Joe’s words from one year ago bear repeating on this historical day in our country.  For that reason, we proudly re-run The Million Muslim Mistake on 9/11.

If Islam is such a peace-loving religion, where are the Muslims in this country who stand up and loudly denounce the psychopaths murdering people in the name of Islam?

september-9-11-attacks-anniversary-ground-zero-world-trade-center-pentagon-flight-93-second-airplane-wtc_39997_600x450Well, lo and behold, it appears I might have the opportunity for a partial answer in a few shorts weeks because looky what it says in the paper here, ma:

“Group Planning Million Muslim March on D.C. Sept. 11th”


That’s right, some bunch calling themselves the American Muslim Political Action Committee, or AMPAC for short, is organizing a million Muslims here in America to march on Washington because… wait for it: “Muslims nationwide have been the victims of anti-Islamic bigotry in the years following Sept. 11, 2001.”

You done? Okay. It would be easy to just roll your eyes and say this is proof of what a freedom-loving country we have when people here can organize a public protest in the face of their fellow Muslims roundly hating and trying to kill us. That would be easy, but let’s say for a minute that there are Muslims that have been discriminated against in post-9/11 America.

Well duh? You don’t get that? Maybe if some of you would get on television and denounce a few of your crazy-ass brothas constantly blowing up people, burning churches, and throwing acid in Christian girl’s faces, you’d get a little respect. Perhaps your little million-maniac march should have as it’s destination Tehran or even Dearborn, Michigan and you could decry Sharia Law as the oppressive, violent, anti-woman, hate-filled doctrine that it is.

ADDITION-LIBYA-US-UNRESTWe have cable, you know. We see the regions of the world that are clearly and unapologetically anti-American. The people in large groups who want to slaughter us and our children are Muslim. The folks celebrating whenever an American is dragged through the streets and beheaded by Al Qaeda followers are Muslim. They’re not Buddhist, Jewish, Hindu, Catholic or Jehovah’s Witness’ – they’re Muslims. And if you’ve come here to America looking for a better life, get with the frickin’ program and help us root out the bad people causing the long lines at the airport.

But no… instead, you’re marching on Washington because a few Americans have taken exception to what happened on 9/11 and hurt your feelings? If it was up to a whole lot of your countrymen there would be no Washington to march on there Hadji. Let me guess, I’m overreacting and displaying the very type of bigotry your little Muslim group is organizing about in the first place? Okay, fine. But how about you explain the following, then organize a million of your faithful to condemn it:

Joe’s Million Muslim March Handy Scoreboard:

— People killed by radical Muslims on 9/11:   2,996

— Muslim-Americans killed “in revenge”:        1

(by the way, a jury sentenced Mark Stroman, the lone Muslim revenge killer in reaction to 9/11 – to the death penalty. Compare that to the hero status Muslim terrorists receive in Muslim countries?)

And since the World Trade Centers were bombed there have been over 60 Americans killed by Muslims in over 30 terrorist attacks. And how about the dozens of terror plots stopped by the FBI and other American law enforcement?

Hey AMPAC, did you have your 52″ plasmas on a couple months back when two Muslims bombed innocent people at the Boston Marathon? Did you see the little boy they murdered? Was that little kid and all the others who lost their limbs discriminating against you or were they just enjoying the same American freedoms that you enjoy in between your jihad and organizing your lame, ill-timed and repugnant protest? Any chance you realize you’re making those who hate you, hate you more?

the-devil-on-history-the-bible-barack-obama-ftrThere’s a better idea that will go a long way to helping your cause: organize a march against worldwide Islamo-Nazi terrorism and you’ll have tens of millions, including me, behind you. It’s going to take a while, but if you start here – Americans can be incredibly forgiving. I can see it now: A Ten Million American March Against Maniacs”…

But now that I think of it, President “I will stand with the Muslims” Obama would probably deny us a permit. Oh well, no wonder you feel so ballsy.

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  • The Hummus
  • marcdepiolenc

    I hope there’s a really good turnout of Muslims for the march. All of them will profit from the experience by realizing how much their “religion” is despised by Americans. A few of them may have the curiosity to find out why…and that would be a very good thing.

  • Robert Bouchard Jr.

    Now we’ll know where they are when we “want” them!!!!!

  • Deana Royer Horgan Watch this and find out who and why we are heading towards war in Syria

  • This is well written and so true! I say kick all the Muslims out of the USA!! It’ll be a safer and saner place!!

  • PLW

    I bet Obama will put a rag on his head and join them in their march……….

  • Desi Realstrongtou Washington
  • The Spirit of the Laws

    No person is eligible for the presidency who has not attained the age of 35 years and been fourteen years a resident of the United States.

