Will Obama Blame the Duck Dynasty Next?


Abysmal failure Barack Obama is nervously rooting around to find someone to blame for the disaster he’s created and for the roadblocks preventing him from wreaking additional havoc on America.

images (50)The president is impugning the Republicans as well as radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh, but maybe he should blame the Robertsons of Duck Dynasty.

As President Obama’s poll numbers have plummeted to a point where only 47% of those low-information likely voters still approve of his job performance, an A&E cable reality show featuring a close knit-family of God-fearing, pro-life, gun-toting, beard-sporting, patriotic entrepreneurs from the backwoods of bayou Louisiana is growing in popularity weekly.

Much to Barack Obama’s chagrin, the Robertson family’s God-and-country values evidently appeal to the nearly 11.8 million viewers who tune in. That’s why a show that embraces everything Barack Obama rejects, and personifies everything he spurns, is poised to make cable history.

The fact that a family from West Monroe, Louisiana, is gaining more and more recognition proves that besides their “guns and religion,” Obama’s vision and values are not the same vision and values most Americans cling to.

Phil Robertson, patriarch of Duck Dynasty, was a college football star that turned down an offer from the Washington Redskins because it interfered with duck season. Phil went on to build a mom-and-pop business and called it the Duck Commander.

Then, after Phil’s son Willie graduated from business school, he helped his father turn Duck Commander into a multimillion-dollar operation. As a result, the Duck Commander now employs half the Robertson’s neighborhood.

That kind of selfish, self-centered, small-business-owner attitude is exactly the type of behavior the president has attempted to discourage for the past five years.

What could be worse for Barack Obama than a family who’s made a fortune selling duck calls fashioned out of salvaged swamp cedar wood somehow managing to capture the level of attention that Obama himself craves?

To make matters worse, his rivals are prayerful, bullfrog-eating, deer-hunting men with ZZ Top beards, pickup trucks, and red, white, and blue bandannas.

The president probably doesn’t realize it just yet, but without ever mentioning Barack Obama’s name, Duck Dynasty American dream hijinks have subtly exposed his liberal drivel for what it is: drivel.

Yet President Obama, who actually tells people that he still “got some game,” continues to perceive himself as the patriarch of his own dynasty.

When not adjusting his newspaper crown he remains very busy pushing a healthcare system no one wants, demanding Americans’ tax dollars pay for abortions most of them reject, and running around the country like a hyperactive schoolboy. Obama remains indefatigable in trying to convince a nation who disapproves of almost everything he does, that progressive liberalism is the way to go.

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  • JJ Helna

    People LOVE DD because it shows an American Christian family who works and plays hard. They represent the backbone of America. Perhaps the American people are waking up to the fact that our government is out of control and threatening the protection of our families and our freedoms and it’s past time to just sit around and wait for the “other guy” to fix things.

  • Joe_Mosty

    I only recemtly learned of, and watched, a few YouTube videos of Duck. I am 100% DUCK.. dUck the rest… Politicians better make a law against telephone poles… and soon!

  • Shelli Barnes

    Hehehe, great minds think alike. I’ve been knowing Duck Dynasty is coming up soon as Yomama’s new target. They’re too successful for him to ignore.

  • rchguns

    I must admit and I personally do not watch duck Dynasty. Is just a little too folksy for me. I do agree with the message that they put across. My problem is that being a Robertson myself I have a hard time getting by the appearance factor.

    Dirty Diaper Head Obama very careful if he chooses to go up against the Robertson clan he conceivably could be messing with the wrong group of people. The Robertson clan is the second oldest clan in Scottish history and are noted for their tenacity. We stood by William Wallace to the very end just like we will stand by America to ensure it doesn’t end.

  • grassroot

    And a progressive Liberal agenda that will lead to full blown socialism,Marxism
    and Fascism as they, our controlling betters, cannot perpetrate all this upon
    us without force and without shredding our Constitution.

  • CaptTurbo

    Wonderful article and a very entertaining television program. I have my DVR set to record every episode.

  • Troy Berkely

    O.B.A.M.A. = “One Big Ass Mistake America!”

    • Robert Bouchard Jr.

