Hillary Clinton Hates America, But Loves Herself


Hillary Clinton’s speech at the African American Delta Sigma Theta Sorority is the latest installment in the never-ending pander-fest which is the Democrat party and its politics of “Power and Party First, Country Be Damned”.

This shameless career politician has no problem with a double standard as long as it serves her political interests. Her position, as evidenced in her infamous quote of “What Difference At This Point Does it Make?” was an effort to portray as insignificant, outdated and frivolous a legitimate investigation into her actions regarding the attacks on September 11, 2012. This investigation includes questions regarding her secretive and possibly deceptive role in a cover-up or possible direct involvement in the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi.

The verdict, in apparent conflict with the intentions of those partisan race baiters and vendors of civil discourse, cannot be allowed to go unchallenged by the democrats. If they can’t make a campaign vehicle out of George Zimmerman one way, they’ll dispatch their hacks in the Federal branch to step in and take over. Once again, equality under the law is not equal. The elites control and manipulate the legal system as just another of their many tools to be used for the maintenance of power and position.

The remarks of former Secretary of State Clinton during the Benghazi hearings are noteworthy for their hypocrisy on two glaring points. First, she dismissed as irrelevant in a “water under the bridge”, what difference does it make, response the unexplained deaths of four Americans under conditions which are suspicious at best, and quite possibly criminal.

Conversely, she rants as unacceptable the findings in a public forum of a citizen jury, regarding the death of one man, who to some degree initiated the altercation which resulted in his death. In a decision between the Libyan deaths of four patriotic Americans or one dead American of questionable character and intent, she chooses the position which will deflect attention away from herself and which will ingratiate her base, furthering her political goals. The divisive means used to create racial tension and division are apparently justified by their politically beneficial ends.

Then, there is the question of the amount of time which has passed, the foundation of Clinton’s “old news”, we’ve got more important issues to deal with argument. The Martin/Zimmerman incident took place on February 26th, 2012, six and a half months before the Benghazi attack.

Wouldn’t it follow that the Martin issue would be less significant than the Benghazi deaths based upon the facts, the timeline and the number of dead? Is this just more deflection and blatant pandering by a career democrat? Is Hillary Clinton seeking to redirect the discussion into an area in which she can expand her political position and escape accountability for political damaging miscalculations and misdeeds? Sure looks like it.

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  • Dill Weed

    Ole’ Hillary has learned from the slimiest bastards on the planet. God, please don’t let her get elected. She belongs in jail!!

  • raccman

    Electing Hillary, another Anti-American, Anti-U.S.A. president, would sound the death-knell for our country’s future ! She would be the Coup de Gras !

  • mjnellett

    Until voting Americans, conservatives, independents, minorities, and women, finally get tired of being lied to and start voting for those candidates who believe in God, family, life, country, guns, and last, but not least, our Constitution, nothing will change, but will get worse. We have the future of America in our own hands, I, for one, am sick of these lying, murdering, psychotic thugs running our country. It has to stop, and stop now. Pitchforks and torches to D.C. for the first warning to our government.

  • wildeagleone

    Every time IZ see the face or hear the voice of Hillary Clintonit makes me want to regurgitate. She is undoubtedly the most repugnant woman in all of the liberal women, and I am going way out of my way saying that, as I detest the big three from San Francisco but she is worse. I pray she will end up in Prison, especially over the Benghazi fiasco which ended in murder

  • thruthefire

    Matthew 23:24 comes to mind: You blind guides! You strain out a gnat but swallow a camel.

  • marineh2ominer

    You are speaking of Hillarity the Butcher of Benghazi aren’t you ?

  • blair152

    Remember the original ZOOM that was on the air back in the ’70s? It was on every Sunday at 7/6 Central, and every weekday afternoon from 5:30 to 6:00. There was a skit called “Fanny Dooley.” Fanny Dooley had a lot of likes and dislikes. One of them was the following: “Fanny Dooley hates to read but loves books.” HUH? SAY WHAT?!

  • Legend1776

    All you people that say something should be done, why dont you get up off your asses and do something about it. Arrange a 10 million man march on the whitehouse or something. And you other people that say “Americans Deserve Better”, thats such a load of bs because Americans have let this happen. Americans have gone soft and always want someone else to make the sacrfices to “start something”. Get up off your fat and happy asses and do something about it! And before you call me anti American or something, I am an honorably discharged Veteran of the US Army and an Oathkeeper.

