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Dress code requires teachers to wear bras, underwear – starting next year

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – All those teachers who take pride in their “free swinging” ways can breathe a sigh of relief – Little Rock’s new “restrictive” dress code won’t go into effect until next school year.

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Kid-covering-eyesThe school district is the latest to formalize a staff dress code policy that bans the typical things: t-shirts with inappropriate slogans, mini-skirts and flip-flops. But an interesting requirement is taking a breather for a year: “foundation garments.”

As in bras and underwear.

District superintendent Dexter Suggs co-authored a letter with teachers union president Cathy Koehler, laying out the new rules. But the Arkansas Times reported when Suggs imposed the new policy, “complaints arose” and Suggs delayed implementation “to give staff time to adjust.”

Teachers have to adjust to wearing “foundation garments” to work? Just what kind of “free spirited” attitude do they have in Little Rock?

The newspaper reports many teachers weren’t happy with Suggs’ attempt to improve the school district’s “culture and environment.”

Koehler admitted there was little the union could do because it doesn’t negotiate over the dress code.

In response to members who said Koehler shouldn’t have gone along with the changes, she remarked that it is best to be “at the table, not on the menu.”

She added, “No Dress Code could ever meet every persons’ concerns or point-of-view. At best, one could hope to have something that did the least amount of harm to employees.”

A dress code can bring “harm” to employees? Really?

Slave-Math_Bad-TeacherSome of the new rules that apparently could bring “harm” to teachers include: No clothing with patches or slogans referring to alcohol, cigarettes, obscenities, sexual references and the like; no jeans, except on designated days; no casual T-shirts — faded, sheer, out of shape or inappropriately sized; no mini-skirts, halter tops, backless or sheer dresses; only “dress casual” shorts; no flip-flops; and no hats in buildings, except religious head coverings, the paper reported.

Remarkably, this isn’t the first incident of union hand-wringing over wearing more professional attire in the classroom.

A union attorney for Lewis County, West Virginia teachers claimed a proposed dress code policy was a violation of his members’ “statutory and constitutional rights” and threatened court action. That dress code didn’t even mention “foundation garments.”

In New Hampshire, a school board proposed banning blue jeans, sneakers, slip-flops and tank tops. The superintendent told the board that teachers felt such a policy was “derogatory and condescending.”

By Kyle Olson at

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  • Mary Hajducek

    Female teachers wear no undergarments, i.e. bras & panties and we wonder why young girls dress like sluts and w—-s. teachers are suppose to be role models, guess we can be assured they are for all the wrong reasons evidently like a lot of others they have no respect for themselves or others. If they don’t adhere to policy then fire them.

    • Nathan

      The lack of underwear isn’t being slutty. Many people of both genders find it to be uncomfortable (and it is). Now, wearing clothes that is designed to make it obvious if the person isn’t wearing anything under them (and if they do…shows what type they’re wearing) is slutty.

      • Robert Bouchard Jr.

        Discomfort with wearing underwear is NO EXCUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s just a bunch of B.S. and should NOT BE TOLERATED!!!!!!!!! And to put it upon the parents and other guardians to decide whether someone is or is not trying to be obvious and slutty when they wear their clothing is WAY IN EXCESS of demands on the childrens’ guardians. If you can’t dress respectfully and professionally, you don’t work!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • lbc

          It is possible to not wear underwear without revealing anything inappropriate and should not be anyody’s business as long as one’s outer clothing is not revealing anything.

          • Robert Bouchard Jr.

            There are too many “opportunities” for “private parts” to find their way to revealing situations, and it IS EVERYBODY’S BUSINESS, ESPECIALLY PARENTS WHO HAVE CHILDREN IN SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • blumkin from palin

            So what. Seeing a little beaver or nipple never hurt anyone.

          • Robert Bouchard Jr.

            It obviously hasn’t done your brain any good.

          • blumkin from palin

            To bad me brain is better than yours old man

          • Robert Bouchard Jr.

            Dream on.

          • blumkin from palin

            Talk about your intellegent comeback. You are dreaming about how you can take someone up the bu tt

        • blumkin from palin

          But I bet you surf pirn on the internet every chance you get. Prude

          • Robert Bouchard Jr.

            Reaching deep for some kind, any kind, of comeback aren’t you.

          • blumkin from palin

            Sure you nailed me ya fossil. Go back to surfin porn.

          • Robert Bouchard Jr.

            Ahh, your desperation for an intelligent reply is “charming”.

          • blumkin from palin

            Maybe to an old frail prude

      • 57Bootsy

        Nathan, if dressed appropriately, one could not determine the presence or absence of underware. Doesn’t appear to be the case here.

        • J. Brown

          Assuming that some of us are teachers, if you have underware it may well be uncomfortable, but real people wear underwear and find it to be comfortable.
          Parents need to be better “spellers” than teachers otherwise how can you know that the teachers aren’t doing a good job. English is the language of America, learn it and use it correctly.

          • lbc

            “real people”? Really? So what do you consider the others to be that don’t find underwear to be comfortable? Robots, or zombies, maybe? All the human beings on this planet are “real people”. Some of us just don’t think like you do. And some are just not as good at spelling as maybe you are but that doesn’t make them something other than a “real” person, either. Even a prude like yourself should know that sufficient outer clothing will prevent anyone from being able to tell whether another is wearing underwear. So what’s next? Will the school district begin hiring “underwear police” to check the teachers for underwear everyday upon entering the schools? And what does your statement “assuming that some of us are teachers” have to do with the rest of that particular sentence? And when you quote a part of someone’s comment, you should use quotation marks, assuming that you intended to misspell “underwear” as well. And “parents need to be better spellers than teachers”? Really? You don’t think teachers should be held to the same level of standards as parents? I’d be surprised if you actually have a teaching job anywhere. I hope that you’re not getting paid to be an English teacher because your school and the taxpayers aren’t getting their money’s worth. So next time you want to judge someone’s comment about their spelling mistake, you should find someone that knows proper English and sentence structure to proof read your comment, of course, “assuming that you’re a teacher”. If you’re a teacher, our school system is in terrible need.

