Community turns against seven teachers and a board member who showed support for a pedophile teacher


WEST BRANCH, Mich. – Last month, former Rose City, Michigan pedophile and middle school teacher Neal Erickson was sentenced to 15-30 years in prison for molesting one of his students over the course of several years.

That should have been the end of the ugly debacle.

JanczewskiBut several teachers who wrote letters of support for their pedophile colleague – as well as a West Branch-Rose City school board member who has publicly supported Erickson’s family – are now at the center of a public firestorm.WB-RC school officials held a special board meeting July 29 at the Ogemaw Heights School auditorium where numerous people from the community approached the podium to urge the school board to fire seven teachers who wrote the court in support of Erickson.They also called for the resignation of board member Michael Eagan, who sat with teachers and the Erickson family during the former teacher’s sentencing last month, the Ogemaw County Herald reports.

Many parents who spoke at the meeting threatened to remove their children from the district if teachers who supported Erickson are not fired, which could result in significant loss of per-pupil state funding.

On the other hand, district officials are attempting to determine if such terminations would violate teachers’ constitutional right to free speech. The firings could trigger lawsuits against the district for wrongful termination that likely would cost a minimum of $500,000 in legal fees to defend, the newspaper reports.

“It’s a huge decision, whichever road we go down,” WB-RC board president Jack Money said at the meeting. “Don’t underestimate how huge it is.”

If the district loses any potential civil lawsuits, the cost “could potentially run well over a million dollars and bring the district to its financial knees,” Superintendent Dan Cwayna said at the special meeting.

“One of the things that concerns me as a board member is the cost of litigation,” board member Dick Bachelder told community members at the meeting. “The board’s going to have to make some decisions with regard to the teachers and we also have to know the loss of students.”

“I suspect if the teachers are terminated, they are going to sue us,” he said, according to the Herald. “That’s money we don’t have.”

Eagan told the audience he would not willingly resign, despite repeated requests from the community.

“ … (T)he community elected me, and there’s a process to remove me,” he said.

The school board is expected to render its decision on the fate of the teachers who supported Erickson at its August 19 board meeting.

The crime

Erickson came under investigation last October after allegations surfaced that he engaged in sexual conduct with a male student in his early teens between August 2006 and August 2009. A state police investigation substantiated the allegations and Erickson was charged with criminal sexual conduct in December 2012, the Ogemaw Herald reports.

Erickson eventually admitted to the crimes and pleaded for leniency during his sentencing, stressing the struggles his family has endured since he was charged and the financial hardship they’ve faced.

The victim’s parents, John and Lori Janczewski, also spoke at Erickson’s sentencing about how the experience has torn their family apart.

“We couldn’t figure out why (the victim) hated us,” Lori said, according to the Herald. “He went after his father. There were physical fights.

“Our daughter lost her only brother. He wasn’t there for her. He wouldn’t talk to her,” she continued. “You were his teacher. You were his mentor. You were his friend. And you violated him.”

The Janczewskis were also outraged by the actions of several school employees and one board member who showed support for Erickson during his sentencing. The group sat with the Erickson family throughout the court hearing, and several teachers submitted letters to the court calling for a minimum sentence.

“Neal made a mistake,” teacher Sally Campbell wrote, according to the newspaper. “He allowed a mutual friendship to develop into much more. He realized his mistake and ended it years before someone anonymously sent something to the authorities which began this legal process.”

“I am asking that Neal be given the absolute minimum sentence, considering all the circumstances surrounding this case,” teacher Amy Huber Eagan wrote to the court. “I am also hoping that he can stay remanded to custody in the Ogemaw County Jail and not be sent to a prison facility.”

NEal-Erickson“Neal has plead (sic) guilty for his one criminal offense but he is not a predator,” teacher Harriett Coe wrote. “This was an isolated incident. He understands the severity of his action and is sincere in his desire to make amends.”

Those who wrote in to the court on behalf of Erickson included Campbell, Eagan, Coe, Marilyn Glover, Sandi Lee, Kathryn Weber, Kathleen Sheel and Kathleen Palmer, the Herald reports. Most of them are instructors in the school district, but EAGnews could not determine exactly who they are.

“We’re sick to our stomach,” John Janczewski told the newspaper. “Heartbroken. My wife is a (paraprofessional) at Rose City. She worked with all these teachers. She felt backstabbed. We were sick to our stomachs to see them (at the sentencing).”

Apparently, so was Judge Michael Bumgartner, who sentenced Erickson.

“I’m appalled and ashamed that the community would rally around, in this case, you,” Bumgartner said. “What you did was a jab in the eye with a sharp stick to every parent who trusts a teacher.”

