Liberals Just Never Grew Up


Liberals are really just kids that have not grown up yet.liberals

Tell them the cold hard facts of the situation and they turn red, stomp their feet, make faces and scream; “I hate you!”

.. Problem is, you can’t tell a liberal to go to their room and stay there until they settle down.

Parents with children know all too well those childish behaviors, that immature mentality and those irresponsible habits – because we deal with them every day. As a child grows up, some begin to realize why it was a bad idea to “eat glue” or “stick forks in a toaster.” They understand their parents are only looking out for their best interest and these kids turn into conservatives. The ones that don’t turn into “Liberals” with a capital “L”.

One of the most oft-used tactics of both children and Liberals to get what they want is to try to force us to compromise. They become masters at it very quickly, setting their demands unreasonably high so that when you settle anywhere in the middle, they still win.

Republicans don’t understand this. They begin negotiating at the point where they want to end up at – then move toward total failure, eventually giving the Liberal (child) nearly everything they want.

Republicans are the bad parents in this political world and Liberals are the spoiled kids.

Liberals scream that compromise is the only fair way to legislate and say that everyone needs to give “a little” to make things “fair.” This is a lie, because they’re never giving an inch if they can help it and will take everything unless forced not to. They believe in equality of outcomes, which is a Marxist tenet and a fallacy. “Equal under the Law” is the only true equality, but that would mean everyone must compete and the child Liberal squirms when they hear that word.

Conservatives came to this country seeking freedom from tyranny. They designed, built and struggled to make a country which eventually grew into the most powerful and productive nation in history. Only then did Liberals enter the picture and begin to exploit the system for their childish means, taking advantage of the very freedoms and opportunities America had to offer, but using them to undermine and tear us down. It’s difficult to understand why, until you delve into the mindset of a Liberal, or a child who would look no further than the giant bowl of candy rather than the vegetables which would be good for them in the long run.

Often it’s as simple as that – a short-term fix versus a long-term plan. Look at how strong families and religious tenets are derided and torn down by Liberals? They despise and do everything they can to beat back any attempt to instill values into American society because this requires order, discipline and *gasp* rules! Not good for people who just want to do what they want, when they want it. The child, the Liberal. A sense of entitlement does not come from “caring about your fellow man” – it comes from selfishness. A child wants, wants, wants – me, me, me.

Think about it: If there is someone on the on-ramp with a sign that says; “Will Work For Food;” what will a Liberal do? Most likely, they will want to give that person some paltry amount of money. Now who does this benefit? The answer is giving that poor soul a dollar is an act of pure selfishness on the part of the Liberal because it does the beggar absolutely no good whatsoever and in fact, dooms them to stay right where they are: Nowhere. It reinforces the destructive behavior, perpetuates their poverty and place in society; and helps to keep them an unproductive bum. Conversely, the Liberal gets to feel good about themselves and say; “Look at me – I’m good! I’m a Liberal and I care for my fellow man and I’m better than you!”

They are selfish. They are immature and childish without a care or long-term thought for the bum, who goes on begging and doing nothing for themselves of any worth. But try to tell that to a Liberal and they’ll stamp their feet, turn red and scream; “You hate poor people!!” As I said, it’s a shame you can’t tell Liberals to go to their rooms.

That would be a really crowded room though.


– 30 –

Rodney Lee Conover lives in California with his whippet “Jack.” He’s a candidate for the House of Representatives in California’s 8th District for 2014.

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  • Neva Burgess Crawford

    Nice Rodney! Makes perfect sense!

  • politicstick

    You forgot the name calling and debasing a liberal wallows in.

    In the child, it starts like this: “You’re a dumb poopy-head!”

    When they grow up the behavior stays, but the vocabulary increases, slightly…….

  • AndrewRogue

    I am honestly curious: what exactly does writing an article like this do, aside from seriously undermine any attempts to reach actual understanding and perhaps arrive at places that are actually – if not enjoyed by everyone – at least cause minimal discomfort to everyone?