    • Guest

      marial law.. homeland security trying to take guns.. civil war.. to name a few..

    • cat fishing

      martial law.. homeland security trying to take guns.. CIVIL WAR.. fema camps..to name a few.

  • Donald Congleton


  • ThomPaineJr12

    Hillary hates America?! HAHAHA! This is the kind of over-the-top, idiotic demagoguery from the right that made many independents & moderates decide to vote for Obama. Thanks.. keep it up!

  • joshuasweet

    what do you want from a Clinton? Ethical standards and the truth are alien to them both what the truth is depends on how many votes it will get and so far she is riding the wave of the Obama lies for the sake of destroying the nation world wide their common goal.

  • VicBailey

    She and Bill BOTH need to be in Leavenworth, Kansas, waiting on a firing squad! To make America better we have to get rid of the Liars Traitors and Scumbags, and people like Hillary that put herself above everyone else, she is just a power hungry Lying Bitch, and if she gets the power America will be done! Semper Fi.

  • jupiterdogg

    can you say murderer for hillary – go back to the rose law firm and the trail of deaths the clinton’s left behind. jail sounds like a good place for her.

  • edgineer

    The old fashioned term for Hillary is egomaniac. She proves this with her screech of “what difference at this point does it make”. She is totally incapable of finding fault with herself. When pinned to the wall, she will automatically assign all blame to a scapegoat. And she has dedicated followers. Disgusting.

  • dlzimbelman

    Clinton has to be discredited completely to keep her from 2016. She has done some of that herself with her comment “What difference does it make now?” She’s certainly not the one to be President in the future. She wasn’t around at 3am this time she sure as hell won’t be around the next time and we shouldn’t wait to see if she will be.

  • pipcrusher

    i couldnt be more sick and tired of feeling sick and tired of the lying hack clintons and the black muslim imposter in chief. i cant imagine seeing the clintons in the white house again…..dear GOD in heaven i am begging you PLEASE ANSWER MY PRAYERS, PLEASE!

  • alpambuena

    bill has monica…..Hillary has Benghazi…..that’s their legacy’s.

    • Sam

      Really something to be proud of (NOT!!!). What will they tell the grand kids!

  • foxxybey

    She wasn’t called the class commie for nothing.

  • mthammer

    She is a liar and a fraud just like her husband , has been lying for the past 15 to 20 years and has no qualms about it at all. She is responsible for the 4 murders in Benghazi ,blood on her hands and Obama’s hands, than told Susan Rice what to tell the American People on TV. She didnt admit it was a terrorist attack in Benghazi until two weeks after it happened. Never told anyone that Hicks had called her the night of the Attack and said it was a terrorist attack and what faction of Alcaida it was , she still lied . She is a phoney, has known all along that Obama is not a citizen has covered it up and completely ruined the State Department and covered up the blatant overspending . She even tried to coverup the Pedophile behavior, uncovered by the Inspector General for our Ambassador to Belgium , . She also knew about her Secret Service detail who used taxpayers funds for their prostitutes and sexual behavior while she was traveling the world. She should be along with her husband be thrown out of the country , as documents have been revealed about his Global Initiative Charity and how Aid was tied to it by Hillary . If the countries contributed to Bill Clintons Charity , she authorized aid to their Countries a complete conflict of interest. Obama gave her and Bill that as long as he was the Head Speaker at the Democratic Convention in Charlotte, NC. Its all about Black mail folks and we the taxpayers are getting screwed.

  • grassroot

    This is how all Socialists/Marxist operate. Grab power,,at all costs, and the
    costs are our freedoms.

  • IHateLibs

    And they are Just gettin around to Notice This ??? Its been Obvious for Decades

  • VocalYokel

    The best thing about Billary loving herself is there’s no competition.

    • Sam

      And NO reproduction! She is becoming a raisin. WAY past the grape stage…

  • DonHo

    Hillary is a pice of horse DUNG never liked this bitch and never will she’s worse than the sax player and he’s a dirt bag as well.