The fallout

The public display of support for Erickson quickly boiled over into community outrage, and it convinced the Janczewskis to pursue the termination of the teachers and board member involved.

“None of it’s right,” John Janczewski said. “None of them should have been there. They should have been in the middle (of the courtroom) or showed some support (to the victim’s family.) There is only one person that’s a victim and that’s my son. What kind of message do we send to the community, to the parents and students, by them being there and supporting this?”

“We will not stop until the end,” he said after the sentencing. “We will not give up on this. We will not stop.”

The family and the victim’s supporters in the community established a “Support the Janczewski Family” Facebook page, with a petition calling for the teachers who spoke on behalf of Erickson to be fired and urging Eagan to step down.

Because Eagen has refused, they’re working to recall him from his post.

The anger in the community might have led to an act of arson.

Police believe someone set the Janczewskis’ garage on fire July 20, and nearly set their home ablaze.

On the side of his house the perpetrator spray-painted “YWP-ITY,” presumably a crude acronym for “You will pay, I told you.” State police are offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to an arrest in the case.

“We don’t deserve this,” John Janczewski told the Herald. “We’re not a bad family. We’ve done nothing but stand up for our son, the victim. They could have killed my whole family. Whoever’s done this has no remorse. They have no soul.”

Janczewski told the newspaper the arson only hardened his resolve to ensure those who supported Erickson are held accountable.

Since the arson, the “Support the Janczewski Family” Facebook page has swelled to more than 2,100 members. The Herald took an online poll of the community over the terminations, and the majority want district officials to fire the teachers involved and deal with any potential lawsuits.

“I have two children in the district. If the teachers are not terminated, my children will not be attending Rose City School,” parent Claire Myers wrote on the Herald website. “Their actions speak louder than words by supporting Neal (Erickson.)”

Sam Cottle, a local resident with relatives who work in the school district, told EAGnews most people in the community are disgusted by the teachers’ support for Erickson.

“It’s absolutely appalling, these … teachers who wrote the letters. How someone can support a child molester … I don’t understand,” Cottle said. “None of these people have written a letter of support for the mom, dad, or son. What does that tell you?

“The (National Education Association) and the teachers union will support (the teachers who wrote in to the court for Erickson),” he said. “I don’t see how it won’t turn into a big battle.”

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  • luis martinez

    remove your kid from the class of any teacher supporting this scumbag. their support shows their weak moral values.

  • xcapeil

    I am not a lawyer, so I’ll pose a question to one. Is there any way the state can put this district into receivership, or de-certify it so as to end all current teacher contracts?

  • Tomas Cruz

    Pedophile teachers are forgiven by liberals while conservative and religious students are deemed deviants by liberal teachers. It was a given the unions were behind the seven pro pedophile teachers.

  • JDarbender

    Just another example of Liberals circling the wagons around fellow deviants.

  • DHConner

    Do tell!! It never fails that there are always a number of people who will support evil and it’s outcomes. I am not surprised female teachers were the ones to support him. In that the male and female brains do function not exactly like the other, women have “blind spots” that men see, as do men. But it is beyond my ken that anybody could feel anything but disgust and revulsion towards this sane but disturbed and evil thing who mentally and emotionally scarred this boy forever. When the equilibrium of one’s sexuality is deeply traumatized, healing is, by my own experience, a lifetime process. I am hopeful that his parent’s will have him in psychotherapy at least once a week, that the community will support him, and those who are his age will recognize the terrible damage done to this poor kid, and not use it as an instrument of negative behavior toward him.
    These teachers should have been terminated immediately upon receipt or publication of their position.
    The family should launch a huge lawsuit against the board for failing to protect the boy, failing to act to dismiss the teachers who in fact give praise to the monster in question, and the malefactor for his unforgiveable actions. Money is the only punishment that will teach the board and teachers the difference between right and wrong. As for the molester. life extinguishment would be most suitable.

  • John Allegro

    Just as creatures adapt through natural selection, cultures change based upon the success of their customs, practices, and traditions.

  • fort9erdon

    “This was an isolated incident, he is not a predator”. Hmmm, I see your point. After all, the molestation ONLY went on for 3 years! Isolated???? Yeah right! This idiot needs to go a well, since this statement clearly demonstrates her complete lack of good judgement!

  • VicBailey

    This is what happens when people try to make SLIME, into heroes. The Heroes are the people standing up for the family, the Union will be standing up for the pervert! That’s why you can’t get rid of the BAD teachers! Which makes our children suffer! Semper Fi.

  • Marie Bethamn

    This comes as no surprise and is hardly the worst case of school authorities supporting a pedophile. Does the name Jerry Sandusky ring a bell?