          • J. Brown

            Thanks for you hostile opinion, you have made my day! Did teach english about forty years back, but so much has changed. If you read the comments you noticed that several people used “ware”, an improper context or spelling.
            My commentary was to raise awareness that spelling the words correctly has a greater impact without a temper tantrum. Public school education isn’t applied evenly, but some “real” people work harder than others. Again sorry that you are so upset because of lack of temperment. Had the good fortune to earn several degrees over time.

      • cr0ak

        If your undies are uncomfortable, then you need a size (or more) larger! Or you need a different style.

        It’s no wonder kids have little to no respect for teachers these days, if the ones who are supposed to be educating them are teaching them the wrong values!

      • Mark Hatzi

        I think you have it backwards. Specially now, when there are so many female teachers having sex with students, maybe if they put some clothes on it will remind them they are teachers and not hookers or sluts there to seduce the boys

        • blumkin from palin

          Way to co ck block jr. You are just mad cause you never got any

          • Mark Hatzi

            LOL you are laughable, at least I am not gay like you are,

          • blumkin from palin

            Good comeback. I used thT one on 5th grade . Call me when you have a smart comeback loser

          • blumkin from palin

            Yes just cause you let cops take u up the butt does not make you gay

  • Linda Shepherd

    You know it is funny. As a nurse I am told to wear a uniform, with the hospital logo on it. No problem. But they have never HAD to tell me to wear under-ware. I think that goes without saying. Why would we expect less from those in charge of our youngsters and their education for 6 hours a day? Kerazzy! If I show up at school to pick up my grandchildren, I have no problem calling out any teacher not dressed appropriately. Why should the principal have any difficulties with that?

  • Greg Sims

    While I agree with the dress code, as I have seen some pretty nasty dressed teachers, that I thought were students, I must argue the Underwear portion. I have not worn, nor do I own underwear or socks, for over 40 years, I have worn neither. I spent my life as a Professional ( Business Developer for an international company) met with CEOs, Presidents, Managers and have been rather successful. Sorry to say, but MY COMFORT, outranks your rules. What does underwear, that no one sees or socks have to do with my ability to perform my job??? Not a dam thing!!
    Aside from that, I was always dressed neatly and professionally ( Business casual or suit & tie )neatly groomed and behaved as the professional I am. Once again, MY COMFORT trumps your Nazi Like rules. Some things are NOT negotiable

    • Rosie Nanette Gagnon

      I’m assuming by your name that you’re a male…Men can hide no underwear pretty easily, but women with their girls hanging free in a professional environment, or worse, in a classroom with kids?…blegh!

      • Kepha Hor

        Do you mean the “sooper drooper” look?

        • Robert Bouchard Jr.

          We mean ANY trashy attire, by whatever monicker you put on it!!!!

      • Jan_in_NH

        Can they? A book written by the women who played Nellie on Little House wrote that Michael Landon had the “unsaintly” habit of not wearing underwear. How did she know? Because those kids could see the outline of his maleness under his pants. In many shots on Bonanza, Landon’s pen is is clearly evident.
        Kids are not stupid or blind and teachers have an obligation to not put their sex organs on display even discretely.

    • Alan Scher


    • Gun Slinger

      To Greg Simms- – - – -
      The only time I did not wear any- – - repeat- – any underwear was when I was in VIET-NAM. I have a degree- – -I was a professional—albeit that it was in law enforcement- – -but not wearing underwear? Oh come on now. It is considered a hygiene thing. Now- – -in Viet-Nam, it was a hygiene thing to not wear underwear- – - it was easier to get to the leeches when you didn’t have anything on under your utilities. Also a lot easier when you took your little shovel and dug yourself a “Cat Hole”. But teachers? I’d expect any teacher to dress appropriately to include underwear. They are role models and obviously you aren’t. :(

      • J. Brown

        Thanks Gunslinger for reminding me of the “joys” of VietNam. Forty plus years dimmed the memory.
        Semper fi brother, glad we made it home.

        • Gun Slinger

          Back at ya brother!

          • J. Brown

            You are a good citizen!

    • boone1

      Did you ever sh#t on your self that’s why you ware Underwear dude it helps hold up the load!!

    • John Beam

      “MY COMFORT trumps your Nazi Like rules. Some things are NOT negotiable”

      So, teachers answer to no one? They can tell anyone to screw themselves, if they decide not to comply with the standards of the community that they’ve chosen to work, and should not suffer any consequences?

      That’s what’s wrong with public-sector unions, because the people in the communities pay their salaries, but they have no say about it whatsoever. They become gagged and bound to the demands of these unions.

      I don’t give a damn what you do within the confines of your own business, but when it comes to the behavior of adults who are being given the duty to teach children how to ensure success for themselves and their communities, I expect rules to be kept in accordance to the community standards.

    • AirFrank

      Sorry but your comfort does not outrank your employers rules. Don’t like the rules, don’t take the job. It isn’t a right.

  • chickief

    I’m, stunned! Bras and panties? Underwear? What a novel idea! How else are you going to tell the pupils from the teachers? When I went to school male teachers wore a suit & tie, females wore heels, stockings and dresses. It wasn’t until much later that pantsuits were allowed for female teachers and they all wore appropriate undergarments! AND they got respect, we said the Pledge of Allegiance, and we learned real history not the watered down version that goes out now.

