traitor has been “negotiating with the enemies” on behalf of the US?! Kerry is really “qualified” for the job: after all, he got plenty of practice secretly negotiating with the enemy the short time he was in Viet Nam! Where was the outcry from Americans when Obama appointed John Kerry as US Secretary of State?!
    We have Socialist traitors running our government and the majority of Americans either have not yet come to that realization of truth, and/or they just flat-out don’t care!
    This is what happens to a culture when drug and alcoholic-addicted teenagers–who kill off most of their brain cells–grow up to be the next generation of America’s “leaders”! God HELP us ALL!

  • Mark Miller

    One word…loser.

  • justlisa

    I voted McCain in 2008 because of Palin.

    I voted Romney in 2012 because of Obama.

    It sure would be nice to have a presidential candidate that I would vote for because I WANT to vote for him/her.

  • Very well said. I’ve been thinking exactly that for several years now. I think I started to change my thinking when he stood up for Obama, telling us what a good man he was. No. He’s not. Knew right then & there the wrong guy was selected. Go home, John. You’ve worn out your welcome. Yes, I am a veteran.

  • retiredbobinFla.

    Great post..right on the mark!

  • Dave Mowry

    I don’t believe I could have said it any better. I’m a NAVY Veteran and glad I’m not alone in my thoughts of John McCain, This man does NOT exhibit the same Patriotism that I feel for this Great Nation. I hope, that after his current term, he will NO longer be a representative for the Republican Party. In my opinion, he’s a complete embarrassment and I almost cringe at the mere mention of his name. I hope the state of Arizona puts him out of our misery and out to pasture. Let him live out his years on Obama care. I believe he’ll be like a kid in a candy store. Simply put, ” Go away old man “

  • Honorary

    Why the Arizonians did not ‘recalled’ jackass McLame out???? How long you folks able to tolerate for this amoral McLame???

  • David Treibs

    Maybe he did what was right a long time ago, but the evil he has done now supersedes anything good he might have done way back then.

    Ez 33:11 Say unto them, As I live, saith the Lord GOD, I have no pleasure in the death of the wicked; but that the wicked turn from his way and live: turn ye, turn ye from your evil ways; for why will ye die, O house of Israel?
    12 Therefore, thou son of man, say unto the children of thy people, The righteousness of the righteous shall not deliver him in the day of his transgression: as for the wickedness of the wicked, he shall not fall thereby in the day that he turneth from his wickedness; neither shall the righteous be able to live for his righteousness in the day that he sinneth.
    13 When I shall say to the righteous, that he shall surely live; if he trust to his own righteousness, and commit iniquity, all his righteousnesses shall not be remembered; but for his iniquity that he hath committed, he shall die for it.

  • harley93

    McCain was a bad pilot and a worse Senitor. He’s an old fool who’s “Best Buy” date never was. He’s one of the reasons I don’t contribute the the Repubs any more.


    Aging gracefully is an admirable progress, but there is nothing admirable about someone like McCain, who has aged disgracefully.

  • Pam Dunn

    McCain has milked his expeerience for far too many years; There were GI’s that were prisoners of the Japanese for almost as many years in FAR worse conditions and they didn’t milk it like you have.
    Yeah, I AM a Vet of the Viet war period and I have as much right to tell you that YOU are a low life phony.
    Do the country a real service; RETIRE.

  • Seeking_Truth

    Manchurian candidate? 6 years of mind programming? Just asking.

  • wildeagleone

    Mc Cain gave the Obama team the Presidency in 2012 and thus has had a free ride in the Demo(lition)crat party ever since. He didn’t have the guts to call Obama out and he shut Palin’s mouth, as he had bigger fish to fry, so made a deal. Give me power and I will give you the Presidency once again He knew his limits and got the nod strictly because of the POW status and that was the end of my respect as all he campaigned on was his incarceration and how he has fought for we the people. (When in recent years)

  • Dewey


    There is a recall effort for John McCain and Lindsey Graham is being primaried. Lets support both! These two are the illegal alien lobbie’s best friends!

  • Clint

    As a veteran it has been extremely hard to honor John McCain for a long time. As a veteran there is a part of me that wants to honor a veteran prisoner of war, and I have, but no more in the case of John McCain. As far as I’m concerned, he has soiled his service as a veteran of the United States Navy and America.

  • VictorLandry

    I had a friend who flew with McCain and he said he was the worst naval officer he new. He said McCain was shot down because he was somewhere he shouldn’t be.

  • akright

    Right on – just what I’ve been saying for a long time. McCain is a traitor to the USA, to the Vets, to the Republican party and to the Constitution.

  • Wigglypoff

    Tea party is the new Republican Party. Get rid of pos traitors like McCain. Kick the whacko song bird McCain out of the party. Send him back to Vietnam. The reason they let him go is they figured it would do more damage to America to let him go than keep him!

  • tagdogs

    If you want to get rid of him ASAP, you had better start an immediate Recall Campaign and force him to either change his mind on various matters or he will have to face an election. He won re-election in 2012 and won’t be up again until 2018–we can’t wait that long. Force an election in 2014 at the latest.

  • Dewey

    AMEN AND AMEN! I have long believed McCain was flipped in that camp. How does anyone come out of that situation and not see Democrats for what they are???! Ever time I see him crow about waddling across the isle to vote for “bi-partisanship” (i.e. betray this Country) I think his only real problem is we didn’t leave him in that Viet-Nam-Ese hotel long enough! McCain, Graham, King, they all should forever despised and run out of town. Thank God for Senator Cruz. Someone who still knows what being an American means!

  • SofiesVoice

    A brother from another father? McCain and Obama have so much in common…spoiled brats who have received everything without really working for it…..because of their connections….so entitled to all the freebies. McCain was given so many opportunities to stand up for America and he blew it. Americans were thanking him for his service….and his actions have caused Americans to pause and take a really good look at the real McCain. It is absolutely time for him to retire while maybe a few uninformed people still believe he was a hero. Just fade away, McCain!!

  • Freedom_Road

    Amen, I have been saying this for a long time!

  • SharonKT

    Thank you, Joe, for saying what I have felt for a LONG time! His military service, and suffering, does NOT give him a pass to align with his fellow Progressives to destroy this great nation! He doesn’t even have the honesty and character to switch to the Democrat Party, with which he is aligned. It will be a great day for America and freedom when McCain is no longer in office.

  • Ruby_Con

    You are a little late to the party, but I guess late is better than never showing up.

  • Bill Collier

    Whatever was good about McCain was left in Hanoi….

  • lonebear

    I unfortunately feel the same way about Mr. Mccain. I always had the utmost respect for him because of the Hanoi Hilton and all, but I no longer have that for him. All I can say I have for him his a deep disdain and profound disappointment.

  • chuckabunch

    Wouldn’t be surprised to see him hugging Jane Fonda soon. Take retirement John, while you still have a shred of dignity. This is why we need a “Constitution” Party. One that remains neutral on issues of personal choice, but fiercely defends the individuals RIGHT to that choice. The best government is the smallest possible government. It shouldn’t exist for its own benefit!

  • Ewade

    My TRUE commentary about his and his father’s treason were deleted. I guess I know where this site stands.

  • BeriBeri99

    It has been said by Marines for longer than I can remember, and I have the better part of 70 years of memories, that there is no such thing as an ex-Marine, I have modified my thinking of that statement and there is, and that is one that has brought dishonor to the Corps.

    That being said ‘IF’ there was such a sentiment as there is no such thing as an ex-sailor then I would attach the same sentiment to that saying, and would further say that John McCain is an EX-SAILOR! And furthermore he has brought dishonor to the McCain name and dishonored his father and grandfather who served honorably in my Navy.

    Barry :-3)

  • Patriot47

    I can find no error in this article.

  • Denny Swain

    The little good that mccain did in war is nothing compared to the evil he has done with this obamacare scandal.all insurance companies should be burned down and when another one pops up burn it down

  • Ewade

    John McCain is a documented traitor, as was his “so-called” hero father, John Mccain, Jr. He was instrumental in our entering the Vietnam war based on a lie, which Robert McNamara admitted to on his deathbed. The Gulf of Tonkin incident was a false flag, a lie. The war was started based on the false attack on the USS Maddox, it never occurred. Mccain was in charge of the Pacific Fleet, and orchestrated this ruse, eventually resulting in the loss of over 50,000 American lives.
    John McCain III volunteered information under captivity about the route of incoming flights of his fellow airmen, making him personally responsible for the loss of those men. The North Vietnamese called him “The Singer,” because of his willingness to “sing like a bird” out of fear of being interrogated. The duty of a captured soldier is to take every opportunity to escape captivity. McCain refused when they offered to let him go, which makes him a traitor. He didn’t do this out of any sense of loyalty to his men, he knew if he did he would be finished, and forget about any future in politics.
    John Mccain is no hero. Ask any Vietnam Vet how they feel about him. He needs to be tried for treason and if found guilty, hanged.

    • shoegun

      John McCain should have been drummed out of the Navy in 1967 when he was responsible for over 100 sailors killed on the 1967 CVN USS Forrestal fire. Hotshot was being a wise guy and did a “hot start” in his plane to scare the pilot behind (consensus of other pilots) him which caused a bomb to detonate and a horrific fire. Hot starts are supposedly never to be actuated on deck. I don’t know how he got away without a court martial.

      Maybe his daddy saved his a$$.
      I don’t believe McCain should have been allowed to remain a pilot after that. And consequently we would have been spared this RINO’s inexcusable traitorous performance.

    • tagdogs

      Lets not forget who started our involvement in Vietnam—Kennedy and then Johnson, both were responsible (Johnson more so), but I think Kennedy may have been misled by his fellow democrats.

  • Jim McCormack

    Joe is spot on with this observation..

  • spidermike

    Thanks Joe, that needed to be said.

    Mike Scully
    1st Infantry Division
    Vietnam ’65-’66 / ’67-’68

  • threebarrs

    I am sorry but I have to say I agree with Joe. I cannot believe the about face John McCain has made since his unsuccessful last attempt to be elected President. I am sorry that Sarah Palin associated herself with him for that campaign. She is a fine patriot and way smarter than anyone wanted to give her credit for. Further I cannot believe how he has maligned Cruz and Lee for their belief that Obamacare is not good for this country. And I would not be surprised if he is right there in the peanut gallery wanting the Republicans in the House to be tried for sedition, when they were just doing the jobs appointed to them by the Constitution. In fact, I would not be surprised if John McCain is someone who would like to see the Constitution thrown out of our Federal Government. He has really fallen out of favor with me, and I used to think he was a hero.

  • old_salty_dawg99

    I lost respect for McCain when he started talking to he other side of the Aisle about Immigration reform allowing those here ILLEGALLY to stay and become citizens even though they broke the rules to do so. I then Lost it when he helped Obammy and his thugs on things that HURT Americans and that means all this MASSIVE DEBT the MASSIVE PILE of FECAL MATTER in the White House ran up and will go even Higher thanks to this Latest deal. As a Vet of Twenty Years service it shame me to call him one for what he has done to America when he could have been helping America instead.

  • Michael David Callahan

    A traitor along with Obama, Pelosi. Reid, Kerry and others who are systematically weakening our country and burdening us with debt.

  • BMW Metro

    What this comes down to is traitorous treason. Even the military will prosecute and punish their own in matters of betrayal and treason etc., no matter how honorable and exemplary their military record may be (though often a mitigating circumstance).
    Senator McCain, I accuse you of treason.
    Military and legal note: I am not a member of the armed forces nor am I a lawyer so I am not well versed in the proper usage of military and legal terms (i,e, treason etc.) However, I know a rat when I see one.

  • wildjew

    “They” say, the people get the government they (we) deserve. Well? Do we deserve John McCain and Barack Obama? Why are Republicans (my party) in retreat before this low life in the White House?

  • wildjew

    A guy named Mohammed (Atta) and his friends slit the throats of flight attendants and pilots with box cutters and then fly planes into the World Trade Center towers on 9/11/2001 and then McCain supports the Muslim Brotherhood (who birthed al-Qaeda) and he supports a man with the name Hussein. Hello.

  • Rich

    Eloquently said. Thank you sir.

    • wildjew

      Why do Arizonians keep electing him. Why do Nevadans elect Harry Reid?

      • AClearThought

        The same reason Californians re-elected Feinstein……….corruption and voter fraud.
        Why do you think there is such a uproar about voter ID…they would loose if voting was legitimate.

        • wildjew

          You also mention corruption. It’s not gone unnoticed McConnell got a $2 billion dollar dam project in his state in return for selling out to Obama. Do Kentucky voters reward McConnell for this kind of corrupt “kickback?”

      • Rich

        Good question. Maybe they will wake up Next election.

        • wildjew

          Is it possible the voters (not you) are just as corrupt and degenerate as the politicians they elect?

          • Rich

            If that is true, they probably want a socialistic society rather than capitalistic and in that case they will loose in the end. Some people aren’t very bright. Ya can’t fix stupid.

      • daniel1154

        Because, we as a people get the government we deserve. A lot of people in this country feel differently than you and I.

      • FALI00

        Because they are uninformed voters. Unfortunately, their votes cancel out votes from those of us who stay informed and involved.

  • relayman

    I’ve been saying this for a long time that McCain has done more damage to this country than any foreign enemy (with the exception of the WH occupant) could ever have. As a vet myself, I do not give a rat’s rear end about his military service. Remember that Benedict Arnold was a great general too, but was a traitor. Like Arnold, McCain, through his proven contempt for the Constitution and in particular for those that defend it, is shown to be cut from the same cloth.

  • Chief47

    I couldn’t have said it better if I had tried for 100 years. McCain is a traitor to this country and to the American people. I served 27 years in the military and respect his service to our country, however, if I met him on the street today, I would spit in his face for what he has done to the American people. Let’s just home that the people of Arizona wise up and throw him on on his RINO *ss the next time he runs for re-election.

  • ginger

    AMEN to that great piece!!!

  • don m.

    Thanks Joe, you’ve said what a lot of us have said for a long time now. I just hope the Rino gets the massage loud and clear.

  • AClearThought

    I remember closely watching McCain’s expression, once while being gushed over by an interviewer regarding the POW years. He was uncomfortable and while somewhat backing away he said,”You have the wrong guy, there were those there that were real heroes.” He was being honest not humble.
    Now, not only can’t he recognize true heroes anymore there is no mistaking him for one either.
    What makes a sellout?

  • Guest

    I remember closely watching McCain’s expression, once while being gushed over by an interviewer regarding the POW years. He was uncomfortable and while somewhat backing away he said,”You have the wrong guy, there were those there that were real heroes.” He was being honest not humble.
    Now, not only can’t he recognize true heroes anymore there is no mistaking him for one either.

  • Maria Booth

    I endorse the writer of this article. John McCain has embarrased our country and does not deserve
    the honor that we erroneously bestowed upon him. As a veteran I know exactly how the writer feels………. ashamed!

  • LibertyLane

    I will always respect his service and suffering in the war; but I cannot respect a man who tears down his own house by insulting and ridiculing the few stellar patriots left, all the while aiding the destruction of our Constitutional Republic.

  • ed27

    I still have great respect for John McCain as a military hero. He had the chance to leave the POW camp early and despite great pain, did not, realizing it was a Communist trick. He showed a great deal of guts. I don’t always agree with his “moderate” positions but to bring his military service into the discussion is just wrong. Are we ready to condemn Scott Walker for holding the same position on the government shutdown as McCain? How about Laura Ingraham who thought it was the wrong tactic? Or is everyone who disagreed with the strategy of Ted Cruz a traitor to the cause?

    I truly believe the train wreck of ObamaCare will blow up on its own and we have to be unified as Republicans and Conservatives when the time comes to repeal and replace.

    • AClearThought

      Conservatives will not compromise this Country into the NWO by any Progressive, whether it’s called Democrat or ‘Republican.’

  • David Darbyshire

    What took you so long? I am a Vietnam vet, but I dismissed McCain as just another career politician long ago.

  • cesar arana

    I have never had respect for this guy, he is a fake, hypocrite idiot. In his presidential campaign I noticed how simple he is despite of his many years in Congress.Taritor to Arizona for his open borders, criminal to the Syrian people defending terrorist fighting in the street killing innocent victims, traitor to the Republican colleagues who are sharper than he is.. What a joke he is..