  • goldenvessel

    Muslims believe they will be defiled by pigs/ham if they touch them and won’t get into paradise so beware of the idea they might try to use this gathering to remove you and your hogs perminately! Bring some B-B-Q hams to eat cause they can’t even be close to someone who is eating pork/ham, That’s why they are forcing schools to remove pork/ham from their menu’s! So use this info to your avantage and stock up on pigs before they become outlawed because they offend Muslims! GOD save the USA!

  • DJ

    1,000,000 Muslims meet 1,000,000 bullets

  • Bob Compton

    Awesome argument! There is no rational response to it. It boggles my mind how anyone would choose hatred and oppression, when the overwhelming evidence of the value of goodness and freedom is all around them. In the movie “Easy Rider”, the afternoon before the character played by Jack Niclolson was savagely murdered that night, he asked why the townspeople hated him so much. He was answered that they both hated and feared his freedom. They were “little people”, unimportant cogs in a vast wheel, while he could decide for himself, and they could not tolerate that. The gentle Muslims fear the jihadists much more than we do, because even a small act of rebellion would be met with a swift and savage response. That is why the rebellion against the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt is such a heroic action. If they fail, not only do they face a harsh retribution, but so do their families. The only difference between liberalism and jihadism is a matter of degree. Absolute control is the ultimate aim of both, by robbing the masses of their freedom, rights and belief in themselves. What the liberals don’t seem to understand is that the jihadists consider them as merely another group of infidels to eliminate. Look at how the jihadists treat the supreme liberal, obama. Do they think the jihadists will treat the lesser liberals any better? They are in for such a rude awakening!

  • 1018crs

    They are just asking for trouble pulling a stunt like that on that day, there is no other reason they would pick that day besides to spit in the face of Americans. I could care less if a few of them get a beating, any of them that had a bit of respect for what happened would not show up for this on that day. I would like to go there to wipe my ass with pages of the Koran just to offend them.I am sick to death of every one worrying about offending this group or that group, too damn bad, we still have a certain amount of freedom of speech in this country if they don’t like our laws they are free to leave and any that show up to this meeting of clowns should be checked to see if they are here legally and if not put on a boat the same day. I am not concerned with offending these scumbags at all and yes if they are there they are scumbags decent people would not pull a stunt like that on the day of 9/11.I say we drop 10 tons of bacon from airplanes onto their heads

    • grandmaforliberty

      American “Bikers” have also planned a rally on DC on 9/11. They are all true red white and blue Americans… I put my money on the bikers to carry the day.. God bless them and Keep it peacedful, guys!!!

  • Jimbo Velasquez

    Napalm strike,incoming !!!

  • ThomPaineJr12

    The organizers are right about Muslims being victims of bigotry… by the likes of a-h0le Joe the plumber who calls it a “million maniac march.” What a despicable hate-mongering a-h0le.

    • grandmaforliberty

      when one resorts to calling such names, one gives away their age… Skipping school today???

  • Terry Burroughs

    My father served in the US Navy in WWll to preserve the land he loved and the America he wanted passed down to his children. I’ll be damned if I will silently stand by and watch any group, American or not, tell me that I have to give them anything, or give up as much as an inch of my American sovereignty for any reason! When Muslims start to speak up and stand side by side with Americans to defend America against her aggressors, including radical Muslims, I will change my stance, but not before then. I kowtow and bow to no one.

  • Liberty: Coercion’s Absence

    Congress is empowered to establish post offices and post roads, to constitute courts inferior to the Supreme Court, and to maintain a navy.

  • Cody Updegrave

    This article tells the truth…but i’m sorry to say Muslims don’t want peace…they want our country AND Sharia law so they can continue to be the rapist pedophiles that they used to in the middle east…”Taqiyya” literally means: “Concealing, precaution, guarding.” It is employed in
    disguising one’s beliefs, intentions, convictions, ideas, feelings, opinions or
    strategies. In practical terms it is manifested as dissimulation, lying,
    deceiving, vexing and confounding with the intention of deflecting attention,
    foiling or pre-emptive blocking. It is currently employed in fending off and
    neutralising any criticism of Islam or Muslims.—They will NEVER try to stop Islam from taking over out country

  • marineh2ominer


  • Si Vis Pacem ParaBellum

    There are no Muslims in this country that would stand up against anyone in their religion. These people are some of the biggest liars and cheats to ever walk the face of our earth. They would be right there with Obama, Sharpton, Jackson, Holder and the rest. All this is going to do is piss off a lot of Americans. We need to get these arrogant pigs out of our country! Anyone that wants to hurt others just because we don’t practice the same religion is preposterous! They are ALL liars. They need to be fired, jailed and impeached. I have no problem with others that have other beliefs. But when your beliefs threaten my life and the lives of my family, yes I am a pork eating infidel, and DAMN PROUD OF IT! We need to stand together and not let these race baiters and Islamic jihadis the hell out. If you come after me, I will resist you and do all I can to stop you from hurting me or my family. Molon Labe, Semper Fi and God Bless.

