25 Republican Cowards Exposed: **UPDATE**


rhinosCowards Update: The cloture vote to end debate on the House passed Continuing Resolution passed with the aid of 25 Republican Senators. 25 Republicans voted in favor of ending debate, even though they knew that it would allow Harry Reid to attach an amendment to the House bill that would allow funding for Obamacare. Unbelievable.

Let’s put up a solid conservative challenger and primary them out of the race. Stop with the popularity contests and get behind solid people who won’t stab you in the back. Now.

This is important – thanks to these Senators, ObamaCare is one step closer to being fully implemented and when it is, no amount of imploding or dissatisfaction on the part of the people will make it go away. It will turn into single-payer when the government has to bail it out. It will be too big to fail once millions are in the exchanges. It will have to be “saved” by Obama when Emergency Rooms begin shutting down, old folks can’t get medicine and no one can get into see a doctor. Panic will set in and who knows what then.

This whole thing is playing into Obama’s long-run Alinsky playbook, guys. The Executive Orders and the rulings by Presidential fiat Obama has been willing to wield are child’s play compared to what’s coming. This is a president who on multiple occasions has blatantly ignored the separation of powers and does whatever suits him to legislation, laws, regulations, whatever.

Congress does nothing to stop him.

If the health-care system does indeed implode, fold-up and come crashing down as everyone says it will – keep in mind this is 17% of the entire economy and it will be a legitimate emergency disaster. FEMA, the Justice Department, HHS, the FBI, the ATF, the IRS and any number of Federal departments will be dispatched to keep the peace. You think I’m kidding? I’m not.

Barack Obama could very well under the veil of emergency powers declare a 10, 15 or even 20% “temporary” surcharge on all bank funds, equities, IRA’s, etc. You don’t think he’d do it if he thought there was a way? Never let a crisis go to waste, friendo.

And this is a crisis. Thanks, you guys.

Here are their names, State and contacts: Four are retiring, six in 2014, 12 in 2016, and 3 in 2018.

Retiring Senators:

Saxby Chambliss, Mike Johanns, Jeff Chiesa, Tom Coburn,

Chambliss GA  (202) 224-3521

Johanns NE  (202) 224-4224

Chiesa NJ  (202) 224-3224

Coburn OK  (202) 224-5754

I’d say to start a recall, but we have bigger fish to fry. Instead, call their offices (be civil, thanks) and tell them to not let the door hit them on the butt on their way to the cushy Health-care related lobbying job they’ve no doubt secured.

Senators up for re-election in 2014

Mitch McConnell KY  (202) 224-2541

Lindsey Graham SC  (202) 224-5972

Lamar Alexander TN  (202) 224-4944

Susan Collins ME  (202) 224-2523

John Cornyn TX  (202) 224-2934

Thad Cochran MS  (202) 224-5054

Senators whose term expires in 2016:


I was this close to an inside straight, then I realized I was playing “Angry Birds” – damn these smart phones.. what? a vote? I vote with my friends, the Democrats! Arrrg..

John McCain (start the recall now) AZ  (202) 224-2235

Kelly Ayotte NH  (202) 224-3324

John Boozman AR  (202) 224-4843

Roy Blunt MO  (202) 224-5721

Richard Burr NC  (202) 224-3154

Dan Coats IN  (202) 224-5623

John Hoeven ND  (202) 224-2551

Johnny Isakson GA  (202) 224-3643

Ron Johnson WI  (202) 224-5323

Mark Kirk IL  (202) 224-2854

Lisa Murkowski AK  (202) 224-6665

John Thune SD  (202) 224-2321

Term expires in 2018

John Barasso WY  (202) 224-6441

Bob Corker TN  (202) 224-3344

Roger Wicker MS  (202) 224-6253


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Rodney Lee Conover lives in California with his whippet “Jack.” He’s a candidate for the House of Representatives in California’s 8th District for 2014.

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  • lather

    LOL.. The GOP will be blamed for the shutdown, ALL of them. Open enrollment for Obamacare will go into effect on Tuesday and nobody will stop it. The BS will all hit the GOP like a brick in 2014 and then 2016. When Hillary wins make sure you remember who to blame. The MeBaggers have Killed the GOP, great job noobs!