  • mjnellett

    Progressive educators don’t feel anyone should be held accountable for their actions unless it goes against something they personally believe in. Apparently, when the progressives managed to get God and His word, run out of the schools, they threw ethics, and morals out with Him. Good job…Morons.

  • Liberty: Minimized Coercion

    Knowledge is power. Spread yours:

  • Rick

    if ANYONE ever molested my daughter, I would “end them”….plain and simple. I would happily go to prison for the rest of my days. I would even call he police and turn myself in. NO ONE has a right to touch your child EVER!

  • Kepha Hor

    Oh, some “sober brow” will come along, nod, and bless this kind of pedophilic behavior with a “study” that shows that kids are very sensual, and if our “Puritanical” society would just loosen up and be “open” to early sexual experimentation and initiation by willing adults, everyone would be so much happier and better-adjusted. And if it’s followed years later by a raft of new health problems, suicides, shortened life expectancy, etc., it’ll be blamed on the lingering effects of our “Puritanical” culture.

    • Ron Brueske

      Already been done.

      • Kepha Hor

        I was afraid of that.

  • robinswebnest

    When I lived in CA, there was a father who was caught raping his 2 sons. It all started when they were 7, the same age the father was when he was raped by his father. Again, this is a no brainier. He should have been tried, convicted and sentence. Except he wasn’t.
    Why? The Riverside Press Enterprise took on his cause. They wrote full page articles calling for him to receive ‘help’ and to not punish him and his family by putting him in prison. They succeeded. He never served time.
    It made me sick then and this is just makes me sick now. Where is the concern and consideration for the victims? Why is it let’s feel sorry for the criminal monsters? They made a choice, this was NOT forced on them, they forced it on their innocent victims.

  • Liberty: Coercion’s Absence

    Article 5: Upon the application of the legislatures of 2/3 of the states, Congress shall call a convention for proposing amendments.

  • paintinc56

    This would be a no brainer if it were not for the P O S teacher’s union that PROTECTS SCUM like this.

  • Donovan Jones

    No child molester should be allowed to live. And those that abet and aid said molester, should suffer the same fate. We have become far, far, far too lenient with these criminals these days. It is the opinion of this commenter, that we should bring back public execution, that the citizenry should SEE that their behavior is not tolerated, and that the punishment should fit the crime.

  • TangoTommy

    To suggest disciplining this guys supporters would violate their “free speech” rights is pure bull.
    They could just as easily written “Good riddance”

  • Caniac Steve Henderson

    if i was the parents I’d be getting ready to sue the school district for 36 trillion dollars that should wake the board & teachers union up real dang and if the district does the union..that means less money for those leeches for a long long time

  • vanderfk

    Isolated incident – over several years? I feel bad for the perp’s family but this guy needs to be put away for good. Why don’t those anal orifice’s stand up for the child victims? Most likely not the creeps first violation and if let out in the community, it won’t be his last.

  • Jo

    If this doesn’t demonstrate how messed up the NEA and teacher’s unions are….what WILL convince you?

  • Bryson Johnson

    Ok community STAND UP good job, let him babysit the kids of the ones that support him so much. If he’s SOOOOOOOOOOOO great, shouldn’t be a problem right. Some people will support and fall for anything.

  • blair152

    It’s about time. Put him in the general prison population and let the prisoners have at him.

  • Glenn H

    concrete boots and a swim in deep water would solve this problem! No lawsuits.

  • Sassy3000

    All Pedophiles and Rapists should be given the SAME treatment as a Rabid Dog!

    And those PUKE Teachers and School Board Member who showed support for a PEDOPHILE should be fired and have to register as: aiders and supporters of Molesting Children!

  • 1911HeadBanger

    The Public School System needs to be completely gutted and revamped and the Teachers Unions thrown out. They have become self-serving, politically correct, indoctrination camps for our children. I personally have pulled my kids OUT and homeschooled them with two other close families. They score better on tests and seem more at ease than ever. They read more and understand better. Best ting we ever did for them. If there is anyway you can ever get your kids out and into homeschooling or private school, do it.

  • Michelle Maynor

    Yankees, more proof they are NUTS!!!

  • These type of incidents are why we so many Private schools, at least there the parents still have the power of the purse!! Which seems to be what everyone here is worried about…..when do we worry for the victims, the children…….

  • rchguns

    I sincerely believe that this teacher should not be sent to jail. It should be incarcerated only for as long as it takes to finalize his sentence. We definitely do not need to send criminals of this caliber, pedophiles, transsexuals, and other sexual deviance were managed to get into the teaching profession and have direct contact with their children. Their people to you know and I don’t feel that they should be put in jail like a common normal prisoner. They should only be held until the sentence can be carried out.