  • Kai

    While I despise many of the tenets of Islam, we have to remember that the American and western governments have been interjecting into the affairs of Muslim countries and have caused a great deal of death and destruction to innocent people, most notably the people of Iraq since that war was based on lies. As long as there are American men and women who will blindly follow orders and go overseas to fight imperialist wars that benefit corporations, we will continue to make enemies. I do recognize the threat the Islam and Shariah law pose to America since radical Muslims have stated their goal is to install a caliphate and fly the flag of Islam over the white house. I also recognize that if Americans ever hope to achieve peace, we also must get our own house and affairs in order, bring down the corrupt tyrannical government infected with Communists/Marxists/Socialists/Globalists and re-institute Common/Constitutional law, and stop spread death and destruction under the guise of “spreading democracy”. America is not innocent and we need to take responsibility for everything our government has done in our name and that we have supported for over 100 years.

  • Edward Althouse

    screw the muslims. If you arer a muslim you are my enenmy! muslims hate America, Israel, and Christians. I wonder about obama when he claimed “We are not a Christian Nation”! who do we have in the oval office anyway?

  • disqus_Ed8LYkU7q2

    Are Bikers really going to be there? That would be GREAT and GREAT TO SEE!

    • grandmaforliberty

      yes, the Bikers are really going to be there… But if there is anyway for the media to avoid filming them, you can bet they will!!!

  • cyclemama33

    Bring a biggggggg bus and load them all in and take them to Mexico. Let them find out how lucky they are to be here and not in Mexico where the cartel would not put up with a single one of them. But since we can’t do that, come on bikers, show them who’s boss.

  • Cherry Walker

    When all those “HOGS” show up in Washington there should be a few ppl looking over their shoulders.

  • Larry B, Cates

    If we’re fortunate, maybe someone will drop a plane or two on their muslim asses like they did on 9/11. I just hope our muslim puppet and all his cronies are standing right in the middle of them if and when it happens.

  • icemancold

    Well the people should have a million and a half armed men and women for a free america march on washington and the Muslims on Sept.11. Maybe this would get the point across to OBAMA and the MUSLIMS that neither are wanted in the USA.

  • ValleyCounty

    We have sold our city home and are moving to the country on acreage, where we can control who our neighbors are. If you move to the new neighborhood and are not part of the AMERICAN patriot group, you may not be welcome. I am sick and tired of these heathens thinking their way is the only way and that I need to conform to their ways….Ain’t gonna happen.

  • onelordwon

    America has become an immoral cesspool for any and everything that common sense stands against. The whining of the Gays, the Liberal Left where anything goes and the Muslims who stab us in the back and say nothing about the radicals of their own faith, because if the truth was known, they hate us too and feel we all deserve the hateful actions of their religion.

    Amazing how the hearts and minds of the people have been POISONED against the greatest Country on earth and against the only Savior of the world.

  • Henry

    This is a great idea, all non citizen muslims get scooped up and deported immediately.

  • MyronJPoltroonian

    How about this. Instead of “Nation Building”, after throwing out their terrorist supporting regimes in the Middle East and/or the so called “Tribal Areas”, let us try (preemptive) “Nation Renaming”. Yes! Lets let them be known as “NukeStan” [pronounced: Nuke’-Es-Stan.] (Only until or unless they change their evil ways, of course.) Two or three examples should be enough. If not, then reduce to molten glass those places they hold most dear. (Mecca, Medina, etc. .. .)

    I do have a serious question though: Have you ever stopped to examine why so many of you had the reaction to this thought you just did? The only reason I can come up with is the fear (based on reality) of real world, barbaric, pre-planned violence, committed against civilians where you and other innocents live. You are asking for civil, restrained “reactive defense” towards those who despise you for living and breathing on the very same planet as they. We, in the West, view reporters and artist’s, women and children, Doctors and Nurses, their patients and the elderly, for example, as “hold harmless” bystanders and completely off limits in any combat. The radical terrorists, practicing the “Religion of Peace”, as it is referred to by the politically correct in charge of leading us in this war declared on the West, do not so consider it to be. To Jihadist’s, it is a holy call to arms. A call to subjugate or destroy all nonbelievers. It is a war which has been declared against all of humanity (not just the West) that either does not believe as they do or submit to their will. They only gain strength and power in their world, by our appearance of weakness, and revel in the throat-slitting, baby-killing, Mosque; Church; Synagogue; Temple; Alter desecration and marketplace bombings, as well as the suicide killings of any and everyone in or around such places committed by these vermin who hide behind women’s skirts (or burkah’s (sic)) and set up rocket launchers in or next to Mosques, schools and hospitals, et cetera.