  • AFZoomieTim

    This story and the comments about this story make me very sad at heart.
    I am a Vietnam Veteran. Thank God I WAS NOT a POW!! I DID see how American servicemen and women were treated, even by our so called allies. It wasn’t a fond memory to carry. That is one very big reason why, as a young veteran I looked up to John McCain as a personal hero. I can not, in my wildest imagination, possibly know what kind of hell Mr. McCain and other prisoners went through. Could I have personally survived being a prisoner? I don’t know. No one knows, until put in that position. We’d ALL like to THINK we would have behaved honorably, but, again, who knows??
    That being said, I have to agree with these comments. My, at one time long ago hero has let me down. I’m damn disappointed. I have absolutely no respect left in my mind or body for Mr. McCain. He has let down/deserted all service members, veterans and true Americans. Why? For the almighty dollar? Mr. McCain; I feel no hatred of you. Only very deep disappointment and disdain for what you have become. Please quietly retire and just go away. We The People have seen enough of John McCain!! We’re sick and tired of what we see.

  • drthomasedavis

    McCain is the quintessential RINO his military time in prison paid him hundreds of thousands in his retirement benefits. I as a retired military officer hold John “whaco bird” McCain in utter contempt. Hopefully he did not ruin Sarah Palin’s future chances at public office. Retire shithead, you have showed your true character–None at all. you have betrayed every veteran by your lack of courage. May your final year be free of physical pain, but may you have horrible nightmares as your subconscious reminds you of your betrayal of every aging American and of every American casualty of war. Hang your head in bitter shame before you hang yourself on the old Oak tree.

  • Harvey Melton

    john I am a Viet Nam vet too. but as you have turned traitor to this country and its people that makes you lower than snake piss.

  • notalib

    I’ve often wondered if he is holding the United States responsible for his capture and this is a pay back method.

  • Mommamia1

    I volunteered at Republican HQ after Sarah Palin was chosen as VP. EVERY person that came into that office wanted a SARAH PALIN sign or SARAH PALIN bumper sticker. People were upset that she had to share billing with McCain. WE LOVED her then and LOVE her still.

  • michael32853hutson@yahoo.com

    Amen- and i voted for him-but he has not voted for us

  • Mommamia1


  • interestedobserver2

    At least Jane Fonda had the courage of her convictions, Mr. McCain. What have you demonstrated this past ten years?

  • disqus_oajLzmvtVa

    SONG BIRD is at it again and again and again. He’ll never stop SINGING lies after lies

  • YarpWar

    Joe, I concur wholeheartedly. He seems to have no soul behind those deadpan eyes.

  • I respect the Uniform. However, I do not respect the man in it.

  • Rich2741

    I agree. He is a RINO, and absolutely NOT a real conservative.

    In the election between Obama and McCain, I assisted in the campaign, but I never really liked him. It was really about NOT letting Obama get into office.

  • Randy131

    HOORAH, my sentiments ‘EXACTLY’, and doubled down! I’m a Marine and veteran of the Vietnam War, and I also hold John McCain in contempt, and even though I didn’t say all the things in this article, you may, and please do, add my name to it as I agree completely with every word in it. John McCain is a ‘TRAITOR’ to everything this once great nation has stood for, and is a key cog in the demise of our beloved country, for every great nation and empire of the past have fallen into ruin because they ‘CHANGED’, as Obama promised in his campaign and McCain is helping him to deliver on that promise, and quit doing what made them great, and in respect to the USA, that would encompass following the ‘Declaration of Independence’ and the ‘US Constitution’ exactly to a ‘T’, just what McCain and Obama took an oath of office to do, but both apparently lied.

  • Moi

    As a Nam Vet I have been thinking about this for a time, it is time for this fake to go!

  • William Penrod

    I agree 100% with Joe. I left the Republican party couple years ago when it became obvious they had moved far far away from representing my interests.

  • Garry Mazza

    This man disgusts me and is an embarrassment . Why dont he just pull an Alen Spector and jump to the other side…instead of just working for them.

  • ellievl

    Yes and Amen to every word! Thanks for the refreshing journalist prose!

  • Tex

    McCain and MORE THAN BEEN COMPENSATED for any service during the Viet Nam war. Perhaps he was hit in the head and received more brain damage than previously thought. Regardless, he is a self serving, egocentric, pompous ass whose behavior is only exceeded by the POTUS. I wish I was in AZ so I could sign the recall petition!

  • rangers53

    Thank you, Joe. I served my time as an officer in Vietnam and am totally disgusted with this blowhard’s use his “service to our country in Vietnam” as a catapult to his current office. I only hope that other veterans will see him for what he really is and vote his butt out of office. He is a disgrace to those of us who risked our butts in the same war.

  • tryingtomakeit

    I never believed he was a hero anyway. I believe the other men that were there, that said he was a traitor to his country.

  • RayJ

    John McCain likes to cross the aisle into the opposition camp. He has done this enough times that he now has a form of Stockholm Syndrome. He likes to negotiate and compromise. He has been shredding the Constitution one compromise at a time.

  • blackfoot001

    I lost all respect for John McCain when he run for president and for his part threw the race. The only person that that did any campaigning on the McCain / Palin ticket was Sarah Palin. McCain wouldn’t answer any questions that mattered and refused to make the Obama team to answer for the junk they kept putting out on Palin.I often wondered if McCain wasn’t being paid to just be a fake runner in the campaign.

    • McCain came to Panama City when he was running. Much of the large crowd had waited for over an hour to hear him. But McCain didn’t speak for more than two minutes!

      Everybody looked at each other like WTF was that?? It was a disaster.

    • YarpWar

      Yeah, blackfoot, he didn’t even TRY to win. That’s when I knew he was an empty sock puppet. And that lil smirk he had frequently, revealing everything presented to us via media was just a joke, an actor’s play. Controllers all along planned O’Bana would win and would perform exactly as he was “groomed/brainwashed/implanted” to bring this country to it’s knees from within. Guard your soul & brain!

  • Janthony132

    BRVO! WELL SAID AND I PERSONALLY ENDORSE THIS MESSAGE. Retired 27 year Veteran who also served in Vietnam and other places where called upon to serve.

  • david of tampa

    When politicians are this bad it becomes so close to treason that I can not really see the difference. Let’s take a few out each day and execute them in a public square.

  • Busdriver Bill

    I’m not sure in which category to place McCain. I just keep remembering God’s words to Cain: “Cain, where is thy brother?” – thinking of all those folks who have died on his watch. His prison record needs some clarification, as I’ve heard he collaborated. He made a big thing about being the son, and grandson, of admirals. His “Republicanism” shows us where the GOP has gone, and why we need the Tea Party, as well as a replacement for the Democrats as well. It is the media which keeps us propagandized and misinformed.

    Oh yeah, I remember, he’s a traitor.

  • DadC

    I gave up respect for mccain when his team sacrificed Sarah in the 2008 elections.

    • Spikeygrrl

      Totally agreed.

    • notalib

      Agree! He would not attack the man-child and he let Sarah be crucified by the press. I was holding my nose until she came along. John threw away a chance to be President. The Republican Party has presented some very poor choices over the years.

  • Sharky

    McCain is a dirt bag and his years in a concentration do not give him the right to be a RINO traitor

  • fort9erdon

    I am not glad to be saying “I told you so”. But, I have been saying, since before the 2008 election that Obama and Mc Cain were of the same mindset! And, about 3 years after the 2008 election, with all the fights and grumbling that had been taking place, I reminded folks that had Mc Cain been elected in 2008, WE WOULD BE HAVING THESE VERY SAME DISCUSSIONS OF PROBLEMS! The only thing different would be that we would be say “Mc Cain” instead of Obama. They are like 2 peas in a pod. Fellow Komrades!

  • LetsJustVoidTheBillOfRights

    Retire traitor…! Now.

  • septes

    Makes you wonder why mc cain stayed a pow and not come out when given the chance??? Was it to learn how to bring this Nation to it’s knees??? I never thought much of him as a Veteran,he seamed to play the pow card a lot to get his way. I’m looking forward to watch him and his friend in congress get brought down. OH HAPPY DAY.

    • tryingtomakeit

      His friend Graham will not leave his seat, unless the people of the SC, and the USA call for closed primaries. Every election year, for Graham, Rep. Clyburn sends HIS people to vote in the Republican Primaries.They vote for Graham every time. Thus..he gets the nomination. And the Republicans do not want to vote for the Democrat that is running against him. It is Fail Fail instead of Win Win with Graham.

      I told SC Senator Lee Bright..who is running against Graham for the US Senate seat, Lee Bright will have my vote if he gets a bill through the SC Senate, and the House, and signed by Governor Haley that closes the primaries….before the 2014 election.

      I just heard from his staff, that he has written up the papers to go to the Senate, when they convene in January.

      So we need every SC resident who wants Graham gone, to contact their legislature, and tell them to make the closing of primaries the FIRST item brought up on the Docket in 2014.

      We NEED YOUR HELP in doing so! Do I hear YES?

  • rmandy

    My point for the last 4 years! He has gone from hero to bum in a relatively short period of time or so it seems. Maybe he has always just been a moron! I would trade him and Lindsey Graham for a Mike Lee or Ted Cruz in a minute.

  • HappyG

    Well said Joe…the man has run his ‘patriotic card’ out. He no longer represents what is good for this nation…in other times, he’d be institutionalized…Our kids and grand kids deserve much better than this pos destroying their futures…

  • lilolady

    The fool considered himself to be a Hot shot. Immortal and reckless. He managed to crash two other millions of $ jets before he crashed the last one. He was aching for a breakin’ and he got a well deserved thrashing after bringing such shame on his distinguished family. He is also a wife beater. Not the sweet young thing he married later but the one who suffered his torture while waiting here at home for his eventual return. Only the returning hero no longer found her own crippled body worthy of his wonderfulness,

  • bobmann101

    Of course no matter his age or problem he will receive the best treatment and care when needed. Therefore he has no reason to care about us seniors no matter what we think about him. He is a big disgrace!!!

  • goyaathle

    I am a VietNam combat disabled Vet 1970-71 in support of ccc kontoum and I can understand the horrors Mcain faced in the Hanoi Hilton. His service does not give him a pass on what he has done to this country, and the same applies to the whining traitor Kerry. We have to take our country back and restore it to its constitutional roots.
    My mother was a Apache from Oklahoma and I do not approve of many things the white government did and does to my people and other people of the first nation but, if we all……. white,red,black and yellow do not stand together… we will all be made slaves together.

    • Spikeygrrl

      Well said, sir. And thank you for your service.

      — Spike, military wife

  • lokiswife

    John McCain is a full-fledged RINO – Republican in Name Only. He campaigned on conservative principles, lined himself up with Republicans, went to DC and forgot all those promises to his constituents and to America. John, just sign out of Congress, go home and live a wonderful life on your generous taxpayer-paid retirement benefits. Your dis-service to America though your political corruption is what Americans will remember, not your stay at the Hanoi Hilton….

  • Don

    Way to go, Joe. If the truth hurts, Senator McCain, TS. You certainly deserve the admonishment for you have deserted your own US Constitution and the People it represents. Do you recall, . “WE THE PEOPLE, ETC.?

  • wright2665

    That really tells it the way it is. I wonder if McCain is really all there? There is no doubt that he is a progressive … pro open borders, siding with Obama and the Democrats in the destruction of the most technologically advanced medical system in the world, openly ridiculing other Republicans who seek to serve all Americans in defense of the Constitution … I cannot openly condemn John McCain but I will do everything I can to see that he retires. His service to his country is no longer needed as he has become a liability to all freedom loving Americans everywhere. I guess everyone can see why so many conservatives did not vote in the 2008 elections … it was just a choice of the lesser of two evils!

  • thecelt1

    I’m beginning to feel that McCains stay in the Hanoi Hilton corroded what’s left of his brain! At first, Mr. McCain, you sounded like a real EX-POW. Now you sound and act like a modern day Benedict Arnold. Why are you helping The Phony President, O’Bummer, destroy our America?
    I am a Veteran of the Korean War. I, like you, took an OATH to protect the USA and the Constitution from ALL ENEMIES, BOTH FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC! To me, You Have Broken Your Oath To America!
    I can No Longer RESPECT you. I think that Arizona should RECALL you to remove you from Arizonas and The United States Political Machine! You are a Disgrace to Americas Veterans!

  • AP Besser, Jr.

    At the very least John McCain underscores the need for term limits. How is it that one state can have such polar opposites as Jan Brewer and McCain?

  • Bob G

    I revoke my respect for McCain also. USMC 70-73. Too bad you Navy guys. You own him.

  • Rick M.

    The Maverick is long gone, and he joined the ranks of the Fat,- too long in office, – Old Guard he used to take pride in fighting. (now he is one) But he is the best Democrat in Republican Clothing that Arizona has in the Senate, and he’s breaking in his protege Senator Flake in his own image. The two best Men that Harry Reid could ever ask for, next to Mitch McConnell.

  • coolercoleman

    My dad once told me you can only be a hero for a moment in time. McCain’s moment is long passed. Even Benedict Arnold started out a hero.

  • teedoffatobama

    John McCain clearly has a brain lossage because he goes against the same people that elected him for senator or he has been threatened bought or coerced by the president

  • IllegalAmigo

    Thank you Joe, for saying what I have felt for a long time. Like John McCain, I too am a Navy Veteran who picked up a gun in defense of our country. Like John McCain, I also took an oath to protect and defend America from all enemies, both foreign and domestic. I am saddened to say that my brother in arms John McCain has turned traitor and is now that enemy I was sworn to defend us from. Our halls of power are now filled with traitors to their oaths of office. It’s time to clean house with great prejudice. We must find a way to bring all these people to justice in a peoples court that is not corrupted by the liberal anti-constitutional infection that plagues us.

  • pistofftxpyr

    I’ve said this before: anyone who can sell his country down the river like this guy has was probably working with the guards and against his fellow prisoners at the Hanoi Hilton. He didn’t just lose his spine; he never had one to begin with.

  • GMA213

    Anyone who has not read this book, should. It is the reason I could not vote for John McCain in 29008. I voted third-party for the first time in my life.

    McCain may be a POW survivor, he is not a hero and certainly not a man of integrity.

    An Enormous Crime: The Definitive Account of American POWs Abandoned in
    Southeast Asia [Bill Hendon, Elizabeth A. Stewart] on Amazon.com.


  • Sophiedog

    I came to this conclusion a long time ago that John McCain had used up his Vietnam Pow status for too long. He’s been given a pass because of it. Now he’s just a nasty old RINO who could care less about the people he represents. The State of Arizona censured him in a letter last month. It’s time for John to retire and shut up.

  • disqus_XeFVQf2YXo

    I’m in complete agreement, 9 years in the Navy, Vietnam Combat Veteran and I’m so tired of this jerk playing to his POW status in order to eek out sympathy to get elected.. He’s never done a damn thing as a politician.. Why does everyone think he knows what he is talking about… He doesn’t, he just says what’s popular…

  • Patricia Leath

    John McCain is an embarrassment. He needs to retire with dignity here and now. It is time to go and let a new generation of conservatives try and save this country. He is self-adsorbed in his “importance”. He has nothing to bring to any table and yet we see him on every talking head show. Why?

  • sha49tn

    He lost my respect a LONG time ago. The only reason I voted for him in ’08 was because of Sarah Palin. Otherwise, I’d have stayed home that day.

    • Spikeygrrl

      Me, too.

  • Remag1

    Well said. I only voted for McCain because I did not want Obama as president. In retrospect, it would not have made any difference. Both hate Americans.

  • Jimmie Reed

    I am retired navy and feel as strong as the rest of the post. when will AZ put him out to pasture?

  • rosech

    I fully agree. Another good reason for a 2 term limit so that Demos in the disguise of a Repub (i.e., McConnell, Graham, etc.) to move back to real life and stop sucking riches from us and aiding and abetting the enemy – Democrats, Reid and above all Obama. Ruining the Republic to make it a communist country. You have no shame. You only love to hog the limelight to endanger America even more each time you do. You say you are retiring. Why not do America and its citizens a favor and do it NOW! so we can get another great Tea Party candidate in your place since they are the only ones fighting for America as a Republic and against the dictator – you are not and must go!

  • Steven Newman

    NEVER expect Juan McLame to do anything for the common man. He only does that which benefits Juan McLame!

  • Derekf900

    McCain might as well be a Marxist Democrat

    • Kerry McCain Clown

      If ObaMao had a son…he would look like Traitor McCain.

    • rosech

      I think he already is and has been for some time.

  • a_goodtarheel1

    Amen! My husband was a POW and I have never once heard him try to use that status as a bargaining chip, or a plea to “just let me be right on this after all I have suffered.” McCain has shamelessly used his POW status as a cudgel to beat up on anyone who disagrees with him. He is like a 90 year old ex-starlet who is still trying to dine out on her looks.

  • trueornot

    Where incompetence lives, it must be outed. Apparently it has been with regard to McCain. Time yesterday does not fit with time today. Contact McCain and suggest he quit and find a good replacement.

