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CBS: School complaints about First Lady’s lunch menu ‘seem to be getting louder’


NEW YORK – CBS This Morning aired a story Wednesday that acknowledged that the complaints over the school lunch mandates championed by Michelle Obama “seem to be getting louder.”

“The Laguna Beach Unified School District, in Southern California, is the latest district to rebel against the federal healthy lunch program — a cornerstone of First Lady Michelle Obama’s campaign against childhood obesity. The school district announced Tuesday night that it will revise its lunch menus,” the CBS report stated.

gagging72-200The story even included the quote from Harlan County, Kentucky school board member Myra Mosley, who said parents and student have reported the new “healthy” lunches “taste like vomit.”

Now that the issue has broken through to national mainstream media outlets, will some sane policy be adopted? Or will it just mean more doubling down from a bureaucracy intent on imposing its desires on schools across the country?

By Kyle Olson at


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