    Look. I’m pretty heavily left. Definitely on the social front, variably on the economic front. And you know what? Not everything liberals come up with is golden. Not everything conservatives come up with is dross. I do honestly believe that, at the very least, both sides should be heard.

    There’s wisdom in listening to criticism and examining what people not stuck in a circle of self-satisfaction and self-congratulation.

    Honestly, this demonization of “Liberals” is getting a bit tiresome. Throwing that term around as a slur irritates me a bit, because it is a form of completely shutting out the other side and disregarding them as an ignorant “other.” Classifying everyone who leans left as a “Liberal” and a “Child” doesn’t really do anything. All it does is confirm to yourselves that you are right, your ideas are right, and anyone who disagrees is a moron.

    It is a silly way to approach life. I don’t want to post things on the internet where I berate “Conservatives” as under-educated morons who’d perfer a return feudalistic ideals and a master/slave relationship between the wealthy and the not because: A. It is, on the whole, untrue and B. It ends discussion. This just self-affirms what you think you already know. This isn’t going to make me suddenly reexamine my entire life and go “Oh my, look at foolish I’ve been! How dare I believe that we should create a baseline of living in America that far exceeds that of any other nation in the world!”

    It is going to incline me to go straight for the throat and attack you back. You’ve told me nothing of what I’ve done wrong, what’s wrong with my beliefs, why yours are superior, how they apply to the government, etc. All you’ve done is call me names. And that gets us nowhere.

    Look. People naturally do this sort of stuff. Just look at the comment chain below where KG acts stupid and people respond with stupid name calling in return. It is natural to want to hate the other. It is natural to despise when things go against your desires. I can appreciate it. I’ve done my fair bit of teeth gnashing about policies and the like I’m not happy with.

    If we ever want to make progress, we need to open up dialogue, not shut it down. Honestly, I want to be able to have discussions about things like socialized healthcare! I want to understand the flaws of ACA. But people don’t want to talk about them. They want to complain about “Oh those stupid Liberals who voted for Obummer are trying to destroy this nation” and “Those Teabaggers hate the poor and democracy” and this sort of article feeds right into that sort of behavior.

    I know we have idelogical differences that are never going to be fully reconciled. I know we’re going to violently disagree about things sometimes. But is an article that, a little hypocritically, accuses all “Liberals” of being children who never grew up really necessary or worthy of praise?

    The sooner everyone can grow up and have real discussions that actually inform people about issues and solutions and problems with those solutions and solutions to those problems and their flaws, the better.


    Well, I am a single mom who is sending my daughter to college and I know it is hard out there.

  • CapNCraigAgain

    Watch Roger Daultry, lead singer of The Who at the dedication ceremony for the bust of Sir Winston Churchill at the US Capitol tomorrow at 1100 am on, no fooling!

  • grassroot

    This is the ” Overton Window,” principle at work.

  • selahgreene

    Well put, Joe. The liberal children not only despise order, discipline, and rules, but even more so, they despise work. The idea that they should have to earn their keep is reprehensible to the child-liberals, who apparently never forgave their parents for telling them that Santa Claus isn’t real.

    And that is why they fell so deeply and passionately in love with Barack Obama, the ultimate Santa Claus of our time, who promised so much free stuff to the children. Now that his promises are turning sour, and the veil of deception is being lifted, the children are crushed, and left looking for another Santa Claus. Sadly, it will never occur to these spoiled rotten children that they should take responsibility for themselves and for their own actions. Spoiled children grow up to be ugly, infectious parasites, and our nation has reached the critical point at which the spoiled, lazy children outnumber the responsible, mature adults.

    We are exactly where Isaiah prophesied we would be: “As for my people, children are their oppressors.”

  • hora

    I see from my own side L D (Liberals demon) love live free from Gov and NOT work, create a lazy peoples, all who are Illegal is what support LD, talking about discrimination when is use in full, if no have any brain for politic, love lie, love corruption, hate a own peoples, attack rich when Dem are rich, support a violence when won amnesty all illegals,but many Republican love a money and change a place, working against a own peoples. But I predict by next years, dem will loose a majority in a Senate and Congress, and will not attack like now a conservatives.