  • Donald Congleton

    As far as I am concerned we can add Dan Coats of Indiana to the recall list also

  • Scott remy

    There are some on this list that definitely deserve reelection and you can’t go by one or two votes but the body of work. I personally told John Thune that he would be President one day and I still believe that. He is a modest and Godly man and his brother was my last Pastor in CA.

    Kelly Ayotte is an honorable woman who has a good job for NH and I hope she returns. I cannot speak for any others but perhaps others can.

    Think big picture and not so myopic.

  • alexia

    Call both Senator and the GOP party of your state and tell them they u will no longer contribute to their causes. And yes for those not In my state, start recalls on those that are in office 2016 and 2018. Don’t think it doesn’t work, just look what my home state did, Colorado!! And we booted out to 2 worthless Senators

    • Maxine Kreider

      I already called and emailed the GOP and RNC that I will not donate any money until they straighten this out. Time for the Democratic Lite Senators like McCain, Thune, Collins, Ayotte, Graham….etc. to know they have lost support.

  • vet

    Its time to clean house.Recall is to good for this scum,Jail would be better.They were shocked by the last election,wait until they see what happens this time around.

  • omega2

    Having been a Republican all my life, I no longer will contribute nor help in any way till these 25 SEDITIOUS TRAITORS are totally removed. They went to Washington on FALSE PROMIS’S and now filling their pockets and SCREWING their constituants Royaly! McCONNAL, McCAIN AND GRAHMAN ARE THE DIRTIEST OF THEM ALL!

    • bobby

      Thank God, 25 less Republican are a true blessing, I hope many others like you don’t contribrute.

      • Ronald W. Mann

        The contributions will go to true conservatives, we need to flush the rinos as well as the lieberals

        • bobby

          Maybe you can tell me what a True Conservative of today stands for, I am not sure. The meaning is, “Maintain the status quo.” If everyone thought that way we would still be taking cover wagons west. Thank God we have a choice in this Country, if it was just up to Republicans to rule we would soon become a third world Country.


    Get them all out of office asap…

  • ThomPaineJr12

    True conservatives will refuse to vote for ANY Republican who hasn’t called for the impeachment of Obama and Biden.

    • bobby

      That is great news, we won’t have to worry about these Republican jerks being elected, I don’t know of any Republican calling for impeachment of anyone.

  • rs1123

    Mark Kirk (IL) may be a RINO but even getting a GOP like him elected in the “State of Chicago” was a minor miracle. BTW, Illinois is a perfect example in microcosm of why we need the Electoral College. In IL, as long as you can carry the city of Chicago there is almost no way to lose, so the rest of the state and their attitudes and positions can be ignored. On the national level, without the Electoral college, it would be the same; the candidate who carried NY City, Chicago, LA and a few other cities – which always vote Dem anyhow – would easily win the election and the rest of the country would lose its voice and its say.

    All the push for dumping the Electoral College is made to make it sound logical and fair but in essence its purpose is to virtually guarantee Democratic victories in all Presidential elections.

  • Maxine Kreider

    better than contacting the individuals mentioned here – contact your state GOP and tell them you will no longer send them money. They want to act like the Democratic Lite Party instead of the party of Lincoln…do not support them and let them know why.

    • jma

      Do both. Daily. Weekly. A phone call costs nothing compared to the monster we are going to pay for if this spending goes on.

    • ginger

      I have done that all year…they seem too stupid to get that,,,but guess there are plenty who will still give them money.

    • bobby

      You are kidding right, do you think that Republicans like Ted Cruz, or the Tea Party of today would vote to do away with slavery. The Republicans of today are not the party of Lincoln or Teddy Roosevelt, for that matter even Reagan (he was all about working together to solve problems). I think it is a blessing for all of us that 25 Republican Senators have a conscience, those are the law makers we should be calling to thank.

      • lather

        The Mebaggers have killed the GOP, we are witnessing the death of a party. They are clueless to the damage they have already done and don’t care. They have given the next few elections to the Left.