    • Watchmanonwall

      WE need to find his replacement. Do not let him choose and create a dynasty. It will certainly be a younger rino just like him. WE need to give him his pinkocommie slip. More precisely, AZ does.

  • notalib

    Well stated. The “Maverick” has gone way to far to the dark side. He is doing more harm than if he were a liberal.

    • He went to the Darkside because they have cookies. They go with the warm milk he needs at night to sleep.

  • Airdoc507

    Did this a loonnggg time ago!

  • PPTA

    At one time Senator McCain had my total support and respect. Not any more. A group or someone has gotten to him, and turned him. I consider him to Be a traitor to this country now, no less of a traitor than the communists who strut and call themselves Democrats. The leadership financed by Soros. EDemocrats use to be for the working people. Now, they are for tyheir own wealth. Their own personal gain. Rhino Republicans are right there with them.

  • GENE

    The truth hurts and in this case, it was meant to be told. McCain has turned on the Veterans, the American people and anyone that does not agree with the traitor in the WH. You need to inform all your crooked buddies/cronies that effective immediately – YOU WILL RESIGN.

  • trueornot

    Instead of vetting disapproval, why not contact him directly and make your suggestions directly to him. I concur with most findings and intend to make direct contact. It is far past time for those who care about this country to stand up in the front lines and speak and act. As a retiree, Nam Vet, I support your position to “clean the house and senate”. Writing on this media does nothing. Take it to the source and, where qualified, vote your convictions. Words are immaterial, actions speak.

    • Kerry McCain Clown

      That HAS been done. Did you not see the recent town hall meeting in Arizona where Traitor McCain belittled a man publicly when that man read a list of all the wrong doings McCain has done? Traitor McCain IS a traitor to this country as are over 90% of Congress and the Supreme Court. The U.S. is TOAST! Soon there will be a civil war in this country and all hel* will break loose!

    • pistofftxpyr

      Do you REALLY think contacting him would serve any constructive purpose at all? I have found over the years that when a person has gone over Niagara Falls, it’s a little too late to try to get them to change course. McCain has been living on the dark side so long, he’d probably not even understand why you wanted him to reform his attitudes. Since all of us have only so much time to devote to politics, joining the movement to toss him out of office makes more sense to me than trying to reason with an individual who is himself unreasonable.

  • Dwayne

    He was a prisoner. Now I know he had abuse at the hands of the North Vietnamese, but did he ever try to escape? Isn’t that the duty of all pow’s? To keep trying to escape no matter how many times you get caught. Seems he was neglecting to do that job right too.

    • Kerry McCain Clown

      He wasn’t called “Songbird” for nothing. Apparently he had some really good treatment while he was there.

  • gordon

    i dont care how long he spent in prison camp what he has done and stilling doing to this country should put him in prison for life he couldn’t do any more damage in there

  • Mark Hallenberg

    Benedict Arnold was a war hero once too.

    • rosech

      And no time was wasted on executing him pronto. Seems like we have become way too soft in America! That stern McCain look only makes me think he is losing it mentally and trying to come up with some cogent thought or thoughts. Way past his sell by date.

      • david of tampa

        well actually he went to britan and died in shame and poverty.

        • ginger

          At least Arnold had the sense to be ashamed.

      • Mark Hallenberg

        His has lost it mentally.

    • Coldcowboy

      Great comparison!

    • Mark Hallenberg

      His vote confirmed his treason.

  • nhyp1

    Thank you sir, I arrived at the same conclusion earlier this summer – Senator McCain, ‘my friend’ enough is enough – you are the problem

  • disqus_r56iJBG4H7

    Molli: When was that time? I don’t seem to recall it at all.

  • disqus_r56iJBG4H7

    Sirdens: If the Netherlands is so grand, why aren’t you still there?

    • Sirdens

      I still am. An American friend posted this article to ridicule on Facebook. And it took me a while to be certain that this “piece” wasn’t satire. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion, but it really REALLY strikes me how short minded this piece is. When I visit the States I never come across these kind of ideologies… to me, this feels like ideas coming from the middles ages. Not based on facts but on populism, angst and misinterpretation of religion. What are you guys so scared of? Obama care has made the US more civil. You should be proud!

      • disqus_r56iJBG4H7

        Please stay in the Netherlands, we have enough of you crazies over here now. The only good thing about Europe was the beer and the willingness of the women. Everything else was Scheiße

  • Conservative Not Republican

    I feel the same. Whatever political capital McCain earned because of his POW status, has long been spent. No doubt, six years is a long time, but it does not earn you the right to step all over the very country you fought to protect for the rest of your life. Even POW status has its limits, on what I will allow a politician to support against my will. I too now hold him in contempt, because ever since then, he has done far more to damage this country, than whatever service he gave did to once protect it. Everything has it’s limits. McCain’s POW status account was bankrupt long ago and is now closed.

  • KJinWTexas

    Great post, Joe. Any credit McCain had from his service days was used up long ago. We have to remember that he was a D before he changed to an R…that in name only, to win an election. He still has the black heart of a D, and proves it almost daily.

    • Watchmanonwall

      Yup! that credit card is over the limit and way past due. What has he done (at all?) lately?

      • KJinWTexas

        How about obstruction? This country is fed up with the likes of him, and we need to make our voices loud and strong!

        • jenna

          HE’S a turncoat!

  • alicia

    John McCain, you have no right to continually insult the American people with your VILE name-calling. Instead of attacking the democrat party, which is being lead by communists (I have no doubt), you attack those in your own party and their supporters, i.e., the American people who only wish to defend our nation’s constitution and reign in out-of-control, wreckless spending. Your service to this country is no excuse … what makes you better than the rest of the veterans that you don’t even defend? You only defend Obama and War.

    • ginger

      Exactly, I am a 74 yr old “wackobird” and darn proud of it…I am a femaie and have more balls than the songbird.

  • mikesbuffalo

    you are totally right mccain is nothing but a sell out . i am a vet and i no longer give him a pass. he is what he is a turn coat and traitor , a sellout to the entire republican party , i will never support mccain for any reason. joe you are correct.

    • alicia

      Sell out would imply he actually, once upon a time, ever was on our side. I am very skeptical in that regard.

    • Mr Big

      hey u wacko demos, why blame John McCain for all the stupidity Obama and his cronies ram into your no thinking heads. You blame the wrong person(s) for Obama’s failures and Hitler like thinking. Obama is a non American who knows nothing about our heritage and doesn’t care.
      But idiots like u continue to support this loser, Again you need someone to blame put blame were it should be, Obama and the White House clowns. Obama and company wans your dependency on big government and government control. wake up blame those who deserve to be blamed.

      • mikesbuffalo

        i hate obama with a passion. and all he and his buddies stand for. i am a republican , john mccain is now and has been for a very long time a traitor to the party. he is the democrat. and he must go. the tea party needs to get stronger and they will. can you really be this stupid or uninformed to say these things , are you this ignorant ,are you this much of a dumb ass hole. if you belong to the republican party . you should not. you and the other scum supporting mccain join him is selling america down the river.

  • Sirdens

    Is this a joke? Marxist? Sentenced to Obama care? Coming from one of the happiest, richest, highest educated and certainly one of the healthiest countries in the world the Netherlands, I’m bedazzled by your opinion. There’s no country in the world that gotten worse after a public health care system. And Marxist? In the Netherlands Obama would be considered far right wing. Please get out of your cage and start broadening your mind…. and try to use arguments next time.

    • Kerry McCain Clown

      Try blowing me.

      • Sirdens


  • JenniferP

    Perhaps the brainwashing was more effective in camp than we realized. It sure seems to have suceeded.

  • Constitution Warrior

    Just one question Senator, “Why do your fellow POWS from the Hanoi Hilton refer to you as “The Songbird”?

    • slidenglide

      He hasn’t done or said anything that I didn’t think he would do. My husband and I argued during his run for president. The only thing he kept saying was he’d reach across the isle. That means I’ll compromise and that is exactly what he has done.

      • larrygrant876

        Yeah, you are correct, basically what he has done is more commonly known as a ‘reach around’.

      • mtncrusr

        And we all know that in D.C. compromise means that you agree with the Dems .

        • slidenglide

          I’m a Maverick, translated means I’ll betray the people that voted for me. Those idiots thought I was a Conservative now they know I’m just a turncoat.

        • Ewade

          Compromise is when each side gives a little. Dems don’t compromise. So McCain is just a sellout.

    • larrygrant876

      I know why the caged bird sings.

    • Honorary

      No, he was an ‘arsehole’ and Lewinski for the Vietgongs, just exactly that whats he doing for obama and dirty harry now.

    • fbpdplt

      I was never aware of the “songbird” title! I never read it but will be looking for it now!!! I definitely am NO J McCain fan. I am one of those vets that just hated his time in Senate but was grateful for his service in USN . I was never aware of his “true” time in the Hilton. Please send me a link so I can find out more…if this is true he should be hung next to OBAMA..& KERRY

  • Well said, and I agree, with regret. John McCain used to stand for something that was good about America. That McCain is gone, gone, gone, along with whatever respect I used to feel for him. Now I’d love to help him saddle up and ride into the sunset and out of our lives.

    • deanbob

      If we, the grassroots effort, could propel a ‘Ted Cruz’ (that almost no one had heard of) past a wealthy Texas RINO, surely y’all Arizonians can replace McCain.

      • toenail

        Good point.

      • Mark Hallenberg

        Amen Arizona.

    • Watchmanonwall

      From what his fellow pow’s have said, it appears clearly, he never stood for anything good that is American. complete utter fraud from the beginning.
      Arizona should be ashamed!!!

      • lilolady

        Not a one would consent to have a get together dinner and recall the survival tactics they once used. I saw a special on the Nixon Dinner he held for all the Hanoi Hilton guys he arranged to get released from VietNam prison camps and all their families. It took longer because the Captors refused to admit they were holding anyone. So after Nixon brought our guys home it took almost another year to bring out the captives. John Mc Cain was not in sight there anywhere. All those guys were glad to be in each others company at the 1st Nixon Bash and also the 2nd held at the Nixon Library. 50 ears later. Again …. McCain was absent. It is a great thing to know. Look up Nixon’s Veteran’s Dinner.

      • jenna

        Ashamed why would they be ashamed? They voted in Reid too so they both fill the bill on what they like. Crooks!

  • anarchyst

    Let’s look at john mccain’s record. . . From his involvement in the “savings and loan” banking scandal to his (questionable) military service, he has been PROVEN to be a total disaster (as well as his traitorous political behavior).
    mccain NEVER had the “courage of his convictions” but was a spoiled brat (not unlike the o’bama) who used his “connections” to wreak havoc on this great country.

    mccain’s “daddy” was a hotshot Navy admiral that got “young johnny” into Annapolis. “johnny” graduated near the bottom of his class, proceeded to wreck 3 perfectly good aircraft during training, was called “songbird” mccain during his captivity (I wonder why?) and proceeded to use his military career as a political “stepping stone” with disappointing results. . .

    Let’s not forget, that in 1999, traitors john “songbird” mccain and “swiftboat” john kerry voted to cut off investigations into VERIFIED LIVE POW sightings in Southeast Asia. (It is not well known that only HALF of our POWs were “returned”, the other half was to be used as “bargaining chips” to push for “war reparations” for North Vietnam. When reparations were not forthcoming, our remaining POWs were given a “life sentence” in Southeast Asia).

    The best thing that mccain could do now would be to quit the republican party and retire. . .
    As a veteran, I am somewhat ashamed to have POSs like mccain and kerry in my ranks . . .

    • Mary

      Speaking as an American, I’m ashamed of both also.

      • sonny

        I too am ashamed of the traitor John McCain AND his RINO buddies (the gang of 8).
        If Obama was to stop walking, they all would die from asphyxiation, their heads up his posterior. Really something to be proud of. They really should be JAILED FOR TREASON.

        • Bill Roberts

          Not in jail, those are country clubs where they have more rights and priveleges than we, unlesss you can put them in Joe’s special. I’m a veteran of the Korean war and Viet Nam and as such I’m totally ashamed of any Vet that caters to those SOB’s. I received the Bronze Star, Distinguished Flying Cross, 3 Purple Hearts, 15 Air Medals among several lesser ones, but I did it without crying about what happened nor did I attempt to use them for personal gain.

          • ShamanBlair

            Thank you, Bill. We love you, & are proud you exist! I’m not “ashamed” of traitors, though, because I’m not responsible for their filthy state–THEY are responsible for themselves! They lack the grace even to BE ashamed though. Figures…. 😛

          • Fredrick Neal Rehders

            Traitor is such an extremely harsh offense it is punishable by death! We don’t execute people for their political opinions, in the U.S.

          • draeh2020

            Too bad!

          • ShamanBlair

            I understand that, & these people have thwarted the Constitution, & people have DIED due to the regime’s mishandling of things. I still label that traitorous behavior!

          • BevM




          • ShamanBlair

            Amen toTHAT! ^5!

          • BevM

            It would take a long time to type ALL of the treasonous actions he’s committed. And “Fredrick…” is WRONG. We’re not talking about Barry Hussein’s OPINIONS, we’re talking about his ACTIONS and all of the COVER UPS. Started with Fast and Furious and has never stopped. He “apologized” for the IRS targeting Conservatives and now he “knows nothing about it.” What kind of a “president” knows NOTHING about ANYTHING that goes on under him? Remember when he said “the buck stops with ME!”? He must spray himself with Pam Cooking Spray daily because NOTHING sticks to him, he’s never found accountable for ANYTHING that happens when HE is the man at the top. God only knows how many people have really died at his hands. And how many have been murdered with his Drone Strikes that were just in the wrong place at the wrong time? He was against everything Bush did but has done that all and MORE and has had several opportunities to get rid of the policies he didn’t agree with. Thing is, he LOVES every one of them and spies on us and other Leaders with glee! He’s one of those pathological liars that is so good at lying that he couldn’t tell the truth if his life depended on it. His “Fundamental Transformation” is going better than he could have ever dreamed. But even many Democrats are turning on him – ONLY because of their elections in ’14, NOT because they want to do the right things like Cruz, Lee and a FEW others do.

            And there was a big headline on Yahoo the other day, “The Big Companies and the Establishment Republicans are telling the Tea Party to get lost.” Thing is, the Tea Party is stronger than EVER and they don’t believe it. So many think we’ve done our time and have gone away. They couldn’t be more wrong. If anything, the TP will get rid of the Republicans and they’ll be the Whigs. Now that we’ve had a taste (for the first time in most of our lifetimes!) of a Senator actually speaking FOR THE PEOPLE and not caring about his next election, Ted Cruz has proven there ARE a few that believe in the Constitution and are trying to protect it and US! How refreshing! And for the “president” to call ANY AMERICAN “terrorists, arsonists, anarchists, people running around with BOMBS tied to our waists and hostage takers” is the MOST unpresidential thing I’ve ever heard. He’s SUPPOSED to be over ALL the people. The country’s never been more divided. By design.

            ALL Democrats OUT in ’14. THEY shoved this mess down ou

          • ShamanBlair

            My answer hasn’t changed: AMEN to THAT!

          • BevM

            Nice to see MANY of us are on the same page. We’ve GOTTA clean house next year! Time for WE THE PEOPLE to take OUR country back!!

          • roadmantx71

            Has nothing to with politics, these are the facts disclosed by many vets that were there @ the Hanoi Hilton. There are videos with Kerry ratting out our vets. Do a little more research before engaging mouth and disengaging brain. Thank you…..

          • Fredrick Neal Rehders

            roadman, are you sure about those “facts”? I think you may have bought into some Demonrat campaign slime propaganda, put out during McCain’s presidential run. I think you either confused that low-life, John Kerry with John McCain,or your fully engaged typing fingers outran your fully engaged brain. 😉

          • roadmantx71

            In reply to your email. “After returning from the Vietnam War, John Kerry became a prominent critic of the war. He testified before the Senate in 1971 and told of atrocities being committed by U.S. troops. He called for the immediate withdrawal of U.S. troops. And he asked: “How do you ask a man to be the last man to die in Vietnam? How do you ask a man to be the last man to die for a mistake?” We broadcast a rare recording of this historic address from the Pacifica Radio Archives.” http://www.democracynow.org/2004/2/20/john_kerry_then_hear_kerrys_historic. More to come on McCain, however, it appears from the responses you are getting I really don’t believe anymore from me will help. There are tons of Data out there on the WEB to get the real story!!!! Regards…..

          • 5live5

            roadman, part of what you wrote about McCain WAS the dem slime campaign.

