Common Thread: Cops and Muslims


Where’s the outrage?

After a Muslim Terrorist is successful, we hear the pundits ask, “Where’s the outrage from the Muslim community?”  I want to ask the same question of the cop community!  IMHO the fraternal brotherhood of law enforcement officers has some splainin to do.

Last week my friend Matt covered the story about the cops shooting the dog in Hawthorn just outside LA… People are protesting about this, and I am not sure that they shouldn’t be.

So lets move on to a couple other videos that I saw over the weekend shall we.  I apologize for them being so lengthy, but it is important we don’t take thing out of context.

First up, we have a law abiding citizen who knows what his rights are cause a cop to blow a gasket… damn that pesky Constitution thingy:

Next up we have another law abiding citizen just video taping a military drill on public property…

Two of the three incidents above seem to be the a result of videotaping law enforcement, but according to Time Magazine:

The most powerful weapon against police misconduct — taping cops with cell-phone cameras — is getting support from the courts

Now please don’t get me wrong, I really do not believe that all cops are bad, hell, some of my best friends are cops.  I do believe that just like we need to hear more from the Muslim community snitching on and denouncing terrorists, we need a few honorable cops to snitch on and denounce the bad ones.  But every time I have the bad cop conversation with a “cop” friend, they seldom, if ever find fault in the way things were handled and try to explain how stressful their job is…

Well frankly, if you aren’t going to start condemning and letting others know about the bad ones, then you are no better than the ones in the videos above. We the People have rights, some of us even know what they are and exercise  them… if that pisses you off, too bad, so sad. Suck it up and respect them, or get a different job.

And to those of you out there that don’t know what your rights are, I suggest you check out: (That will piss them off!) They have a lot information that the police would just as soon you not know. Maybe that’s being a little tough on them, but believe me when I tell you, they will take every advantage of your ignorance and unwillingness to exercise your rights. Use them or lose them!

And for the LEO out there that are “professionals” that take pride in your work, I’ve got something for you too… Please just give it a try…


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  • jimpeel

    Simply go to and look up PRUNEYARD SHOPPING CENTER v. ROBINS and see what free speech is considered on private property.

    “Not private property”, you say? Then you need to look up INTERNATIONAL SOC. FOR KRISHNA CONSCIOUSNESS v. LEE to see what is considered free speech on public property.

    Actually, why don’t I just save you the effort.




  • jimpeel

    The first and seventh district courts of appeal have rejected the arrests of persons videotaping police as unconstitutional restraint of civil rights; and the supreme court has declined to review those cases. In other words, the rulings of the first and seventh courts of appeal stand.

    So now, the police are using the red herring of “obstruction of justice” or “obstructing an officer in the performance of his duties” as the catch-all reasons for arresting anyone who is videotaping them. This, along with “officer safety” — “That camera might be converted to a firearm for all we know” — is being used to restrict the rights of American citizens. What else would one expect from police who are cowboys recruited from the ranks of the military?

  • Matthew Silvey

    Wow, love having my profession compared to Muslim extremism….

    Let me ask you a question, and answer it honestly. If a cop were to expose some wrong doing by another cop to the media, do you think the MSM would: 1) play up the good act of exposing the bad act, or 2) play the ever loving hell out of the bad act of the bad cop? Here is a second question for you after considering that first one, does that nonstop MSM coverage of 1 cops bad act enhance or hinder law enforcement’s ability to do their job? Does it help their community trust them or does it foster a strong feeling of distrust?

    Don’t kid yourself and think that just because you don’t hear about, that good cops don’t expose bad cop’s bad actions. The difference is that, and for the very real reason that people need to be able to trust law enforcement, and that the media loves to make law enforcement look bad, agencies do everything they can to keep bad actions out of the limelight. People, society as a whole, tends to remember bad things far more easily than they do good things. Can you remember the name of the NYPD cop that gave the street beggar the boots? No? I bet you can remember the names of some of the people involved in the incident that started the LA riots in the early ’90s though.

    You have to try and remember that for the very large group that is law enforcement, the actions of 1 bad cop are automatically applied to the whole group. One dirty racist cop does something, we are all dirty racist cops. One cop shoots a dog (justifiably in my opinion), and we are all suddenly heartless dog murderers who are out to trample everyone’s rights.

    Yes, every bunch has bad apples. Yes, good cops do report the actions of those bad apples. Yes, internal investigations are completed and bad cops are disciplined, fired and sometimes prosecuted criminally for bad/illegal actions. But, for very good reason, no one wants to publicize those bad things and departments do their best to keep a lid on them.