    The only difference between Christianity and Islam (other than the fact that Jesus and Mohammed were about as polar opposite as “Prophets” as one could get) is the fact that Christianity has undergone it’s Reformation during the Age of Enlightenment and Islam has not. And It never will until it’s so-called moderate coreligionists get over their extremely real fear of retribution and scourge the fanatics from their midst. Thus far, unfortunately, they seem “under motivated” to do so. It appears that without a very real consequence for their immoderate inaction, they will remain ineffectively on the sidelines, awaiting to see who will win so they may claim loudly and enthusiastically, they were with them all along. I, for one, intend it to be us and not the barbarians who are on the winning side. As I’ve noted before: “If you want to know what life would be like under a Caliphate, ask an Armenian”.

  • Wayne Ogilvy

    Talk about rubbing salt in the wound ! Most THINKING American’s that have read the koran know that there is no such thing as a peaceful muslim. They are just waiting for the right time to strike us infidels. Please go back to your homelands and continue doing what you do best, killing each other and molesting your children ! We American’s are about at the end of our rope with this PC stuff and when it snaps you won’t be able to muster a ten man march !

  • rollervic

    I worked with a woman who was an immigrant from Ethiopia when the attack on 9/ll happened. On 9/12 she told me that all her friends and relatives who also were immigrants here in the United States said, “Good for them. That’s what they deserved.” Imagine that. It would be interesting to know what Mr. Obama’s reaction to the attack was on that day.

    • notalib

      You point demonstrates what I am trying to say. They don’t understand our way of life, they don’t want to and I don’t think they have any intentions of assimilation. They accept our freedom, our hospitality then when the opportunity comes up they demonstrate they are happy to kill us. Savages.

    • grumpybill

      If THIS veteran had heard the bitch say that about the people who died on 9/11, the bitch would have been stomped into the floor!!!!

      • rollervic

        As pissed off as this made me, I couldn’t stomp her into the floor. I would have lost my job that I had been working at for 25 years. I did say — “If they don’t like it here, they can get the hell out of this country.”

  • voted against carter

    is-LAME is NOT a religion,…it IS a Fascist, PEDOPHILE death CULT. PERIOD.

    • Ray_Downen

      Cults are religions also. Islam is an ungodly form of government with a religion attached.

  • IHateLibs

    Deep down they are ALL the Same Thing. SANDNIGGERS

  • CountryBoy

    DEPORT them…

  • ort

    Read Ezekiel 38:39. God Himself destroys islam, which was started by satan when he appeared to the crazy pedophile muhammad. I can’t wait.

  • worldwatchman

    Good place to take out a huge number at one time. Okay…..send in the drones.

  • Phillipe Violette

    Those islamists sure are a bunch of whiney crybabies. The dead from 9/11 are not the victims its the poor oppressed muslims all around the world. Like h*ll. Also I am wondering how many patriots will show at the million islamist march to show them just what oppression means.

    • Ray_Downen

      Non-Muslims don’t riot or destroy. Well, some of us don’t. It’s Muslims and followers of Obama who DO riot in the name of occupying what they covet.

    • grandmaforliberty

      a huge number of bikers are holding a DC rally ride that same day… should be interesting…..

  • Joseph Michael

    September 11th, 2013, 2998 Korans will be burned! Each one representing one of the victims, every person who was murdered by Islam.”Dr. Terry Jones to Burn 2998 Korans on 9/11″ is the search title on YouTube.
    Stand Up America Now, invites you to send Korans to:
    5200 NW 43rd Street, Suite 102 #188, Gainesville, Florida 32606
    ON FACEBOOK, EVENT PAGE: Worldwide Burning of 2998 Korans on September 11th, 2013
    Abraham Lincoln said, “To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men.” Both Joseph Smith & MoehamMAD had an angel appear to them which completely changed what the Bible has clearly taught us for thousands of years. The Bible warns that even if an angel should appear to you preaching a different word than the one in the Bible, “Do Not believe it” The Bible repeats here twice, “Let them be accursed” (Galatians 1:8)

    • Ray_Downen

      There are not enough Korans in existence to burn one for every victim of Islam. Is it better to be a Koran-burner than a Bible-burner? I suggest both are acting unwisely.