        • bobby

          You are absolutely right, history repeats itself and the thing that comes to mind is 1932. After Hoover ran the economy in the ditch the Republicans would not see the White House for 20 years, that is the trend we are in now. You can also fast forward to the 1950’s and Joseph McCarthy, he died in 1957 but his kind of talk got John Kennedy elected in 1960. You can put Joe McCarthy next to Ted Cruz and try to determine who is who, impossible. Ted Cruz is Joe McCarthy reincarnated, they have the same whacky ideas, they even look alike. Another example is 1964, Barry Goldwater, read about this guy, he gave that election to Johnson by a landslide. If these Republicans have not been taught anything from history, they will never again see the White House. I am glad that someone understands the Republican party is doomed, good post.

          • Wayne Wilhelm

            Kennedy actually lost the election in 1960. Nixon won but was politically correct and refused to contest the exceptionally close election.

          • bobby

            I don’t know where you get your facts but Kennedy won that election, Nixon advisors told him that disputing the results would not change the outcome. It was a close election no doubt but it was not Nixons decision alone to just go home.

          • Maxine Kreider

            Bobby, you must be very young. Kennedy had the election given to him by Mayor Daly in Chicago. The Mob and Daly had 150% votes with many of the voters names taken right out of the cemeteries. Daly bragged about putting Kennedy in the White House. JFK and RFK would puke at what Obama has done to divide this country.

          • bobby

            I can only wish I was younger but in 1960 I was 16 years old, in March of that year I met John Kennedy at a campaign rally in my home town of Mauston, Wisconsin, he was running in the Wisconsin Primary. There were alot of false accusations going around back then but none proved to be factual. The fact is, Chicago is a Democratic stronghold and always has been, Republicans almost never win elections in that city. Democrats don’t have to steal votes or use the dead to win elections in Chicago. Alot of people bragged about putting Kennedy in the White House, including his brother-in-law, Peter Lawford. Ftrank Sinatra also bragged about getting the CA/Hollywood votes for Kennedy. Many people wanted to jump on the Kennedy bandwagon and that included Mayor Daley, he did do alot of campaigning for Kennedyin Chicago. In 1960 my family was very Conservative, my dad was the Republican DA for Juneau County, I did not declare as a Democrat until 1969, right after Nixon was elected, by the way, I voted for Nixon, he would be the last Republican I voted for on the Presidential ticket, I have voted for Republican local candidates even today, if they are running on a platform I can agree with. You had a good post and I was well aware of the rumors going around about the 1960 election but that was all they were, rumors. Thank you for the post and reminding me of the rumors in 1960.

          • Maxine Kreider

            To compare JFK to our girly boy liar in chief is an outrage. I do not respect Obama because he has never earned respect. Obama actually needs to work on being president and not the dilettante campaigner we have. My friend got back from an extended stay in Europe and they openly laugh at Obama. We don’t get the news here in the US that they are getting in Europe.

          • bobby

            Europe laugh at Obama, I find that hard to believe, are you sure they know that Bush is not President anymore, maybe they thought your friend was talking about Bush because he was a joke. I don’t recall comparing Obama to JFK. Good Americans always accept election results, the reason Obama won is because of boots on the ground. We did not spend our time stroking each other on these web sites. You have to change minds but I know once a person start posting on these right wing web sites they are too far gone to save. We knocked on doors, we made phone calls, we debated the issues in a knowledgable fashion and not with false claims. You can get all the news from Europe you would ever want, just use google. I read at least six different publications, mostly from the UK, a day. Just a side note, the unemployment rate in the UK is 12%, I don’t think that is a laughing matter. Have a nice day.