    • boone1

      They don’t do that anymore.Now everything is about muslims.

      • kindamara

        Don’t forget Atheists share the top spot with muslims …

        • blumkin from palin

          Yes and we are out to persecute christians. You have it so rough. Poor little babies feed you to the lions.

    • nhjim1

      And, they all had Masters Degrees! Now they are lucky if they have two years of college.

      • Sagebrush6

        Wrong ! They were the hippies of our generation that took a teaching job because they got 3 months off in the summer. They dropped out of all the hard college courses.

        • blumkin from palin

          Its Arkansas. Its not like anyone is smart anyway. Its a dump of w state

          • Mark Hatzi

            yeah we all know you opinion of everyone, it’s like your ass it stinks, grow the hell up

      • Mark Hatzi

        teachers do not need degrees only certificates

  • Kepha Hor

    Well, teaching in a heavily African-American community, I alway shake my head inwonderment at the young men who are SOOOOOOOOOOO rye-chee-ous that they’ll never be seen anywhere without their kufi on, but at the same time walk around with their pants down, as if they’re telling me they want to be my palabra del m que yo no hablo–and I am thoroughly hetero.

    Yes, I’ve seen the provocatively dressed teachers. It seems to me that we’ve got too many kids still working out their adolescent rebellions teaching kids who are smack dab in the middle of that phase.

    • Robert Bouchard Jr.

      Being afreakan-American has got absolutely no issue here. You either dress or go home, permanently on the part of the teachers or other staff. I’ll agree that some of the afreakan-American kids look worse than crap, and that should be clamped down on as well!!!!!!!!!

      • blumkin from palin

        Come on besides sex what is there to do in the dumpy state of Arkansas.

      • blumkin from palin

        Just cause you are repressed do bit put your hang ups on us

        • Robert Bouchard Jr.

          Is English your second, or third, language???? Get your “education” up to date and THEN try to give me an intelligent reply!!!!

  • flippy

    Now if they van get the kids to do the same would be great , but they would complaint we are infringing on their rights to express themselves!!

    • Robert Bouchard Jr.

      The issue here is not what we can or cannot get the kids to do. The issue here is whether we can expect some adult decency from the teachers and other staff in schools, and if we can’t, then we fire them INSTANTLY, and/or a brief time in jail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nathan

    Look, this policy is un-Constitutional because of the fact that it violates the teacher’s freedom of choice. They can stipulate that should any employee choose to forego wearing underwear, they must wear clothing that is of sufficient thickness at to disguise the fact that they are in fact not wearing any underwear. For example: women: pants that are the thickness and type as the Dickies brand and also shirts be the same way. Men the pants must be the same as women’s in thickness and type.

    • samazf

      Most businesses have dress codes. It has nothing to do with the Constitution and everything to do with professionalism.

    • interestedobserver2

      Really? It’s funny, but I’m almost sure there is no statement, one way or another, in the Constitution about wearing underwear and bras. So you are inventing a bogus “constitutional right” to go commando, but ignoring the actual existing ones about the right to bear arms or to believe and practice any religion you wish. Interesting.

    • Jeffrey Ward

      Typical prog POS ! Quote the constitution but IGNORE WHAT IS REALLY in the CONSTITUTION !!!

      • Kepha Hor

        I agree. Something tells me that the founders understood modesty to be a sine qua non of public behavior–hence they felt no need to put it in a document concerned with the organization of a government, limits and uses of power, plus an appendix reiterating a number of rights that they had under English Common Law (freedom of press, speech and religion added).

        It’s also interesting how the progs, who are so solicitous of one’s right to flaunt one’s sexuality, “artistic” expression, or public profanity are the same ones who’d classify criticism of their political clients as “hate speech” to be banned. Add to this, the progs’ moral relativism is the sort of thing that trashes the things their ancestors’ regarded as abiding and permanent moral precepts but, at the same times, gives us reams and reams of petty-minded and often nonsensical regulations.

    • Robert Bouchard Jr.


    • John Beam

      Where in the constitution does it forbid employers the right to employ people according to what they wear, in showing a professional appearance? Actually, the people who pay these people’s salaries (the tax-payers) should be able to tell these rag-tag hooligan “teachers” to get their acts together, or else. Public schools are bad enough that they aren’t teaching children how to become productive, responsible citizens. It’s worse that they do not show their positions ANY respect whatsoever.

      • [email protected]

        Define your terms?

        • John Beam

          The entire post that I did above is defining them. Employers can set the standards of their employee’s behavior and appearance while they are on the job, or else, they can find employment elsewhere. End of story.

  • Lynn

    Teachers are Professional. I agree with the dress code… Nothing like a 5th grade boy getting distracted by the Teacher… They and the Staff members should be dressed appropriately. I think Custodians should be a different dress code They need to dress for the job. Wearing Jeans without holes would be o.k. and t-shirts or staff shirts would be o.k. they just need to follow the same rules with what is on it……

    • Dick

      Teachers USED to be professionals. Now, with the way they dress, the many instances of teacher/student sexual relations and the way the teachers act with their unions, many cannot be considered that way.

    • falling321

      Lynn, if you go into many of our schools today, you would find that the custodians are dressed more appropriate and professionally than many of the teachers! Especially our high school teachers.

  • tinkbower

    They should just make teachers wear Uniforms. Problem Solved!