  • crustyone

    The number of mooslums expected for a march on Washington, D.C. conjures the image of the scoops on the movie Soylent Green.

  • Janet

    9/11/13 national bless all mosque with pork blood, this sends them the message

  • Janet

    NO MUSLIMS WELCOMED IN AMERICA. {him and his family and czars}

  • philb

    Joe forgot to mention a few pesky details. For instance, that all muslim extremists (actually almost all domestic extremists who have attempted a terroristic attack since 9/11) have been shown to have covert ties to the likes of the FBI. Likewise it wasn’t mentioned that credible researchers have revealed repeatedly the ongoing ties between western intelligence agencies and the rise of al-Qaida. Joe somehow overlooked the scientific evidence for controlled demolition in the trade center complex, including the rarely mentioned Building 7. He also failed to mention the government’s constantly changing stories or alibis as to why their trillion dollar air defense failed four times that day, or why the failed leadership of that day (often missing in action during the event) were later promoted, or why insider trading in the days previous was never properly investigated. For being an ‘average Joe’, he sure does sound like a propagandist.

    • voted against carter


      PLEASE remove your RECTALHAT prior to posting.

      YOU are an IDIOT. STOP proving it with EVERY post you make.

      silly libratard

    • notalib

      Phil–where did you get the information from? I’ve heard of none of this. I suggest you study some good websites–not the daily coz or huffington. Get some facts.

      • philb

        Thanks for asking, notalib. I would recommend checking out the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth website. There is a considerable amount of technical information, links to other research sites, and articulate responses to the likes of Popular Mechanics disinformation. I would also recommend checking out 911blogger dot com for a broader range of research on 9/11 topics other than the demolition of the towers.

  • aggreen1

    ***You should mention that Hell’s Angels and other bikers from across America will converge on Washington while the Islamic scumbags are “marching.” Fireworks???

    • Chicot

      Nope, if the bikers show up, the mussies will cancel…

  • Mike Young

    Great article Joe, and very well explained. Unfortunately though, I still don’t believe the Muslim population would understand the dilemma we are in, or our anger towards Muslims Terrorists.

  • richardcancemi

    Well written article! Everything in it needs to be said over and over and over and…

  • LetsJustVoidTheBillOfRights

    Glad to hear you, Joe.

  • notalib

    Whose brain dead idea was this? I watched a debate on I think Hannity between one of the organizers and the lady, Bridgette I think, who tries to war the U.S. about the radical musilms. The organizer was stupid–to put it bluntly. These people can’t shut up, they over talk, they flip from point to point and truthfully they are boring and maddening at the same time.

    Hey you muslims, if you want to live here shut up about your perceived abuse. Try defending America or get the hell out of our country. I’m really sick of the culture. And to your organizers, find one that can speak English, debate and stop with your rambling. You PMF and probably many other Americans.

    • Barbaracvm

      If this Bridgette is the one I think she is: she is a Muslim who abhors what is happening. She is on Hannity’s talk show regular.

      • notalib

        Yes, she is the one. A very gutsy, articulate lady.

      • D S Dunlap

        IF it’s Bridgette Gabriel you’re referring to, I believe she is, in fact, a Lebanese-born Christian.

    • disqus_Ed8LYkU7q2

      Everything being said and done against America, Americans and Christians is for an aggrevated defense or attack against terrorits and murderers so that this islamic communist regime will be able to say that it will have reason to go to Martial Law. Islamic Communist Martial Law. That’s why all of the UN and foreign troops HERE in the USA, and the weapons and ammo scooping up by this regime, making US have LESS and LESS ammo to rely on against THEM when NEEDED. The 2nd Revolution will come or WE THE PEOPLE will be DESTROYED.

  • Elmer Goetz

    Can you imagine how busy TSA is going to be if all these rag heads decide to fly the friendly skies into DC? If I were a commercial airline pilot I would call in sick on 9/0, 11&9/12. And I’ll bet there will be a lot of air force planes patrolling the skies that day and Obozo won’t be anywhere close to DC.

    • Wayne Lunkwitz

      Possibly going on “vacation” again during that time slot….he sure as HELL won’t be doing a press conference to say that it is wrong!

      • festmatt5440

        He will be campaigning ‘ for his third term in another part of the country .

    • Chicot

      Bozo will be there and meet and greet them, then they will all have prayer together…Remember he has stated he will stand by them if push comes to shove or something to that anyway…

    • cardnut

      He rarely is close to DC when anything is going on — Benghazi, Egypt …

    • mishkacoats

      Unfortunately,I strongly doubt TSA would be any busier than they normally are. You know…racial profiling! Ragheads are the ones who get the come on down and the old ladies and disabled are the citizens who are picked to be felt up/down strip searched by the UNIONized TSA. This is sad, but true. :(

    • grassroot

      TSA will probably look the other way as they work for this admin.