          • Maxine Kreider

            Didn’t you see the article about Time Magazine: The US had coverage about college sports. The European, Asian, etc versions had Putin on the cover and how Putin wiped the floor with Obama. Not a peep in the US version of Time. That is the same with most of the publications that are overseas. My friend was shocked we did not get the stories of how really angry many governments are at the US. I guess I remember the actual truth about the Kennedy/Nixon election. The election was very, very close and Illinois was the kicking point. Daly gave the election to Kennedy. Dead men do not really vote except for Democrats. Photo ID for voting is essential to keep the vote honest. I personally saw a busload of “voters:” brought into VA. If we need a photo ID to fly, get into any federal or government facility, etc. it should be mandatory to vote. In VA, it takes less than 5 minutes to get the ID. BTW: The actual unemployment rate in the US is over 14% and for blacks and minorities it is over 17%.

          • bobby

            I have no problem with voter ID, I do have a problem with some of the other tactics being used in trying to keep certain segments of the population from voting. Here in Florida the Governor is trying to purge the voter registration list. Out of thousands of letters sent out there were only two that were not legitimate. People that had been voting for decades were called into question. We have not been a real favorite around the world for a long time, way before Obama. Putin can say anything he wants but the fact is we are not at war today because Putin caved into Obama. Dead men don’t vote at all, that includes 1960. Daly worked for Kennedy but I am not sure what you mean by giving the election to Kennedy. Like I said before, Chicago has always been Democratic, to cheat would not be necessary in that city. In 1972 Nixon had McGovern beat by 20 points but Nixon thought it necessary to break into the Democratic headquarters and look for some dirt on McGovern, now that would be considered over the line. The actual unemployment rate is over 7.5% but it is impossible to put a percentage on what that number is, they don’t track people not drawing unemployment. I think you are a good person and your post are interesting, most of the things you bring up I have heard before. The right are very good at talking points, their belief is, “If you repeat a line enough times it will become fact,” in some cases that works but it will not work on those of us that know better. Thank you and have a good day.

          • Galveston1

            Obama won his second term because Soros minions counted votes, and Democrat party personnel cheated. Some of them have even been convicted for that. Heck, you and about 5 other people are the only ones who will admit to voting for Obama.

          • bobby

            What universe do you live on? Stop listening to these nut cases or you will end up in a paddy cell..

          • Galveston1

            Joseph McCarthy was proven to be RIGHT and was probably murdered for his efforts.

          • bobby

            OK, I give, who was it that prove Joseph McCarthy right? He did not even like members of his own party, like Eisenhower. To him everyone but him was a Communist. He went after good people like school teachers in his home state of Wisconsin. I was raised in Wisconsin , this guy was a black mark on our state. I was only 13 when he died of natual causes, just because he was only 47 does not mean he was murdered. You have a chance now to worship Joesph McCarthy all over again because Ted Cruz, your 9 month Wonder Junior Senator from your home state of Texas, is a reincarnation of him, they even look alike and both have the same nutty views.

          • Galveston1

            I am older than you, and can remember some of this stuff. After McCarthy released his findings there were several State Department personnell who quickly resigned. He may have over-reached, but he was right about Communist infiltration of our government. Maybe my memory is flawed about his death, but I think he died of radioactive poisioning from a pellet in his office chair. Maybe some other old timers have memories about this.

            Ted Cruz is doing EXACTLY what we, the people of Texas, elected him to do. Get used to it.

          • bobby

            You elected him to do nothing, he has not presented one piece of legislation, he will be history soon, even his own party is fed up with him.

        • Ronald W. Mann

          Well by the time the slime is cleaned out of the White House, you will have everything given to you free and be the slave of the party for life. Enjoy the plantation, you will never leave

      • Maxine Kreider

        I am quite shocked how ill informed and absolutely wrong you kool aid drinkers are about history and the GOP. The GOP is not the party of the KKK (founded by Democrats), Gov Wallace and for that matter old KKK Byrd. Unlike the Democratic Party, Republicans can evolve and change. The Republicans did not see the WH for 20 years because of FDR. FDR would cringe at the thought of public unions and the sheer garbage that is being pumped out by the Democrats. Those 25 Senators, many not up for re election, will have a fight to even get through the primaries. What happens when China does not buy our debt? It is called reliving the Weimar Republic and the freebie society will riot. Greece with guns.