    That sentence is to be taken to the public square their hands to remain free. They stand stool 3 feet high with a stout 4 x 4 being over their heads at 7 feet in height a piano wire is attached to the beam and the other hand is made into a slipknot and it is slated around the male organs. This wire should have approximately 6 inches of play before becomes tight. A second piano wire is attached to the beam and legislate over the head around the neck. This wire is 6 inches longer than the first wire when extended. This tool is then lowered slowly into a recess in the ground so that the person is lowered slowly.

    As the stool slowly sinks the first wire slowly removes the male plumbing and the rate of dissent of the stool should be time so it takes 10 minutes for the second wire to become tight in the stool continues to sink slowly removing the degenerate gray matter between the years of this pervert very very slowly.

  • anarchyst

    Man-on-boy sexual “behavior” is predatory homosexual conduct. Attempting to “sweeten” the term (and avoid offending homosexuals) by calling it “sexual child abuse” does NOTHING to put the blame where it really belongs. The Catholic priest and Penn state “sexual abuse” scandals were nothing more that predatory homosexual behavior that is standard fare for homosexuals. Ask any homosexual when they first knew they were homosexual and you will find that ALL of them were preyed upon as children by adult homosexuals .
    Pedophilia is inextricably linked with homosexuality…Older homosexuals look out for young boys so that their impressionable minds can be convinced that homosexuality is “OK”.
    The horrific Catholic Church “child abuse” scandal was really about older homosexuals having the “opportunity” to “recruit” young boys into their “lifestyle. The “mainstream media” was complicit in changing the “name of the game” by calling it “child sexual abuse” rather than outright homosexual “recruiting”. The term for a homosexual “recruiting specialist” is “chickenhawk”. These pedophiles want to get to the younger males BEFORE their sexual mores and ethics are fully formed. They convince the young person that their behavior is normal.

    • Kepha Hor

      A propos your post, a student once came into my class gushing about that horrible film about Harvey Milk. I pointed out to her that Milk had a history of preying on street kids and runaways, and had he been a Roman Catholic Priest, he’d have ended up in prison (BTW, I am not Roman Catholic).

  • sha49tn

    Sadly, if the teachers ARE fired, they will sue, & they will win. The 1st Amendment gives them the right to their opinion. Was it poor judgment on the teachers’ part? Absolutely, & I agree wholeheartedly with the community. But, we can’t deny 1st Amendment rights to one party, while okaying another. In the case of the council member, however, they CAN recall him legally. And, he can’t sue, if it’s done correctly. Above all, one young man’s life, plus his family’s lives, have been ruined, & will never be the same, no matter the outcome. If I were a parent in this community, I would start homeschooling, or start online schooling. If the school district runs into financial problems, they will at least have to move the teachers to other areas, & out of that district.

    • ea

      Are you nuts? Why do you think this kid acted out in violence towards his family? He single-handedly ruined their family and you are saying what is done is done? We shouldn’t have to home school our kids when we are paying school taxes. He plead guilty to the charges so I doubt he can sue and win anything. Lady you drink too much Kool-Aide. Maybe YOUR kids need to be exposed to these pedophiles and then let’s see what your attitude is! The 1st Amendment gives you freedom of speech but not the go ahead to do to children whatever you feel like! Someone needs to slap some sense into your dumbass!

  • Harold

    You can bet your boots the ‘Teachers Union “will support anything! Unions support their members no matter what a member has done , it seems that way to me. Are they educated or morons by choice?

  • James Maxwell

    So they worried about a law suite, what about he laws suit that would be levied against them and those
    that supported this POS remaining in close contact with you children to whom he would have unsupervised exposure to? I suggest the pull their had out of their anal passage and take a closer
    look at that that mighty cost them on numerous levels. If a person has been convicted of molesting
    a child that automatically should eliminate them from and further contact especially in the school
    system, no exceptions, and those that supported him I would be extremely curious about their
    background and continuing employment at any school since their judgment and morals would be
    suspect also.

  • marineh2ominer

    To hell with the costs , the moral standards in this country have fallen so far we need to take actions to get them back , the costs are nothing like the damage that is being done to our youth and eventually to the future of our country . We already have moronic ” experts ” saying child molestations don’t appear to have bad long term effects we all know this to be a lie but it is being said for the pedaphiles that want their ” RIGHTS ” just like the homosexuals now have ” their rights ” . It seems everyone has rights EXCEPT good NORMAL people .

  • Richard Helsel

    As a past parent, and living where I do , I can guarantee with out question had this “educator” done this in our area, he would be lucky to escape the area alive, no matter what the situation was.

  • hitthedeck

    Sounds like these teachers that support this deviate might have the same illness that he has. Why else would that lower their morals and disrespect the victim by supporting him?