    • fort9erdon

      Yes. Suits. Men and women teachers, both, wear suits and ties. Period. Teachers want to be included in the “professional” ranks? Then act like it, and dress like it. For instance, ….. attorneys are considered professionals. What would ANY judge do, if an attorney presented himself in his courtroom, in a pair of “casual shorts” and an open collar shirt, and sandal shoes? First, he would be appropriately “chewed out by the judge”, and secondly he would be sanctioned several hundred dollars, AND whatever the reason for the court appearance would be put over onto a later calendar. And, the offending attorney would bear any costs, that his opposition had for that day, such as witness fees and jury costs. It would not be a cheap infraction. Why is this? Respect! The judge demands respect (and gets it) in his/her courtroom. Teachers complain that they no longer get respect from students. Well, duh! Dress for respect, demand respect and you will get respect. Why don’t teachers get respect? Many reasons, and trying to “dress young”, and to “dress like the students” is one of them. Teachers, remember this, You are not there to be buddy, buddy with your students. You are not there to be their best friend. You are there to be a teacher. Act like it!

      • [email protected]

        That does not wash. Teachers are not lawyers. And courts differ in dress codes too.

        • fort9erdon

          Thank you for making my point. If you will re-read my post, especially the second line. “Teachers want to be included in the professional ranks”? I don’t think they are professionals in ANY way, shape or form. They are college graduates, no more,no less! PROFESSIONALS? ??? NOT! But since they THINK as themselves as professionals, then they should dress like one, …… in a suit and tie, both women and men. They should NOT come in to work, looking as a student would look. They want respect, then DRESS FOR RESPECT, …… Do not dress to be the best friend of the students. You are no longer a teenager! Act and dress accordingly. And regrding the dress code for courts, … I spent 29 years in the profession, and EVERY court I was ever in required counsel to be dressed in a suit and tie (at least a jacket and tie) for the men, and a professional suit or pant suit for women, closed collar, but tie not required. You cannot command the respect of the students, looking like a slob. And the claim that underwear is uncomfortable????? It is not if it is of the proper size and style. This is just a lousy excuse. I change my underwear daily, but my suit pants do not need to be changed daily as I wear underwear. My suits can be worn several times between dry cleaning, without an odor. As far as teachers wearing a bra??? Teenage boys already have raging hormones, ….. and they don’t need a “jiggly” teacher to distract them further. Get real.

          • [email protected]

            Suit and tie on what we pay teachers? Please stop making me laugh. When we pay 6 figures for teachers then we can talk about the frills. Since you do not get it ask any woman how much fun a yeast infection is and why many are told by their physician not to wear pantie until the infection is cleared up. Just because the teacher is wearing comfortable clothes does not mean they can’t teach. The biggest point is teaching is an art. if one cannot communicate the knowledge in a fashion that the pupils can absorb then that person no matter what degree is not a teacher.
            Fashion shows may be in courtrooms but have no place in communication of knowledge.

          • Mark Hatzi

            well stop wearing a thong or g string and it will be healthier. I’M NOT TALKING GRANNY BLOOMERS, but something more appropriate for the job of teaching. and as far as suits, well no one has to pay a grand for a suit, you an buy 1 for like $100. and have it tailored

          • [email protected]

            Ah mark you really don’t understand at all. In the ghetto a $100 dollar suit might not be noticed but in any upper middle class school if would be laughed at. $1500 is what a good suit goes for. Tailoring costs too.

          • fort9erdon

            Poppycock! Check out the Men’s Wearhouse! The clothes are excellent and the prices are no where near the $1500.00 range. They might have dumped THEIR FOUNDER, OLD GEORGE, BUT THE QUALITY IS STILL THERE, AND THE PRICES ARE GOOD.

          • falling321

            Very, VERY few people purchase $1,500 suits! I know doctors, lawyers and bankers that don’t wear $1,500 dollar suits! They might own one for special occasions, but for everyday use they go to Men’s Warehouse or somewhere similar.

          • [email protected]

            Depends on what town you are in. But no one is even talking bout the skill and art of teaching. No one here seem to care about if the education is communicated. No one is talking about the foolish ideologies that enforce no win to insane “bright ideas” that ruin school for many only to find out the basics were ignored. Lately we have had teaching for the test,Common Core, the Gorden rule,now Stem. Yet the “employers” are pushing for foreign employees who work cheap.

            And all this very busy emotional thread is about “professional dress”???? No wonder the education is such a mess. Because those who are more interested with facades. Well when the kids can’t learn because they were never taught to learn. Careers and the requirements are changing so fast that those with provable skills are being hired with out degrees in many smaller places and earn degrees while working in the field.

            But having a fashion show is more important. Then do not complain about the educational quality. When the economy picks up watch for more to leave the “profession” for real professions that pay.

          • blumkin from palin

            Yes nice n tight to show some camel toe

          • blumkin from palin

            Only someone sexually repressed would tell women to stop wearing a thong. Start with your mom

          • fort9erdon

            Teachers are grossly overpaid! Figure out the number of hours a teacher teaches, with the MANY holidays, the Christmas break, the Easter break, the 3 months paid vacation in ythe summer, the 6 hour days, and teachers aids to correct the papers, figure out an hourly wage. it is outrageous! AND, if a teacher having a yeast infection is the best you can do for not wearing panties, you are obviously scratching the bottom of the barrel for excuses. Are you trying to say that every teacher that wears no panties is justified because she has a yeast infection? HOGWASH! BUT THAT WAS THE ONLY EXCUSE YOU OFFERED. Teaching may be some sort of art, but if you do not have the respect of the kids, then no matter how “artful” you are, there will be problems. You know what your problem is? You’re someone who thinks that THEY should make the rules of employment, and not the employer! Teachers unions have become so strong, that any attempt to rein them in, make them conform to some semblance of control by the employer, you arch your back, dig in your heels and squak to high heaven, that you are being abused. TOUGH! YOUR POWER IS DERIVED BY YOUR UNION, WHICH IS THANKFULLY, HAVING YOUR RIDICULOUS CONTROL YANKED AWAY FROM YOU. Wisconsin is finally paying off, by putting organized labor on notice that the rule making is being returned to it’s rightful place, …. the employer. And, if you’r a teacher that still wants a job where panties are not required, I suggest to try the nearest strip club!