        • bobby

          Belive me I am not proud of what some of the Democrats of the pass stood for but back then I was a Republican. You don’t know much about FDR, do you? You guys don’t like SS, that was his signature program. He was one of the most Progressive Presidents ever but the #1 Progressive spot goes to his cousin Teddy Roosevelt, a Republican, he even started a 3rd party called the Progressive Party. We don’t live in a freebie society, that is what Romney wanted you to believe with his 47% remark, I guess you bought into it. I used the GI bill to further my education, I served 4 years in the Air Force, do you think that was a freebie? Over the years I bought 4 homes, not at the same time, on the VA loan program, do you think that was a freebie? Do you think it is a freebie to make sure our children don’t go to bed hungry, 87% of those receiving food stamps are children, seniors and veterans. Over 65% of children getting free lunch at school, this will be the only food they will see that day. Many of our brightest children in this Country would not be able to attend college because they are not from a rich family, do you think we should toss them aside and not give them away to reach their dreams. Do you think this Country should belong to the 2% of Americans and the other 98% just shift for themselves. That is what you are supporting, the 2%, maybe you are in that group, I don’t know, but if you are not then you are voting against your own self interest.

          • Wayne Wilhelm

            What school did you say you went to? I suggest you go back to school and get your facts straight. Fact: Give someone an inch, they’ll take a foot. You don’t give people something for free. If you do, they’ll abuse it. Most people on food stamps have so many children receiving food stamps that they sell the excess. One school quit checking for those who qualified for food stamps. There were only a small handful who didn’t qualify so the school determined it would be less expensive if they simply gave the free food to everyone. If any child has his school meal as their only meal, it’s because of their parents being unworthy to be parents. Every state has welfare programs which give every child appropriate funds / means for sustenance.

          • bobby

            I didn’t say what school I went to but since you ask, I have a degree in Political Science from the University of Wisconsin, I also served for 40 years as a Congressional Aide, I retired in 2009. I don’t think the Conservatives of today would knows facts if it jump up and bit them in the nose. The fact is that there are people that will abuse any program but the massive abuse come from the top, a good example is our Governor here in Florida, Rick Scott, when he was head of a hospital chain he bilk 300 million dollars from medicare in over charges, treatments that never happen and a host of other false charges. When he was caught and brought to court he pleaded the fifth 59 times. His punishment, lost his job, his reward, a fat bank account, he used alot of that money to become Governor. Another prime example is Romney, he paid 13% in taxes in 2011, he uses off shore bank accounts to avoid US taxes, not illegel but if you are running for President it is immoral. I bet if you are working full time you are paying more than 13%. The average dollar amount given to a person from the food stamp program is $4.50 a day, can you eat on $4.50 a day, that barely buys a big mac. Most states have ID EBT cards now, clerks at stores should be checking to make sure the right person are using them, recipients don’t receive cash, it is hard to sell their food stamps if not impossible, I suppose they can buy excess food and sell it, there are ways but this is a very minor problem. A correction to your comment about one school giving all students food stamps. First schools don’t give out food stamps, the free lunch is a separate and unrelated program. I would like to know the name of that school and where it is located that gives everyone free lunches, the free lunch program is determine by income and the school don’t determine that, it is the state or the district that makes that determination. The one thing we can agree on is, I think alot of parents are irresponsible so should we just let the kids starve. On your last statement, very few states are still giving funds out to people. They may help to pay the rent, utilities and of course food stamps. It should also be noted the majority of people receiving Government benifit don’t want this to be the rest of their lives, alot of recipients are working Americans in low paying jobs. I hope that in some way you have seen the facts. I go by one rule in life, “Don’t believe anything you hear and only half of what you see,” You would be wise to adopt that same rule. You can do a fact check on anything I say and determine for yourself, just don’t use Rush, Fox News or this web site, get my point. Have a great day.