  • garysvent

    The donkey is a perfect metaphor for her and for her ridiculous political party. Pander to misbehaving blacks with hate in their hearts. Pander to misbehaving muslims with dynamite in their underwear. Pander to misbehaving women (and men) who legitimize baby murder. Pander to border-defying miscreants. Pander, pander, pander.

    If these people (democrat politicians, social workers, and bureaucrats) had to labor at honest work, they would starve. The only “work” they can do is political pandering, and pretending they are important.

    Donkeys. Asses.

  • Patriot

    Hillary should be banned from ever holding public office. She is a grade B actress and her outbursts were so rehearsed and totally evasive, just like Ms Learner….so alike they must have had the same coach and director. We have had enough of the Clinton’s,the Bush’s, and the Obama’s……just a lack of character, integrity and truth rolled into one…and Treasonous acts to boot from all of them. The American people deserve better. When will they wake up and demand accountability from their elected officials? Is is mind boggling when one views what is happening in New York right now.
    Who is running for office…. Mr Creep Spitzer, cheater, liar, hypocrite…Mr Weiner, cheater, liar, dispicable bottom feeder worm. And of course Ms Madame procurer of flesh. Is this is acceptable in our country we are doomed. America Wake Up….

  • Harold

    So what is new about Hilarious Clinton loving herself, Did you ever see or hear of an arrogant individual who was not in love with themselves,, Look at Baracky Insany Obamay.

  • whatduh

    For those who … what is the use in pointing out any facts? “We the people” in this country have become weak in the values that established the country and are lemmings.

  • Frank W Brown

    Speak LOUDLY, you DO have a voice!!!

    Can you say FAST and FURIOUS???

    Can you say BENGHAZI???

    Can you say IRS???

    Can you say AP???

    Can you say NSA???

    Congress, where is the RULE of LAW???

    Are you EVER going to HONOR the OATH you took when ELECTED???
    You DID take an OATH, RIGHT??? Listen to us NOW or be looking for a job come next election!!!

    • IHateLibs

      We shouldn’t have to Wait and Rely on Voting to doit Either

    • grassroot

      All lawbreakers hate the ” Rule of Law,” very inconvienient for their

    • TombstoneLizard

      With a growing certainty that the elections are, and have been, rigged for some time, your point becomes moot. Don’t count on the ballot any time soon. Force in numbers is going to have to do more than punch a button, so at least begin with phone calls, emails, letters, etc. These will place you firmly on their radar, but if enough of us do it, they’ll know that we’ve got them in our sights as well.

      • Jackson_Howard

        “a growing certainty that the elections are rigged ?” really?

        Are you telling me that, with all the Republican governorships the Democrats are going to rig an election? Really, with all the observers and other voting officials that saturate the polling places? Rigged?

        Where are you getting your information from? Cite some of them here.

        So if the elections are rigged, how come the Democrats didn’t win the House of Representatives? Or were they rigged for the Republicans?

        I don’t know what it is with you guys, you lose a couple of elections, because people don’t agree with your line of thinking, so of course, the election is rigged.

        Get over it, you lost. Fair and square. Absolutely no proof of voter fraud, now or in the past.

        Get over it, you lost. We got a black man in the White House, and after the next election we will have the first woman president. Hillary Clinton.

        And your ideas will fall further by the wayside. Get over it.

        • the livingJames

          when you join us in the fema camps,don’t get mad when someone takes their situation out on you..after all, it will be your odd idea’s that got us all there…

        • TombstoneLizard


          Your proof, sirrah. It’s the tip of the iceberg, and it was Democrats at the helm. Now blow me.

          • Jackson_Howard

            Are you sure you don’t mean , ”

            Virginia Republican pleads guilty to dozens of counts of voter fraud” at


            or this one?

            “Shocker: Republicans Account For Most Cases Of U.S. Voter Fraud”

            Read more: http://www.addictinginfo.org/2013/06/21/shocker-republicans-account-for-most-cases-of-u-s-voter-fraud/#ixzz2ZLhRssRI

            you mean those fixed elections?

            Get over it, your way of thinking is drying up. The young people today think your way of thinking and the Republican brand are an embarassment.

            What’s the matter, gotta start insulting people who disagree with you.

            That’s being a BULLY, isn’t it?