          • blumkin from palin

            Yes in Arkansas where you rank second to last ib education. I have been to youe state. You need more money in education

          • fort9erdon

            Who said anything about Arkansas? At least in Arkansas, they can spell the word “in” correctly. Check your first sentence, as you might need to spend more money on spelling! In your second sentence, you mispelled “your” and spelled it “youe”. And YOU have the balls to pick on Arkansas??? Bwa hahaha ha ha ha haha bwa hahaha! What a complete idiot! Mr. Kettle, meet Mr. Pot!

          • blumkin from palin

            Well typed it on my cellphone so hit a few wrong keys. Your lady fingers are much better for typing I give you that. Buy Arkansas is truly a dump

          • fort9erdon

            Arkansas might be a dump, … maybe yes, maybe no. But, it was only you, who even mentioned Arkansas. But one thing is for certain, you posted 2 sentences in your original comment on the stupidity of Arkansas, and you had a misspelled word in each of those sentences. We know who the real idiot is here. Excuses don’t make it.

          • blumkin from palin

            Whatever. I do not care to much. Sorry rainman that I didd nt spel right and it set off your ocd. I am laughing cause I seem to be in your head. And why not rag on Arkansas. Its a dump.

          • fort9erdon

            You not b n my head. no, U B in my jock, ….. again!

          • blumkin from palin

            Thers is nothing in your jock you di ck less ocd mentall patient. I obviously got to you you inbred hillwilly. You know you used to wank to your teachers br alless b oo b s

          • Mary Hajducek

            You don’t get yeast infections from wearing underwear but from wearing the wrong type in the hottest part of year and change them every day, Women for the most part will wear cotton in the summer as it absorbs sweat and will not give a yeast infection if you keep your self clean.

          • falling321

            A lawyer does not begin their career making six figures…in fact, most never make six figures. And I have not yet met a public school teacher that was worth six figures! In fact, the greatest majority are not worth what we pay them now! FIRST you perform…THEN you get the pay raises! Get rid of your foolish unions and you would be paid according to your ability…they are holding you back by demanding that all teachers of all skill levels get paid the same, so everyone is paid at the level of the worst teacher in your school district!

          • 44Grim

            Since when does a suit cost as much as you think it does? Buy from Joseph A Bank and you get like 3 for 1.

          • [email protected]

            In Mayberry RFD perhaps. Kids know quality and status. And a great tailor! Tailoring is a lost component.

      • blumkin from palin

        Yes we should base eerything on appearance . Not sjill or content. Of course if this is the case you are in trouble

  • Phyllis Scheck

    This is how far we have “slunk” in this country! How can it be that teachers, with degrees in Education, do not know how to properly dress!!?? Doesn’t say much for our higher education system! What else don’t they know?????? Even with proper undergarments, they’ll not be fit for the classroom.

    • [email protected]

      ROFL proper dress? by whose standards?

      • Robert Bouchard Jr.

        Those standards can be set by the school boards or other governing bodies if the teachers and other staff haven’t got the maturity or respectability to dress decently on their own!!!!!

        • [email protected]

          And a clothing allowance!

          • Mark Hatzi

            clothing allowance??? I have installed carpet and lino, worked drill rigs and other jobs where you destroy your clothes and never one got a clothing allowance, teachers buy their clothes to look sex for what, kids??? they an sure as hell tone it down by half

          • [email protected]

            What for? Women dress for the other women anyway. Any office it is the same and politics of power.

          • blumkin from palin

            Should have studied harder and work harder. Then you might get such a job. Stop complaining just cause others are more successful.

          • Mark Hatzi

            why is it stupid people think success is measured by education and money?? ahh because they run at the bottom of common sense as you do. your ignorance is still laughable.. no wonder you hate everyone

      • J. Brown

        Societies standards work fine. People who wear uniforms don’t look like “dumpster” sleepers, why tolerate that from educators, unless you are not an educator.

      • John Beam

        How about standards that effect a person’s ability to walk into a place of employment, and ask for a job? How about standards that effect a person’s ability to have a successful adult life? How about standards that express a person’s moving from being an undisciplined little punk into becoming a responsible citizen?

        • [email protected]

          Depends on the job. Your responsible citizen sounds too much like, the will of the commissar. Responsible means they get to the job ,do the job go home get paid.

          That undisciplined little punk may make 6 figures.

          • John Beam

            YOU SILLY TROLL, I am SPECIFICALLY talking about teachers who are supposed to train ignorant children the proper course in order to be a successful, productive citizen. The last time that I checked, the country was headed down the tubes, essentially because our public schools DO NOT DO THAT.

            Thus, I’d have to think that they’re doing SOMETHING WRONG, and that something DIFFERENT should be done about it. If I am paying these idiots to do something, and they are NOT DOING IT, then I think I should be able to tell them that I have expectations of them, and they’d better MEET THEM, OR ELSE.

          • [email protected]

            Of course they are doing something wrong! First Political Correctness and zero tolerance ideologies. 2nd bone headed educational theories that keep changing. While the basics are ignored. The trophy for just showing up is an indicator. Teachers teach not train. Success is a personal item. Not everyone has the same goals. Teaching also has politics too. Life is competitive. But that is not being taught either at home or at school. Learning how to deal with victories and defeats has been ignored. Worse, the technology will make many occupations obsolete.

          • Mark Hatzi

            ok, now you sound like someone I may listen to

          • Mark Hatzi

            are you honestly as much of an idiot as you sound like???