  • 1baronrichsnot1

    arguing with idiots!~ can’t do it, see this one? You can’t cure stupid!

  • BigUgly666

    Think about it: If there is someone on the on-ramp with a sign that says; “Will Work For Food;” what will a Liberal do?

    • CapNCraigAgain

      Go Watch Roger Daultry, lead singer of The Who at the dedication ceremony for the bust of Sir Winston Churchill at the US Capitol tomorrow at 1100 am on, no fooling!

    • Jill_Calkins

      I had a similar situation a number of years ago. I was getting off the
      highway on the way home from work and saw a man standing with a sign,
      wanting money for groceries. I rolled down my window and offered to
      take him to the grocery store and buy his groceries and then drive him wherever home was. He wasn’t interested. Apparently he wasn’t yet hungry enough. Or, more likely in this case, he had other plans for the money he managed to beg.

      • Zwind

        Similar thing happened when I was little. A woman was asking for some money to buy food, my grandma offered a couple dollars and some of our food but she refused.

    • mathis1689

      Sometime back I pulled off of the exit ramp and there was a guy standing there with a sign that said “Why lie? All I really want is enough beer to get drunk.” Everybody that was at the stop signal gave him money for at least being honest. I would have too except that the light changed and I had to move!


    We forgotten how educate our children against the Old World and they will control us because the children of the USA are not educated about people from different worlds and cultures. Look schools can spank the children who do not reach a certain grade by the support of the parents. This something when I studied childhood development in college. Republican and Democrats do not care about the poor person education or job experience to compete. Look have no choice but to pay for my daughter’s education myself and she still depend on me for long time and I have put an old-fashion value in for the daughter will in my home until I met a righteous man who would marry her off.

  • KG

    If compromise is such a bad virtue then why would the Founding Fathers create a legislative system that guarantees the necessity for compromise to make any kind of legislation? In fact, why even have a Congress at all? A congress is only necessary if there is going to be debate on issues. If there is no need for debate, then why even have a congress? Unless you feel that compromise is unnecessary. I know one person who would agree with that – a dictator. You accuse liberals of wanting what YOU really want.

    The adults in Washington ARE the liberals.

    • Rodney Lee Conover

      that wasn’t the point, KG. Read it again, this time with an adult read. It’s the WAY they want compromise, with the starting point so far to an unreasonable beginning that even after compromise, they win. Jesus, why do I have to educate you liberals as to how to even read? Oh who cares, you’re not understanding this either, are you?

      • Dave Phelps

        you are right, KG will never grow up, and I bet he even voted for obummer too

        • grassroot

          A proverbial ” useful idiot,”

      • pandainc

        Hi, RLC. First, good luck on the Congressional run — dunno from beans from what district is what in CA. Second, your article was one of the most articulate I’ve read concerning the crux of the problem. It’s the old ‘ask for the whole loaf, take a half and come back later’ and the left wing are masters at it.

        Every conservative in the country needs to read ‘Rules for Radicals’. Then re-read it.
        Again. Use its tactics. First, it’ll drive them wild; secondly, they will have no idea how to combat it.

        And yes, you do have to teach them how to read. Especially when it conflicts with their world-view.

      • KG

        The so-called ‘compromise’ you describe is a kin of the ‘compromise’ that the Religious Right/Republican/Libertarian/Nazis like Bohner and Cantor do – NO COMPROMISE.

        That seems like an “unreasonable beginning” to me.

        You guys are so full of it.

        • disqus_hNXvhwdNeI

          The only one that is “full of it” is you KG. Nazis? Really that’s the best you can come up with to defend your weak position? You are pathetic and you’ve proven this articles point. You’re not capable of having an adult conversation because you’ve never fully matured.