          • TombstoneLizard

            You obviously don’t understand my point. I wasn’t stumping for the Republicans at all. However, why didn’t MSNBC, a favorite liberal media outlet, trumpet these stories? But I digress. I believe that there has been far too many people elected by diddling with the votes being counted, because I have lived in a small community where those elected made everyone scratch their heads in wonder; and not a single soul I knew voted for them, or anyone else that they knew of. But as to why I insulted you (and feel free to call me a bully, crybaby) is the fact that you speak as a liberal shill (in shrill language) and cannot seem to understand the fact that both sides are manipulating the numbers, depending on who makes the tabulators the best deal. When you can describe and implement a means of PERFECT transparency to the counting of ALL ballots submitted with 100% accuracy, then I will gladly bow to your intellect. (Which I have to do just to even reply to you!)

          • TombstoneLizard

            Oh, and Obama isn’t “black.” Or did you miss the biological connection to his white mother? In the parlance, he’s technically “mulatto.”

          • cat fishing

            even if he was hot pink.. his color is not an issue.. its his beliefs that are communistic and muslim based and the fact he does NOT have this country’s best interest anywhere near his heart.. he flat doesnt like our REPUBLIC and is doing EVERYTHING possibly (illegally by usurping constitution) to rewrite the rules and laws and create agendas and impliment actions.. that PROVE (as his actions speak farrr louder than his words “oath he never meant to keep as he muttered it”) he is working to ruin our country from every conceivable angle.

          • siquijorisland

            how many Democrats from how many states have recently gone to jail for voter fraud or this is not important.
            More than 100 percent of registered democratic voters voting.
            explain that.
            Lets try real facts from real sources not propaganda from either side.

        • kikibirdie

          Thanks so much for injecting race into this. Nice try.

          • Jackson_Howard

            Me? Injecting race? Have you seen some of the posts here?

            For instance:

            Pander to misbehaving blacks with hate in their hearts.

            Pander to misbehaving muslims with dynamite in their underwear

            the black muslim imposter in chief.


          • LFRD

            What? No comment to Josephus Flav?

        • If only…


          There’s your proof of at least one case. And…if she pulled it off, then how many others were urged to do so and given the means? You liberals are all the same. Plausible deniability at all costs. Oh! and speaking of losing and getting over it…what happened in Florida when you idiots lost that election? I believe it was the “recount” debacle of the century. Eve after the recount poved futile, did you quietly…HELL NO!! WHAHHH!! We want another recount! as you stomped your little feet and pouted.

          • Jackson_Howard

            Well now, if I can continue while trying to avoid the insults that you guys need to through to get a point across. . .

            To think that there is absolutely no instances of voter fraud is foolish. But, when you count the number of votes cast in the recent Presidential election and compare it to the number of voter fraud cases, the number has so many zeroes on the right side of the decimal point that the number is almost zero percent.

            Now that’s hardly rampant voter fraud.

            Every legitimate study shows the same result.

            Or are those fixed too?

            Oh,BTW we won the last 2 Presidential elections. If you guys keep putting up wacky right wing candidates for President you will never win another election except by voter suppression, which you Republican/sharia voters love so much.

            Now that’s trying to fix an election. By restricting poll times, preventing Sunday voting, early voting, etc. Nice democracy there.