          • Maxine Kreider

            Do not fool yourself about the Democrats. Being originally from Michigan I voted Democratic through Jimmy Carter… Reality sets in very fast. I am a retired RN who grew up very poor with 6 sisters. None of us ended up on welfare. I worked hard for everything I have. I donate and volunteer. As for helping the poor and blacks, the Democrats have done nothing. The “War on Poverty” actually created an underclass. Many, many conservative blacks do not like being on the Democratic plantation. When I remarried, I actually married a limousine liberal Democrat…believe me they are far more prejudiced and determined to keep a very poor class in poverty. As for college, the students getting student loans will probably not be able to pay off those loans in their lifetimes. They borrow money that will never be paid off to go to college to get a degree that won’t lead to a job. A whole generation is being wasted. Now who’s fault is that? Maybe if they actually did drug testing for welfare and food stamps you might see more hungry children being fed..You really want to help …volunteer at the food kitchens.

          • bobby

            We really have to stop meeting this way, I am spending my entire evening with you. I also donate and volunteer. If you grew up poor I am sure you had some help along the way to becoming a nurse. I had three older sisters myself, we were not poor but for the time we were in the upper middle class. My Dad was a lawyer and County DA but in a small town in Wisconsin lawyers don’t get rich, it was all about helping those that could not afford to help themself and he was a Republican, at one time they even wanted to help the underprivilege. I don’t agree with you on the profile you gave of the Democratic Party, one person may feel that way but not the majority. We are not wanting to keep anyone in poverty but they need opportunities to rise above that kind of life. In 1965 when I left the Air Force I attended the University of Wisconsin on the GI Bill, it was not a freebie, I gave four years of my life for it. After graduating in 1969 I spent the next 40 years working as a Congressional aide to a Wisconsin Congressman, he also abandon the Republican Party and became a Democrat. I retired in 2009 and moved to sunny Florida. I am drawing a Government retirement and healthcare, that is a earn benifit, not a freebie. You have some interesting post and I commend you for your contributions. I wanted to make one more comment, it is up to the states to monitor how food stamps are being used, some are doing drug testing. It is true that many adults are not using food stamps as they were intended, those people with children need to be monitor to make sure the children are being fed. People have to realize 87% of food stamps go to children, seniors and veterans, only 13% are maybe irresponsible adults. Thank you for the post.

          • Maxine Kreider

            I am a retired RN. I have worked in Michigan, Las Vegas, Florida, and lastly at the National Naval Medical Center (now the Walter Reed Military Medical Center in Bethesda Maryland. Since my retirement I live in Leesburg VA. My late husband was a scientist at NIST. He was a limousine liberal but in the last year he became far move conservative. If we continue to promote a dependent and unproductive society we will be totally broke as a nation. We are becoming a two class society and the problems are getting worse not better. I grew up very very poor. We could not get welfare and no food stamps. Food from the food stamp programs is even being sent out of the US, Scammers are far more prevalent in the food stamp and welfare system than is ever reported. And yes I would love to see drug testing for any public assistance. The left just loves to give names to GOP members but they really need to look in the mirror. Did you know the wonderful Democrats in Maryland are going to tax rain?

          • bobby

            I commend you for your service and I have many good friends that are conservatives but most are moderates which it appears you are too. It is the far extreme right that I don’t understand. They have no sense of history or facts, they come up with some of the most outlandish tales that makes no sense. It is a shame that people take advantage of programs but it is not only the poor people on the streets that may sell food stamps for whatever. Most of the people that are costing our Government tons of money is at the top of that chain. An example is our Governor right here in Florida. When he was head of a Hospital chain he took 300 million dollars out of medicare by over billing, charging for services that never happen, inflating the cost of drugs. When testifying he took the fifth 59 times. He was fired, the company was fined but that money went into Rick Scott pocket. He used much of it to win the Governor race here in Florida. You are right there will be people that cheat in anything you give them and in most cases it would be children that will suffer. The states I think are doing a better job over the years to control that. Some states are using picture ID’s which store personal should check. The shutdown which the Republicans are responsible for, I know in VA you have the majority of people that will be affected by it, the Republicans may not like The AHCA but it is a law, you can’t stop a law just because you don’t like it. The thing you can do is make changes that are not working and there will be bugs, that is a given. Good luck and you have a great day.