          • ShamanBlair

            As a former worker at KPFT (Pacifica) in Houston during the war, I can vouch for many things about reporting!

          • Carl Peal

            Try doing the research yourself. That is the only way you will believe.

          • toooldsmart

            Frederick/ Have you been paying any attention at all to the macinasions of McCain and his ilk?

          • Tejanojack

            McCain doesn’t have political opinions. He has self-aggrandizing opinions (schemes). He is a shylock slug.

          • Fredrick Neal Rehders

            Tejanojack, of course he is a shyloch slug… he’a politician!

          • ShamanBlair

            As a former pol, I object. Many great ones exist, but it’s the sleeeeeezy ones who grab the headlines! God bless the good ones; we need MORE!

          • Carl Peal

            Per the Constitution, Treason is not automatically a death penalty. It provides for fines and imprisonment as well. However, it is reported that to get medical treatment from his captors “Songbird” sang like a canary, giving much classified information that may have caused a sixty percent increase in our air losses right after his capture. Too harsh? I think not.

          • ablingcain

            I salute you, Warrior.

          • technicallysane

            You have my greatest admiration and many thanks for your service.

          • BevM

            Thank you for your Service, Bill. Millions of HONORABLE Vets like you are too often overshadowed by traitors like McShame. These traitors, starting at the top, should all be tried and hung for TREASON. Benghazi is only one instance, but there are many we can NEVER let be forgotten.

            God bless you, Bill. You make us proud. I wish you well.

          • Fredrick Neal Rehders

            Traitors like McShame? Tried and hung for treason? Are you friggin’ serious?
            What the H do you know about what this man endured, as a POW?

          • BevM

            Yes I’m friggin’ serious. I don’t care about what he endured as a POW. He didn’t have it as bad as you think. Daddy and grandpa were also high level military. He COULD have left, he CHOSE to stay. Read the comments above and learn about his “endurance as a POW” and then study his “service to the country” the last 20 years. He is a traitor and is guilty of treason. ANY politician that calls ANY citizen or group of citizens ugly names in public is shameful enough. But to be a traitor to the country by allowing everything to go on that he hasn’t taken a stand against? TREASON. FORGOT HIS OATH TO THE CONSTITUTION. HE’S SO OLD HE WAS THERE WHEN IT WAS SIGNED.
            HE’S A WHACKO BIRD, A HOBBIT, AND A TRAITOR. And VERY rich, thanks to his career in politics. What’s he done for you?

          • Fredrick Neal Rehders

            I have stated many times in this column, that I detest his politics and honor his service. Some men ate MREs and tried to stay dry and alive, while others flew sorties, ate hot cooked meals in the officer’s mess and had a toasty warm rack aboard an aircraft carrier, but POWs were beaten and tortured and isolated. They never had a good day! you summarily and off-handedly dismiss this unimagined misery as some inconvenience. He lived it, lady… it wasn’t a friggin movie.

          • bob searle

            It’s apparent you have no idea what you are speaking of. The MRE wasn’t even in the system until 1984-5 as I recall (first saw one around that time). Grunts in Vietnam had K or C rations. mccain was in the officer mess aboard the carrier as you mention, his claim to fame was being shot down going from the lap of luxury to the POW camp. Pushbutton warriors are always subject to the worst treatment as they are literally miles from the combatants they are fighting.

          • Fredrick Neal Rehders

            Thanks for the correction, Bob. I should have used “Rations”, but how does that negate anything I have said? My point is unchanged.

          • 5live5

            I think the man meant LUURP rations!

          • jch

            C-Rations were the common Grunts meal. LRRPS were given to us on long range recons into the bush.

          • 5live5

            I know that very well jch, I am a Nam vet. sorry about the misspell I’m tired from too many hours. 70-71 door gunner/ Crew chief on slicks!

          • jch

            68 to 70 in A shau valley, 101stAB, I too am tired from 25 yrs in service to my country. Simply correcting a factual point that many have, not being in the bush.
            1SG Howell.

          • Gianni Paone

            We called them “REMF’s”

          • Carl Peal

            Unless you were right there beside him then, YOU have no idea how hard or soft it was for him relative to the treatment of others. Think about that for a while. Furthermore, his vaunted “hero” status is what launched his political career. If he was not a hero, it undermines his credibility politically as well. My opinion.

          • toooldsmart

            Frederick, agree-, but it is now a pitiful man being used by the far left, and he needs to retire.

          • Anthony13

            He chose to stay because early release was prohibited by the POWs’ interpretation of the military Code of Conduct. It was a method of preventing these prisoners from being used as propaganda tools. Officers agreed to be released only by the order of their capture.

            Trust me – I’m no fan of McCain. In fact, I despise him, and I lost respect for him when I learned that he did allow himself to be used as propaganda by ‘confessing’ to engaging in criminal acts while being held as a POW. Many POWs endured far more torture and refused to do likewise. As I said in another post, at least McCain himself regarded his action as dishonorable. But he did the right thing by refusing repatriation until those captured before him were released.

            If you’ll notice, I’ve stated repeatedly in those other posts that McCain should no longer be able to point to his record in Vietnam, or his experiences as a POW, when running for political office. I also said I believe that he should be judged on his record as a U.S. Senator, and in that regard he’s nothing more than just another RINO who has repeatedly lied to his constituency. He doesn’t deserve any respect as a Senator, but what he experienced in Vietnam, both positive and negative, isn’t germane to his poor political record.

          • 5live5

            Bev, have somebody tie your hands behind your back and then hoist you off your feet by them. THEN you tell me he didn’t have it so bad! why the hell do you think he can’t lift his arms above his head? you want to judge what he has done as a politician, have at it, till you have experienced what he did don’t judge his captivity!!

          • BevM

            I’m sorry, but what he went through ( and I’ve heard he had it better than many because of his father and grandfather ) 50 years ago doesn’t change what he has done to the country the last 30 years. He’s a traitor. You would think that someone that had been through that would be the MOST patriotic. Not the case. For ANY person that’s supposed to be a REPRESENTATIVE of WE THE PEOPLE to call ANY citizen “hobbits”, “whacko birds,” “terrorists,” “anarchists,” “people running around with BOMBS tied to their waists” etc.- doesn’t matter what side of the aisle – takes away ANY respect they may have earned. He’s no better than Dingy Harry Reid or Nancy Pelousy. To see the pictures of him with his Progressive buddies after the BARRY/HARRY shutdown was sickening. He and Schumer looked like lovers.

            I have a brother that went to Viet Nam. He never came back. Bill came back, but he wasn’t my brother. I totally lost my big brother. He got heavily in to drugs, he would never talk about it. So I have a clue about the HEROES of Viet Nam. My brother is forever gone. John McShame is a very rich man – thanks to his lifetime of political favors and cronyism. He deserves no respect. Instead of ALL Republicans standing together, he stood with the Democrats. That’s a traitor in my opinion. And he’s NOT for America. What did he do to try and stop this ACA MESS? Nothing, nada, nil. He just cheered and talked his senile BS when it was all over. Traitor of the worst kind. I don’t judge his captivity. I judge his destruction of America the several DECADES. He’s spent more time filling his pockets than he did in captivity. He’s going to live a long and RICH lifestyle – on OUR tax dollars. Thanks for nothing. He’s a senile old man that needs to GO.

          • 5live5

            Bev, as a Viet Nam vet, I feel that pain you speak of. I have family members and friends that came back the same way. I had a friend that came back, stood on a street corner and shot three people. One day he was in a war zone, the next home. no down time between. that said, until you have walked a mile in a prisoner of wars shoes, or as it is, bare feet, you should not judge him.

          • BevM

            I’m not judging his service. But he’s helping the destruction of America. For that he DOES deserve judgement. He’s there for HIMSELF and not for WE THE PEOPLE, nor the Constitution he took an oath to protect and obey. All of the damage he’s done in the senate doesn’t make up for what he went through 50 years ago. I lost a brother (he didn’t die, I just lost him) in Viet Nam. He didn’t come home and use his service to advance any agenda like McShame does. He just lost his REAL life. McShame should be ashamed of his DISservice to the country

          • 5live5

            bev, we have no disagreement.

          • CherokeeDan

            McCains’ disability was caused when he ejected from his A-4. I’ve never heard him say that he was tortured in the manner you describe (others were). No one who wasn’t a POW should criticize him for his time spent as a prisoner. My problem with him is his tenur as a U S Senator (my Senator). He is the poster boy for a RINO. He just announced that he will probably run for reelection in 2016. If he does and he is not primaried, I will vote for his democrat opponent and urge other conservatives to do the same. I have not voted democrat since Jimmy Carter made me a Republican and it pains me to do so but if that is what it takes to finally remove this corpulent tick from our backs, then so be it. This guy has got to go.

          • 5live5

            Dig a little deeper. you and I agree 100% on his record as a politician. He’s scum in that arena. I refuse to degrade ANY POWs record, not having been one myself. I don’t think I have the right!

          • MargaretJacobson

            A lifetime of Thanks .

          • 57Bootsy

            Thank you Sir for your service & your love for our country. We are a better nation because of you.

          • Joseph Jr

            As a fellow veteran I salute you and thank you for the sacrifices you must have endured. God bless. As for McCain it is possible to appreciate his service but hate his politics. I do.

          • Ann

            Mr. Roberts, I am so very proud of you. Thank you for your service to this country You must be a sterling individual. I only wish there were a million more of you!

          • lgwatson

            Welcome home and thank you for your service. We owe you more than we can repay.

          • Tejanojack

            Me too, Bill. I’ve always despised McCain and was fully aware of what a charlatan he has always been. He has always been an unprincipled fence straddler with lots of money and only motivated by makeing more. He is hateful, vindictive and vengeful with a wrathful temper. He is not a nice man and does not give a damn about anything but John McCain.

            I served in Vietnam for two years ’68-’70 and in Iraq in ’05. No hero here, but I volunteered both times and would do it again, if I were able. Just too damned old now. Besides love of my country, my motive is to lend a hand to those, like you, who sacrifice so much.
            Welcome home, Buddy, Mike Steele

          • BevM

            Thank you Sir for your many years of Service to our country! It’s because of Patriots like you that don’t use your Service to further your career but did what you did because you love our country.

            God Bless you! You are what makes America great, Sir!

        • Frank629


          • technicallysane

            Very good point.

          • BevM

            Rubio is now a traitor in many people’s minds. He still has the nerve to show his face and pretend like he was never one of the buddies of the Progressives that are destroying America. No apologies, just hope everyone forgets? He has no clue as to the damage he’s done to himself and to his chances of EVER being trusted again. We’re TIRED, we’re MAD AS HELL and we’re SICK OF BEING LIED TO by people like him. Sorry Marco, you blew it. You have zero cred.

          • 5live5

            Rubio is just another Christie. somebodies favorite of the day and the day is gone. THAT is why I keep harping on RESEARCH!!! KNOW who you support BEFORE you give the support!

          • BevM

            AMEN!! That’s why people need to research before voting!! Especially Barry Soetoro. But I’m afraid we wouldn’t be in much better shape than we are now. Some maybe, but not much. He’s a progressive and not to be trusted. The RNC needs to stop picking the Republican candidates! But Barry is the worst person that ever walked the walls of OUR White House.
            He pushes for Planned Parenthood. I hate to say it, but I’m going to…
            If Roe v Wade had passed before ’61, Barry never would have made it. He’s so for giving “unPlanned” Parenthood OUR tax dollars and so pro-abortion, wonder if he knows Margaret Sanger started PP to rid us of the Black race?!
            I liked Barry in the very beginning. But then I started studying him. I got sick to my stomach. I cried the night he “won” even though I hadn’t liked McShame for years. Then in ’12 when he “won” again, I REALLY cried. I don’t fear for myself, but I have a wonderful daughter that does excellent in school and has a promising future. She will be one of the ones to suffer for the choices of the low information idiots that wanted Barry and OUR money. The young that talk smack NOW will see someday that we were right all along… IF America makes it that long.

          • 5live5

            As soon as OHbummer started his campaign, I saw that as a senator except for few cases, he voted “present” and I thought we needed a DECISION maker, not a wuss!! I didn’t like him from the start!

          • BevM

            Please don’t call him OH-bummer. I’m from OH and don’t want my state to be associated that traitor! Call him ANYTHING but don’t start his name with my home state :) Call him LIAR!! That fits! MANY names fit him, all of the ones he called us!

          • 5live5

            I don’t hyphenate it. Is it to say OH! Bummer!!

          • BevM

            Just kidding! OH used to be a more red than blue state – until Barry Hussein “won” the last two elections, thanks to major voter fraud. Just seeing my state associated with this traitor makes me sick. HE makes me sick!
            Have a good week :) Peace! And pray for IMPEACHMENT. God only knows there are MANY offenses of guilt.

          • BevM

            I try to cut Rubio a bit of slack since he’s so young, but I can’t. He still should have known better. For him to do a 180 like he did told me enough. But Christie is a big fat PROGRESSIVE. To call him a Democrat would be too kind. I keep hearing he’s going to be the next R POTUS candidate. Do I not vote? I’d LOVE to see Dr. Benjamin Carson run – and win! He’s a brain surgeon. VERY smart. I love to listen to him talk on TV. And he can be believed. We’d REALLY have our first black president, not this half-breed Socialist dictator wannabe.

          • 5live5

            So far, I agree on Carson, so far. I got screwed by Christie at first, won’t happen again. I will wait till the week before the primary to decide who gets my support and till then, it’ll be Research, research, and then some research!!

        • Anthony13

          Shame isn’t an accurate description for how I feel about John McCain’s “service” to the U.S. Revulsion is more like it. If I’m ashamed of anyone, it’s the people of Arizona for returning him to the Senate after he had been exposed nationally as a fraud. He talks the conservative talk when it’s time to run for his seat, but has NEVER walked the walk. I know that when he takes a stand endorsed by the GOP it won’t be permanent – it’s just for publicity, as he’s generally the first Republican Senator to change his stance and align himself with the liberals. We should remember that his reputation as a ‘maverick’ came from his defiance of the GOP. It’s not a badge of honor by any stretch of the imagination.

          • Fredrick Neal Rehders

            Anthony, is the 13, behind your name, your age or IQ? Joe the Dumber writes a blog and all the sheeple fall in line. You are being mis-led, folks… do your homework. I hate McCain’s politics and he definitely is a RINO, but he served our country with honor and endured untold pain in the infamous Hanoi Hilton.

          • Anthony13

            That crack about “13” is as old as Moses’ toes. Try to be more original.

            Anyway, I’m not in the least misled. We’re talking about his record as a Senator, not as a member of the military. And, truth be told, what he went through as a POW does NOT give him carte blanche to stick it to the American people every chance he gets.

          • Fredrick Neal Rehders

            I agree with you about McCain’s politics. I don’t like politicians that claim to be conservatives and vote with the socialists. I am a member of DAV and PVA. I see a lot of folks that are clueless regarding the military and are quick to shoot from the lip. (yeah, I know… that’s an old cliche). I was being snide, when commenting on your #13 and you were right to call me on it. I’m not sure what you meant about John Kerry being an exception, I’m not even sure he is an upgrade from disasterous Hillery Clinton.

          • Anthony13

            I agree that Kerry is no better than Clinton. My comment about him being an exception is that he, along with McCain, went on to a career in politics. While there are a very few other politicians who were Vietnam vets, he was the only one who came to mind as I was typing. I believe Chuck Hagel (another disappointing politician who is now the Secretary of Defense) and Bob Kerrey are a couple of others. But Kerry, the current SecState, and McCain are the two who refer the most to their Vietnam service.

            Regarding Hillary – her appointment was a political payoff, nothing more. She had absolutely no experience on the international stage; her lack of experience in such a role was appallingly insufficient for such a sensitive and important position. She made one mistake after another, and the repercussions still haven’t been fully felt. And Kerry hasn’t shown that he can do any better. He’s been schooled by the Russians twice already, and that can only weaken his bargaining power with other countries who are more adept at getting what they want when dealing with the U.S. Our weakness at the State Department is deplorable, and the jury is still out with the Defense Department under Hagel.

          • 5live5

            Anthony, you would be amiss if you forget good ole’ Charlie Rangel!!! RVN 70-71 Crew chief/door gunner.

          • Anthony13

            Thanks for the info. Charlie is another deplorable POS politician, despite his military contributions.

          • Anthony13

            Having trashed McCain, I would be remiss if I didn’t hold the feet of my own state’s Senators to the fire for doing essentially the same thing he has done. Johnny Isakson and Saxby Chambliss (R-Georgia) are two of the worst RINOs in the Senate, and even though they are fellow alumni of UGA I can’t overlook their horrible record while in office.