          • KG

            How can I soar with the eagles if I’m surrounded by turkeys?
            What is ‘weak’ about the truth? I usually have adult conversations with adults instead of spoiled Republican babies.

            Go suck on your ‘bottle’ of Rush/Hanity/Beck/Levin spoiled milk!

          • disqus_hNXvhwdNeI

            Thank you KG for once again proving my point. More childish behavior because you clearly can not have a conversation with an ACTUAL adult.

          • KG

            Are you an adult? Do you want to take responsibility for the demise of our country under so-called ‘conservative’ policies? Like scouring the earth for cheap workers? Destroying neighborhoods by taking away their factory jobs? Encouraging hopelessness in young people by destroying the Public school system through under funding?

            I know who the adults are – they voted for an adult to run our country.

          • disqus_hNXvhwdNeI

            Yes, I’m much more of an adult than you. I don’t have to resort to your childish tactics when my point of view has been proven wrong.

            So again, no, you are not an adult because you’re not mature enough to be honest about who and what are responsible for bad things when they happen.

            Here’s a fact for you, minority unemployment under Bush 10%, under Obama 13%. Stop blaming the wrong people and you might come off as less of a fool.

          • KG

            I put the blame squarely on those responsible. Unlike conservatives who have to blame the weakest and most vulnerable of our society for the woes our country suffers. Which Bush are you referring too? Bush 1 had a horrible recession as well as little Bushes employment plan of never ending war.

            Unlike conservatives who keep voting for the very people responsible for making their lives worse, I vote for people who want to make America a better place for all. And to make a better, ‘more Perfect Union’, to ‘promote our Common Welfare’, it takes money. It’s time for all the uber-rich in this country to get off the 30 year gravy train they have been on and start ‘pushing the cart’ instead of riding in it!!!!

          • disqus_hNXvhwdNeI

            No you didn’t, so keep spreading your nonsense while we all laugh at you and your ilk.

          • Rodney Lee Conover

            Welfare hurts people. Welfare creates poor people, generations of them. But you’ll never consider that. Just keep giving money to the guy on the off-ramp and feel good about yourself KG – that’s what counts. Read the article you idiot. Useful idiot.

          • KG

            Both sets of my Grandparents lived in public housing after WW2. Fortunately, they were able to find good paying Union jobs so they could afford to buy their own houses. That’s how public housing was supposed to work. Unfortunately, for many poor blacks and minorities, since Racism was the rule of that day, they became trapped into the welfare system. The solution is simple: empower Unions in America and start massive infrastructure to help hire lots of construction workers. With their Union wages, they could buy a house instead of living in the projects.

          • Rodney Lee Conover

            cheap workers? Like illegal workers? Who supports illegal immigration?

          • KG

            Nobody “supports” illegal immigration other than the Republican business types that profit from it. That’s why Reagan did Amnesty in the1980’s. It was to destroy Labor Unions through cheap imported labor.

          • grassroot

            This is how the left argues their point, accuse and demean.
            Commie enablers and useful idiots, voting for their, and our

          • Rodney Lee Conover

            KG, you’re a sad fool who hates himself. You deserve no pity because you live in America. Okay, you failed, but it’s not over. Get back out there and fail again.

          • KG

            LOL! AFK! BRB! LTR!

          • grassroot

            Liberalism, Marxism, leads eventually to Fascism.
            We now have a Democratic Socialist party in control in
            Washington, and this is,,, leading to a Fascist state.
            So, who now is Nazis?

        • Troy Berkely

          Wow KG! Is there ever a time you can make a statement without being partisan in your rhetoric?

        • Graywolf12

          You left the “B” off your name.

        • grassroot

          They are anti-Marxists and know they are up against

          enemies of this country and it’s people.

