0124-hillary-clinton-630x420THE NON-ISSUES:
•    Energy prices
•    Food prices
•    Less than 1.5% growth of GNP
•    Participation of labor force continues to decline
•    Steady, continuing decline of middle class per capita income
•    Record numbers on welfare
•    Unemployment continues at 7+%
•    Obamacare driving health care costs higher and higher
•    Four Americans murdered in Benghazi due to inept leadership
•    Benghazi talking points now recognized as indisputably being lies
•    Fort Hood Muslim jihadist murder of 13 classified as “work place violence”
•    The IRS persecution of Obama political opponents
•    NSA snooping on ALL Americans
•    The Justice Department pursuing racist based charges against George Zimmerman , never mind the FBI had already said there were none
•    Etc., etc., etc.

I could go on and on about the issues that will be discussed in November of 2016 (and obviously there will be others that are not yet apparent) but for God’s sake folks, as Hillary will say: WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE??? How can any reasonable person not expect Hillary to be the next President of the United States of America? Doesn’t that really make you proud to be an American!! WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE?? Is that the new mantra of the progressives!!


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  • Gicarmo Alysimcarli

    Since equal justice implies that laws apply equally to all, and the range of skills and talents varies between each of us, the same rules will naturally lead to a wide range of unequal results.

  • John Ramos

    Examples of efforts where merit does not matter include scientific research and development, information technology, and investments.

  • DHardy

    This crusty old hag will never be president…

  • grassroot

    Just another Fascist Liberal,,

  • Kai

    NO! She will NOT be President. One of two things will happen (and happen soon): either enough Americans wake up to take our country back, or the globalists/socialists/marxists/communists in our government will succeed in destroying our country and absorbing us into the NWO. Either way, she won’t be President because by 2016, she’ll either be in jail or she’ll be obsolete to the masters who pull her strings. She’s only useful until the NWO succeeds or fails and then the cabal will toss her out with the rest of the cutouts, patsies, and traitors because the cabal knows they can’t be trusted.

  • marineh2ominer

    Never underestimate the absolute poverty of intelligence of the American voter .

  • Connie shelp

    First things first….John Boehner has to go. Where are the calls for him to step down as speaker? He obviously knows something about these scandals to not call for special prosecutors. The RINOS NEED TO BE CHALLENGED IN THEIR PRIMARIES.

  • Connie shelp

    I will shoot myself!

  • william C

    If Hillary gets elected, I am moving to Texas and work 100% for the secessionist movement there. Otherwise I have no place to go (maybe Canada, because I know what to expect there, but I do not think their government abuses peoples’ rights the way this administration, and I assume a Clinton administration would do).

  • 7papa7

    We don’t need carter III or obama II. Haven’t we learned our lesson yet. How much damage will need to be done before America gets it?

  • hitthedeck

    She is very experienced———-at lying her way out of multiple scandals throughout her career.

    • SniperToo

      Hillary and Obama went to the same school in Chicago, Saul Alinsky school of Marxist garbage. Hillary’s first job after she left the University of stupid (law degree in Communism) was to work for a communist attorney in Southern California, in the San Diego county. I grew up there and heard and saw what she was doing. She worked with him for a year and than the lawyer advised her to go to Chicago and attend the Alinsky school. The problem with the leftist hippies today is that during their childhood days; they all fell out of the stupid tree and hit every Communist branch on the way down. They are all suffer from brain damage. Therefore, their mantra is “What difference does it make?”

  • mcgirv

    I hope we get to the truth about Bengahzi. I’m sure Hillary is responsible to some degree. Lets not let her new face get away with it!

    • James Maxwell

      That picture is very much like her and omarxist standing upon the coffins of those murdered
      in Benghazi. Both omarxist and billary have blood on their hands because of their inept
      actions or deliberate actions. That question still remains unanswered along with so many
      more from this corruption in Washington.