  • JobRon

    A short while ago I watched a show about fighting “Tenured Teachers” (read UNION protected leaches) The title was “The Freedom Writers Diary. A true story about a, new to the system, teacher was given the “dregs” of the students, because no one else wanted them. She turned their lives upside down, got them to believe in themselves and saw success through unconventional teaching means. They were sophomores, they wanted her to teach them the junior year. She went up against the TT and eventually won. One of the stumbling blocks she faced was a fuddy-duddy tenured older woman, she fought this “NEW” teacher on every turn. Finally an administrator saw the wisdom of what this “NEW” teacher was doing with her students and allowed her to teach both junior and senior years. The STUDENTS not the “tenured teachers” won. When I went to college, before dirt, there was a saying in school: “Those who can, will, those who can’t, teach.” Seeing some of the teachers my grandchildren have had, makes me wonder where these people crawled out of. Nuf said!

  • kkkahn

    Again Michigan, Land of Unions! If that board member & the named teachers “support” this pervert, it’s OBVIOUS they don’t have students best interests at heart and should find another occupation. To appear in court, supporting a convicted pedophile speaks volumes about their lack of moral compasses. I’m seeing why more & more parents are homeschooling their kids.

    • Buzz

      Then to have the NEA condone! My good heavens. We even have a POPE now that supports this behavior in the fact one cannot bring the information out that a priest or a bishop has violated one of God’s children.a child that God knew before that child was in a womb!

  • TombstoneLizard

    Since when does public support of a child molester, by public employees, constitute freedom of speech? I’m sure that there are clearly defined laws about what type of events such employees may attend, and what they have stated to show their support for a child molester. Clearly, these letters should be carefully reviewed to determine if the teachers are actually condoning the actions of a pedophile, who hid behind secrecy, lies, and predatory behavior for years before the truth was revealed. Support of a monster indicates that their lives need to be put under scrutiny, and I encourage local and federal law enforcement agencies to open a criminal investigation on the supporters he worked with; who, by all rights, should have been deeply appalled by the actions of this filth, and not offering support that clearly shows acceptance-and applause-of what he has done.

    • Paladin67

      Well stated!

    • ea

      And how many other kids has this “teacher” molested and got by with it! Trust me, pedophiles rarely get caught their first time. The know the game all too well! For every rat that you see, there are twenty that you don’t! That idiot that posted about Freedom of Speech made me want to give her a swift kick in the ass!

  • pysco

    There are parts of this nation where the pedophile would have never made trial. And, you can see where the people that support him. heads are at. I, really don’t think that the people supporting this type of behavior should be teaching school or even be around children.

  • OneTiredDoc

    Anyone thought to forward this to Fox News? I’d love to see these wonderful teacher’s faces on National news for this! That a shyte load of SHAME….

    • Hoss1

      Oh yeah. Letters to the judge are PUBLIC RECORD. Bring it on.

    • Paladin67

      Sadly, shame is not in a perverts (or pervert supporter) vocabulary.

  • vet

    Shut it down!What they did was child endangerment and should also be held responsible for their actions.You can not justify their actions by threat of law suits,you fire them and charge them for child endangerment.You sue them!But But what if we lose?Then shut the school down,end of story.

    • Buzz

      Depraved indifference to a human life; the student is not dead, that is right; however, that child will suffer the rest of his life as a young adult and onward..that is depraved indifference to a living, human life.

  • Wayne Ogilvy

    Sounds to me like this school and district has at least eight more pedophiles to deal with ! Now lets talk about the money issue, Who CARES about money if we can { in obama’s words } save one child . Are these the principles and priorities we wan’t them teaching our children ?

  • Kathy W

    All the parents of that school need to realize that they are the employers and the teachers are employees. The teachers had a right to express their opinions but any teacher that believes a pedophile should be given leniency has a basic lack of understanding how to protect children. It shows lousy judgment.

    • garysvent

      Teachers have this un-American, anti-Capitalist, anti-Responsibility thing called tenure. They think it absolves them from accountability for their thinking and speaking. It’s protection and job-security for the incompetent, since the competent don’t need it.

      • Kathy W

        Gary, that is what I wanted to say but was tip-toeing around it.

  • biggiewmn

    Why not put the teachers that supported this homosexual pedophile in lower paying positions that have no contact with children. I would rather them be fired and run out of town. But it looks like that won’t happen. Give them every dirty, disgusting job possible until they quit on their own. And never give them a recommendation. Watcha wanna make a bet, they are blaming the victim. He probably enticed this guy and he just couldn’t resist. They are calling it a “mistake” and that he truly repents. This “mistake” went on for 3 years.3 YEARS! The only reason he is repenting is because he got caught. As for as his family is concerned,he brought this on himself.It is no one’s fault but his own. I have no sympathy for the hardships they are experiencing.I only have sympathy for the victim’s family.They are going thru much more than hardships. These wounds will leave scars for a lifetime. Shame on anyone that supports this kind of behavior,because by doing so you are condoning it. To the Janczewski family, I say, “Lock and Load”!