      • bobby

        KG is right, the adults in Washington are the Progressive Democrats, I can not believe you are running for Congress and don’t have a clue how the legislative branch works. Our Country was founded on compromise, Thomas Jefferson only thought we needed one legislative branch, he did not think the Senate was necessary, we can all thank our lucky stars that didn’t happen, of course the upside to that would have been, not dealing with whackobirds, to quote John McCain, like Ted Cruz. I think KG and I are able to read and your article came through very clear, just another whacked out statement by a member of the whacked out extreme right. Thank God you will never reach Congress, you do understand that 80% of the American people got your message loud and clear during the 16 day Government shutdown. That cost this economy 24 billion dollars trying to defund a healthcare law that was passed by Congress, signed by the President, upheld by the Supreme Court, the central issue in the 2012 election, not to mention voted on 42 times to repeal by Congress and failed every time. Do you guys need to be hit in the head by a horse shoe to get the message. By the way the ACA is part of mandatory spending just like SS and Medicare, someone should tell Ted Cruz that. I only had to read your rambling on one time, I got nauseated just doing that.

        • Graywolf12

          PC BS

          • bobby

            Thank you for calling that above artical by Rodney Conover for what it is, a bunch of BS, you were so right, glad to see another person with some insight.

          • Rodney Lee Conover

            How’s that ACA working out for you guys? Do you know why the repeal failed? Because your lovely Senator Reid won’t even bring it up for debate, much less a vote. That’s right, the party of compromise and democracy won’t even debate it. Why? Because they are scared to vote on it. Scared little dogs. Scared to debate, scared to vote. Bring it up for a vote you mighty defenders of compromise! Yeah, and get yourselves voted out of the Senate. What a fraud bobby and Graywolf. “Progressive”? Hah! How can you say that when they won’t even debate? That’s how you roll..

          • bobby

            You don’t debate a law that was put into place by Congress, signed by the President, upheld by the Supreme Court and confirmed by the American People in the last election, don’t you guys get it, it is the law of the land.. The ACA will work out fine, the problem is the web site, it has nothing to do with the Healthcare law. I know you are not well informed but in 2006 when part D of Medicare was rolled out there was a lot more problems then now, it took a year to get that on track, that was not as massive as the ACA. By the way, the ACA was debated when it went through Congress, this is a Republican helthcare law, if it were a Democrats plan it would be a single payer or at least have a public option. I know your mouth kicks in before your brain but try to know what you are talking about before that happens.

          • Rodney Lee Conover

            ACA is not the “law of the land”, mr. Talking point. It has been rewritten by presidential decree on several occasions in direct violation of the separation of powers. Not tweaked, not a comma here and there, but completely overhauled – including haven the very core of its questionable Constitutionality removed from it – the mandate. First, unions and friends, donors, cronies and large corporate interests were granted waivers. But you’re ok with that, aren’t you bobby, ’cause your Obama is a man of the people – not the big 1%er’s isn’t he?

            But he’s not finished! Then Obama Decrees the mandate doesn’t apply to the large corporations folks like you love to live in tents and cry about whole blogging on your iPhone daddy gave you.

            Then they give $500 million in a no-bid to a Canadian company who just happens to employ Valerie Jaretts daughter and son in law ( nothin to see here bobby!) so they screw that up.

            Turns out they’ve been lying all along about keeping your plan and your doctor and the premiums going down by $2500 because they know they couldn’t pass it if they didn’t lie, bribe, cajole, cheat and use parlor tricks to not pass the legislation, but “deem it to have passed” booby.

            Now, Obama is talking about delaying the individual mandate AND increasing the subsidies to people making a higher percentage of the poverty level. This after Judge Roberts declared it a tax and if you studied civics bobby boy you know that appropriations (that means taxes, son) must originate in the House, which the ACA did not! So guess what?

            So yeah – bobbyyyyyyyy it would be appropriate to debate this except folks like you have drunk so much Kool aid you’ve turned into zombies.

          • bobby

            Your talking points are right off the Rush drink the kool aid radio show. Make up your fake stories and pass them off as fact, as you have found out the majority of Americans are not buying it. In the ACA there are certain terms that must be adhere to, don’t think Obama realize that 5% of the Country had Junk insurance, high co-pays and high Max out of pocket, sounds like you are in that 5%, that is why they have to get other insurance. Here at the DNC we have a policy, never debate an idiot, I don’t have time for your crazy talk, very busy, have a nice day in fantesy land.