    • Anita

      It will be very easy days for them. They don’t stop people in muslim garb because this could be racist. They will stop old ladies in wheel chairs, small children until they scare them so bad they turn to their parents and say I don’t want to go to Disney World. They will stop our patriotic service personnel and put them through the meat grinder, but stop muslims, no way my fried.

      • nmpher29

        I read a long time ago that female Muslims aren’t subject to searches because of their beliefs. They have to be covered from head to toe at all times and if a man other than their husband touches them, it’s off with their heads.

      • D S Dunlap

        I wish someone would explain to me what “race” is Islam?

        The claim that profiling Muslims is “racist” makes about as much sense as a wildebeest living with a pride of lions.

  • ToniStimmel

    If we’re allowed to vote in 2016 let’s be sure to remember that all those ‘patriotic’ demoncrats twice engineered the election of our current Traitor in Charge. The demoncrats are attempting to pass him off as a great leader but they can’t point to a single untarnished act of his or their party leaders in congress, think ‘we have to pass it so we can find out what’s in it’ by their #2 in line to the POTUS. Demoncrats are, and have been for decades, known for their ability to make problems worse not matter how big and/or bad they were at the start which was a byproduct of their ‘solution’ to a previous and normally smaller problem.

  • Bible believer

    That’s how they infritate and take over country’s. Wish we could have some million Muslim marches to the ocean and put them on a boat and no returns. How can our leaders be so dumb. It seems to be inevitable to have shariah law in our court system. A country held hostage by our government. Liberlalism and stupidity has taken our country and only a revolution would get it back. History has taught us when government gets too big, we lose. I don’t know if we’re outnumbered now by the Muslim, illegal immigrants, gays

    • Wayne Lunkwitz

      It would be fine with me if we just force them to swim back…why waste the ships to carry them back?

  • Dcp5674

    Should be interesting when 1,000,000 Muslims meet 1,000,000 bikers. That I have to see.

    • grumpybill

      I doubt the ragheads will be able to stand up to that many pissed off bikers!!

      • simpletony1


    • grassroot

      Obmer and his complicit dept. of “justice,” will protect them.
      And that with force.

      • Candyman101

        If a million “peace loving” bikers show up as planned, I think that Holder and Obama’s “justice” department troops may be a little overwhelmed. Let us hope so.

        • principacia

          Agreed. he has vowed to stand on the side of Islam. That is believable since he has protected them on many levels up to now.

          • Robert Bouchard Jr.

            He won’t stand on any side, principacia!!!!! He’s too cowardly!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He’ll be hiding behind his fat-assed wife in the White House, or he’ll run off on another vacation just to have an excuse for his absence!!!!!!!!

        • ThomPaineJr12

          If bikers turn into lawless thugs, I hope there is plenty of law enforcement on hand to crack some of their thick skulls.

          • Candyman101

            In contrast to what the liberal, communistic media and Hollywierd present, most bikers are law abiding and peaceful. It just so happens that the vast majority of them, blue color and white color, Democrat and Republican, happen to be patriots who support our country and stand strong for patriotism. They perform more acts of service than they get recognized for, and contribute more to our society than the libtards who portray them as evil. Just because a very small handful of the 1%’s are criminals does not mean that the majority are any more than the fact that a few corporate executives are criminals means that all corporate executives are.

          • ThomPaineJr12

            But you have posters here expecting and encouraging bikers to commit assault and battery on peaceful marchers.

          • Candyman101

            Knowing the nature of muslims in large groups, I doubt that there will be many peaceful marchers. The peaceful ones will most likely be the bikers the muslims are cowering from.

          • Sharps Rifle

            “Peaceful” and “muslim” are mutually exclusive concepts. Look at 1,400 years of history sometime.

          • festmatt5440

            Agreed ; those two words shouldn’t even be used in the same sentence .

          • MARYANN33

            Bible says Arabs are Wild Donkey People…..

          • MARYANN33

            Someone has to do something…Our government won’t….Bikers may be just what is needed at this time in history…And God Bless them…..

          • Sharps Rifle

            Go back to Arabia!

          • jimzimmerman

            I hope u are in the front row. Coward

      • Robert Bouchard Jr.

        Then I hope we have a showdown!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m ready, if only my Harley trike would be ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Cathy Pierson


          • Robert Bouchard Jr.