      Excellent, Troy!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Troy Berkely

        Thank you. We still have humor! At the same time I can only hope we can restore insanity, (cough excuse me my bad ) sanity and get this idiot out of office along with everyone else who can’t or are incapable of at least sounding convincing. My god! Have we reached the breaking point yet? Going back to family values makes the most sense to me, and should for the rest of America! Driving a dagger through the heart of Saul Alinsky, even in his grave should be loud enough for the leftist commies to go back to their leaflet printing presses stored in their grandparents abandoned garages. Then again, a take no prisoners approach makes the most sense to eradicate their vehement dogma of their pedophile racist porn rants! Go Figure!

  • Centurion ‘

    As Duck Dynasty goes so go true blue Americans.
    I once had a Lt Col.in the Air Force tell me “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it “.
    Phil, Willie even Si show working, family, God and guns have a real purpose in true American society.

  • Dawn Garland

    obama doesnt know what a real family is? nor does he know what it is like to be free and happy iin America…he has been too busy drugging, drinking and doing many other atrocious things to enjoy this wonderful place.

    • grassroot

      As he was raised, led and nurtured by Marxists,,

      • Charie

        Yes he was. He’s been surrounded by Communists/Marxists all his life so it even makes sense that he adheres to Communism. However, because he is thin-skinned he will brook no attacks, real or perceived, on him, his administration, or his programs. It’s a bad combination.

        I’m wondering how many more things he can give away to pacify his base. I hope it isn’t that he will give up white lives to blacks. Think about it.

    • jd

      I guess clinging to your religion and your guns “ain’t” so bad after all.God Bless America!

  • Ricarrdo estavans

    What a great family. Si is a pistol.

  • angelkisz

    Don’t forget Obama is a pot smoking, cocaine sniffing homosexual , socialist serving pig, king of his own sins.

    • grassroot

      And the embodyment of the spirit of Anti-Christ.

  • Jim Bell

    The show is fun and I love that I can injoy it with my family and I watch their hunting shows its all business then love them all good people that care about their family and country

  • rjwturner

    God bless the Robertson family and the values their family stands for. Our country needs more people like them in charge of our country instead of the yum-yums that are in charge. God bless America!!!

    • George Gates

      I hope Willie listens to his Daddy and does not run for political office. His Daddy did the right thing when he walked away from pro football, let the Robertson clan do good behind the scenes….

  • foxxybey

    Just like all sinful people, Blame someone else, Adam blamed Eve, Eve blamed the snake and the snake said what? I’ve been a liar, murderer and thief from the beginning, who can I blame?

    • TheSunDidIt

      Oh, I thought that last line was Obama’s. I get it now. That’s the serpent’s line. But, wasn’t that the devil? Oh yeah, it was. No wonder it sounded so much like Obama.

      • foxxybey

        You have it friend. God Bless: PS, one in the same Obozo, Satan and the Devil.

  • K Ranney

    You are a bunch of real loosers. Do you think your daily bashing is realy getting you somewhere. I bet you were the school bully humiliating the less fortunate. Your hitting an all time low in your try at brainwashing while trying to drag the great Robertson family into your lowlife attempts at destroying America for your own arogant personal gains. You only wish you and your liking could be of Robertson family character. Your kind is a discrace to the American family. Your getting desperate with the hundreds of untruthfull postings every week with no merrit to any of them. And for all that belive this selfish crap, try Factchecking these illiterate stories. Remember a republican sign in your yard won’t get you in to the county club.

    • CapNCraigAgain

      Wow, buddy! Take another quaalude, before you have an aneurism. You have got to get ahold of those feelings that raising your blood pressure and channel them into something practical, like hunting, fishing or ORVing.

      Sometimes, you have to see the humor in everything. Otherwise, nothing makes any sense.

      • K Ranney

        You’ll be OK.

    • grammar nazi

      its “you’re” as in You Are!!! not “your” as in ownership ( in Your 4th sentence, referring to… hitting an all time low) learn grammar before you post…nitwit

      • K Ranney

        Keep up the good work (nazi grammer) Don’t know what this board would do without you.