          • Rodney Lee Conover


    • MontieR

      Compromise to a conservative is taking the best of BOTH ideas and merging them to produce something BETTER. Compromise to a liberal is my way or the high way regardless of the outcome. That is the difference. The ACA is the perfect example.

      • KG

        Compromise to a conservative is taking the best of BOTH [CONSERVATIVE] ideas and merging them to produce something BETTER. (or more conservative)

        • disqus_hNXvhwdNeI

          And we all know compromise to a democrat is “my way or the highway”. When are you going to get something right?

    • BigUgly666

      Threatening to hold your breath until you turn blue is NOT “compromise” …. that’s why the liberal democrats don’t understand the way that Congress is SUPPOSED to work ….. evidenced by the FACT that Harry Reid has not allowed a budget in over 5 years.

      • KG

        You assert that Democrats act ‘childish’ in negotiating a budget. It’s the conservatives and Republicans who ‘childishly’ grabbed the ball and refused to play so as to shut-down the government. Here is a clip from the Gipper himself explaining why what the Republicans want to do is stupid. If you don’t believe Mr Teflon, then I feel sorry for you.

        • BigUgly666

          Reid is the one who REFUSED to even allow a vote on the more than a dozen bills presented by the House.
          Obama is the one who REFUSED to even discuss anything that would effect his FRAUDULENT Obamacare.

          And idiots, like you, still think that it was the Republicans who would not “play ball”.

          No, don’t even bother.

        • disqus_hNXvhwdNeI

          You’re ignoring all of the 16 other shutdowns, why? Oh we know why, because your’e still playing the blame game like the immature person you are.

          Harry Reid chose to shut down the government this time around no matter how much you people like to claim otherwise.

    • bobby

      Good posting KG, very factual. I know that there was some redistricting in some areas of CA, Nancy Pelosi was representing the 8th Congressional until 01/03/2013, now she has moved to the 12th. In 2012 Paul Cook was elected to the 8th, he is a Republican, I am not sure why another Republican like this Rodney guy would challenge an incumbent of the same party in 2014, I guess he is looking for a $174,000 annual paycheck seeing as how acting did not work out for him. It is good to see not everyone on these sites are brainwashed.

      • disqus_hNXvhwdNeI

        You wouldn’t recognize gerrymandering if it were right in front of you would you.

        • bobby

          In states control by Republicans they redistrict or gerrymander to give them an advantage at the polls, that is the only way they can keep control of the House, they sure can’t do it by ideas. Left leaning moderates in this Country out number right leaning voters by two to one. Voting districts should be square or rectangular, after redistrict they come in all shape and sizes, one that I notice was shape like ear muffs. In the 2012 election Democratic Congressional Candidates received a million more votes than Republican Candidates but did not regain the house due to gerrymandering. It was quite apparent you had no idea what gerrymandering was, in a nut shell, it is the Republican way of committing legal voter fraud, they are still not happy, they are trying to pass legislation now to keep women, young people and minorities from voting, Texas is out of control on this one but they are in violation of Federal law and the Supreme Court should rule against them. I know you normally are talking to people like you but next time you make a comment about someone not recognizing something make sure you are not talking to a brain dead Republican.


            If you think gerrymandering belongs to one party then it is you who is brain dead.

          • bobby

            Let me educate you, there is a difference between redistrict and gerrymandering, redistrict is done when population changes by a given percentage, that is done without any preference to either political party. Gerrymandering is done with only political gain in mind, that would belong to only Republicans. That is the only way they can keep control of the House but even after all that they may have cooked their own goose by some of their stupid talk and shutting down the Government. I don’t think you are brain dead just not up on the way things are.

          • disqus_hNXvhwdNeI

            You mean states like CA and MD right? You do know dems are guilty of gerrymandering too right? No, of course you’ll never admit to actual facts.