    • OneTiredDoc

      But this “man” had his needs… And public school teachers are ABOVE all… So the kid needs to head off to re-education class so he understands that. Maybe the whole family needs some of that re-education stuff too! Here our wonderful, highly educated, public school teachers demanded that ALL the school fields be turfed because… Get this! Kids might run into each other if the fields are muddy. They are worried that the kids playing football and lacrosse might hit one another! Of course this will ONLY cost taxpayers 4 Million. With all this you have to wonder how teachers manage to put their underware on each morning.

      • garysvent

        There’s a union rep who installs their underwear for them, and only charges them a third of their outsized salaries.

  • SuperDave2

    If it had been my child, I would have served Erickson a hot 45. He’s lucky to be breathing!

    • Hoss1

      I tend to agree, but it would be a shame to deny him the experience of being a pedophile in state prison.

      • SuperDave2

        True, there is that!

  • Dawn Garland

    get rid of all the teachers who are supporting a child rapist! how on earth can you stand up for him you vile teachers-are you afraid that the world will discover YOUR sick sins too???

    • Hoss1

      I think some are just so brainwashed by the Union’s ra-ra-ra they’ll support their “brothers” right off a cliff, which is pretty much what’s happened here. I know a few teachers, and when they talk about the union it’s like… reverence. Anything the union says, they just mindlessly swallow and start preaching like gospel.

      • Buzz

        More reasons to home school; think, maybe this could be good; you don’t want to or do not have the time to home school; how about finding a retired teacher that is willing to do so; pay them as you can to help with their lack of retirement income; I suspect many would gladly do this as a volunteer and, older teachers know how to teach and what to teach to bring our youth a good, truthful education not dictated by the NEA whom now supports homo behaviors and teaches same, porn and pedophilia.

      • garysvent

        There’s a reason for that. Deep down in their heart of hearts, they know they are not worth anything like what they are being paid, (especially the so-called administrator types who don’t teach but get vast salaries for eating donuts), and so their gratitude for the union’s involvement in their over-paycheck and over-benefits are nearly limitless. It’s almost like thinking of the union as a savior, coming to rescue them from the consequences of their monumental incompetence in a capitalist society.

  • AirFrank

    He’s not a pedophile, he’s a homosexual who prayed on this young man. These teachers should not be fired, instead the other teachers should shun them until they leave on their own. Shame on them.

    • Hoss1

      CSC 1st Degree with penetration of a 13 year old by a 35-year old doesn’t fit your definition of “pedophile”? Wow.

      • OneTiredDoc

        Watch any TV recently? Google Dan Savage and see what our kids are learning.

        • Hoss1

          Wow! This guy thinks God (after creating women), might just “make it possible” for his husband to become pregnant though artificial insemination? I really don’t think he was joking either.

        • Buzz

          Yep, compliments of the TX board that decides what will be used for new textbooks and teaching! CA already has them and teaching homosexuality in place of Early American History and government; the Declaration and Constitution are taught in a limited manner..making sure the student does not understand them and the reasons behind..liberal education equals government schools or…is it the other way around?

      • AirFrank

        No, sexual assault by a homosexual yes. Pedophile no.

        • ea

          What exactly is your definition of pedophile? You seemed to be skewed in your judgement!

          • AirFrank

            There is no skew. A male preying on a young female is a pedophile. A woman preying on a young male is a pedophile. A man preying on a young man is a homo. Simple as that.

    • Buzz


  • sasaquach

    I see one way out and that is to close the school system, fire all the teachers and restart under new entity.

    • Hoss1

      “Fire everybody,” or even just its possibility, would do so much to fix so many dysfunctional government systems. Sadly public unions have ensured employees are more likely to die than be fired.

      • Buzz

        Unions can be broken; you need the support of your community but mostly of your governor.

    • JobRon

      sasaquach: Make sure the leaches, (UNION) are left completely out of the system. If you start a PRIVATE business, a leach has no say on how you run it. What is to say that people couldn’t protest the taxes taken out of their pay to be diverted to where they wanted it. If, and this is the trick, enough people were up in arms about these abuses, the tables could be turned on ANY administration.