      • Retired Marine MSgt

        I initially thought, until I got past his sixth sentence, that he was referring to “Our Dear Leader” ☭omrade Øbama’s followers. Then the seventh, and subsequent sentences proved me to be wrong. One thing he did accomplish was to convince me that he is functionally illiterate.

    • Ricarrdo estavans

      huh? An incoherent rant at its finest

      • K Ranney

        I’m suprised at the intellegent response, much more than I expected.

        • Ricarrdo estavans

          After viewing the replies to your “dissertation” I’m not the only one confused by your incoherent tantrum. You are obviously a liberal. I find discussing any political, sociological or zeitgeist subject with a liberal trying at best frustrating at worst. Its like discussing serious events with a child. When the child doesn’t get his/her way they resort to name calling. Please do not reply.

        • Retired Marine MSgt

          Do you know what a spell checker is, and could you use it if you did? One spelling mistake in one sentence, maybe a fluke, but two, not a chance.

          “Surprised” and “intelligent” reflect the correct spellings of your misspelled words.

          I’m surprised that grammer Nazi didn’t catch you, again. But then, maybe he gave up on you.

      • JJ Helna

        This could turn out to be as funny as a DD episode!

    • Eva St. Clair, NJ

      Congratulations!! There is a spelling or grammatical error in absolutely every sentence you
      wrote. I’ve never seen that before.
      Have a great day, jerk.

      • K Ranney

        This site must really be proud to have you on board with them. What would they do without you. Wear your repub star proudly.

        • JJ Helna

          Please just shut up and go back to standing in line for your free phone.

          • Retired Marine MSgt

            He doesn’t need a free phone, there is no cell coverage under his bridge.

    • 1018crs

      Ranney excuse me but what in the heck are you talking about your post made zero sense , did you even read the replies these people posted? The whole point is that real American families are much more like the Robertson’s than the Obammy’s I am wondering if you understand that concept at all. If you think that most Americans are more like that lying traitors family then you have some serious issues you need to deal with. It is a disgrace to be associated with his family in any way, he is a liar a traitor a fraud and a murderer and he belongs in prison.Anyone that follows him is weak minded and lazy and most likely living off the taxpayers dollar. They are too stupid or too lazy to work so they vote for the criminal that gives them free stuff so they can sit home and watch the Jerry Springer show call their crack dealer on their free obama phone and sell their food stamps for a few rocks, that is the typical obammy supporter.

      • K Ranney

        I’m sure you don’t know what i’m talking about. and am sure you don’t know what your talking about. And yes I do read these amusing illiterate postings. And the point is that real American families care about their families, church, and the well being of their fellow americans and comunities. unlike repubs thoughts of the all mighty dollar lining their pockets. Your zero sense rants appear typical of a junior high students jealousy. Grow up.

        • 1018crs

          If you think Democrats are any less crooked than Republicans you are delusional. I do not need a party to tell me how to think, unlike the typical Democrat I can take care of myself I do not need to be told how to think and what to believe is right. I do not belong to any party I am an AMERICAN and proud of it, something you would know very little about. Your post attacked people that for the most part agree with what you were trying to say well at least as close as I can figure about the Robertson family that is. You were rambling quite a bit and using the typical Democratic way which is attack and call names when you have no facts and have no one there to tell you what to say. The problem with you is you are brainwashed into thinking that if a person is aligned with the Republican party they are rich and evil and if they are a Democrat they are saints and all for the people, wow do you think the Easter bunny is real too. I have to assume you are an obammy puppet which must be embarrassing for you given the fact that he has been proven to be a total failure and a pathological liar. As far as who I am sparky lets just say I am in a position to be much more well informed as to what is going on in this country than you can ever hope to be, I do not get my news from Oprah. I am quite sure I am far more educated than you and I have the ability to make decisions without the help of some moron that thinks he is some sort of messiah . If you would take a few seconds to read and comprehend what people were saying here they are saying the same thing you are about the Robertson family, you are just so quick to attack that you can not even see that, how sad that is for you, it must be hard to be so helpless. As far as the illiterate crack well pal maybe you should proof read your own post before you open that piehole of yours. As for lining pockets those of us that are true Americans work hard to earn what we have, people like you would rather let us hard working people line your pocket for you because you simply do not have the skills or intelligence to do it yourself . It is truly a sad and pitiful life people like that lead. I am so glad I do not have to lower myself to such a level and give up all my dignity to let someone else support me. Don’t worry buddy I will continue to support you with my tax dollar you wont starve, it would be nice if you went out and cleaned the streets or something to pay me back for the money I give you though.