          • bobby

            Redistricting is done all the time in blue and red areas but gerrymandering belongs to the Republicans. Populations changes are the only reasons for redistricting and that should be done for no political reasons. Wyoming, a red state only has one Rep , a Republican, they don’t need to mess with that one. Show me one district the Democrats changed for political gain, we don’t have to, we win elections on ideas. Show me one Democratic district that resembles a pair of ear muffs.

          • disqus_hNXvhwdNeI

            Flat out wrong. You can deny it all you like but dems are just as guilty at gerrymandering. Again, just look at MD. I know you won’t because you’re refusing to accept responsibility when your side does wrong.

          • bobby

            MD is a blue state, no need to gerrymander, they did redistrict the 6th Congressional district moving the boundries to the south toward DC in 2011, that would favor Democrats but was not done with that in mind. By law the 6th Congressional district did not meet the population requirements. Roscoe Bartlett a Republican could have retain that seat if he had not tied himself to Todd Akin’s attack on the biology of women. MD still has one Republican Rep, Andrew Harris. Also make note that CA is a blue state, no need to gerrymander there, they also redistrict and one of the Reps to move to another district was Nancy Pelosi, a Republican took her old seat. For you to use MD as a gerrymander example would be like me using OK saying they gerrymander, OK is a red state, all 5 Congressional districts are represented in Congress by Republicans, both US Senators are Republicans, the Governor is Republican and two thirds of the state legislature are Republicans, no need to gerrymander in OK. You need to figure out the difference between redistrict and gerrymandering. If the Democrats were guilty of gerrymandering they would have control of Congress right now, in 2012 the Democrats running for Congress received a million more votes, case close.

          • disqus_hNXvhwdNeI

            No need to gerrymander? Are you kidding me? That’s just comical.

          • bobby

            The Democrats control 7 out of 8 districts in MD, those were obtain through,”We the people,” not gerrymandering, of course, I know facts are not part of your universe. You keep laughing right through the 2014 mid-term, when it’s all over I think the smile will be gone from your face.

          • disqus_hNXvhwdNeI

            You must not understand the definition of gerrymandering as you keep posting ignorance. Yes, I’m laughing at you.

          • bobby

            I understand quite well but not to give you my difinition, here is Webster’s, “divide into election districts so as to give one political party an advantage.”
            Now do you understand, that would be the Republicans, what advantage did the Democrats gain to redistrict their State? I know, the Democrats wanted to lose 40 seats in the House so they redistrict to lose the advantage, how stupid are you people. I don’t have to laugh at you, 80% of the Country is laughing at you for me.

      • Rodney Lee Conover

        bobby, Pelosi didn’t “move to the 12th”. Everything you post is wrong, including about myself. stop posting. KG is a troll. You’re following someone who doesn’t exist in reality.

        • bobby

          You are not really this stupid, or maybe you are. Nancy Pelosi represents the 12th, where do you guys get your informtion, ever hear of fact check? She did move from the 8th. I know you sound like a genius to others in the same intellect as you but when you are talking to an informed group of people try not to look like an idiot. Just some advice.

    • grassroot

      Liberals in Washington have been ” eddycated” by and for Socialists,
      Marxists who despise the Republic we have been given and want
      to destroy, deconstruct, this nation and Capitalism.

      As Nikita Krushchev warned us, ” We will not conquer you by

      force of arms, but through your children being indoctrinated in Marxism.”
      And these ” children” grew up and got positions of power in government and the halls of learning. Bill Ayers and his wife come

      instantly to mind. And, he was instrumental in helping Obmer in
      planning his campaign to take the White house.

    • tbar

      Please the liberals don’t want compromise, if they did then why wait till they had the majority in order to ram the affordable health care act down our throats. Aswell why have many of them chosen and been allowed to opt out. If it is so wonderful they should lead by example and be the first to sign up or is that asking to much of this dictatorship, which forces their subjects to take a pill that even they consider to large to swallow!