          • [email protected]

            What? Some one prick you balloon of world view? Good!

          • falling321

            The undisciplined little punk MIGHT be making six figures (but that is a rare thing), but they were not dressing like a punk as they made their way up the ladder to those six figures. Try walking into a bank looking like a slob and apply for a job, you won’t get it no matter how qualified you are. Heck, even McDonald’s expects their applicants to show up clean and appropriately dressed!

  • [email protected]

    Hmmm I think that is a little over the top. Some women with yeast infections are not to wear underwear and do not need to for health reasons longer skits do the job. But foundation usually means girdles like grandma used to wear! Some women are flat or very little breast and do no need a bra. They need to rethink this.

    • Robert Bouchard Jr.

      You need to start thinking constructively and stop trying to avoid responsibility!!! Grow up!!!!!!!

      • [email protected]

        Your medical knowledge is unimpressive. Add lack of fashion sense too.

    • John Beam

      Oh yes…these standards will have NO exceptions, will they…you’re an idiot!

      • [email protected]

        Before or after the lawsuit that the taxpayer get stuck with. I do not recall a exception in that report. People overlook the obvious.

  • Cynthia Michelle Hughes

    I say if at teacher cannot dress professionally than they should not teach! Another reason to get rid of the teachers union is stuff like this!

    • [email protected]

      Pay teachers a professional salary.

      • falling321

        Pay teachers a professional salary and they will put on their underwear? I say act like you deserve a professional salary, teach like you deserve a professional salary, produce graduates who can read and write and function in the work place and THEN perhaps we can talk about increasing salaries! Until then, a great number of teachers in our schools today do not deserve the salary they are earning!

      • Candyman101

        Teachers are paid just fine. Before I had to retire, I worked many more hours than teachers, and made less money. I have just as much education as most teachers. The problem with teachers is not a pay problem, it is a money management problem. Even the lowest paid teachers make adequate. If they want higher wages, and that is their focus, they are in the wrong field, or should I say, union. Get rid of the unions and teachers can concentrate on teaching again.

        • [email protected]

          Candyman101; whose responsibility is it to make more money? Is it not your responsibility? What’s adequate? In New York City or small town? Would they not differ? Many states require a master’s degree(a waste). But in the end are you yourself not responsible for the wage you will accept?

          Teaching is an art. There is a need for school systems to get off the Political correctness and get back to teaching. There are other issues. My father taught. He loved his students. he and many of the other teachers had come from extreme poverty worked their way through the system and became teachers many had other business and were there not as a job but because that is what they wanted to do. For others teaching was their living. But they learned in a system that was competitive. IMO some students may not do well in competitive environments other s thrive.
          Yes, teachers do need more money and less ideology. There have been so many theories forced upon teachers. But for many students the need structure.(not all but some). I know of an older man who was saved by a judge who gave him a choice of the military or Juvie. He has two PHd’s in physics and quantum mechanics thanks to the judge and the military.

          We know that one size does not fit all. I remember the difference in a good teacher and a poor one. In High school up to my senior year i was a poor student. Then I went from a c student to a Mostly A. I remember foolish administrations who told teachers to teach classes where they were incompetent in the subject matter.

          I think we all had those experiences. Teaching is an art not a science. Whining does nothing to prepare students for life.

          You know what students respect money and power. Go and try teaching at Beverly Hills where the kids drive Porsches.

  • Dianna Zerbe

    teachers and students need to dress like they have respect for themselves and the others around them instead of looking like they crawled out of the garbage dumpster behind a strip club!

  • Robert Bouchard Jr.

    What, we have to teach the teachers how to dress???????????? We have to teach the teachers about decency with minors????????? I know we’ve had to tell some, male and female, not to have sex with their students!!!!!! They need jail time on the first offense of dress code violations because if they can’t even know how to dress with any respectable decency, they SURE DON’T need our tax dollars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 57Bootsy

    Did learning appropriate attire just get lost in between being P.C., not being homophobic, Mothers or Fathers or school? Underware is not new. Any teacher who has to be told how to dress for teaching children is in the wrong career. I’m sure there’s a pole out there with there name on it.

  • inmyhumbleopinion

    or what are they hiring for teachers these days that they need a dress
    code to tell them to wear under wear and a bra to to teach our children
    in school?

    • Mark Hatzi

      ahh to seduce our kids

  • disqus_khiD4yhUiu

    Well this explains why so many Teachers are having sexwith their students

  • Brenda Harris

    As a teacher, I am appalled at such attitudes toward the attempt at professionalism. Heaven forbid, we as teachers, look professional and worthy of respect. No, it’s more important that we look like a student, or better yet, be a distraction for students who actually might want to learn. Expressing ourselves is more important than acting and dressing like a professional, even more important than being a strong model for our students.

  • Christie Czajkowski

    Oh yippie! Forced to constrict your lymph, sag your breasts and increase your risk for cancer….for a paycheck? Are you kidding me?

    Land of the free………………….hahahahaha

    BRAS ARE LINKED TO BREAST CANCER! Please google “free the boobies” and see for yourself!
    YES, dress codes CAN cause harm!

    • J. Brown

      Just curious, were the breast cancer people DNA prone to the disease or is this another if it’s a web site it must be fact stories?

      • Christie Czajkowski

        DNA prone? LOL SO you believe that lie, too? You mean the dna that some corporation made up AND the machinery to test for it…?