          • Josephus Flav

            Here is a wacky narrative on the relevance of the voter Id
            As a Black person growing up in the deep south durning the civil rights movement, I was closer to the civil rights movement than I cared to be. Some of the fields and pastures where the Democrat sponsored KKK are still there.
            At any given time you could turn on the television set and see the scene in Salma, Birmingham, or Memphis. I remember seen a Black woman being dragged down the street by her hair; a Black man beating merciless by policeman with batons. Some Black person was almost always killed. In my on area, churches were burned and people were beaten for speaking out.
            When the adults tried to vote they were required to prove that they could read and write using the Constitution or a Shakespeare play.
            Blacks knew then that the only way they could effect change was through the ballot box. The right to vote.
            Now in this day ignorant brainwashed Blacks are willing to diminish that power by allowing any person to vote who can walk into a voting station. May be you heard or chose to ignore the White guy that was able to vote as Eric Holder just to prove how easy it would be but didn’t go threw with it and confessed to the station.
            Now, you tell me. Why Blacks are not out front leading the charge to insist and demand that every person that walks into a voting station be able to prove who they are and that they are citizens of these United States given the tremendous price that they paid for that right if for no other reason than to protect the integrity of that scared process.
            Please don’t try to insult my intelligence by claiming that so many minorities are unable to acquire photo ids. If young Blacks want to be able to purchase Beer or paper to roll their weed, or to drive a car, somehow they magically are able to get an id.
            Where older disabled people are concerned, the provisions are already in place.
            Understand something. If someone wants to exercise their right to vote, it is their responsibility to meet that states requirements; not the other way around. Otherwise, they just don’t get to vote. You say that there is little voter fraud? Fine. What I’m telling you is that without those Id’s there is nothing to prevent it.
            If the Democrats get their way, at some point in the near future those brand new Democrats coming across those southern border will be able to vote in mass. At that point the Black vote may become worthless because these Hispanics will not be voting for Blacks. At this very moment they already out number Blacks.
            I can not believe the stupidity displayed by Blacks in their willingness to jeopardize and diminish the power of their vote that so many paid for with their lives. I keep telling myself that Black can’t be that dumb but then nothing happens to prove me wrong.
            What’s your excuse?

          • Loyal

            Thank God for You and other Blacks that understand how it is! KEEP ON KEEPING ON!

          • LFRD

            AMEN–Very smart & wise sir.

          • cat fishing

            very powerful.. thank you for sharing.. very true .. everything you said. Your seeing what is happening.. many are blind.. i worry about the masses of blind people being baited to vote by freebies for people who really do not care about them or our coutry’s future .. like you said .. so many people gave their blood for rights that today the blind are allowing to be thrown away as if these rights do not matter.. they will matter when they realize what life without them is like.. but then it will be far too late.. how do you teach blind people that wont listen to see the importance in something when they are too busy taking freebies and playing on facebook and shopping with gov money to listen.. i fear for our future.

          • Jackson_Howard

            Several things about what you wrote troubled me, I’m thinking about three separate points you tried to make and the more I think about it the more it bothers me. So I’ll try and keep it to three or thereabouts.

            I remember Rush Limbaugh talking about the white guy that tried to vote as Eric Holder. Your comment doesn’t make sense. First you said he voted and then you said he did not vote. Those are two different things. I watched the video. The kid walks up and said he was Eric Holder. The poll worker had a different spelling of Holder but the kid corrected him, no, Eric Holder.

            So when the kid was offered the opportunity to sign his name as Eric Holder, the Atty. Gen. of the United States, he said he forgot his ID, and never signed the form.

            If he had signed a form he would have committed voter fraud and would have been arrested on the spot. He did not vote as Eric Holder, but you clearly stated that he did. It’s a big difference between voting and not voting. Don’t give me any of that; he almost, they almost, they would have, they should have. All excuses.

            So don’t try and make a point about voter fraud. This was a setup by that fake documentarian James O’Keefe. He tried to set up a poll worker so he could claim voter fraud. He’s a fake. He sets up situations that normally would not take place. Don’t try to pass him off as legitimate.

            Now think about it, Eric Holder is black, this kid was white. Eric Holder is middle-aged, this kid was probably in his 20s. Eric Holder is the Atty. Gen. of the United States of America. This kid is not.

            Don’t you think that the poll workers know who Eric Holder is? Wouldn’t you? If the Atty. Gen. of the United States lived your precinct, wouldn’t you know it? Even if you didn’t know what he looked like you know he’s black. You know he’s middle-aged. This kid was neither. He made a fool of himself.

            Let’s move on to a different point.

            So now you think that black people with a different political outlook as you should not be allowed to vote? That your idea of democracy? What do you call them? Oh yeah, “ignorant brainwashed Blacks”. You should be ashamed of yourself.

            You go into great detail about black people being attacked during the civil rights struggle. My heart went out to you, witnessing that stuff. So if anyone, anyone, knows how difficult it was to get black people the right to vote, it is you.

            Then you go and say that some black people shouldn’t be allowed to vote. Are these the same people that were being attacked? What’s wrong with your thinking? Now you want to prevent some black people from voting. Really? Do you want to tell them? What should we have to show that they are educated? Should they be, “required to prove that they could read and write using the Constitution or a Shakespeare play.” Look familiar it should, it’s your words.