        • Charie

          KR, if you read anything besides National Memo, Daly Kos, DU or HuffPo you’ll find out that by a large margin, Conservatives and Republicans give more to charity than Liberals/Democrats even think of giving. They also send out more missionaries to not only preach the word of God but to treat medical problems of those they live with. Liberals believe charitable money should be extorted from the citizenry and sent to the needy overseas after they skim off the top.

    • muslimmustgo

      You’ve got to be a communist leftist troll right!? And if you’re not,do you think you’re replying to some obamarhoid!? BTW factchecking is BS,believe what the majority of patriotic Americans are saying,and there you’ll have the truth!

      • K Ranney

        It don’t take Factcheck to see the ignorance in the hundreds of FB postings you all belive in. Keep up the good work.

        • grassroot

          From a ” useful idiot,” it seems. Lenin knew and recognized
          what it took to fool enough people to bring in totalitarianism.

        • Retired Marine MSgt

          Do you live under a bridge?

    • DocRambo

      One should not post to the Internet when impaired. Rule # 131.

  • Herman Nelson

    Joe is spot on with this commentary. Do I watch DD all the time? No. Do I support Phill and the rest family? You betcha! From what I’ve viewed, it’s good clean family entertainment filled with the values I grew up with. Obama hates the idea that people still believe in Mom, baseball and apple pie. I can relate to Phill’s family more so than I could ever Obama. I grew up camping, fishing and hunting, saying the pledge of allegiance and manners. Not like Barry’s dysfunctional family influenced by drunks, womanizers, communists and terrorists.

    • Shorty Stuff

      Obama would say to the Robertsons … “you didn’t build that”

    • 7papa7

      I would venture that obama doesn’t want to mess with the Robertson family. They will eat him alive.

    • grassroot

      Not to mention Fascists,

    • K Ranney

      Not like Barry’s dysfunctional family influenced by drunks, womanizers, communists and terrorists. Wow!! You deserve an award for your wholesome living. how come you didn’t run for president. Where did you come up with the information on Obamas dysfunctional life style.

      • Herman Nelson

        Easy- Barry’s life reads like an open book. Simply read the FBI files that were compiled on his associates and family. His good buddy Ayers loved making bombs and blowing people up and robbing banks. His biological mother’s nude pics are all over the net. I guess they had some fun times back then. I wonder if Barry is a voyeur?

        Why run? I’m not a lawyer, I don’t own a set of knee pads, I’m not a “yes man”, I detest banksters and mega corps just I detest the EPA and tree huggers. I’m not a middle of the road kind of guy. My motto-“Fix America First! Piss on everybody else!” Illegal aliens- Send them home, come back when you filled out the proper paperwork and it’s approved. Countries with their hands out- Sorry, the candy store is closed, find a new sugar daddy. Welfare- no more free rides, report to the HHS office tomorrow at 0600 to pick up trash and earn your check.

        • T H Golden

          Herman ! You just got my vote . I’m looking forward to your campaign and woud find it a honor to be on your staff !

        • Anthony Allen

          Damn dude you should run I would vote for ya. Hell I would be your running mate.

      • nobaddog

        6am tomorrow morning. Be there!

  • Robert Bouchard Jr.

    Last I read, obama’s approval rating was 32%!!!! Did he get a bump up in the ratings or something???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ed Shick

      A quote that I just read by H.l.Mencken in ,,1920″” As democracy is Perfected ,the office of President represents more and More Closely ,the inner soul of the people, On some Great and glorious day, the plain folks of the land will reach there hearts desire at last and the White House will be occupied by a downright fool and complete Narcissistic Moron, “

      • grassroot

        And, as Jefferson said, ” A true Democracy is where 51% of the
        populous lord it over the remaining 49. We were set up to be and
        have a Republic. By the people, of the people and for the “people.”