        ALL dis-ease is CURABLE And preventable. But don’t tell anyone. You would be working against a multi-trillion dollar industry. :-)

        • J. Brown

          Evidence indicates that DNA is capable of forecasting considerable medical data. Remember the DNA stain on the blue dress pointed to only one person in Seven Billion possiblities who could have made it.
          If all disease is curable why do people die? A friend at the American Legion died of breast cancer and there was no cure that worked. He got considrable treatment, but to no avail.
          Your anger is misdirected, but I did retire from a multibillion dollar corporation.
          I read where Anglina Jolie had a radical masectomy because breast cancer runs in her family or was that a myth that some one posted on the web to mislead us old, ill informed types who imagine that doctors have some useful knowledge or that we can still read and comprehend?
          Thanks for helping me in my dotage.

  • Susan Leach

    How does anyone teach children, demand respect and command a classroom without looking professional? Even as a female teacher, I wore a dress suit to work with a starched shirt and hose. I placed myself in a position above my children and demanded their excellence by showing them my own proficiency. They never doubted who was in charge.

    • falling321

      Parents no longer expect their children to automatically show respect to adults, in fact most parents I know spend half their time begging their children to show them a little respect! Teachers now try to dress like the students, talk like the students and act like the students in order to earn the students “respect”. In reality, they are just teaching our children that growing up is optional and that respect is a thing of the past.
      You used the proper word…teachers used to DEMAND respect and COMMAND their classroom, without ever raising their voice! Today they just beg for the kids to sit down and be quiet for a few minutes at a time.

    • blumkin from palin

      Show us your ti ts

  • Red47

    The Unionistas simply want control This idea did not come from them, so it is baaaad. Why don’t they grow up and put on some underwear.

  • monacall

    really? we have to give our teachers a dress code for wearing under clothing? really? I am so shocked by this I could just pass out……I am so sick of this politically correct BS I could just lay down and die…..for petes sake if a teacher came into a class room where my SONS
    were and that young lady didn’t have underwear on to instruct my sons….I would guarantee you that all H–L would break out……me and that teacher would have a little nose to nose talk about pedophilia, and I guarantee you she would either be fired or she would be wearing turtle necks for the duration of her career…..the stupidity of these people drives me nuts……where were they when God handed out brains….. they missed that class….

    • J. Brown

      Brains are often removed by liberal universities.

  • Kent2012

    I am sure that the union will call for a strike, their members can no longer flash students…..what a tragedy….oh and then they will put in a demand for more pay in order for the teachers to be able to afford panties……

  • [email protected]


  • Evantoo

    What’s ” “derogatory and condescending.” ” is the attitude that most teacher’s today have toward the people who actually pay their salaries.
    Fire the morons and hire someone with sense and the intelligence to use it.

  • David

    Some should learn how to spell underwear. Wear refers to garments. Ware refers to cookware, knives, forks and so on.

  • chickief

    Teachers are supposed to be professionals and they are outraged that they must be told to dress to a minimum standard? Have they no pride in themselves or their profession?

    Proper foot wear is a matter of safety, flip flops are not safe or proper in a school setting for teachers or students.

  • TinMan67

    I guess they need time to find where they can crotchless panties

  • Sagebrush6

    Damn, Miss Lewis is soooooo hot on those cool days !

  • John Beam

    The simple fact of the matter is that leftists are against STANDARDS. That’s all there is to it.

    • [email protected]

      Stupid standards from commie sympathizer. Go back to the conformity of the dead past.


    A friend of mine developed TERRIBLE headaches that just would not go away. After several visits to several Doctors, he was told he only had weeks to live. He was naturally despondent, but, in spite of the pain, he put his affairs in order. He decided he should buy some new clothes to be buried in, and went to the Men’s Wearhouse. He selected a nice blue suit and a white shirt with cuffs. He and the clerk went to select some underwear and he picked up some new boxers in the size he always wore. The clerk said, “No. Sir, those are way too small for you. They’ll give you TERRIBLE headaches if you wear them”. Somehow, I suspect that these teachers are not experiencing headaches or size problems. I suspect they are TROLLING for a little illicit liaison with some of their hormone-flushed students, but they would have us believe that it is ‘Demeaning or Insulting” to them. Pardon me while I sneeze. I’m still allergic to BULLSH*T.

  • foxxybey

    You mean there are naked bodies under those clothes? That is scary for sure.

  • aemoreira81

    I haven’t scrolled down to the other comments, but I’m pretty sure that the response to the need for these regulations was something along the lines of Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.

  • marineh2ominer

    I think ALL teachers are derogatory and condescending when they don’t teach American kids the TRUE REAL history of America , when they teach socialist and communist propaganda to our kids and when they teach our kids America is anything except the greatest country on earth today because of the GOD guided constitution our founders provided for us that made us such a great nation .

  • Buster Handcock

    This is WHY I do NOT work in Public Education.

  • Diane L Kearny

    I have no problem with teachers dressing in non-exhibitionist manner as
    long as the school does not follow the idiocy of other districts by allowing
    boys to wear bra’s and other undergarments. LOL

  • Barbaracvm

    When I worked in the school a number women wore tank tops, low cut tops and when then bend over the kids get an eye full. I feel sorry for the little kids they really do not know what to do. The high school kids can drool all over them selves. They and teacher can be embarrassed!

  • pandainc

    Gads. They actually expect the staff to get dressed? Barbarous.

  • stephanie wilson


  • Pam Dunn

    Don’t forget that teachers come from the Lower THIRD of a college graduating class and their grade levels are NOT that great.

    • [email protected]

      The pay is not either and since teaching is an art it does not matter.

  • garyrose

    Right on Chickie lets get America back to being American again? Get the Imposter illegal Immigrant in Court along with all His cronies that got him in Office. First how to find an Honest to Goodness Real Sworn Duty JUDGE and COURT if Theres 1 Left in America I say IF????????????

  • MyronJPoltroonian

    Yes, I remember the days of female teachers in dresses and male teachers in suits or at least sport jackets, dress shirts and slacks. These days, the men look like frat boys or worse and the women, while they still look “Professional”, it’s now the worlds oldest one.