            While neither introduces much in the way of legislation in the Senate, they have an atrocious record of voting for the legislation of others that is unpopular with their conservative constituency. In a manner, they are no better than McCain – the only difference being that they aren’t nationally known for their “say one thing, do another” actions. Thankfully, Chambliss is retiring. It will be up to the voters to oust Isakson when his re-election bid comes up. Sad to say, I’m ashamed of the voters in my own state for keeping both of these RINOs in office. I shouldn’t criticize Arizona’s GOP voters for their re-election of McCain without giving full disclosure as to my own state’s Republican voters failure to behave any differently.

            Only after ALL of the RINOs are shown the door will the conservative element of the GOP be able to make headway and return the U.S. back to a healthy respect for – and adherence to – our Constitution. Clearly (and sadly), Georgia’s current Senators are unable or unwilling to be part of the latter group of the Republican party.

          • Fredrick Neal Rehders

            Well, it’ obvious that I mis-judged you. It’s apparent you’ve done your homework. Texas had two RINO Senators in John Cornyn and Kay Bailey Hutchinson. KBH retired, last year and Ted Cruz was elected. Unfortunately Cornyn will be difficult to dislodge. I think that we might be on the same page, Anthony.

          • Anthony13

            I believe that a repeal of the 17th Amendment might be a step in the right direction. Returning the election of U.S. Senators to the states’ legislatures will give the states more representation in federal government affairs, and that’s an important role given the federal government’s ever-increasing encroachment on states’ rights. It will also make those Senators more responsive to their respective states. Obviously, the direct vote has not proven to be a corrective measure in any respect, and has also given rise to the power of special interests groups in determining Senate representation in Congress. State legislatures have, in turn, suffered a loss of power, something that has helped to stifle those who favor states’ rights.

            Since there really isn’t a cohesive movement to repeal the 17th Amendment, I’m not sure what the answer is. I do know that until and unless we do something to curb the influence of special interests the U.S. will continue to suffer from poor leadership in both houses of Congress.

          • ShamanBlair

            Bug off, you name-calling person! You sound like a liberal. Go AWAY. No-one agrees with your opinion, here, & NOW, you call others here names? GROW the hell UP! Blocking your blather from now on.

          • Fredrick Neal Rehders

            I was unable to hide my contempt for such negative opinions based on Demonrat slime propaganda against honorable military service. FYI, I am a veteran and a Constitutional Conservative. I earned my opinions, how about you Shaman? Do you have any military experience? I do not like John McCains politics, but he earned my respect with his military service and the horrible physical and mental punishment endured over almost six years of torture in the Hanoi Hilton. You can block my “blather” all you want, you self-rightous S.O.B.

          • Carl Peal

            Practice what you preach and do your OWN homework. McCain is a traitor, both in the military and in Congress. The proof is out there. Find it yourself or you will never believe it.

          • Carl Peal

            The people of Arizona know now, and I suspect that is why McC was contemplating retirement. Why now the statements he may run again? I doubt he gets it this time.

          • Anthony13

            He’s had his ego stroked for so long that he now has an incurably bloated sense of self-importance. Obama obviously doesn’t have a monopoly on narcissism inside the Beltway. It’s a condition that afflicts a good number of our so-called ‘public servants’. These parasites leech off of the goodwill of their constituencies, forgetting what they were originally elected to do and becoming completely unaware that they have worn out their welcome in the process. I hope the voters of Arizona make it patently clear that McCain has, indeed, done just that. And I hope that other states do the same with their own parasitic members of Congress. If we don’t get a handle on our elected leadership the country will truly be relegated to the dustbin of history as just another failed experiment in self-government.

      • cdansreau


        • Fredrick Neal Rehders

          I think I am done, here!

      • CharlieInIrving

        I second that, Mary! If daddy hadn’t been an admiral, he would never have gotten to Vietnam. I’m sick to death of Republicans who team up with the worst (Kennedy, Feingold, Kerry, etc.) even the Democrat party has to offer, just for the purpose of gang-banging the Constitution they swore to protect and defend. For God’s sake, won’t someone get a rope?

    • Lynn Kearny


    • Kerry McCain Clown

      The best thing Traitor McCain can do is put a bullet in his head.

      • Sama

        no reason to speak like the ‘other side’.

        • rainstar

          sama….POLITICAL CORRECTNESS IS ALSO NO REASON TO NOT MAKE OUR THOUGHTS AND WORDS…CRYSTAL CLEAR. For now…that is. Later….will be the sound of how Americans really feel.
          Pray…vote…buy more ammo

          • BevM

            rainstar, I LOVE how you end all of your posts.

            “Pray… vote… buy more ammo”

            All I can add is stock up on food and water. Get ready for the coming ugliness. The PROGRESSIVES are going to get really ugly before the midterms and the DEMOCRATS are going to get the voter FRAUD ready to go. Read my post above to see how they can LEGALLY commit voter fraud and the Republicans can do nothing about it. It’s a reply to you, about an hour ago from now. Don’t know if you read it, but we MUST contact our “representatives” (LOL) and have this changed. We only have a year. Not much time, especially in govt. time. We CAN’T allow the Dems to take total control of all three branches again. We’re DONE for sure if they do. Obama won’t have to write EO’s anymore. He’ll have a compliant Senate AND House. Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and Rand Paul will be tarred and feathered.

          • 5live5

            Bev, As a sort of prepper, Been there, done that, got the t-shirt!

      • Fredrick Neal Rehders

        You put a bullet in your foot when you talk smack about things you know nothing about.

    • Virginia Cavalier

      Somewhat ashamed? Why only somewhat ashamed? Is that not like being a little pregnant? We as Conservatives, Christian Conservatives if I might, must stop being so considerate to those who trespass against us…

      • violater1

        Well said Ms. Virginia well said! I agree whole heartedly!

      • rainstar

        Well said Virginia. Cannot speak for the rest of America? But as for our area? Will be no forgiveness…just retribution. No other country fights with such shock and awe as a American Patriot.
        Pray….vote….buy more ammo.

        • 5live5

          rainstar, not being snide, just curious. Where did you serve? I used to know a guy that used that very name for his “handle” on the CB.

      • .madashell

        In this case, turning the other cheek just leaves us with totally bruised and bleeding a$$es.
        Stop it !
        Now !

      • 5live5

        I agree with you, if you mean his politics and I’ve been a conservative since 1968! I have changed little over the years except to now say I am a FISCALLY RESPONSIBLE conservative!

    • PPTA

      Yes, some like me still remember. Over 2500 were left there, why, to insure that congress, which was Democract controlled, would pay, the war damages. The cost was agreed upon, including the price. But the Democrats would not pay. That was when I got out of the Democrat party. Money was worth more than the Americans who were in the slave labor camps. Those men died there. Missing in action. Used as slave labor. To me, those democrats, and the leadership of the Democrat party are scum. I will carry those thoughts until the descent Democrats, the working people, take their party back.

      • toenail

        Very true. Not a lot of people know that the Democrats were responsible for this tragedy.

        • Harvey Melton

          And traitor Kerry signed us all off to the UN under agenda 21. these traitors day will come.

        • Judyann J

          I applaud your 20/20 vision! For some 20 years I’ve been trying to tell Dems, your party no longer exists, has been fully coopted by progressives (Socialists/Marxist by any other name).
          As to McCain, my brother and I have been butting heads about him forever it seems. Him with a long standing McCain love affair (yet insisting he is a staunch conservative), me just completely FED UP with the McCain steady menu of crap sandwiches. Just how many miles, how many more years of near treasonous damage do we allow him in lieu of his military service? Even Benedict Arnold eventually “paid the piper.”

          • John Proctor

            McCain is an idiot. Listen to him speak, when he finishes a sentence he laughs. What the hell is so funny the man laughs. He can’t say a serious word because he thinks he has the wool pulled over ours and that to him is funny.

            Our one term Congressman Tim Griffin says he’s not running for a second term. Why are SOS many leaving congress? Do they know something we don’t. We are acting like a bunch of blind sheep and just complaining not doing anything to stop this crap. I’m part of the problem so I’m not pointing fingers. I just want a leader to step forward and lead us and I’ll follow. I’m an old man with not a lot of years left and it kills me to leave this country like this for my children.

          • Michael Grubbs

            Ditto, John. May the sheep dog militia rise up at the community, city, county, and state levels. We need much smaller defense forces in all branches to defend our still barely sovereign nation, losing none of our boys policing the globe for “peace”.

          • cardnut

            John Proctor, I agree that the future of our country is in doubt, but it’s NOT John McCain’s fault! Don’t you see how much better off our country would be if HE had been elected in 2008?

          • Earl D Henry Jr.

            Are you stuck on stupid … or what????????????? “

          • cardnut

            You Tea Partiers are stuck on stupid! Don’t you realize that with a Dem as POTUS and a Dem-controlled Senate, you will never get anything done? We need to retake the presidency and Senate, and it’s not going to happen with your “my way or the highway” third party screeching. Get real. No moderate or independent voter is going to go along with you.

          • Grizzly Adams

            Card nut Those leading the Rep. are weak

            , the best that they can say is, we are doing the best we can

          • relayman

            I wished we could say we couldn’t “get anything done.” It the “anything” that the present WH occupant wants it gets due in large part to gutless, left leaning RINO republicans that in the end give it what it wants all along all in the name of “bipartisanship” and “working with the other party across the aisle” crap. We Conservatives want people who stand by the Constitution, not the republican party.

          • SickofPoliticks

            So, because he lost he has to roll over like a lapdog for the Dems and screw every Conservative he can along the way? I don’t know if our country would be much better off. I do believe it wouldn’t be as bad off as it is with Obama. But that’s only because McCain doesn’t have the b@lls that Valerie Jarrett has.

          • Grizzly Adams

            Remember McCain said that Obama would make a good President.

          • DixieAngel_76


          • Joseph Kerns

            You have lost your mind

          • relayman

            I held my nose to vote for the troll from Arizona, hoping he’d win, then be incapacitated in a short time, and Sarah Palin could be sworn in.

          • cardnut

            Now THAT would have been an interesting development! I like her very much as a person and a pundit, but president is a bit over her head, in my opinion.

          • 5live5

            Judyann, this is not the Republican party of old, as well!! I allow McCain nothing politically, I didn’t even vote for him as I felt then and still do that he THREW the election on purpose. Politically, he is SCUM. As a vet, I will not judge him for his service. Kerry, on the other hand is the lowest of the low to have tried to put himself in for a medal! THAT is scum!

          • cardnut

            5live5, I agree with you about Kerry. But John McCain is not scum of any kind. He didn’t throw the election, and to my mind would have made a great president.

          • SickofPoliticks

            If McCain isn’t scum, than he’s too senile to know what a traitor he is to Conservatives. A great president. Absolutely no way. Better than Obama? Yes. But there aren’t too many that could or would be worse.

          • relayman

            No, mccain is a scumbag. He saves his most vile, vulgar, and vicious attacks on those in his own party actually trying to defend the Constitution, while praising its enemies. He does this often since it gets the MSM instantly fawning and slobbering all over him.

          • cardnut

            You are sick! He knew that Americans would blame Republicans for a government shutdown. You nitwits cut your nose off to spite your face!! Brilliant!!!

          • relayman

            When are you and other idiot RINO’s going top realize that as the WH occupant’s socialist schemes unravel, no matter what the republicans do, they will get the blame from the MSM for all negatives. Their propaganda works well on you it appears. What is false in what I posted concerning the Arizona troll?

          • cardnut

            What is false? Start with “McCain is a scumbag.” Etcetera. YOU are vile, vulgar and vicious! You obviously don’t understand how to come together with people who don’t exactly believe as you do and effect a compromise. This (compromising) is necessary for civilized people to live together in harmony.
            Also, Senator McCain is not a “troll.” Where did you get that?

          • relayman

            You still don’t get it. It is not a matter of compromising with people that differ in opinion but still have the same values and love of country. Mccain and his ilk, and obviously you too, believe that it is ok to “compromise” away other people’s liberty and property to people who have no regard and reject the Rule of Law–all for the sake of getting along. Stupid, it doesn’t win votes. If it did mccain would be president and the RINO’s would rule. Where do you get the stupid notion that being a little more like the other guy, abandoning your core beliefs, wins over supporters of the other guy? Which the “toll” does over and over. That has never worked. Did the MSM flock to mccain in 2008, when they said he was the ideal republican candidate. Once he was in, out came the vicious liberal ridicule Conservatives rightly predicted would come. The point is, every time people like you and senator “I can work with the other side” actually does, we all loose a little more liberty and freedom. But senator “open borders to foreign invaders” can smile in the cameras and heap praise on his “democrat friends,” and curse genuine Conservatives defending the Constitution. That’s why he is a troll, and deserves no respect and honor.

          • cardnut

            YOU don’t get it! Living together in a country with people who have diverse political opinions requires being open to compromise and sharing. You don’t seem to realize this — if it’s not what you want, it’s not happening! Sorry, you are not going to get your way, and you are going to go through life feeling like you were shafted. I don’t think that we can ever agree on anything, so let’s end this meaningless dialogue, okay?

          • 5live5

            cardnut, have you even looked at his stance lately on immigration? Have you followed his acceptance of policies put forward by Ohbummer?? He has turned on the true conservative people he said he would represent! I put him only a shade above OHbummer!

          • cardnut

            He is a pragmatist. He is a realist. Unlike you!

          • relayman

            Both are 100% scum. His service to our country began when he took an oath to preserve protect and defend the Constitution as a Naval officer. That oath, did not come with an expiration date, so ANY dishonorable action in violation of that solemn oath reflects on his total service to this country. I hope this clears that up.

      • Kent2012

        that was not the only tragedy…these clowns turned off the help to ARVN, who had already proven that they could, and would hold their own, against the NVA with air support and continued arms resupply…the scum in Washington abandoned them and spit on those that gave their life for South Vietnamese and those of us who gave a portion of our lives to stop the trash communists from being successful, now we have one in the oval office…..thanks to democrats, welfare pukes, and idiots……

        • Robert Wysznski

          Kent2012 is so right! There would be a South Vietnam today if it wasn’t for the senate and house demorats that cut off the funding when the American Military had literaly kicked the hell out of th Commie North! But the complicit left wing news media with Walter Cronkite brainwashed the sheeple American public that we meaning US Military was losing when in fact we had them beat! Cut them off in Cambodia and Laos and take it to them in North Viet nam at Hanoi and Haiphong and you can bet your ass the commies would of stoped! Our Demorat government sold out South Vietnam!

          • MargaretJacobson

            We were sold out to north Vietnam, north Korea , china and Russia too ! We backed down to Cuba also !

          • Kent2012

            thanks, Robert

          • Chik

            And Korea.

        • Anthony13

          The U.S. fought the early years of the Vietnam ‘Conflict’ with one arm tied behind its back. We effectively won almost every battle, yet eventually allowed the opposition to win the war. A Democratic Congress led us into that conflagration, and a Democratic Congress both crippled the American military and sold out the South Vietnamese at the end.

          I may not have agreed with Germany’s political stance during the First World War, but I can understand the bewilderment of German soldiers after their government’s surrender, when they were still standing on the soil of their adversaries. It’s an unconscionable dereliction of responsibility to desert your soldiers on the field, but that’s what happened to the German Army under the Kaiser and his successor government(s), and it’s exactly what happened to the U.S. military in Vietnam under Congress, what with their ass-kissing ineptitude in regard to the NVA and its allies.

        • 5live5

          Kent, even wre, there are some Chiu hoi troops that were NVA, killed American troops, surrendered and now live in the US while a lot of Yards went to the “reducation” camps to be tortured and killed. they fought along side American troops with as little as crossbows! Also at the time of the bombing of the ho chi minh trail and Hanoi, the NVA were almost ready to come to the bargaining table as we were hurting them. then miracle of miracles the bombing stopped. This was revealed in the documentary Viet Nam the 2000 day war. It was admitted to by the retired commanding general of North Viet Nam.

          • Kent2012

            Yes, Giap knew his stuff was week, but with the communists firing up the cowards and the “no information voter” of the 60s and 70s right here in our own front yard, we not only backed off we backed down. They were on the ropes. It might have created another patrolled DMZ, such as the 38th in Korea, but it would have been worth it and South Viet Nam might have become the economic powerhouse that South Korea has evolved into. It has been suggested that this very act was a suggestion to the towels, such as been laudin, that the USA is a paper tiger. I hope that we elect an American to the office of president this next time around and all the little communist wannabes that kenyan boy has brought into DC are cut loose…..P.S. our guys eliminated the real VC during the Tet offensive, but Americans got a line of crap from that media clown walter concrete….