  • ort

    This homosexual pedophile (the majority of them are, by the way), and his equally sickening supporters should be locked away forever. As a teacher, how in G-d’s Name do you defend this? Jesus said that anyone who hurt a child should have a huge stone tied around his neck and thrown into the sea to drown. I totally support that. I would love to see it implemented.

    • chamuiel

      pedophiles don’t normally stop at just one, either.

      This may have been his first, and he got caught.

      I doubt it would have been his only one.

  • BigUgly666

    ” Erickson eventually admitted to the crimes and pleaded for leniency
    during his sentencing, stressing the struggles his family has endured
    since he was charged and the financial hardship they’ve faced. ”

    The “struggles” and “financial hardship” that they have faced ……. SINCE HE COMMITTED THIS CRIME??????
    Poor little baby! He caused it and now he whines about how rough it is????

    He’s damned lucky he was not dealt with by the boy’s parents …. on a more ‘personal’ level.

    • Dawn Garland

      his wife and kids should runfrom him as fasat as they can-he is vile! and it is HIS fault that his family has suffered-duh!

      • Mari Elayne Moody

        His wife also wrote a letter of leniency, and is a current teacher in the district.

    • Buzz

      May happen in prison…few prisoners, even those of the worst kind, take offense to a child and or a woman being violated or killed.

      • chamuiel

        You mean “many prisoners take offense”, not a few.

    • John Beam

      I agree with him…so much so I think that he should be put out of OUR misery!

  • localnet

    The community needs to post these teachers photos on a billboard for the entire world to see.

    • JobRon

      localnet: Posting those pictures would not be ANY violation of your 1st amendment rights. Get ’em out now 8×10 flat matt finish would look nice, remember to leave space at the bottom for an identifying number.

  • localnet

    Teachers in support of molesting children and the perp… And people are surprised? Sit down with a teacher sometime and talk over an adult beverage… Most of the teachers I have come across over the years would side with the molester, as is the case above, especially the younger teachers. You want to save this country from destruction? One only needs to start at your local public school…

  • tenndoug911

    100 years ago there would be tar and feathers and a ride out of town on a rail but we are civilized now. This will all blow over and nothing will be done. The unions will protect outrageous behavior by it’s members just because they can. The next victim may find it more difficult to get justice.

    • Hoss1

      “We will not stop until the end,” he said after the sentencing. “We will not give up on this. We will not stop.”

      I believe Mr. Janczewski when he said this. The union may be big and powerful, but they’ll wish they had sat this one out if they keep fighting because the whole community is going to turn against them.

      • Dawn Garland

        I pray taht the Janczewski family wins on EVERYTHING! you freaking teachers and you damned pedofile…… owe this child and his family for what you have taken away from the child and the family! I pray you ALL have to pay a hefty price!

        • Buzz

          What has been taken can never be replaced, never; oh you learn to exist and deal with the atrocity but there are hours and days that it comes creeping back. This is perhaps worse, in a sense, than being violated by a family member! However, all are from those of whom is a trusted one in your life…the same goes for rape and family sexual occurrences.

        • Kepha Hor

          Excuse me, but i am a teacher, and I would NEVER support a colleague who was proven to have molested one of the kids. And, I would’nt even mind hanging the repeat offenders. Yes, I can see how a kid might use a false and malicious charge to “get even” with a teacher over a bad grade or something like that, but once good evidence and a court’s decision have come out, my support stops.

  • Larry Bobbitt

    That’s why unions have to go! Unions are just a way to funnel money into people’s pockets. I bet things would be different if it was one of the teachers’ child that was molested. Then they wouldn’t be supporting the molester.

    • Dawn Garland

      my guess is most of these teachers are worried that we will find out that they have done the same thing!

      • TombstoneLizard

        Dawn, you have made an excellent point which I have also alluded to. Time to open up a Federal investigation into the lives of each of the supporters, who have essentially condoned child molestation.

        • Buzz

          ISSA cannot even find out and prosecute Fast n Furious let alone the NEA; we need to demand they be gone! Break the Unions as has happened in other states with a brave governor at the helm.

        • Larry B, Cates

          One of the supporters stated that this was an isolated incident? For Gods’ sake it went on for THREE YEARS! Isolated incidents don’t last three years. They all need to be investigated as does the pervert that gave you a thumbs down on the previous statement. All this pervert’s supporters need to be fired and barred from teaching children.

      • garysvent

        If you can’t fire them, molest them. All of them. Until they quit.

    • kidinwheelchair

      This doesn’t have anything to do with unions. This has to do with a mindset that it’s ok to have sex w children. Pedophiles are pushing for their rights. A bill was proposed (or did it pass?)in California that classifies pedophilia as an orientation. They want the same rights as homosexuals.

  • disqus_Ed8LYkU7q2

    Molesters, arsonists,liberal communists, all perverted “feelers”.