  • MyronJPoltroonian

    Could this be what they’re talking about?

    • BeriBeri99

      Can you blame the kid? She has a cleavage that she is justifiably proud of and I would be following the kid’s example myself or quite possibly setting the example for him.

  • mrstockinstine

    If a person is not dressed appropriately when he/she interviews for the job, he/she should not be hired. If they are dressed appropriately, they should be told that they must dress in the same manner when they are at work or their employment will be terminated. At hiring is the time to handle this for future teachers. The ones already hired should be told that they must dress at least as well as when they interviewed for the job, otherwise they are guilty of giving a false impression of the kind of person they are.

  • david k. angell

    Ok..Bras and panties, for women. For men its underwear. My question is! Who is going to do the inspections of undergarments, and what is the punishment for not wearing such garments. Lift your skirt, so I can see if your wearing panties(for women). For men, its drop your pants and lets see if your wearing boxers or briefs.

  • Dixie Darling

    no way I could work there then

  • BeriBeri99

    “dress code requires teachers wear bras, underwear starting next year” . . . some of the men will look kind of funny wearing a bra, however, I have seen men that need one worse than some women though.

    • [email protected]

      ROFL! I missed that !!! :)

  • disqus_Sb0Tz4ZxB0

    Modest attire and foundational garments are not too much to ask of teachers. It’s unfortunate (and surprising!) that they have to be told how to dress appropriately.

  • Lois Anna

    This is what I noticed: “no hats in buildings, except religious head coverings”

    • [email protected]

      Do what the French do and ban those too.

  • Master Bates

    The next question, while many items of clothing are banned, how many are required? Yes, undergarments, and maybe shoes. But will gym teachers be required to wear shoes, and not flip-flops while students are in the pool? How many students will die from stupid rules as the gym teachers have to remove their sneakers (seconds can count!)

    So, will it be okay for a teacher to show up in an open nipple bra, crotchless panties, and shoes? Well, it IS within the strict interpretation of the dress code.

    And can the teachers comment on gender discrimination practices when the men are not required to wear bras? How about when men show up in bras and panties only?

  • Master Bates

    Oh, I forgot, who will be allowed to check and how?

    Are styles specified?

  • rick

    Gee the degereration of the liberal base has evidently made schools like costume parties. I am starting to realize just how old I really am. Most of our teachers wore ties and all females wore dresses. The students we permited to be slobs I gues as long as you wore a belt and tucked in your shirt.

  • Chuck S

    Wait. I want to see the investigation that justifies this. Including any photos. Because…well, SOMEONE had to have been busted for not wearing underwear, and I want to see. (Fingers crossed that it’s one of those hawt teachers that keep making the new for gettin’ jiggy with their students.)

    Otherwise, I see no issues!

  • Jeff H

    I was a 70′s student. Early 70′s. we had a teacher then who taught science. She wore a dress all right but no panties. All the boys sat in the front since she liked sitting on her science table up front. Yeah most of us didn’t learn much science that year. I guess there could be a reason there should be a dress code even more so in today’s “anything sex is great world.”

  • JBDestiny

    Why am I not surprised that the college students who innovated wearing pajamas and slippers to class are now all bent out of shape at an employer’s requirement to get dressed for work? No more than I’m surprised that our Golfer-in-Chief enjoys sitting in his shirt sleeves with his feet up and tossing footballs in the air while on the phone to other countries’ leaders.

    News flash: There is no Constitutional right to wear any clothing, except religious (free exercise clause.)

    And for those who are complaining about a specified dress code for teachers: Not one word from you about how today’s students have no respect for anyone, since you support their teachers “right” to disrespect themselves, their students and parents, and the taxpayers who pay their salaries and benefits! You don’t care about what your kid’s learning from teacher about proper workplace attire and the message that sends? Do you think you can discuss your kid’s progress and problems in person when Teacher’s nipples are poking through her thin t-shirt or he’s dressed in flip-flops and cutoff shorts because “they’re comfortable”?

    And the number of lewd comments on this is absolutely revolting! Thanks so much for your part in coarsening our society.

  • J B

    How are they going to enforce the underwear rule? Strip search? Lift the skirt? Or wait for a Sharon Stone moment?

    • Wordmahn

      This is so salacious that I can barely bring myself to relate it. But, during the 60′s they had the same problem with THE STUDENTS. If you’re old enough to remember, really short mini skirts were all the rage. My sister who was quite the rebel back then said that some girls would wear their mini skirts with no underwear and intentionally sit in immodest postures aimed toward their male teachers. The male teachers were in a diabolical, lose-lose predicament! If they said nothing they faced intense temptation designed to strip them of any dignity they possessed, and if they DID say something they would surely be accused being the worst sort of perverts! I tell you there’s very good reasons for modest dress codes. They can solve a LOT of otherwise almost unsolvable problems.

  • blumkin from palin

    Come on this is Arkansas. Your education stinks anyway so its not like you are harming anyone. Plus most of these kids will be having sex anyway cause what else is there to do ib that dumpy little state but ba ng.i have been in that state. What a run down dump of a state

  • C Ken Davis Sr

    so tachers want to be professionals but want to dress like trash?

  • Maidservant Huldah

    These are to be kids mentors? No wonder teachers are not called Mr. and Mrs. anymore. They have lost the privilege. They have lowered themselves to juvenile status.

    So just who are these teachers trying to impress with lewdness? Children? These are perverted minds that need to be dealt with by this society.

    EVERYONE please consider signing the petition.

  • Mongocutwood

    I would have said those teachers got their panties in a wad but apparently they weren’t wearing any.