      • rainstar

        Are there any real “decent” liberals, progressives, socialists and communists?. There will be no “fence straddlers”….when it starts. I refuse to even try to debate anything with a democrat. Nor will I ever ask for their assistance. A RINO….is simply a traitor to the United States of America. We all know the penalty for treason. I definitely am a member of the “working people”. Damn sure am not a a democrat either. I am a Constitutional Conservative.
        Pray….vote…buy more ammo. If need be? Vote from the rooftops

        • Lawrence Brown

          YES RAINSTAR

          • MargaretJacobson

            Sewers too ! Back alleys ! Woods ! Deserted streets!

        • WerewolfVm

          I prefer actually arresting them all and sentence them not to life but to a death sentence instead. They all know the difference between right and wrong. They all know the difference between patriotism and treason. I actually would love to see the guillotine brought back into use, just like back in the French Revolution. Off with their heads! I believe in stocks, caning, horsewhipping, tar and feathering and allowing one bullet suicide as well. I am retired military and I haven taken my oath very seriously, I despise all those who are traitors. Death is too good for them! Jail time is too easy on them! We need to make examples for others to see what we do to traitors and it’s seriousness.

          • BevM

            Thank you for your Service to America. It’s greatly appreciated. I just wish our elected “representatives” saw Patriotism and their Oath to protect the country from all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC, and to obey their oaths to the Constitution. I’m not military but have extreme respect for those that served. I got a job right out of high school and after 32 years, I’m disabled with many spinal problems, not by choice. It’s in my nature to work, I hate this. But now I have lots of time to pay attention to what they’re doing to our great nation, to what they’ve done to the Service of yourself and millions of others. It seems that it gets worse by the day. We must pray for CONSERVATIVES, not Republicans, to take the Senate and get more House seats. Thank God for the Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and Rand Paul Senators and Louis Gohmert and a few other great Representatives. McShame calls them “whacko birds” and has called them many other ugly names, proving his own act of treason for all to see. Disrespecting those that are doing what they were elected to do, in my opinion, IS treason. WE THE PEOPLE are getting raped and it seems it will never end. The only small consolation – those that voted for him are the ones that will suffer the most under Obama’s dictatorship. I’m older and unable to do much of anything, the Death Panels will take care of me. The young have no hope. I only pray for my own kids and grandkids and those of people like us that see what’s going on but aren’t taken seriously. And I think Senators should NEVER get SIX YEAR TERMS!! That’s WAY too long to do too much damage. Do we have any chance of salvaging the America that our Patriots and Founders created?

            With Common Core, the newest brainwashing of our kids many schools are implementing, they’re changing history, taking away America’s greatness and even trying to add America’s “rich MUSLIM heritage.” This sounds to me like Barry Hussein wants to be dictator. And I also believe in punishment for treason as you do. The guillotine should be brought back or public hangings like we saw with Saddam Hussein (the first Hussein). The Declaration of Independence says it’s our DUTY to oust administrations like the one we have.

            “That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

            If ever America’s experienced a LONG TRAIN OF ABUSES AND USURPATIONS, it would be the last several decades. Bush Sr (welcoming the New World Order), Clinton (author of the Community Reinvestment Act and caused the Housing Crisis blamed on Bush Jr.), Bush Jr (“Patriot” Act), then Obama is ALL OF THEM TOGETHER on steroids. I’m sure it starts before them, but that’s what I remember, what I’ve really paid attention to. Before I went on SSD, I worked mostly seven days a week and between working and family, I rarely had time to pay this much attention. Obama is the worst of the worst. But anyone that checked him out BEFORE the the ’08 elections, he would have never had a chance. The Founders allowed only landowners to vote. No skin in the game, no vote. We need to allow only TAXPAYERS to vote. That would change everything. The TAKERS wouldn’t be voting in “freebies”. The Democrats wouldn’t be “winning” elections. The entire dynamic of the country would change.

          • DixieAngel_76

            You make some good points, but not about allowing only land owners to vote. I do agree, however that as long as someone is on welfare their right to vote should be suspended. Why should they be allowed to vote themselves a living on other people’s money. Hmmm, come to think of it, under those rules there would be a lot of people in government who would suddenly stop being paid.

          • BevM

            I didn’t say only land owners could vote. I said the Founders allowed only land owners to vote so only people with skin in the game had a say. I said only TAXPAYERS should be able to vote. You have a good point – people on welfare should not be allowed to vote. Same concept as mine. That would change EVERYTHING and Barry NEVER would have stepped a foot in OUR White House nor done all of the damage he’s done and will continue to do.

            Look up his EO #13603. He gave himself power to be a dictator – do ANYTHING he wants without Congress. We’re no longer a Republic, thanks to the low information, generation WELFARE LIFESTYLE. We need to take back the Senate in ’14 and keep the House, get a CONSERVATIVE president in ’16. DON’T donate to the RNC and call them and tell them to STOP picking our moderate candidates. I’m tired of voting for the lesser of two evils. Romney DID NOT win the nomination. The RNC gave it to him. The Electoral College also needs to go.

          • 5live5

            Werewolve, you might be surprised to find out all the places there are Oathkeepers. God Bless, brother!

        • BevM

          This is something that needs to be brought up to EVERY senator and congressperson. It’s ILLEGAL for Republicans to question Democrat vote counts. Not well known but needs to be. If not for this legislation 30 years ago, we’d be in a different country right now. Long, but worth the read. SHARE IT EVERYWHERE!!!

          Republicans CAN’T LEGALLY challenge DEMOCRAT VOTER FRAUD —

          There is now compelling and undeniable evidence that MAJOR vote fraud had been perpetrated in the November 2012 Election.

          But our screaming and hollering are to no avail. No one is listening to us. Not even the Republican Party. Here’s why….

          The Republican Party made an agreement 30 years ago with the Democrat Party NOT to ensure voting integrity and NOT to pursue suspected vote fraud.

          Yes. You read it correctly.

          In fact, legally the GOP cannot ensure voting integrity, nor can it prevent vote fraud.

          Here’s the astounding reason, which is kept from the American people.

          PolitiJim writes for Gulag Bound, November 13, 2012, that during the weekly True the Vote webcast, Catherine Engelbrecht related a meeting she had with Reince Priebus, the chairman of the Republican National Committee (RNC), asking what the GOP would do about voter integrity. The answer?
          (Remember her? The one Obama’s IRS targeted AND audited hers and her husband’s businesses?)

          Nothing. They aren’t legally able to.

          This all goes back to a lawsuit 31 years ago, in 1981. The following is compiled from an account on The Judicial View, a legal website specializing in court decision research and alerts, and from “Democratic National Committee v Republican National Committee,” Case No. 09-4615.

          In 1981, during the gubernatorial election in New Jersey (NJ), a lawsuit was brought against the RNC, the NJ Republican State Committee (RSC), and three individuals (John A. Kelly, Ronald Kaufman, and Alex Hurtado), accusing them of violating the Voting Rights Act of 1965 (VRA), 42 U.S.C. §§ 1971, 1973, and the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments to the Constitution of the United

          The lawsuit was brought by the Democratic National Committee (DNC), the NJ Democratic State Committee (DSC), and two individuals (Virginia L. Peggins and Lynette Monroe).

          The lawsuit alleged that:

          The RNC and RSC targeted minority voters in New Jersey in an effort to intimidate them.

          The RNC created a voter challenge list by mailing sample ballots to individuals in precincts with a high percentage of racial or ethnic minority registered voters. Then the RNC put the names of individuals whose postcards were returned as undeliverable on a list of voters to challenge at the polls.

          The RNC enlisted the help of off-duty sheriffs and police officers with “National Ballot Security Task Force” armbands, to intimidate voters by standing at polling places in minority precincts during voting. Some of the officers allegedly wore firearms in a visible manner.

          To settle the lawsuit, in 1982 — while Ronald Reagan was President (1981-1989) — the RNC and RSC entered into an agreement or Consent Decree, which is national in scope, limiting the RNC’s ability to engage or assist in voter fraud prevention unless the RNC obtains the court’s approval in advance. The following is what the RNC and RSC, in the Consent Decree, agreed they would do:

          In the future, in all states and territories of the United States:
          (a) comply with all applicable state and federal laws protecting the rights of duly qualified citizens to vote for the candidate(s) of their choice;

          (b) in the event that they produce or place any signs which are part of ballot security activities, cause said signs to disclose that they are authorized or sponsored by the party committees and any other committees participating with the party committees;

          (c) refrain from giving any directions to or permitting their agents or employees to remove or deface any lawfully printed and placed campaign materials or signs;

          (d) refrain from giving any directions to or permitting their employees to campaign within restricted polling areas or to interrogate prospective voters as to their qualifications to vote prior to their entry to a polling place;

          (e) refrain from undertaking any ballot security activities in polling places or election districts where the racial or ethnic composition of such districts is a factor in the decision to conduct, or the actual conduct of, such activities there and where a purpose or significant effect of such activities is to deter qualified voters from voting; and the conduct of such activities disproportionately in or directed toward districts that have a substantial proportion of racial or ethnic populations shall be considered relevant evidence of the existence of such a factor and purpose;

          (f) refrain from having private personnel deputized as law enforcement personnel in connection with ballot security activities.

          The RNC also agreed that the RNC, its agents, servants, and employees would be bound by the Decree, “whether acting directly or indirectly through other party committees.”

          As modified in 1987, the Consent Decree defined “ballot security activities” to mean “ballot integrity, ballot security or other efforts to prevent or remedy vote fraud.”

          Since 1982, that Consent Decree has been renewed every year by the original judge, Carter appointee District Judge Dickinson R. Debevoise, now 88 years old. Long retired, Debevoise comes back yearly for the SOLE purpose of renewing his 1982 order for another year.

          In 2010, the RNC unsuccessfully appealed “to vacate or modify” the Consent Decree
          in “Democratic National Committee v Republican National Committee,”
          Case No. 09-4615 (C.A. 3, Mar. 8, 2012). (I paid The Judicial Review $10 for the PDF of Case No. 09-4615 and uploaded the 59-page document to FOTM’s media library. Read Case No. 09-4615.)

          This is a summary of the appeals judge’s ruling, filed on March 8, 2012:

          In 1982, the Republican National Committee (“RNC”) and the Democratic National Committee (“DNC”) entered into a consent decree (the “Decree” or “Consent Decree”), which is national in scope, limiting the RNC’s ability to engage or assist in voter fraud prevention unless the RNC obtains the court’s approval in advance. The RNC appeals from a judgment of the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey denying, in part, the RNC’s Motion to Vacate or Modify the Consent Decree. Although the District Court declined to vacate the Decree, it did make modifications to the Decree. The RNC argues that the District Court abused its discretion by modifying the Decree as it did and by declining to vacate the Decree. For the following reasons, we will affirm the District Court’s judgment.

          Surprise! The judge who denied the RNC’s appeal to “vacate” the 1982 Consent Decree is an Obama appointee, Judge Joseph Greenaway, Jr., of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit.

          Guy Benson of Townhall.com points out that in last Tuesday’s election, Obama only won by 406,348 votes in 4 states: (and he won “by a landslide”!)

          Florida: 73,858

          Ohio: 103,481

          Virginia: 115,910

          Colorado: 113,099

          Those four states, with a collective margin of 406,348 votes for Obama, add up to 69 electoral votes. Had Romney won 407,000 or so additional votes in the right proportion in those states, he would have 275 electoral votes.

          All four states showed Romney ahead in the days leading up to the election. But on November 6, Romney lost all four states by a substantial margin, all of which have precincts that inexplicably went 99% for Obama, had voter registrations that exceeded their population, and had experienced problems with voting machines, people casting votes for Romney that changed to Obama. Poll workers promised to “fix them.” They sure did.

          This election was stolen by the Democrats via vote fraud. Despite all the evidence of fraud, the Republican Party has been strangely silent about it. This is why.

          Barry and Mooch just got back from Africa in Sept. 2013, spending $53 MILLION of our tax dollars to implement…. VOTER ID LAWS!! Isn’t that ironic?

          • lilolady

            Whoa, Bev! Thanks for the research. ‘Splains the constipated behavior of some of our Representatives. You can bet the opposition has taken full advantage of the bad judgement and/or coercion of the RNC of that day and age.
            Never the best at street fighting or chess for that matter.

          • BevM

            PLEASE copy and paste it, save it in your files and share it EVERYWHERE. Send a copy to your reps and senators. We HAVE to fight hard before the mid term elections in ’14 and take the Senate away from the Socialists and get more House seats. We need 60 Ted Cruz Senators and 535 Louis Gohmert Representatives. THEN Barry would have some competition and Harry Reid would no longer be Senate Leader. Barry and Harry are the most evil men in the govt. right now. And ONLY WE THE PEOPLE can stop them. But we can’t allow another stolen election. Barry didn’t win. They stole the White House. The Progressives have waited a century for this FUNDAMENTAL TRANSFORMATION of America. We have to stop it NOW!! We have ONE YEAR to get the word out! Get busy and send this info to everyone you know!!

          • ChicagoThunder1

            That entire debacle stinks of political espionage worthy of any spy agency.
            “Street Speak” The GOP got put together…

          • YellowJacket2

            Thank you for taking the time to give us one of the most informative posts I’ve ever read. Please keep them coming. People like you are vital in this age of news media corruption.
            Bless you Bev.

          • BevM

            Thanks for the compliment, but I’m now disabled after working all of my life and having several back surgeries, hoping to keep my good paying factory job of 28 years, I have Degenerative Disc Disease and my discs are slowly disappearing and my spine is curved and in constant pain, so I can’t do anything much, so I have plenty of time to pay attention and research. I was devastated, like most of you, when Barry “won” a second term. DON’T get me wrong, I’m NOT whining about my health situation. I believe everything happens for a reason, maybe the reason I had to give up my job and future (which is now VERY uncertain) is to do this – help save our REPUBLIC. I fear a lot of what I learn, I listen to talk radio and then check out what I hear. Glenn Beck is a Patriot and a great source of information. Don’t remember where I got the post about the Dem. voter fraud but have Carbonite on my laptop and if I didn’t, I’d have lost it. The part in the post about the 25 year poll worker was in Cincinnati and I’m in OH, once a RED as can be state, turning purple and I’m afraid blue soon.

            I used to have a Facebook account. There was someone , one of the groups I was in that posted a ____.gov website (lost that one, wish I still had it!) that had a list of all “domestic terrorists” on it. I got on, there were pages and pages of names, and there was MINE!! Not long after, I got rid of it and got software that keeps anyone from spying on my computer. I’m a DOMESTIC TERRORIST! Believe me at your own risk! LOL
            Before I got the DoNotTrackMe Software, I could never get anything posted without my computer going back to the last page I’d been on, losing my text. So it was money well spent.
            Something else to think about – go to You Tube and type in “Shelia Jackson Lee and Martial Law” and see what they have planned. It’s not pretty. Barry Soetoro has plans for America and they have nothing to do with the Constitution, besides totally trashing it. Check it out, then some of the videos they suggest. Some of the Socialist Democrats just spit out the truth without trying. They can’t help themselves. Just like Pelousy with Obamadoesn’tcare TAX – “we have to hurry and pass this law so you can see what’s in it!” So much for Barry’s promise to have “all legislation online for five days so Americans can read it before a vote.” THEY don’t even read it before a vote!
            God bless and stock up on ammo!

          • 5live5

            Bev, if we had a congress with a (ill be polite) a backbone, I doubt they would have any problem getting court approval when some precincts were reporting returns of 105% and 110%, OBVIOUS FRAUD.

          • BevM

            Very true. There was a woman in Cincinnati, interviewed on TV and bragged that she had worked the polls for 25 years and was proud to have voted for Obama SEVEN times. Some absentee, some in person, in her name and in others’ names but all her address. She’s now in prison for Voter Fraud but as far as I know, she’s the only one. She wouldn’t be if she hadn’t run her mouth on TV. But Barry “won” with only a little over 400k votes and they call it a LANDSLIDE! The same scenario was in several precincts in OH and in PA, I’m sure other places. But he was never Elected. He was SElected – for his willingness to happily destroy America. The Democrats even have a Socialist Caucus. And they get mad when you call them Socialists. Idiots, all. Proud INDEPENDENT!!

          • BevM

            @ lilolady, seeing your name reminded me I have some internet searches to do! Glad I saw your name! I’ll put that on my list of things to do and get on it tomorrow!

      • BevM

        I had no idea about this. My brother was in Viet Nam but would never talk about it. He was never the same, even to this day. He moved and never gave any of us a new address so I don’t know where he is. I was young when he came home, too young to realize what was going on. I wish I knew where he was, but he got heavily in to alcohol and drugs. The older I get, the more I understand why. My brother came home, but not Bill. Some other man that looked like him. I miss him terribly. I have for decades.