    • RottDawg

      First off Matt, I did not compare your profession to Muslim extremists. I compared good cops that say nothing, and defend wrong doing to non extremist Muslims that everyone is looking to speak up after a terrorist attack by a Muslim Extremist, but seldom do.

      Secondly, I don’t think the officer did anything wrong defending himself from the dog. But I do think that had the officers handled the situation differently, it would have never escalated to this point. Most LEO I know believe they are a protected class, they are not. Like any other job, there are challenges that employees have to deal with.

      Lying to people or intentionally agitating or belittling them because they are ignorant to their rights should not be SOP… but from the many officers I know, it is. It’s taught and it’s encouraged and if the person doesn’t look right, it’s expected.

      In my home town, we used to have nice white and blue squads, cops were encouraged to hand out baseball cards to kids and nurture a relationship with the community. A new chief came in and got rid of the blue and changed it to black, “because it’s intimidating.” The cards got thrown out because the police are meant to be feared. Top down baby.

      If this is the way the police department wants to build trust, I suggest that they rethink their strategy. More people with cameras are going to put this stuff online. More people are going to become aware of what their rights are, and more people will start dealing with LEO’s the same way I do, and have for years. “Am I free to go?” “I’m going to remain silent.” “I don’t consent to a search.”

      I know that makes me a prick in your, and most other police officers eyes, but the simple fact is I am not willing to risk my freedom to the off chance I run into one of the bad ones.

      The idea that keeping these investigations out of the public eye doesn’t help LE’s case in the matter of trust. Sunshine is a great disinfectant… Should we apply this same idea to the whole of Government. Hush all the wrong doing and handle it in secret, or do we want to bring it to light and let the people that pay the bills know that there are honorable men that will right the wrongs. The incessant defensiveness of any person that I talk with regarding this issue has not done a thing to increase my trust in LE.

  • Ricarrdo estavans

    Welcome to the Merikan police state. Cops are out of control. The police departments across Merika are hring the dumbed down of our society.

  • The American Reality

    These actions by the Officers were legal. You may not agree but these actions have been tested in court in the past. Checkpoints are legal, K-9 actions are legal, failure to follow a lawful order, is illegal and grounds for arrest. Had these people followed the instructions of the Officers, there wouldn’t have been any problems but they feel the need to test the system in the streets and not in the Courts. The man in the first video has a law suit pending against the Police for harassment and had to push the envelope, instead of waiting for a court to decide. Had he taken the video and moved on, nothing would have happened. I feel bad the dog was killed but it is his own fault. Watch his interviews since the incident. The man in the second video, failed to cooperate with a DUI checkpoint and thus was detained for further investigation. Had he answered the Officers questions, he would have been on his way. The last video, the man taping, failed to move back as he was asked and failed a lawful order to move or leave and thus was arrested. You cannot determine by the video if it was public property or not, thus you cannot determine if he had a right to be there. You may not like it but that is the reality. Until the laws are changed, the actions are legal.

    • turfbarn80

      Right. Nothing to see here. Move along.

    • RottDawg

      The guy in the first video was not and has not been charged for anything as of yet. Secondly, all charges from the first incident have been dropped and he will now most likely get paid by the taxpayers for the conduct of the police officers. The man in the third video was not charged. The way I understand it, if there was a restricted area was not clearly marked. The second video, again no charges… but cops in all three cases harassed and/or detained, killed a man’s dog, or otherwise inconvenienced innocent citizens for what? Nothing in the way of charges, isn’t that a red flag for you? I know we need law enforcement, but I also know that we have rights and police, regardless of what you believe, are not a protected class. Law enforcement officers should be examples of honor, and I believe that some of them are. If incidents like these continue without other speaking out, I will be left to wonder.

  • John Tolkien

    There are no good cops. There are bad cops, then there are the just as bad cops who stand by and watch the former trample people’s rights.

  • Glenn H

    We aint seen nothing yet, wait until the economy starts to crumble and civil unrest rules the day.
    We will have no rights left at all,just a Police State!

    • boone1

      Then it’s time to use guns on the COPS!!!!!

  • steveindajeep

    The reason these people werent treated with respect, decency, or rolled out the red carpet too is simple…they arent illegal immigrants. Get with the program people.

  • dondonkay

    U know my Dad was a local policeman and I loved everyone of them, they were the best, course this was way back when, but there is no excuse for them to show their authority like this and scare the bejebbers out of people. I’m sure that some of those I knew did it and there’s always the bad ones that go overboard or think “I’m a cop, I can do anything I want to” Boneheads everyone!

  • anarchyst

    It’s a shame that there is not this much outrage over abortion . . .

    • steveindajeep