  • ForrestHorn

    The good people of West Branch are justifiably outraged at these teachers’ actions. It’s essentially condoning pedophilia, and couldn’t be more wrong or disgusting. Proceed with the firings and the recall, and give me a shout if anyone sues you … I’ll send some money to help!

  • OneTiredDoc

    Teacher Unions… Have to love them! NOT! Here we soon will be held hostage by them. They will strike and actually make more money by striking. My local school taxes increased 65% last year. I always “thought” I owned my home but now realize that I rent it from the government. I pay over $400 a month to cover JUST the school tax. And NO I don’t have a nice new mansion… It’s a 3 bedroom, 1.5 bath 1952 brick home. It’s well past time to reform education.

    • 7papa7

      The best thing that could happen to schools is to get rid of the unions, pay based on productivity, NO tenure and get teachers who put the students absolutely 100% first. Any teacher not willing to put the students first need to be fired. They also need zero tolerance for any kind “relationship” between students and teachers. They have more tolerance for pedophile teachers than they do for children pointing their fingers like a gun and saying bang.

      • Chicago720

        As a male elementary school teacher, I agree with you wholeheartedly. The system is broken. Bad teachers can’t be removed. Good teachers are not given a chance and the unions do not represent the schools, but the labor force. The have no concern for the betterment of the students, only to enrich themselves as much as possible.

    • Buzz

      More homeschooling, less teachers, closure of buildings, less taxes? Well, one can dream! There is now a program out that I see being advertised on TV; it is for K-12; it appears there might be room for SPED also; It includes all the supplies and books needed. I am not sure a teacher comes with it or if a list is supplied or if this is for teachers to contract out with parents and parents groups but it looks better than exposing our youth to the perils of a government education. Before we can do anything and in any situation, all those involved have to come together with a common mindset and then do it.

  • SandraJ

    Good for the community in standing for what is right. We can’t be afraid of the cost for situations like this.

    • 7papa7

      If ALL parents refused to let their children go back to school until these pervert supporters are fired, I will bet they will be fired. When you open your school doors and only have about dozen students, you bet your sweet bibby that heads will roll.

      • Buzz

        Actually, we would be doing our children a favor if were home schooled! It would mean they would learn about the settling of America and what happened, why and the sacrifices, they would learn about the paperwork and the meaning of such that the forefathers set into writing for legitimate and guiding purposes; plus there would not be the forthcoming activity of stopping the buses and removing your students to places unknown…all buses now can have that happen in getting ready for Obama and his Fema camps; Hitler destroyed the youth not think it is coming, this Admin is marching right down the lines of Karl Marx and his writings! Worse yet, our DC legislators are allowing it…Boehner is at O’s hip, enjoined in bringing this creep’s dreams to fruition. Sorry those that are liberals and those that support Boehner, the truth hurts.

        • 7papa7

          I am a strong advocate of home schooling. Besides teaching everything PC they ignore important things like character, manners, respect, love of country, the Constitution, American history that has not been rewritten and the list goes on and on.

          • Buzz

            You brought out many good points and thank you; in a sense, these are as important as academics. The list certainly does, does it not! They would not be forced to eat lunches that are not nutritious, you know those that taste like ICK? She is not a nutritionist nor a dietician; in essence, their health will be ruined. As for ADHD this is a government thing too that maligns and labels children and adults that more than likely are not so…I fit the description, as a baby, toddler, teen, etc., I certainly am not and never was ADHD! I was busy, yes I was but my parents saw it as part of youth, toddler being, etc. I am still that way..not a workaholic but I have so much I want to do in each day that I am very active even at age 70 physically, maybe 30 otherwise. TY for your response.

          • 7papa7

            Many are high energy and push very hard when we have deadlines that may very well look like ADHD but is not. Like you said it is just how we are wired. I heard a teacher admit that they like the diagnosis of ADHD so that they can get the kids medicated so they are more like zombies that children. They are just looking for a paycheck and want it to be as easy as possible for themselves. I resent anyone telling me what I can and can’t feed my children. They are all grown now but that also goes for my grandchildren. I am far more able to make those decisions than the government.

        • I did just that, home schooled my daughter in the 11th -12th grade she now is a Dental Hygienist….it works because I get to teach her the most important value a genuine work Ethic…..4.0 student too!!

        • paintinc56

          Yeah but how many parents actually want to be parents? They are so LAZY & SELFISH anymore that they could care less what their children are being taught as long as they are out of their faces for 7 hours a day.

      • Hotnike

        I hope the parents carry out their threat!

        • 7papa7

          So do I or this could spread like wildfire because they will see that the parents are all talk and NO walk.