        • ShamanBlair

          I had a friend, a gentle young man, who changed completely from his Nam tour. When he returned, his actions…he got deeply into drugs, & was never the same again. It still mikes me cry, seeing how different the war left him. It really ruined him!

          • BevM

            We all have the same story. And now this administration is purposefully turning returning Vets in to druggies, or so I’ve read, and diagnosing them with mental diseases so they can’t possess a firearm. That’s just WRONG.

          • ShamanBlair

            That just literally (a word I NEVER confuse with figuratively!) makes me sick to my stomach! I often cry these days, seeing the ugly, evil, MEAN stuff the tyrants in charge are doing! I’ve read others who say they’re sad, too. I want to fight, but all I’m physically able to do, now, (given that I’m even too disabled to earn money),all I can manage is to write.

            I sign petitions, vote (hoping my vote is counted, not hacked or out done by dead people), blog online like this, or on a website that gets he word out…but God help me, I almost dream of taking a weapon to D.C, & cleaning (the White) House.

            Someone on one of these rooms called it The Spitehouse, & I think that is altogether, too apt. May God have mercy on all of us; even though we didn’t vote for BO, I think, in a way, we =were too tolerant,= allowing such monsters to grow & slowly brainwash people INTO getting him in! I should have prayed harder. We ALL should pray, now! I think, finally, we shouldn’t pray for God to be on our side, but for US to be on His!

          • dd

            you are nuts

        • dmr2701

          My brother was also in Viet Nam and it took a drastic toll. He told me recently for ten years after he was stoned (to dull the pain). I didn’t even know he’d been wounded until 2010, when he showed me the scar and had me feel the bullet still in his side. War is a dreadful thing and should only be entered into as a last resort of self-defense, in my opinion.

          Bev, are you the lady with Black box that’s knows all about the voting fraud and the electronic voting machine fraud?

          • BevM

            I totally agree with you. I’m just glad you still have your brother. I miss mine. And it’s terrible, how the govt. is treating the Troops now. Diagnosing them with mental disorders so they lose their RIGHTS to own firearms. THAT is just wrong.

            And I believe I am the one that posted the info about the Democrats and Voter Fraud, the reason the Republicans can’t LEGALLY question Democrat poll counts. I’ll post it again to see if this is what you’re talking about.

            Republicans CAN’T LEGALLY challenge DEMOCRAT VOTER FRAUD —

            There is now compelling and undeniable evidence that MAJOR vote fraud had been perpetrated in the November 2012 Election.

            But our screaming and hollering are to no avail. No one is listening to us. Not even the Republican Party. Here’s why….

            The Republican Party made an agreement 30 years ago with the Democrat Party NOT to ensure voting integrity and NOT to pursue suspected vote fraud.

            Yes. You read it correctly.

            In fact, legally the GOP cannot ensure voting integrity, nor can it prevent vote fraud.

            Here’s the astounding reason, which is kept from the American people.

            PolitiJim writes for Gulag Bound, November 13, 2012, that during the weekly True the Vote webcast, Catherine Engelbrecht related a meeting she had with Reince Priebus, the chairman of the Republican National Committee (RNC), asking what the GOP would do about voter integrity. The answer?
            (Remember her? The one Obama’s IRS targeted AND audited hers and her husband’s businesses?)

            Nothing. They aren’t legally able to.

            This all goes back to a lawsuit 31 years ago, in 1981. The following is compiled from an account on The Judicial View, a legal website specializing in court decision research and alerts, and from “Democratic National Committee v Republican National Committee,” Case No. 09-4615.

            In 1981, during the gubernatorial election in New Jersey (NJ), a lawsuit was brought against the RNC, the NJ Republican State Committee (RSC), and three individuals (John A. Kelly, Ronald Kaufman, and Alex Hurtado), accusing them of violating the Voting Rights Act of 1965 (VRA), 42 U.S.C. §§ 1971, 1973, and the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments to the Constitution of the United

            The lawsuit was brought by the Democratic National Committee (DNC), the NJ Democratic State Committee (DSC), and two individuals (Virginia L. Peggins and Lynette Monroe).

            The lawsuit alleged that:

            The RNC and RSC targeted minority voters in New Jersey in an effort to intimidate them.

            The RNC created a voter challenge list by mailing sample ballots to individuals in precincts with a high percentage of racial or ethnic minority registered voters. Then the RNC put the names of individuals whose postcards were returned as undeliverable on a list of voters to challenge at the polls.

            The RNC enlisted the help of off-duty sheriffs and police officers with “National Ballot Security Task Force” armbands, to intimidate voters by standing at polling places in minority precincts during voting. Some of the officers allegedly wore firearms in a visible manner.

            To settle the lawsuit, in 1982 — while Ronald Reagan was President (1981-1989) — the RNC and RSC entered into an agreement or Consent Decree, which is national in scope, limiting the RNC’s ability to engage or assist in voter fraud prevention unless the RNC obtains the court’s approval in advance. The following is what the RNC and RSC, in the Consent Decree, agreed they would do:

            In the future, in all states and territories of the United States:
            (a) comply with all applicable state and federal laws protecting the rights of duly qualified citizens to vote for the candidate(s) of their choice;

            (b) in the event that they produce or place any signs which are part of ballot security activities, cause said signs to disclose that they are authorized or sponsored by the party committees and any other committees participating with the party committees;

            (c) refrain from giving any directions to or permitting their agents or employees to remove or deface any lawfully printed and placed campaign materials or signs;

            (d) refrain from giving any directions to or permitting their employees to campaign within restricted polling areas or to interrogate prospective voters as to their qualifications to vote prior to their entry to a polling place;

            (e) refrain from undertaking any ballot security activities in polling places or election districts where the racial or ethnic composition of such districts is a factor in the decision to conduct, or the actual conduct of, such activities there and where a purpose or significant effect of such activities is to deter qualified voters from voting; and the conduct of such activities disproportionately in or directed toward districts that have a substantial proportion of racial or ethnic populations shall be considered relevant evidence of the existence of such a factor and purpose;

            (f) refrain from having private personnel deputized as law enforcement personnel in connection with ballot security activities.

            The RNC also agreed that the RNC, its agents, servants, and employees would be bound by the Decree, “whether acting directly or indirectly through other party committees.”

            As modified in 1987, the Consent Decree defined “ballot security activities” to mean “ballot integrity, ballot security or other efforts to prevent or remedy vote fraud.”

            Since 1982, that Consent Decree has been renewed every year by the original judge, Carter appointee District Judge Dickinson R. Debevoise, now 88 years old. Long retired, Debevoise comes back yearly for the SOLE purpose of renewing his 1982 order for another year.

            In 2010, the RNC unsuccessfully appealed “to vacate or modify” the Consent Decree
            in “Democratic National Committee v Republican National Committee,”
            Case No. 09-4615 (C.A. 3, Mar. 8, 2012). (I paid The Judicial Review $10 for the PDF of Case No. 09-4615 and uploaded the 59-page document to FOTM’s media library. Read Case No. 09-4615.)

            This is a summary of the appeals judge’s ruling, filed on March 8, 2012:

            In 1982, the Republican National Committee (“RNC”) and the Democratic National Committee (“DNC”) entered into a consent decree (the “Decree” or “Consent Decree”), which is national in scope, limiting the RNC’s ability to engage or assist in voter fraud prevention unless the RNC obtains the court’s approval in advance. The RNC appeals from a judgment of the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey denying, in part, the RNC’s Motion to Vacate or Modify the Consent Decree. Although the District Court declined to vacate the Decree, it did make modifications to the Decree. The RNC argues that the District Court abused its discretion by modifying the Decree as it did and by declining to vacate the Decree. For the following reasons, we will affirm the District Court’s judgment.

            Surprise! The judge who denied the RNC’s appeal to “vacate” the 1982 Consent Decree is an Obama appointee, Judge Joseph Greenaway, Jr., of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit.

            Guy Benson of Townhall.com points out that in last November’s election, Obama only won by 406,348 votes in 4 states: (and he won “by a landslide”!)

            Florida: 73,858

            Ohio: 103,481

            Virginia: 115,910

            Colorado: 113,099

            Those four states, with a collective margin of 406,348 votes for Obama, add up to 69 electoral votes. Had Romney won 407,000 or so additional votes in the right proportion in those states, he would have 275 electoral votes.

            All four states showed Romney ahead in the days leading up to the election. But on November 6, Romney lost all four states by a substantial margin, all of which have precincts that inexplicably went 99% for Obama, had voter registrations that exceeded their population, and had experienced problems with voting machines, people casting votes for Romney but that came up for Obama. The poll workers said they would “fix” them. They sure did.

            This election was stolen by the Democrats via vote fraud. Despite all the evidence of fraud, the Republican Party has been strangely silent about it. This is why.

            Barry and Mooch just got back from Africa in Sept. 2013, spending $53 MILLION of our tax dollars to implement…. VOTER ID LAWS!! Isn’t that ironic?

            There was a 25 year poll worker in Cincinnati that was interviewed on TV after Obama “won” a second term. She said she voted for Obama SEVEN times. Some in person, some absentee, all her address but different names. She’s now incarcerated, I don’t know for how long. And in some precincts in OH and PA, 110% of all votes went for Obama, ZERO for Romney. 110% – not possible. And in many of the Polling places, many people’s votes for Romney changed to Obama. The Poll Workers were told about it, they said they’d “fix it.” They sure did, apparently. And many Republican or Independent Poll Workers were kicked out of their positions and replaced by Democrats. NONE of it can LEGALLY be questioned because of the case above.

        • Sean Haddy

          My Dad was a Marine grunt on the ground in Vietnam, he was torn years into drugs and alcoholism, and just destroying himself. He did a couple years ago due to complications from agent orange…. quite a sad thing war does, and still, to this day, we feel the affects of Nam…. who knows how long the current war effects will take hold of future generations…

          • BevM

            Sorry to hear about the death of your dad. War is UGLY and I think ALL of our Troops everywhere should be brought home YESTERDAY. Sad thing is, now the govt. is drugging troops and diagnosing many of them with PTSD, taking away their 2nd Amendment Rights. I don’t know anyone at war now, I’m older and none of my relatives are in war zones, Thank God. Take Care, Sean.

        • Kathleen Mcdonald Shepherd Die

          my ex-husband recently died as a result of agent orange. we were newly weds in 1965–he went to Danang in 66. For years he had nightmares–he came back a different person. Remember him crying watching Kerry talk—(nothing but a traitor)—eventually Vietnam destroyed our marriage.

    • rosech

      It seems that he was low enough on the ladder to get captured also, doesn’t it? Hero? Looks like only in his mind.

      • larrygrant876

        I’m sure when Johnny came marching home, someone at the country club must have told him to put the Military uniform on and run for office. The lack of the internet made it a lot more difficult to uncover lies as fast as we can now, well that, plus the media has so conditioned the general populace that no one questions anything as long as they don’t preempt American Idol or Lost.

        • MargaretJacobson

          I don’t watch tv ! I have better things to do with my time! I have wondered why mccains prison mates have ever said anything about his captivity? Why are some people now calling him “songbird?”

      • Lester

        That remark is uncalled for! He was shot down on a mission and he did suffer some at the hands of the atrocious North Vietnamese and the Chinese instructors. He did own up to criminal acted when tortured while his fellow prisoners of war held out and receive greater torture.
        He has sold-out his Republican colleagues and I can not overlook that. All Republican senators should have stuck together as the vast majority of the voters wanted them to, and not give the Democrats any more talking points to use in the next election. I read where he is thinking of retirement and I wish he would, and I wish him well in whatever he does in the future. Hope the people of Arizona has a good conservative to put in the campaign. Just make sure they stick with the ideals of conservatism and go all out for him/her and put a voice in the Senate that will be heard loud and clear with the conservative message of smaller government, fairer taxes, less rules and regulations, a balanced budget and less intrusion on the rights of the American people.
        God bless America, and put Your name on her once more!!!!

        • ginger

          There has to be a Ted Cruz or Sarah Palin in Arizona who would have the real courage to represent that state.

          • lilolady

            Arizona has pockets of Conservatives and Liberals, Tucson different than Phoenix, than Tempe, etc. Look at Sheriff Joe and his fellow Sheriffs, different as night and day.

        • Sama

          I’m with you. He did admirably well during the war. He has gone down hill fast since joining the ‘hill’.

          • Ewade

            No he didn’t. He gave up information that got his fellow airmen killed. He is a traitor

        • Rhonda Renee Sessions

          In other words, a “Tea Partier” to replace him. Unlike the “Establishment” Republicans, the Tea Party stands for those ideals that the likes of McCain, McConnell, Graham, et al, calls traitors and “wacko birds”.

          • jenna

            They feel threatened! Jealous also.

        • SovereignMary

          Lester – the word “conservative” can mean many things to many people. I much more prefer that a politician be a “constitutional patriot.” One who will remain pure to their covenant and contract they make when they swear their sacred oath of office … and, that they fully honor and uphold this nation’s ONLY Supreme Rule of Law.

          • rainstar

            Mary,,,,”conservative”…has only one meaning. Is also the same as a constitutional Patriot. Is like saying? A democrat is a Christian. IMPOSSIBLE. The only supreme rule of law is…GOD. As in God the Father, God the son and God the Holy Ghost. All others need not apply.
            Pray…vote…buy more ammo

          • Fredrick Neal Rehders

            SM, Conservative in political terms means: To conserve The Constitution, as writen and amended, only as prescribed for, within that document.
            Liberals want to interpret The Constitution liberally or loosely, to conveniently mean what they choose it to mean.

      • lilolady

        His Father and Grandfather were Admirals in the Navy, How low on the ladder do you think he was? He was a stupid egoist without an ounce of sense, who crashed his third and last American jet into water, fellow POWs nursed him, wiped his butt and brought him to life once again. It is rumored that he was given the chance to get out, but he refused to leave his comrades and declined the offer…..
        Look for Nixon’s POW Dinner on You Tube or Google it.

    • victoryman

      McCain/Kerry…….turds of a feather flock together. I too, am ashamed of both. Arrogance and dereliction of the duty they are sworn to when they take the oath of office have long since been forgotten. However, they’ll both have a cushy retirement, thanks to their wives $$.

      • larrygrant876

        No, their wives fortunes are merely bonus’s to their lives, they are set very well thanks to our taxes.

        • BevM

          And Kerry’s tax evasion, i.e. buying a HUGE yacht and docking it in NJ to avoid NY’s high taxes! Poor guy, can’t afford those high taxes. He just needs to take more from US so he can!

    • toenail

      Very good description of his great? service to the US. I believe he also pulled Sarah Palin out of Alaska so his corrupt friends that were not in jail could get back into office. When the campaign was over his friends had “poisoned the well” in Alaska so that Sarah didn’t have a place to go back to. He is a hero for someone but not America.

      • Chancisify

        I never thought of that! Wondered Why in the world he choose Sarah as his running mate then said he was not sure if he would support her as president should she run.
        Remember, The Bushes hated McCain–Why?
        As birds of the same feather, they choose to vote for Barry Soreto—guess his views were more liberal/marxist/communist than McCains? Sure makes me wonder!! Any answers out there?

        • William

          No, I am from Alaska, Wasilla actually, and Sarah had a lot of backlash coming her way because she placed one of the most “progressive” taxes on business up here that it was killing jobs. The Governor Parnell who replaced her worked tirelessly to remove those taxes. The Democrats in Juneau didn’t want to remove them. They did however, once they realized business would leave all together rather then deal with them.
          Sarah Pallin us a HUGE PROGRESSIVE.

          • BevM

            I wondered about her. SOMETHING always made me not trust her. My husband and I were talking the other night, I said Palin should just go away, that she’s just hurting more than helping. Your post validates my position. Something about her, even when running for VP, just didn’t feel right. People said she quit because she was “saving Alaska money, being a lame duck after missing so long” but I felt there was more to it. No one just quits. Thanks for making me understand what I felt! I can’t believe the “news” hasn’t spread this story far and wide, since so many think she’s so great for America. I never felt it.

          • lilolady

            Do your own research. And leave your feelings out of it.
            This is one man’s opinion/fact.

          • BevM

            Will do! Have to! Now if I can find a RELIABLE source. They’re hard to come by. The progressives have also taken over the internet for the most part.

    • DrSique

      Neither bring shame to you, only themselves……………and, maybe, those who still support them.