            I know, Cathy, but I’ve had a lifelong dream of having a big bike like a Harley, and now I can afford a trike and would like to go “in style”, lol!!!

      • ThomPaineJr12

        I hope so.. I support the rule of law.. crack the heads of lawless biker thugs.

        • Sharps Rifle

          Get back in your stupid Prius, hippy!

      • MARYANN33

        Yes, he will. But not us. He is our enemy, in our House.

    • SniperToo

      I belong to the Southern Cruisers, OK, and the Patriot Riders. I would love to be there in the District of Communism and kick some Muslim butt. They wont have that many. I remember the million man march. First of all, it wasn’t a million, and most of them were out of work and on welfare. if you are not working, it’s easy to pay people to be there and offer them free food, etc. for the day. I believe that the million man march was around 300,000 at the most. It will be the same with the million Muslims, on the dole and not working. Most of them don’t have a degree in anything, except terrorist administration in destroying countries, and they are on the dole.

    • mapoffla

      The DC area is loaded with active duty and retired military, not to mention their families and friends. Quite a few of them have faced the enemy in the middle east. Guess what bikers? You aren’t going to have all the fun. I imagine there will also be quite a few visitors from NY & NJ, among other places .

      • Robert Bouchard Jr.

        And I might actually miss the action again, just because of timing on being able to get my Harley trike built!!!! DAMN!!!!!!!!!!

    • Robert Bouchard Jr.

      I’ve been wanting to get my Harley trike built in time for the ride, but I doubt it will happen. But if it does, THEN I’ll have a good reason to visit the capital!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anthony Alexander

    This goes back to the crusades, its an old score. NOW ITS TIME TO SETTLE IT.

    • D S Dunlap

      Goes further than that. The Crusades, after all, were a belated military attempt by the Christian world to drive back the Mohammedan (Islamic) assault that began in the 630s AD. So, when Mohammedans (Muslims) say that the Crusades started all this, remember that THEY drew first blood.

      • Anthony Alexander

        I have heard just the opposite, nonetheless, It seems as through things quieted down for the last several hundred years or so, until a fanatical arm of Islam started to rise up kill in the name of their “god”…..and commit other forms of barbaric violent acts in modern day…..How about the Barbary wars? The Muslim extremists who believe that killing kidnapping is acceptable are the ones where the cross hairs should be brought to bear. I have no sympathy…

  • Dianna Zerbe

    Lord help us JESUS! it’s gonna get nasty!
    we’ve got to take America back!
    what’s gonna happen with that many Muslims in one place in America?
    is that when obama’s gonna call out the National Guard and take command?
    America has got to wake up and get ready!


    and you know why they don’t denounce the radicals? because in the Koran it specifically says a Muslim must not denounce another Muslim! Convenient, eh?

  • atlas007

    It’s time to get rid of the Muslim, Commie in the White House. This would not happen if he hadn’t emboldened them by refusing to recognize that we are at war with Islamic Nazi terrorists.

    • Rostis

      Your words “It’s time to get rid of…” are undoubtedly right, and still I’m distressed to see them. Because I see them in the American comments since 2009 (sometimes it was even “it’s high time to…”) and – and nothing happens! Absolutely nothing – except the second term of the “get-ridded”, of course. It’s absolutely like in my Russia, where Putin enjoys much longer list of our “get-rids”, but nevertheless continues to rule the country as serenely as Stalin did. Well, I can somehow understand it here, with our deeply-ingrained genes of fear after so many decades of mass shootings, of labor camps, of prisons, of half-hungry subsistence under Communism, but the Americans have no those dreadful decades behind them, thanks God! So – why it’s only right words again and again, but no right actions, why, why? Rostislav, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

      • grassroot

        But this radical Muslim in the White House is trying desperately

        to deconstruct this nation, as his hero Saul Alinsky teaches in
        his ” Rules For Radicals,” and the freedom of religion ensured by
        our Constitution is especially hated by him and his cronies.
        The Marxist in him is bringing us to a communistic style

        government as you in Russia have lived under.

        It appears that our ” dreadful decades” are closely in our future.

        • Rostis

          Undoubtedly it will happen exactly so, Sir, – if your great nation would prefer passivity to resistance. Being just a faraway Russian, I have hardly any right to offer my advice, but it was already done long ago by your wise poet Walt Whitman in his “Caution:

          TO The States, or any one of them, or any city of The States,

          Resist much, obey little;

          Once unquestioning obedience, once fully enslaved;

          Once fully enslaved, no nation, state, city, of this earth, ever

          afterward resumes its liberty”.