            Okay, let’s talk about your voter ID comments. Such a hot topic as voter ID, and the difficulties that older, disabled people would have getting their IDs. It’s been well documented that some people will not be able to vote because they could not get their IDs to meet state requirements. You fluff it off with one line saying, “Where older disabled people are concerned, the provisions are already in place. ”

            That’s it, one line? I want to hear some of these provisions. I want to hear how the older people, the disabled people, are being helped by the state to get these ids. You can’t just brush it off with one line. You probably don’t even know what provisions, probably just heard it somewhere on the radio and that was enough for you.

            I’m sorry for jumping back and forth on these issues, but this is been going on in my mind for about three days. Ever since you asked what my excuse was.

            I don’t know, I know you were wrong about the Eric Holder voting issue. You seem to be confused about how and whether blacks should be allowed to vote in this country. And you don’t mind the fact that your grandmother may not be able to vote in the upcoming election even though she’s voted and 75 straight elections without a problem. Yeah that’s your form of democracy.

            Am I lecturing you? Yes, I am trying to. Someone is not telling you the truth. Whoever told you about the kid voting as Eric Holder lied to you. If you knew better and try to fool me, then you lied to me. I don’t deal with liars. What’s your excuse?

          • Josephus Flav

            First, you might want to go back and read what I said about the Holder incident.
            “The White guy that was able to vote as Eric Holder just to prove how easy it would be. He didn’t go threw with it and confessed to the station.” That’s what I wrote. If you remember correctly, they guy even said that he was uncomfortable not showing his Id and offered to go get; but was assured that it wasn’t needed. Also, I assure you that there is more than one Eric Holder in this world just as there are more than one Jackson Howard.

            Seven states are moving to offer residents at least one version of a photo ID card free of charge. Local agencies are planning various outreach efforts to get the word out about the new requirements, and the new laws generally allow voters without photo ID to fill out a provisional ballot under certain circumstances. 
            In Tennessee, one of the seven states, officials are going to be offering free photo IDs at local DMV offices — for voting purposes, not driving.

            Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2011/07/20/states-dispute-criticism-new-voter-laws-move-to-offer-photo-id-free-charge/#ixzz2ZkhbRkvn
            You are welcome to read the entire article.

            The Wall Street Journal details:
            South Carolina’s law, like Indiana’s and Georgia’s, explicitly addresses potential disenfranchisement by offering state-issued IDs free of charge. When civil-rights groups fretted about the ability of minority voters to get to the local Department of Motor Vehicles to pick up a free state-issued ID card, Governor Haley created an 800 number to offer free rides to anyone who couldn’t afford the transportation. About 30 people called.

            I also said something else that you seem not to have grasped or chose to ignore.
            When anyone in this country wants to exercise their right to vote, it is their responsibility to do so. It’s their responsibility to meet the requirements and make arrangements to get to the poles or use the absentee process. Not the states. As you can see SC and other states are even offering free transportation.
            Finally, again, this might go over your head, but traditionally, thinking Blacks always knew that the ballot box was one of their most sacred and precious right? Now, I am seeing their willingness to compromise that right and allow it to be diminished just so they can continue to be regarded as victims.
            You contend that voter fraud is relatively low. That’s fine. Glad to hear it. However, my point is that without those Id’s, there is nothing in place to protect the integrity of that process that Blacks paid such a high price for.
            What I’m really curious about is why someone such as yourself is not bothered by how the Democrat Party has taken the Black vote for granted for so many years?
            As for you lecturing me; you may be able to lecture me on brain surgery or rocket science; but not racism. I’ve seen to much of it up close and personal.

          • Jackson_Howard

            You said he voted as Eric Holder. He did not. Your statement is a lie.

            He either voted or he didn’t. He did not vote as Eric Holder. You cannot say he voted, then say he did not.

            You are entitled to your own thoughts, but not your own facts.

          • Josephus Flav

            The guy did not vote as Eric Holder. He never intended to,but, they sure would have let him. What’s you point?

          • Jackson_Howard

            he did not vote as Eric Holder. You stated that he did vote as Eric Holder. Your words, he voted for Eric Holder. You made that one of the big points of your comment, some white kid voted as Eric Holder. Voted you said, not asked about him, but voted.

            He was never given a ballot.