    • larrygrant876

      I thought Muhcain’t and Fairy Kerry were swiftboat captains? LOL

    • Brooke Guy Asbury

      The songbird part is well understood. But, to make it stick it would get two or three of his “prison mates” killed. They already are in print. He was the only one walking around in a clean uniform every day. Walking around. Talk about the routs into Hanoi that mysteriously got their path lined with all other AA batteries. Moved to the one ingress and egress rout. Magic information.

      • Fredrick Neal Rehders

        I think “Swiftboating” might be a tactic that you are familiar with.

        • Brooke Guy Asbury

          I usually don’t debate with pontificating know it all’s but in this case I’ll make a slight exception. You are a member of DAV good for you I am too. 100%. Mine was Korea, how about yours. I actually met one of “clean John’s” Hilton mates which is where I got the info. I checked as best you can do on this kind of stuff, which is not very much or he would be in jail. But, that said, the others in the same place don’t like him and are afraid to say much. Me, I wouldn’t have lasted 20 minutes. They all broke one way or another and nothing against him for it. However you can “fess up” and get on with it or try to ride a dead horse to get elected president. But he is a party turn coat and I believe a national turn coat trying to ride the coat home. Not nice and not good. I actually voted for the Kenyan over McCain. Bad mistake, but I’m not sure what the difference would have been, but probably better. At least John is not overtly trying to ruin the country. Just with stupid and lack of keeping his word to Sara. Etc, etc. Don’t ride the vet Hilton thing too much John. And you sir are a little overbearing with your vet stuff too.

    • Russell Smith

      You got this partially correct. I think the best thing Mccain could do now is go back to Arizona and commit suicide, but that would take far more balls than this pitiful excuse for a man has, he, and his cohort Obama are much more like a gang of Eunuchs than men, along with all the rest of the ball less wonders that slither around that cesspool called Washington.

      • Fredrick Neal Rehders

        What the hell would a peach fuzz pup like you know about manliness?

    • ginger

      And again Amen.

    • volksnut

      absolutely me too

    • RAS0503

      Knowing what he did as a prisoner of war, I never had any respect for him or his military service. I was taught in Marine Corps boot camp what to do and say if ever captured. I am reasonably sure he was taught the same thing in the Navy. I was never a POW so I can not say what I would have done but I hope I would have acted like so many of the others that did not cave in to the enemy. Oh my gosh he is doing that it again !!!!

      • Fredrick Neal Rehders

        Semper Fi, Marine!
        If you know anything about the Hanoi Hilton, you know that all of the survivors were broken. McCain was a high value prisoner, but still bears the wounds of the tortue he endured. I respect his honorable service, but detest his politics. He is a RINO.

    • jenna

      I don’t blame you!

    • SovereignMary

      Thank you for jogging our memories on Manchurian Candidate, John McCain.

    • Troy Berkely

      Oh lets add to that as well. McCain and John Kerry are best friends. Surprise surprise! Admiral McCain was involved with the Israelis during false flags operations during Egypt’s struggle to be independent of colonialism, where American War ships were repeatedly strafed by Israelis, so that they could blame Egyptians. All the while Israelis were stealing nuclear secrets from the US. Also is it no surprise that McCain was clamoring to arm the rebels in the Syrian conflict? McCain has been in bed with the Israelis since the days of his father. I am so confounded that he was able to be able to be reelected so many times and for so long, just goes to show how uninformed his base really is! Truly a disgrace to America!

      • pandainc

        Who is Admiral McCain? If you mean the current senator, I think he retired as a captain.

        • Troy Berkely

          Seriously? Please reread and look at the link! Johns infamous father!

          • pandainc

            Hi, Troy. So I sat through the whole hour of just how rotten we Americans are. I don’t know if you are a history buff, but there was a guy in Japan in the late 1500s and early 1600s named Tokugawa Ieyau who, through all sorts of outsmarting his adversaries, wound up as the first Shogun. Point I’m making is that this sort of crap started with Cain and Abel. Ever hear of a guy named Benedict Arnold?

            Are we noble to have done (and continue to do) this sort of stuff? No. Are we unique? No.

          • Troy Berkely

            You know the best part of participating on forums such as these, is when I can learn something, and make connections to other people. I think in the mist of all the vitriol, arguing ideologies back and forth, now and then there are people like you who make this experience all the worth while! Thanks for the info, and I will be sure to research Tokugawa, Leyau Who, sounds like a fascinating read.

            Ahh Benedict Arnold! How can so many forget his treasonous act, something in which almost cost the Americans dearly. It if wasn’t for Washington’s resolve, we may of found ourselves under British Rule. Valley Forge can used as a symbolic reference to what we are now facing among ourselves.

            McCain on the other hand, can be considered the modern day Benedict Arnold. Of course the motive for profit and power trumps any good that one may think they are doing. When you consider they are among the elitist with their vast resources always will think they are smarter than the common man, and so never have the need to question their own conscience, thus can be typified as type A personalities.
            What we learned from history is what we learn not to repeat again. What have we learned, absolutely nothing! Politicians everyday prove once again that they can’t solve problems, because they are not in the business of problem solving, they’re in the business of profit. Government is just another form of legalized organized crime syndicates, using the Tax payers money as a roulette wheel!

          • pandainc

            Hi, Troy — be darned, a soul brother. I believe (paraphrasing a bit) that it was Lord Acton that said “Those who do not understand history are bound to repeat it.” We do this quite well, when you have ‘men in the street’ that think Lincoln was our first president. OH WELL.

            Tokugawa was quite a guy. There was a TV series (some of which is on VHS as a movie called (oddly enough) ‘Shogun’ with a character called Toranaga (admirably played by Mifune Toshio (a great Japanese actor who did some super samurai flicks, including ones based on King Lear and Macbeth) and with Richard Chamberlain as a stranded English sailor. It was loosely based on parts of Tokugawa’s life. Just for chuckles, a quote attributed to him (not in the movie) follows:

            “Life is like unto a long journey with a heavy burden. Let thy step be slow and steady, that thou stumble not. Persuade thyself that imperfection and inconvenience are the lot of natural mortals, and there will be no room for discontent, neither for despair. When ambitious desires arise in thy heart, recall the days of extremity thou hast passed through. Forbearance is the root of all quietness and assurance forever. Look upon the wrath of thy
            enemy. If thou only knowest what it is to conquer, and knowest not what it is
            to be defeated; woe unto thee, it will fare ill with thee. Find fault with thyself rather than with others.

            The strong manly ones in life are those who understand the meaning of the word patience. Patience means restraining one’s inclinations. There are seven emotions: joy, anger, anxiety, adoration, grief, fear, and hate, and if a man does not give way to these he can be called patient. I am not as strong as I might be, but I have long known and practiced patience. And if my descendants wish to be as I am, they must study patience.” Tokugawa Ieyasu (First Shogun of the Tokugawa Shogunate (1603-1868).)

            A third part of the quote could have been: “And kill everyone of those !@@#!#%$%^& that get in the way.” Hey, pobodies nerfect.

            Many of these thoughts are also contained in Franklin’s Virtues (my fav guy). I guess that great men all think alike, regardless of race or nationality.

          • pandainc

            Hi, Troy, Be darned, a soul brother. I may have answered this before, but I think that somehow my post got deleted as I was fooling around away from here looking for a quote. The quote: ” Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Lord Acton. We need two things: Term limits (thinking in terms of three for the House and two for the Senate, and once you do your three in the House, you don’t get to do any in the Senate) NOT going to happen — and a balanced budget amendment (also not).

            In any event, Tokugawa Ieyasu was indeed quite a guy. Here’s a quote attributed to him:

            “Life is like unto a long journey with a heavy burden. Let thy step be slow and steady, that thou stumble not. Persuade thyself that imperfection and inconvenience are the lot of natural mortals, and there will be no room for discontent, neither for despair. When ambitious desires arise in thy heart, recall the days of extremity thou hast passed through. Forbearance is the root of all quietness and assurance forever. Look upon the wrath of thy
            enemy. If thou only knowest what it is to conquer, and knowest not what it is
            to be defeated; woe unto thee, it will fare ill with thee. Find fault with thyself rather than with others.

            The strong manly ones in life are those who understand the meaning of the word patience. Patience means restraining one’s inclinations. There are seven emotions: joy, anger, anxiety, adoration, grief, fear, and hate, and if a man does not give way to these he can be called patient. I am not as strong as I might be, but I have long known and practiced patience. And if my descendants wish to be as I am, they must study patience. Tokugawa Ieyasu (First Shogun of the Tokugawa Shogunate (1603-1868)).

            The third paragraph of the quote is: “And, as the need arises, kill all those @!#@%$^% that get in the way!” Hey, pobody’s nerfect, and he WAS a warrior …

          • Troy Berkely

            Amen brother! Like the quote! Maybe now we can use that same fortitude in fighting this tyranny in what we call the Saul Alinsky disciple, Barack Obama! He simply is the brain dead president who is too in love with himself to know the difference between self serving and serving the people! I agree 100%. Get rid of term limits and bring back the integrity of public service. Also there needs to be serious reforms in campaign finance, and tighter legislation in how elected officials get financing, and the lobbying by special interests groups! When you consider all other countries in the world have a 10 year limit on elected officials, most of them when they look at America’s system, they think it is downright absurd.

    • turfbarn80

      And let’s not forget his insane finance reform bill, which outlawed free speech a certain amount of time before an election. Thanks for nothing, McCain!

    • IHateLibs

      ana ?? OBOGUS acts Just like ANY 2 year old. but worse than the average 2 year old

    • vet

      You forgot to mention him leaving his wife for another while dieing of cancer.All in the name of money.

    • BDnSC

      Anyone interested take a look:

      He has been given a pass for way too long!

    • Sue

      Ask him and his father btw about the USS Liberty. Dead seaman still have not been acknowledged!

    • 1LTLos

      He was called Songbird because he divulged classified information and gave up his co-POW’s
      Cowardly sack of worthless $_ _ t!

      • MargaretJacobson

        Didn’t know that! Why haven’t people spoken up before ?

        • 1LTLos

          NOt enough people talk about this mans disgraceful and despicable conduct while a POW in North Vietnam – give up military information and one instantly received better treatment and McCain gave up his own to spare his own a$$.
          My brother also a Vietnam era combat leader informed me of McCains disgracefulness back in 2007 when he was candidate for president.

    • Richard Brandt

      I really could not have said it any better than you. And Thank You for having served!!

    • Shagnasty1

      You said, “The best thing that mccain could do now would be to quit the republican party and retire”.
      You forgot while throwing one of his typical tantrums Juan MexaCain threatened to quit the GOP in 2000 and (officially) switch to the Democrat Party because Bush won the nomination.

    • ablingcain


    • Fredrick Neal Rehders

      You are an idiot and a SOS liar! John McCain had an opportunity for early release from the Hanoi Hilton, because of his fathers connections, but refused, as he was the ranking POW. he was beaten and tortured. You are truely clueless about which you speak, or you wouldn’t lump an honorable man, like John McCain in the same sentence with POS Kerry. Grow up!

      • anarchyst

        if you think McCain is “honorable”, you, my friend are the one with the problem. Your juvenile name-calling proves it. get out of mom’s basement and seek the truth. . . McCain and Kerry are both traitors

        • Fredrick Neal Rehders

          Anarchyst, I didnot say McCain’s political positions were honorable, nor that he is an honorable man, I stated that his military service was honorable, which is a matter of record. I call ’em like I see ’em, I’m a bit too old for mom’s basement and since many of the posters here have failed to verify the crap they spew, it’s obvious they parrot demonrat propaganda (from when McCain ran for president), or think Joe The Dumber walks on water and they appear to have little affinity for the truth. I am a veteran, a Constitutional Conservative, a retired business owner and a member of the Garland Texas Tea Party, Paralyzed Veterans of America and the DAV. My Congressman is The Honorable Sam Johnson, who was also a POW in the Hanoi Hilton. Are you a Vet, with the credibility to call anyone a traitor, or just repeating this crap, because you despise RINOs !

          • anarchyst

            USMC Vietnam 1970-1971

    • lowercaselettersonly

      OH MY GOD!!! I didn’t know about McCain & Kerry doing that. What in all that is holy were they thinking. Oh, maybe afraid that those found still alive might know things about them. I am so disgusted with McCain I could vomit. Wanted him to lose so badly in the last election. I didn’t see a thing wrong with his opponent, other than the voters of Arizona must have thought him to be too conservative. I am sick of the Nation of voters thinking that defense of the Constitution, the desire for limited government in our lives and the dream of having some disposable income after everyone else gets what they consider their share of my hard work, is considered radical and terrorist. I think people who think that threatening suffering from some kind of brain disease, I just shake my head, thinking these are educated people they have to be pretending that they are so stupid and lack common sense.

      I will pray everyday that the good people of this country finally wake up and quit blaming the Republicans and the Constitutional Conservatives (tea party members) for all that has gone wrong in this country in the last attempt at getting this spoiled brat, only child never learned to negotiate, narcissist “O” to act like a man and do something to help someone besides Wall Street and Washington buddies and actually save this Country, not continue to “fundamentally change” and destroy it. I pray for Divine intervention in one of his dreams.

      These old dudes need to go, NOW. They have done enough damage. I know it will be h–l being retired and not in power but oh well it happens too the best of us. This includes those women from California as well. We are to blame for not watching them more closely and they are scared to death of the Constitutional Conservatives, that’s why they attack them daily.

    • 5live5

      As a Viet Nam vet, I disagree with you on McCain you nor I know anything of what he went through. he can’t lift his arms above his head from being hoisted on a stick from behind. till you have been there, don’t judge. don’t get me wrong, what he has done SINCE disgusts me.

      • anarchyst

        mccains arms were “busted up” in the plane crash and not set properly. The “torture” argument is a convenient excuse. Ask his fellow POWs . . .

    • cardnut

      Anarchyst — your name says it all. Your opinions and attitude are disgusting. No matter what you say, McCain was tortured, yet didn’t accept early release from the Hanoi Hilton. He was a true Vietnam War hero. He has since been a beacon for moderation and reasonable behavior on Capitol Hill, and he would have been a wonderful president! I agree that having Kerry in your ranks is shameful . . .

      • anarchyst

        I stand by my statements. Look at the way McCain treated his vice-presidential candidate. He has no shame and lacks morals. You, sir are mistaken. Check our spoiled brat McCain’s record for yourself. Best regards

    • Wayright2

      “Songbird” was the name given to the Cessna T-50 Bobcat (A.K.A. Bamboo Bomber) flown by Kirby Grant in the TV series “SkyKing.” Apparently they gave McCain that name because he thought of himself as King of the Sky.

    • relayman

      As a veteran too, I agree 1000% with you. No foreign enemy, with the exception of the present WH occupant, could have wrecked more damage to our country and the Constitution than mccain and kerry. I don’t give a rats rear end on what either did in Vietnam, it is their violation of the oaths they took to the Constitution that is called in to question and figures well into what kind of human debris both truly are. Benedict Arnold was a great general, but what was his legacy when he tuned is back on the country? The same should hold for these two turds, as Joe eloquently illustrates.

  • Herman Nelson

    Don’t feel too bad, Joe. His former prison mates have no respect for him either. He showed up to ONE POW reunion. He was arrogant and had little time to talk with his buddies. Their survival depended on each other, it was a team effort to make it home. The bond between POWs is as strong as iron. After Mccain made it home, he forgot about them and moved on.

    • Mary

      mccain shows the same arrogance when hosting Town Hall meetings in Arizona, too.

      • Herman Nelson

        Perhaps the people of Arizona should make a concerted effort to bring signs that say “BULLSHIT!” and wave them every time he opens his mouth to speak at the town hall meetings? Sounds like a “Youtube moment” to have 99% of the attendees waving those signs when he speaks.

        • Mary

          I like your idea. Will definitely spread the word.

        • Richard Haley

          Maybe there should be a recall petition and election, a la Colorado. It would be a fitting display to all of these elected bozos, that REFUSE to listen to their constituents. After all, remember how he was preaching how he was a staunch conservative before his last election. Then after being reelected he went right back to being the BONEHEAD RINO that he always was.

          • Herman Nelson

            I like that idea better.. But figuring his age and the amount of signs.. He might blow a gasket and have a stroke. No need for a recall..

    • fbpdplt

      I now dislike McCain more now then ever before. I REALLY came to dislike him in the past few months especially when he was in Syria & Egypt. Then when he started to slime Cruz I downright hated him

  • anarchyst

    . . . now if we could just revoke mccain’s citizenship . . .

    • Hippity

      That is a great thought. Why don’t we both ask our congressmen and senators to introduce such a bill. You draft it and I will get it to Paul Ryan (my congressman) and Senator Johnson. Senator Baldwin is a Dem, so I will ignore her. That would turn the whole thing on its head!