          I believe, these words are ever true! Respectfully – Rostislav

        • pjw01

          As we sit on our hands and do NOTHING!!!!!!
          And to ad to the wound………..Our Government…….actually…….Republican Party Passes Amnesty Resolution………has signed the decline of America on August 16, 2013. Look it up.

    • SniperToo

      Thank you, well said. I lived around/among these animals for 8 years in France (2000-2007) and saw the attack on my country on TV. Every night I pray to God that these dessert nig(s) pack up their camel butts and go back to the Middle East where they belong. I can’t stand them. They want a one world order Islamic planet. Allah is Satan’s son and the Quran is the devils bible. if the so called peaceful Muslims in this country, who just want to live free; would speak out against ANY Muslim terrorist group, than I would be willing to try and meet them half way. They are not allowed, via Sharia law, to go against their fellow Muslims for any reason. There is NO GOOD Muslim. They are also working with the Atheist in this country to destroy all religions. The ACLU and the Atheist , here in Oklahoma, just filed a lawsuit with our State Capital to have the Ten Commandments removed from our State capital steps. They say that THEY have had too many complaints from people when they see the Ten Commandments on the steps of the State capital. It HURTS THEM. I say, GROW UP AND LOOK THE OTHER WAY, you morons. It’s like changing the channel on TV. If you don’t like the program, change the channel and move on. DON”T LOOK AT IT. Folks, you do understand what they are trying to do? Take away our religious rights for the sake of two cult beliefs, Islam and Atheist.

      It’s time to play Coyboys and Muslims. Cow girl from Oklahoma.

      • Barbaracvm

        They say that THEY have had too many complaints from people when they
        see the Ten Commandments on the steps of the State capital. It HURTS

        Call up the ‘they’ and tell them how much you like having the Ten Commandments on display. Everyone needs to take a stand and voice your support for the commandments and everything the Constitution represents

        • nmpher29

          If everyone in the world would follow those Ten Commandments, what a better world we would have.

      • LastNameFirst

        I have to disagree on one part only; the only good muslim is a dead muslim!

    • ThomPaineJr12

      Take a cranial enema and stock up on Preparation H.. Obama will be in the White House until 2017.

  • SuperDave2

    While they’re all together–Take them down!!

    • asoro

      hmmm sounds interesting..

      • simpletony1

        When can’t we get started?

  • cae973

    Since I lived in NJ at that time I can tell you firsthand of the muslims in Patterson NJ cheering and celebrating in the streets……

    • asoro

      when and for what reason?

      • Wayne Lunkwitz

        asoro, I am assuming cae973 means 9/11/01 as “when” and most likely because their brethren were attacking and killing AMERICANS as to the reason . DUMBASS!

        • asoro

          wasn’t talking to you scumbag…..

          • fort9erdon

            asoro, calling Wayne a scumbag, does not change the fact you are a DUMBASS!

          • asoro

            I hope Obama gives them the keys to the country,, listening to you people it would be an improvement.

          • fort9erdon

            He already has! He is a traitorous POS commie, Muslim, weenie!

        • nmpher29

          Wayne, since the MSM doesn’t want to burden us with all of the crap going on in this country, something else could have happened since 9/11 and we haven’t heard about it yet. Isn’t that a possibility?

  • sillybruiser
  • sillybruiser
  • There is danger in the Million Muslim March on 9/11. This march could be used to support policies Muslims do not support. Just because it sounds like a peaceful Muslim march does not mean that is the real intent. Evil people can create violence that makes it a violent confrontation with military or police. People in this nation want Arab Spring here and Marshall Law; innocent people can get caught in it. Better to pray, text, email, social media your thoughts to government and media.
    Prophet Muhammad said to believe in Torah and Gospel, Leviticus 23 Holy Days of God are in September. Correction needed for all. Obey God to see change for good; otherwise, Leviticus 26 curses continue. Dress in Muslim attire for holiness.

    • Combat Veteran Seabee

      RAG HEAD! Kiss my Military, muslim Hunting As#, from the world of your hypocricy and lies!


      martial law not marshal(or marshall!) wherever they build a mosque,have a march,build a madrassah, is seen as a victory for them against the Infidel, the Crusader

    • asoro

      you all need to go back to the middle east where you belong, you dont belong here, you will never make this a Muslim Country, Controlled that is !! I know Obamay wants to change our country into a Muslim controlled region,, This will never happen!! you think black and whites are at each others throats , you haven’t seen anything. Sorry lady we are tired of having to bend over so you feel like you belong here.

    • Dcp5674

      And arm yourselves. Always be prepared.

    • Wayne Lunkwitz

      The problem is these nut cases don’t believe in a Christian God!

    • Linda2955

      shut it