            You’re lying about this bothers me, because if someone read your initial comment, they might think that there is fraud because you said so. But, you lied.

            Go back and reread your comment. I’ve watched the video several times. When he was given the chance to sign his name, Eric Holder, he declined.

            Your statement was wrong, just admit it.

          • Josephus Flav

            “He didn’t go threw with it and confessed to the station. ”
            That all you’re getting. This is the second time. You can’t be that thick.

          • Jackson_Howard

            You said HE VOTED. He did not vote. Big difference.

            Did you vote today?
            It’s either yes or no.

            I’m not the thick one.

            There is no video of him confessing. He knew he would be committing voter fraud if he signed as “Eric Holder”.

            You can do the same thing yourself. Go to your polling place and say you are your neighbor. That doesn’t mean you voted. That’s all he did. He said he was Eric Holder. He was never handed a ballot.


            I thought you were a liar but now I think you have little aptitude for politics. You should go back to doing whatever you were doing before O’Bama ran for office. That’s when you started paying attention to politics. You missed a lot of stuff before you got here. It’s kind of like you being taught only A – L in the alphabet and thinking you know the alphabet. You don’t.

            You parrot whatever newscast fit your thinking and never listen to anyone that disagrees with you.
            You never learn that way.

            You’re the type that bad mouth Rachel Maddow or Chris Mathews and have never seen their shows because someone says MSNBC is too liberal. You bad mouth Michael Moore and have never seen one of his Academy Award documentaries.

            Someone else is doing your thinking for you. Open your mind, see how the other side thinks

            I will not reply to you any further on this issue.

          • Josephus Flav

            Out of the main thrust of the piece I wrote and all of the positive feed back I’ve gotten you are the only one to even mention the Eric Holder incident. That tell me a lot.
            How much sleep have you lost over this?
            Let me caution you. I have been doing this for quite a long time and when you chose to concentrate on something trivial people pick up on that and it renders you a lightweight in the arena of political discourse.
            You have the Democrat Party throwing Blacks under the bus and the Hispanic populous on the verge of rendering the Black vote irrelevant and all you care about is this one incident. That video speaks for itself.
            When you get something important, we can dialect, otherwise, give it a rest.

          • Josephus Flav
          • cat fishing

            dont forget all the dead people that voted and pets on mail in home voter cards …is there any limit that will not be tested…lol

        • Carl007

          Proof: Voter fraud was in epic proportions in 2012.
          Of course, even just this July, Obama (in) Justice Department is suing states like Texas requesting voter ID.–to curtain illegal alien voter fraud.

          In Philadelphia’s 59 precincts- not ONE single vote for Romney –yet, more people voted than were registered!

          Voters in Ohio, Nevada, N. Carolina and Texas reported to poll watchers that when they voted on ‘touch screen’ voting machines for Romney, the machine showed that they choose Obama. It took repeated attempts before recording correctly.

          In Troy, N.Y. four Democrats plead guilty to Voter Fraud Felony Charges related to absentee ballots Specifically: 1) Troy, NY City Clerk, Bill McInerney, 2) Councilman John Brown and Political Operatives 3) Anthony Renna and 4) Anthony DeFiglio–all found guilty of forgery.

          In 100 precincts in Cuyahoga Co. Ohio, poll watchers noted that In 100 precincts in Cuyahoga Co.. Obama got 99% of vote. a substantial number of precincts where Romney got zero votes.

          In Virginia, voters for Obama were bussed in who could not speak any English– at all. They could not tell poll workers the correct address on their ID cards; and, some attempted to vote more than once through out the day!

          Does it make sense that Romney got 2 million fewer votes than John McCain did in 2008?

    • daveveselenak

      I think you should know by now that these communists don’t care about “US” and hold nothing but contempt toeards “US!” The tree of liberty must be replinished with the blood of tyrants and patriots as T. Jefferson had said – guess what, that time has arrived here in AMERIKA and it will take extraordinary measures to fix it and all of AMERIKA had better start realizing this reality!

  • CaptTurbo

    Despicable woman!

    • Sam

      She was trained well by the guy with a cigar; the hubby. The pair of them need to fade into the past. Bet they wouldn’t think to kindly if their daughter was treated like Monica..!

      • Mike

        Being from Arkansas, I can tell you, the training went the other way.