          • Maxine Kreider

            I am sorry Bobby but I have been too busy to make any kind of reply. For the last 30 days I was in Michigan with my dying sister. She was buried last Friday and I returned to VA on Saturday. After a month of having 2-3 hours sleep, I finally have had enough sleep. Republicans are no different than Democrats when it comes to graft and corruption. You only have to look at 50+ years of Democratic rule in Detroit to see this is true. It has been Obama’s choice to shut down the government. It was planned by the Democrats: note all the signs and barricades were ready and used on day one. Hey I would rather people stand up and do what is right rather than let the President take powers that are not his to take. Picture ID…gee every time I fly, go to the doctor, etc. I show picture ID. What this is saying is that Democrats think that Blacks and minorities are too stupid or too illiterate to get a picture ID. The Blacks I know find this insulting at best and really manipulating at worst. BTW: many people here in VA do work for the Fed but are smart enough to realize that continuing like this will ruin the country.

          • bobby

            I am so sorry to hear about your sister, hope you are well. I don’t have alot of time either, I am in Wisconsin until Oct 21st, we are organizing a campaign to unseat Scott Walker next year. I don’t know alot about Detroit but I do know they have had a Democratic Governor since 1962, the present one, David Bing seems to be doing a good job from what I hear, I know Kilpatrick left office after pleading guilty to obstruction of justice. There is corruption in both parties, as we both know. I do have to disagree with Obama being responsible for shuting down the Government. The Speaker has brought a vote on Obamacare to the floor 44 times, if my count is right, 44 times it failed to gain traction. It bacame the law of the land when Congress passed it and the President signed it, The Supreme Court upheld it with a Conservative Majority, it was a central issue in the 2012 election, the voters re-elected Obama. There are enough Republicans now, at last count 22, to end this shutdown, all the Speaker has to do is bring it to the floor for a vote, just like he did 44 times to repeal it, this time it could really mean something, in a half hour this could all be over, it is all up to the Speaker, not the President. I am not sure what powers the President is taking that is not his to take. I think the Federal Workers in VA would like to be getting a paycheck, at this point they would like for it to be over. I think the thing about voter ID is kind of mis stated as far as Democrats. We have no objections to photo ID as long as it is done in a fair way, the State Republican Governors and Legislature are attaching other restrictions to the ID law that will have an affect on minorities. In Florida the Governor is purging voter registration files strictly on minorities, out of 300,000 letters sent out there were two that were suspicious, that is where the problem lies. We don’t hink Blacks and other minorities are stupid but we are in a situation where the majority will vote Democratic, this is not about what we can give them for nothing, it is about opportunity and creating the environment for opportunity to exist. This is not only about minorities, women are also not treated fairly, they still only make 70% of their male counter parts. Children that have the ability to take control of their future will not be afforded the opportunity because they did not come from a rich background. To give our young people a chance in life will pay dividends a thousand times over, that is regardless of where they came from, the important thing is where they are going. One final thought, you could do away with all Government spending right now, you cut the tax in half for all but you should know that whatever funds are saved they will float to the top, the middle class and poorer class will not see any of it, this is really what it is all about. Thank you for your post and thoughts, I wrote this in a hurry so excuss any errors,

        • Ronald W. Mann

          I have already notified mine he is in for a primary, the other one is running home to hide. They ignore the people they go home

  • dancingontheheadofapin

    Eight retiring senators and they couldn’t do the right thing and stop Obamacare? They would have no reelection to worry about. What absolute SLUGS! Good riddance to bad rubbish. The rest are going to find themselves bucking some stiff opposition in 2014 and 2016. Any of them who call themselves republicans might as well just declare for the democrat party so as not to confuse their constituents. We believed in you and you failed miserably. And you have done so routinely. That’s why we are in this horrific mess!

    • Karin D Hawkins

      They have secured THIER spot on the ” Ark ” .Paid for w/ silence and a vote on the way out ..This is not about health care .It’s about tanking the rest of the economy ..Always has been ..Order through chaos ..Agenda 21..One global bank ..NEW WORLD ORDER ..

      • ginger

        Absolutely correct.